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106 cool recent finds
1Atrofia Cerebral
Matanza Extrema

noisecore - 4.7/5
Who would've guessed the definitive noisecore band would come from Peru of all places? This is their 1989 debut. The band broke up in the early 90s and then made an unexpected comeback in 2015. This album still holds up as one of the gems of the genre. Raw, loud, dingy, shitty, firing on all cylinders the whole time. A beautiful barrage of pure, pissed-off senselessness, yes, but I think the main reason why these guys are so lauded by fans of the genre is because of their sense... for senselessness. Know what I mean?
2Atrofia Cerebral
Fase Critica

noisecore - 5/5
This is their most recent album, came out in 2021. I like this one even better than that one ^. Despite coming out so recently, it sounds SO OLD. I really don't get how they did it. To me, it's like an alternate-timeline version of Napalm Death's Scum that's actually good. And it's really, really fucking good. I love the sound they got out of each instrument so much, but the aspect that shines the brightest for me is the combination of the ridiculously pingy and resonant drums with the senseless, unhinged vocals. Absolutely harrowing stuff.
3Bluetile Lounge

slowcore - 5/5
This album is so achingly beautiful that sometimes it actually hurts to listen to. Precious. I like it better than the second album for its lack of distortion.
4Coprobaptized Cunthunter
Failure Prosthesis

goregrind - 5/5
Weird ass album, but not immediately noticeable as such. It doesn't actually do much different than your average goregrind album, but it just sounds... different for some reason. The production could be part of it. But I think it's also that these guys just have an especially keen sense of pacing and "songwriting" when it comes to these very short bursts of gory goodness. They'd probably be great at regular grindcore too. A very addicting album once you let it in.
5David Liebe Hart

comedy - 5/5 - You're familiar with this guy if you ever watched Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! on Adult Swim. That show had a lot of recurring guests - Tim and Eric would purposely pick performers/actors that technically aren't very good but were nonetheless confident in their abilities. David Liebe Hart was always my favorite out of all their guests. On the show, he would improvise wholesome songs with messages meant for kids, like "stay in school," "eat your veggies," etc., and he'd mix the songs with ventriloquism, often having his puppets "sing along" with him. The reason I love him so much is because he never came off as overly confident in his abilities. He does have a great singing voice, but he's clearly not very adept when it comes to the technical aspects of songwriting. Despite this though, he still just owns what he does and doesn't try to act like anything he's not. He comes off as incredibly pure in this way. Listen to this album. I promise you'll laugh.

free death/experimental brutal death metal - 5/5
AOTY for me so far. Matt Stephens's greatest achievement yet. No one has ever done what this guy is doing. It may initially appear as just senseless, unhinged bdm, but it's really more of an avant-garde soundscape. Listen to the track 'Growing' and you'll immediately see what I mean. Also, don't think plants can be brutal? 'Saprophytic Floral Engulfment,' 'Carcass Botanification,' and 'Absorbed by Vegetation' say otherwise.

free death/experimental brutal death metal
8Francisco Lopez

field recordings/musique concrete/sound collage - 5/5
One of the most transportive things I've ever heard. Like being inside a breaking-down submarine.
9Francisco Lopez
untitled #284

field recordings/musique concrete/sound collage
10Francisco Lopez
Silent Trains [Korea]

field recordings
This might be a 5 too. Apparently, the etiquette in Korea is to remain quiet when you're riding a train. So you can hear all the sounds of the train and the surrounding environment, but what really stands out is the silence of the passengers. It's so, so tense.
11Last Days of Humanity
Putrefaction in Progress

goregrind - 5/5
These guys might've been the best to ever do it.
12Sissy Spacek / K2
Sissy Spacek / K2

noisecore/harsh noise - 5/5
One incredible 15-minute long noisecore/noisegrind track by Sissy Spacek, then three tracks of the two artists together making some searing harsh noise. Amazing stuff. One of my favorite noise releases.
13Sulfuric Cautery
Chainsaws Clogged With The Underdeveloped Brain...

goregrind - 5/5
More goregrind perfection. Also one of my favorite album titles ever: Chainsaws Clogged with the Underdeveloped Brain Matter of Xenophobes
14Artificial Brain
Labyrinth Constellation

tech/prog death
I heard this when it came out, probably once or twice, slapped a 4 on it and never came back to it. That was back when I was way too generous with my 4s. Upon revisiting, this thing is a ahrd 4.5. It's got so many layers to it and such a unique atmosphere. I've only heard a few other dm bands mix distorted and clean tones this way, and I absolutely love the way these guys do it.
Vomit into Bitch's Ass

