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Cringe index: Best New Music

Hello this is a roundup of 2021 Best New Music so far. Position #1 is embarrassing. Position #65 is not. An album becomes BNM when it has 3 or more staff/emeritus ratings with an avg of around 4. Do the math !!
Ming Ming

Accessible pleb filter of the year

Gains points for good music, gains more points because it's a live album and no-one on Sputnik listens to live albums, gains even more because no-one who did listen can tell it's a live album, loses one point because too many staffers rated it.

There's only one point in every year where Sowing 5revs a total zinger and yes it is very great
62Tropical Fuck Storm
Deep States

The minor embarassment of the word FUCK is mostly made up for by the irony of this site's BNM housing an album about angry NEETs being exploited by unseen forces
61Injury Reserve
By The Time I Get To Phoenix

Genuinely innovative // was saved about 40 places on this list by not hitting BNM while luci's review still held the flag.
60Indigo De Souza
Any Shape You Take

Rare record that brought sput staff's entire softboi indie pop cohort together for largely flattering reasons
59King Woman
Celestial Blues

I forgot to check this one, but Dewi's avi alone vindicates its inclusion

Still no idea what the fuck this is, but I am so glad it graced this list.
57Drinking Boys And Girls Choir
Marriage License

Good but on this awful American site the band name scans as a child exploitation ring
56Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

Too many people in the real world already knew this was a great record for Sput BNM to have real business with it
55Sleigh Bells

doof likes this otherwise good to see
54Genesis Owusu
Smiling with No Teeth

Milo put this here abide it
53Lost Horizons
In Quiet Moments

Double albums making BNM is never embarassing
52Wolves in the Throne Room
Primordial Arcana

gamers rejoice yh. lame title alas.
51Trophy Scars
Astral Pariah

Trophy Scars and Sput have too much sexual tension for this to be any lower
50Japanese Breakfast

See: Indigo de Souza, except this is more embarassing because more people on RYM liked it
49Hiatus Kaiyote
Mood Valiant

This is the equivalent of a prog band wanksweating over a million notez within a single song except it's an album and Hiatus Koyote are adult songwriters who use chordz, *actually*
48o'summer vacation
Wicked Heart

See: [Dale Kerrigan] but Dewi
47Lightning Bug
A Color of the Sky

Summer is over
46Psychedelic Porn Crumpets
Shyga! The Sunlight Mound

Album's a banger // band name banged ur mum
45Cult of Luna
The Raging River

Too deja vu to truly belong here maybe

passable good new music ?
43Wolf Alice
Blue Weekend

Second hand embarrasment from every lame publication that fawned over this
Hey What

Whiff of 「appreciate but don't get it」 from 50% of everyone who rated this
41Laura Stevenson
Laura Stevenson

sorry Laura ur not a cliche sput is a cliche
40Dale Kerrigan
Noise Bitch

Album is fire but its inclusion is a little embarassing because we all simp too hard whenever Wines rocks up a month late with his party shoes ON.
39Sweet Trip
A Tiny House, In Secret Speeches, Polar Equals

I fucking love the internet
Etemen Ænka

Big dick elephant metal with big riffs, but also quite good ok
37Ad Nauseam
Imperative Imperceptible Impulse

credit where it's due, Jac metal is less listenable and therefore less bad than [most] other metal
36The Antlers
Green to Gold

who could being themselves to be embarassed by this (i remember NOTHING)
35Mare Cognitum
Solar Paroxysm

progressive metal. but maybe it doesn't suck
34Leon III
Antlers in Velvet

This album smoked all the weed that Kacey Musgraves imported into the progressive incestbarn world of COUNTRY MUSIC. Ranked accordingly
33Devil Sold His Soul

maybe i should hear this actually

[garas] The car’s tape player wrecked your Ulcerate demo cassette: the album.
31James McMurtry
The Horses and the Hounds

Who is this man who put him here
30The World Is a Beautiful Place...
Illusory Walls

emo memo
29Floating Points, Pharoah Sanders & The LSO

Man farts in elevator, two chords ring out, ratings rise etcetc.. A modern classic, probably.
Ice Fleet

Dull as dishwater atmospheres that only got on this list by virtue of being tenuously metal. Cringe.
Bright Green Field

[garas] It could have been a chill-out indie album, but the cephalopod-named weirdos just constantly irritate the listener all the way through.

