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Six! We have a sixth!

Whaddya know, I lied (unintentionally, I promise!!!). I ended up having enough recs from y'all and from friends on another forum I'm part of that I've started a sixth list. Yup, here we go again!
1The Fall of Troy

An absolutely pleasing slice of mathcore, Fall of Troy create a top-tier album with this release. Crammed with more rhythm, style and tonal changes than you can shake a fist at, there’s so much to enjoy here. Vocals caught me off guard a little bit with those consistent highs in the uncleans, but the issue was extremely surmountable; instrumentation was perfect, even more so when realizing that this band was only a trio, and the tone and flow work seamlessly. I really enjoyed this one. Fantastic.

2Welcome to Your Life
There's No Turning Back

Kinda boring, paint-by-numbers hardcore here, unless I'm absolutely oblivious to something present about the band/album. Lots of "get the fuck up" moments though and really good, driving energy though. Vocals were solid, albeit slightly static; instrumentation was good, and the tone and flow was serviceable. Nothing special here, it's just... here. Kinda meh.

This Day All Gods Die

As good as their LP on the first list, Undying lead a sonic assault on your ears here, sounding visceral and vicious all while subtly slipping in some melodic work throughout. Vocals were as good as I remembered them, instrumentation is fucking tight and rock solid, and the tone and flow was nice and smooth. Fun little EP here, and another winner for Undying.

4War of Ages
Pride of the Wicked

Solid, if terribly unspectacular metalcore. I dig the Christian lyricism present, but there's nothing here, neither in the vocals or instrumentation, to really grab me and make me take notice. Minus the Christianity factoid and examine the album solely on its technicals, and this is from the "dime-a-dozen" metalcore sounds and bands around the time this was released. That's not to say this is bad, but.... meh. Very melodic though, I'll give it that. I remember liking their "Alpha" album from 2017 a bit more than I like this one.

If it Kills

Fucking solid. Hardcore record that brings a solid representation of the genre to the table, Eyelid packs enough aggression and vitriol in their album here to satisfy anyone. Vocals are pointed and lyrical fangs are bared without delving too far into histrionics, instrumentation is solid and meets all the criteria for this type of album, and the tone and flow are rock solid. A good time to be had with this album.

6A Jealousy Issue
If The Flames Don't Kill Us We Will

Solid metalcore here that doesn’t try to be anything more than it can be and plays it safe for the most part, and that’s OK with me. Definitely something of a slow burner here, as the back half of this felt stronger than the front half and really picked up the tempo and pace, which was appreciable. Vocals are decent, instrumentation was decent and the tone and flow was decent. All in all..... decent.

7Red Roses for a Blue Lady
The Return to Melancholy

More solid metalcore chicken soup for the soul, with this entry going a little harder and a little darker than the album above it. Solid vocals and instrumentation drive this along, and the tone and flow serve the album well. Really not much else to say here; I enjoyed it overall.

8Knife Crimes

Y'know, the more I listen to this, the more I can tolerate the vocals; the first time I listened, I was kind of turned off of them, mainly because it kinda sounded like he was forcing them out and I could feel my throat become sore and ache in sympathy, but now they sound more natural than before and I can appreciate them better; with that being said, I found this to be an enjoyable EP/demo of hardcore goodness, at times brushing up against the metallic hardcore boundaries - vocals fit here, the instrumentation is well done, and the tone and flow are kept focused and controlled, which I liked. If you haven't heard this yet, then I recommend it.

9Seventh Cross
Scorched By The Flames Of Vengeance

Metallic hardcore with more than a healthy dollop of melodic deathcore? Yes please! Seventh Cross was one of those unfortunate “one-and-done” kind of bands that litter the -core landscape, but in their short time together they released this monster of an album, which sees them mixing different genres together, to fantastic effect; just listen to their second track, “A Demon’s March” and tell me that’s not an absolute B A N G E R. Vocals are excellent, instrumentation is absolutely perfect, and the tone and flow work seamlessly with all the other intangibles. Fantastic. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic.

10The Killing Tree
The Romance of Helen Trent

Fucking dammit, they DID include an audio clip for that radio soap opera that this album takes its name from. I knew it, I just fucking knew it lol. —— Hoo boy I liked this more than I thought I would, and that’s mainly because Tim McIllrath is fronting this; Rise Against was one of my fave bands back in the day, and Tim’s voice is immediately recognizable, so color me surprised to hear him turn up on here. As it is, this was a fucking solid record from start to finish, and it had me tapping my feet and drumming along with it. Instrumentation is tight and the vocals fit them like a glove; I do wish a teensy bit he’d input some variance in them from time to time though; tone is delicious and the flow is fucking top-tier. Loved this and wish they had more.

Somewhere Between Crucifixion and Resurrection...

Fuuuuuuck yesssssss, fucking mosh-ready and mosh-worthy metalcore to get down to, Piecemeal bring the fucking jams here. From what I can tell, the band bring something of a religious bent to their lyrics, and that is actually a welcome change of pace for me. The vocals are ranged well and well utilized, and the tone and flow is fast and fun. A shame that this is the only album from them, as I’d be interested to hear more from them.

12Medulla Nocte
Dying From The Inside

Hardcore that’s a bit bland and vanilla, once you get down to it. Medulla Nocte craft a serviceable record upon initial glances, but follow up inspection reveals nothing new or interesting to come back to here; vocals, instrumentation, tone and flow are decent, nothing more... and I’ve nothing more to say about this. Pass.

