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More » 10 years of Ars...uh...

I signed up for this WEBSITE exactly 10 years ago. What the hell? I guess I'm an old user now. Here's an unnecessary and indulgent list that I expect every user to thoroughly read. There will be a quiz.

So this list is a really rough ranking of my 101 favorite albums. There are plenty of artist repeats, because I have favorite artists and I'm biased as hell. Most of the descriptions won't be about the album (unless it's relevant to my experience on Sputnik) So uh... yeah hi.
100of Montreal
The Gay Parade

I first joined August 22nd, 2013 because I was impressed by the ability to rate albums and I was sick of BS places like Pitchfork (this was at least my 17-year-old self's feelings. I was a lurker until January of 2014 though.

This also happened to be my current roommate (Staff member Robertsona)'s 18th birthday. Which means it's his 28th birthday today! (Say Happy Birthday to him)
99Van Morrison
Astral Weeks

2014 Sputnik wasn't exactly a friendly place, but Sputnik had enough good things about it to stick around, I guess? It's way better now, easily. Take off the nostalgia glasses. I was also definitely more obnoxious then. I think? I hope!
98Big Black

Only EP on the list. If you don't want t count EPs I guess shift 101-99 up a space.
97Dr. John

Do you know who else signed up for on August 22nd, 2013? Some guy named MortimusPrime, later shortened to Mort. Good user, probably better than me. We're Sputnik Twins, but since he's in England I remember not signing up until the evening, he's probably the older twin.
The Noise Made by People

I guess that this is a good place to talk about my favorite users then. I gotta start with Robertsona. The Birthday boy. I MEAN I live with the guy y'know? I really connected with him over the Casual Conversation Discord and we've been to some great concerts together and share a living room! NYC living and all that. To keep it Sputnik relevant, he's shown me some great album which I'll comment on when they pop up on the list. Everything on the list so far I found without Sputnik sooo but going forward I will be giving users prop for good recs.
95Mazzy Star
She Hangs Brightly

I'm the meantime... I gotta admit, user Kompys2000 never rec'd me a favorite, but their Pop Goes the Year lists and our general interactions on Sputnik/Discord have been quite great. Really fun user to talk to. Hope they feel the same!
94Dinosaur Jr.

I gotta shout out Snake. Another user I've met more times in real life than I can count cuz NY. Dude's chill. Might seen of Montreal with him next month if I buy the tickets. Shit...I really should go do that.
93Betty Davis
They Say I'm Different

I'm just gonna say. Judge me if you will, but I'd much rather listen to funk than jazz. That includes preferring Betty to her husband Miles. I'm so sorry if that's heresy.
92Blonde Redhead
Misery is a Butterfly

Okay okay okay user shoutouts...MarsKid! The time he stayed over at Cubist Castle (Robertsona and I's nickname for our apartment) was awesome. Really sweet guy. Would chill with him again. The Don is waiting.
91The Velvet Underground
White Light/White Heat

Conmaniac was responsible for 2 of the bet lists ever. The Psychedelic Adventure list and the Electronic Adventure list (probably got the names wrong) where he explored 100 recs in those respective genres! I was always impressed by that. He also visite NYC and got me into Crumb after we saw them live in Brooklyn.
90Mid-Air Thief

First actual REC shoutout. ZombieToyDuck got me into this. Where the hell is that guy? He was always one of the best Song of the Day people. Hope he's well.
Sea Change

I don't know where this guy is either, but SharkTooth is an absolute classic user. Back in like 2014 when most of the website hated me, he was cool. Liked funk a lot before I got super into too. Gotta respect that.

