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DDD's 2022 picks

Hello there! I liked almost everything I put my ears on this year. You know...life is good, and when it doesn't (cause it didn't) we still have (noisy) music. #1 is fived. #2 to #13 are 4.5's.
1Artificial Brain
Artificial Brain

Progressive BDM, Avant Garde

Unsurprisingly amazing. See you on Afterbirth Will Smith - The Prince of Belle Gurgles. The GOAT Brain will go on hopefully.

(Post)Grindcore XD

This shit rules. Honestly shake things up, and I set them high, together with with PD and FoH. They play fast. Cool atmosphere, narrative and what? Are these emotions I feel? In grindcore?
3Mizmor and Thou

Doom, Sludge, BM

It simply takes the best from both sides. Gets better every spin. Thick and grungy with an awesome grandious ending and all. Subordinate to it.
4Imperial Triumphant
Spirit of Ecstasy

Experimental, Avant Garde BM

We all knew Kenny G was the GOAT. Glad they're getting along (?) I mean wtf...band is on a streak of an awesome triology.
5Conjurer (UK)

Post, Prog, Sludge, bdm

Yeah the metalcore tag would fit if this wasn't so dense. How they keep it cohesive and still make it to be this emotional and pure/genuine is beyond my reach and rare as fuck nowdays. Stay tuned on Conjurer mates!
6Cult of Luna
The Long Road North

Post Metal

Can't you stop hitting us with post metal masterpieces? Yeah please don't.
7Faceless Burial
At The Foothills Of Deliration

Proggy old school Death Metal

Yes it slays and it progs. Don't @. Old School single pedal death metal, spiced with some sweet Masto influences.
8Ripped to Shreds
劇變 (Jubian)


Impressive how memorable and dynamic it is. They even managed to put a 10 minute track (In Solitude) with a doom finale a la Hooded Menace. Also the solos are super cool!
9Cloud Rat


Definitely a fantastic year for grindcore (with sauce). Sometimes in the vein of Hiss, with great emotional value, even if not as fast.
Hostile Architecture

Avant Garde, experimental, bm

If I have to explain how it sounds it has the kind of experimentalism like Imperial Triumphant and vocals much like Chat Pile. A dude complaining in style, on top of heavy drums, riffs, violins and sax. Love it.
Consecration of the Spiritus Flesh


Ouch...stop...ei! Cmooom...pleeeease stooop m/m/m/ for real now, probably the most violent and evil release from 2022.
12Blut Aus Nord
Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses

Atmospheric Black Metal

I am also a big Hallucinogen fan, but boy isn't this one bad bad boy? I partake the idea of this being the back mirror for Hallucinogen.
13Birds in Row
Gris Klein

Post hardcore

My fave post hxc of the year and a huge step up from the previous one, imo.
14No Devotion
No Oblivion

Post Punk

One of my most listened albums of the year and my first non-metal entry on this list.
15Rolo Tomassi
Where Myth Becomes Memory

Post Hardcore

Less highs then Time Will Die. More consistent.
16Billy Woods

HipHop, Experimental

Once every 10 years I check an hiphop album. Guess I was lucky with this one. Its amazing with still room to grow.
The Loser

Post metal, mathcore

Mathy proggy skramz show off in a massive comeback.
18Ghost (SWE)

Pop Hard Rock

Listen up, you motherfuckers, I m number one you re number two...these lyrics are so shitty they will grab you by the hullaaaas! I actually like Twenties riffs lol it was funny how "they" try to memme the record but failed.
19Cave In
Heavy Pendulum

Alt Rock

Another one really solid with heavy rotation since I can jam it in front of others...

Grindcore, Death Metal

Speaking of accessible...lol not...If you want Trumpeting Ecstasy 2.0, go for it. Grind, sludge, industrial and doom. Tracks barely over 3 min, with the exception of the closer, (8min) with a fantastic and clearing vocal performance.
Með hamri

Black Metal

A little late in the year for a propper growth, but in a couple of listens you can tell they're crafting at the highest caliber. Cold af BM!
22Dream Unending
Song of Salvation

Doom Death

An authentic and epic dreamy Death Doom bath. Production is amazing, fantastic lead work and collabs that actually add variety to the output and novelty to the genre. Two monolithic tracks at the bookends.
Crystalline Exhaustion

Prog, BM

Their best is Demonic Wealth with a rollercoaster of events. This is a solid and steady experience, and it ends with an amazing outworldly closer, that kinda burns everything around to ashes in hope.
24Norma Jean
Deathrattle Sing for Me

Post Metalcore

When I thought they were out of my game with DjentHail, they offered a really cool and dynamic release.
It's Time...To Rise From the Grave

Death Metal

Hope they keep crushing skulls every 2 years m/ hope they remain as solid as fun.
26Cosmic Putrefaction
Crepuscular Dirge for the Blessed Ones

Prog Death Metal

Being the previous on the atmospheric side (as far as I remember lol), I would never thought this dude would come up with such hooks on here m/ awesome stuff.
27An Abstract Illusion

Progressive Melodeath

By keeping it dynamic and "simple" they just topped Lorna, Kardashev and Warfoged latest ones for me. Actually tracks like Slaves or In Heavens Above go from 4.5 to 5 imo.
Astral Fortress

BM, Black&Roll

Icy bm. Culto and Fenriz are on a cool streak. The silly cover was set on my cellphone background for weeks XD
The Agony and Ecstasy of Watain


It seemed unwelcomed, yet I find the slight gothic twist in the writing kinda refreshing in their normal sound.
Evidence of Immortality

Doom Sludge

Fuzzy and Heavy. As we expect.
Isle of Wisdom

Progressive Rock

This is their least catchy. Also their proggiest. Probably the most retro band in activity. Probably the worst cover from this list.
32Blood Incantation
Timewave Zero


Yeah...fuck you...I like Blade Runner.

