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DDD's 2021 picks

New clothes! New home! New job! New god! joinin a cult
Demonic Wealth

Swamp Black Metal

Its disturbing, smooth, heavy and I'm completely obsessed with it.
2Every Time I Die

Party Math Core

Dude...what do you do when one of your fave bands you already 5d puts out its best release yet?
Hushed and Grim

2 LP Prog Sludge Metal

Welcome to the big Don journey. Quality and Quantity are both applicable.
4Emma Ruth Rundle
Engine of Hell

Indie Folk

As if it was any possible, Rundle's at her most intimate.
5Wolves in the Throne Room
Primordial Arcana

Black Metal

Trvest bm of the year.

Prog Zheul Metal

If you dig the murkiest of murky Magma textures, combined with prog&jazz free writing like KC, all complemented with some sick sludge riffing/mix and finished with the most stellar drumming, then this may be what you're looking for in a long time.
Famine, Putrid and Fucking Endless

Prog/ Exp DM

Atvm in my native language (Portuguese) would be literally translated to Tvna, which would be (I'm sure it isn't) the "perfect" name for the the fun they're all having along this whole thing (insert "tech prog dm rock psy thrash hm" here)

Prog Black Death

Cover is as quirky as bold eheh as they are. It's definitely one misunderstood gem going by. I'll make sure it doesn't fall into oblivion.
9Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
Nightmare Withdrawals

Prog DM

Sick Aussies with a fresh new start.
10Hooded Menace
The Tritonus Bell

Death Doom

Up tempo" more "accessible" Hooded Menace with hints of heavy metal. Best deathdoom tone in the biz.
Preserved in Torment

Death Doom

Toptier deathdoom, with awesome melodic guitar layers,just the way I like my doom.
12The Ruins Of Beverast
The Thule Grimoires

Goth Doom Atmo BM

Approaching a more gothic and lushy industrial vibe on this one, not so focused on heaviness, or the maddening fast bm (see Rain Upon the Impure).
Etemen Ænka

Post Progressive Metal

With their sophomore they definitely entered the post high league, together with bands like CoL or The Ocean.
14Plebeian Grandstand
Rien ne suffit

Black Metal, Post Hxc

Nothing is enough...still terrified.
The Lurch

Sludge DM Hxc

"Tethered - Clock Cleaner - Catastrophic - The Weight" combo really gets me going here. Thick and Harsh bros. Sludgecore af sound!
16Cult of Luna
The Raging River

Post Metal

This EP just ran me over. The dynamics and emotions thrown on last 2 tracks are too immense. Really beautiful ending to an already engaging listen.
The Crimson Corridor

Post Hcx

As a big fan of their previous Well-Intentioned Virus, they seem to take their metalcore brand to new grounds but also next level.

Death Doom

Damn this came late for me but just in time for closing the 4.5s section on this list. DeathDoom with wrecking solos, yes please.
Where the Gloom Becomes Sound

Goth Metal

One of the most solid bands in the site. All albums at 3.7 makes them under-rated af too.
20Null (USA)

BM folk

Garas "the grumpy" gave this to sputworld. And boy ain't this a flawless journey?


Being able to not settle at this point in their career is not only for Mastodon. Songs on this actually stick with time.
22Leon III
Antlers in Velvet

Country Folk Psy?

A floydish take on country folk. One of the best car ride listens this year.
Torn Arteries

MeloDeath death&roll

Wasn't I surprised. Rediscovering this band was a treat, tks to this album.
Eternal Hails

BM black&roll

Speaking of oldies not setteling. Their most solid release on their late era.
Infinite Granite

Gaze post rock

I know and I'm sorry but "I feel them all, great mass of color"


This one rules them all Khemmis ones, as good as the others are. Rock solid band.
27King Woman
Celestial Blues


Massive album. If you dig ERR with Thou collab this doesn't fall much behind. Curiously sprinkled with Billie Eilish vibe here and there btw, be ready to spot it ahah.
28Spectral Wound
A Diabolic Thirst

Black Metal

More than scratching an hitch, this surelly killed my thirst. Devillish songwriting.
De Doorn

Post Sludge

...and the ritual goes on...
30Fractal Generator

Tech Death

Album never got the deserved attention. Loaded album, with a special back half imo.
Bleed the Future

