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February 2020 Song of the Day

The theme is: a song that one your grandparents love! You may also use great aunts and great uncles. If you're stuck, you can choose a song for anyone 70 or older that you're close with.
1The Chords
The Best of the Chords

February 1st: February
Song: "Sh-Boom"

My maternal grandfather mentions this song all of the time any time I'm listening to literally any song. He's a corny guy. "What are you listening to Sh-boom?" I asked him to show me it once, and it's nice.
2Gilles Servat
Gilles Servat

February 2nd: budgie
Song: "La Blanche Hermine"

there are only a couple of songs that my grandfather enjoyed with me, we never spoke much about music. grandmother on father's side died early so i can't speak for her. both grandparents on my mother's idk what they listened to. but my grandfather on my father's side:
3Richard Wagner
Die Walkure

February 3rd: SlothcoreSam
Song: "Die Walkure, act 3"

My grandmother is 92 and still lives by herself so this one is for her. This song reminds me of the time i was beating off in her bed, to lingerie catalogues.
4Jimmy Roselli
Saloon Songs

February 4th: Divaman
Song: "Margie"

OK, Ars made me do this. My paternal grandfather was dead by the time I was born, and my maternal grandparents died when I was quite young, so the only one I had a fighting chance with was my paternal grandmother. She died 10 years ago at age 95.

This song is from my dad's favorite album. It's an album of saloon songs. My dad eventually became a singing bartender, and he used to sing all of these songs. My grandmother's name was Marjorie, so this one was her favorite:

Link may only work in US:
Non-US members use this:
5Sheikh Mishary Rashid Alafasy
The Quran

February 5th: Aberf
Song: "Fussilat (Distinguisher) 40-44"

So my grandparents are devout Muslims and so am I (they all passed away already except my maternal grandma). We treat this as music. It sounds like grand poetry with a lot of wisdom in it. This is only a few drops out of like an ocean though.

The video here includes a brief translation for it, so try to watch it while you're listening to it.
6Gary Jules
Trading Snakeoil For Wolftickets

February 6th: Trifolium
Song: "Mad World"

My lovely weirdo of a grandmother really digs this track. She even went to a CD store and started singing the 'happy birthday, happy birthday' part because she didn't know the name of the artist or song but she wanted the album. Lucky for her the guy behind the counter knew what she meant! Although, of course, totally in style, she really hated the album so she gave it to me. Love you grandma!
7Matty Hopkin
Post Card

February 7th: Egarran
Song: "These Were the Days My Friend"

BUT I remember my resting in peace grandpa loved These Were The Days My Friend by Mary Hopkins.

He played that a lot while I was into Deicide, but thanks for making it all meaningful now.
8Edith Piaf
The Voice of the Sparrow: The Very Best...

February 8th: dedex
Song: "Non, Je ne regrette rien"

She (his grandmama) wasn't big on music but this tune left a lasting impression on the french people. It's 60 years old but so beautiful even brats know it's good
9Robson and Jerome
Robson and Jerome

February 9th: DoofDoof
Song: "Unchained Melody"

My gran on my dad's side died last year and she liked Robson and Jerome and it's a little more interesting watching them now that Jerome has become a cult favourite, the coolest character in Game of Thrones (Bronn).
10Secret Chiefs 3

February 10th: JohnnyoftheWell
Song: "Saptarshi"

Thought of a GREAT replacement rec that Ars will love because it has Trey Spruance on it and has more pertinence to the theme because its album dropped at the same time as my grandpa died and I remember finding it a confusing listen partially as a result :]
11The Platters
Encore of Golden Hits

February 11th: Uzumaki
Song: "Only You (And You Alone)"

I’ma be real right now; I never was close to my grandparents for personal reasons I’m not going to talk about here; nobody’s fault really and that’s how life unfolded for me, so I’ve wracked my brain, and I can’t think of anyone in particular who’s 70+ and I’m good friends with — technically one, but we only talked football (soccer) and never music.
So, my dad hit 66 this year, is that close enough?
12Karl Jenkins
Adiemus: Songs of Sanctuary

February 12th: Scheumke
Song: "Adiemus"

Ha that's a great theme. There's one that I really remember from my grandma who passed away a couple of years ago. Still love this song, it's really good in triggering memories. Very curious to see what kind of ratings this one is going to get, I have a feeling most people will know it (but I might be completely wrong in that lol)
13Camaron de la Isla
La leyenda del tiempo

February 13th: Dewinged
Song: "Leyenda del Tiempo"

My grandparents were into all things flamenco, so Camaron de la Isla was constantly playing when i was with them. I remember liking a lot this song. "Leyenda del Tiempo" (Time Legend) from the album of the same name. In this track, Camarón de la Isla, who was (and still is) basically the God of Flamenco married traditional flamenco with... prog! badabing! The result is this little wonder. Feel free to add it, and hope you enjoy it.
14Black Box

