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Top 55 Comedy horror movies

The first one is overrated, the second one is utterly disturbing, this one is.....odd.
To be fair t's pretty bad but i feel it's on purpose, the over the top acting and writing makes it annoying, yet i still remember the whole movie for some fucking reason. Bree Olsen's character is pretty funny and the movie director playing himself is a good idea.

It could been so much better, still the idea of a documentary about a slasher killer including behind the scenes is very good. Some parts are pretty smart while some others are a little naive.

Belial is an underrated horror icon. I love that the make-up artist is the same guy who made Heath Ledger's Joker make-up.

A nice gory english humour horror with a good concept and some dark moments.

I find this a little bit overrated and always preferred Fright night as a 80s vampire comedy, still it's still an iconic work with a pretty unexpected twist and nice performance by Kiefer Sutherland.

I can't really say what was the director's intent, nor if this was supposed to be a comedy, sure one of the weirdest movies ever. Actually it has some unsettling moments, the web abuse scene is downright disturbing and the ending is surprisingly depressing. However it has lots of over the top moments, odd psychedelic stuff, weird ass humour and the killer's costume is what some teen could call Kawaii.
Also giant cat's dick strap-on.

My guiltiest pleasures. While i despise stuff like Disaster movie and hot movie, the scary movie saga (except the 5th which is unbearable) will deliver some good laugh due to it's raunchy juvenile humour that we all need sometimes. The 3th and 4th movies in particular have some scenes like the grudge's japanese talk, the viagra scene, the whole funeral section and all the scenes with Leslie Nielsen that i still remember from my childhood.

I watched this one when i was like 5 and it creeped the fuck out of me. Still one of the most underrated movies from Tim Burton. The head switch is great and the alien's design is cheesy sweet.

This 3d animated movie blends childish humour with deeper adult topics, underrated little gem.

the title alone makes it worth watching.

Takashi Miike has the weirdest sense of humour ever. What can you expect from the guy that made the darkest most disturbing comedy ever (visitor q). Actually i'm not sure if Gozu could be considered a comedy. After this movie i wasn't sure about anything, still some moments like the cow man and the birth scene are so bizarre that will make you laugh in a worried way.

Based on german folklore, this movie starts as a feelgood christmas comedy about family til an unexpectedly dark ending. The gingerbread men are hilarious and that jack in the box creature is amazing.

A collection of short movies, each alphabet letter represent some kind of death. Some shorts are bad, other are pure genius (t for toilet is a terrific claymation and q is hilarious), some are bland, others are pretty disturbing.

A sadly forgotten movie, while it's one of the most 2000 things ever it perfectly captures the halloween mood and has some good spooky scenes.

One of the most beloved monster comedies. The Graboids are iconic and the main characters are likeable.

I'm cheating with this one, in fact burial ground was meant to be a serious movie. Yet it's so bad that automatically makes it one of the funniest shit i've ever watched, especially if you know Italian language. I mean, a child played by a 35 years old midget, the famous Fulci's eye scene borrowed with terrible effects, dialogues that sounds straight from an amateur porn movie, zombies that looks like old people escaped from an hospice.

Maneater sheeps. Need more? There's a weresheep

Neat concept about a lethal game played by a rich family. It seems that Samara Weaving loves to featurw in trash horror stuff. One of the most random endings ever, loved it.

Despite being the most 80s thing ever this is a great rewatchable vampire movie. Some moments don't makes any sense but i didn't care, it's just plain fun. The characters are pretty good and the vampire is truly charismatic, a pair of goofy splatter moments towards the end fitted well the campy.

Chucky is one of the most iconic characters in horror for a reason. The concept of a serial killer reincarnated in a kids toy is both stupid and great. The more the original franchise went on, the more sillier it is. The bride of Chucky is severly underrated.

A slasher where the supposed killers are two meek rednecks and the teens accidentally kills themselves.

While Ryan Reynolds isn't exactly the best actor ever, yet he has been great here.
The idea to represent the inner voices of a psychotic guy with his cat and dog is awesome. This film oscillates between silly comedy, gory thriller/horror and also some pretty depressive moments. That ending is the most wtf anti-climatic thing ever, i loved it.

I still wonder how could disney, the anthem of politicallt correct, hire James Gunn. However this guy has made some of the few great movies in the MCU and just made a terrific suicide squad that made us forget the cringeworthy prequel by Ayer. But before his advent into mainstream he made slither, one of the most disgusting body horrors ever. Inspired by night of the creeps this movie contains some of the most revolting stuff you could imagine, still bloody funny.

Basically creepier Ghostbusters. You can tell how much Peter Jackson loved horror movies and wanted to made fun of it, Michael J. Fox and Jeffrey Combs were great and i loved the ghosts, i wish they had more screentime though. I noticed how much the plot inspired the story of Walter Sullivan in Silent Hill 4. Oh, and ghost Sgt Hartmann.

The first movie was able to disturb the viewer despite being zero budget, messing with paranoia and trust. This one basically does the same thing but with smart dark humour, this time the victim is psychologically fucked up almost like the stalker.