Some of the worst production I've ever heard. Awesome.

noise pop/alt rock/shoegaze
One of my favorite albums of the 2010s. Never heard another band that sounds quite like this.
17Deep Jew
Ugliest Man / Dog Blood

Awesome noisecore that's very heavy on the noise.
Subterranean Existential Warfare

slam/bdm - a ahrd 4.5/5
Both of these albums absolutely destroy. Probably my favorite slam/slamming bdm after Devouring Humanity.
Post Apocalyptic Human Annihilation

slam/bdm - 4.1/5

21Graham Lambkin
No Better No Worse (Vol. 1)

sound collage/musique concrete/field recordings
22Ground Zero
Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, Ver. 1.28

sound collage/turntable music/plunderphonics
23Ground Zero
Plays Standards

experimental rock/sound collage/turntable music
24Ground Zero
Consume Red

experimental rock/drone/noise/turntable music
25Herbie Hancock

jazz fusion/jazz-funk/avant-garde jazz
26Herbie Hancock

jazz fusion
Demo 1

28John Coltrane
The John Coltrane Quartet Plays

post-bop/avant-garde jazz
29Lil Ugly Mane
Volcanic Bird Enemy and the Voiced Concern

trip-hop/plunderphonics/alt rock/idk
First time I heard this, I gave it a 3. But it eventually worked its way up to a 4.5. Really gets under your skin after a while.
30Marco Zenker
Channel Balance

breakbeat/ambient techno/ambient dub
31Patricia Taxxon

idm/progressive house
Can't believe she already has a new album out after the 7-album series she put out last year. That, and it's really, really good.
Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria

33Shed Theory
Lurch Theory

plugg/cloud rap/experimental hip-hop
Bumped this from a 4 to a 4.5 recently. Very unique stuff. But it also seems like the logical progression from where cloud rap/trap finds itself these days.
34Marlon DuBois
Less Than What Is Supposed to Be More Than Enough

plugg/cloud rap/experimental hip-hop
This is the main guy from Shed Theory, so same type of thing basically.
35Skin Tension
Skin Tension Fucking Dies

idk, jazzy psychedelic free metal or something
Rustic Bullshit

indie folk/slowcore/field recordings
Never heard anything quite like this either. Love the way they work field recordings into these short, touching, and incredibly natural-sounding indie folk pieces. Love the lyrics too.
37Tantric Bile
Cursed Conception

free improv/gorenoise/European free jazz/sound collage
Another project of Effluence's Matt Stephens. Absolutely bonkers.
38Tantric Bile
Amidst The Manifolds Of Adraa

39The Gerogerigegege
Instruments Disorder

noisecore/harsh noise
Why is this thing so satisfying? I don't know, it just is.
Apocryphal Stories

black noise - 4.6/5
By far the best black noise I've come across so far.
41Agonal Breathing
Pure Agony

42Barkly Street Goat Squad
Barkly Street Goat Squad

harsh noise
Delicious harsh noise. Crusty, dingy, and chock-full of unexpected sounds.
43Bby Goyard
The Secret Lies With Charlotte

trap/plugg/pop rap
44Blank Banshee
Blank Banshee 1

vaportrap/wonky/"utopian virtual"
It's too bad vaportrap didn't take off a bit more, but I do understand why. Most releases of the style are half-baked Bandcamp fodder that sound like they were made in 20 minutes. To my knowledge, Blank Banshee was the only one that took an approach to the style this professional and technically advanced. Just check out 'Cyber Slums' or 'LSD Polyphony,' this stuff is amazing.
45Boxhead Ensemble
Two Brothers

post-rock/chamber music/ambient americana
46Brutalism (USA)
Solace in Absurdity

47Commuter (USA-OR)
Inner SE Industrial

harsh noise/field recordings
Blasts of malevolent harsh noise mixed with field recordings made in the Southeast Industrial District of Portland, Oregon. The field recordings are meant to depict the sordidness of this area: homelessness, drug abuse, decaying infrastructure, etc. And the atmosphere of the recordings matches the surrounding harsh noise perfectly. Harrowing.
48Dave Holland
Conference of the Birds

