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Drone binge

Same old, I guess these aren't really binges. This is a reference list for my drone ventures and revisits. Drone is very loosely defined here, I am looking for all things drone/ gritty ambient/ noise/ dark ambient/ tape loops, or folkey drone stuff a la Grouper and friends. Recs welcome as always

Fantastic discog with consistent quality - the only low ratings being mostly explained by short formats, which I don't think her music is well suited to generally. A reference.
A Grid of Points 2.9
Paradise Valley 2.3-2.7 (temp)
Ruins 4.3
The Man Who Died in his Boat 3.7
Violet Replacement 3.45
Water People 2.8 - 3.2 (temp)
AIA 3.6 (Dream Loss 4.1, Alien Observer 4.05)
Hold/ Sick 3.6
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill 4.45
Cover the Windows and the Walls 4.1
He Knows He Knows He Knows 2.8
Wide 3.65
Way Their Crept 3.5
Grouper 4.24
After Its own Death/ Walking in a Spiral

I am undecided about this one and will have to rejam it. Loved it on first listen, not so convinced on second listen.
After Its own Death/ Walking in a Spiral 3.4
False Horizon
4Omega Dawkins

Nice with some good tracks, but a bit all over the place.
alpha - 3.8
5The Haxan Cloak

Didn't enjoy this guy's style really, except for one EP - which still wasn't 4.0 material, or rather only in places.
Excavation 2.0
The Men Parted the Sea to Devour the Water 3.5
The Haxan Cloak 2.0
Observatory EP 2.5
October Language

I think it's fair to say I found a fav band here - love the style. I enjoyed the shoegaze turn on the last LP, but wish the execution were as well done as in the drone material.
Common Era 3.5
Same Places EP 4.05
Colorloss Record EP 2.8
October Language 4.25
7Ben Chatwin
Drone Signals

A weird one, the dude can sure make pretty sounds and fantastic intros, but most of his discog felt like a compilation of intros and interludes and not really standalone ambient music. The last two and especially Drone Signals gave me some hope though, and I'll still be following what he comes up with newt.
Drone Signals 3.3
Staccato Signals 2.5
Heat & Entropy 1.9
The Sleeper Awakes 2.1
8The Goslings
Grandeur of Hair
9Ben Frost
Steel Wound
10Raison d'etre
The Empty Hollow Unfolds
11Greg Gorlen
summer tape
Reference Frequencies
13Dedekind Cut
$uccessor (ded004)
14Roly Porter

Nothing too great, but lots of potential shown that makes me want to follow his future output. I think he has very strong albums in him, just need to cut down on the boring bleep bloops.
Third Law 3.7
Life Cycle Of A Massive Star 3.3
Aftertime 3.1
Frozen Niagara Falls
16Saito Koji
Foreign Body

Gotta do all of Liz's side projects hey
I liked this a lot, it calls back to Grouper but also has its own unique sound and personality to it. Worth a listen especially if you are having a hard time getting into Grouper because it is too droney/ambient to yar taste
Foreign Body 3.8
18Black Light District
A Thousand Lights in a Darkened Room
19Chubby Wolf
20Peter Christopherson
Time Machines II

Dug a bunch of his stuff already but have plenty more to try
23Sewer Election

Not sure what to expect with this one
24Kara-Lis Coverdale
25Sleep Research Facility
Deep Frieze
26Thomas Koner
The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
28Yellow Swans
Psychic Secession
Alien Ancestry
30Jefre Cantu-Ledesma
Love is a Stream
31Eliane Radigue
L'île re-sonante
32Time Machines
Time Machines
We Move Through Weather

Not looking for post-rocky stuff here unless it is super droney a la GYBE, but sput tags are messed up so I'll give this and a few others a try to check how droney they really are
36The Fun Years
Baby, It's Cold Inside

Same as for 34
37Motion Sickness Of Time Travel
White Candle
38Chihei Hatakeyama

A bit disappointed by this one. Perhaps I just happened to have an absolutely perfect listen, but his debut LP felt so much fuller and better than any of his later works (despite not really being rated much higher at all on here) which all sound pretty much the same, i.e. very pretty textures to sleep to but that hardly ever change and aren't too interesting to listen to other than as the softest imaginable background - making them a bit tough to rate. I did not go through his whole discog but I don't see any sign of that ever changing so I think I get the jist - if you know of other records of his that like Minima Moralia do not fit that description, do rec please
Void XVI 3.4
Void XV 3.0
Void XI 3.4
Coastal Railroads in Memories 3.25
Winter Storm 3.0
A Long Journey 3.4
Saunter 3.45
Dedication 3.2
Minima Moralia 4.25
Elegy for the Victors

