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5.0 classic
175R Go! Upstart!
19 Kotoba
19 Up to You
2Pac 2Pacalypse Now
30% Less Fat Torazoo
54-71 Reprise
79 Enjoy Your Trip
A Tribe Called Quest The Anthology
A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory
AAA Eighth Wonder
Abnormals Holy Blind
Aburadako 1999
Aburadako 1985
One word... "Paranoia". Brilliance in its underground purist.
Access Single Tracks
Aco Kittenish Love
Aco Material
Akiko Hinagata Golden Best
Akina Nakamori Silent Love
Akina Nakamori Bitter and Sweet
Akina Nakamori Unbalance + Balance
Akina Nakamori Vamp
Akutagawa Kimi to Boku
All Living Things Expressions
Amazarashi Anta e
Ami Suzuki Connetta
Ami Suzuki Ami Selection
Analogfish Rock is Harmony
andymori andymori
Angie Afureru Hitobito
Angie Atarashii Meruhen
Another Story of the Other Side The Heroes of Extinction
Anti Feminism Nihon wa Shizumu
Apogee Fantastic
Asriel Shiroi Yami ni Shizumu Eien no Yoru
Asriel Kindan wo Noroishi Hakanaki Gensou
Asriel Nanji wo Terasu Oboro no Aria
Asriel Tasogare no Tsuki to Shikkoku no Taiyou
Assfort The Unlimited Variety of Noises
Assfort Face
Auto-Mod Deathtopia
B'z Break Through
B-Dash Endless Circle
BaBe Nice!
Bachikaburi Bachikaburi
Bachikaburi Ichiryuu
Bachikaburi Nagomu Collection
Bad Meets Evil Nuttin to Do/Scary Movies
Baku Bokutachi Dake no Tengoku
Baku Time and Tide
Bakufu-Slump Pirori
Bakufu-Slump High Lander
Bakufu-Slump Singles
Barbee Boys √5
Barbee Boys Barbee Boys
Beastie Boys Check Your Head
Beastie Boys The Sounds of Science
Berry Roll Put Up Your Dukes!!
Beyond (HK) Le Yu Nu (Rock and Roll)
Beyonds Arrogance or Ignorance
Bikini Kill The CD Version of the First Two Records
Bikini Kill Bikini Kill
Bis Social Dancing
Bis This is Teen-C Power!
Bis bleeds the 90's like most pop punk bands of their time. Recommended to those who live/love the 90's, or to those who just enjoy upbeat music, with some dark undertones to it.
Bis Atom Powered Action!
Nice, old fashioned pop punk. Just like how momma used to make it.
Bizarre Attack of the Weirdos
Bjork Vespertine
Bjork Homogenic
Bjork Post
Bjork Greatest Hits
Bloodhound Gang One Fierce Beer Coaster
Blue Boy Iizo! Blue Boy
Bomb Factory Greatest Hits
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Greatest Hits
Bonnie Pink Re*Pink
Boogie Down Productions Criminal Minded
Boole The Vital Few
Boowy Singles
Boredoms Soul Discharge '99
Boredoms Pop Tatari
Brahman Jinmirai Sai
Brain Drive Higher
Brandon Walsh Brandon Walsh
Bubba Sparxxx Deliverance
BUCK-TICK Darker Than Darkness (Style 93)
Bugz These Streets
Burger Nuds Sen
By-Sexual Sexuality
By-Sexual Album
Cage For Your Box
Cali Gari Good Bye
This album is a compilation of early Cali Gari songs, along with newer material. Basically, this is a way for Cali Gari's early material to be released on a mainstream market, and it is a lovely pursuit of Cali Gari nonetheless. Recommended to Cali Gari beginners, fans and even haters, as this CD could change your mind pretty rapidly.
Cali Gari Dai 3 Jikkenshitsu
One of the most solid Japanese rock records of the 90s, IMO.
Cali Gari Dai 5 Jikkenshitsu
Dark, frightening and definitely out there, this release by Japanese indie/experimental
extraordinaires, Cali Gari, has ssomething that can appeal to almost anyone. With the funky
bass licks of "Tsukiyo no Yuuhodou", the dark and progressive sound of "Yuganda Kagami", the
new-wave garage sound of "Sentimental", the dark and demented sound of "37564" and the
ultra-indie/post punk sound of "Yowamushi Kemushi", this release has something that can
attract someone from almost every audience of the rock spectrum.
Casbah Dinosaurs
Casiopea Signal
Casiopea Casiopea
Casiopea Be
Chaba Atorie
Chage and Aska Tasogare no Kishi
Chage and Aska Mix Blood
Chage and Aska Tree
Chage and Aska Red Hill
Charmy Smile & Green Head Shuugyou ~ Bokutachi no... Seishun Best
Chisato Moritaka New Season
Chocolat Cloudy
Cibo Matto Cibo Matto EP
This is a perfect start into the minds of one of trip-hop's brightest shining stars, Cibo Matto. Ranging from chaos (Birthday Cake), to the chill (Know Your Chicken), this release is perfect and can satisfy the cravings of almost every trip-hop head.
Cibo Matto Viva! La Woman
Clammbon Machiwabi Machisabi
Clammbon id
cocklobin Dark Design Catalog
Convex Level Dream E.P.
Cowpers 4Giga
CQ What a Cruel World E.P.
Cradle of Filth Lovecraft & Witch Hearts
Crazy Ken Band Goldfish Bowl
Cutemen Covers & Mellow Tunes
D'erlanger La Vie en Rose
D'espairsRay Born
D-Project Prototype
Da Pump Expression
Da Pump Da Best of Da Pump
Daisuke Asakura D-Trick
Daisy Chainsaw Love Sick Pleasure
Their best release. Nice, unnerving punk, that was clearly ahead of its time, even for a 90's release.
Dallax Feel Your Reality
DangerDoom The Mouse And The Mask
Daria Kawashima Don't Look Back
Dark Lotus Tales from the Lotus Pod
Date of Birth La Lu La Roo
Date of Birth Around + Around
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Decameron (JPN) Meikyoku Album
Deshabillz ~Shakunetsu no Ao~
Dinary Delta Force Soundtrack to the Bed Town
Dir En Grey Vulgar
Doimoi The More You Tangle, The More We Heavy Metal!
Doimoi Materials Science
Dr. Dre 2001
Dragon Ash The Day Dragged On
Dreams Come True Love Unlimited∞
Dreams Come True Dreams Come True
Drumkan Faze
Duck Missile In Search of a Sanctuary...
DuelJewel Noah
E.G.G.Man Sagu Shinon (Pinger Seaking for the Heart)
East End X Yuri Denim-ed Soul
Eastern Youth 雲射抜ケ声
Eiichi Otaki Eiichi Otaki
Eins:Vier Untitled
Elephant Kashimashi Tokyo no Sora
Elephant Kashimashi Tobira
Elva Hsiao Elva Hsiao
Eminem The Slim Shady LP
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP
Eminem The Slim Shady EP
EPO Free Style
Esham Erotic Poetry
Esham Homey Don't Play
Esham Hellterskkkellter
Feel So Bad Funky Side Business
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense
Fence of Defense Digitaglam FOD VI
Fence of Defense Best
Fishmans Corduroy's Mood
Floppy Deus ex Machina
Folks Take Off
fOUL Bookshelf 1F
Four Get Me a Nots Foresight
fra-foa Chuu no Fuchi
Fukurowz Gomen ne
Gackt Re:Born
Possibly the best Gackt album I've ever heard. Mixing his symphonic sound with a more electronic sound this time around, it makes for an extremely enjoyable listen and definitely recommended to rock fans, not only of Japan, but to people who have an open mind when it comes to rock music as a whole. Possibly his best stuff since the "MARS" days.
GaGaGa SP GaGaGaSP Toujou
Gang Starr Full Clip: A Decade of Gang Starr
Garnet Crow First Soundscope ~Mizu no Nai Hareta Umi e~
Gas Boys Mikazuki
Gastunk Gastunk
Some nice, solid Japanese ska/punk. Definitely recommended to fans of Potshot and Japanese ska bands.
Geronimo Gimmick
Gesu no Kiwami Otome Odorenai Nara, Gesu ni Natte Shimae yo
Globe Faces Places
A J-pop/J-rock crossover classic. Globe keeps shining in their (then) young light, winning over many fans, and maintaining the ones they had previously. The English is a bit more apparent this time around, and adds to their unique, nostalgic formula. A superb release all around.
Going Under Ground Cello
Green Day International Superhits
Group_inou Day
Guniw Tools Guniw Tools Best
GWAR America Must Be Destroyed
Hakuei Angel Trip
Haruka Shimotsuki Tindharia no Tane
Haruomi Hosono Philharmony
Hate Honey Teenthrash
He Further Shore
hide Ja, Zoo
Hikaru Genji White Dreaming with Hikaru Genji
Himekami Kaze no Densetsu
hitomi h
House of Krazees Outbreed
I've Sound Regret
I-Dep Fine Tuning
Iceman Gate II
Iceman Power Scale
Ikue Asazaki Umibi
Illmariachi Aiming Higher
Imago Probably Not But Most Definitely
Incense Meteorites
That fuzziness, that levitating feeling, that strong shoegaze punch... I'm in love.
Insane Clown Posse A Carnival Christmas
Insane Clown Posse Tunnel of Love
Insane Clown Posse Riddle Box
Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid Psychopathics from Outer Space
J Pyromania
Jack Off Jill Humid Teenage Mediocrity (1992-1996)
Without a doubt my favorite JOJ release, this album compilates some of their early demos that would only resurface for a brief time on their raw debut album "Sexless Demons and Scars." Combining extremely obscene hooks and topics with hypnotizingly catchy choruses and song structuring, this album will both satisfy longtime fans and win some new ones over along the way.
Jagatara Nise Yogensha Domo
Jasons Jasons
Jolin Tsai J-Game
Judgement No Reason Why
Juicy Fruits Pajama Date
Jun Togawa Togawa Fiction
Juswanna Wangan Seaweed
K Dub Shine Ikiru
Kamaitachi Itachigokko
Kan TV no Naka ni
Kan Yukkuri Furo ni Tsukaritai
Kanye West Late Registration
Kasutera 100 Jikan Renzoku
Katze Katze
Kazumasa Oda Oh! Yeah!
Kazumasa Oda My Home Town
Kegawa no Maries Gloomy
Kemuri Little Playmate
Ken the 390 Fantastic World
Kenji Sawada Ikutsuka no Bamen
Kenji Sawada Charcoal Gray no Shouzou
Kenji Sawada Onna Tachi yo
Kicell Nijimu Taiyou
Kikeiji Kikeiji
Kimidori Kimidori
King Giddra Sora Kara no Chikara
KinKi Kids Kinki Single Selection
Kinniku Shojo Tai Buddha L
Kirinji 3
Kirinji Buoyancy
Kneuklid Romance Love Song
Kneuklid Romance Phantom ~Phantom of the 10th Year~
Koji Kikkawa Parachute ga Ochita Natsu
Koji Kurumatani Wear Off
Koji Kurumatani Air
Koshi Inaba Magma
Kra Kuu
Perhaps their finest songs recorded. The summer ("Kuu"), the winter ("Fu no Zenshin") and the spring ("Sora") are all featured here, making this an exceptional release and an all-year-round play!
KRS-One A Retrospective
Kumiko Yamashita Joy For U
Kuroyume Cruel
Kuuki Koudan Kokoda yo
Kuuki Koudan Yobigoe
Kyoko Koizumi Beat-Pop
L'arc-en-Ciel Ark
L'arc-en-Ciel Twenity Box
La'cryma Christi Warm Snow
La'Mule Toki no Souretsu
Laid Back Ocean Yume no Shuuriya
Laiya Laiya
Lamp Eye Shougen
Lasah I Love You
Laughin' Nose SOS
Laughin' Nose Meat Market
Ling Tosite Sigure Telecastic fake show
locofrank Starting Age
locofrank Shared Time
Look The Best: Extra Mild
M-Age Mustard
M.O.V.E Electrock
Magokoro Brothers I Will Survive
Maki Ohguro La.La.La.
Malice Mizer Merveilles
Malice Mizer Uruwashiki Kamen no Shoutaijou
Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar
Mayonnaise Mayonnaise
Mayumi Chiwaki Angel-We Are Beautiful
mc chris Life's A Bitch And I'm Her Pimp
Mega 8 Ball Hybrid
Melon Kinenbi Mega Melon
Melt-Banana Bambi's Dilemma
Menu Re-Face
Merengue Shoujo Placebo
Merry Modern Garde
Mescaline Drive Deep Morning Glow
Mescaline Drive Burst Hits
MetroFarce Limbo Tou
Michael Jackson Bad
Microcosm Asa wo Matsu
Microcosm Kuroku Nijimu Sora ni Taezu Nari Hibiku
Miho Komatsu Nazo
One of the best JPop albums, period. The pounding rhythms and Miho's carefree vocals make this album an unforgettable one.
Milktub Smile Energy
Mimori Yusa Harmoniodeon
Mimori Yusa Hope
Minor League Aoi Sora
Misia Mother Father Brother Sister
Misono Never+Land
Miyuki Nakajima Hi - Wings
Miyuki Nakajima Tanpenshuu
Miyuki Nakajima 36.5℃
Mo'Some Tonebender Drive
Modern Grey Jinkou Rakuen
Moga the 5 Yen People + 5 Songs
Momoe Yamaguchi Dramatic
Momoe Yamaguchi Mobius Game
Monobright Monobright Zero
Monofader Frost
Moonriders A.O.R.
Morning Musume First Time
Their first, and possibly one of their best, releases to date. This smash debut album features classic hits, such as ", "Ai no Tane", "Summer Night Town" and of course, the breakthrough hit "Morning Coffee". This album features melodies and songs so catchy, that you can't shake them as hard as you may try. "First Time" is Morning Musume's most innocent and solid releases to date. Recommended to all J-pop fans around, both old and new.
Morning Musume 3rd Love Paradise
Morning Musume Best! Morning Musume 1
The definite Morning Musume collection. This compilation features almost every MoMusu golden
age song, from the beginning ("Ai no Tane", ironically put at the very end), to the recent
[at the time] "Ren'ai Revolution 21". This album is an absolute "Best Of" compilation, if
there ever was one. Pick this up, and (if possible), pick up "Best! Morning Musume 2" and
you will pretty much have all the Morning Musume you need. Indeed a classic.
Mothercoat Interphone
Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban Saike na Koibito
Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle
Mr.Children Shifuku no Oto
Mr.Orange Time Flies
Mr.Orange Best
Mushroomhead XX
Mushroomhead Superbuick
My Bloody Valentine Loveless
N'Shukugawa Boys Thank You
N'Shukugawa Boys Planet Magic
N.W.A. Straight Outta Compton
NAHT The Spelling of My Solution
Naked City Naked City
Naked City Torture Garden
Nas Illmatic
Nas The Lost Tapes
Necro I Need Drugs
Necro Necro EP
Nenes Natsu ~Urizun~
New Rote'ka Drinkin' Boys
Classic Japanese punk, from the Japanese punk legends New Rote'ka. Extremely recommended to punk fans, both new and old.
New Rote'ka Best 2000-2006 Geneki
Possibly my favorite New Rote'ka album. Fast paced, balls to the wall, in your face, good ol' fashioned punk with a healthy mix of modern punk. Wonderful compilation from the start, until the very end.
New Rote'ka Best Of
All songs will get in your head, punk fan or not. These guys can make the most anti-punk people in the world become believers. All hail the mighty, indie power that is New Rote'ka!
Newest Model Counter Censorship
Nico Touches the Walls Runova X Handover
Nicotine Royal Mellow Day
Nobodyknows Nobody Knows
Nomico Nomico no mi
Noodles Snap
Noodles Fuzz Hill
Noodles Rainbow
Noriyuki Makihara Self Portrait
Noriyuki Makihara Kimi wa Boku no Takaramono
Nudge'em All The Music is Playing Inside My Head
Nunchaku Nunchaku
Nunchaku Ichibu Fubaku
Odd-Bowz Dirty Market
Off Course The Best Year of My Life
Onyanko Club Panic the World
One of the most bizarre, yet hypnotizing albums of the late 1990s. In this very debut, Yoshimi of Boredoms fame proves how well she can do on her own. Fronted by an all-female band of chaotic, spacey rhythms, and Yoshimi's hypnotizing, dazzlingly vocals, form an experience like you've never had before. Recommended sheerly to Boredoms fans, and experimental music fans in general.
OutKast Big Boi and Dre Present...OutKast
OutKast Stankonia
Owarikara Door Tachi
Ozrosaurus Rhyme Darts
P-Model The Way of Live (Live no Houhou)
Penicillin Union Jap
Picasso Picasso
Pierrot Private Enemy
Pirokalpin Genchou to Gensou no Genshou
Pirokalpin Maboroshi Anthology
Plastic Tree Parade
Prince Controversy
Prince Purple Rain
Prince O(+>
Prince The Hits/The B-Sides
Project Born Born Dead
Public Enemy Power to the People and the Beats
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Qlair Palette
Raphael Raphael Singles
Rashinban Rago
Rashinban Hajimari
Real Time Spiritual
Rebirth 3P ~The Three Phrases~
Remioromen Asagao
Rico Blanco Your Universe
Rico Blanco Galactik Fiestamatik
Ride Ride
Rookiez is Punk'd From Dusk Till Dawn
Rouage Soup
Russian Ballet Dan Shinkumu
S.L.A.C.K. Gaji Omou Ai
S.R.S Across the Mindset
Screw Nanairo no Rei Enka
Scudelia Electro Scudelia Electro
Seeda Detonator
Seiko Matsuda The 9th Wave
Seiko Matsuda Diamond Expression
Seiko Matsuda Area62
Senri Oe 1234
Shakalabbits Shakalabbits
Shakalabbits Brackish
Sharan Q Best of History
Sherbet Sherbet
Shocker X Lies!