avant-garde jazz
49Dead Congregation
Graves of the Archangels

50Deepthroat Records
Death to the World Vol. 1 (Various Artists)

noisecore/harsh noise/gorenoise
Consume the Forsaken

52Felicia Atkinson and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Limpid as the Solitudes

eai/ambient/musique concrete/field recordings
53Kikagaku Moyo
Mammatus Clouds

psych rock/psych folk
54Meat Beat Manifesto
Subliminal Sandwich

illbient/trip-hop/ambient dub
55Miasmatic Necrosis
Apex Profane

56Mnemonic Wetbrain Syndrome
Mnemonic Wetbrain Syndrome

Neanderthals Were Master Butchers

caveman dm
Death metal with no guitars. Just bass, drums, and vocals. Sick stuff.
58Nojsbojs / Yesmeansyes

The Yesmeansyes side is laughable, but the Nojsbojs side rules.
59Philip Samartzis and Eric La Casa
Captured Space

field recordings
60Postcoital Ulceration
Continuation of Defective Existence After Multiple

The Lingering Stench of Anatomopathological Scum

62The Fun Years
Baby, It's Cold Inside

Super, super underrated band. All their albums are great but these two are my faves.
63The Fun Years
God Was Like, No

64Tropical Interface

deconstructed club/epic collage/UK bass
65Xeno and Oaklander

Another super underrated band.

Go listen to 'It Can Feel So Good' right now. One of the most delightful works of "plunder" I've ever heard.
Human Decimation

Upper Triassic Slamcataclysm

This album is literally about a bunch of pissed-off dinosaurs fighting to the death downtown and crushing all in their path and if you don’t think that’s the brootalest shit ever then fuck out my face
Promo 2018


experimental bdm
Gluttonous Chunks

72Deep Fried Embryo
Fun with Fecal Matter

73Deep Fried Embryo
Decaying Dinner

74Deflowered Cunt / Deche-Charge

Perceptive Deception

The Decaying Light

Production on this is a bit too clean for me, but man, does it riff, and it's got a really sweet, demonic atmosphere too.
Disembodied Anomalies

78Figure Study
Figure Study

79Five Pebbles

noise pop/shoegaze

vaportrap/wonky/future bass
The second best vaportrap after Blank Banshee. Not quite on Banshee's level, but getting there. Apparently this guy used to make more chiptune-type stuff, and switched styles to the chagrin of some fans. This was the first thing I heard by him tho, and I love it, sooo... yeah.
81Golden Living Room

vaporwave/"utopian virtual"
sessions #1-6

This one's better...
sessions #10-15

...but this one's weirder. It's like... ambient gorenoise. It's not an assault on the ears, it's just really creepy. Some of the most inhuman vocalizations I've ever heard.
84Henry Threadgill's Ensemble Double Up
Old Locks and Irregular Verbs

avant-garde jazz/modern creative
Cyber Palace

vaportrap/cloud rap/instrumental hip-hop
86Lymphatic Phlegm / Neuro-Visceral Exhumation
Wide Opened Thoraco​-​Abdominal Tract / Bathed In

87Magik Markers

noise rock/indie rock/shoegaze
Demo 2016

noisecore/black noise/war metal
Infernal Honor

90Neural Indent
Brainless Infant

free death/experimental bdm
Another project of Effluence's Matt Stephens. Dude is a machine
91Neural Indent

Indulging the Depraved

Domain of the Wretched

94Party Cannon
Injuries Are Inevitable

Slamaholics, Vol. 2

96Regurgitated Entrails
Demo 2022

97Scab Addict/Fuckworld
Split C7 Tape

Septic Decadence

Septic Worship

100Sir E.U and Tony Kill
African-American Psycho

experimental hip-hop/industrial hip-hop/sound collage/noise
101The Intelligence
Icky Baby

shitgaze/garage punk
102The Lounge Lizards
The Lounge Lizards

no wave
Seed & Synthetic Earth

progressive electronic/digital fusion/'utopian virtual"/idm
104Zenker Brothers
Cosmic Transmission

breakbeat/ambient techno/dub techno
Why There Grieve?

The Sickness of the Holy Inquisition

bdm - a ahrd 4.5/5
holy FUCK does this thing go.
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