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5.0 classic
Fit for Rivals Steady Damage
The most beautiful voice in hard rock music helps make this one of the best albums ever recorded. Steady Damage truly is a spectacular debut that leaves me just waiting for more from the band. Every song on here is an absolute classic with amazing guitar work and singing that can only have come from an angel. Renee Phoenix really has alot of power to her voice on this release and props to her for that
Megadeth Rust in Peace
The perfect thrash metal album. There is nothing really bad that can be said about this. Its flawless start to finish, especially when Dawn Patrol is seen as merely an introduction to Rust In Peace Polaris. Every member of the band is on top of their game here iwth thrilling guitar solos, riffs aplenty all of them being amazing ,and a chaotic vocal performance from Dave and even a little bass solo on take no prisoners. This rulez

4.5 superb
Carcass Heartwork
An exceedingly good slab of melodeath that does what so much in the genre fails to do-properly integrate the melodic side into their music and still maintain a crushingly heavy sound. This stands out to me as one of the best the genre has ever, or probably will ever, produce.
Death Individual Thought Patterns
About as close to perfection as it gets. Recommended tracks would be mentally blind or the philosopher but this album is brilliance from start to finish. Anyone who claims to be a death metal fan who has not yet heard this either needs to get right on it or they are not a death metal fan. This is amazing.
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
One of the finest prog albums of all time, in the court of the crimson king stands out as the best king crimson release ever. the drumming is incredible, the vocals rule and the otehr instruments are just as good. the title track and 21st century schizoid man are the best things on here but the whole album is great.
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Finally i have decided that this is slightly worse than RIP due to the cover song. Still one of the best recordings in thrash metal however and an absolute classic that everyone should experience at some point in their life. good mourning black friday and wake up dead and my last words are the three best songs on here but all of them except the cover are absolutely amazing in their own right
Rush 2112
A very solid listen and still one of the best albums in their discography, perhaps only topped by moving pictures and clockwork angels. The chord progressions when the protagonist finds the guitar are the most memorable section of this album where it shows him moving through learning the guitar and really is astounding when taken within the context of the story of this incredible concept album.
Rush Clockwork Angels
Its Rush and They Rule. If you disagree, do me a favour and suck a chode you fat french fucker. This album is one of the best if not the best they have ever recorded .
Tonight Alive What Are You So Scared Of?
Similar in style to paramore but so much more chode tingling. this is a fantastic release and everything about it is brilliant. there is not a lot bad that can be said about this release in my opinion. all the songs are thoroughly entertaining and the musicianship is as tight as can be.
Yes Close to the Edge
One of the most fantastic pieces of progressive music at all time. The guitar work is absolutely insane iwth little noodling sections left right and fucking centre, if you want one Yes album in your collection then it had better be Closer To The Edge

4.0 excellent
Agalloch The Mantle
One of the most haunting, beautiful pieces of art ever recorded. Very few will ever come close to matching this for raw atmosphere. However it does become a little boring with time.
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
A REALLY solid album from Cannibal. not a lot bad about this album at all ,razor sharp production with guitar tones that can take your face off, amazing riff work with a huge amount of technical proficiency and some of George's best vocals to date.
Curved Air Air Cut
A shift into more rock oriented territory but still just as good as their previous releases. probably curved airs most solid release. Some really killer songs such as elfin boy but even this is plagues by two filler songs.
Curved Air Air Conditioning
Really revolutionary piece of early 1970's progressive rock music that is characterised by its pretty violin arrangements and beautiful vocals from Sonja. however it is marred by subpar production and occasional disruptions from instruments not going well together
Deftones Koi No Yokan
An emotionally intense, harrowing journey that takes you on such a ride throughout that it will not fail to amaze you. this is one album that everyone should hear from 2012 as it is damn near perfect. This deserves to be remembered, so get out there showing it to people. Leathers stands out as the best on here but the whole thing is great
InMe Herald Moth
Technical proficiency is not something people generally look for in rock but InMe showed that it can happen and they showed it really rather well with this album. you wont hear from me again and single of the weak are the bes tbut they are all decent. this whol album is amazing and the guitar work is stellar throughout
Lights Acoustic
Lights' beautiful voice seamlessly transfers from the poppy electronica of her usual music to a soul filled acoustic EP that should be repeated. Saviour and the cover of the who are the best songs of the collection but all of them are really good and her voice is as strong as it has ever been, if not stronger.
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
RATMs best, and a landmark album. Not quite perfect like some would have you believe, as the guitar work fast becomes tedious and the drumming is appaling but the lyrics are absolutely brilliant.
Sodom M-16
Sodom on top of their game, this is a riff fest from start to finish with nothing bad that can be said bad about it. such a solid return to form and their strongest collection of songs probably to date.

