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5.0 classic
Darkest Hour Deliver Us
Insomnium Above the Weeping World
Underoath Define the Great Line

4.5 superb
As I Lay Dying The Powerless Rise
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore
Counterparts You're Not You Anymore
Counterparts The Difference Between Hell and Home
Gave it a day to grow on me, fucking hell this is great, their best release, easily.
Darkest Hour Godless Prophets and The Migrant Flora
I'm only two songs in but I just gotta say that "This is the Truth" is one of the best songs rthey've ever written. God damn.rEdit: Yup, this is their best since Deliver Us. On par with it even. The energy, the riffs, John rfucking Henry somehow giving his best vocal performance to date, 20 years into the band's career. rGood shit DH, good shit.
Deafheaven Sunbather
Fallujah The Flesh Prevails
Fightstar Behind the Devil's Back
Insomnium Winter's Gate
letlive. Fake History
letlive. Fake History (Re-Release)
Make Them Suffer Old Souls
Awesome album from a talented band that really excels at bringing emotion to heavy music. This has ra lot more variety than Neverbloom but keeps the best of what makes the band who they are. The rsymphonic elements are as strong as ever, and Sean Harmanis, while mostly putting his piercing rshrieks aside in favor of new styles, once again proves that he is one of the most talented rvocalists around.
Matchbox Twenty Mad Season
Oh, Sleeper Children Of Fire
This is really... really good. Metalcore release of the year in my opinion.
Protest the Hero Fortress
Protest the Hero Volition
Not as good as Fortress, but I honestly don't ever expect them to top that. Definitely my
second favorite Protest album, song structures are far more interesting than on Scurrilous
and (almost) all of the guest vocals are great. The end of Underbite is unfortunate to say
the least, but oh well. Album has some truly awesome moments, Rody kills it and Adler
actually has some pretty sweet sections, the fact that he clicked with their sound as well
as he did is impressive.
Scale the Summit The Collective
Shadow of Intent Reclaimer
Head and shoulders above anything else in Deathcore. No two songs sound the same, all of the
instrumentals are superbly written... And then there are the vocals. Ben Duerr is a master of
his craft, the performance he gives on this album is really something. His range, power, effort to
ACTUALLY ENUNCIATE, and occasionally absurd speed, provide the listener with some of the wildest
vocals that one could ask for.

This is what Deathcore bands should strive to be.
Silent Planet The Night God Slept
Despite the fact that pretty much all of this has been done before, this release is really
refreshing. It's outstanding for a debut. Tons of emotion, and a lot of obvious talent for
creating mood/atmosphere. The clean vocalist pushes his voice into ranges that are a tad too
shrill for my liking but that's my one and only gripe with the album.
Soilwork The Living Infinite
Stories (AUS) The Youth to Become
The New Age Think Too Much; Feel Too Little
This or the Apocalypse Haunt What's Left
Widek Outside the Universe

4.0 excellent
ALAZKA Values & Virtues
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
All That Remains The Fall of Ideals
Audrey Fall Mitau
August Burns Red Messengers
August Burns Red Constellations
August Burns Red Found in Far Away Places
God damn. My excitement levels for this album weren't really there. I sure wasn't expecting them
to drop the best album of their career, but they did. These songs are fantastic, and most of all
epic. They all feel absolutely huge. I kept waiting for things to wind down, but it turns out that
Wake is the most boring track on the album, from there on out it's pretty insane.

