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George Harrison Beatles Songs Ranked

Only including Studio tracks, singles, and b-sides. None of that rarity BS. Also if George's voice is completely mixed with the other Beatles (IE: "Because" and "Sgt. Peppers [Reprise]" it doesn't count either. Also, I'm a huge Beatles fan, so expect inflated scores.
27The Beatles
Please Please Me


It's a cover and the original by The Cookies is better.

26The Beatles
With the Beatles

"Devil in Her Heart"

He's trying to sing like John here. He hasn't found his sound yet. Honestly, I don't care for pre-Rubber Soul Beatles much, and on the occasions where I do, it's never a Geoge song. Expect these to all be ranked low.

25The Beatles
With the Beatles

"Don't Bother Me"

I don't know what it is about these songs, but they feel extra ingenuine for him as if George didn't have the girl troubles he's singing about.

24The Beatles
Beatles for Sale

"Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby"

A Carl Perkins cover and yet again just bland. It's a shame this is so bland because at this point John and Paul did had done some pretty cool songs.

23The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night

"I'm Happy Just to Dance with You"

EASILY the best pre-Help! song that George wrote. Hell, I'll ever say it's good. The chorus is actually memorable despite not being a cover. WAIT! NOOOO John and Paul wrote this song. Well, that explains it.

22The Beatles

"You Like Me Too Much"

Finally, something George wrote that's worth a damn. The piano is catchy, though I'll admit his vocals are unenthusiastic sappy schlock.

21The Beatles

"I Need You"

John and Paul were really starting to experiment with their sound on Help! and it's a shame that George wasn't ready yet to do that. This gets bonus points for this one actually having some feeling in it.

20The Beatles
The Beatles


I like whimsical stuff, but this is just underdeveloped and obvious. Apparently, the prototype for this song's lyrics existed as early as the Revolver sessions and he just set it aside fo a few years. George Martin's music decisions with the strings are lovely, but that's not enough for me to like this.
19The Beatles
Please Please Me

"Do You Want to Know a Secret?"

John and Paul wrote this one and it's so obvious, but hell it's a damn good song for pre-Rubber Soul Beatles. The guitar line is catchy, George is into it, and the backups are pretty. Is it amazing? Nah, but my standards are already so low for this era.

18The Beatles
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

"Within You Without You"

I do not for the life of me understand the high praise for this song when The Beatles have done other better sitar psych-pop songs. "Norweigan Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", "Tomorrow Never Knows", and a George song that's higher on this list for example. This is a "good song" I guess if I'm in the right mood. Maybe a bit boring and draggy. Indian classical is suppose to drone I suppose, but it always felt like it interrupted that album's theme in a way that other Indian classical-inspired songs did not on their other albums.

17The Beatles
Rubber Soul

"If I Needed Someone"

Kind of astounding the level of quality raised from the 62-65 stuff that preceded it. It's still a simple song about love, but this time he's confident and the music is fun and original.

16The Beatles
Let It Be

"I Me Mine"

George's voice is really pretty here. Phil Spector maybe not be George Martin, but the production on this one specifically felt like a mimicking of Martin. Plus that pickup rocks pretty well. A self-critical song about how selfish The Beatles were being about their own visions at the time.

15The Beatles
Abbey Road

"Here Comes the Sun"

This might be the most famous George song ever, even including his solo career, and I can see why. It's bright, optimistic, catchy, and the guitar during the bridge is gorgeous. Maybe it's kinda overplayed for my ears though, I don't know, but I believe he has better ones still.

14The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

"It's All Too Much"

The longest Beatles song penned by George, clocking in at 6 minutes and 26 seconds, this one almost feels like neo-psych with how pristine it sounds compared to other messier 60s psych tracks, and of course, it's about the wonderment of an acid trip. Standard quality Beatles stuff if you ask me.

13The Beatles
Past Masters, Vol. 2

"The Inner Light"

Sadly relegated to "Lady Madonna" b-side (fantastic song though and my favorite of Paul's actually) this is probably his most "Hare Krishna" themed Beatles song. Unlike a lot of the other Indian classical influenced songs, this doesn't feature sitar but does feature tabla and multiple instruments I've never heard of haha. What I want to compare to a pretty yelping cat (the sarod?) is certainly the standout here. Good stuff.

12The Beatles
The Beatles

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"

Featuring Eric Clapton on guitar, this is a common fan favorite, and yeah it's pretty damn good. Maybe it's a bit too "fancy blues-rock" for it to be my favorite though. The lyrics, vocal performance, and guitar solo are very emotional and guaranteed to get your mom in tears if she listens closely.