For all the shit I give JohnnyoftheWell for being super into Japanese culture to the point of weebiness, I admit we've had our fair share of good conversations. Can't tell if he feels the same, but oh well. Bro, check Pram.
87The Olivia Tremor Control
Music From The Unrealized Film Script

Okay, this shoutout is to my apartment named CUBIST CASTLE. That's right! Robertsona named it though. I legitimately might not be living where I am if it weren't for Sputnik. It's odd admitting this, but this website has had a huge impact on my real world life.
86New Buffalo
The Last Beautiful Day

Robertsona got me into this one. As I get older, "comfort" songs speak to me a lot and this album is full of them.
Sailing the Seas of Cheese

But I also like goofy music, but it has to be more than goofy y'know? It needs that music intrigue, and maybe some clever lyrics...or at least like create lore or whatever. Lore in music is good.

Supercoolguy64 got me into Foetus, so he deserves a shoutout. I remember talking with him on a lot of noise rock threads over the years, so hi.
83Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Ice Cream for Crow

Since his 2 recs (despite ruling) aren't going to make this list, I may as well shout out Minushuman24 here. He got me into William Onyear and X-Ray Spex and is another flat out good dude. Met him in real life at this concert thing Robertsona put together last year. God I've met a lot of people from here lol.
82PJ Harvey
White Chalk

Hmmm Sandwichbubble! I remember hyping him up on here before people knew who he was, mostly by being like "THI GUY HAS SO MANY RATINGS GUYS HOLY SHIT!" Dude is like the master of post-punk and not the bad Black-Midi kind.
81Butthole Surfers
Psychic... Powerless... Another Man's Sac

There's this user named random that shoutboxes me cool stuff every now and again and he likes Butthole Surfers, so yeah, sup.
GodWeenSatan: The Oneness

Hail Boognish, the demon that inspired Ween to make music. My avatar will always honor him. Weird...but LORE!
Hissing Prigs in Static Couture

Shout out to NeroCorleone80 who got me into Brainiac when I asked if there was a band that combined electronic music with noise rock. He's a legend because they've been consistently in my top 5 bands of all time for years. He also won my first Umbrella competition thing and got me into Nina Nastasia. Come back Nero!
Love's Secret Domain

Good gay music... good time to shoutout AmericanFlagAsh, who never got me into anything, but I remember his pride month list inspired me to make that Sexuality Census List which has more comments on it than any of my other lits. It's HUGE.
77Erykah Badu
New Amerykah Pt. One: 4th World War

Hmmm okay what about Ryus? He lived in NYC and yet I've never met him. Come thru bro, but also just another great conversational partner on here. Agrees with me musically in really random spots. Won the 3rd and final Umbrella comp thing and rec'd me stuff that I hated (i forgive you.)
76Caetano Veloso
Caetano Veloso [Tropicália]

And Trifolium deserves a shout. I mean the guy created the Casual Conversation Discord and feels partially responsible for why this place got nicer/friendlier. Well him and...
75Thinking Fellers Union Local 282
Strangers From the Universe

JustJoe.! Where the hell is that guy? So likable. He started the Casual conversation THREADS. Does he even know it's still going strong? Where is he?
744 Bonjour's Parties
Okapi Horn

Pangea got me into this album because he was hosting Casual Conversations and we had to pick a spirit animal and obviously I'm an okapi, just google okapi. We bonded over the fact it was a good album and then of course, I met him in real life. Anyone on this list I'd be happy to me in real life if I haven't already!
73Yo La Tengo
I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass

What about Storm in a Teacup? That guy tried dedicating an album to me for some reason (why me????) Are you still working on it? lol Good guy again.
72Hiatus Kaiyote
Mood Valiant

dedex/Bedex are sharing a list item. Mostly because uh why not? I probably musically agree with dedex more, but i swear I've talked to Bedex more. dedex got me into Bruno Pernadas so thanks for that!
71Micachu and the Shapes

GhandhiLion got me into this one. Kind of an enigmatic user, but I enjoy talking to him for sure.
70The Knife
Shaking the Habitual

So how about that SlothcoreSam. Another good user with a good taste in punk! I'm running out of unique things to say, but he's another good conversation partner.
Mellow Yellow

"Museum" from this album was my most listened-to song of 2022, so I guess if you want to understand my taste, listen to it 10 times in a row until you're infatuated.
Halcyon Digest