Shocking Lemon Blue Room
Shonen Kamikaze Stukizd!!!
Siam Shade Siam Shade IX A-Side Collection
Sleep My Dear Plastic Earth
Slipknot Slipknot
Snoop Dogg Doggystyle
Snoop Dogg Tha Doggfather
Soft Ballet 3 [Drai]
Soft Ballet Ai to Heiwa
Soul Flower Kamuy Ipirma
Sound Horizon Elysion ~Rakuen Gensou Monogatari Kumikyoku~
Soundgarden A-Sides
Sparks Go Go Rockwork Orange
Sparks Go Go Desert
Speed-ID I-D The D.O.S Edition
Spitz Fake Fur
Sports Kirin Shutsugen/This Here Giraffe
Spread Unknown Place
Stance Punks The World is Mine
Straightener Straighten It Up
Strawberry Fields Charme
Their finest album in their career, and perhaps one of the finest albums in visual kei history. Full of aged, yet highly addictive rhythms that take you back to the birth of the 90's and the tiptoe end of the 80's. Highly recommended to both old visual kei fans and fans of aged, yet highly "charming" rock.
Sugar Hiccup Oracle
SuiseiNoboAz ubik
Sukima Switch Kimi no Hanashi
Suns Owl Over
Super Junky Monkey Super Junky Alien
Surface Phase
Susumu Hirasawa Aurora
Susumu Hirasawa Kyuusai no Gihou
Switch Style ....To Infinity
Switch Style Switch Style
Switchblade Symphony The Three Calamities
Syoko Soil
T-Bolan T-Bolan
T-Square Truth
Taco (JPN) Taco
Taco (JPN) Second
Tak Matsumoto Thousand Wave
Tamio Okuda Failbox
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Everything
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
Test-No. 007
The Alfee UK Breakfast
The Alfee The Renaissance
The Alfee Glint Beat
The Birthday Massacre Violet
The Birthday Massacre Imagica (Remaster)
The Blue Hearts SUPER BEST
The Boom Shishunki
The Checkers Go
The Checkers Shin'ai Naru George Spring Hill Band Sama
The Cure Faith
The Cure Pornography
The Cure Seventeen Seconds
The Cure Staring at the Sea
The Cure Galore
The Dillinger Escape Plan Irony Is a Dead Scene
The Discocks Fast's Discocks
The Discocks Long Live Oi!
The Gerogerigegege More Shit E.P
The Hiatus Anomaly
The High-Lows Lobster
The London Times Mukiryoku na Jidai
The Mad Capsule Markets digidogheadlock
The Mad Capsule Markets Osc-Dis (Oscillator In Distortion)
The Mirraz Necessary Evil
The Mission III
The Mods Fight or Flight
The Piass Ryouki Kousatsu Chissoku-Shi
A highly different album from The Piass, than what they would be known for later on. A highly spaztic, punk-fused album, straight off the streets of Tokyo. The Piass are not real known for their punk roots, as much as they are known for their noisy/amped metal sound. But this sound is pretty much completely different. The feedback/amped vocals are still in tact. However, this sound is completely revolutionary, as it sort of helped pave the way for their later sound. A superb album, but beware... for this album may surprise the common Piass fan.
The Pillows Fool on the Planet
The Pillows FLCL No.3
The Pogo The Pogo
The Pogo Best of The Pogo
The Prodigy Their Law:The Singles 1990-2005
The Residents Intermission
The Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream
The Stalin Joy
The Star Club Punk! Punk! Punk!
The Youth The Youth
The Zip Guns This Is Your Life
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Rodeo Tandem Beat Specter
TM Network Expo
Tokusatsu Nuiguruma
Tokyo Shonen Tokyo Shonen
Trix Force
Tube N-A-T-S-U
Tube Say Hello
Tulip Mahou no Kiiro Ikutsu
Twiztid Cryptic Collection
Twiztid Mostasteless (OG)
Ulfuls Banzai
Ulfuls Best Daze!!
Ultra Bide The Original Ultra Bide
Ultramagnetic MCs Critical Beatdown
Unicorn (JPN) Boom
Upper Password
Valen Hsu Lei Hai
Velvet Eden Street of Alice
Vidoll Bijinkei
Violent J Wizard Of The Hood
Vivian Hsu Tianshi Xiang
Wands Piece of My Soul
White Zombie Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
Wink Each Side of Screen
Wolfgang Ang Bagong Dugo Sa Lumang Ugat - Unang Kabanata
World Order World Order
Wrench Hipoteeze...
Wrench Clinic of 'Satanic'
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Wu-Tang Clan Legend of the Wu-Tang Clan
Wyolica Wyolica Best Collection ~All the Things You Are~
X-Ray Dentou Hakai ~Tradition Breaker~
Yanagi Nagi Freirinite
Yapoos CD-Y
Yellow Magic Orchestra Solid State Survivor
Yosui Inoue Under the Sun
Yosui Inoue Danzetsu
Yotsukaido Nature Yotsukaido Nature
You the Rock XTRM
Yui Horie Mizutamari ni Utsuru Sekai
Yuki Uchida Nakitakunalu
Yukihiro Takahashi Wild & Moody
Yumi Matsutoya Surf & Snow
Yumi Matsutoya No Side
Yumi Matsutoya Da-Di-Da
Yura Yura Teikoku Taiyou no Shiroi Kona
Zabadak Sora Tobu Yume
Zabadak Hachimitsu Hakusho
Zabadak Hikari Furu Asa
Zabadak Something in the Air
Zard Golden Best: 15th Anniversary
Zard Today is Another Day
Zeppet Store Swing, Slide, Sandpit
Zigzo Got “S” and dis-Star -Best of ZIGZO-
Sadly, one of the most underrated and unappreciated bands in J-rock history, this is an outstanding conclusion to one of Japan's most refreshing groups in modern rock.
Zin-Say Substance III

4.5 superb
(hed) p.e. Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom: The Best of Hed P.E.
(hed) p.e. New World Orphans
-OZ- Versus
10-Feet Life is Sweet
10-Feet Thread
100s Sekai no Flower Road
12012 Not Obtain+1
175R Melody
19 Mugendai
19 Best
2Pac Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
2Pac Greatest Hits
2Pac Me Against the World
30% Less Fat 2nd ~Segare~
30% Less Fat America Udon
4 East Flava Too Much Flava
50 Cent Guess Who's Back
5lack 5-Sence
6cyclemind Fiesta! Magsasaya Ang Lahat
6ft.Down Invitation to Anesthesia
88kasyo Junrei Hachi-jyu Hachi
88kasyo Junrei 0088
88kasyo Junrei SYG88
9nine First9
A Flood of Circle Love is Like a Rock'n'Roll
A Flood of Circle Best Ride
A Tribe Called Quest People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm
A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders
AA= #3
AAA Attack
AAA Around
AAA depArture
AAA 777 ~Triple Seven~
Abnormals No Surrender
Abnormals Sympathy
Abnormals Inishie Violent
Aburadako 1989
Aburadako 2000
Access Best Selection
Access Access II
Aceyalone Book of Human Language
Acidman Equal
Acidman And World
Acma Crying Face Mark
Aco Nude
Aco Absolute Ego
Aco Irony
Adam and the Ants Prince Charming
Adam and the Ants Kings of the Wild Frontier
Addis Black Widow The Battle of Adwa
Aegis Greatest Hits
Afrirampo We Are Uchu no ko
Agallah Wrap Your Lips Around This
Agallah The Crookie Monster
Aggressive Dogs Lycaon's Den
Aggressive Dogs Succeed
Aggressive Dogs Truth & News! Media!!
Aggroknuckle Unshakable Determination
Aimer Midnight Sun
Aion Aionism
Air Swell All Lead Tracks
Akai Ko-en Ko-en Debut
Akai Ko-en Laundry de Hyouhaku wo
Akiakane Hana wa Sakuragi Hito wa Bushi
Akiakane No White Supremacy
Akiko Shikata Haikyo to Rakuen
Akina Nakamori Variation
Akina Nakamori Fushigi
Akina Nakamori Fantasy
Akina Nakamori Cross My Palm
Akina Nakamori La Alteracion
Aklo The Package
Akutagawa Akutagawa
Ala Point of View
Ala The Best Start Here
Aldious Determination
Aliene Ma'riage Les Soiree Yoru no Budoukai/Senrei no Shou
Alisa Mizuki Cute
ALSDEAD Modality
Altered States Mosaic
Amazarashi Yuuhi Shinkou Higashizumu
Amazarashi Nee Mama Anata no Iutoori
Amazarashi 0.6
Amazarashi Anomie
American Football American Football
American Soul Spiders E.P.
Ami Suzuki SA
Ami Suzuki Infinity Eighteen Vol. 1
Anarchy Rob the World
Anarchy (Punk) Anarchy
Anarchy Stone WAOOH!!!
Anarchy Stone Anarchy Stone
androp Note
androp Door
androp Relight
andymori Hikari
andymori Uchuu no Hate wa Kono me no Mae ni
Angelspit Krankhaus
Angie Uzu
Angry Frog Rebirth Dance in the Dark
Best... band name... ever. Pretty awesome music too.
Anthrax Among the Living
Anti Feminism Kyohan Sabetsu Hinichijouteki
Antietam Everywhere Outside
Antietam Rope-a-Dope
Aphex Twin Windowlicker
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album
Apogee Touch in Light
Apogee Mugen Tower
Art Bears The World As It Is Today
Arukara Fiction wo Kagakusuru
Arukara Kotchi wo Mite Iru
Asakusa Jinta Asakusa Ondo
Asakusa Jinta Fes! Fes! Fes!
Asakusa Jinta Setsuna
Asakusa Jinta Beat the Gloca-Rhythm!
Asparagus Kappa II
Asparagus Mont Blanc
Asphalt Frustration Autochrome
Asriel Yume no Mayu Tsumugu Moumoku no Rinbu
Asriel Awaki Yumemiru Yoiyami no Mukuro Hana
Asriel Oratorium
Asriel Xanadu
Asriel Gekkou Chou Mau Shinku no Rakuen
Assfort Ejaculation
Asylum (JPN) Farewell (To Lovely...)
Asylum (JPN) Blind Eyes
Atata Atata
Atban Klann Grass Roots
Atrophia Red Sun Twisted Logic
Auto-Mod Requiem (Biyuku Jidai e no Requiem)
Avandoned Picnic at Nerd Park
AvelCain Kotonoha
AvelCain Jiseki no Mushiro
Avengers in Sci-Fi Science Rock
Awkward Hure Kie
Aya Matsuura x 3
Ayabie Ayabie Sokukan Ongenshuu
Ayabie Tetsu no Shima
Ayaka Sing to the Sky
Ayumi Hamasaki Nothing from Nothing
B'z Survivor
B'z Brotherhood
B'z Green
B-Dash Freedom
B-Dash Hofu
B-Flower World's End Laundry
B-Flower Clockwise
B-Kool Kool Stuff
B.B. Queens Party
Babamania Ilnana
Babamania Bababest Best Selection
Babamania Diskord
BaBe Bravo!
BaBe Fight!
Babes In Toyland Spanking Machine
Babes In Toyland Fontanelle
Back Drop Bomb The New South Hand Blows and North Kick Blows
Back Drop Bomb Nipsong
Back Drop Bomb Micromaximum
Bacteria Garden
Baiser Kaleidoscope
Baku Fushigi na Magic
Baku Kikoeru ~Power of Dreams~
Bakufu-Slump Jungle
Bakufu-Slump Raku
Bakufu-Slump Seishun Ou
Balloons 9:40PM
Balloons Egal Ist 88
Bambi Synapse Weather Forecast
Bamboo As the Music Plays
Barbee Boys Freebee
Barbee Boys Listen! Barbee Boys 4
Barbie Almalbis Parade
Base Ball Bear (What is the) Love & Pop?
Base Ball Bear Yume is Vision
Base Ball Bear 17 Sai
Base Ball Bear Cypress Girls
Bathtub Shitter Lifetime Shitlist
Batteries Batteries
Beardsley Crank Up
Beardsley Fly the Flag
Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill
Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
Beat Crusaders Sexcite!
My favorite Beat Crusaders release, and the more harder ones to find. Almost perfect, however, it runs a bit too long for me at least. However, it still is a wonderful release, and is my personal favorite by them. Bravo, BECR.... bravo.
Beck Odelay
BeForU BeForU II
Bella Morte Where Shadows Lie
Bella Morte Beautiful Death
Bellzlleb Bellzlleb
Berry Roll Change Your Life
Berry Roll Daydreaming
Berryz Koubou 7 Berryz Times
Beyond (HK) Yong Yuan Deng Dai (Forever Waiting)
Beyond (HK) Beyond IV
Beyond (HK) Ji Xu Ge Ming (Continue the Revolution)
Beyond (HK) Sound
Beyonds Unlucky
Beyonds Weekend
Beyonds Heiseimuku
Big Ass XL
Big L Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous
Bigmama And Yet, It Moves~Tadashii Chikyuu no Mawashikata~
Bigmama Roclassick
Bigmama Kimi ga Mata Burausu no Botan o Todomeru Made
Bird Bird
Bis Return to Central
Bis The New Transistor Heroes
Bis We Are Bis from Glasgow, Scotland
Bitch Damnation Alley
Bitch Be My Slave
Black Gene for the Next Scene Doom
Blahrmy A Report of the Birdstrike
Blake Babies Nicely, Nicely
Blankey Jet City C.B.Jim
Blankey Jet City Shiawase no Kane ga Narihibiki Boku wa...
Blaze Ya Dead Homie 1 Less G N Da Hood
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Colton Grundy
Bleach03 Migi mo Hidari mo Shihai Suru...
Bleach03 Kibakuzai
Blink-182 Greatest Hits
Blizard Show Me the Way
Blizard Hard Times
Blizard Hot Shot!
Blood (JPN) Vengeance For Blood 3
Blood (JPN) Les Fleurs du Mal
Blood (JPN) Best Collection 2002-2007
Blood of Abraham Future Profits
Blood Stain Child Mozaiq
Blue Boy Propeller Shaft
Blue Boy Lookin' For Days
Bluebeard Bluebeard
Blur Leisure
Blur Blur
Blur Blur 21
Bo Gumbos Bo & Gumbo
Bo-Peep 0x3
Bo-Peep Thank You
Boat (JPN) Listening Suicidal
Bomb Factory Bomb Factory
Bomb Factory Fat Boost
Bomb Factory Closed
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Creepin On Ah Come Up
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony E 1999 Eternal
Bonnie Pink Heaven's Kitchen
Bonnie Pink Blue Jam
Bonnie Pink Chasing Hope
Boogie Down Productions By All Means Necessary
Boondox The Harvest
Boowy Beat Emotion
Boowy Instant Love
Boowy Moral
Boowy This Boowy
Boredoms Wow 2
Boredoms Chocolate Synthesizer
Boredoms Soul Discharge
Not as good as the 1994 re-release, but still an excellent album. Definitely a landmark in the noise rock genre.
Born 2wice Child 4 Freestyle
BowWow Hoero! Bow Wow
BowWow Signal Fire
Brahman The Middle Way
Brahman Antinomy
Brain Drive Brain Washing
Brand-new Idol Society Idol is Dead
Bread and Water Strength in Numbers
Bread and Water Future Memories
Breakerz Go
Breath Heart of Mine
BUCK-TICK Razzle Dazzle
BUCK-TICK 13-kai wa Gekkou
One of the best albums Buck-Tick released in years.
BUCK-TICK Kurutta Taiyou
Buckethead It's Alive
Buckethead Forgotten Library
Buddha Brand Kurofune
Buddha Brand Ningen Hatsudenjo ~Prologue~
Bufferins Corrupt
BuG Bugmania
BuG Impossible is Nothing
BugLug Super Nova
Bugy Craxone Yuganda Ao to Hakenai Kanjou no Soko
Bugy Craxone Blanket
Bugy Craxone Napolitan Lemonade We Are Happy
Bugy Craxone Hello, Punk Lovers
Buono! Partenza
Burger Nuds Best
Busta Rhymes Extinction Level Event
Busta Rhymes When Disaster Strikes...
Busta Rhymes The Coming
Busta Rhymes Turn It Up! The Very Best Of
Butcher ABC Butchered at Birth Day
By Phar the Dopest By Phar the Dopest
By-Sexual Culture Shock
By-Sexual Cracker
C-ute Cutie Queen Vol. 1
Cage Movies for the Blind
Cali Agents How the West Was One
Cali Gari 8
One of their most openminded releases to date, this album features a bizarre range of audio experimentation. This album includes mostly bizarre post punk, with a bit of pop and electro thrown in for good measure. One of their best releases, but also one of their most weirdest. For openminded music lovers ONLY.
