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Mike Patton related albums ranked

Ranking all Mike Patton related albums i've heard
37Mike Patton
Adult Themes for Voice

I think Patton only wanted to troll the audience with this. A collection of weird mouth noises. Nothing more
36Mike Patton
Pranzo Oltranzista

Similar to adult themes but more musical, sort of at least. Pretty avoidable

With a limited edition of 2.500 copies, hemophiliac is a John Zorn/Mike Patton project that mostly consists in distorted noises, squealing saxophones and meaningless vocals. Forgettable.
34Mike Patton
Laborintus II

A 3 pieces experimental act that combines cryptic atmosphere, Latin and Italian lyrics and confusing structures. While it's undoubtely interesting and original it's not even mildly entertaining. I think this album better works as background music.
Tonic Immobility

Tomahawk's latest release is mediocre at best besides a couple of pretty good tracks. Trevor Dunn's great basslines are not enough to keep the listener interested in a stale work by this great band.
Delìrium Còrdia

I love experimentation and weird stuff but Fantomas exceeded with both aspects, like Laborintus it's undoubtely interesting in some passages, some parts are genuinely crazy but it's not enough to keep the listener interested for the whole lenght of this long winded piece of avant-garde metal.
31Mike Patton and Jean-Claude Vannier
Corpse Flower

Good retro vibes, well balanced dark atmosphere, some interesting composition and good dark cabaret elements, still the songwriting is mainly forgettable and Patton's unique vocal skills feels pretty wasted here.

Tunde Adebimpe, Mike Patton and doseone collaborated in this abstract hip-hop lp combining elements of trip-hop, afrobeat, downtempo and electronica. Actually more enjoyable than i thought, some tracks lacks the presence and ecleticism of Patton and other songs are just there but overall a fine release.
29Dead Cross
Dead Cross

A brief aggressive hardcore punk/ crossover thrash work featuring Dave Lombardo. 0% experimentation, 100% aggression, not very re-listenable but it will entertain the fans of the genre for like half an hour.
28Mike Patton
Crank: High Voltage

Patton's movies scores can be hit or miss. TSOPN and 1922 feels basically just like background music while Crank: high voltage and TPBTP gifted these films with apt scores and pretty recognizable trademark sounds.

Fantomas debut is a collection of brief chaotic tracks devoid of any good taste, melody or structure consisting in heavy distorted guitars, Dave Lombardo's relentless drumming and Patton spitting meaningless gibberish and puking noises in his microphone. And somehow it kinda works.

Composer Anthony Pateras and Patton team up in one of his most unknown and weird projects. An amalgam of experimental rock, electronica, glitch pop and avant-garde.
25Mike Patton
A Perfect Place

The soundtrack for this medium lenght movie is a good mix of
noir atmospherics, opera and jazz. I can hear Angelo Badalamenti influences here and there.
24Mike Patton
Mondo Cane

A revisitation of italian pop song in the Patton way. The orchestral elements fits the eclectic mood and as an Italian i can tell Mike's pronunciation is terrific. Il cielo in una stanza is one hell of a cover.
23General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners
General Patton vs. The X-Ecutioners

Imagine Fantomas but less chaotic and hip-hop. Some tracks feels a bit like fillers but there are some great experimental tracks and some really catchy ones like "get up punk" that definitively highs the score.

Maybe the weirdest Tomahawk has ever been, lots of contaminations from many genres such as Swing, industrial, post-hardcore and more.
Some tracks like the title track and waratorium feels a bit bland but others like the jazzy "rise up dirty waters" are some of the best in their discography.
21John Zorn
Six Litanies for Heliogabalus

Since this albums are very hard to find and i haven't heard some of them i decided to incorporate them together. Mainly a combination of grind and jazz with lots of weird vocals and improvised sections. Litanies from heliogabalus contains some of the most absurd vocal solos ever. Not very re-listenable but unique Indeed.
20Dead Cross

Much more interesting than their previous effort. The songs are better structured and besides the aggressive attitude there's much darker atmosphere and more interesting songwriting. Very good hardcore/crossover album.
19Mr. Bungle
The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny

mr.bungle re-records their first demo with some extra content. The result is a straight forward thrash metal album devoid of experimentation or anything that makes mr.bungle mr.bungle. While some tracks could be long winded and some others are fillers with a pretty shallow songwriting there are some great bangers, Hypocrites/habla espanol is terrific
Suspended Animation

Take the formula of their debut and transform it into a deranged cartoon on meth, udoubtely weirder and more interesting than their first work.