Edit: Jk this got old super fast.
Aversions Crown Xenocide
Beheading of a King Quasar: Preserving Legacy
Bloodshot Dawn Demons
Breakdown of Sanity Coexistence
Restless had me a bit worried, but once again these guys have put out an album displaying how much
fun can be had with a somewhat standard metalcore sound. BoS sounds like BoS and that's fine with
me, they have their place in the genre and they don't need to change it as long as they keep
putting out quality bangers like this.
Breakdowns At Tiffany's Constants
Bury Tomorrow The Union Of Crowns
Counterparts Prophets
Currents Life // Lost
This album is a real treat. It has a few notable flaws but it gets a lot right. Some wild guitar work and one of the most intense vocal performances in recent memory make for something pretty special. I try to avoid using the phrase "face-melting" but it's an accurate description for this one.
Darkest Hour Undoing Ruin
Darkest Hour The Human Romance
Darkest Hour The Eternal Return
Destiny Potato Lun
Dreamshade The Gift of Life
ERRA Impulse
First Signs Of Frost Atlantic
In Fear and Faith In Fear and Faith
Insomnium Shadows of the Dying Sun
Killswitch Engage Alive or Just Breathing
Kingdom of Giants Ground Culture
Life in Your Way Kingdoms
This album really deserves some attention. This is really good stuff, all the members are very talented. The drummer has great chops, the guitarists put out above average melodies, the vocalists are both damn good. Totally underrated band.
Misery Signals Controller
Misery Signals Absent Light
Northlane Discoveries
Northlane Singularity
It leaked, not 320 KBPS so I'm tempted to wait to hear it, but it's out there.rEdit: Gone through three times now. I like it more than Discoveries. They stumble a little rbut here and there but overall it's a fantastic album. Tons of atmosphere, and a great rperformance from every member of the band.
Of Machines As If Everything Was Held In Place
Omnium Gatherum Beyond
Periphery Periphery
Periphery Juggernaut: Omega
Periphery Juggernaut: Alpha
Polaris (AUS) The Mortal Coil
Protest the Hero Kezia
Red Of Beauty and Rage
Rise Against The Sufferer & the Witness
Shadow of Intent Primordial
Shreddy Krueger The Grieving
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual
The Black Dahlia Murder Abysmal
Album slays, not that anyone was expecting anything less.
The Overseer We Search, We Dig
One hell of a first release. These guys are going places.
The Room Colored Charlatan The Veil That Conceals
The Seer Prologue
The Sorrow Origin of the Storm
The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza Danza IIII: The Alpha - The Omega
This or the Apocalypse Dead Years
The guitar leads are stunning, they range from totally badass to amazingly beautiful, the guitar work adds so much emotion to the music... it's just fantastic.

The vocals are the most polarizing part of this album, if you like this genre you'll probably love every other aspect, but I know the vocals rub some people the wrong way. I've always enjoyed Ricky and his unique vocals, he adds more range to his harsh vocals here and I personally enjoy all of it, his lyrics are great, and his voice carries a lot of urgency.

The ONLY flaws I could find on the whole album were the clean sections. Some of these vocals don't fit well with the band's sound at all, but they're short and easy to get passed.

I love this album. Fear not, fans of TOTA, this album destroys. Melodic Metalcore doesn't really get better than this.
To Speak Of Wolves Find Your Worth, Come Home
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation
Underoath Disambiguation
Universum Mortuus Machina
Wolves at the Gate Captors
Wovenwar Wovenwar

3.5 great
A Call To Sincerity Foundations
Talented group. The music is very enjoyable for the most part, nice and melodic, some pretty beautiful material here. The vocals are... eh. They sound strong at first but there's not enough variation and they get stale long before the album ends. It's a shame the vocalist they picked up recently is even worse.
After the Burial Wolves Within
Disconnect is probably the best song they've written, the rest of the album is is pretty hit or miss.
All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers
All Shall Perish This Is Where It Ends
Gotta love leaks. This is better than AtD, no contest at all. Is it better than TPoE? Most of you probably won't think so, but it's a damn good album and any metalhead should give it a few spins.

Edit: They are currently selling this at Mayhem Fest, so a lot of people own the album, so any reviews that were taken down should be put back up since the album has TECHNICALLY been released.