13Heavy Heavy Low Low
Everything's Watched, Everyone's Watchin

This was just as good as their previous entry on my fifth list, “Courtside Seats..”, in that this was just as manic, just as feral and just as spasmodic as that album. This one here does mix things up a little and slows the tempo down here and there and also implements some jazzy asides to help break up the intensity. Vocals and instrumentation is well done, and the tone and flow are solid. Good stuff.

14Moja Adrenalina
Nietoleruje - Bije

Damn, this run of metalcore has been a solid buildup in quality, album to album, and I couldn’t be happier. This entry mixes in a healthy dose of tonal and tempo changes that keeps things fresh and interesting, and the flow is excellent, keeping things moving and the band and audience on their toes. Vocals are really, really good and I was surprised at how strong they were, and the instrumentation is excellent as well. A surprising, underrated and hidden gem this is!

15The Spectacle
Rope or Guillotine

Hot fucking damn. Now this is a gem to behold and marvel upon. Mixing “screamo”-type vocals with a fucking solid metalcore sound and even throwing in tidbits of melody to spruce up the proceedings, The Spectacle unleash a masterpiece. Everything present is perfect and I have no complaints whatsoever. Vocals, instrumentation, tone, flow — nothing is out of place, nothing is superfluous — this is auditory perfection under 40 minutes. Lexi would fucking love this.

16Canvas (UK)

Yooo, this was interesting! Definitely a band that would feel comfy fronting either side of the -core spectrum (metalcore or hardcore), Canvas bring a fuck load of jams here. Pissed off but groovy as hell, Canvas’ take on -core is at times breathtaking. Vocals are fucking solid, instrumentation is executed very well, and the tone and flow are rock solid and tasty. Damn good stuff right here.

17Arma Angelus
The Grave End Of The Shovel

First time I listened to this I wanted to write this off so bad, in that the vocals were meh, instrumentation was decent but the tone and flow were so basic and forgettable that it was just not doing it for me. By the third (and final) listen I can tolerate this better than before, but this still lands pretty squarely in “meh” territory. My opinion on the vocals improved to “they’re not bad” but still really no range and somewhat generic, instrumentation is the same, the tone isn’t as bad as I thought it was but the flow makes the album sound like one song with light variations replacing individual tracks. Tim McIllrath shows up for backup vocal duties on a couple tracks though, so there’s that....

18Since By Man
We Sing The Body Electric

Shit, now this is some good metalcore! Combining some of the best elements from Botch and Deadguy, SbM really unleash a blistering album full of speed and aggression; everything a growing metalcore band needs. Vocals were excellent, the instrumentation was solid and the tone and flow won’t elicit a quibble from me. Gooooood isht.

19Rubbish Heap
Rubbish Heap

Holy shit, I love how the bass is so fucking sludgy and how it totally complements the guitar tone! This felt like an oncoming tidal wave and you could do nothing to stop it. Vocals were fantastic, instrumentals, well, you kinda know already, and the tone and flow were A+. Fucking winner here in my book.

20Sektor (Be)
Human Spots of Rust

OK, I think by now I’m beginning to become biased to the heavy, angry, almost feral approach H8000 takes to hardcore/metalcore. Good fucking night but this is dark! Absolutely fucking crusher of an album, and I can’t recommend it enough. Vocals are pitch perfect for this, instrumentation is fast and chaotic, and the tone and flow, barring the last track, is stupendous. For as much as anyone and everyone wants to heap the praises of Botch/Converge/whathaveyou for their contributions to the genre, and as much as I’ll stand with you all, you really are doing a disservice to yourself by not exploring this incredible sub-genre and their respective bands. Excellent stuff to be found here.

21Sights and Sounds

Very much sounding like a lower-key affair in the -core realm whilst simultaneously hitting all the right notes, this was a sublimely delicious entry to experience. What made it really interesting is it felt like the album relied more on the instrumentation than vocals to tell the story laid out, instead of the other way around, and I think this way allowed for a more open and organic connection to the musical whole. Vocals were good and it felt nice they relied more on understated cleans than overwhelming uncleans, instrumentation was rock-solid and varied, and the tone and flow were excellent. Another winner here.


This reminded me a HELL of a lot like ALLB, in that they both sound conceptual in scope, and yet very immediate in sound; they're both light in tone and yet spasmodic in structure, and I appreciated the FUCK out of that. Really loved how the vocalist sounded in his range and I liked how he kept switching between cleans and uncleans; the instrumentation was excellent, no quibbles there, and the tone and flow was just what the doctor ordered for me. Excellent stuff.

23End of One
The Aftermath

Another metallic hardcore band that mixes elements of death metal into their sound, End of One put together a release that while it may not qualify as a out of the park home run, definitely feels comfy as a in the park triple. Vocals are solidly within the death metal camp, with little to no variation or range in tone and style, and the instrumentation is very much in the metallic hardcore realm, albeit without breakdowns of any kind. For a 4 track EP, this flows well and the tone is delightfully old-school. If you want a good 11 minute break from reality and your stress, try throwing this on and throwing down.

24On The Might of Princes
The Making of a Conversation

Oh man, did this have a classic sound to it! I haven’t consciously heard this style of music played in years, and does this fucking bring me back! A variant of post-hardcore that mixes in traces of alternative rock, OTMOP craft a solid record that hits all the nostalgia buttons for me. The instrumentation is well done, the vocals are really good and in points remind me of the vocalist for The Ataris, and the tone and flow are on the “lite” side, which further plays into my nostalgia. Fuuuuuck but this was good.

