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Iron Maiden Ranked (In My Opinion)

(nobody's every done this before) I've been going on a massive Maiden trip lately. One of my favorite bands. Pretty awesome discography.
16Iron Maiden
Virtual XI

Mostly an embarrassment of a record. The production sounds flat as hell. There are some dreadful songs on this album, namely The Angel and the Gambler, which is probably the worst song this band has ever recorded. It's laughable. That being said, The Clansman is a pretty good epic and I think Blaze actually does a fine job of making this song his own, unlike Sign of the Cross. Futureal is a pretty cool opener too, good riff.

Favorite Track(s): The Clansman, Futureal
Least Favorite Track(s): The Angel and the Gambler, Lightning Strikes Twice
15Iron Maiden
No Prayer for the Dying

Boring album. Hooks in You is cheesy af and kinda cringe, but it gets stuck in my head. Same with Bring Your Daughter. I can barely remember anything else from this album. Tailgunner is a lame callback to Aces High, something the band would pull off 10x better in 2015 with Death and Glory. Lots of people praise Mother Russia as this album's epic track, and I just don't see why. Why? WHY?

Favorite Track(s): Hooks in You,
Least Favorite Track(s): idk it's a blur lol
14Iron Maiden
Fear of the Dark

An album with two really fantastic songs (the tile track, and Afraid to Shoot Strangers) and a fun opener. Everything else ranges from good to mega-lul cringe with Weekend Warrior.

Favorite Track(s): Fear of the Dark, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, Be Quick or Be Dead
Least Favorite Track(s): Weekend Warrior, Childhood's End
13Iron Maiden
Dance of Death

Weak production value, a hideous and shameful album cover, and some okay songs. There aren't any bad songs on DOD, but even the peaks on this album aren't super super incredible. Paschendale is pretty great, but I don't think it's one of the band's best like most seem to. Same deal with the title track. Montsegur goes pretty hard and Journeyman is an interesting experiment for them. Besides those 4 though, I could care less about this album. Easily my least favorite of their modern records.

Favorite Track(s): Paschendale, Dance of Death
Least Favorite Track(s): Gates of Tomorrow, Wildest Dreams
12Iron Maiden
The X Factor

Probably the most interesting album Iron Maiden has ever made, and definitely the darkest sounding. I find that this album gets WAY to much hate, but I also don't think it's the masterpiece that a minority of people seem to. Blaze Bayley is not utilized super well on this album. The only song where he sounds energetic at all is Man on the Edge, which is a great and super catchy little tune. Everywhere else he sounds kind of lost and out of place. Sign of the Cross, in my opinion, is by far the greatest song this band wrote in the 90s, but the version on this album is not the definitive one. The production of this album sucks the life out of many of the sections of this song, and Bruce Dickinson sounds way way better on this song than Blaze Bayley, so I stick to the Rock in Rio version. The worst parts of this album are just boring.

Favorite Track(s): Sign of the Cross, Man on the Edge, Fortunes of War
Least Favorite Track(s): Look for the Truth, Blood on the World's Hands
11Iron Maiden
The Final Frontier

Album with some good epics and some not so good shorter tracks. They got pretty ambitious with their writing here, and not all of it works, but I enjoy this album quite a bit whenever I listen to it. When the Wild Wind Blows is a beautiful song and one of their best long tracks. It tells a heartbreaking story and has emotional performances from the whole band. El Dorado is a pretty weak track, and Mother of Mercy is pretty forgettable. This is a good album, but not super notable.

Favorite Track(s): When the Wild Wind Blows, Starblind
Least Favorite Track(s): El Dorado, Mother of Mercy
10Iron Maiden

Great album cover. Good songs. Massive improvement in production. Why this low? Well, I only dislike one song on here, Drifter, but in general the songwriting here doesn't hold up against the band's debut record.

Favorite Track(s): Murders in the Rue Morgue, Wratchchild, Killers
Least Favorite Track(s): Drifter
9Iron Maiden
The Book of Souls

I find it endlessly impressive that a band so far into their career could come out with such a great record. Empire of the Clouds will go down as Bruce Dickinson's magnum opus, maybe the most epic song this band has ever made and definitely one of my favorite songs ever. If Eternity Should Fail is one of their heaviest songs. The title track boasts an awesome chorus, and The Red and the Black has a wonderful extended instrumental section. When the River Runs Deep, Tears of a Clown, and Death and Glory are some great shorter tracks. This album is not perfect though, The Great Unknown and Shadows of the Valley are both pretty forgettable.