2nd edit: Not allowing reviews for this album? Wtf Sputnik D:
August Burns Red Thrill Seeker
August Burns Red Leveler
August Burns Red Sleddin' Hill
Between the Buried and Me Alaska
Between the Buried and Me Colors_Live
Born of Osiris The Discovery
Born of Osiris Soul Sphere
Pretty fun album. The vocal variation is pretty solid and the songs are more interesting than the ones on the last album. Aint no Discovery but it will do for now.
Breakdown of Sanity Perception
I have such a soft spot for this band. Generic as fuck but equally fun. This album is a rpretty big step up from Mirrors, the songwriting is much better, more interesting guitar rleads, and their energetic brand of chugging is still holding up well enough. rOddly enough my gripe is with the vocals. I know for a fact that this guy is one of the more rtalented screamers in the genre, and yet his performance here is very limited in range. I've rheard him hit awesome highs and crushing lows but he seems pretty content with his mid range rhere. They sound great, but the highs are nearly untouched, and the lows could definitely be rused more as well. Some sections very obviously suffer simply because a higher or lower rrange would have made a much larger impact. rAll in all it's a very fun album.
Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal
Chiodos Illuminaudio
Counterparts The Current Will Carry Us
Oh lordy I guess guess I upset someone. Okay I'll just say I don't think it's as good as everyone is making it out to be and that Prophets is better imho.
Darkest Hour Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Deadlock Manifesto
Deadlock Wolves
Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell
Disarmonia Mundi The Isolation Game
Disarmonia Mundi Cold Inferno
Elitist Reshape Reason
Eminem Recovery
Fallujah Dreamless
Fantastic as expected, I do have one gripe though. The vocalist only uses his highs on ONE part of one song, the entire rest of the album contains nothing but his growl and the guest spots. That section of The Void Alone is the most striking part of the entire album to me. Dude needs to use that range of his more often.
Feed Her to the Sharks The Beauty of Falling
Forevermore Sojourner
This is a very talented young group. They may not have broken away from the pack or really distinguished themselves yet, but on Sojourner they prove that they have the potential to do so.
In Fear and Faith Your World On Fire
In Vice Versa Empathy
Insomnium One for Sorrow
Killswitch Engage Disarm the Descent
Lamb of God Resolution
Make Them Suffer Neverbloom
Make Them Suffer Worlds Apart
This is a band talented enough to take a very different approach on each album, and make it work. While I was initially worried about the loss of Louisa, Booka has a lovely voice, and it is put to good use.
Periphery Periphery II: This Time It's Personal
The Contortionist Exoplanet
The Devil Wears Prada 8:18
Gonna suck.

Edit: Turns out it's much better than the singles would lead one to believe. It's not really
anything special but it's pretty good for this band, some of their best work. Mike's vocals
are both at their worst and best here, depending on the song, and Jeremy has never sounded
better. It's far from perfect but it ends up being pretty fun.
The Sorrow The Sorrow
The Sorrow Blessings From a Blackened Sky
The Sorrow Misery Escape
It's fun, all of their albums are, but it could be better. Their first two albums remain the best and it doesn't sound like they have any interest in heading back in that direction.
This or the Apocalypse Monuments
Wolves at the Gate VxV
Outstanding vocal performances and solid instrumentals to accompany them make for another great album from these guys. It's a shame they ONLY write songs about god, some more diverse lyrics would be nice, but still, this kicks ass.