25Structure Of Lies

Oh those fucking lows! We’re reaching into death metal territory there with those beautiful lows, and the mids and highs are fucking perfect! Oh, sweet ‘lanta this whole album is perfect; instrumentation is flawless, perfectly controlled yet ready to fucking destroy at a moments notice, and the tone and flow is outstanding. This is a -core masterpiece right here.

26Vi Som Alskade Varandra Sa Mycket
Den sorgligaste musiken i varlden

Swedish “screamo” In the vein of Envy? Color me intrigued! Vi Som... definitely nail much of the atmosphere and sense of dynamics that make an Envy album so compelling to listen to, and that they do it in their native Swedish is a very nice touch indeed, as you get more emotion and depth of feeling when someone is utilizing their native tongue. Vocals were pretty good, the instrumentation was excellent and the tone and flow were really well done. Now I’ll have to check out their newest album when I have a hot minute...

27Spread The Disease
We Bleed From Many Wounds

I can definitely see where people are coming from when they call this album a progenitor is blackened hardcore; sporting the riffs that would feel right at home with a hardcore album while possessing the vocals that one would expect to find in a black metal band, Spread the Disease brings their A game to the fore here. Vocals are really good for this, instrumentals are rock solid, and the tone and flow are decent, yet if you’re not careful it might slip a little into sameness territory.

28Regression (Be)

Ahhhhh, good ‘ol Belgian H8000 to cap off a listening session. With rare exception (giving the side stink eye to you, Congress), I’m beginning to like this particular sub-genre of hardcore, and Regression here is another solid affirmation for that enjoyment. Raw and heavy where it counts and brutally frank in its approach, Regression tick all the boxes and then proceeds to break the pencil so that no one else can use it. Vocals and instrumentals were good, and tone and flow were spot on. Goooood shit here, folks.

29Eden Maine
To You The First Star

Definitely pulling a page or two from Envy’s playbook by combining -core foundations with post-rock tendencies, Eden Maine place a unique stamp on their brand of progressive metalcore. More structured than mathcore, Eden Maine nonetheless provide exciting style and tonal changes throughout, keeping the listener engaged and interested. Vocals work really well here and the instrumentation is spot on, with the shifts into post territory a real highlight, and the tone and flow work well. An excellent album through and through.


Wankery. Pure, unabashed technical wankery. But does this fucking SLAP. Feeling like a spiritual cousin to Night Verses but with more notes thrown in, Dionaea also gave me Rolo Tomassi vibes, at least structurally within the balance between soft and loud, and that was kinda nice. With how sparse they were, this reeeeaaaalllly didn’t need vocals and I would’ve been pleased with that decision, but because they’re there, the vocals were adequate and didn’t turn into a weak point. Instrumentation is just way too good, and the tone and flow were solid. Can we get an instrumental split with them and Night Verses, please? Or supergroup it up with them????

31Exotic Animal Petting Zoo
Tree of Tongues

Fuuuuuuck... sometimes mathcore is too much and just sounds wanky, and then sometimes mathcore hits you juuuust right, and once you’re done listening to it you’ll sit back and have the same reaction as the first word I typed here. Not as spasmodic or off-the-wall as Fall Of Troy, but just as pissed-sounding and flexible as, say, The Chariot, EAPZ unleash a blistering LP here, so singular and vicious that I’m still in auditory awe of it. Vocals are fantastic, providing a nice range and style to the proceedings, the instrumentation is top-shelf killer material, and the tone and flow are perfect. A juggernaut of an album here, bitch.

The Forgotten

At times aggressive, and at others introspective, The Zygoma Disposal’s effort, “The Forgotten”, never failed in its intent to engage and amaze its listener. Defiantly mathcore in its tendencies, and yet blending disparate elements of funk and jazz into the mix, this album had me intrigued from beginning to end, constantly side-stepping and then exceeding my expectations. Vocals were terribly interesting to hear, and the instrumentation, tone and flow was excellent. A unique release that I’ll be glad to come back to and re-experience.

33Noise Trail Immersion

This sounds like a darker, more aggressive version of AVL, which isn’t a bad thing at all. A bit more technically proficient than them but with the same amount of atmospherics due to their usage of post-metal mechanics, Noise Trail Immersion really does immerse one in the world they conjure. Vocals at times abutted black metal territory and the instrumentation was phenomenal; atmospherics were tastefully handled and the tone and flow were perfect. A fantastic album.

34Black Matter Device
Modern Frenetics

Damn, another excellent release that thoroughly mixes both mathcore and metalcore to fantastic results! The title of this album really fits the style and tone of this album like a glove; this is frenetic! Vocals are excellent and the instrumentation is top-notch, and the tone and flow are perfect for this album. An excellent outing with this.


It’s difficult for me to classify Cleric, as they seem unconcerned to create an album of songs for one to listen to, digest and disseminate; no, they’re more concerned with creating an experience, fueled by an unrelenting anger and draped with nigh impenetrable veils of auditory atmosphere. This gets very close to Harlots territory in places, as they share most of the same intents and expressions, and yet Cleric goes about this in a more primal way, allowing traces of their metalcore background to color this atmosphere with moments of electricity, and one simply cannot ask for more. A compelling album right here, and one you’d do well to listen to.