Cam'ron Purple Haze
Candies Anata ni Muchuu ~Uchiki na Candies~
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life
Cantoy Zan -Kill-
Cantoy Kareshi wa Metara Watashi wa Menhera
Captain Hedge Hog Bonanza
Carnation Duck Boat
Carnation Young Wise Men
Casbah Infinite Pain
Casbah Swan Song
Cascade Viva!
Cascade Adrenalin No.5
Casiopea Light and Shadows
Casiopea Sun Sun
Casiopea Euphony
Casiopea Super Flight
cero World Record
Cesium_137 Luminous
Chage 2nd
Chage and Aska Guys
Chage and Aska Z=One
Chage and Aska Mr. Asia
Chakra Chakra
Champagne I Wanna Go to Hawaii
Chaos Channel (Magic Bullet) - That Works to Feed the Pig
Chara Junior Sweet
Chara Sweet
Chara Strange Fruits
Chara Something Blue
Charcoal Filter Made in Hi-High
Charcoal Filter Kokoro no Kitamichi
Charcoal Filter Everything You Know is Wrong
Charmy Smile & Green Head Sukiyaki
Chemistry The Way We Are
Chemistry Second to None
Chisato Moritaka Kotoshi no Natsu wa More Better
Chisato Moritaka Mite
Chisato Moritaka Peachberry
Chitose Hajime Hainumi Kaze
Chitose Hajime Hanada Iro
Chocolat One Too Many Chocolat
Chocolat Chocolate Notes
Chocolat Chocolat a la Mode
Cibo Matto Pom Pom: The Essential Cibo Matto
Cinema Staff Cinema Staff
Clammbon Dramatic
Clammbon JP
Close For You...
Co-Fusion Co-Fu2
Coaltar of the Deepers No Thank You
Cobra Stand the Pressure
Cobra Cobra
Cobra O.K. Ride On
Cobra 1984
Cocco Kumui Uta
Cocco Rapunzel
Cock Roach Mushi no Mushi to Mushi no Mushi
Cocobat Cocobat Crunch
Cocobat Return of Grasshopper
Cocobat I Versus I
Cocobat Fire Ant Moving Co.
Color Geki-Totsu!!
Color Filter Sleep in a Synchrotron
Color It Red Pop Fiction
Color It Red Hand-Painted Sky
Coma-Chi Day Before Blue
Complex Romantic 1990
Confusion Blue View
Conga Fury Natural Noise
Convex Level Hall Man Into Man Hall
Convex Level Universe is a Frog as Itself
Convex Level donotcl
Cool Drive Drive Home
Cool Drive Rainbow Juice
Cool Spoon Two Mohicans
Core of Soul Rainbow
Core of Soul Natural Beauty
Cornelius 69/96
Cosa Nostra Mind Songs
Cosa Nostra Yippee!
Cowpers Yura Rashi Tsuzukeru
Cradle of Filth Midian
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace
Cranes Wings of Joy
Cranes Inescapable
Crazy Ken Band Punch! Punch! Punch!
Creep Hyp Odoriba Kara Ai wo Komete
Creep Hyp Fuki Koboreru Hodo no I, Ai, Ai
Creep Hyp Hitotsu ni Narenai Nara, Semete Futatsu Dakede Iyo
Crude 1999
Crude Attitude
Crunt Crunt
Crustation Bloom
Cruyff in the Bedroom Saudargia
Cuezero Zero
Cune Great Splash
Curve Cherry
Curve Frozen
Cutemen Check Manifest
Cycheouts Quantum Jungle
Cycheouts N Paka Overdrive
Cycheouts King of the Beats
Cyntia Lady Made
Cyst Concussion Symphony
D Vampire Saga
D Tafel Anatomie
D Neo Culture ~Beyond the World~
D'erlanger Lazzaro
D'erlanger #Sixx
D'espairsRay 眩-genwaku-惑
D'espairsRay -Terrors-
D-Project Tempest
D.S.B. No Fight No Get.
D.S.B. Wings Continue to Strive with Unchanged Mind
D.S.B. Useless System Abuse
Da Bubblegum Brothers B★P
Da Pump Beat Ball
Da Pump The Next Exit
Dabo Platinum Tongue
Daichi Miura D-Rock with U
Daiquiri Flower Shaped Num Nums
Daishi Dance Melodies Melodies
Daishi Dance Wonder Tourism
Daisuke Asakura Violet Meme -Murasaki no Jyouhoudentatsu Chi-
Daisuke Asakura Indigo Algorithm -Ai no Denshi Kisuuhou-
Daisy Chainsaw Eleventeen
Ear piercing, 90's noise rock, Daisy Chainsaw has a sound of their own. Combining f****d up vocals, ear piercing distortion and offering an album that will ultimately only appeal to a certain audience, it's no wonder how quickly Daisy Chainsaw developed a following. If you're into noise rock with 90's punk overtones, then I recommend it. Not for the weak of hearing.
Dallax Big Proud
Dallax Core Color
Dance Man Greatest Hits
Danny Brown XXX
Daria Kawashima Will
Dark Lotus Black Rain
Dasein Hyper Beat Rock
Dasein Gensonzai
Dataspeaker Strike!
Date of Birth Planet DOB
Daybehavior Adored
Dazzle Vision Kirari
Dazzle Vision To the Next
One of their brightest moments (no pun intended). "Vision" is pretty much one of their strongest songs yet.
De De Mouse Tide of Stars
De De Mouse A Journey to Freedom
De De Mouse To Milkyway Planet EP
Dead End Dead Line
Dead Ends Complaints
Dead Silence Hides My Cries The Wretched Symphony
Deadly Venoms Antidote
Deadman (JPN) 701125+2
Deadman (JPN) In the Direction of Sunrise and Night Light
Deadsy Deadsy
Death Leprosy
Death March Kantai Tengoku to Jigoku ~ Ai to Shinjitsu no Jibakudan
An excellent followup to "Ano Machi Kono..." An equally weird, yet satisfying release.
Death Side The Will Never Die
Decameron (JPN) Dearest
Def.Master Destroyer Has a Godmind
Delacroix Araise
Delacroix Mell-Moth
Denki Groove Orange
Denki Groove 662 BPM By DG
An underrated album by the legendary technopop duo. Fuckin fantastic. The biggest highlight being "Denkibiribiri". That shit gets the party going, and house burning.
Denki Groove Flash Papa Menthol
Deshabillz Toumei Mayu
Deshabillz Hakuga no Tsubasa
Devil Kitty Akuma Kitcha
Diddy No Way Out
Die Antwoord $O$
Dip Dip
Dip Feu Follet
Dip in the Pool Retinae
Dip in the Pool Brown Eyes
Dir En Grey Dum Spiro Spero
Dir En Grey Uroboros
Dir En Grey GAUZE
Dir En Grey Hageshisa To, Kono Mune no Naka de Karamitsuita...
Fuckin badass single.... what else is there to say?
Dirty Old Men Time Machine
Distorted Memorial
Dizzy Joghurt Inside Out Upside Down
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Greatest Hits
DMX It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
Doccoi Animal House
Doccoi This is Straight Hate
Doddodo Donomichi Doddodo
Dog in the PWO One
Dog in the PWO 101
Dohatsuten Tokyo Lonely Samurai Man
Dohatsuten Nipponia Nippon
Dohatsuten Tabbey Road
Doimoi Dialectic and Apocalypse
Domestic Child ~Yume, Saki Ita?~
Double Crystal
Dr. Dre The Chronic
Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst
Dr.StrangeLove Dr.StrangeLove
Dracena Demonic Women
Dragon Ash Mustang!
Dragon Ash Public Garden
Dream (JPN) Process
Dream (JPN) ID
Dreams Come True Love Goes On...
Dreams Come True The Swinging Star
Droop Loye Loye
Drumkan Drumkan
Drumkan Save the World
Drumkan As Life
Drunken Wisdom Kansome
Dry Kill Logic The Dead and Dreaming
Dub War Dub Warning
DuelJewel Bullet
DuelJewel Visions
DuelJewel Will
Dying Fetus Purification Through Violence
One of the very best death metal records I've heard, I will not lie. "Blunt Force Trauma" made me a believer in the power of the Dying Fetus.
Earl Sweatshirt Doris
Earl Sweatshirt I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside
East End X Yuri Denim-ed Soul 2
Eastern Youth 旅路ニ季節ガ燃エ落チル
Eastern Youth EAST END LAND
Eastern Youth 地球の裏から風が吹く
Easy Grip Feel So Fine
Eazy-E Eternal E
Eazy-E Eazy-Duz-It
Ebi Punk Janjakajan
ECD Season Off
Echostream Identity
EE Jump EE Jump Collection 1
Ego-Wrappin' Naimono Nedari no Dead Heat
Ego-Wrappin' Ego Wrappin' and the Gossip of Jaxx
Eiko Shimamiya O
Eins:Vier Timeless Words
Eins:Vier Mind
Electric Eel Shock Transworld Ultra Rock
Elekki Bran Slip
Elekki Bran Ultra Powder
Elephant Kashimashi II
Elephant Kashimashi Ore no Michi
Elephant Kashimashi Starting Over
Elephant Kashimashi Masterpiece
Ellegarden My Own Destruction
Ellegarden Eleven Fire Crackers
Elrevig Red
Elva Hsiao 3 Faced Elva
Elva Hsiao Zhuan Shi Tang
EMALF Try Again
Emilie Autumn Opheliac
Eminem Infinite
Emmuree Haiiro
Ends Spacy
EP-4 The Crystal Monster
EPMD Unfinished Business
EPO Harmony
Eraserheads Cutterpillow
Eraserheads Fruitcake
Eraserheads Sticker Happy
Eric B and Rakim Paid in Full
Eric B and Rakim Follow the Leader
Eriko Tamura May be Dream
Esham Bootleg: From the Lost Vault
Esham Closed Casket
Esham Judgement Day, Vol. 4
Esham Detroit Dogshit
Eths Samantha
One of the most underrated metal bands of today. Combining nu metal elements and various
alternative metal influences, Eths have their own sound that no one else can replicate. Not
even in their most fucked of dreams.
Eufonius Eufonius
Eufonius Sigma
Eufonius Areseia
Every Little Thing 4 Force
Every Little Thing Many Pieces
Every Little Thing Door
Every Little Thing Fun-Fare
Evisbeats Amida
EX Exhibition
eX-Girl Heppoco Pou
eX-Girl Kero! Kero! Kero!
Exile (JPN) Entertainment
exist trace Recreation Eve
EZO Fire Fire
Fabulous Disaster Pretty Killers
Fabulous Disaster Panty Raid
Faith and the Muse Ankoku Butoh
Faith and the Muse Annwyn, Beneath the Waves
Faith No More The Real Thing
Faith No More Who Cares a Lot?
Fame Stand by My Soul
Fanatic Crisis Taiyou no Toriko
Fanatic Crisis One -One For All-
Fanatic Crisis Pop
Fanatic Crisis Beautiful World
Fanatic Crisis Marvelous+
Fantastic Plastic Machine Luxury
Fear The Record
Fear Live...For the Record
Fear Factory Demanufacture
Feel Rise
Feel So Bad Endorphine
Feel So Bad In Trance
Fellsilent The Hidden Words
Femme Fatale (JPN) Freya
Femme Fatale (JPN) Gladsheim -Noir-
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense II
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense V Time
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense VII Ride
Fence of Defense Punk Tang Edges
Field of View III ~Now Here No Where~
Field of View Lovely Jubbly
Fishmans Kuuchuu Camp
Fishmans King Master George
Flame (JPN) Boys' Quest
Flare Reference to Difference
Flatlinerz U.S.A.
Flay Fly2K
Flipper's Guitar Three Cheers for Our Side
Flipper's Guitar Doctor Head's World Tower
Floppy Floppy
Fluffy Black Eye
Flunk For Sleepyheads Only
Flying Kids Home Town
Flying Kids Tsuzuite Yuku no ka na
Folder5 Hyper Groove 1
Folder5 Best Collection Album
Folks Snowtown
Folks Blue & Yellow
Foo Fighters The Colour and the Shape
Foo Fighters Greatest Hits
Forward While You Alive
fOUL Dostoevsky Groove
fOUL Rengoku no Naka de
Four Get Me a Nots Silver Lining
Four Get Me a Nots Elixer
Four Get Me a Nots Blinks
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 The Late, Late, Late Show
FripSide 2nd Fragment of fripSide
FripSide 3rd Reflection of fripSide
Fruity Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum
FU-MU Pop Eye Snob
Fu-Schnickens F.U. Don't Take It Personal
Fu-Schnickens Greatest Hits
Fugees The Score
Fugees Greatest Hits
Fujifabric Fab Fox
Fujifabric Chronicle
Fukurowz Sabaku no Ryuukeichi
Fukurowz Magic Moment
Fullscratch All Year Round
Fulltrap Worst Life
Fulltrap Aggression of Trap
Fulltrap Heartbeating
Fuzzy Control Fuzzy Control
Fuzzy Control Rocks
Fuzzy Control 2 (Twice) (Tsuujou Ban)
G-Schmitt Sin, Secret & Desire
G-Schmitt gArNeT
Gackt Mizerable
Gackt MARS
Galapagos (JPN) Down By Law
Galapagos (JPN) Honey Pie
Gang Starr Hard to Earn
Gao Gao Tanjou
Gao Roi Roi
Gargoyle Misogi
The guitar solo on Destroy... Jesus tap dancing Christ, dude.
Garlic Boys Garlicholic
Garlic Boys Narcissist Sengen
Garlic Boys Love
Garnet Crow Parallel Universe
Garnet Crow Terminus
Garnidelia Linkage Ring
Gastunk Mr. Gazime
Gastunk Dead Song
Gedo Gedo
Gedo Just Gedo
Gelugugu Spirytus
Gelugugu Masterpiece Cooking
Genitorturers Sin City
Genkaku Allergy Mouth to Mouth
Genkaku Allergy Psyche:Delic
Genkaku Allergy D no Susume
Genoa The End with Begin
Genoa What a Wonderful Life! Ha!!
Gerard Gerard
Gerard Irony of Fate
Gerard The Pendulum
Gerard Sighs of the Water
Gesu no Kiwami Otome Minna Normal
Geto Boys Uncut Dope
Ghetto Doggs Born to Kill the Devil
Girl Next Door Agaruneku!
Girugamesh Reason of Crying
GLAY Heavy Gauge
GLAY Pure Soul
Globe Globe
Ahh yes... the classic self titled Globe debut album. The definitive J-pop album to certain circles, this album is a sheer classic in the world of Japanese pop, and Globe experiments with various electronica based sounds with the sound of sweet guitar riffs (a great example being "Sweet Pain".) One of the hottest selling albums in Japanese history, it's no question the Japanese have great taste in popular music. Bottom line: Globe's debut album is as great and effective as it was fifteen years ago. A classic that can never be faded...
Gloc-9 G9
Glory Hill Signs
Go-Bang's Go-Banic Land
God's Guts Young Men's Stereo
Going Steady さくらの唄
Going Under Ground h.o.p.s.
Going Under Ground Going Under Ground
Going Under Ground Shishunki no Blues
Golden Bomber Ren'ai Shuukyou Ron
Gollbetty Goll & Response
Gollbetty Scramble
Good 4 Nothing It's Shoooort Time!!
Good 4 Nothing Time to Go
Good 4 Nothing 24
Good Morning America Wallpaper Music ja Odoritakunai ze
Good on the Reel Orpheus no Gosenfu
Good on the Reel Schrodinger no Futari
Good on the Reel Marivuron no Shiki
Gorillaz Gorillaz
Gorillaz Demon Days
GPKISM Reliquia
Grand Slam Golden Bat
Grand Slam Rhythmic Noise
Grapevine Lifetime
Grapevine Everyman, Everywhere
Grapevine Circulator
Grapevine Kakusei
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep
Great 3 Metal Lunchbox
Great 3 May and December
GReeeeN Utautai ga Utautai ni Kite Uta Utae...
GReeeeN Aa, Domo. Hajimemashite
Green Day Dookie
Green Day Insomniac
Green Day 1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours
GremlinS Gokaru Chou
Griffin (JPN) The Phantom of the Shocker
Group X Stepping on the Crowtche owf Your President
Group_inou - (Under Bar)
Group_inou Fan
Growl Strike Scorpion Death Rock
Grubby 22 Months
Guano Apes Planet of the Apes
Guitar Vader Die Happy!
Guitar Vader Wild at Honey
Guniw Tools Other Goose
Guruguru Eigakan Drops
Definitely showing a more hardcore side, this release by Guruguru Eigakan is an asskicking, balls to the wall kinda album. Short but sweet, this album is a must have for all the visual kei fans out there, regardless of how hardcore you like your music.
Guruguru Eigakan Aru Ahou no Hansho Kouhen
One of the latest releases by the ero-guro/visual kei veterans Guruguru Eigakan. While this
release is still as spontaneous as ever to switch up tempos and rhythms almost every song
(yet somewhat tamer than before), the formula is polished down and mastered, which makes for
a real enjoyable listen. And while the band is still doing their thing, the listener's mind
is being overloaded with good times, and nightmares, just as it was before. Easily their
best release.