[jotw] fuck indie music
26King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
L. W.

Every time this band drops another collection of shrapnel vocal-guitar unisons within a week of their last, I feel a little embarassed for them. Same old...
25The Raging Nathans
Waste My Heart

Fake news at its most offensive, science dictates that a band called the Raging Nathans could never exist in our timeline.
24Lucy Dacus
Home Video

"rOh yeah i would totally be listening to her if she wasn't in Boygenius" the apology-shit that counts as hype these days
23Julien Baker
Little Oblivions

it was a long pandemic i ate all my weed brownies and learned to play the drums why am i not happy yet
22Ophidian I

These albums
Bionic Swarm

are all exactly
20Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
Nightmare Withdrawals

the same.
19Musk Ox


Tenhi: I made this.

Musk Ox: *I* made this!
18Lord Huron
Long Lost

Drippy bollocks fedoracore for saps whose wildest imaginations of decent songwriting will die with Bob Dylan
Poison Palinopsia

reeks of bad alien porno
16The Killers
Pressure Machine

There is a time and place for trumpeting that the Killers' second return to form in two years doesn't suck, but BNM ain't it
Music of the Spheres

Mandatory top 15 pick but I won't meme it any further because we chose to put it here ironically and it's the wrong decade for self-harm jokes.
14Manchester Orchestra
The Million Masks of God

2nd most realistic imagine dragons album oty
13Cerebral Rot
Excretion Of Mortality

sputmetal eat their own shit confirmed
12Big Red Machine
How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last?

two indie crusties and a giant ambulance full of dildos
11Hayley Williams
FLOWERS for VASES / descansos

too forgettable to be truly embarassing, but scored the rather unfortunate placement of first BNM of 2021 and earns vast compount cringetrest in return.
Eternal Blue

Junz pop bangers for those who don't bang
9Black Midi

Redeeming Zakalwe Part. 1: Giant Artschool Condom
The Idyll Opus (I-VI)

CORN CORN CORN CORN CORN is the most timeless of ill-timed staged for two bodies young to twine their train of limbs around a fate not yet limpid in cosmic yearning what will tell CORN CORN CORN CORN
Glow On

pretending to have fun listening to yesterday's bangers on sputnikmusic: the album
6Olivia Rodrigo

Given that there are no zoomers in Sput staff to begin with, there is no way whatsoever to put a flattering spin on this
Infinite Granite

perfectly timed reminder that literally 3-4 people on this godforsaken site have opinions on shoegaze that aren't utter garbage

garas: Even if Ordinary Boring Shoegaze Wank seemed as a very weak release, it was quite surprising to witness that Deafheaven managed to make us facepalming ever harder from Infinite Granite. 2021’s most overhyped (post-rock) release is a shamefully boring and generic creation which is most generously a forgettable experience. It was truly a great mass of color: a blank blue wall.
In the Court of the Dragon

Most metal lyricists cannot write lyrics they should also not write fanfiction or album titles at all really
3Hail the Sun
New Age Filth

One-album case study for the maybe underrepresented argument that Circa Survive did as much to reduce post-hardcore to irrelevant whingebilge as waning memestars Dance Gavin Dance
2Porter Robinson

ngl in moments of weakness i've had my life affirmed by the unlikeliest of sources, and i'm thanking my stars rn that none of them were as trite or sappy as this post-edgekid malldraping kack
Demonic Wealth

probably the only thing worse than sput's metal poptimism is its insistence that this kind of debilitating pissvapour somehow qualifies as actual music. deep fucking shame up on you all.
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