36An Embrace of Angels
'Ere January Be Unwintered

Sounding like a budget version of ALLB and possessing half their creativity, An Embrace of Angels still put together a semi-decent record. There were moments that I did enjoy, and by extent the instrumentation is tight, but while the vocals weren’t a particular weak spot, they kind of held the rest of the product back a wee bit. Tone and flow were pretty smooth, but in the end this is kinda forgettable.

37La Quiete
La fine non è la fine

First it was Sweden, now Italy... looks like we’re going screamo international! La Quiete bring an interesting album to the table, packed full to the brim with interesting ideas and tangents it wants to explore, but the end result feels a tad too indeterminate for its own good. There were moments where I was fully on board with them and where they were musically going, but then they would become sporadic and it pulled me out of the moment. Vocals and instrumentation were solid though, tone was good and the flow could’ve used some ironing out. Not bad,

38Suis La Lune
Quiet, Pull the Strings!

This was a really good “modernization” (to my ears at least) of the “screamo” formulae, if you will, keeping the classic example in terms of the vocals while melodifying the instrumentation. Vocals were really well done, keeping things in an appreciable range, instrumentation was really good, as I said very melodic and interestingly enough somewhat emotional, and the tone and flow were solid.


Oh, this was fine! I'm really digging this style of hardcore, in that it's more "bleeding heart" than beatdown; vocals remind me of a waaaaaay more restrained Jason Aalon Butler (in a limited sense) and the instrumentation is on point. Where the album really shines is with the tone and flow, and how it ranges from rage to earnestness, ebb and flow, and that's what really set it apart in my mind. Good shit right here.

40Mesa Verde
The Old Road

Very intriguing mix of post-rock and — oh hell yes, jumping right in with that “screamo” ethos. That’s tight; that’s nice. Post-rock and screamo; two genres that (on paper) are stylistically entirely dissimilar, but here, listening to it, this is, at moments, exquisitely sublime; when you think about it, the two genres do share an insistence for emotional catharsis through the music they play, so maybe they aren’t entirely dissimilar at all. I love the mix and balance between the two: vocals are done really well, instrumentation for both styles are perfect, and when mixed together it’s a cut above either, and the tone and flow are delicious. Stupendous.

Ocean of Colour

Technically proficient, djenty deathcore. This really isn’t doing a whole lot for me, if I’m being honest. Vocals are par for the course but don’t grab me, instrumentation gets a solid nod of approval from me, and tone and flow are serviceable. I think I’ve been spoiled by good deathcore.

42Spineless (Bel)
A Talk Between Me and the Stars

Solid, if slightly unspectacular H8000 going on here; the vocals aren’t quite my thing, but they’re far from a bad thing in general, and the instrumentation present are the real stars of the album, providing a raw, gritty crunch to the songs. Tone and flow work well overall, and in the end this is decent.

43The Secret
Agnus Dei

Does this sound evil? Check. Does this have similar aggression and oppressive atmospherics like in their debut? Check and double check. Is this as good as their debut? Fuck yes. The Secret stay true to their stylistic path they carved out for themselves and drop another scalding release into my lap, and I thought this was as good as, if not better, than their first album. Everything from there plays well here — the vocals, instrumentation, tone and flow — and all mesh seamlessly to create a very dark sounding album. Definitely not one to listen to before going to bed, this is still a damn fine metalcore album.

Prayers Upon Deaf Ears

Oh, righteous fury. Directing such fury in such a singular focus here makes for a solid album. Everything I remember of Arkangel from my previous list came rushing back to my memory here, and I enjoyed this; vocals and instrumentals were good, and the tone and flow were steady. Good stuff.

Asteroid 164*

This caught me somewhat off-guard as this is termed hardcore... and yet it’s sung entirely in cleans. Was not expecting that at all. Anyways, this brand of hardcore is almost akin to bands from previous lists like Farside et al, who mixed their sound with elements of alternative and grunge to create an almost “hardcore/post-hardcore lite”, and when that amalgamation is done well, the album is really good, but here it kinda sounds like the band is just going through motions. Vocals are decent and the instrumentation is tasteful, tone and flow are decent, and yeah......... that’s kinda it. Shoulder shrug and a “meh,”

Boundless Human Stupidity

You know, while this was technically a solid H8000 release, there’s only so much nihility one can take in their music, and I think I may have hit saturation point with this one. Dark, brooding, depressing - this kinda had it all and then some, reinforcing the “humanity is the problem” idea most commonly found in the lyrics of therr see types of bands, and I was good with it up to a point, and then mentally, it’s like I checked out; I’m done. It’s not a knock on the band at all, it’s just toleration levels for me. Anyhoo, vocals were decent and the instrumentation was solid, skewing closer to the metallic hardcore side of the spectrum. Tone and flow were good, and all in all, this was solid; I just don’t see myself coming back to this anytime soon.

47The Blood Brothers

This definitely carried over the theatricality and sense of fun their previous album B, PIB had while also expanding their musical scope and sense of dynamics without sacrificing anything in turn. Fucking fun album to jam with and a welcome counterpoint to the H8000 nihility I had been working through. Vocals are really good and sounded tops, instrumentation was just as good as before, and the tone and flow was ace. Fun stuff.