11The Beatles
Abbey Road


Finally, George shows us he can write a good love song and it's beautiful. I hate to bring up George Martin again, but maybe his strings yet again outshine George's contributions here. They might be some of Martin's best in The Beatles' discography. Truly the 5th Beatle! Sorry, back to George Harrison... uh he rules too, okay next.

10The Beatles
The Beatles

"Long, Long, Long"

This should be one of my favorite Beatles songs ever. The lo-fi feel and atmospheric folky mood elicit a certain spirituality. The lyrics are somewhat vague to whether they're about a woman or Hare Krishna. My only real problem is that the end feels kind of awkward and abrupt for such an otherwise smooth, beautiful mellow piece of music as if he had no idea how to finish it. Really ruins the mood for me.

9The Beatles
Let It Be

"For You Blue"

I get the feeling a lot of people don't like this song, but I like how Harrison is putting on his best "Dylan voice" and how bendy the strings sound. No seriously, the guitar tone is wonderful.

8The Beatles
The Beatles

"Savoy Truffle"

"You picked this over "Long Long Long" and "My Guitar Gently Weeps" ??? Are you serious?" Indeed I did. This song was a dig at his friend Eric Clapton for getting fat from candy and it's set to some dan good jazz-rock. This is whimsical, maybe even a bit mean spirited, but the line where he's like "The sweat is going to fill your head. When it becomes too much. You'll shout aloud" is palpable as hell. Good stuff.

7The Beatles
Rubber Soul

"Think for Yourself"

With how unimpressive the stuff he wrote before Rubber Soul was, this feels like a statement. Also goddamn, I love that guitar line. The music is kinda simple, but Rubber Soul was often like that "good, but simple. The lyrics are pretty political and critical of how people think, and that's always cool... well except when it's not haha. Does that make sense? I'm not a professional writer, whatever.

6The Beatles


Revolver was George's peak. This song is goofy as all hell, features one of The Beatles' most iconic guitar lines ever That solo would make a top 10 on a list I bet. Declare the pennies on your corpses' eyes Brits, the taxman is coming.

5The Beatles
Past Masters, Vol. 2

"Old Brown Shoe"

This was like the last George led Beatles song (other than rarities) I discovered (I even knew about "The Inner Light" first) and it was like discovering buried treasure. That great guitar tone from "For You Blue" is better and catchier than ever and with better lyrics. The double-tracked vocals are always a highlight of any John or George song and it's no different here. They did George dirty by making this the b-side to "The Ballad of John and Yoko" and nothing else. I mean that's a good A-side, but this is better.

4The Beatles
Yellow Submarine

"Only a Northern Song"

Maybe it's because I love off-kitler stuff and psych pop and that this is both, but I always adored this song. The spastic brass section feels so odd for a Beatles song, but coupled with the song's meaning, it's amazing. George's compositions were always treated like they were lesser than John's and Paul's by the record company and he was treated like his opinion was secondary to theirs and this song is a complaint about that. He was probably the first Beatle to really feel like he was being held back by being in the band and if he can make amazing songs like this, I can see why. It's a shame his solo stuff never went in this direction.

3The Beatles

"Love You To"

Sometimes I wonder if "Within You and Without You" is so low because this one is similar, but about a billion times better. This has some of George's best lyrics and among the coolest (sitar) solos on any Beatles album. "There's people standing round, who'll screw you in the ground" "Love me while you can, before I'm a dead old man." He sounds resigned, but wise haha, but hey it works!

2The Beatles

"I Want to Tell You"

But this is his best one on Revolver. I mean my god that piano, the double-tracking, the way he stretches out the end of each verse line. Trippy, but sentimental lyrics. Man, I love music like this.

1The Beatles
Magical Mystery Tour

"Blue Jay Way"

The best George Beatles songs is on the best Beatles album, of course. That cello, the backmasking, the druggy way those vocals echo, the ominous dark tone, the wall of sound simmering beneath it all. It's a song about waiting for a friend to return. The double entendre of "be long" and "belong" and the lead up to the lyrics of "Soon will be the break of day, sitting here in Blue Jay Way" are perfect. While it's not my favorite Beatles song ("I Am the Walrus" "Tomorrow Never Knows" and "Lady Madonna" all top it,) it's pretty damn worthy.

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