Completely different from the previous efforts anonymous fits the band name combining a sort of avant-folk with experimental rock and native American music. The result is a spiritual evocative album that may interest some and bore others. Personally i find it very interesting.
16Faith No More
Sol Invictus

This album grew on me with time, i found it bland at first listens but then i kinda understood it's potential. Patton doesn't show his full range but he still delivers a great performance. Mike Bordin's beats are groovy and the songs are pretty diverse. The opening is a great atmospheric comeback that leads to one of their best and aggressive tracks: superhero. Other songs like motherfucker, cone of shame and rise of the fall sounds fresh and creative still mantaining fnm's soul.
Overall a solid album even if it feels a bit rushed.
15Kaada / Patton

Composer Kaada managed to create a weird nostalgic and surreal atmosphere with some gloomy moments and Patton's haunting vocals perfectly fits the mood. It souds like a combination of a twisted waltz, chamber music with cryptic ambience and experimental electronic moments. The soundtrack to a restless dream.
Seule is terrific
14Faith No More
Album of the Year

Some steps back compared to the earlier 3 works and maybe a little less consistent than it's follow-up sol-invictus (paths of glory may be one of their most average tracks), still it's diversity and the presence of some of the best tracks by fnm (ashes to ashes, last cup, pristina, got that feeling) makes it deserve a pretty high spot.
There's a pretty good balance between heavier pieces (niotc, got that feeling, collision), poppier ones (helpless, She loves me not) and atmospheric (pristina, ashes to ashes and stripsearch).
Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By

Horny trip-hop/downtempo with lounge, jazzy and smooth soul influences, and lots of 90s porno vibes. Patton's warm deep vocals and Jennifer charles smooth sensual vocals are a perfect combo. The songs are humorous but still well written and kinda relaxing.

Duane Denison's band debuts with a pretty dark and misanthropic post-hardcore/alternative rock work. The raw sound, uncommon time signatures, aggressive vocals, dirty guitar sound and nihilistic vocals are well balanced with pretty catchy riffs and choruses.
11Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom

A great trip-hop album with huge featurings such as massive attack, kool keith and amon tobin. There are few heavier pieces like five seconds but most of the album focuses on psychedelic trippy vibes, acid jazz contaminations and electronic elements. Songs like Mojo, your neighboor spaceman and five seconds are among Patton's best works.

Maybe the most unknown and obscure work in which Patton has ever featured. This time Pateras songwriting sounds a little less chaotic and much darker, combining dark ambient, electronic, folk, experimental rock and avant-garde metal. Songs like Milked out millions and flatliner's owl doesn't even have a structure and sounds like soundtrack to nightmares with Patton's guttural vocals creating a soiled atmosphere. Others like dead still and we'll talk inside a Dream feels more like actual songs even if experimental Indeed, and even kinda catchy. Funerale di un contadino is a fantastic dark-folk cover. Truly an hidden gem.
9The Dillinger Escape Plan
Irony Is a Dead Scene

if dep ever released a full length lp with Patton it would surely reach the top 5. Hollywood square is a chaotic opener which could easily be the heaviest song featuring this Singer. Pig latin perfectly combines mathcore with "Pattoncore" and it's the most over the top song of the album, wgddbt is maybe the most complex song balancing heaviness and atmosphere and the apex twin cover is pretty good too.
A brief intense rush.
8Mr. Bungle
Disco Volante

The weirdest shit i've ever heard along with Sleepytime Gorilla Museum's of natural history. Listening to this album is like going mental. Aside for a plethora of genres combined together, the whole album is confusing but somehow feels cohesive and sometimes makes the listener uneasy, for example the fucked up waltz of "violenza domestica" and the demented opener, others strangely combines seemingly incompatible genres such as metal, arabian music and techno (desert search) or jazz and death metal (carry stress in the jaw), others are just unclassifiable (the bends). Overall a confusing hallucinatory, surely not so accessible but nonetheless unique experience.
Mit Gas

The band took the grim sound of the first album and implemented it with a more experimental sound, better production, catchier parts and more variety sounding more quirky without losing the ominous sound. Every song has it's identity and combines their iconic post-hardcore sound with electronic elements, alternative metal, experimental rock and the unique Patton touch. Harelip's alien sound makes it the best song by the band.
The Director's Cut