Downfall of the Ascendancy of Man

Heavy is as heavy does; Upheaval bring an absolutely crushing sound and tone to their take on metalcore, and leave nothing standing in their wake. Vocals are suitably pissed off, the instrumentals are singularly destructive, and the tone and flow are well done. I’m keen now to check their lone LP, “Testimony to the Atrocities”.

49Drowning With Our Anchors
You can never go home again

Definitely an interesting and evocative album. Mixing the lyrical and vocal intensity of “emo” within a predominantly post-rock structure, DWOA utilize this blend to great advantage, slowing the flow of the album and allowing it to breathe in places, therefore fleshing out the songs and amplifying their impact. Vocals were good, instrumentation was solid, and tone and flow were well done. I can dig this blend of post hardcore quite a bit.

50Legion (Be)
Embedded In Darkness

Fucking H8000 deathcore beats all other deathcore’s asses from here to forever. The sole release from this band (if you don’t include a demo and a single track on a compilation), Legion’s take on deathcore is evil absolute. In-fucking-credible. The vocalist is straight up death metal with a good range between highs and lows, the instrumentation absolutely slays, and the tone and flow is superb. A hidden gem, this is!

51Shadow of the Colossus
End Game

Very melodically-minded deathcore here, which actually helps the end product in that it guides the vocals and instrumentation along and directs their respective focus instead of chaining breakdowns after breakdowns like other deathcore bands would be wont to do. Vocals are well done, instrumentals are solid and the tone and flow are good. Rock-solid entry right here.

52Liar (BE)
Falls of Torment

Really good metalcore on display here, as Liar inject their sound with enough anger and venom to stun an elephant. Vocals are really well done here, with a good range and command, and the instrumentation is on point throughout. Tone and flow are handled well, and all in all this was really good.


Fucking hardcore that is sludgy as all fuck off, Calvaiire create a monster of an album with this, their only LP release. I definitely get the comparisons people have between these guys and Converge, but I think this is good enough that Calvaiire can get away with that comparison. Vocals and instrumentation are fucking phenomenal, and the tone is good but the flow feels like it had a sliiiight hiccup right in the middle, poring to slow things down on like a 6 minute track and then come roaring back with fire; it’s a little whiplash if you’re unsuspecting about it. Damn solid stuff.

54Clouded (Be)

Very solid, very aurally capable, and very well done H8000 hardcore on display here. Vocals are pissed, insistent and tonally sits well for me; the instrumentation is solid, giving the vocals an extra crunch and bite to them and the overall tone and flow are really good. Really good stuff, and at 20 minutes, you can’t go wrong with this.

55Martyr AD
On Earth as it is in Hell

Ahhhh, metalcore to soothe the soul. This sounded like everything Trivium wishes it could’ve been or could be, but fucking better. Just as good as their debut, Martyr AD bring the heavy here and just like an old friend IT’S BEEN TOO LONG, BRO! Vocals are fucking yes, instrumentation is oh hell yea and the tone and flow are yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. Classic metalcore done right.

56Mihai Edrisch
L'un Sans L'Autre

This is a very nice, very solid slab of emotive hardcore. Draping the plaintive, straining vocals within the instrumentals’ excellent atmospherics, Mihai Edrisch walk away with a winner in my book. The vocals and instrumentation work together really well and the tone and flow is the complimentary cherry on top. I love how this simultaneously soothes and pulls at your heartstrings. Yes please.

57Mihai Edrisch
Un Jour Sans Lendemain

Building off that delectably rock solid foundation afforded to them by their previous album, Mihai Edrisch expand their atmospheric tendencies and qualities and deliver a truly beautiful album, simultaneously bordering itself between hope and despair. Vocals are even better and feel more emotive than before, the instrumentation is tighter and more evocative, and the tone and flow are splendid. Emotional hardcore just sounds a lot better when in French for some reason.


Even though this is technically an EP, this is just as fucking good as “Murder Within Sin”; still got the atmosphere, still got the riffs, still got the goods. Everything present is solid - vocals, instrumentation, tone and flow - and this was fun. Play it again, Sam.

Prima Che Tutto Bruci

Similar to La Quiete, Øjne bring a good sense of emotionality to their brand of “screamo”, if you will, creating a tangible sense of that emotionality through their vocals and instrumentals, painting a picture that is gorgeous to observe. I really enjoyed the vocals and instrumentals (natch), and the tone and flow were solid overall. Good album.

60Ovid's Withering
Scryers of the Ibis

Really, REALLY technically proficient deathcore on display, making for an enjoyable (albeit a taaaad overlong) ride of an album. Bringing to mind the technicality of Shokran while combining it with the conceptuality and sense of grandiosity of The Browning, Ovid’s Withering really put on a show here, ticking all the genre boxes with flourishes; vocals and instrumentals all fit very comfy for my sensibilities and the tone present really keeps everything in check and really enjoyable and the flow is perfect. Again, only quibble is it felt like it overstated its welcome by just a tad, but if you go into this with the right and accepting mindset, that won’t be a problem at all.

61Planes Mistaken for Stars
Up In Them Guts

Quite solid post-hardcore on display, mixing in elements of alternative that one would find on a Brand New or latter-day Thrice album; not quite sold on the raspy vocals though, as it’s been two and a half spins and I’m starting to warm up to them but still not quite. Instrumentals are very tasty and well-plotted, and the tone and flow are decent. Not bad, not bad...