I don't remember any horny decapitated doctor in Lovecraft's original story. Anyway this campy version of H.P.L.'s classic is still one of the most iconic movies among horror comedies. Awesome performance by Jeffrey Combs.

Rodriguez is basically a 5 years old weird kid trapped inside an adult body. This movie is insane. It just completely changes genre, plot, mood and atmosphere in the second half. Salma Hayek's show may be the most iconic scene in Rodriguez filmography.

One of the best casting choices ever, that weird little girl fits perfectly her role. The story is about her finding a stone able to control a genocidal alien that looks like a guy from Gwar and uses it to scare her family and play until an alien council that looks like power ranger villains tries to stop him and some aliens that looks like Lordi cosplayers betrays him. Loved it. A giant tribute to troma with great splatter scenes, annoyingly funny characters and lots of stupid scenes.

What do you get if you let your 7 years old daughter write a screenplay based on her dreams and you decide to throw random stuff and terrible effects all together while some severed fingers play a piano with cat sounds and a skeleton dance, meanwhile a severed head bites a butt and lsd trip scenes are flashing two flying legs eaten by a lamp and... ok you got the point.

For being an animated movie for kids Coraline contains some pretty fucked up imagery, combined to smart humour, compelling plot and interesting storytelling.

Back when Burton made great movies. This iconic goth tale has some of the best character designs in the genre. Michael Keaton alone makes this movie worth watching.

Actually this one surprised me a lot, when i knew about this latest groundhog day-formula movie i wasn't expecting anything good, yet i watched it a lot. Jessica Rothe's performance is awesome, first you'll hate her and then you'll love her through her redeeming ark. The serial killer plot is a little bit inconsistent at times, yet the movie it's tons of fun, stereotypes mocking and well directed, love the death montage.

O'Bannon created Brain eater zombies with this 80s iconic classic. The great soundtrack, cheesy dialogues, retarded characters and awesome zombie design makes ROTLD a must watch for zombie lovers.

Again Robert Rodriguez gifted us with an over the top horror comedy so demented and stupid that you can't help but loving it. The film perfectly mocks the grindhouse style and B-movie aesthetics with fake trailers (lately becoming real), exaggerated violence, nonsense, zombies, strippers, weird atmosphere, 80s filmmaking style, machism, pus, guts, blood and a machine gun leg. Oh and Tarantino's balls melting off.

I grew up with it. When i was at elementary school parents and friends watched home alone, the grinch and trading places, i consumed my Gremlins videocassette. It has that nostalgic feeling and dark christmas atmosphere that still works. It's obvious that Joe Dante has a deep love for puppets and animatronics, the Mogwai and gremlins still looks cool and iconic.

One of the most well known Horror directors ever decided to release a film that would make fun of every slasher cliché possible. Craven was a genius. Despite it's satire and humour, scream contains some pretty graphic scenes directed with autorship. A wise balance between thrilling, horrifying and funny.
Movies don't create psychos. Movies make psychos more creative!

I love Troma. This low budget studio has plenty of weird movies but none of them could ever reach Poultrygeist's madness. In this cursed fast-food restaurant meatvand eggs are possessed by evil chickens and people begins to morph into undead antropomorph chickens.
Among lots of gore scenes there's one of a fat guy shitting his own body that will make you question the director's sanity. And it's not even the weirdest one, the chicken zombies cooking heads like eggs, the muslim girl becoming a sort of Rambo and the sentient hamburger are just 1/5 of what you will find here.

Pretty much the weirdest shit i've ever seen besides Eraserhead. Flying lotus's movie is a collage of various filmmaking style with weird unsettling humour and a mix of surreal, funny and disturbing scenes. The aliens apartment scenes are hilarious, the plot is....well, not received. I mean, there's a crab parasite living in a doctor's anus who cures fear for boobs, a nymphomaniac sentient pimple, a giant licking creature, deformed people and last but not least Hairy aliens with monitors as faces doing a mortal kombat's fatality on their friend's fetus and then they happily smoke it together.
And it's not even half of the fucked up stuff you'll find.

Mel Brooks managed to combine the gothic vibes of the original opera to his trademark humour, it's feels more like an homage than an actual parody. This Igor may be more iconic than the real one.

Coen brothers most underrated work. A surreal comedy with a slow burning insanity and paranoia growing all over into a psychological horror. A subtle satire about hollywood industry that's both funny and oddly creepy. Turturro was really good but John Goodman stole the show with one of the most absurd characters ever.?

Hands down the best werewolf transformation ever.

Christian Bale's terrific performance alone makes Patrick Bateman one of the best characters ever, plus the cryptic writing, the dark humour and the social commentary makes the whole movie a must watch.

Actually borderline between comedy and true horror, there's Raimi's recognizable absurd slapstick but some scenes are quite scary.
Sylvia Ganush is pretty creepy and the lahmia is a pretty cool tormentor, then there are scenes like the puking cadaver, the talking goat and the ending that are Raimi humour at his best.

Woody Harrelson's Tallahassee is one of the best characters in any zombie movie. The chemistry between the four characters works well, the fast zombies are menacing enough  and Bill Murray's cameo is pure gold. The idea of revolving the movie around protagonist's rules is very original. I have to say that i really enjoyed the sequel too.