3.5 great
Immolation Here in After
Ridiculously solid death metal release but more than a little bit overrated. Opening two songs are the best and towards the end it tails off a bit.rjesus didnt die for me... jesus dieeedddddd
Korn Korn
One of the angriest releases out there and still something that sounds more fresh than ninety percent of music. This is actually a more than listenable slice of nu-metal that many bands wish they could have had the success of and still have lasting value but dont. Korns self titled was a landmark, innovative release that stands out as one of the best its genre ever produced
Megadeth Endgame
One of Megadeths most solid albums and a fantastic followup to united abominations, another great record. Each song on here is entertaining and guaranteed to get your fist pumping.
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I
Really terrifying prog-black experience that shakes me to the bones. such a dark and morbid album but still flat out fucking awesome.
Necro Death Rap
Necro at his absolute best, every song on here is a morbid, bloodthirsty tale of the unspeakable but they are all absolutely incredible. There is nothing really bad to say about this album except that it is too extreme for the average listener and that it is just too short.
Nuclear Assault Survive
Superb fast-paced thrash metal, probably their best album in my opinion. Not quite the perfect thrash band some would have you believe, however, as their main weakness IS the fact they rarely slow it down a little bit
Tonight Alive Consider This
A three song EP that actually does a lot to entertain and is a refreshing blast of pop punk. Everyone remotely interested in the genre should give this EP a go. all three songs are fantastic
Wednesday 13 Skeletons
Wednesday at his absolute tongue in cheek best. Each and every song on here is absolutely fantastic. Sceam Baby Scream is the perfect way to open up the album and from there onwards its great. the title track and my demise stick out as the best of the bunch but they are all solid enough.

3.0 good
An Ocean Between Us The Failings
A more than listenable release. here comes the storm is one of the best metalcore songs ever released. The guitarists are fantatic at what they do, the drumming is good throughout and the vocal work is ridiculously good . the dual vocal lines really do weave together well on here.
Green Day American Idiot
A more than listenable album from Green Day that surprised me a lot. based on my past experiences with this band i expected it to suck but Boulevard Of Broken Dreams, Holiday and Jesus Of Suburbia ruled.
Immolation Majesty and Decay
a decent return from immolation but nothing quite as good as people would say. its just a solid death metal release nothing more nothing less. some good songs , some bad, some great riffing, some not so great. nothing much else relaly needs saying about this except that its nowhere near as good as here in after.
Megadeth United Abominations
marvelous return from megadeth, really solid album and the best way to remedy the mistakes of the previous two albums. nothign really bad can be said about this, sleepwalker and never walk alone stand out as two of their best songs to date and most of the songs on here are good. its just nothing too amazing.
Operation Ivy Energy
A wild, thoroughly enjoyable dose of punk that unfortunately grows tedious after a while and grows boring with multiple listens. Some songs are fantastic but the majority of it is just a cut above the average punk song we have all heard a trillion and one times.
Paramore Brand New Eyes
A solid pop punk release, theres not really a lot bad you can say about paramore. theyre enjoyable, catchy ,and really good fun to kick back and listen to. its a shame more people wont realise this having only heard one or two of their songs.
Rush Rush
A more than solid dose of hard rock from Rush that didnt even hint at what was to come because they changed so much. Still a great glam rock album from a band that would later do much better. Geddy's voice on here is absoluitely ridiculously good. Rulez