2x Tech Death

I had to be really in the mood and 3rd spin or so to find them both Archpire's equally good. Got some unexpected AB vibes from this one. Noone is doing this, this tight nor this fast.
32Moral Collapse
Moral Collapse

Death Metal, Experimental

These guys can be both more experimental and more accessible than Nile. Great debut. Love the tribal vibe. This goes fuckin jazzier as you go.
Sem Propósito

Experimental BM

If you had your share of psytrance and love your lofi bm, I've never listened anything blending the genres so perfectly. The psyrock sections were also delightful, great guitarwork.
34The Body and Big|Brave
Leaving None But Small Birds

Experimental Folk

The direction is supercool. Deep folklore respect, with a drone vibe all around.
Talk Memory

Jazz Fusion

These dudes are wiiild. Grooves with fantastic guitars, drumms and atmosphere. Nailed it.
Bloodmoon: I

and Chelsea Wolfe
Post Metal

Not a Converge album. I've found my way through it though.

Melodic Deathgrind

Maybe not as good, still a tight solid follow up to Terrorvision and Retrogore.
38Cara Neir
Phase Out

Expperimental BM

Really like these nerds and the concept they go for on each release. Also big fun on merging the known screamoBM takes with hip/tripop, punk, jazz and yeap those retro game 8bit samples.
39200 Stab Wounds
Slave to the Scalpel

Death Metal

The angriest and heaviest riff fest of the year. Also with a nailed atmosphere.
40Portrayal of Guilt
We Are Always Alone

BM, Hardcore

They really nailed it here with where I wanted for them to go to. Like a more "accessible" (lol) Full of Hell. This shit is awesome for the 26 insane minutes.
41Der Weg Einer Freiheit

Post BM, Ambient

Ambient BM with actuall substance and dynamic.
42Ad Nauseam
Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

Prog BDM

Best DM production quiçá, ever (?)
43Full of Hell
Garden of Burning Apparitions

Grindcore, experimental

They do what they want and that s what we want after all.


Multiple listens worthy. What a treat of riff fest with the most gorgeous and crazy bass licks. So many strong points but maybe Abnegations and Beyond the Grime are my faves.
45Kayo Dot
Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike

Post Metal

I always struggle hard with every Toby's project. Sometimes I can still make my way through it, as with this one. Cool journey.


More than solid release for the likes of acts like Gorguts and Ulcerate.
47Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine
A Beginner's Mind

Indie Folk

What can I say? I miss this Sufjan.
48Jose Gonzalez
Local Valley

Indie Folk

Although a bit all over the place it ended up being my second fave from him, after Veneer.
Glow On


I felt like a kid again but with these litlle postish electronic touches to justify why listen to it now, giving it some sort of freshness
Psychedelic Realms ov Hell

Retro DM

You know that Cynic band with them space interludes? Forget about it! Here's some filthy osdm with the most curious space psych mushrooms vibe.
Hideous Entity


A more than solid metal act around teeth m/
52The Armed

PostHXC, Experimental

They are not failing in mixing their harsh noise ID with some of the poppiest hooks in the scene.
53Between the Buried and Me
Colors II

Prog Metal

Its a statement, they don t care about the fantanos of this world. This feels very themselves and free. It s also very cool how they insert 70s prog worship on this.
Godslastering: Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry


This brave gal pulls off this title track (Hymns of a Forlorn Peasantry), starting with her melodic vocals, so gorgeously! The way she uses the synths gives it a singular vibe .
55Kekht Arakh
Pale Swordsman

BM , Folk

There's room for romance in Black Metal yk?
56Ancient Mastery
Chapter One: Across The Mountains Of ...

Ambient, BM

The synths are cheesy af, but also give this sense of retro charm to the songs, that when they riff, they go pretty damn hard.
57Isgherurd Morth

Post gaze bdm ahah

This is weirdly unknown on Sput but Mr. Gnocchi interviewed these guys on here. Worth the shot.
58Black Sheep Wall
Songs for the Enamel Queen

Post HXC, Sludge

Dynamic. Emotional. Mature( yes indeed Simon) and Raw and Honest and Wrecking...and HEAVY AF. Getting the feeling of, whatever went on here, shit got real!
59Sugar Horse
The Live Long After

Post HXC l, Sludge

"A decidedly average band." as selfdescribed on their own bandcamp page sets the bar right away, so you go for it with no expectations. Kinda simple in riffs, but it's nailed on atmosphere and dynamics.
Protozoan Battle Hymns

Mathy Noise Rock&Metal

Too damn cool. They re surely applying for a vocalist! Lol I love how they go sludgy to shiny seamlessly. Honnestly Zapruder came to mind.
61Kowloon Walled City

Sludge, Noise, Post hxc

How simple it is to make a simple album to make you simply feel.