GWAR Scumdogs of the Universe
GWAR This Toilet Earth
Gyogun Rend's Off Beat
Gyogun Rend's King Rec Sessions
Gypsy Grind Tattle Tales
Hab I Scream Hab I Scream
Haku White Light
Haku Digitized Grisaille
Haku Symbiosis
HAL Violation of the Rules
HAL As Long as You Love Me
Hal from Apollo '69 Suck My Blood Baby
Hal from Apollo '69 Pyramid of Venus
Halcali Cyborg Oretachi
Way better than I thought. Bright spots such as "Koi no Bubunbun", "Driver's License", "Tip
Tap's Tip" and "HaruKari Michi~19 no Yoru~" will have you dancing throughout most of the
album. Showing a lot more influences than their previous premature successes "Halcali Bacon"
& "Ongaku no Susume", I strongly recommend this album and dare I say it... I actually
believe it to be their best works! Well done, Halcali. Well done, indeed.
Hale Hale
Hale Above, Over and Beyond
Hale Kundiman
Hannya Ohayou Nippon
Hannya Nekosogi
Haruka to Miyuki Cyanotype
Haruomi Hosono S-F-X
Haruomi Hosono Paraiso
Haruomi Hosono Cochin Moon
Hate Honey Detoroit
Hate Honey Nineteen Hits, 1996-2006
He In Sequence
He Hir Large Crimps
Head Phones President Folie a Deux
Head Phones President Vary
heidi. Alpha
heidi. Panorama
Hello Sleepwalkers Majiru Yoru: Nemuranai Wakusei
Hello Sleepwalkers Masked Monkey Awakening
Hello Sleepwalkers Planless Perfection
Helmet Strap It On
Hermann H. and the Pacemakers Heavy Fitness
Hermann H. and the Pacemakers Input!
Hi-Posi 4n5
Hi-Posi The View of Humannature as Fundamentally Good
Hi-Posi House
Hi-Posi Karada to Uta Dake no Kankei
Hi-Standard Angry Fist
Hi-Standard Making The Road
Hicksville Sunset Blvd.
hide Psyence
Hideaki Tokunaga Girl
Hijokaidan Zouroku no Kibyou
Hijokaidan Limited Edition
Hikaru Genji Hi!
Hikaru Genji Hey! Say!
Hikaru Genji Hello...I Love You
Hikashu Hikashu
Hikashu Teichou na Omotenashi
Hikashu Hana Uta Hajime Humming Soon
Himekami Hokuten Gensou
Himekami Zipangu
Himekami Kaze no Joumon
Himekami Joumon Kairyuu ~Kaze no Joumon III~
Himekami Sennen Kairou
Hiromi Go Narci-Rhythm
Hiroyuki Takami Saturation Flower
hitomi Go to the Top
hitomi Huma-rhythm
hitomi By Myself
Hizaki Curse of Virgo
Short, but as satisfactory as an EP can get. I mean, the "Race Wish" solo is why this EP is perfection.
Hoff Dylan Washington, C.D.
Hoff Dylan Hoff Dylan
Hondalady Prince
Hondalady 303
Hondalady World Record
Hondalady Sampling Madness
Honeydip Another Sunny Day
Hoppy Kamiyama Ongaku Ou
House of Krazees Homebound
House of Krazees Home Sweet Home
Howard Stern Crucified by the FCC
Human Waste Project E-lux
Husking Bee Put on Fresh Paint
Husking Bee Soma
I've Sound Level Octave
Ice (JPN) Ice
Ice (JPN) Right Now!
Ice Cube The Predator
Ice Cube Greatest Hits
Ice-T Greatest Hits: The Evidence
Iceman Gate I
Idiot Flesh Fancy
Idiot Flesh The Nothing Show
Idol Punch Violence Pop
Idol Punch Black Diamond
Idora Idora EP
Ikimono-gakari My Song Your Song
Ikimono-gakari I
Imago Take 2
Imago Blush
In-Hi Ryukyu Distortion
In-Hi Viva! Okinawa
In-Hi Indian Death Rock
Ina Section Let's
Ina Section We're Open
Inner City Posse Dog Beats
Ino Hidefumi Inocology
Inoran Watercolor
Inoran Photograph
Insane Clown Posse Ringmaster
Insane Clown Posse The Amazing Jeckel Brothers
Insane Clown Posse Bizaar
Insane Clown Posse Beverly Kills 50187
Insane Clown Posse Forgotten Freshness Volumes 1 & 2
Introvoys Line to Heaven
Inu Meshi Kuuna!
Inugami Circus-dan Jigoku no Komoriuta
Inugami Circus-dan Kaidan Kubitsuri no Mori
Inugami Circus-dan Keijijou no Eros
Inugami Circus-dan Viva! America
Ippu-Do Lunatic Menu
Itchyworms After All This Time
J Glaring Sun
J Urge
J Freedom No.9
Jack Off Jill Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
Jack or Jive Gyakkou
Jack or Jive Towards the Event Horizon
Jack or Jive Issin
Jacks Vacant World
Jagatara Nanban Torai
Jamie Madrox Phatso
Janne Da Arc Dearly
Janne Da Arc Chaos Mode
Japaharinet Tengoku Best ~Best Fire of Heaven~
Jelly Rodeo Gang
Jitterin' Jinn Hi-King
Jitterin' Jinn Here, Rattler, Here
Jitterin' Jinn Tentastic!
Jolin Tsai Castle
Jolin Tsai Don't Stop
Judgement Just Be...
Judgement Night Brings
Judy and Mary J.A.M
Judy and Mary Miracle Diving
Judy and Mary Pop Life
Juicy Fruits Drink!
Juicy Fruits 27 Bun no Koi
Juicy Fruits Mobius Game
Jun Matsue Work Out 'EP
Jun Matsue Gebageba Sengen
Jun Sky Walker(s) Hitotsu Dakishimete
Jun Togawa Tamahime-sama
Junior M.A.F.I.A. Conspiracy
Justin Warfield My Field Trip to Planet 9
Juvenile Juvenile Our Great Escape
K Dub Shine Genzai Jikoku
k-os Joyful Rebellion
Kagami The Broken Sequencer
Kagerou Rakushu
Kagerou Kagerou
Kagerou Jikasei Full Course
Kagrra Hyakki Kenran (Gorgeous Pandemonium)
Kahimi Karie Trapeziste
Kahimi Karie Le Roi Soleil
Kahimi Karie Journey to the Centre of Me
Kamaitachi Jekyll to Hyde ~ Masturbation
Kamaitachi I Love You
Kamikazee Maharot
Kamomekamome Bedside Donors
Kamomekamome Happy Rebirthday to You
Kan Gleam & Squeeze
Kan Girl to Love
Kan Happy Title -Koufuku Senshuken-
Kan Yowai Otoko no Katai Ishi
Kana-Boon Boku ga CD wo Dashitara
Kanjani8 KJ2 Zukkoke Dai Dassou
Kanojo in the Display Gold Experience
Kanye West The College Dropout
Kasutera Sekai no Goraku
Kasutera Yoku Mawaru Chikyuu
Katastrophy Wife Amusia
Katze Blind
Katze Stay Free
Kazumasa Oda K.Oda
Kazumasa Oda Sometime Somewhere
Kazumasa Oda Soukana
Kazuyoshi Saito Suteki na Nioi no Sekai
Kazuyoshi Saito Wonderful Fish
Keiko Utoku Kouri
Keiko Utoku Mangetsu ~Rhythm~
Kemuri Our PMA
Kemuri Circles
Kemuri All for This!
Ken Ishii Future in Light
Ken Ishii Sunriser
Ken Ishii Music for Daydreams
Ken Morioka Japanese
Kenichi Asai Johnny Hell
Kenickie Catsuit City
Kenji Otsuki Watakushi Dakara
Kenji Ozawa Eclectic
Kenji Ozawa Inu wa Hoeru ga Caravan wa Susumu
Kenji Sawada Julie IV Ima Boku wa Shiawase Desu
Kenji Sawada The Fugitive (Ai no Toubousha)
Kenji Sawada Mis Cast
Kenji Sawada Julie Song Calendar
Kenzi Bravo Johnny wa Konya mo Happyend
Kenzi and the Trips Sweet Dreams, Baby!
Ketchup Mania Love Me Til U Don't
Ketsumeishi Ketsunopolis 8
Kicell Tabi
Kicell Magic Hour
Kicell Akarui Maboroshi
Kick the Can Crew Magic Number
Kid Fresino Conq.u.er
Killer Mike Monster
Kimeru Glorious
Kimidori O-Wa-Ra-Na-I ~Oh, What a Night!~
King Brothers Blues
King Brothers 6x3
King Brothers [ ] (Niji-ban)
King Diamond Abigail
King Diamond The Best of King Diamond
King Giddra Saishuu Heiki
King Gordy Cobain's Diary
King Gordy Sings the Blues
KinKi Kids I Album: ID
KinKi Kids 39
A very solid and thoughtful compilation by the humongous Japanese pop duo.
KinKi Kids A Album
KinKi Kids E Album
Kinniku Shojo Tai Circus-dan Panorama Shima he Kaeru
Kinniku Shojo Tai Reticle-za Mousou
Reticle-za Mousou is definitely a close runner-up to Buddha L, but still can't satisfy like Buddha L can. However, it is their second most solid release to date, and is pretty alternative, as to the King-Show nature. Recommended to fans and, generally, alt. metal fans.
Kinniku Shojo Tai Sister Strawberry
An all around solid album. But the one that shines here the most is the ode to psychopsilocybin lovin' "Kinoko Power" (which translates to be "Mushroom Power) with some of the most epic solos in 80's metal history.
Kinniku Shojo Tai The Show Must Go On
Kinniku Shojo Tai Gekkou Chou
Kinoco Hotel Marianne no Yuuutsu
Kirinji Paper Driver's Music
Kirinji 47'45"
Kirinji For Beautiful Human Life
Kirinji Super View
Kiroro Nagai Aida ~Kiroro no Mori~
Kiroro Nanairo
Kiroro Four Leaves Clover
Kiroro Diary
Kiryu Another Side
Kishidan 1/6 Lonely Night
Kishidan Nipponjin
Kitchie Nadal Drama Queen TV
Kittie Until The End
Kiwiroll Vector
Kiwiroll Sono Ao Shashin
Kiyoshiro Imawano Razor Sharp
Kjwan 2StepMarv
Kjwan Kjwan IV Volume II
Klaus Nomi Klaus Nomi
Klaus Nomi Simple Man
KMD Mr. Hood
Kneuklid Romance Babylonian Dance
Knock Out Monkey Skank Up
Knock Out Monkey 0→Future
Knock Out Monkey Mr. Foundation
Kobukuro Calling
Kobukuro Grapefruits
Kohmi Hirose Bingo!
Kohmi Hirose Success Story
Kohmi Hirose Love Together
Kohmi Hirose Music D.
Koji 1200 America Daisuki!
Koji Kikkawa Glamorous Jump
Koji Kikkawa La Vie en Rose
Koji Kikkawa Shyness Overdrive
Koji Kikkawa Tarzan
Koji Kurumatani Usual Tone of Voice
Kome Kome Club Shari-Sharithm
Kome Kome Club E-B-I-S
Kome Kome Club Pushed Rice
Konta Even
Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Kosetsu Minami Kaeridou
Kou Machida Harafuri
Kou Machida Dotera Iyatsura
Kra Naro to Torte
A slightly lesser release compared to Gurico, but still a superb listen.
Kra Brahman
Kra Gurico
Their best release to date. Chockful of upbeat songs, with a nice twist of alt. Great album to start with.
Kra Joker's Kingdom
Kreva Go
Kuchiroro Everyday is a Symphony
Kudo Shizuka Joy
Kumiko Yamashita Anima Animus
Kumiko Yamashita And Sophia's Back
Kumiko Yamashita Smile
Kumiko Yamashita Aru Ai no Uta
Kuroi Mori Schwarzwald
Kuroki Nagisa Kuroki Nagisa
Kuso Iinkai Renaibeta no Tsukurikata
Kusu Kusu Cajon
Kuuki Koudan Melody
Kuuki Koudan Kuuki Koudan
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Moshi Moshi Harajuku
Kyoko Naked Eyes
Kyoko Tokyo Deep London High
Kyoko Under the Silk Tree
Kyoko Enamel
Kyoko Koizumi No. 17
Kyosuke Himuro Mellow
Kyosuke Himuro Shake the Fake
Kyosuke Himuro Neo Fascio
Kyosuke Himuro Follow the Wind
L'arc-en-Ciel heavenly
L'arc-en-Ciel REAL
L'arc-en-Ciel Butterfly
L'arc-en-Ciel The Best of L'Arc-en-Ciel 1998-2000
L-R Doubt
L-R Land of Riches
L7 The Best Of The Slash Years
L7 Hungry for Stink
L7 Smell the Magic
La'cryma Christi Sculpture of Time
La'cryma Christi Lhasa
La'Mule Inspire
La-Ppisch Karakuri House
La-Ppisch La-Ppisch
La-Ppisch Make
Lab. Piper
Lacroix Despheres Dernier Paradis
Ladies Room Sex Sex Sex
Ladies Room Super Girl
Ladies Room Super Turtle Attack
Laiya Tsumi Mujin
Lamp Eye Gekokujou
Lance of Thrill Thrill Show
Laputa ~Kagerou~
Laputa ~Jakou~
Laputa Glitter
Lareine The Last of Romance
Lareine Etude
Last Bomb Last Bomb
Last Bomb Retro Firing
Laughin' Nose Laughin' Roll
Laughin' Nose Pussy For Sale
Laughin' Nose 16
Laughin' Nose Get Set Goal
Lawshed Let Us Not Talk Falsely
Lazy Knack L.K. Style17
Lazy Knack L.K. Style16
Left Kimi no Uchuu to Boku no Koe
Lia Dearly
Libro Taidou
LIFE (JPN) The World Lies Across Them
Lifers Group #66064
Light Bringer Midnight Circus
Lindberg III
Lindberg IV
Lindberg VI
Lindberg X
Ling Tosite Sigure Inspiration Is DEAD
LinQ Love in Qushu ~LinQ Dai Ichi Gakushou~
Lizard (JPN) Lizard
Lizard (JPN) Gymnopedia
LL Cool J Mama Said Knock You Out
LL Cool J Mr. Smith
LL Cool J All World
LM.C Gimmical Impact!!
Local H As Good as Dead
locofrank The First Chapter
Lolita No. 18 Sister Run Naked
Lolita No. 18 Toy Doll
Lolita No. 18 Hige Ninja
Long Vacation Summer Lovers
Long Vacation Platinum Night
Long Vacation Long Vacation's Pop
Look Over-Look
Loopus Uterus
Losalios Colorado Shit Dog
Loso LO SOciety
Lostage Lostage
Lostage Play with Isolation
Lostage Go
Love Peace & Trance Love, Peace & Trance
Love Psychedelico The Greatest Hits
Love Psychedelico Abbot Kinney
Love Spirals Downwards Flux
Lucy Van Pelt Advantage Lucy
Ludacris Word Of Mouf
Luna Sea Lunacy
Luna Sea Mother
Luna Sea Eden
Lunachicks Jerk Of All Trades
Lunachicks Babysitters On Acid
Lunachicks Luxury Problem
Lunkhead Force
Luscious Jackson Fever In Fever Out
Luscious Jackson Greatest Hits
Luscious Jackson In Search of Manny
Lush Split
Lyrico Voices of Grace
Lyrico Flavours
M Sansan
M Kyuon
M-Age Interface
M.O.P. Warriorz
M.O.V.E Worlds of the Mind
M.O.V.E Operation Overload 7
Machine Salvation-D9
Machine Superb
Made Out of Babies Coward
Made Out of Babies The Ruiner
Madvillain Madvillainy
Magical Power Mako Magical Power Mako
Magical Power Mako Super Record
Magical Power Mako Music from Heaven
Magokoro Brothers King of Rock
Magokoro Brothers Great Adventure
Magokoro Brothers Yume no Hibi ~Serious & Joy~
Main Flow Castle Diplomat
Maki Ohguro Stop Motion
Maki Ohguro Da-Da-Da
Malegoat To Face the Music
Malice Mizer Memoire
Possibly one of the most underrated albums in the Malice Mizer catalog, Tetsu's vocals and Malice Mizer's instrumental talents prove for a superb listen. Recommended to fans of goth rock, visual kei, and to fans of music in general.
Malice Mizer Bara no Seidou
One of the most haunting releases of the current era of Japanese music, Malice Mizer concoct
yet another memorable release, with a combination of beautifully orchestrated music, and
outstanding vocals performed by Klaha. This is not for typical visual kei fans, however, as
this takes goth rock to a whole new plateau of darkness. Malice Mizer proves with this
release that no matter how dark the tunnel is, there is always a light at the end of it.
Mami Yamase Oyayubi Hime
Mami Yamase Oyayubi Hime Futatabi...
Manipulated Slaves Burst Into Blue Flame
Maria Kannon Haitoku no Tobira
Maria Kannon Gigan
Maria Kannon Inujini
Mariko Nagai Catch Ball
Mariko Nagai Joukigen
Marilyn Manson Portrait of an American Family
Mariya Takeuchi Beginning
Mariya Takeuchi Variety
Mariya Takeuchi Bon Appetit!
Mars (Hip-Hop) Mars Attacks
An incredible stepup from his infamous debut almost a decade ago, this is an instant
underground/horrorcore classic.