Progressive Metal

They won't change. Why should though?
The Ailing Facade

Death Metal, Post Metal

Black Metal, Death Metal

Maybe because they're countrymen it took me longer than usual to understand this slays.
36White Ward
False Light

Black Metal, Experimental

Lighty BM with awesome and fitted jazzy inputs.
37Chat Pile
God's Country

Noise Rock, Sludge

An ugly piece of shit. I like it.
This Bright and Beautiful World

Post Hxc

Much like Rolo's, they lost some highs/novelty yet remain a very solid listen.
39Weyes Blood
And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow

Indie pop, folk

She got me with Titanic Rising. And I don't let her go. Grapevine is quite a jam.
Altered Pasts

Post Hardcore

Similar Bands: The Dillinger Escape Plan, Every Time I Die, Azusa, Glassjaw, Deftones. And that's about it ;)
41Elder (USA-MA)
Innate Passage

Progressive Rock, Stoner

Band keeps delivering and improved from the previous one. Maybe one day they match Lore's perfection again.
42King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Omnium Gatherum

Prog Rock and everything really

I give up keeping up with them. This one is really good and covers a lot of KGLW ground.
43Arctic Monkeys
The Car

Post rock, Indie

Smooth and improved take after Casino.
44He Is Legend
Endless Hallway

Post Hardcore

Ouch, so they came hevy this time m/
Violate Consensus Reality

Progressive Metal

Saw them live this year and they're awesome dudes. Good to know they still got it and the debut was not beginner's luck.
Ancient Astronauts

Progressive Rock

Probably the most consistent band out there. They're also putting one out per year. Jeez!
47Telekinetic Yeti

Stoner Rock, Doom

The fuzz is stoner, and as real as it gets. Vocals are troy sanders af but always afar in the back (in a cool way). Great stuff to get stoned to.

Electronic, Chill out

6 years in the making! Heard the dude just wanted to take this out at some point. Great job drenched in Ott immediately recognizable ID. Ott is great for sunny relaxing days.
49Thos Aella
Sempiternal Mobocracies

Prog Blackened Thrash

Really awesome (don't listen through stream apps - bandcamp is better). Really nasty riffs but with a cool heavy metal flirt.
50Dream Widow
Dream Widow

Thrash Metal

Eheh best foo fighters in ages!
Zero And Below

Sludge Metal
There's Always Blood at the End of the Road

Black Metal

Black Metal

2 awesome ones in one year? Why?
54Acausal Intrusion
Seeping Evocation

55Triumvir Foul
Onslaught to Seraphim

56Acid Witch
Rot Among Us

Stoner Doom

It stinks and riffs.
57Ezra Collective
Where I'm Meant to Be

Jazz Fusion

Tks dedex for this vibe and the Smile cover.

Eletronic, post rock
Great ep from Chino's project.
59Emma Ruth Rundle
Orpheus Looking Back


3 very solid folk tracks. They also sound very distinct from each other, and also have nothing to do with Engine of Hell, besides being stripped out.
60Johnny Booth

Post Hardcore
Entertaining while we wait for the LP. Last track is a QUOTSA cover.
61Absent In Body
Plague God

Post Metal
Cavalera going all post and industrial, with features of vocal fella from Amenra. Btw theat track is amazing - The Acres/The Ache.
62Vital Spirit
Still as the Night, Cold as the Wind

Black Metal, Folk
Raw trve bm with western folk inspired by Enio Morricone. Riffs pretty hard and still offers a lot of dynamic. So 4.5ing this! Debut of the year!
Enveloping Absurdity

Death Metal
Big dm jam. Found after the list was made but it deserves to go up.
Blackbraid I

Black Metal
Started skeptic, but this is really varied in pace and vocals. Great debut. Don't see any particular indian native american passages per se. The acoustic pieces fit really nice. Pretty satisfying bm overall. Expected some gimmickery but its not.
65Temple Guard
Spear of the Revenant

Metal, Hardcore
Thickest hxc for fans of bands like Cult Leader, or Knocked Loose, full of mean af hooks and still inventive riffs, double vocals and some voice samples, to keep it informative. Amazing debut.
The Pacification Of Death

Blackened Doom
Riffs are weirdly BM af. DeathDoom growls emerge from depths, right next to a very unique vocal shouting. Its never as complex as you'd expect prog dm would be, and by keeping it simple and entrancing makes it a very peculiar listen. Fave track is Silk Ransoms and Saddest Night.

Prog DM
Just the perfect dose of brutallity and technicallity, and kinda fresh and tight (just prog enough) songwriting. Totally stoked with this, maybe unlike many that seem a little tired of so called formula I haven't figured out yet. Not to mention the perfect production.
68Morgue Supplier

Nasty and experimental deathgrind with a massive cover art and programmed drums to fuck you up.

Experimental BM
As if Altar of Plagues experimentalism met Lord Mantis' filthyness. Highly atmospheric release.
70Abduction (UK)
Black Blood

Black Metal

Really cool bm, with mid tempo bits and weird creepy atmosphere.
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