2.5 average
Blood on the Dance Floor Anthem of the Outcast
Just an average metalcore EP with a couple of standout tracks. This is a really listenable EP and i will never understand why people hate on it. Each song on this album is pretty decent with The Comeback being the best on it. it is a huge evolution in their sound from electronica to metalcore and actually works better than their past work.
Eminem Recovery
one of the two albums that got me into Eminem and still holds up alright but nowhere near as good as i used to think and his earlier stuff curbstomps this.
Evanescence Fallen
The only remotely tolerable album this band has ever put out, it has a few decent songs but most of it is still queef. its a solid release though i guess. going under and bring me to life and tourniquet rule
Korn Life Is Peachy
A huge step down from their debut, this is just immature beyond belief and lacks any of the impact of their self titled. ADIDAS is great as is Twist but for the majority of its run time this is nothing more than a second rate version of their debut.
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way
Following the first song, this fast becomes boring and a tedious listen. the opener is incredibel but the rest is so predictable and does nothing fresh for rock music at all, and is painfully average
Wednesday 13 Transylvania 90210
Such an entertaining release, but its just marred by so much filler. The good songs such as Bad Things are absolutely ridiculously good however and there is nothing bad you can say about em whatsoever. its just a shame that some of the weaker songs really are bad -a bullet named christ and buried by christmas in particular.

2.0 poor
Blood on the Dance Floor It's Hard to Be a Diamond...
A more than listenable release thats unfortunately just boring as hell and does nothing remotely new. Its nowhere near as bad as claimed and definitely stands out as one of the best releases this band has ever done. Some of the songs are good but they are ruined by immaturity
Blood on the Dance Floor I Scream I Scream
The opening song is the best thing on here , the rest arent even remotely listenable. However that one song is worth listenable with some decent screaming and some really fun music to enjoy.. However, as with all their stuff, it is about as immature as it gets and absoltuely ridiculous at times
Bring Me The Horizon Count Your Blessings
This had the potential to be fairly decent, the first few songs are really solid but it is unfortunately a chugging breakdown fest, particularly towards the end. After the fourth song this album should have ended as it really did destroy itself
brokeNCYDE I'm Not a Fan, but the Kids Like It!
Scene Girlz is the only song on here i can stand to listen to start to finish, for the most part this is party music queef but its not as bad as its claimed to be and certainly not one of the worst recordings in existance.
Cannibal Corpse Live Cannibalism
One of the worst live albums i have ever heard. You really cant understand a word george says on it , which straight up makes it really bad. As someone who has a huge amount of respect for this band to give them a bad rating is really painful for me but this live album does not deserve the praise it gets so frequently.
Kreator Cause for Conflict
Not a good outing for Kreator whatever way you slice it. Boring, bland music and a vocal performance that sucks dick. Its got some good moments, the first 2 songs rule but for the most part this is industrial bollocks that shouldnt be touched-even Mille tries to sound like the dude from fear Factory on here.
Marduk Those of the Unlight
Such a boring snooze fest of an album. There is literally nothing good that can be said about this album, its just so boring from start to finish save for a couple of decent moments. There are a couple of acoustic moments thrown in here and there that are a little better but for the most part its just your standard black metal affair start to finish.
Periphery Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
A solid instrumental performance that tries a little too hard and has too much going off and the vocalist really is rather poor. The screaming is generic and the cleans have way too much of an unnecessary whine to them that it feels as though he is crying half the time. The release is solid enough without the vocals.

1.0 awful
Blood on the Dance Floor OMFG Sneak Peak
One of the most annoying, ridiculous EPs ever recorded. 10 minutes that I will never be able to get back. Unfortunately this is not a sneak peak at their stuff because it is actually usually more than listenable. This is one of the worst recordings in the music industry. the second song is the only one that has anything REMOTELY decent about it.
Blood on the Dance Floor All the Rage
Awful. The pirate song is the only one worth absolutely anything on this release, the rest of the album is appaling and has some of the worst vocal work i have ever heard. They ditched a lot of the immaturity in favor of something that is absolutely boring and absurd and takes dull to the thousandth degree

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