My strongest 4.5, so close to being a 5, but I kina hate "Coronado." These next 67 are the albums I guess I think are close enough to perfect.
Close to the Edge

Enough about me for a second, what about MrSirLordGentleman. I've had a lot of good prog rock conversations with the guy (terrible sentence on my part, but I stand by it.) I think he got me into Camel? My weakest 5, I GUESS.
66Led Zeppelin
Houses of the Holy

This is a dad rock album, so let's shout a about Titan. Yeah Titan's definitely was one of my favorite older users. Where's he been? His comment on my review for The Parable of Arable Land is funny.
65Frank Zappa
Hot Rats

So many good Zappa albums. I wish people would go beyond this album, but hey. Best artist ever.
64Van Morrison

I'll shout garas, even though we haven't talked in a while because this was on my recs for him list that he only got like 60% through. Wait, no that was Astral Weeks! Whatever, good user regardless.
63White Noise
An Electric Storm

User Frippertronics got me into this one and also Laurie Anderson. Deff had a weird frenemy thing going on with him circa 2014-2016, but that's okay. Shared my appreciation for Zappa! I know he still rates thing on here, I see you.
62Julee Cruise
Floating into the Night

Twin Peaks is the best show of all time. The Return was the best reason. Catherine Martell is a very underrated character. James Hurley sucks, but mostly in season 2 and the movie. He's fine in season 1 and The Return. Donna might be bad in all of her appearances. Whatever, Audrey and Cooper are classics. Amazing show. David Lynch's stuff is strange and confusing and that's the way that I like it.
Hungry for Stink

It's taken me a long time to admit it, but this is my favorite grunge album. It's just banger after banger.
60Frank Zappa
Zoot Allures

Shit...60 left. I feel in over my head haha. But it's my 10th Sputversary and I want to overdo it!
59Mr. Bungle

My username is named after a song on this. "Ars Moriendi" is Latin for the art of dying. MortimusPrime is like "the first dead" or something, so we are SPUTTWINS.

I don't remember if Divaman likes this album or not, but he likes a lot of 70s/80s pop rock, so I'll use this space to yet again say RIP Divaman. Bonded with him over living on Long Island (back when I did.) He was so core to Casual Conversation lists. He is missed.
57The Beatles

The Beatles kickstarted me listening to albums, back when I was 11, and y'know that makes my musical journey kind of typical, but I'm okay with that. My taste bleeds with Beatles influence if you really look at it. Goofy psychedelic pop stuff.
56The Moody Blues
Days of Future Passed

It's weird how I have this 5'd, but have 0 interest in other Moody Blues albums. Someone convince me that I'm wrong.
55The Doors
Strange Days

What about Zig (formerly Ziguvan)? That's a groovy jazz-loving dude. Shout shout shout.
McLusky Do Dallas

Robertsona also got me into this. He's quite talented with the keyboard, has done standup comedy, and writes a lot. If only I could art like that.
53Nine Inch Nails
Year Zero

Won't lie: I came out of the closet as gay with encouragement from this album (especially "The Warning") so I guess I'll always love this one. Good angst.
52Pink Floyd

normaloctagon is a cool dude even if he kept finding ways to force microhouse on me. I don't like grrrr, but hi! Good user otherwise. Your punishment is being listed next to dad rock.
Mothership Connection

I just saw George Clinton/Parliament-Funkadelic with Robertsona this past Friday and it got me thinking a lot about togetherness, understanding, and how to increase it in our society, so basically I'm a hippy now (half-kidding.)
50David Bowie
Station to Station

I don't want to miss anyone so...tectactoe! Good user as well. I like a lot of hi RYM ratings.
49Silver Apples
Silver Apples

Cygnatti is cool. The nice contrarian user is kind of his brand? Good user anyway!
48Creedence Clearwater Revival
Green River

Parksungjoon is a cool guy. I don't mind him necrobumping honestly since he usually bumps funny threads.
47Dead Can Dance
Within the Realm of a Dying Sun