Marz Lung Fu Mo She
Massacre From Beyond
Mastamind Themindzi
Mastamind Last +emptation of Chris+
Mastaplann Mastaplann
Masturbation (JPN) Higai Mouzou
Matenrou Opera Anomie
Matenrou Opera Gilia
MAX Maximum Collection
MaxNormal.TV Songs from the Mall
Mayo Okamoto Hello
Mayo Okamoto Dear...
Mayo Okamoto Saikai ~Kimi ni Tsuzuru~
Mayo Okamoto Soul Love
Mayumi Chiwaki Jewels
Mayumi Chiwaki Attack Treatment
Mayumi Chiwaki Erotic & Pain
mc chris mc chris Goes to Hell
mc chris Knowing Is Half The Hassle
Meaning Shine Our Journey
Media Youth Spiral Colors
Media Youth Spirit
Media Youth Jesus Christ Rock'n'Roll
Mega 8 Ball Pay More Sucker
Megamasso Matataku Yoru
Megamasso Sweet Switch
Mellow Yellow Crazy Climber
Melon Do You Like Japan?
Melon Deep Cut
Melon Kinenbi 1st Anniversary
Combining traditional new wave Japanese pop elements with R&B and playful pop punk overtones, Melon Kinenbi create their own formula like no other. One of the more original Japanese pop releases of the last decade.
Melt-Banana 13,000 Miles at Light Velocity
Melt-Banana Cell-Scape
Melt-Banana Fetch
Menajahtwa Cha-Licious
Menstrual Tramps No Hesitation, No Defeat
Merengue Symmetry
Merengue Ginga
MergingMoon Kamikakushi
Merry M.E.R.R.Y.
Merry Under-world
Merry Gendai Stoic
Merry Go Round -S-
Method Man Tical
Metis Gretel Devils Masquerade
Metis Gretel Maiden to Eden
MetroFarce Pipi Zazou
MetroFarce Barizanveux
MetroFarce Good Morning Mr. Talisman
Catchy, futuristic, yet somewhat retro, synthpunk from Japan. Recommended to both dance punk and visual kei fans alike.
Metronome High to Low Electro
Metronome Yapuu no Shoukansareta Machi
Metronome 1 Metronome
MF DOOM Special Herbs: The Box Set
Micadelic Funk Junk
Michael Michael
Michael Jackson Thriller
Michael Jackson Dangerous
Michiro Endo Terminal
Michiro Endo Vietnam Densetsu
Microcosm Kao
Microphone Pager Don't Turn Off Your Light
MidnightPumpkin Slash
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu 2nd ~Mirai~
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu 7 ~Prime Number~
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu Best ~Once More~
Milktub Shunkafuyu Rock'n'Roll
Mimori Yusa Hitomi Suishou
Mimori Yusa Small is Beautiful
Mind of Asian Chinmoku no Kiri no Naka
Minor League Human to People
Misako Honjo 13th
Misato Watanabe Ribbon
Misato Watanabe Breath
Misato Watanabe Lucky
Mishio Ogawa Mishio Ogawa
Mishio Ogawa Lemon no Tsuki
Misia Marvelous
Misia Ascension
Misono Me
Missile Girl Scoot Wanderland
Missile Girl Scoot Fiesta!
Missy Elliott Supa Dupa Fly
Missy Elliott Respect M.E.: The Best of Missy Elliott
Mitsume Eye
Miwa Guitarium
Miwa Delight
Mix Market Heart Wave
Mix Market Wedding You/Mind
Miyuki Nakajima Watashi no Kodomo ni Narinasai
Miyuki Nakajima Miyuki Nakajima
Miyuki Nakajima Ringetsu
Miyuki Nakajima Yokan
Mo'Some Tonebender Dawn Rock
Mo'Some Tonebender Trigger Happy
Mobb Deep Life Of The Infamous: The Best Of Mobb Deep
Mobb Deep The Infamous
Modern Grey Green
Modern Grey Rakuen
Moi dix Mois Nocturnal Opera
Easily one of their best releases. Eerie band orchestration, with a dramatic vocal performance. A groundbreaking release in the visual kei category without a doubt.
Momoe Yamaguchi 16-sai no Teema
Momoe Yamaguchi Pearl Color ni Yurete
Momoe Yamaguchi L.A. Blue
Momoe Yamaguchi Haru Kokutori
Momoe Yamaguchi This Is My Trial
Monobright Two
Monobright ACME
Monolith (JPN) Brazen
Monoral In Stereo
Mood Ruff Fluid
Moon Child My Little Red Book
Moon Child Pop and Decadence
Moonriders Don't Trust Over Thirty
Moonriders Aozora Hyakkei
Moonriders Mania Maniera
Morning Musume Best! Morning Musume 2
A superb release, although not as up to par as their previous compilation (B!MM1). Unfortunately, this was released just before the third wave of hits struck MoMusu (Roman My Dear Boy, The Manpower!!!), although it is very content just the way it is.
Morning Musume Second Morning
Mothercoat 5 - 1 + 1 =
Mothercoat Mama Manner
Moudoku Shounan... Omae wa Doko no Wakame ja!?
Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban Boku wa Kurayami de Hotobashiru Inochi...
Mr. Bungle Disco Volante
Mr. Bungle Bowel Of Chiley
Mr. Bungle The Studio Album Collection
Mr. Ill The Rebirth
Mr. Lil One Once in a Decade
Mr.Children Atomic Heart
Mr.Children Shinkai
Mr.Children Reflection {Drip}
Mr.Orange Radiostaticactivity
Mr.Orange Jambalaya
Mummy the Peepshow This is Egg Speaking...
Mummy the Peepshow School Girl Pop
Murder Inc. (Hip-Hop) Let’s Die 2-Gether
My Bitter End The Renovation
My Little Lover Evergreen
My Little Lover New Adventure
Mystikal Mind of Mystikal
Mystikal Tarantula
Myzery Para La Isla
N'Shukugawa Boys Timeless Melody
N'Shukugawa Boys N'Shukugawa Boys
N'Shukugawa Boys Love Song
NAHT Downt
Naked City Grand Guignol
Namba69 21st Century Dreams
Nami Tamaki Don't Stay
Namie Amuro Concentration 20
Namie Amuro Break the Rules
NaNa Imaginary Man
NaNa Void
Nana Mizuki Dream Skipper
Nana Mizuki Impact Exciter
Nana Mizuki Supernal Liberty
Nanase Aikawa Purana
Nao Matsuzaki Sonna Inshou Girl
Nao Matsuzaki Nijiban
Nao Matsuzaki Kimochi Butterfly
Narda A Postcard From
Narda Formika
Nas God's Son
Nas Greatest Hits
Natsumen Never Wear Out Your Summer xxx !!!
Natural Calamity Down in the Valley (The Field Music Vol. 1)
Natural Calamity Let It Come Down
Nature Living Thirst for Lust
Naughty By Nature Naughty By Nature
Naughty By Nature Naughty's Nicest: Greatest Hits
Nav Katze Out
Nav Katze The Last Rose in Summer
NECK Should My Fist Eye
Necro Gory Days
Necro Rare Demos & Freestyles Vol. 1
Necro Sadist Hitz
Nega Vanitas
Negasphere Castle in the Sky
Negicco Ano Sora e
Nenes Yunta
Nenes Ashibi
Neocolours Truth & Consequence
Never Good Enough Tomorrow
New Cinema Tokage Smashing the Bad!
New Cinema Tokage Rail
New Order (the best of) New Order
New Rote'ka Yossha, Yossha, Yossha
New Rote'ka Harlem Yarou
One of the most legendary Japanese punk records. Hands down.
New Rote'ka So Yes, Sir!
New Rote'ka Indies Nihon Daihyou
Newest Model Pretty Radiation
Newest Model Soul Survivor
nhhmbase 3 1/2
nhhmbase Hamon Cross
nhhmbase nhhmbase
Niagara Triangle Niagara Triangle Vol. 1
Niagara Triangle Niagara Triangle Vol. 2
Nico Touches the Walls Aurora
Nico Touches the Walls Shout to the Walls!
Nico Touches the Walls How Are You?
Nicotine Carnival
Nil (JPN) Down to Dawn EP
Nine Days Wonder The Scenery is in Disguise There
Nine Inch Nails Broken
Ningen-Isu Odoru Issun Boshi
Ningen-Isu Fuuchiiku
Ningen-Isu Ougon no Yoake
NoGoD Gokusaishiki
The solo on "Bankoku Shinsou Dai Circus" says it all. Enough said.
Noisemaker The 6 Matters of the 6
Noisemaker Empty Box
Nokko Hallelujah
Nokko Colored
Nona Reeves Golf
Nona Reeves Quickly
Noodles Metropolis
Noodles Ivy
Noodles Long Long Chain
Noodles 6 Colors
Noodles Yume no Oku no Motto Oku
Nookicky Pinhole
Nookicky Noon Moon
Norikiyo Exit
Norikiyo Hanamizuki
Noriyuki Makihara Cicada
Noriyuki Makihara Kimi wa Dare to Shiawase na Akubi wo...
Nothingface Violence
Novels Cardioid
Nudge'em All Sunn
Nukey Pikes No Point
Nukey Pikes If You Love Something Set It Free
Nunchaku Nunchakura
Off Course Over
Off Course Boku no Okurimono
Off Course Junktion
Off Course Kono Michi wo Yukeba
ohGr Welt
Ohta Takako Creamy Takako
Oingo Boingo Boingo
Ol' Dirty Bastard Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version
Olivia Merry & Hell Go Round
Olivia The Return of the Chlorophyll Bunny
Olivia New Ton John Olivia New Ton John
Omodaka Yosawya San
Omodaka Plum Song EP
Omoide Hatoba Kinsei
Omoide Hatoba Osaka Ra
Onanie Machine Koi no ABC
Onanie Machine Kanojo Boshuu
Onanie Machine Onanie Daizukan
One Ok Rock Zeitakubyou
One Ok Rock Beam of Light
Onyanko Club Kickoff
An extremely aged record, but a classic in the J-pop library nonetheless.
Onyx Best of Onyx
A near-perfect Onyx compilation from their golden days of 1992 through 1998. The only tracks that are missing being "Blac Vagina Finda", "Judgment Night" with hardcore band Biohazard and "Da Nex Nigguz". An otherwise impeccable, if not greatly underappreciated compilation from the most rugged, dangerous rap group of the 90's.
Orange Range orcd
Orange Range Spark
Orange Range Orange Ball
OreSkaBand What a Wonderful World Vol. 1
OreSkaBand Color
Osamu Sato Transmigration
Osamu Sato All Things Must Be Equal
OutKast Aquemini
OutKast Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
OutKast ATLiens
Overkill Taking Over
OverTheDogs A Star Light in My Life
Ovum Under the Lost Sky EP
Owarikara Iggy Pop to Sanbika
Ozaki Yutaka Confession for Exist
Ozaki Yutaka Juunana Sai no Chizu
Ozrosaurus Hysterical
P-Model Karkador
P-Model Perspective
P-Model Big Body
Painted Willie Mind Blowing
Pamelah ism
Pamelah Spirit
Parental Advisory Ghetto Street Funk
Parokya Ni Edgar Bigotilyo
Pealout Life Goes On
Pealout The Unknown Place
Peccatum The Moribund People
Peelander-Z Space Vacation
Peelander-Z Metalander-Z
Penguin Noise Perfect Morning Call
Penicillin Ultimate Velocity
Penicillin Cell
Pennywise About Time
Penpals Right Now
Penpals Past Last Summer
People in the Box Ghost Apple
People in the Box Frog Queen
People in the Box Family Record
Personz Modern Boogie
Personz Move
Personz Suna no Bara
Phantasmagoria Requiem ~Floral Edition~
Phantasmagoria Requiem ~Funeral Edition~
Phatmans After School Phatmans After School
Philippine Violators At Large!
Pianozombie Mada Hikenakute
Pianozombie Sorya Hikenakute
Picasso Photograph
Picasso 12 Shoku no Hammer
Picasso Shred Gear Rhapsody
Pierrot Pandora no Hako
Pierrot Freeze
Piggies Piggies
Pink (JPN) Hikari no ko
Pink (JPN) Psycho-Delicious
Pink (JPN) The Best
Pink (JPN) Cyber
Pinkloop Number-025121341
Pinkloop Dischordic
Pirokalpin Uchuu no Minashi go
Pirokalpin Taiyou to Tsuki no Oasis
Pirokalpin Gnome no Sekai
Pizzicato Five This Year's Girl
Pizzicato Five Pizzicatomania!
Pizzicato Five Ca et la du Japon
Planet Sphere 4 Colors for You
Plastic Girl in Closet Toy
Plastic Girl in Closet A.Y.A
Plastic Girl in Closet Eye Cue Rew See
Plastic Tree Hide and Seek
Plastic Tree Nega to Poji
Plastics Welcome Back
Polly Awayoru
Polysics Neu
Pool Bit Boys Best18/hp
Pool Bit Boys PB2
Porno Graffitti Trigger
Porno Graffitti Thumpx
Porno Graffitti Foo?
Portishead Dummy
Pour Lui Minna no Pour Lui
Pre-School Peace Pact
Pre-School Nueva York
Primal Scream Screamadelica
Primus Frizzle Fry
Primus They Can't All Be Zingers
Primus Sailing the Seas of Cheese
Prince 1999
Prince Lovesexy
Prince The Gold Experience
Prince Around the World in a Day
Prince Crystal Ball
Project Born Born Dead 2: The Return of the Reaper
PSG David
Psy-S Non-Fiction
Psy-S Pic-Nic
Psychopathic Rydas Dumpin'
Psydoll I Psydoll
Psydoll A War in the Box
Psydoll 10 Spyglasses
Public Enemy Fear of a Black Planet
Public Enemy Apocalypse 91 The Enemy Strikes Black
Puff Daddy No Way Out
Puffy Spike
Puffy Bring It!
Pugs Mushi Mushi Tengoku
Pugs Otona no Kimochi
Pupil Beautiful Machines
Purple Ribbon All-Stars Got Purp? Vol. 2
Qlair Citron
Qlair Les Filles
QN New Country
Queso Cheese
Qujila Hana
Qujila Karasu
Quruli Sayonara Stranger
Quruli Kotoba ni Naranai, Egao wo Misete Kure yo
Quruli Waltz wo Odore Tanz Walzer
Quruli Nikki
Rabbit Junk REframe
Rabbit Junk This Life Is Where You Get Fucked
Radiohead Kid A
Radwimps Zettai Zetsumei
Radwimps Altocolony no Teiri
Rampage (Hip-Hop) Red Oktoba
Raphael Mind Soap
A true visual kei classic.... what more could be said?
Raphael Fumetsu Hana
Rappagariya Super Hard
Ras Kass Van Gogh
Ras Kass Soul on Ice
Rascalz Cash Crop
Rascalz Really Livin' 1993
Rashinban Seika
Rashinban Aenai Hito
Ravecraft Illution
Ravecraft Magic
Ravecraft Delution
Razors Edge Sweet 10 Thrashers
RC Succession Marvy
RC Succession Beat Pops
RC Succession Blue
Real Reggae Maze
Rebecca Blond Saurus
Rebecca Poison
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother's Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers Greatest Hits
Rediean;Mode Hysteric
Rediean;Mode Ame to Muchi
Redman Whut? Thee Album
Rega Million
Rega Solt & Plum
Rei Harakami Colors of the Dark (feat. Ikuko Harada)
Rei Harakami Unrest
Rei no K Shitsuyou Aku
Remioromen Horizon
Rentrer en Soi Rentrer en Soi
Rentrer en Soi Sphire Croid
Rhymester Ore ni Iwaserya
Rhymester Egotopia
Rhymester Bitter, Sweet & Beautiful
A simply amazing record, and is easily their best since 1995's classic "Egotopia". Solid proof that the veterans still have a lot to say, and the potential to grind some more awing music. If anyone has any question as to why Rhymester are at the very top of the Japanese hip hop scene, let this be the evidence.
Ribbon Merry-Hurry
Ribbon R753
Rice Rokkyoku Sympathy
Rice Angerudie
Riddle Alight
Ride Nowhere
Rikki Rikki
Rikki Kaze no Koe
Rikki Shima Uta Trickles
Rip Slyme Journey
Rip Slyme Tokyo Classic
Rip Slyme Lip's Rhyme
Rivermaya Trip
Rivermaya Atomic Bomb
Riyu Kosaka Begin
Rize Rookey
Rize Foreplay
Roach No Reason in the Pit
Road of Major Road of Major
Rocketman Love, Sea & Music ~Ai to Umi to Ongaku to~
Rogue (JPN) Voice Beat
Rogue (JPN) Another Side
Rogue (JPN) Move
Rogue (JPN) Viva
Rolly RockRolly
Rondonrats Gameron
Roserose Liquidation
Rotary Beginners First E.P
Rouage Lab
Rude Bones There'll Be Lots of Hard Times Along the Way
Rude Bones Rude Bones
Rude Bones Get Mad Now
Ruins Symphonica
Run-D.M.C. Run DMC
Run-D.M.C. Greatest Hits
Ryo Fukawa Life is Music 2
Ryo Fukawa Life is Music 3
Ryo the Skywalker One-Der Land
Ryo the Skywalker Rhyme-Light
Ryuichi Kawamura Love
Ryuichi Kawamura Cranberry Soda
S-Creaters Choose Right Way
S.L.A.C.K. My Space
S.L.A.C.K. Whalabout?