Famous and obscure music scores reimagined with Fantomas sound. This is the most original cover album ever since every song is totally reimagined, twisted and made an original fever dream. While cohesive it explores a lot of sounds, moods and atmospheres. The omen and Rosemary's baby deranged dark sound is terrific, investigation and godfathed are terrific reinventions of already majestic scores, plus the chilling atmosphere of fire walk with me contributes to create a unique work of art.
5Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

This album influenced countless avant-garde metal album with it's demented circus sound. Among the many influences you can find Funk, alternative metal, avant-garde, videogame music, circus music, ska and sound collage. The result is a distorted and dissonant work which sounds hypnoticly annoying and enjoyable at the same time. The lyrics are misanthropic, vulgar, raunchy and over the top and they perfectly fit the already uneasy alienating music. The girls of porn may be one of the most inappropriate songs ever, squeeze me macaroni has obe of the fastest and most difficult vocal performances ever. Songs like carousel and travolta sounds both catchy and weird while others like egg and dead goon feels pretty disturbing.
4Faith No More
The Real Thing

The most famous album featuring Patton for many reasons. Epic had the recipe to become one of the most popular songs in the genre combining a simple but effective rhytm with rapped vocals, funky bass, well concieved lyrics and catchy chorus becoming one of the most influential songs in alternative metal.While Patton doesn't fully explore his countless different voices and mainly focuses on a shrill yet melodic style but still shows his versatility with some aggressive parts and impressive range. Gould's sweet slapped bass dominates the whole album driven by Bordin's infectious beats.There are many accessible funk infused tracks like"falling to pieces" and "from out of nowhere" but differently from the previous work TRT contains lots of variety, "Surprise you're dead" is one hell of a thrash piece, the title track and "zombie eaters" has some almost proggy vibes and "edge of the world" is a smooth jazzy (and totally creepy) closer. An acessible great first approach to Patton.
3Faith No More
King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime

Trey Spruance's presence couldn't help but throw Mr.Bungle's influence into FNM. Sure it doesn't reach Bungle's level of genres blending but almost every song sounds completely different from the previous one and still it feels cohesive and the tracks ties together perfectly, even the lyrics feels pretty different but still kept together by a common fil rouge. Patton's vocals shows dozens of different styles as well in some of his best performances, from the epic gospels in "just a man", to the smooth jazz barithone in "evidence", intense performances like "take this bottle" or "digging the grave" to the totally fucked up left 4 dead's infected screams in "cuckoo for caca" or "ugly in the morning". The perfect balance between accessible and insane.
2Mr. Bungle

The opus magnus of avant-garde metal. Every song has it's own identity, despite having dozens of genres combined it still manage to result a coherent and cohesive work of art which perfectly displays the feeling of being stuck in some kind of fever dream with totally crazy but still catchy songs. Songs like "air conditioned nightmare", "ars moriendi" and "NOTKYWR" blends uneven influences like swing, surf rock, gospel, industrial, metal, chants in latin, balcanic folk, electronic, death metal, alternative in some terrific collages of genres. Others like "sweet charity" combines one genre (in this case caraibic music) with Bungle's trademark weirdness. "Retrovertigo" and "pink cigarette" are majestic tracks with almost normal structures but some truly creative elements like the retrofuturistic vibes and the genius ending in pink cigarette. "Golem" and "goodbye sober day" are just unidentifiable with any genre. Overall one of the best surreal albums ever.
1Faith No More
Angel Dust

One of the best and most unique albums from the 90s and a top 5 alternative metal albums ever.
Angel dust managed to influence countless albums and still remaining unreached in sound, originality and singularity. The atmosphere is characterized by a crystal clear sound the loud bass, groovy drums, minimalistic guitars, 80s style keyboards and stellar vocals all combines together in a fantastic mash-up. The tracks perfectly ties each other, while not so extremely diverse as California it still manage to give a different identity to each song:"land of sunshine" is basically a nightmarish teleshop, "caffeine" was written during Patton's sleep deprivation, "midlife crisis" is one of the best songs in alternative, "Rv" combines Mario's water world to hopeless lyrics and spoken word, catchy funky songs with depressive lyrics' anthemic tracks (about blowjobs),weird experimental ones and FNM's heaviest song ever "jjizzlobber" that almost flows in an acid bath sound. A unique trip.
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