Shout to widowslaugh123 for making an awesome ethereal wave album despite never having heard Cocteau Twins or Dead Can Dance. He's got good taste.
46Melody's Echo Chamber
Bon Voyage

Neekafat got me into this one and I suppose it's my favorite 2010s album. Yes, it's only at 46. I'm lame and prefer older music on average, oops.
Dots and Loops

LordePots/PotsyTater etc. won the 2nd Umbrella competation and recommended me troll albums, but he had to get me into Stereolab and Gazelle Twin first to do that, so hah! Love or hate the guy, he's easily one of the most consistant and entertaining people to talk to on here.
In Rainbows

Stop bumping Radiohead threads for like 6 months so we can all recharge. They're amazing, but it's gotten boring to talk about them sadly!
43The Knife
Silent Shout

Sinternet is an interesting user. I didn't start getting along with him until he joined the Casual Conversation Discord, but since then, he's been chill. Quite the fun person to talk to as well.
42The Mothers of Invention
Over-Nite Sensation

Now's a good place as any to say Pizzamachine is awesome. Has random as hell lists, but in a good way. Make more pizzanoise.

Whatever happened to botulist? Another cool user with good noise rock taste. Maybe putting him next to Yes will somehow summon him? YES
40Talking Heads
Fear of Music

DavidYowi is another good user! Mostly talk to them on the Discord about non-music stuff though.
39Stevie Wonder
Fulfillingness' First Finale

nol likes a lot of soul/funk and kinda convinced me to get into Ohio Players (though they were on my radar already.) So nice, keep on keeping on!
38Patti Smith

Koris, or should I say Nectrotica, or should I say FiveLeavesLeft, or should I say SoccerRiot or should I get it he has many names, and he's cool. Yeah!
37David Bowie
Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps)

Evilford is super nice old-school user. He likes a lot of metal and I don't like metal, but he also likes this so yay!
Felt Mountain

Polyrhythm got me into Doprah which is cool. I remember having good Radiohead conversations with him? Yeah!
Forever Changes

As the years go by, my taste for psychedelic folk has definitely gotten stronger. Just wanted to say that. Shout to Parallelograms which is only a 4, but so pretty anyway.

Anat's cool, funny guy. Definitely had good Music Parties with him on Discord, him and...
33Fela Kuti
Sorrow Tears and Blood

Pheromone! Who I often group with anat. Hope that's okay! Indie softboy duo and stuff.
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

theBoneyKing got me into this one and he is the softest indie boy, with some country mixed in, so Wilco haha. Defintely a user I enjoy talking with even if out tastes kinda clash in other ways.
31Massive Attack

So I've been sorta talking to the Mezz Crew these last few months thanks to Robertsona, and y'know they're actually pretty chill. Sputnik is filled with good people (mostly!) That's my feeling at least. Togetherness.
30Robert Wyatt
Rock Bottom

What about newer good users? SomeCallMeTim seems like a good up-and-comer who has great taste. Dude bumps those Ween threads!
29The Smashing Pumpkins
Siamese Dream

Or ShapeOfJizztoCum, good taste, chill etc, hope he sticks around! Clever, but gross name.
28The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

Psychedelic pop is the best genre
Noise rock, funk, experimental rock, indie rock, whatever art pop is... I love music.
27James Chance and the Contortions

Sunnyvale isn't a user I talk to much, but he reviewed Godcaster's s/t when I asked him to, so good guy!
One Nation Under a Groove

But seriously, I mean it, when I say passing on a positive vibe and building each other up, is a small way to make the world a better place. I know it sounds cheesy, but it's true, man.
25Kate Bush
Hounds of Love

So happy "Running Up That Hill" hit #4 in the US last year. Hope it inspires that generation to explore more of her work. This woman's work is awesome. Pun...
24Gal Costa
Gal Costa

Egarran is the last of the Casual Convo originals to be mentioned! Most of my bonding with him has been hating on stuff on Song of the Day, but we hardly like the same stuff, so that's odd haha. Cool guy anyway.
23Sonic Youth
Daydream Nation