Brian Yuzna's Society is one of the most ferocious satires in horror. Sure the movie has lots of over the top scenes that genuinely made me laugh yet it has an unsettling atmosphere surrounding 3/4 of the film til it flows in pure disgust in the final act. If you are squeamish or just can't stand body horror stay away from this.

This movie uses every slasher's clichè ever to create one of the smartest parodies of horror movies ever. Every stereotypical character works perfectly, the plot split between them and the control center is balanced and if you already watched the movie, i know you paused to read every monster on the blackboard.
The marman is an highlight.

Written by Tiziano Sclavi, the original novel was a sort of prototype for Dylan Dog, which is hands down the best italian comic ever, (avoid that pile of shit movie with Brandon Routh that basically raped the original opera and pissed on it's complex philosophy). DD is the surreal oniric story of a misanthrope that works in a cemetery where dead come back to life, while it could sound unoriginal believe me when i say that you never saw anything like this. The movie combines surreal comedy to depressive issues and poetic writing.

On of my most feel good movies ever. I always loved the concept of actor playing themselves and being trapped in James Franco's mansion.
And it's unexpectedly gory, the effects are pretty good and it's hilarious in a dumb way.

Predictable choice but it just couldn't not be in the top 10. Ghostbuster may be the most famous and iconic film in horror comedy. Terrific main characters and cast, nostalgic atmosphere,  iconic ghosts and childish yet smart humour with many innuendos (i mean, ghost blowjobs...). The only flaw within ghostbuster is that cringeworthy reboot.

Carpenter is probably the best horror director ever, The thing is a top 3 of the genre. He is great with comedies as well and even with those he just couldn't help but dealing with satire and important social and political issues. They live is, like society, one of the smartest use of satire in entertainment cinema. I won't spoil anything but the sunglasses concept is amazing. Rowdy Piper gave a great performance despite not being a professional actor. Carpenter used Piper's wrestling skills to create one of the most believable street fights ever.

I still don't get how someone could ever imagined that hiring this guy to film lord of the  rings was going to be a good idea. I mean, it's a great trilogy and i'm not even a fantasy fan but Jackson is the same guy that directed movies with horny homicidal muppets, genocidal plastic aliens and this masterpiece. Brain dead may be the bloodiest movie ever, the lawnmower scene alone required 80 gallons of fake blood, there are blended bodies, exploding zombies, a giant naked hybrid weasel-monkey mum, skinned faces, deformed fetuses, zombie priests banging zombie nurses and to be honest, it's one of the funniest shit i've ever watched. The scenes with the baby zombie are pure gold, "i kick ass for the lord" speaks for itself, some characters like the uncle, Lionel and the living intestine are ridicolously iconic.

I swear, this mockumentary has some of the best written characters ever. They are funny, idiotic and demented but at the same time sweet, relatable and memorable. The chemistry between the 3 main vampires is the envy of many hollywood movies, the werewolves (not swearwolves) are hilarious, the atmosphere is well crafted and most of all there's Stu.I mean, that guy isn't even an actor, he didn't know he was in the final cut for half the time, he's a legend.

If you missed this norway pearl go to watch it immediately. The first movie was just ok but this is a demented masterpiece. Even the technical side is great, awesome direction, photography and Vfx. But what it makes it special are the characters, even the extras are funny. The nazi zombies are great villains, the russian ones are cool too, the final battle is the highlight of this future cult. Plus, this is one of the most politically incorrect and over the rop violent movies in the genre. Oh and if you like Total eclipse of the heart you'll never listen to it the same way after the ending scene.

Cornetto trilogy is my favorite ever. These movies managed to keep classy filmmaking, smart humour, social commentary, terrific characters and great stories for all three movies. They're all different and at the same time they fit perfectly the same style. Shaun of the dead was praised by Romero himself. You can tell  that the director and actors were college friends and they had a lot fun filming this. Shaun and Ed are the best-worst survivors ever and their bromance is awesome. However the final act of the movie (after that fantastic juke box scene) is surprisingly sad. Edgar Wright manage to be a great director even with more commercial movies like Baby Driver. Gonna check his last work soon.

Sure, i'm biased cause i grow up with the evil dead trilogy but c'mon, these movies are classics. While the first one was a legit horror movie the second one combined the scary scenes and a dreadful paranoia with over the top slapstick humor. The laughing scene may be one of the best moments in cinema history. the camera work is majestic, Raimi invented that iconic chase thing, the dutch angles made the atmosphere even weirder. Army of darkness is hands down my favorite fantasy movie ever (yeah, i'm counting LotR, fite me). The three stooges slapstick style combined with dark fantasy environment, the unique Raimi atmosphere and the huge amount of funny scenes makes AoD one of the most rewatchable movies ever. I'm not even arguing about Bruce Campbell performance as Ash, the most badass idiot ever. Evil dead sequels without him just feels wrong. However the sadly deleted series Ash vs Evil dead is fantastic as the worthy follow-up of the original trilogy, be sure to watch it, the last e
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