S.L.A.C.K. Kono Shima no ue de
SA You Must Stand Up My Comrades
SA Great Operation
Saboten No Rain, No Rainbow
Saboten Islands
Sadistic Mika Band Hot! Menu
Sads The 7 Deadly Sins
Sads Greatest Hits ~Best of 5 Years~
Saint Four The Audition
Saint Four The Best of Saint Four
Sakana Les Blanchisseuses
Sakanaction DocumentaLy
Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2010 ~Message~
Salon Music O Boy
Salon Music Sleepless Sheep
Salt Bluster
One of my all time favorite choruses. Just a perfect track, and a damn-near perfect EP.
Salt The Wound Kill the Crown
Salu In My Life
Samael Passage
San Quinn The Hustle Continues
Sandwich Grip Stand Throw
Sandwich 4-Track Mind
Sandwich Thanks to the Moon's Gravitational Pull
Sandy Beach Surf Coaster Brand New Day
Saruganseki Magure
Satsuki Upper Region
SBK Mushaburui
SBK Red Flash
Scafull King Sensational
Scafull King SCAnation
Scanch A Case of Rosy Murder for Miracle Lovers Only
Scanch Opera
Scha Dara Parr Scha Dara Gaiden
Scha Dara Parr Con10po
Schwarz Stein Artificial Hallucination
The final studio album by Schwarz Stein, and arguably their best. Moving forward with their usual formula, Schwarz Stein perfect their art, to the point of it being a damn tragedy that they split a year after this release. A fantastic electronic/darkwave album, and highly recommended to any fans in the category, as well as openminded visual kei fans.
Scratching Post Destruction of the Universe
Screw Venom
Script Gentleman's Lib
Script Fantastic or Drastic
Scudelia Electro Rock'n Roll Missing
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Future or No Future
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her No! No! No!
Sebastian X Hinagiku to Kaijuu
Seeda Flash Sounds Presents Ill Vibes
Seeda Heaven
Seikima-II Seikima-II ~ Akuma ga Kitarite Heavy Metal
Seikima-II Frightful Restaurant
Seikima-II Mephistopheles no Shouzou
Seikima-II Ponk!!
Seiko Ito Kensetsuteki
Seiko Matsuda Sunshine
Seiko Matsuda Pineapple
Seiko Matsuda Citron
Seiko Matsuda We Are Love
Seiko Matsuda Bless You
Sekai no Owari Earth
Sekai no Owari Tree
Sendai Kamotsu Deko
A very bizarre Japanese experience, indeed. Moving forward with their strange formula of punk and indie, Sendai Kamotsu continue to push the boundaries of taste, and continue to make homophobes all over the world squirm.
Sendai Kamotsu Suke Best 2
Senri Oe First Class
Senri Oe Pleasure
Senri Oe AVEC
Senri Oe Olympic
Sentimental Toy Palette Hokaku
Sex Machineguns Made in Japan
Shachi Wolfist
Shachi Keep My Mind
Shakalabbits Exploring of the Space
Shakalabbits Uso wo Maze Konda Shinjitsu no Soup
Shakalabbits Phasemeter Trippin' Bug Shake
Shakalabbits Condenser Baby
Shakkazombie Hero the S.Z.
Shame Air Pocket
Shank Calling
Sharan Q Rettoukan
Another smash for Sharan Q. It features more breakthrough hits (Koi o Suru dake Muda Nante,
Single Bed), but it is not enough to make this album an absolute winner. A very superb album indeed, but nothing as significant as "Gambler."
Sharan Q Gambler
The album that blew Sharan Q from obscurity to Japanese rock superstars, "Gambler" has the
multi-selling single "Zurui Onna", the calming ballad "Sora wo Minayo", the outlaw sounding
"Robert", among other really well crafted songs. Although a departure from their indie rock
ways, it was probably for the best, as this album is not only a Japanese rock classic, but
also a classic 90's rock album, period.
Shazna Pure Hearts
Shazna Single Best
Sheena & the Rokkets New Hippies
Sheena & the Rokkets Channel Good
Sheena and the Rokkets New Hippies
Sheena and the Rokkets Channel Good
Sheena and the Rokkets Rock On Baby
Sheena and the Rokkets #9
Sheila and the Insects Flowerfish
Shellshock Graythem...of Chaos
Sherbets Vietnam 1964
Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles Knotty
Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles Newolf
Shinsei Kamattechan Tanoshii ne
Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku Ebichu no Zeppan Best ~Owaranai Seishun~
Shishamo Debut Album
Shishamo Shishamo 2
Shizukani Hisomu Hibi The Present
Shocking Lemon Sometimes Alone
Shocking Lemon Everything in My Life
Shocking Lemon Solvent Echo
Shojotai Shojotai Flamingo Island
Shojotai Shojotai Adventure Island
Shojotai Zoo
Shokichi Ishida Love Your Life
Shonen Kamikaze No
Shonen Knife Pretty Little Baka Guy
Shonen Knife Rock Animals
Shonentai Wonderland
Shonentai Capriccio -Tenshi to Akuma no Kyousoukyoku-
Short Circuit Songs Like a Self-Portrait
Shortcut Miffy! Nothing
Shortcut Miffy! Shortcut Miffy!
Show-Ya Immigration
Show-Ya Glamour
Show-Ya Hard Way
Show-Ya Genuine Diamond
Shunsuke Kiyokiba Shunsuke Kiyokiba
Shuren the Fire My Words Laugh Behind the Mask
Siakol Tayo Na Sa Paraiso
Siakol Pantasya
Siakol Hiwaga
Siakol The Best of Siakol
Siam Shade Siam Shade
Siam Shade Siam Shade V
Siam Shade Siam Shade VI
Siam Shade Siam Shade XI Complete Best ~Heart of Rock~
Sick Team Sick Team
SickTanick Premanitions
Side Burns Golden Hits
Silent Poets 6 Pieces 'Sense at This Moment'
Silly Fools I.Q. 180
Silly Fools Silly Fools
Silverfish T.F.A. E.P.
SiM Life and Death
SiM Pandora
Simi Lab Page 1: Anatomy of Insane
Simi Lab Page 2: Mind Over Matter
Skillz From Where???
Skip Cows Manufacture
Skip Cows Mitsugetsu (Honeymoon)
Skoop On Somebody Skoop
Skoop On Somebody Key of Love
Slang The Immortal Sin
Slang Glory Outshines Doom
Slapshock Project 11-41
Sleater-Kinney Call the Doctor
Sleep My Dear Phi
Sleep My Dear Shape
Sleep My Dear Sleep My Best
Slowdive Just for a Day
Slowdive Souvlaki
Smallz One The Diary of a Black Widow
A surprisingly experimental album in the horrorcore genre. Mixing operatics with the
traditional horrorcore element, Smallz One creates her own formula that you'll either love
or hate. I for one, however, love it. It all depends on the individual though, so, not for
the closeminded. Shit, it's not even for the traditional horrorcore fan either. If you can
get past those bumps, then you will enjoy the hell outta this ride.
SMAP SMAP 006 ~Sexy Six~
SMAP SMAP 015/Drink! SMAP!
Smorgas Electrock
Smorgas Questionary
Snail Ramp A Pizza Already
Snail Ramp TV Monster
Snail Ramp Six Logic
Sneaker Pimps Becoming X
Sobut Kickin' Your Head
Sobut Judgement Crew
Sobut Sound Stupid
Social Deviantz Essential Mental Nutrients
Soft Ballet Incubate
Soft Touch Positive Thinking
Softball Tenku
Softball Hakkou Ichiu
Soichi Taniguchi Taiyou no Kimi Mikazuki no Boku
Soichi Taniguchi Sweet Little Heaven
Sophia (JPN) Kiss the Future
Sophia (JPN) Alive
Sophia (JPN) Yume
Sophia (JPN) Mirai Otona Sengen
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Ashita wa Kimi ni Ai ni Ikukara
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Mou Kimi wa ii Hito ja Nakute ii
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Saitei no Kinou wa Kitto Shi na Nai
Sotaisei Riron Hi-Fi Shinsho
Soul Flower Watatumi Yamatumi
Soul Scream The Deep
Soul Scream The Positive Gravity ~An to Hito~
Sound Horizon Roman
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger
Soundtrack (Film) South Park (Original Soundtrack)
SoundWitch Grotesca
South Park Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics
Southern All Stars Tiny Bubbles
Space Combine 20000cc
Space Invaders (JPN) The Album
Spanam Normal Variation
Sparks Go Go Sparks Go Go
Sparks Go Go Rokkon
Sparks Go Go One Stroke
Speed 4 Colors
Speed Carry on My Way
Speedometer. Private
Speena Much Much More!!
Spiral Life Further Along
Spiral Life Flourish
Spitz Spitz
Spitz Hoshi No Kakera
Spitz Sora no Tobikata
Spitz Hachimitsu
Spitz Chiisana Ikimono
Sponge Cola Palabas
Spoozys Chou Chikyuu Teki Sonzai
Sports Funny!!!
Sports How Are You?
Spyair Can You Listen?
Squarepusher Hard Normal Daddy
Stance Punks Stance Punks
Stance Punks Peace & Destroy
Statik Selektah Spell My Name Right (The Album)
Stolen Babies There Be Squabbles Ahead
Stompin' Bird Crackers' Cool Clash
Stompin' Bird Usual Day
Straightener Nexus
Strawberry Fields Soul Flower
Strawberry Fields hit a pretty effective homerun with 1992's "Soul Flower". It's not as
terrific as "Charme", but it's definitely way past the iffy levels of "Nouvelle Perfum". A
nice way to close the band's history...
Strawberry Song Orchestra Subete Kietenaku Nare
Strawberry Song Orchestra Chi no Ranshou
Strawberry Song Orchestra Kagami Chou Nite ~ Rakudou Ban~
Strong Style Chi to Namida e no Chikai
Stupid Babies Go Mad Burn Up the World
Suck a Stew Dry Loveless Letter
Sugar Hiccup Of Tongues and Thoughts
Sugar Plant Dryfruit
Sugar Plant Trance Mellow
Sugar Plant Hiding Place
Sugar Soul Those Days
Sugardrop Sundaysunday
Sugardrop Yeah Right
Sugarfree Sa Wakas
Suichu, Sore wa Kurushii Te wo Kaehin wo Kae
SuiseiNoboAz SuiseiNoboAz
SuiseiNoboAz The (Overused) End of the World...
Sukima Switch Musium
Sunny Day Real Estate Diary
Sunny Day Service Tokyo
Sunny Day Service Ai to Warai no Yoru -A Night of Love & Laughter-
Sunny Day Service Sunny Day Service
Sunny Day Service Love Album
Suns Owl Liefe
Supe The Black
Super Butter Dog Grooblue
Super Butter Dog Funkasy
Super Junky Monkey Screw Up
Super Junky Monkey Parasitic People
Super Soul Sonics Hoop
Super Stupid What a Hell's Going On
Super Stupid Don't Forget Our Youth
Super Trapp Handy Candy Man
Super Trapp Super Trapp
Super Trapp Tsukareta Kao de Konnichiwa
Supercar Three Out Change!!
Supercar OOKeah!!
Supercar Jump Up
Supersnazz Rock-O-Matic
Supersnazz Invisible Party
Surface Fate
Surround ((((Surround))))
Surround New Age
Susumu Hirasawa Sim City
Susumu Hirasawa Kenja no Propeller
Susumu Hirasawa Tenko Suru Wakusei
Switch Furuten
Switchblade Symphony Serpentine Gallery
Syrup16g Free Throw
Syrup16g Copy
Syrup16g Kranke
T-Bolan Baby Blue
T-Bolan LOOZ
T-Rock The Myth of Reality
T-Square Make Me a Star
T-Square Kyakusenbi no Yuuwaku
T-Square Adventures
T-Square Yes, No.
T.M.Revolution Triple Joker
T.M.Revolution The Force
T.M.Revolution Vertical Infinity
T3chn0ph0b1a Grave New World
Tafuca Turuttu Summer
Taiyouzoku Chocolate Night Party
Taiyouzoku Otoko no ko
Takako Minekawa Fun9
Takako Minekawa Roomic Cube
Takako Minekawa Cloudy Cloud Calculator
Takeshi Itoh Dear Hearts
Takui Nuclear Sonic Punk
Tama Sandal
Tama Inu no Yakusoku
Tama Tokyo Fruits
Tamaki Roy Breakboy
Tamio Okuda OTRL
Tamio Okuda Matatabi
Tanpopo Tanpopo 1
Tanya Donelly Lovesongs for Underdogs
Tanzmuzik Sinsekai
Tatsuya Ishii Deep
Tech N9ne Vintage Tech
Teenage Jesus and the Jerks Pre Teenage Jesus
Teeny Frahoop Wee Wee Pop
Tempura Kidz Tenkomori
Terra Rosa The Endless Basis
Terra Rosa Sase
Tessei Tojo My Little Beautiful
Tetsuya Komuro Ten to Chi to Soundtrack
Tha Blue Herb Total
The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
The Agonist Lullabies for the Dormant Mind
The Alfee For Your Love
The Alfee Nouvelle Vague
The Alfee One -Venus of Rock-
The Alfee Shin Sekai -Neo Universe-
The Automatics Automatic Eraser EP
The Band Apart Adze of Penguin
The Birthday Teardrop
The Birthday Rollers Romantics
The Birthday Night on Fool
The Birthday I'm Just a Dog
The Birthday Massacre Walking With Strangers
The Birthday Massacre Imagica
The Birthday Massacre Hide and Seek
The Birthday Party Junk Yard
The Blue Hearts PAN
The Bonez Astronaut
The Boom No Control
The Boom D.E.M.O.
The Breath of Life Taste of Sorrow
The Breath of Life Everlasting Souls
The Brilliant Green The Brilliant Green
The Brilliant Green Los Angeles
The Checkers Mainichi!! Checkers
The Checkers Screw
The Checkers Blue Moon Stone
The Conscious Daughters Gamers
The Constructus Corporation The Ziggurat
The Creator Of Lost Summer Daze
The Creator Of In Reservoir
The Cro-Magnons CAVE PARTY
The Cro-Magnons Oi! um bobo
The Cro-Magnons YETI vs CROMAGNON
The Cure Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me
The Cure The Head on the Door
The Cure Join the Dots
The Dawn The Dawn
The Dayton Family What's on My Mind?
The Dead Pop Stars The Dead Pop 4 Drugs
The Dead Pop Stars Star Ride
The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity
The Dresscodes Bande Dessinee
The Dwarves Horror Stories
The Dwarves The Dwarves Invented Rock-N-Roll
The Erections Stand Up Fuckin' Punks
The Farm Spartacus
The Flickers Wonderground
The Flickers Fl!ck EP
The Genbaku Onanies Nuclear Cowboy
The Gerogerigegege Sexual Behavior in the Human Male
"Sexual Behavior in the Human Male" is one of The Gerogerigegege's most experimental releases to date, and is pretty ambient and tame compared to their vinyl releases. However, there is still a bit of audio shock in the batter. While you start to doze off to the relaxing "Minamiguchi" song, you will be awaken pretty quickly to the sounds of rioting and chaos on the following song "Symphony For a New Age Destruction." This album has a touch of ambiance in it, but don't be mistaken. The Gerogerigegege still are making a soundtrack for a chaotic fanbase. If you want sheer ambiance, however, "None Friendly" is highly recommended.
The Gerogerigegege Early Dream Exit
The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About
The Gits Frenching the Bully
The Go-Go's Greatest Hits
The Hakkin Bansay
The Hiatus A World of Pandemonium
The High-Lows Tigermobile
The High-Lows Angel Beetle
The Human Abstract Digital Veil
The Jerry Lee Phantom 00.0.Movie
The JetzeJohnson Garbadian Strike
The Kanmuri Kaettekita Heavy Metal
The Kovenant Animatronic
The Machine in the Garden Underworld
The Mad Capsule Markets MIX-ISM
The Mad Capsule Markets Humanity
The Mad Capsule Markets PARK
The Mad Capsule Markets The Mad Capsule Markets - Best Of 1997 - 2004
The Magnets Searching for Truth
The Mirraz Top of the Fuck'n World
The Mirraz Iitai Koto Wanaku Natta
The Mission Masque
The Mission Carved in Sand
The Mission Grains of Sand
The Mods Paradice
The Mods Jail Guns
The Mods Hands Up
The Mods Compandre
The Mods Corner
The Muffs The Muffs
The Natsuyasumi Band TNB!
The Notorious B.I.G. Life After Death
The Novembers To (Melt Into)
The Novembers Paraphilia
The Novembers Zeitgeist
The Pees Todome wo Hade ni Kure
The Pees Greatest Hits Vol. 2
The Pees Greatest Hits Vol. 1
The Pillows Happy Bivouac
The Pin-Up Girls Hello Pain
The Pogo Search Out!