Did I mention someone? The dude actually has the best memes. Like he's the king of posting funny shit. Also, he has good taste. Good user.
22Stevie Wonder

Stevie brings people together. He's poppy, has a great voice, can get weird, is so catchy and memorable. He's a good intro into funk. Sputnik, funk it up guys!
21The Zombies
Odessey and Oracle

Funk...that reminds me of to shout AsleepInTheBack. Got him into Ween and inspired his awesome funk month list! Openminded guy for sure!
20The Mothers of Invention
One Size Fits All

This album has my favorite song of all time "Inca Roads" and y'know what? It has so many time signatures, is goofy, has a hidden meaning (goofing on prog's over-reliance on spiritual themes), and has one hell of a guitar solo. Zappa is the best, so are George Duke and Ruth Underwood. Best musicians.

What about porcupinetheater? Another user who noise ROCKS. I've said this a lot, I know. Check GodWeenSatan.
18Os Mutantes
Os Mutantes

Why the hell is this lacking a "rock tag" some Sputnikmusic tags are so weird. Tag more stuff, especially with the new genre tags! Right?

Dewinged is another good user. His band o'summer vacation is worth checking and has a shoer release!
16Talking Heads
Remain in Light

Drifter is cool too even if I don't think our taste has much overlap. His R. Kelly schtick on the Song of the Day threads was admittedly funny.
Penis Envy

bgillesp got me into this one and it's the best punk album of all time, don't @ me about it.
14Lavender Country
Lavender Country

This is the best gay album, so even if you don't like country listen to it. It connects so well. Angry, happy, sad, political, meaningful. God I love it so much.

I own too many bandshirts, but my Dummy one is long gone. The image on it faded too much. Trying to transition away from wearing so many band shirts and it's been working kind of.
12Tom Waits
Rain Dogs

Oh yeah! JesperL, another user I don't have much musical taste in common with, but he's chill as hell. Classic Casual Conversation bro.
Tago Mago

"Halleluwah" is my favorite 10+ min song. I mean have you heard those drums? Or that refrain of Halleleleleleleleluwah?
10of Montreal
Satanic Panic in the Attic

Okay, it's top 10 albums time. Like my god almost every song on here outside of "City Bird" and maybe "How Lester Lost His Wife" is a banger. Hell even "Lester is still pretty dan good!
Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome

My confidence to dance in front of people like no one is watching, even if I'm sober, has skyrocketed recently and I feel like that's a good thing. Dance with me haha.
8Cocteau Twins

The music you can stare at the ceiling too is defintely a thing that appeals to me too. Melancholy, but also dreamy. I guess that's sort of the opposite of the goofy stuff that I like.
Surfer Rosa

I have a big poster of this hanging in Cubist Castle's living room. It's awesome. Don't judge.
6The Beach Boys
Smiley Smile

I like this more than Pet Sounds and I want someone to agree with me about that. I will marry you (maybe... possibly, okay probably not.)
5The United States of America
The United States of America

One of the earliest uses of sampling on popular (IE not like super experimental) music. The 1960s were such a cool time for challenging the norms of society. So many key movements in the US.
Chocolate and Cheese

Don't damage this album's average in the process thanks.

I guess shoutout to Pon/Jacquibim for being part of that fiasco, but also being cool.
Bonsai Superstar

The best noise rock album ever. No, your "serious stuff" noise rock album can't top this, but if you can find me something goofy that's a different story.
2PJ Harvey
To Bring You My Love

My favorite 90s album, my favorite album by a female artist, and my favorite album in the entire alt/indie grouping. Also, I hope I didn't forget to shout out anyone that I talk to frequently! Oh well!

BMDrummer, MillionDead, TVC15 and his cool yearbook list, mryrtmrnfoxxxy...okay you get the point. Userbase is good!
1The Mothers of Invention
We're Only in It for the Money

If you know me, this #1 isn't a surprise. Hope you enjoyed the list. He's to 10 more years on this website!
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