I really dug Elegy for the Victors, but struggled to find other material that I liked. The discog does explore many different directions in ambient/drone, even mixing it up with other genres especially on AiL, and that has to be commanded, but it's generally not too much my cuppa.
Avatar in Life 2.2
The Pale and the Colourful 2.9
Vigilance 3.6
The Opaline Dancer 3.0
Wreaths of Life - ?
Armour of Stars 3.3
Elegy for the Victors 4.2
Brothers of the Baltic Pearl EP 3.35
Protection Glass EP 3.0
Sisters of Ambrosia EP 3.1
Black Sea
No Dreams
42Aidan Baker

This dude has so many albums urgh
43Julianna Barwick
44William Basinski
The Disintegration Loops II

Of course
45Tim Hecker
Radio Amor

Of course
An Old Beginning

I now realise I still haven't jammed this in full good Lord
47Nurse With Wound
Soliloquy For Lilith

Below are recs from the comments
48Treha Sektori

The album that was rec'd isn't in the db
49Apocryphos/Kammarheit/Atrium Carceri
The Starwheel
52Maeror Tri
The Beauty of Sadness
55Windy and Carl
56Hash Jar Tempo
Well Oiled
57Surface of the Earth
Surface of the Earth
58Birchville Cat Motel
Chi Vampires
59Andrew Chalk
East of the Sun
60Keith Fullerton Whitman
An Anxious Light

Sput made
62Laurie Spiegel
The Expanding Universe

From the sput description this looks ambient and not droney enough for this list but I'll give it a try hey
63The Atlas Ghost
Endless Falls
The Event of Your Leaving

Yet another of Liz's projects, again super solid stuff.
The Event of Your Leaving 3.85
66Croatian Amor
Genitalia Garden
67Damien Dubrovnik
Vegas Fountain
68Svarte Greiner

An extensive discog with a lot of relatively plain and boring material, a few highlights here and there especially on the shorter records, and elsewhere not much I'll come back to really.
Apart 1.5
Moss Garden 2.55
Drunk, Road, Tree EP 3.5
Black Tie 3.45
Twin 3.5
Kappe 2.8
Man Bird Dress 3.3
Til Seters EP 3.05
Penpals Forever 3.45
Depardieu EP 3.4
Raggsokk EP 3.5
Knive 3.2
Phone About To Ring
70Controlled Bleeding
Distress Signals II

Not drone but I want to remember to check more of this
71Merzbow and Vanity Productions
Coastal Erosion

Rec'd by garas
Diverse discog that touches a lot of things in the ambient realm, but struggles to produce a consistent album except on Low. That one is cool though and there's lots of potential on display here, but his later discog has been more erratic and inconsistent I have to say.
Light Paints a Way 2.7
Abstract Forms 2.8
Endless Reverie 3.45
Desert Underground 2.6
Low 3.9
Hidden Scenes 3.65
73The Dead C
74Inca Ore
Birthday Of Bless You
75Black Thread
Meadowlark (Premonition)

Side project of greg gorlen
Quite an extensive but almost uneventful discog made of a lot of short two-sided drone tapes that are all 'nice' but never truly marking. Meadowlark stands out as a piece in a different style - single half hour long soft ambient piece - and deserves a re-listen, and I might come back to a couple of the tapes. But overall this is generally not too memorable, although always quite good.
Seeping Pitch 2.9
Embers 3.4
Drifting Snow 3.4
Autumn Flowers 2.5
flaming sprig 3.4
Leaves Falling 2.7
Meadowlark (Premonition) 3.2
the earth is a failed illusion 2.9
Effulgent Angel Piss 3.7
Pinkfire 3.15
Rippling Peacock Ashes 3.2
77Dirk Serries
Disorientation Flow
78Brian McBride
When The Detail Lost Its Freedom
Self Destruction Themes
80Sarah Davachi
Gave In Rest
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