Favorite Track(s): Empire of the Clouds, If Eternity Should Fail, When the River Runs Deep
Least Favorite Track(s): The Great Unknown, Shadows of the Valley
8Iron Maiden
Piece of Mind

This is a particularly frustrating album for me. You have a great opener, a FANTASTIC track 2 in Dickinson's Revelations, the vocally impressive Flight of Icarus, a fun if kinda dumb rocker with an awesome bridge in Die With Your Boots On, one of the best metal songs ever (The Trooper), and maybe the most underrated Iron Maiden song ever with Still Life, which is an amazing song...............and then you get to Quest for f***ing Fire, which is one of the most stupid songs Maiden has ever made. Following that is another mediocre track with Sun and Steel, tho better than its predecessor. The album ends on To Tame a Land, which is a good song with some cool riffs, but compared to the band's other epics from this era, it is extremely mediocre. Piece of Mind is an album with an incredible run of tracks that falters in the second half.

Favorite Track(s): Revelations, The Trooper, Still Life, Flight of Icarus
Least Favorite Track(s): Quest for Fire, Sun and Steel
7Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden

A basically flawless set of songs with mediocre production. Phantom of the Opera is awesome. Prowler and the title track kick ass. Remember Tomorrow and Strange World are unique to the rest of their catalogue. Running Free is great here, but it definitely fits better in a live setting. Charlotte the Harlot is a good tune, definitely my least favorite though.

Favorite Track(s): Phantom of the Opera, Prowler, Remember Tomorrow
Least Favorite Track(s): Charlotte the Harlot
6Iron Maiden
Brave New World

Amazing album. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate is one of the most beautiful songs this band has ever made. The Wicker Man is an anthem for the ages. Ghost of the Navigator is an awesomely heavy song for them. Dream of Mirrors and The Nomad aren't two of the bands greatest epics, but they both have super memorable moments. The Mercenary is kinda forgettable though, and Blood Brothers is a tad overrated and overlong for me. The hooks on this album can get pretty repetitive at points, such as with the previously mentioned song and the title track, which I do love.

Favorite Track(s): The Thin Line Between Love and Hate, The Wicker Man, Brave New World, Ghost of the Navigator
Least Favorite Track(s): The Mercenary, Blood Brothers
5Iron Maiden
A Matter of Life and Death

Easily my favorite modern Iron Maiden album. I love every song. The production is great. The songs are super epic. Just a really really solid album with very few problems, at least to me.

Favorite Track(s): For the Greater Good of God, Brighter Than a Thousand Suns, The Longest Day
Least Favorite Track(s): The Pilgrim, Out of the Shadows
4Iron Maiden
The Number of the Beast

Hallowed Be Thy Name might be the greatest metal song ever conceived. Run to the Hills and the title track are deserving metal classics. The Prisoner is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. 22 Acacia Avenue and Children of the Damned are great deep cuts. The opener is LAME....and Gangland SUCKS. Another somewhat frustrating album.

Favorite Track(s): Hallowed Be Thy Name, The Prisoner, Children of the Damned
Least Favorite Track(s): mfkn stupid Gangland, Invaders
3Iron Maiden

Again, a kind of frustrating album for me. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (maybe the greatest metal song ever), Powerslave (one of the greatest metal songs ever; that HOOK!!), and Aces High are 10/10 songs. Flash of the Blade is a great great deep cut. 2 Minutes to Midnight is a good stadium anthem. The Duellists is good, Losfer Words is fine, and then Back in the Village is somewhat annoying and mediocre.

Favorite Track(s): Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Powerslave, Aces High, Flash of the Blade
Least Favorite Track(s): Back in the Village
2Iron Maiden
Somewhere in Time

While something of a metal classic, I still find this album to be kinda underrated compared to their other 80s albums. Somewhere in Time has one of the most tight tracklists I've come across. The only complaint I have is that Alexander the Great, while an awesome song, can meander just a tad at some points. That's literally it. Every song is amazing.

Favorite Track(s):Caught Somewhere in Time, Wasted Years, Stranger in a Strange Land, Sea of Madness
Least Favorite Track(s): uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
1Iron Maiden
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

This one has basically always been my favorite Maiden record. When my least favorite song on an album is one as great as The Prophecy, you've done something right. 7th Son flows amazingly. The production is classy as shit. It's criminal that Only the Good Die Young has never been played live, I do not understand why. Infinite Dreams is a beautiful song with some of the most satisfying guitar melodies and harmonies I've heard. That's really where this album shines. The guitar work is divine. The atmosphere is pretty pervasive on here too. Amazing album. Definitely one of the best metal albums ever in my opinion, along with #2


Favorite Track(s): The Evil That Men Do, Only the Good Die Young, Infinite Dreams, Can I Play With Madness
Least Favorite Track(s): The Prophecy
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