February 14th: zakalwe
Song: "Ride on Time"

My nan who is the only grandparent still knocking around is 93yrs old knocking on 94 and still good to hurl out a brutal insult. One of the true old school women. Hard as nails. To put this into context when this song came out, I was at a family wedding and the DJ put it on. I remember my nan putting down her pint of stout saying she loved it and dancing like there was no tomorrow and well and truly ‘having it’
15Johnny Cash
Orange Blossom Special

February 15th: wham49
Song: "Orange Blossom Special"
16Leonard Cohen
I'm Your Man

February 16th: Tunaboy45
Song: "First We Take Manhattan"

My grandad has amazing taste in music and Leonard Cohen is the artist I'm most grateful for him showing me.
17Shirley Collins
The Power of the True Love Knot

February 17th: anatelier
Song: "False True Love"

Found her on tape when I was young in my dads stuff, took a shining to it because she shares our family name. Dad would go on to formulate a love for prog rock so this always stood out as an outlier. Looking back now it’s very likely my grandfather would have put him onto it as this was released the year prior to my dad’s birth. And what I enjoyed as a littlun for a sweet song now makes my heart ache. It’s a very affecting ditty.
18Peter Gabriel

February 18th: neekafat
Song: "Sky Blue"

my grandparents only like classical or gospel (not the fun gospel)
so idk, I'mma go with Peter Gabriel
19The Mills Brothers
The Best of The Mills Brothers

February 19th: Divaman
Song: "Lazy River"

My maternal grandmother died a very long time ago, but I remember one song she liked a lot. While my Dad's mother liked something with a little bite to it, my Mom's mother liked her music a little smoother.
20The Beatles
Abbey Road

February 20th: ArsMoriendi
Song: "Something"

My maternal grandmother isn't much of a Beatles fan, or much of a fan of post-50s music unless it's like Andrea Bocelli, but she always loved this song and will talk about it whenever she tries to relate to my taste. I mean it's a great song, so yeah.
1492: Conquest of Paradise

February 21th: Scheumke
Song: "Conquest of Paradise"

I know it's a little in the same veign as Adiemus, but it's an absolute modern classic in my eyes. My grandparents were really into contemporary classical music in the 90's I guess haha.
22Simeon ten Holt
Canto Ostinato

February 22th: Trifolium
Song: "Canto Ostinato"

The same grandma who loved Mad World also reeaaalllyy loved this minimal classical composer from The Netherlands who only really recently passed away, Simeon ten Holt. He has a piece, called Canto Ostinato, which is really famous in here. It's a piece made out of compartments which can be arranged in any order, so no single performance is the same. Even the instruments differ, although the two or more piano version is the most common.
Since most renditions take over an hour, please start here and stop at 1:06:09 (or see where it takes you)
23Bruce Springsteen
The River

February 23th: tectactoe
Song: "Sherry Darling"

Both my father and grandfather (his dad) were huge Bruce Springsteen fans, and one of his favorites was "Sherry Darling" from THE RIVER. I have put off listening to Bruce for years and years because I always considered it dad rock. But now that I'm a dad, I recently starting giving early-era Bruce a shot and shit - he's pretty damn great.
24Bill Monroe
Knee Deep in the Blue Grass

February 24th: Minushuman24
Song: "It's Mighty Dark To Travel"

Then I only knew my mother's father, and I always remember him picking me up from school and he loved "guitar music" which boiled down to country/bluegrass from what it seemed, and me being a stupid kid that listened to AC/DC thought it was lame--ironic. I unfortunately can't get in contact with him right now, so I'm just going with a old bluegrass song that I love that seems representative of his taste.
25Jethro Tull

February 25th: DungeonBoy
Song: "Aqualung"

Heck yeah, my dad is 70 and his favorite song is Aqualung, and if you don't like this song then you're dumb:
26Lagzi Lajcsi
Lakodalom Van A Mi Utcánkban

February 26th: garas
Song: "Lakodalom van a mi Utcánkban"

Disgusting piece of shite. It is a shame, it is part of our culture... the old people in Hungary loves mulatós music.
27Ruben Slikk
King Astro Slikk the Magnificent

February 27th: sach
Song: "Chucky" (by Rich Gannon x Ruben Slikk)

suit down on a bih like fuck it
2 pounds in the whip, might tuck it
2 rounds in the clip like fuck it
i'm stabbin that pussy like chucky
Easy Listening

February 28th: SlothcoreSam
Song: "The Horse You Rode"

My dad's almost 70 and he's a grandfather, so this one's for him, He's gotten into industrial during the late 90s, and actually appears on this song, reciting poetry he wrote, you will here it at 1:23 in the bridge. You won't miss him, he has a thick Australia accent.

February 29th: JohnnyoftheWell
Song: "Black Rose Immortal"

This one time I was playing one of the acoustic bits on my guitar and my grandma was visiting and said it was nice :]
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