3.0 good
A Hero a Fake Let Oceans Lie
After the Burial In Dreams
All That Remains ...For We Are Many
As I Lay Dying Awakened
Atreyu Long Live
The 14 year old in me is pretty pumped about this release. But there isn't much here to keep modern day me interested. Alex's vocals sound pretty worn down these days and the songs are pretty much standard stuff. The cleans are great though, Brandon's voice has only gotten better over the years, and it's nice to hear him belting out some strong choruses again.
Between the Buried and Me Colors
Breakdown of Sanity Mirrors
Bring Me The Horizon There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It...
Darkest Hour Darkest Hour
Well... Some of it is fantastic, and some of it is underwhelming to say the least. It's going to take me a lot of listens to really decide how I feel about this album, but one this is clear: This is a VERY different Darkest Hour than the one we've all come to know.
Dead And Divine Antimacy
Guitar work gets old really really fast but the vocals are good, the cleans are great. Very strong choruses.
Deadlock Bizarro World
Demon Hunter True Defiance
Demon Hunter The Triptych
ERRA Augment
It's Impulse part 2. In a way this is very disappointing, they don't experiment with their sound or add a single new thing to it. That being said, once you come to terms with that and just listen to this for what it is, it's great stuff. Jesse sounds amazing on this album and there's some really beautiful guitar work, these guys are talented so more of the same will do the trick... For now.rEdit: I lied, it's getting boring really fast.
Farewell To Arms Perceptions
Just stumbled on to this band on Facebook. Very talented bunch of guys, and for a debut album this is fantastic. Shame that they've gone essentially unnoticed thus far.
I, the Breather These Are My Sins
I, the Breather Truth and Purpose
A step up from the previous album. The vocals are a little more varied but could still use a little work in my opinion. The guitar work is enjoyable just like on the previous album, they have a bit of a djent sound this time. It's a good album, still just a little too generic to really fall in love with, but these guys are talented and if they keep improving I'm sure they'll put out a really outstanding record in the future.

Oh and "Lunar" is fantastic. It's heavy, beautiful, and eerie all at the same time.
Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies
Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache
letlive. The Blackest Beautiful
Oh, Sleeper The Titan
Not nearly as good as CoF. There's something missing, I don't even really know what it is,
but none of the songs had the impact that songs on CoF had. The best song on the album is
Shane's nearly solo song, Heavy Hands. Shane is fucking awesome but his ballad shouldn't be
the album highlight.

If you're expecting songs on par with Endseekers or Hush Yael you will be let down.
Papa Roach The Connection
Protest the Hero Scurrilous
Scale the Summit The Migration
I can't really get into it. It's fun for a spin or two but it lacks the emotional impact
that The Collective had, which is what elevated it from something good to something really
special. Technically this is great but it failed to hit me in the feels.
The Black Dahlia Murder Everblack
The Devil Wears Prada Dead Throne
The Francesco Artusato Project Chaos And The Primordial
The Haarp Machine Disclosure
Well this is a letdown. Technically impressive and all but we've heard this before, plenty of times.
The Overseer Rest and Let Go
Very mixed feeling about this album. I really enjoyed this band's debut. This isn't nearly as heavy, and the heavy bits are a let down. I like atmosphere and it works well here at times, but I found a couple tracks downright boring. Clean vocals are very easy on the ears, and thankfully take the spotlight. If the vocalist was still screaming and growling like he did on the debut I would want more, but he sounds like a copy of Mike Hranica here, which is not good at allllllll.
The Word Alive REAL.
Not bad, they still haven't lived up to their potential but this is way better than Life
Cycles and there's some pretty cool tracks here. There's also some pretty shitty ones.
Within the Ruins Invade

2.5 average
All That Remains Overcome
Beheading of a King Deathrone
I can't say I didn't see it coming, album is mediocre. New vocalist is solid but has nothing on the previous one, and the instrumentals have become less interesting. Feels like just another deathcore album with a few cool moments.
Between the Buried and Me The Parallax II: Future Sequence
Between the Buried and Me The Great Misdirect
Deadlock The Re-Arrival
Demon Hunter The World Is a Thorn
Hope For The Dying Aletheia
The problem with this band is that they essentially noodle on their instruments for the
entire lengths of their albums. This is quite well written in some spots and the guitar work
is awesome, but by the time the end comes you're just sick of it. It loses any impact it
initially had and becomes tiresome.

