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Favorite Smashing Pumpkins Non-Album Tracks

Honestly, The Smashing Pumpkins 90s catalogue contained so many great songs that many of them couldn't even fit on their albums... I swear 1991-1998 was such an era of creativity for Corgan. Wonder what happened lol. Here are 20 unranked Pumpkins songs you should check if you like Gish, Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie, and/or Adore.
1Smashing Pumpkins
The Aeroplane Flies High

"Set the Ray to Jerry"

Holy shit the bass and drum parts are some of the best. This could have easily fit on Mellon Collie and is arguably even better than many of the tracks.

Where to find it: The Aeroplane Flies High and the 1979 Single
2Smashing Pumpkins
The Aeroplane Flies High

"The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)"

What an epic! Of course Mellon Collie didn't have enough room for another 8 minute epic, and Adore sounds nothing like this song, so sadly it only ended up on a compilation, but wow is this song a droning monster. Likely the best Mellon Collie sessions song to not make the actual album.

Where to find it: The Aeroplane Flies High and the Thirty-Three single
3 Smashing Pumpkins
Mashed Potatoes

"Jesus Loves His Babies"

Not only is this an excellent Gish-era song, but it has an absolutely hilarious ending. It obviously wasn't going to make an album considering its lyrical content not matching well with any of the band's LP songs, but It's such a great song.

Where to find it: the Mashed Potatoes bootleg
4 Smashing Pumpkins
Mashed Potatoes


So Mashed Potatoes is a 5 volume bootleg of Gish and Siamese Dream-era outtakes and a lot of it's crappy, but the highlights are so damn good. This song is so fuzzy in an odd kind of way, it's pretty catchy too. I feel like it's was a little too simplistic to make Siamese Dream, but it's a shame that it wasn't at least an official b-side. A more refined version of this would be right at home on Pisces Iscariot.

Where to find it: the Mashed Potatoes bootleg
5 Smashing Pumpkins
Mashed Potatoes


Okay, this should have been on Gish honestly... well at least a less demo-sounding version of it. The concept is great and fits the theme of it so well. I really like the main riff and it's pretty catchy. Oh well.

Where to find it: the Mashed Potatoes bootleg
6Smashing Pumpkins
Peel Sessions


This is such a cute little acoustic track. Another song that would be at home on Pisces Iscariot, but only really make the Peel Sessions EP.

Where to find it: Peel Sessions [EP] and the Mashed Potatoes bootleg
7Smashing Pumpkins
Pisces Iscariot

"Frail and Bedazzled"

Another great LP worthy track that wouldn't have been good enough for on Siamese Dream. It's so bright and fuzzy as if it could be the opener to a Siamese Dream follow up if they didn't drastically change their sound for Mellon Collie. Surely a Pisces Iscariot highlight.

Where to find it: Pisces Iscariot and the Disarm Single
8Smashing Pumpkins
Pisces Iscariot


I'm not gonna lie, I like this song about as much as I like the best songs on Gish. It could have easily fit on Gish too. Another fuzzy lax kind of track. Too bad they passed up on giving this song more of a spotlight.

Where to find it: Pisces Iscariot and the 2nd I Am One single.
9Smashing Pumpkins
Pisces Iscariot


So this is kind of cheating since it made the Japanese version of Siamese Dream as a bonus track under the title "Hikari Express," but honestly no one listens to this when listening to Siamese Dream soooo, anyways it's

Where to find it: Pisces Iscariot, The Japanese edition of Siamese Dream, and the Cherub Rock single.
10Smashing Pumpkins
Pisces Iscariot

"Hello Kitty Kat"

Another crazy and fuzzy track that wouldn't have fit at all on Siamese Dream... The kind of b-side that sounds like it could have even been a single. Siamese Dream could have been a double album, I swear.

Where to find it: Pisces Iscariot and the Today Single
11Smashing Pumpkins


Okay, this is the last Pisces song on here I swear! A cheerful Gish-era song that was a little too upbeat for Gish, but yet again doesn't really seem like a b-side since it's so fleshed out.

Where to find it: Pisces iscariot and the Lull [EP]
12 Smashing Pumpkins
Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Okay, I am in no way exaggerating when I say that this is my 2nd favorite Smashing Pumpkins song ever. Billy's vocal performance is so carefree here and the feedback section at the end is wonderful. The drums are perfectly jittery and damn why was this not saved for Siamese Dream? It would have been even better! No room you say? They could have swapped it out for Silverfuck honestly.

Where to find it: Singles: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
13 Smashing Pumpkins
No Alternative


A nice little psychedelic Pumpkins song written for an AIDs relief compilation with Nirvana, Pavement, The Breeds, Soundgarden, and of course Smashing Pumpkins on it. It's a cute little song that's very unique for the Pumpkins, and it makes me think they could have made a neo-psychedelia album in the 90s and it would have worked.

Where to find it: No Alternative compilation
14Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

"Autumn Nocturne"

This deluxe edition bonus track is really odd for the Pumpkins, so it's understandable to why it's such a rarity, but damn is it cute and catchy.

Where to find it: The Deluxe version of Mellon Collie
15Smashing Pumpkins
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness


Holy shit, how many songs came out of the Mellon Collie sessions? This instrumental honestly is so damn good that It could have been a great transition track on the actual album. God... Mellon Collie could have been a triple album without sacrificing too much quality. Geez.

Where to find it: The Deluxe version of Mellon Collie
16 Smashing Pumpkins
Batman & Robin (soundtrack)

"The End Is the Beginning Is the End"

An epic that would have fit on Adore if Corgan decided to give it more of a punch. It was still great with its mellow theme, but yea... This song was a perfect fit an amazing superhero movie, too bad it was wasted on this one, oh well. It's not so rare though I guess since it even got a music video.

Where to find it: Batman & Robin (soundtrack)
17 Smashing Pumpkins
Batman & Robin (soundtrack)

"The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning"

A slower, more electronic counterpart, this song sends such a chill down my spine. It's hard for me to listen to one without the other.

Where to find it: Batman & Robin (soundtrack)
18Smashing Pumpkins


A poppy electronic track that would have been a great choice for Adore. It's catchy, heartfelt, and most importantly better than a handful of songs on Adore... at least I think so. Don't confuse it with the pre-Gish demo, it's a different song.

Where to find it: The Deluxe Edition of Adore
19Smashing Pumpkins
Still Becoming Apart


Written for the film Lost Highway after Lynch said that "Tear" wasn't good enough, this song is honestly one of the best songs (along with Drown) the band ever wrote. It kind of makes me wish for a fully electronic Pumpkins album to exist... but then I remembered that TheFutureEmbrace exists sooo no thanks? The beat is so catchy, yet so abrasive. Pumpkins really wrote some of the greatest soundtrack songs. It's like in the 90s Billy could pull good songs straight out of his ass.

Where to find it: Lost Highway (soundtrack) and the Still Becoming Apart [EP]
20Smashing Pumpkins
Still Becoming Apart

"Blissed and Gone"

A simple electronic ballad that could have fit well on Adore. Adore was bit overlong so I could see why this was cut from it, but it's still a nice chill track with a catchy, yet slow beat.

Where to find it: Still Becoming Apart [EP]
21Smashing Pumpkins
Rarities & B-Sides

A lot of these can also be found on the Rarities & B-Sides compilation too, so yeah.
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