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5.0 classic
Agalloch The Mantle
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Agalloch The White
Akira Yamaoka Silent Hill 2
Animals As Leaders The Madness of Many
Bathory Blood Fire Death
Bathory Hammerheart
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss
Burzum Det som engang var
Burzum Filosofem
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion
Celtic Frost Monotheist
Coheed and Cambria In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
Coheed and Cambria The Second Stage Turbine Blade
Coheed and Cambria From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness
Cynic Focus
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane
Drudkh Blood In Our Wells
Drudkh Autumn Aurora
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Enslaved Frost
Enslaved Below the Lights
Enslaved Vikingligr Veldi
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved E
Fauna Avifauna
Goatmoon Finnish Steel Storm
Gojira From Mars to Sirius
Gojira The Way of All Flesh
Gorguts Obscura
Inquisition Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient
Inquisition Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan
Inquisition Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical...
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Katatonia Viva Emptiness
Mastodon Leviathan
Mastodon Crack the Skye
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Meshuggah obZen
Nokturnal Mortum Lunar Poetry
Nokturnal Mortum Goat Horns
Nokturnal Mortum The Voice of Steel
Opeth Blackwater Park
Panopticon Autumn Eternal
Porcupine Tree In Absentia
Porcupine Tree Deadwing
Protest the Hero Fortress
Revenge (CAN) Victory.Intolerance.Mastery
Revenge (CAN) Scum.Collapse.Eradication
Rush Moving Pictures
Rush 2112
Rush Hemispheres
Satanic Warmaster Carelian Satanist Madness
Satanic Warmaster Opferblut
Satyricon Nemesis Divina
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times
Solstafir Köld
Summoning Minas Morgul
Taake Nattestid Ser Porten Vid
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad
Taake Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
The Cure Disintegration
Ulver Kveldssanger
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
Wardruna Runaljod - Yggdrasil
Wardruna Runaljod – Ragnarok
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters

4.5 superb
Agalloch Pale Folklore
Agalloch Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
Alcest Écailles De Lune
Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders
BardSpec Hydrogen
Bathory Twilight of the Gods
Behemoth Demigod
Blind Guardian Imaginations from the Other Side
Burzum Sol austan, Mani vestan
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
Cynic Uroboric Forms
Drudkh Forgotten Legends
Drudkh Microcosmos
Elderwind The Magic of Nature
Emperor Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire...
Enslaved Isa
Enslaved Ruun
Enslaved Vertebrae
Enslaved RIITIIR
Forteresse Métal Noir Québécois
Forteresse Thèmes pour la Rébellion
Ghost (SWE) Opus Eponymous
Ghost (SWE) Meliora
Goatmoon Varjot
Goatmoon Voitto Tai Valhalla
Goatmoon Stella Polaris
Gojira L'Enfant Sauvage
Gorguts From Wisdom to Hate
Gorguts Colored Sands
Inquisition Bloodshed Across The Empyrean Altar...
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Katatonia Brave Murder Day
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance
Katatonia Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Meshuggah The Violent Sleep of Reason
Midnight Odyssey Funerals from the Astral Sphere
Negura Bunget OM
Nokturnal Mortum Weltanschauung
Nokturnal Mortum Verity
Opeth Orchid
Panopticon Panopticon
Panopticon On the Subject of Mortality
Panopticon Roads to the North
Pillorian Obsidian Arc
Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet
Primordial The Gathering Wilderness
Primordial To the Nameless Dead
Primordial A Journey's End
Primordial Storm Before Calm
Protest the Hero Kezia
Protest the Hero Volition
Revenge (CAN) Infiltration.Downfall.Death
Revenge (CAN) Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem
Rush Permanent Waves
Rush Grace Under Pressure
Rush Power Windows
Saor Aura
Satyricon The Shadowthrone
Septicflesh The Great Mass
Seven Kingdoms The Fire Is Mine
Solstafir Svartir Sandar
Solstafir Berdreyminn
Summoning Stronghold
Summoning Dol Guldur
The Cure Pornography
Ulver Nattens Madrigal
Wardruna Runaljod - Gap Var Ginnunga
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem of 12 Stars
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestial Lineage
Wolves in the Throne Room Thrice Woven

4.0 excellent
Agalloch Faustian Echoes
Animals As Leaders The Joy of Motion
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Behemoth Evangelion
Behemoth The Satanist
Blind Guardian A Night at the Opera
Blind Guardian Tales from the Twilight World
Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time
Burzum Hlidskjalf
Burzum Burzum
Burzum Fallen
Celtic Frost Into the Pandemonium
Cynic Traced in Air
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder
Deftones Gore
Dissection The Somberlain
Drudkh Estrangement
Drudkh The Swan Road
Enslaved Monumension
Enslaved In Times
Falls of Rauros The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
Forteresse Les Hivers De Notre Epoque
Forteresse Par Hauts Bois Et Vastes Plaines
Gojira The Link
Gorguts Considered Dead
Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity
Gorguts Pleiades' Dust
Inquisition Nefarious Dismal Orations
Inquisition Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer
Katatonia Night Is the New Day
Katatonia Dead End Kings
Katatonia The Fall of Hearts
Mastodon Remission
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Mastodon Emperor of Sand
Mayhem Esoteric Warfare
Midnight Odyssey Shards of Silver Fade
Nokturnal Mortum To the Gates of Blasphemous Fire
Nokturnal Mortum NeChrist
Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal
Panopticon Collapse
Primordial Spirit the Earth Aflame
Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen
Revenge (CAN) Behold.Total.Rejection
Rotting Christ Theogonia
Rush A Farewell to Kings
Rush Signals
Rush Clockwork Angels
Saor Roots
Satanic Warmaster Fimbulwinter
Septicflesh Communion
Seven Kingdoms Decennium
Solstafir Masterpiece of Bitterness
Solstafir Otta
Summoning Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
Summoning Oath Bound
Summoning Old Mornings Dawn
Taake Taake
Taake Noregs Vaapen
Taake Kong Vinter

3.5 great
Agalloch The Serpent and the Sphere
Alcest Les Voyages De L'Âme
Animals As Leaders Weightless
Bathory Bathory
Burzum Belus
Burzum The Ways of Yore
Coheed and Cambria No World for Tomorrow
Enslaved Eld
Enslaved Mardraum - Beyond the Within
Falls of Rauros Hail Wind and Hewn Oak
Ghost (SWE) Infestissumam
Gojira Terra Incognita
Inquisition Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
Midnight Odyssey Firmament
Opeth Heritage
Panopticon Kentucky
Primordial Redemption at the Puritan's Hand
Protest the Hero Scurrilous
Rush Fly by Night
Satanic Warmaster Strength & Honour
Satanic Warmaster Nachzerher
Seven Kingdoms Seven Kingdoms
Wolves in the Throne Room Black Cascade

3.0 good
Behemoth The Apostasy
Blind Guardian A Twist in the Myth
Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror
Coheed and Cambria Year of the Black Rainbow
Dissection Reinkaos
Emperor IX Equilibrium
Enslaved Blodhemn
Forteresse Crepuscule d'Octobre
Gojira Magma
Mayhem Ordo ad Chao
Nokturnal Mortum Twilightfall
Rotting Christ Genesis
Rotting Christ Aealo
Taake Stridens hus

2.5 average
Burzum Umskiptar

2.0 poor
Burzum Daudi Baldrs
Drudkh Handful of Stars

1.0 awful
All Time Low So Wrong, It's Right
All Time Low Dirty Work
brokeNCYDE I'm Not a Fan, but the Kids Like It!

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