The Pogo Cock and Bull Tunes
The Pogo Please Please Please
The Popguns Snog
The Postal Service Give Up
The Predators 牙をみせろ
The Predators Monster in my head
The Primitives Lovely
The Prodigy Experience
The Prodigy The Fat of the Land
The R.O.C. X-Posed
The Radioactive Chicken Heads Growing Mold
The Residents Duck Stab
The Residents Icky Flix
The Residents Commercial Album
The Residents Meet the Residents
The Rock Band Shigatsu no Kaizoku Tachi
The Rockers Come On
The Rockers Who TH eROCKERS
The Roosters Φ PHY
The Roosters Neon Boy
The Roosters Kaminari
The Roots Game Theory
The Ryders From Junk Street
The Salovers Band wo Hajimeta Koro
The Scissor Girls We People Space with Phantoms
The Screaming Frogs For the Frogs
The Slut Banks Cyclo
The Slut Banks Dokuro
The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Smashing Pumpkins Rotten Apples
The Space Cowboys Children of Distortion
The Space Cowboys Trans
The Stalin Street Value
The Stalin Sakkin Barricade
The Stalin
The Stalin Minus One
The Star Club Hello New Punks
The Starbems Vanishing City
The Stooges The Stooges
The Stooges Fun House
The Street Beats Naked Heart
The Swankys Rock 'N Roll History Fuck Off!!
The Telephones Laugh, Cry, Sing... And Dance!!!
The Underneath Us.
The Unique Star Kuu Zen Zetsu Go
The Wascals Greatest Hits
The Whitest Kids U' Know The Whitest Kids U'Know
The Willard The Town in Destiny
The Willard Who Sings a Gloria?
The Willard The Willard
The Yellow Monkey Sicks
The Yellow Monkey Jaguar Hard Pain 1944-1994
The Yellow Monkey Four Seasons
The Yellow Monkey The Night Snails and Plastic Boogie
The Youth Album Na Walang Pamagat
The Zip Guns Zip Guns
Theatre Brook Viracocha
Theatre Brook I Am the Space, You Are the Sun
Theatre Brook Theatre Brook
Theatre Brook Theatre BrooK (1988)
Theatre Of Tragedy Aégis
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Cult Grass Stars
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant High Time
Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Gear Blues
Three 6 Mafia When the Smoke Clears
Timeslip Twilight City
TLC Ooooooohhh.... On the TLC Tip
TLC Now and Forever: The Hits
TM Network Gorilla
TM Network Rainbow Rainbow
TM Network Childhood's End
toe For Long Tomorrow
toe The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety
Tokio Blowing
Tokio Harvest
Toko Furuuchi Hug
Toko Furuuchi Strength
Toko Furuuchi Mahou no te
Tokusatsu Agitator
One of the best releases of 2001, period. Brilliantly done alternative metal, with a rap twist. A worthy followup to the equally amazing "Nuiguruma" album.
Tokusatsu Hajimete no Tokusatsu Best Vol. 1
Tokyo Girls' Style Limited Addiction
Tomahawk Tomahawk
Tomoe Shinohara Super Model
A very eclectic, strong and... extraordinary debut, to say the least. This is not your typical JPop album, as it mixes dance beats, with laid back vibes at one minute, and bouncy and overly energetic the other minute. This is not an average JPop album, and it will most likely surprise you with its flexible features. A highly recommended album that is both shocking and surprisingly highly enjoyable.
Tomoe Shinohara Better
Tomomi Kahala Nine Cubes
Tomomi Kahala One Fine Day
Tomoyasu Hotei Guitarhythm II
Tomoyasu Hotei Guitarhythm
Toru Suzuki Sabaku no Nettaigyo
Toshinori Yonekura Bella Donna
Toshinori Yonekura Liberta
Toshinori Yonekura Amore
Totsuzen Danball Kanshou Ongaku
Totsuzen Danball Junsui de Sotchoku na Omoide
Towa Tei Lucky
Towa Tei Sunny
Transtic Nerve Raise a Flag
Transtic Nerve Transonic Vision
Transtic Nerve Shell
TRF EZ Do Dance
TRF TRF ~This is the Truth~
TRF Lif-e-Motions
Triceratops A Film About the Blues
Triceratops Triceratops
Trix Impact
Trix Art
Trix Index
Trotsky Icepick Poison Summer
Truefaith Beyond Doubt
Tube Heart of Summer
Tube Off Shore Dreamin'
Tube Summer City
Tube Roman no Natsu
Tube Lani Kai
Tulip Boku ga Tsukutta Ai no Uta
Tulip Mugen Kidou
Tulip Upside-Down
Tunnels Butsumetsu Sodachi
Turtles Four Sale
Twenty4-7 Progress
Twenty4-7 One
Twigy Al-Khadir
Twiztid Mostasteless
Twiztid Freek Show
Two-Mix BPM 132
Two-Mix BPM 143
Two-Mix Dream Tactix
Tycho Dive
UA 11
UA Golden Green
Uchoten Deccacci
Uchoten A Town That Colorful Merry Fell
Uchoten Vegetable 1984~1987
Uhnellys Chord
Ulfuls Keep On, Move On
Ulfuls One Mind
Ultra Bide DNA vs DNA-c
Unchain Hello, Young Souls!!
Undown Undown
Unicorn (JPN) Hige to Boin
Unison Square Garden Union Square Garden
Unison Square Garden Jet Co.
Unison Square Garden Cider Road
United Core
United Nine
United Bloody But Unbowed
Unlimits Tsuki Akari Silence
Unlimits Akane
Up Hold Water
Up Hold Engine
Up-Beat Weeds & Flowers
Up-Beat Under the Sun
Upper In All Sincerity
Uri Gagarn Souzou no Sanbutsu
Uri Gagarn No. 1 Oracle
Uzumaki (JPN) Junkee Food
Uzumaki (JPN) Dio New Source
V6 A Jack in the Box
Valen Hsu Tao Hao
Valen Hsu Ru Guo Yun Zhi Dao
Valen Hsu Ai Lu Xing Yi Gong Li
Valentine D.C. All is Vanity
Valkilly Revoltest
Vapid Dolly The Queen of Pseudo Psychos
Venetian Snares Rossz Csillag Allat Szuletett
Venus Peter Space Driver
Versailles Noble
Veruca Salt American Thighs
Vidoll Face Pisaroto
Vidoll If... (Yakubutsu Ranyou Bokumetsu Campaign)
Viktor Vaughn Vaudeville Villain
Violent Onsen Geisha Que Sera, Sera
Stretched to cover literally every musical style imaginable, "Que Sera, Sera" is not only Violent Onsen Geisha's contorted masterpiece, but also probably one of the finest records in the Japanese avant-garde underground has ever spawned.
Vivian Hsu Da Mafan
Vivian Hsu Bubai de Lianren
Vola & the Oriental Machine Sa-Ka-Na Electric Device
W Duo U&U
Definitely showing signs of maturity, Ai Kago and Tsuji Nozomi (of Minimoni/Morning Musume
fame) broke out from their kiddish behaviors, into full grown, young women with extremely
talented voices. And the song "Shiroi Iro wa Koibito no Iro" proves my point exactly. Though
this is an album of cover songs, this album shows wonderful and promising development from
the pop duo. Even though their reign didn't last long, it lasted long enough to prove that
not only are they extremely adorable, but they can sing along with some of the top dogs of
the pop celeb food
w-inds Ageha
w-inds Thanks
Wagakki Band Yasouemaki
Wagdug Futuristic Unity R.A.M
Wail Neo Ancient
Wands Awake
Wands Toki no Tobira
Wanima Can Not Behaved!!
Wanima Think That...
Warriors Go to Hell
Water Fai Girls in the White Dream
Water Melon Field Trip
Weezer Pinkerton
Weezer Weezer
Weird Al Yankovic Dare To Be Stupid
Whale We Care
"Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe" is probably one of the greatest songs I've heard in a long time.
Whipping Boy (CA) The Third Secret of Fatima
White Ash On the Other Hand, The Russia Is...
White Ash Ciao, Fake Kings
White White Sisters Something Wondrous
White Zombie Astro Creep: 2000
Whiteberry Kiseki ~The Best of Whiteberry~
Willie D Play Witcha Mama
Wink Velvet
Wink Crescent
Wink Nocturne ~Yasoukyoku~
Wizard (JPN) Divine
Wolfgang Wurm
Wolfgang Black Mantra
Wolfgang Villains
World's End Girlfriend Dream's End Come True
Wrench Wandering in the Emptiness
Wrench Blue Blood Blue
Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Tang Forever
Wyolica Almost Blues
Wyolica Who Said 'La La'?
Wyolica Fruits & Roots
Wyse The Answer in the Answers
X-Ray Maten ~Hard Section~
X-Ray Strike Back
Yaen Tesshuu
Yanagi Nagi Euaru
Yano Bawal
Yano Yano
Yapoos Dial Y wo Mawase
Yapoos Dadada ism
Yasuyuki Okamura Yellow
Yasuyuki Okamura Kateikyoushi
Yellow Machinegun Father's Golden Fish
Yellow Machinegun Bean Ball
Yellow Magic Orchestra Naughty Boys
Yogurt-Pooh Antonio
Yogurt-Pooh Benjamin
Yoji Biomehanika Blinded by the NRG
Yomoya Yours Ours
Yomoya Yoi Toy
Yoshikuni Dochin Out the Box
Yoshio Hayakawa Uta wa Uta no Nai Tokoro Kara Kikoete Kuru
Yosui Inoue Handsome Boy
Yotsukaido Nature V.I.C. Tomorrow
You Birthday
You the Rock Tight But Fat (w/ DJ Ben)
You the Rock The Soundtrack '96
You the Rock The Professional Entertainer
Young Punch Thursday
Young Zee Musical Meltdown
Youthquake The Evolution of New Oriental Metal
Yui Horie Kuroneko to Tsuki Kikyuu wo Meguru Bouken
Yui Horie Sky
Yuka Honda Memories Are My Only Witness
Yukari Tamura Hanafuri Tsukiyo to Koi Youbi
Yuki Prismic
Yuki Ureshikutte Dakiau yo
Yuki Kimura Very Singles
Yuki Uchida Ai no Baka
Yuki Uchida Junjou Karen Otome Moyou
Yukihiro Takahashi What, Me Worry?
Yukihiro Takahashi Neuromantic
Yumi Matsutoya Diamond Dust ga Kienumani
Yumi Matsutoya Voyager
Yumi Matsutoya Misslim
Yumi Matsutoya 14 Banme no Tsuki
Yumi Matsutoya Kanashii Hodou Tenki
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku II
Yura Yura Teikoku Are You Ra?
Yura Yura Teikoku Yura Yura Teikoku no Shibire
Yutaka Fukuoka Ur Words
Yutaka Fukuoka Y.Voices
Yuzu Yuzuen
Yuzu Yuzu Ikka
Yuzu Yuzumoa
Yuzu Land
Zabadak Zabadak
Zabadak Gin no Sankaku
Zabadak Welcome to Zabadak
Zabadak Watashi wa Hitsuji
Zamagi Sugoi Hanashi ga Arunda, Kiitara Tamageruzo!
Zard Good-bye My Loneliness
Zard Eien
Zeebra The Rhyme Animal
Zeebra Based on a True Story
Zelda (JPN) Carnaval
Zelda (JPN) Zelda
Zeppet Store Cue
Zi:Kill Close Dance
Zi:Kill Desert Town
Ziggy Sound Trax
Ziggy Hot Lips
Ziggy Crawl
Zigzo Add9 Suicide
Zin-Say Kao to Shite...
Zingi Tokyo Tribe
Ziyoou-vachi Kujaku
Zone (JP) Z
Zone the Darkness Dark Side
Zone the Darkness The N.E.X.T.
Zoo Can I Dance?
Zoo Jungle
Zorn Third Children

4.0 excellent
(hed) p.e. The Best of Hed Planet Earth
(hed) p.e. Back 2 Base X
(hed) p.e. Broke
(hed) p.e. (hed) p.e.
-OZ- Rouge
...and Oceans The Symmetry of I - The Circle of O
...and Oceans A.M.G.O.D.
1 Gud Cide Look What the Streets Made
1 Gud Cide Contradictions
10-Feet Realife
10-Feet Twister
10-Feet Vandalize
100s All!!!!!!
12012 Diamond
16Tons Mountain Christmas
16Tons Skaters Waltz
175R 7-Seven-
20-2-Life Inside Looking Out
24-7 Spyz Strength in Numbers
24-7 Spyz Face the Day
2Pac The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory
2Pac Resurrection
30% Less Fat 30% Less Fat
311 Grassroots
311 Soundsystem
385 Ningen
3X Krazy Stackin' Chips
3X Krazy Sick-O
44Magnum Danger
44Magnum Still Alive
50 Cent Power of the Dollar
50 Cent Get Rich or Die Tryin'
54 Nude Honeys Crazy Honey Bunny
54 Nude Honeys Snake & Queen
54-71 Untitled
54-71 I'm Not Fine, Thank You. And You?
5lack Yume Kara Same.
5th Ward Boyz Usual Suspects
5th Ward Boyz Ghetto Dope
5th Ward Boyz Rated G
69 Chambers War on the Inside
6cyclemind Panorama
6cyclemind Permission to Shine
6ft.Down Squall
7 Year Bitch Sick' Em
7 Year Bitch ¡Viva Zapata!
8 Bit Weapon Vaporware Soundtracks 2.0
8 Eyed Spy 8 Eyed Spy
88kasyo Junrei First Mini Album
88kasyo Junrei ○△□ (Circle Triangle Square)
88kasyo Junrei First EP
88kasyo Junrei Kougeki Teki Kokumin Teki Ongaku
9GOATS BLACK OUT Devils in Bedside
9nine Second 9
9nine 9nine
A Crowd of Rebellion Zygomycota
A Flood of Circle Zoomanity
A Flood of Circle Golden Time
A Flood of Circle Paradox Parade
A Ghost of Flare Kodou
AA= #2
AAA Heartful
AAA Buzz Communication
Abe Natsumi Hitoribotchi
Abe Natsumi 2nd ~Shimiwataru Omoi~
Abnormals Abnormals
Above The Law Uncle Sam's Curse
Aburadako 1996
Aburadako 1986
Aburadako 2008
Aburadako 1983
AC/DC Back In Black
Access Fast Access
Access Secret Cluster
Ace of Base The Sign
Ace of Base Singles of the 90s
Ace of Base Happy Nation
Aceyalone All Balls Don't Bounce
Acid Black Cherry Q.E.D.
Acidman Green Chord
Aco Devil's Hands
Aco Luck
Adam and the Ants The Very Best Of
Add N to (X) Add Insult to Injury
Advantage Lucy Fanfare
Advantage Lucy Station
Advent Call Planetang May Flying Soser
Aegis Halik
Aegis Mahal Na Mahal Kita
Aesop Rock Labor Days
Aesop Rock Music For Earthworms
AFI Sing the Sorrow
Afrirampo A
An excellent debut of one of Japan's newer bizarre groups. This is what happens when two cute Japanese girls collide in a world full of psychedelia and noisy garage punk. Interesting enough?
Afterimage Our Place Under the Sun
Afterimage Bagong Araw
Afu-Ra Life Force Radio
Afu-Ra Body Of The Life-Force
Aggressive Dogs We Never Trade
Aggressive Dogs Shut Up! Field of the Down
Ai Original A.I.
Ai Moriagaro
AIDS Unko Kuitai!!
Aimer Sleepless Nights
Aion Deathrash Bound
Air Swell Rimfire
Akai Ko-en Toumei na ka Kurona no ka
Akai Ko-en Mouretsu Rhythmics
Akiakane Boukyou Luminance
Akiko Hinagata Hina Kore 2 Hina Collection 2
Akina Nakamori New Akina Etoranze
Akina Nakamori Possibility
Akina Nakamori D404ME
Akina Nakamori Stock
Akina Nakamori Spoon
Aklo The Arrival
Akutagawa Dawn
Ala Organizm
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill
Aldious District Zero
Aldious Dazed and Delight
Alexandros ALXD
Aliases Safer Than Reality
Alice in Chains Dirt
Aliene Ma'riage 21st Century
Alisa Mizuki Arisa
Alisa Mizuki Arisa III Look
Alisa Mizuki Innocence
All Living Things The Flag
All Living Things Emission
All Living Things Egos
All Off Start Breathing
All Off From Midnight to Sunshine
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers
All That Remains The Fall of Ideals
Allele Point of Origin
Ally Band Wasteland
Altered States 4
Amazarashi Sennen Kofukuron
Amazarashi Bakudan no Tsukurikata
Amazarashi One Room Jojishi
Amazarashi Love Song
Ami Suzuki Around the World
Ami Suzuki Supreme Show
Anarchy New Yankee
Anarchy Stone Steps
Ancient The Cainian Chronicles
androp Anew
androp One and Zero
androp Period
andymori Fanfare to Nekkyou
andymori Kakumei
Ang Bandang Shirley Themesongs
Angels On Acid Blood Sweat and Tears
Angelspit Blood Death Ivory
Angie @
Angie Mado no Kuchi Fuefuki
Angry Frog Rebirth Musik
Angry Frog Rebirth Brave New World
Anjali Anjali
Anjali The World of Lady A
Another Story of the Other Side But I Shouldn't Stop Here
Anthelion Bloodshed Rebefallen
Anthrax Spreading the Disease
Anthrax Worship Music
Anthrax Persistence of Time
Anti-Product The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears
Antietam Music from Elba
Anybody Killa Hatchet Warrior
Anybody Killa Medicine Bag
Aphex Twin Come to Daddy
Aphex Twin Syro
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
APO Hiking Society Collector's Item
Aqualeo Speaking Of The Devil
Aqualeo Illumination
Arashi Arashi No. 1 ~Arashi wa Arashi wo Yobu~
Arashi Here We Go!