62Purified In Blood
Last Leaves Of A Poisoned Tree

Fairly decent metalcore, in line with some of the more melodic variants in the genre. Vocals were good, instrumentation was solid and the tone and flow were competent. Not exactly the best sound in metalcore since 18 Visions, but definitely a release to punch your metalcore “bingo” card with.

63The Hirsch Effekt
Holon : Hiberno

Wow. That’s all I can say when reflecting upon The Hirsch Effekt’s first album here, just completely in amazement at the seamless melding and transitioning between such disparate genres with absolute ease, going from post-hardcore to electronic to trip-hop and light metalcore and then throwing in some jazz... such a command! Vocals are absolutely perfect for this, as are the instrumentals, and the tone and flow are superb for keeping this album even-keeled and so buttery smooth. A+++!!!

64The Hirsch Effekt
Holon: Anamnesis

Building off the back of their incredible debut, The Hirsch Effekt double down on their genre-bending proclivities while adding in snippets of deathcore (in the vocals) and post rock to create their darkest sounding, yet most hopeful album to date. Vocals and instrumentals again are absolutely superb, and the tone and flow do not disappoint whatsoever. An incredible 1-2 punch from this German band.

65The Hirsch Effekt
Holon: Agnosie

And this, the culmination of their efforts, the fruits of their labors.... the best out of the bunch of their first 3 albums. Heaven only knows why I liked it so much, as much of the time it felt like “Anamnesis 2.0”, but vibe with it I did, as Agnosie was even more despondent and even more hopeful than its sister albums. Everything here was absolutely perfect - vocals, instrumentals, tone and flow - and I haven’t a quibble whatsoever. Perfect.

66Darkest Hour
So Sedated, So Secure

Noooooooot quite as good as Deliver Us, but proving to be more than a capable indication as to where the band were stylistically headed, Darkest Hour provide a damn fine metalcore album that still holds up really well today. Vocals were as good as I remember and the instrumentals are damn good. Tone and flow both round out the equation to provide a satisfying whole, and there you have it: a metalcore album that would be able to prove naysayers and doubters of the genre wrong.

67Shattered Realm
All Will Suffer

Ummm... not bad, not bad... vocals were a little bit “macho-tryhard” for my liking though. Instrumentals were good and tone and flow were about average, and that’s pretty much all she wrote.

68Beneath the Remains (USA-NY)
Quest of the Lost Souls

Fucking solid metallic hardcore right here, bringing a thrashy sensibility to the proceedings. Vocals are tight, instrumentation is delicious all the way around, and the tone and flow are well done. Damn good little EP here.

69Beyond The Sixth Seal
A Homicide Divine

Featuring members of The Red Chord and basing their sound both in metallic hardcore and some proto-deathcore in places, Beyond the Sixth Seal really bring out some interesting moments in this EP, really forging a satisfying sense of aggression here. Vocals were solid, instrumentation was really tight, and the tone and flow were good as well. An interesting aside and quite different than what everyone knows what The Red Chord sounds like.

Deathmask Grin

Standard, run-of-the-mill deathcore here, although saying it’s standard and realizing it’s from 1999, during the genre’s infancy if you will, feels oxymoronic. Nothing really stood up and jumped out to me, nothing to grab my attention with. Everything was decent - vocals, instrumentals, tone and flow - so that’s a plus in their favor, I guess, but in the end, this was kinda “meh.”

71December Aeternalis
I Slept With Glass In My Mouth

Pretty much same as below, but with dirtier production. Two tracks, bite-sized goodness.
72December Aeternalis
Embrace The Angel

Really fucking good good metalcore here; very spasmodic in initial appearances, upon re-listens that spasmodic feeling reveals itself to be a tightly coiled intensity that is just amazing to experience. Vocals are in that “venomously pissed” range (if that makes sense), the instrumentals are really well done and executed, and the tone and flow are perfect for this band. Excellent stuff and criminally underrated on Sput here.

Descend Into Deprivation

OK, so I made a mistake with this. This actually isn’t a -core album... at. all. This is fucking death metal, but DAMN does this fucking slap. The instrumentation is very solid, and the tone and flow of this is fucking intense! And the vocals! Fucking spot on! This was a fantastic ride from start to finish, and I’m gonna be first in line to take this ride again!

Inhaling the Breath of a Bullet

An LP with the runtime of an EP, Killwhitneydead's album here is just as fast, just as dark and just as unrelenting in pacing as their other album on the previous list, "So Pretty So Plastic". The shorter runtime does kind of make things slightly frustrating because if you blink you could miss this and then you'd have to start over again. Nonetheless, I did enjoy this for the heaviness and the seamless integration of the samples. Vocals are good, instrumentation is tight, you know already about the pacing and the tone is good as well. Solid.

75Lethargy (USA-NY)
Lost In This Existence

Not gonna lie, the only reason this is on the list is because this had members of Mastodon before Mastodon, and Mastodon is one of my favorite modern bands, sooooooo......
This wasn’t bad at all. At times entertaining a more spasmodic, math-esque influence in their sound, which qualifies it for this list, Lethargy fill this demo with a solid death metal sound, making for an interesting whole. Vocals sound a lot like Brent Hinds (it isn’t!), instrumentation is good and the drums actually sound tighter and controlled, as opposed to Brann Dailor’s style today, and the tone and flow sounded good to my ears. An interesting little aside here.