Sludge, Post hcx

Lithuanians ballancing their sound between pure savagery and more melodic moments on their sophomore
63Swallow the Sun

Doom Metal, Progressive

Smooth, tight, beautiful, professional dooooom metal.
64Thy Catafalque

Progressive Metal

One of a kind project. If you love prog and experimental metal and had your share of psy(bient)trance this is for you. The multiplicity of instruments is also outstanding.
65Devoid of Thought
Outer World Graves

Cosmic DM

While they share the same view of Cosmic DM from bands like Blood Incantation, the variance shown makes each track a beast of its own!
Kopár Hant... Az Alvilág Felé


Simple yet thickest cavernous deathdoom a la spectral voice. And it thickens with listens.
Phantom Indigo

Experimental prog bdm

The most of the insane death metal with gazey inserts, fitting unexpectedly like a glove.
68Logistic Slaughter
Lower Forms of Life


I fed a little on David Yowi's recs this year, and such as the previous one, here's another.

Black Death Doom

This is all mighty, with plenty room to grow. I love the balance between experimenting, zoning out moments and "orthodox" riffs. It just keeps me constantly hooked. Well done Spain XD
70Spectral Lore

BM, Ambient

Their explanation on bandcamp sums up why like this output a little more over III. But that's just personal.
71Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

BM, Ambient

When a closer bumps an album. Check Ataraxia Tunnels asap.
72Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Shyga! The Sunlight Mound

Psy Rock

This stuff is energised as fuck! Return to form.
73King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
L. W.

Psy Rock

L. W. > K. G.
Kingdom of Oblivion

Progressive Rock

This band is unstoppable. This time with a touch of Sabbath flirt.
Wild Type Droid

Rock, Post Grunge

Not so nailed on atmosphere as In the Future... but these guys do no wrong.
76Shame (UK)
Drunk Tank Pink

Post Punk

Vocals are pretty standard for these new postpunk bands a la IDLES. There's def a Protomartyr vibe too.. The drumming is really good actually. So, not really innovative, but it did it with me!
Kill Grid

Crossover Hxc - Thrash

Yeah well...fuck it, give us one of these relentless hardcore thrash 4s every 2 years. TKS! They come, they fuck and they go.
78Suffering Hour
The Cyclic Reckoning

Dissonant BM

The cool thing about this, and what makes this unique tbf, are the absense of the usual chugs and the way they use dissonance to reach some really catchy and melodic hooks, giving it a subliminal rock vibe.
79Paysage d'Hiver

BM, Ambient

Dude just got evil!


Mork is a black metal band from Norway. And I like it. MorkMorkMorkMorkMorkMorkMorkMorkMorkMork
Worship the Eternal Darkness

Black Metal, Death Metal

Satan - check!
82Dread Sovereign
Alchemical Warfare

Doom Metal, Hard Rock

It's doomy but very hard rock one, with very interesting prog developments through tracks. Mounts and hills t9 explore.
An Unexpected Reality

DeathDoom EP

Gatecreeper going doom on last track was really something, keeping that vicious HM-2 mix of theirs. Straight out for lovers of Pallbearer or Bell Witch. Certainly doom knowledge acquired from their previous shared act Spirit Adrift. How I started 2021!
84Turris Eburnea
Turris Eburnea


Short&solid ep for the likes of Ad Nuaseam. Well done, and albeit intricate and complex it manages to be very dynamic.

DoomSludge Compilation

It wouldn't be a year without a Thou compilation.
86Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou
The Helm of Sorrow

DoomSludge EP

Guitar tone on Crone Dance should be illegal [2].
87Full of Hell
Auditory Trauma: Full of Hell Isolation Sessions

Grindcore Live Album

Who would've thought these guys are also tigh af live?
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