Also the vocals don't fit the music and the cleans are shit.
Parkway Drive Atlas
Borrrrring. Fuck off sound off length requirement.
TesseracT One
The Amity Affliction Chasing Ghosts
The Amity Affliction Let the Ocean Take Me
The Faceless Autotheism
Yeah it's super fast and technical and they added prog elements but... Who gives a shit? Don't get me wrong there are some cool things at work here but honestly this music manages to be both overwhelming and boring at the same time for the most part. I wouldn't bother listening to this more than once.
The Word Alive Life Cycles
I finally got around to listening to this. It's really boring, a huge step down in every way from their last release. They got lazy... reeeally lazy.
Wolves at the Gate Types and Shadows
This is a letdown. I was bored before it ended, the songs run together. There is nothing going on the the guitar department. The full focus is on the vocals, and while they have always been the strong-point of this band, they aren't strong enough to carry an entire album's worth of dull samey sounding material.rTheir debut remains their strongest release.

2.0 poor
Born of Osiris Tomorrow We Die Alive
So much poor execution on this album. It's like they said "hey let's take everything that we made work on The Discovery and turn it to shit."
Bring Me The Horizon That's the Spirit
Well it's late and I needed something to get me in the mood to sleep...

Yup. That did it. What a god damn bore.
Deadlock The Arsonist
Pretty much sucks. The new harsh vocalist is terrible the instrumentals are bland as can fucking be... the only reason this isn't completely unbearable is because Sabine sounds pretty great.
In Fear and Faith Imperial
Killswitch Engage Killswitch Engage II
Kingdom of Giants All The Hell You've Got To Spare
This album is really weak. It lacks everything that made Ground Culture a fun listen. No good riffs, no energy, way too many cleans, really bad choruses, and generally uninteresting music. They dropped the ball hard. Shame, because GC is a fun listen.
Periphery Clear
Nothing special or stand out here. Way too many lame vocal effects, despite all the songs
being written by different people a lot of them still sound far too familiar, and the ones
that sound different than what the band usually puts out just aren't very good.
Disappointing release.
Stone Sour House of Gold and Bones - Part 1
This album opens with it's two strongest tracks, both of which are pretty enjoyable and catchy. And then Corey and the boys stumble, and then they fall, annnnd they don't stop falling until the album comes to a close.

This is boring. I mean really fucking boring. I like the occasional hard rock album if it's done right, but this is so completely emotionless and lackluster and cheesy that I could barely finish it.

Is it possible for a band to try too hard and not give a shit at the same time? Because that's what this sounds like.
The Contortionist Intrinsic
I don't get it. Seems really awkward and dull to me...

1.5 very poor
A Hero a Fake The Future Again
Feed Her to the Sharks Savage Seas
This is really bad. They showed potential on their first release but this is just sad. The lyrics are some of the worst I've ever come across. The guy growls like a beast while crying like a little bitch, his writing is very limited. The music is generic as can be, there's nothing fun about it.

1.0 awful
All That Remains A War You Cannot Win
If the rest of the songs on this album are as bad as the 2 already released then the album
deserves a 1 for pure wasted talent if nothing else. To go from TFoI to this crap is just

Edit: It's as bad as we all knew it would be.
As Blood Runs Black Ground Zero
Absolute trash. Extremely over the top vocal production, making any actual talent the new guy may
have hard to hear, or care about. They still can't write riffs for shit, I honestly couldn't get
through the whole thing. Boring as can be, I just skimmed each song. Band has been around for
years and they haven't progressed at all. These guys simply don't have any songwriting skills. I
hear they're breaking up after their next tour. That would be for the best.
Asking Alexandria From Death to Destiny
Attack Attack! (US) This Means War
Bring Me The Horizon Count Your Blessings
Chelsea Grin Evolve
Devin Townsend Project Deconstruction
Limp Bizkit Gold Cobra
Suicide Silence Suicide Silence
The Crimson Armada Conviction

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