Reborn to Kill Again

Dang, this kinda goes into crossover territory, doesn’t it? No complaints from me, just an observation; it’s been a hot minute since I last heard hardcore in this particular vein. Overcast set up a delectable perfect storm of tone, tempo and flow to ensure their songs are set for maximum devastation, and then proceed to carry out this particular devastation via the vocals and instrumentation. Fucking lovely this is, and highly enjoyable.

77Dead Blue Sky
Symptoms of an Unwanted Emotion

This was some really nice melodic deathcore, kinda caught me off-guard with the amount of melodicism present. Vocals felt par for the course, with that being mainly upper fry vox with a smidge of lower range thrown in, but the nice part was the female vocals thrown in as backing/melodic vocals; that made the whole album a bit more appealing without it losing an “edge”. Instrumentals all around were solid, and the tone and flow were handled well. Not bad, not bad at all.

78Prayer for Cleansing
The Tragedy

Second time around with this band, and by now my musical palate has been expanded enough that I can really get down and mosh with this; I can definitely hear some death/melodeath influences, and that to me makes the songs terribly more interesting. Vocals are fantastic and the tone and flow throughout is perfect. A fun fucking time with this one.

79Premonitions of War
The True Face of Panic

Wow, this was an aggressive and definitely caustic take on metalcore. Clocking in at 20 minutes, this will assault your eardrums and convert you over to Premonition of War’s brand of metalcore or you’ll die trying. Vocals are suitably angry and aggressive, instrumentals are fast paced and slightly dissonant in spots to help aid the overall package, and the tone and flow are un-fuckwithable. Damn good album.

80Turbid North

Conceptual deathcore that mixes in elements of prog and post-metal? Color me intrigued. Putting together an album that’s an hour plus and maintain a level of consistency and interest so as not to lose the listener? Icing on the cake. Turbid North create an album of just that and put it together in such a way that I enjoyed it from start to finish; I will say that this felt like a heavier cousin to early Mastodon album in terms of scope and size. Vocals were tasty, instrumentals were absolutely beautiful at moments, and the tone and flow were done really tastefully. Definitely an album I’ll come back to in the future. Vinyl please?

81Hell Brigade
Hell Brigade

Ehhh, another day, another hardcore/metalcore band that tries too hard and goes the “macho man” route via the lyricism. Again, you do you, but this kind of posturing in the lyrics just isn’t really for me. With that being said, the vocals were actually rather solid throughout and the instrumentals were good. Tone was decent and the flow held up. If you got 15 minutes to spare and don’t give a fuck about the music, then you could throw this on and get your stinkface on, but if you’re looking for good metalcore, then you might wanna skip this.

To Cherish A Falsity

Boy, as soon as I found out that Glass Casket from the previous list used to be a band called Gadrel, and that they were on this list, right here, right now, hoo hoo hoo.... fucking excited, man. To their credit, Gadrel does not disappoint one bit; no sir, this was a fucking jam from front to back. Vocals are fan-fucking-tastic, instrumentals are tight and bone-crunching, and the tone and flow fit this like a glove. Fucking dope-ass deathcore in display here.

Ecstatic Ritual

Oof... putting the “metal” into metallic hardcore, Ironside bring an intensity and crushing tone to the table here, making for an intriguing entry into this list. Not gonna lie, there were times where the tone of the guitars distinctly reminded me of RtL-era Metallica, and to me that’s a good thing, I like that tone. Vocals are very solid for this and the instrumentals are crunchy but not brutal. Tone is really good and the flow is solid. I like this.

Feeling Older Faster

Damn, this is good hardcore! Part of the genre’s first wave in 1995, Threadbare release an absolute essential with this EP; featuring 6 tracks of raw, unfiltered chaos and passion, this EP is absolutely crushing. Vocals are tip-top, instrumentals are fucking dope and varied, and the tone and flow suit this release well, making everything run smoothly. Definitely recommended!


Dark, heavy, sludgy and distinctly metallic throughout, hardcore band Acrid’s sole LP here, “Eighty-Sixed” is a brooding and venomous album, tightly coiled and ready to strike at any unsuspecting listener. If you’ve not prepared yourself going into this album, it will chew you up and spit you out, decimating and then dominating you by the time this album ends. The vocals are of an almost despairing anger, somewhat close, stylistically, to black metal, and the instrumentation plays to the vocals’ strengths, lending a crunch and bite to the whole proceedings. Tone and flow pick up any slack, and what’s left is an essential -core album, through and through.


Whoever dreamt up the concoction of giving hardcore a sludgy tone was a damn fucking genius. Cursed bust the doors down and proceed to tear all of your preconceived notions about them to shreds, leaving behind their calling card in the form of this album. Fuck me but I love this shit. Vocals were pissed and felt slightly under-produced, which lent a grit and charm to them, instrumentals were top-notch and bent on total annihilation, and the tone and flow were fucking excellent. If this is a harbinger to come, then I can’t wait for “II” on the next list.

87All Out War
Condemned to Suffer

Building off the back of their previous album, “For Those Who Were Crucified”, All Out War take a step in all the right directions as they continued to push their metallic hardcore sound on here. Retaining the barest of thrash elements In their hardcore sound, All Out War still wield them like the sledgehammers they can be, giving the instrumentals a gritty, venomous sound and feel to them here and keeping the tone and flow in lock step and furiously paced. Vocals are fucking solid for the most part, with my only quibble being the classic pitfall of hardcore vocals and their limited range to them, but in the end that’s just my opinion and shouldn’t be taken as a knock against them. Damn good album, all in all.

