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top 55 Alternative and Nu metal albums

My top 55 alt and nu metal albums ranked, if you disagree just argue without being a know it all douchebag, it would be great.
55 Alston
Voodoo for fun and profit

So underrated that i'm the only one that rated it
Confusion Bay

A mixture of alternative, industrial and melodic death metal, pretty unique.
53Butthole Surfers
Independent Worm Saloon

Psychedelic, experimental, it's like listening to LSD.
El Cielo

alternative and progressive combined together in an atmospheric and solid release.

a great nu metal release with electronic elements
Self Destructive Pattern

heavy riffs, industrial sound, growls alternated to clean vocals in an energetic overlooked album
Blast Tyrant

Stoner and blues rock with an huge alternative metal component
48The Butterfly Effect
Final Conversation of Kings

Lots of progressive elements in this elegant album
47Infectious Grooves
The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move

Mike Muir's side band contains awesome funk riffs and Rob Trujillo's best performance ever
Deaf Dumb Blind

Rap metal with heavy groovy riffs and political lyrics

Max changed completely the thrashy sound of early Sepultura into a groovy and heavy Nu metal with tribal elements
The Sound of Madness

while this band is mainstream this album is undeniably a great releas without any filler
43Thought Industry
Short Wave on a Cold Day

No one else changed their sound as much as Thought industry. While their debut is still my favorite their last release is a great interesting experiment with indie sound and softer riffs
Sound Awake

The closest alternative to tool,even better than a perfect circle
41Guano Apes
Proud Like A God

Nu metal with punk and reggae elements, Sandra Nasic is one of the best frontwomen in recent years

an overlooked pearl that deserves much more attention, really talented singer and great use of the keyboards
Get Some

R.I.P. Lynn Strait

Alternative with a more futuristic sound
37One Minute Silence
Buy Now...Saved Later

Nanother underrated nu metal release, much more influential than many well known bands
3610 Years
The Autumn Effect

Wastelands is pretty much amazing
35Jane's Addiction
Nothing's Shocking

One of the most influential album in the alternative genre, some tracks are pretty dark too
Torcha !

avant garde alternative at it's finest, you can find funk, dance, pop, and even thrash metal

one of the most depressing and hopeless albums ever, alternative with goth elements
The Routine

A Nu and metalcore fusion with a bit of hardcore, another underrated unknown gem, not even a filler

energetic nu metal with Pantera like riffs, worth listening
30Maximum the Hormone

one of the weirdest band in the list, MtH combines various genres to heavier sound and with original fucked up vocals

Klayton's one man band shines to combine heavy guitar riffs to electronic music
28Alter Bridge

Miles Kennedy is one of the best modern vocalist ever
27Dry Kill Logic
The Darker Side Of Nonsense

While most of the lyrics are pretty childish, this album is pure entertainment, every single song is pure energy and rage with even some ballads. (is it me or "rot" sounds like apissed off version of Wannabe?
Frizzle Fry

Les Claypool is arguably one of the best bassists ever,though his music is not accessible to everyone. A strange, experimental,funky, creepy and sometimes funny album.
25in flames
Soundtrack to Your Escape

In flames experimented adding alternative elements and an overall darkest and claustrophobic atmosphere to their gothemburg sound.
Wisconsin Death Trip

R.I.P. Wayne. his industrial sound and voice were unique

overlooked even by disturbed fans, their second release is softer and less "nu"compared to the debut but contains better songwriting, introspection and variety
Figure Number Five

Another gothemburg band changing their sound for one album. Strid's vocals are awesome like always and every track is worth listening, distortion sleep is among their best works and departure plan is a great emotional ballad
21Mr. Bungle
Mr. Bungle

the next 2 albums are so weird that they can't even belong to a genre, their debute is a morbid,trippy strange and fucked up funk alternative experiment.
Interviewer:what genre is this?
Mike Patton: yes.
Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

Poulsen's voice recalls a mixture of Elvis and Johhny Cash combines with various genres such as rockabilly, punk, metal,country, hard rock and blues
19Pain of Salvation

PoS decided to mix their inimitable progressive sound to nu metal, the result is one of the weirdest things ever. when you write a prog dance nu experimental song you re undeniably a genius.
18Ill Nino

dirty sound, heavy riffs and harsh vocals perfectly combines to soft spanish style music
17Dir En Grey

best metal album from japan, dark experimental sound and crazy vocals and talented musicians

R.I.P. Matt Bennett
one of the angriest albums in nu metal, political and satyrical lyrics filled with hate and anger.

Alternative metal with a punk industrial sound, love also the sarcastic but still filled with hatred lyrics.
14Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine

the pioneers of Rap and funk metal, one of the most influential (musically and politically) bands in the genre
13System of a Down

the most original sounding band beloved by mainstream audience. Toxicity contains some of the best songs by soad and combines perfectly heavy parts and softer ones with armenian music style

R.I.P. Chris Cornell
yes, i prefer this one to superunknown, it's heavier, more unique and every song is great, chris had an unique vocal range
11Incubus (USA-CA)

really unique for it,s time, nu metal and funk combined to a progressive sound, really fun to listen, every track is gold

While Lateralus is one of my favorite albums ever it,s entirely a prog album, aenima is still alternative, though through the years tool managed to create their own genre
9Fair to Midland
Fables From a Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times is True

Describing this album is hard, it's like a journey through symbolic fables and fantastic atmosphere. Darroh is one of the most talented frontmen ever.
8Alice in Chains

morbid, dark and depressing, this album will tear you apart
7Faith No More
Angel Dust

Mike Patton experiments again with one one of the most iconic and unique albums ever
6Fear Factory

demanufacture is one of the best albums ever but with obsolete FF started combining their industrial death metal sound to nu and altrernative metal, while most of the album is really heavy there are some emotionally depressing tracks
White Pony

often considered one of the best nu metal albums ever, WP contains some of the most atmospheric and original material in the genre, the hallucinating and dark atmosphere gives the goosebumps

the debut by the pioneers of the nu metal, disturbing, angry, dirty, vulgar and influenced musical panorama for a decade
Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

some will disagree with this choice but i find it to be their most mature album both musically and lyrically, plus they managed to explore various genres and evolved, imo one of the best modern metal releases ever
2dog fashion disco

the most experimental album in the list, dfd fused alternative metal to literally ANY genre, all filled with a dark and schizoid atmosphere, darkest days is one of my favorite songs ever
L.D. 50

My favorite nu metal albums ever, emotionally struggling, heavy, proggy, the atmospheres are psychedelic, depressingand dark, the lyrics depicts devastated minds, drug abuse, anger, madness and the music contains some of the best basslines ever and heavy riffs combined to prog elements
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