88Unholy (USA-NY)
Blood of the Medusa

Damn, but this was a trip. Feeling like one of the more unique metalcore albums I've heard in a while, Unholy's "Blood of the Medusa" paints itself stylistically as one singular whole instead of 10-12 instances about a handful of subjects. Starting with the cover art and extending to the atmosphere the album encapsulated, this gave off a creepy kind of vibe that I can't quite put my finger on but I could definitely feel. Vocals weren't exactly my cup of tea, in that they felt somewhat strained, but the instrumentation more than made up for it, and the tone and flow were really good. Definitely worth a spin or two.

89Burning Skies

Pretty punishing deathcore here if I do say so myself. Burning Skies bring a refreshing take to the genre here, filling this album with enough chutzpah and menace to sate anyone’s tastes. Vocals are absolutely solid and have a nice range to them all, instrumentals are fast and furious, and the tone and flow work well for a deathcore album, providing a nice sense of atmosphere. Good stuff.

90Buried Inside

Utilizing a devastating understanding of dynamics, Buried Inside release an absolute beast with this album. Examining the concept of time through multiple different lenses, Buried Inside drape these viewpoints with crushing instrumentals one moment, and then acoustic and somber melodies the next. Vocals add the finishing touch to the proceedings, and everything is tied off with the bows of tone and flow, leaving one in amazement at how beautiful and intriguing this album can be. Fantastic stuff right here.


Like Calvaiire, Engineer play a sludgy brand of hardcore; sludgy tone, sludgy production, hell, even the vocals would fit quite well in a sludge band. However, unlike Calvaiire, Engineer really don’t do anything to distinguish themselves within this framework of sound. Everything was decent, but the bad side of decent is that it can get forgettable, and that danger is what Engineer flirts with all throughout this album. Is this album good? Yeah, it actually was. Is it memorable? Nah, not really.

92Catharsis (US)

Catharsis’ debut here brings fire and drive to the works, imbuing their sound with a distinct style that they would later carry over into their next album. A lot of what I had said before about their other album can be applied here as well, as the vocals, instrumentation, tone and flow all work really well with one another. Personally, I think I prefer “Passion” over this, but this is still a fine album and addition to the metalcore canon.

93Day of Mourning
Your Future's End

Melding a darker sound into a hardcore formula, Day of Mourning really put out an interesting album with this release. At times, the vocals didn’t feel/sound like hardcore vocals and closer to death metal vocals, and that changed the aural makeup of several of the songs - to the better, mind you, but it wasn’t really expected. But yeah, vocals were good, instrumentals were very tasty, and the tone and flow were solid. Good release overall.

Structural Damage In The Blueprint of Humanity

Fucking crunchy metallic hardcore we got here; those vocals are positively evil! Definitely taking a page or two out of death metal vocals’ playbook, and mixed with those highs? *chef’s kiss*
Instrumentals were very solid and the tone and flow were excellent. Loved this.

95Parkway Drive
Killing with a Smile

Hot fuck, this is probably one of the best “bridge” albums between older and newer metalcore I’ve ever heard; damn this was tight. Bringing an unrelenting style in their music, Parkway Drive just does not stop and wait for you to catch your breath here - they go from banger straight into another banger. Seriously, “Anasasis (Xenophontis)” is probably one of the best metalcore songs I’ve heard since last recall. Vocals are fucking good, instrumentals are off the charts and the tone and flow are fucking smoother than a politician’s lies. Fucking classic.

96Norma Jean

While I didn’t dislike this, I didn’t exactly like this as much as I was hoping for. Despite carrying much of the instrumental pedigree the band had built for themselves, they kinda screwed themselves over by getting a vocalist who, while he had a decent range and command, didn’t sound like he fit Norma Jean; by far, he had the slickest and most commercial-sounding voice I’ve heard from the vocalists in the band, and that kinda brought this album down a peg. Tone and flow though are solid and classic Norma Jean, but in the end this is more of a side-step than a stepping stone.

Petitioning the Empty Sky

Still liked this better than Jane Doe. I certainly appreciated the chaotic atmosphere and production, and to a better extent I could appreciate Jacob Bannon’s uncleans, but his cleans just rubbed me the wrong way; I dunno why, but it was kinda aurally grating. Instrumentals were solid, and the tone and flow worked for this album.

98All Out War
Truth in the Age of Lies

All Out War’s first album, and holy shit is this metal as fuck! This puts the “metal” into “metallic hardcore”. At times almost bordering on thrashcore, the band’s hardcore sensibilities do poke their heads out from time to time, mainly in the tone and vocals. Instrumentals are solid and tasty as fuck, and the flow suits the album well. Definitely recommend this one for those interested, or just for all those crucified. ;)

99Conducting from the Grave
When Legends Become Dust

I was not ready for how melodic this album was for deathcore; to say I am pleasantly surprised with it would be hitting the nail right on the head through. Mixing not only melodic influences but also some dashes of technicality within this deathcore recipe made for quite the enjoyable experience. Vocals were solid and had good range to them, the instrumentals were really well done and well handled, and the tone and flow were solid. Can’t really ask for more than that with latter-day deathcore.

Stalkin’ Like Killers

Damn fucking solid hardcore right here. Sounding full-bodied and beefy in its instrumentals and vocal tone, Drift is like essential for hardcore fans in their sound, if not quintessential. The vocals and instrumentals were solid and the flow is really well done here. Definitely recommend this one!

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