Arashi One
ARB Boys & Girls
ARB Sakyuu 1945 Toshi
Arch Transit
Aresz Beat Blast Spiral
Arise (JPN) It's Only Thrash! But I Like It!
Army of Lovers Massive Luxury Overdose
Army of Lovers Les Greatest Hits
Arrested Development 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days...
Arsonists Get All the Girls Portals
Art Bears Hopes and Fears
ArtemA ArtemA
Arukara Sou Kitaka
Arukara Boy Next Door
Arukara Drama
Asakusa Jinta Yamiyo de Dansu
Asakusa Jinta Zero no Sora ~Sky Zero~
Asesino Cristo Satánico
Asian Dub Foundation Tank
Asparagus Tiger Style
Asparagus Paragraph
Asphalt Frustration 2
Asriel QuoVadis
Asriel Akumu Kanaderu Namida no Senritsu
Asriel Bara no Hitsugi ni Taiyou wa Arazu
Assfort Five Knuckle Shuffle
Assfort Akyuufu Oto
Asylum (JPN) Crystal Days
Asylum (JPN) The Piece of the Fools
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
Atari Teenage Riot Delete Yourself!
Atrophia Red Sun Fears
Audio Active Audio Active
Audio Active Apollo Choco
Aural Vampire Vampire Ecstasy
Auto-Mod Bible
Auto-Mod Kairaku no Housoku / Sexe-Mon'amour
Auto-Mod Eastern Gothic
Autopsy Severed Survival
AvelCain Hebi to Ubume
AvelCain ID
Avengers in Sci-Fi Disc 4 The Seasons
Avengers in Sci-Fi Dynamo
awoi A Capella
Aya Matsuura T.W.O
Aya Matsuura Double Rainbow
Ayabie Equal Prayer 2 All
Ayaka First Message
Ayumi Hamasaki Next Level
Ayumi Hamasaki LOVEppears
Ayumu Matsuki Yuugure no Gendai Ongaku
Azealia Banks 1991
Azita How Will You?
Azita Year
Azu Two of Us
Azu AZyoU
B'z Off the Lock
B'z Loose
B'z Eleven
B'z Big Machine
B-Dash Po
B-Dash Panpakapan
B-Dash O (Maru)
B-Flower Penny Arcade no Toshi
B-Flower Grocery Andromeda
B-Kool Kool Stuff 2
B.B. Queens We Are B.B. Queens
Baal Religion 616
Babamania EP
Babamania Just Come Up
Babamania I.D.
BaBe Brand-new
Babes In Toyland Nemesisters
Babes In Toyland Dystopia
Baby Drew Ghetto Hero
Bachikaburi Hakujin Kokujin Koushokujinshu
Bachikaburi Ongaku Geisha
Bachikaburi The Best of Bachikaburi
Back Drop Bomb The Ocracy
Back Drop Bomb Venometeoric
Back-On New World
Back-On Adachi Tribe
Back-On Hello World
Back-On Good Job!!
Bad Brains I Against I
Bad Brains Bad Brains
Bad Brains Rock For Light
Bahamadia Kollage
Baiser Hana
Baiser Terre
Bakufu-Slump Hard Boiled
Bakufu-Slump Shiawase
Bakufu-Slump Oragayo ~In the 7th Heaven~
Balloons 451 Deg F
Balzac Judgement Day
Balzac The Last Men On Earth
Bambi Synapse Life
Bamboo Light Peace Love
Bamboo Tomorrow Becomes Yesterday
Ban Lesage It's a Conspiracy
Band-Maid New Beginning
Barbee Boys Eeney Meeney Barbee Moe
Barbee Boys 1st Option
Barbie's Cradle Music from the Buffet Table
Barbie's Cradle Barbie's Cradle
Barry White I've Got So Much to Give
Base Ball Bear C
Base Ball Bear Shin Kokyuu
Basement Jaxx Rooty
Bathtub Shitter Dancehall Grind
Batteries The Finishing Line
Battle of Ninjamanz Shougeki Dake ga Jinsei da
Beanie Sigel The B. Coming
Beardsley Bandit Boy
Beastie Boys To the 5 Boroughs
Beat Crusaders Rest Crusaders
Beavis and Butt-head The Beavis and Butthead Experience
Beck Guero
Beck Mellow Gold
Becky Kaze to Melody
BeForU BeForU
Begin Ongaku Ryodan
Begin Glider
Bella Morte The Quiet
Bella Morte Before the Flood
Belly King
Belly Star
Bellzlleb Section II ~Aru Gusha no Shougai~
Berry Roll Half Berry Tone
Berryz Koubou 1st Chou Berryz
Berryz Koubou 4th Ai no Nanchara Shisuu
Berryz Koubou 5 (Five)
Bespa Kumamero Romantic Waves
Betraying the Martyrs Breathe In Life
Betty Blowtorch Are You Man Enough?
Beyond (HK) Xian Dai Wu Tai
Beyond (HK) Er Lou Hou Zuo (The Second Floor of the Back Seat)
Beyond (HK) Jing Xi (Surprise)
Big Ass Not Bad
Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot
Big Daddy Kane Long Live The Kane
Big L The Big Picture
Big Pun Capital Punishment
Big Pun Endangered Species
Bigmama Love and Leave
Bigmama The Vanishing Bride
Bikini Kill Pussy Whipped
Biohazard State of the World Address
Biohazard Mata Leao
Biosphia Revive
Biosphia Fierce
Bis Intendo
Bis The Secret Vampire Soundtrack
Bis Data Panik Etcetera
BiS Kaidan BiS Kaidan
Bjork Debut
Bjork Biophilia
Bjork Vulnicura
Black Biscuits Life
Black Gene for the Next Scene Dance to Rave ~Nounai Shake na Song Tachi~
Black Menace Mo Drama
Black Menace Really Doe
Blahrmy DMV2 -Tools of the Trade-
Blahrmy Duck's Moss Village
Blahzay Blahzay Blah Blah Blah
Blake Babies Earwig
Blake Babies Rosy Jack World
Blam Honey Grandiose Delusion
Blam Honey Providence Of Decadence
Blankey Jet City Red Guitar and the Truth
Blankey Jet City Bang!
Blankey Jet City Romeo no Shinzou
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Clockwork Gray
Blaze Ya Dead Homie Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Bleach (UK) Eclipse E.P.
Bleach (UK) Snag E.P.
Bleach03 Bleach
Bleach03 Otoko Itchokusen
Bleed from Within Empire
Blink-182 Enema of the State
Blink-182 blink-182
Blink-182 Buddha
Blizard Danger Life
Blizard Ankoku no Keishou ~Kamikaze Killers...~
Blizard Ankoku no Seisho ~Blizard of Wizard~
Blood (JPN) Vengeance For Blood
Blood (JPN) 1st Period
Blood (JPN) The Reaper Behind Me
Blood Red Shoes In Time To Voices
Blood Stain Child Mystic Your Heart
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
Bloodhound Gang Hooray For Boobies
Bloodhound Gang Show Us Your Hits
Blue Boy Ookiku Naare
Blue Boy 17 18 19 The History of Blue Boy 1993~
Blue Encount Halo Effect
Blue Encount Band of Destination
Bluem of Youth Bloom of Youth
Bluem of Youth Target
Blur Think Tank
Blur The Magic Whip
Bo Gumbos Ultravelin' Elephant Gumbo
Bo-Peep Time of Rock
Bo-Peep Is It Good for You?!!
Boat (JPN) Fruits Lee
Bob E. Nite Code Dead
Bob E. Nite Dead & Dead3r
Bogshed Step on It
Bomb Factory Go This Way
Bomb Factory Social Suicide
Bomb Factory Rage and Hope
Bondage Fruit IV
Bondage Fruit II
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony The Art of War
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony BTNH Resurrection
Bonnie Pink Let Go
Bonnie Pink Just a Girl
Bonnie Pink Thinking Out Loud
Bonnie Pink Dear Diary
Boogieman Loops
Boogieman Boogieman
Boole Boole
Boom Boom Satellites Out Loud
Boondox South of Hell
Boondox Krimson Creek
Boowy Psychopath
Boredoms Super Ae
Boredoms Anal by Anal
Born Abnormal Head Machine
Born of Osiris The Discovery
Boss Born Gangstaz
Bowery Electric Lushlife
BowWow Glorious Road
Boyzboyzboyz Thrash Retro
Boyzboyzboyz Electric Evil Make Bomb
Brahman A Man of the World
Brahman A Forlorn Hope
Brahman Choukoku
Brand-new Idol Society Brand-new Idol Society
Bratmobile The Real Janelle
Braziliansize Ulauchick
Bread and Water Bread and Water
Breakerz Crash & Build
Breakerz Breakerz
Bride of No No B.O.N.N. Apetit!
Bron-K Kimyou Chourai Sagami Fuji
Bronbaba Kinder Book
Brotha Lynch Hung Season of da Siccness
Bubba Sparxxx Dark Days, Bright Nights
Bubba has one of the best lyrical flows in rap nowadays, black or white. Combining that talent with Tim's instant-classic beats make for a legendary southern rap album.
BUCK-TICK Seventh Heaven
BUCK-TICK One Life, One Death
BUCK-TICK Aku no Hana
BUCK-TICK Yume Miru Uchuu
Buckethead Bucketheadland 2
Buckethead Captain Eo's Voyage
Buckethead Giant Robot
Buckethead Waterfall Cove
Buffalo Daughter New Rock
Bufferins Koboreochirumono
Bufferins What a Beautiful World.
BuG Biored
BugLug G.A.G
Bugy Craxone Northern Hymns
Bugy Craxone Lesson
Bugy Craxone Good Morning, Punk Lovers
Bugy Craxone Sorry, I Will Scream Here
Buono! Buono! 2
Buono! We Are Buono!
Burger Nuds Low Name
Burger Nuds Kageokuri
Bushwick Bill Little Big Man
Butcher ABC Butchered Feast of Being
Butt Trumpet Primitive Enema
Butthole Surfers Independent Worm Saloon
By-Sexual Young Spirits
By-Sexual 94 Love
C.O.P.S. It's a Boy
Cage Weatherproof
Cali Gari 11 Janai Ryoshin Ban
Cali Gari Dai 4 Jikkenshitsu
A teensy bit weaker release, but still an extremely solid album. The Cali Gari boys keep it
rollin in 98.
Cali Gari Cali Gari no Sekai
The long awaited Cali Gari greatest hits album. Unlike "Goodbye" (their previous compilation), this album solely features on their greatest hits, and not just on their indie days. A great album to start off your Cali Gari journey with.
Cali Gari Dai 2 Jikkenshitsu
One of the most haunting releases of the 90s. Hideous, yet beautiful. Spontaneous, yet expecting. Just an outstanding release all around.
Cali Gari Dai 1 Jikkenshitsu
Cali Gari Dai 7 Jikkenshitsu
Cali Gari 11
Canibus 2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)
Canibus For Whom The Beat Tolls
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Cannibal Corpse Kill
Cantoy MissMatch!?
Cantoy Dousoukai ni Shusseki Dekinai Riyuu
Capone Menace II Society
Captain Condoms Super Cool
Captain Hedge Hog Chest
Captain Hedge Hog Dolphin
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness
Carcass Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
Carnival in Coal French Cancan
Carnival in Coal Fear Not
Casbah Demo '89
Casbah Bold Statement
Cascade Samurai Man
Cascade Yellow Magical Typhoon
Cascade Butterfly Limited Express
Casiopea Answers
Casiopea Freshness
Casiopea Inspire
Casiopea Places
Casiopea Halle
Casiopea Jive Jive
Cattle Decapitation The Harvest Floor
Cattle Decapitation Karma.Bloody.Karma
Chaba Chaba
Chage and Aska Inside Chage & Aska V
Chage and Aska See Ya
Chage and Aska Code Name. 1 Brother Sun
Chage and Aska Not at All
Chakra Sate Koso
Champagne Schwarzenegger
Champagne Me No Do Karate.
Chanmina Miseinen
Chaos Channel Serve You Right
Chaos Channel How You'd Never Been So High...
Chapterhouse Whirlpool
Chara Soul Kiss
Chara Yoake Mae
Chara Honey
Chara Utakata
Chara Secret Garden
Charcoal Filter Gimme a Light
Charcoal Filter Spiky
Charcoal Filter Happy Set
Chata Chata no wa
Chemistry One x One
Chemistry Regeneration
Chick Someone's Ugly Daughter
Chisato Cyber Soul Pavilion
Chisato Moritaka Hijitsuryokuha Sengen
Chisato Moritaka Lucky 7
Chisato Moritaka Miha
Chisato Moritaka Sava Sava
Chitose Hajime Nomad Soul
Chitose Hajime Cassini
Chocolat Hamster
Chocolat Henry
Chocolat Twinkle Starberry
Chocolate Chip Cookies Your World
Chronic Future Lines in My Face
Chthonic Seediq Bale
Chugakusei-Kanoke Kokuhaku wo Shiiru Densengen
Chugakusei-Kanoke Kami da Nomi no Ese Furyou ni Aragau
CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe
Cigaretteman Golden Bat
Cigaretteman A Piece of Music is Worth a Thousand Words
Ciudad It's Like a Magic
Claire Colors
Clammbon Imagination
Clammbon 2010
Clipse Lord Willin'
Clipse Hell Hath No Fury
Close Until Eternity
Close So Close
Cloudberry Jam The Art of Being Cool
Co-Fusion Co-Fu
Coaltar of the Deepers Queens Park All You Change
Cobra Oi Oi Oi
Cobra Captain Nippon
Cobra Voice
Cobra Reality Check
Cocco Bougainvillea
Cocco Zansaian
Cock Roach Akaki Seimei Yoku
cocklobin Iris
Cockney Cocks Single
CoCo Straight
CoCo Sylph
Cocobat Posi-Traction
Cocobat Arana
Cocobat Searching for Change
Cokehead Hipsters Hit or Miss
Cokehead Hipsters Free Not Free
Cokehead Hipsters How Far Will You Go!?
Cokehead Hipsters Come On Eileen
Collapsed Lung C**ler
Color It Red Fool's Circle
Combat 84 Orders of the day
Common Be
Common Like Water for Chocolate
Complex Complex
Condor44 Good Bye 44th Music
Confusion Orange View
Confusion Confused E.P.
Confusion Red View
Conga Fury Never Die!!!
Contemporary na Seikatsu Husky Girl
Contemporary na Seikatsu Bokura no Killer Tune
Convex Level 3 Young Men Original Soundtrack
Convex Level Plain E.P.
Convex Level New Moon 1st Contact
Coo Coo Cal Walkin' Dead
Coo Coo Cal Still Walkin
Cookie Crew Fade to Black
Coolio It Takes a Thief
Core of Soul 'Over the Time' Time is Over
Core of Soul 3
Corn Head We Ain't Stop
Cornelius Fantasma
Corporate Avenger Freedom Is a State of Mind
Cosa Nostra Trip Magic
Cosa Nostra Our Thing
Country Yard Modern Sounds
Cowpers Lost Days
CQ Communication, Cultural, Curiosity Quotient
CQ What a Wonderful World
Crack the Marian Bop Cats
Crack the Marian Growing Up
Cradle of Filth Nymphetamine
Cradle of Filth Cruelty and the Beast
Craig Mack Project: Funk da World
Cranes Loved
Crazy Ken Band Mint Condition
Crazy Ken Band Gran Turismo
Crazy Town The Gift of Game
Creep Hyp Negairi
Creep Hyp Shinu Made Isshou Ai Sareteru to Omoteta yo
Creep Hyp Machi Kutabirete Asa ga Kuru
Crisis Deathshead Extermination
Crow Last Chaos
Crustation Now 'Til Never
Crustation Foot Damage
Cruyff in the Bedroom Hikarihimawari
Crystal Kay C.L.L ~Crystal Lover Light~
Crystal Kay Crystal Style
Cud Leggy Mambo
Curio Hybrid
Curio Sweet & Bitter
Curve Doppelganger
Curve Come Clean
Curve Blindfold
Cutemen Futurity
Cycheouts TVF
Cycheouts Ghost Sim Stim
Cycheouts Ghost Vikalpa (Bunbetsu)
Cycle Sluts from Hell Cycle Sluts from Hell
Cymbals That's Entertainment
Cymbals Neat, or Cymbal!
Cyntia Limit Break
Cyntia Endless World
Cypress Hill Black Sunday
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill
D 7th Rose
D The Name of the Rose
D Genetic World
D&D Love is a Melody ~D&D Memorial 1st~
D'erlanger The Price of Being a Rose is Loneliness
D'erlanger Basilisk
D'espairsRay Coll:set
D'espairsRay Redeemer
D'espairsRay Monsters
D'espairsRay Sexual Beast
D'Meka Now... Feel Me!
D.S.B. Kill the Phantom City
D12 Devil's Night
D12 D12 World
D12 The Underground EP
Da Bubblegum Brothers Funkastic Oyage
Da Bubblegum Brothers Da Bubblegum Brothers Show ☆Tachikara Hongan☆
Da Bubblegum Brothers Born to Be Funky
Da Bubblegum Brothers Yappa J.B
Da Lench Mob Guerillas in tha Mist
Da Pump Higher and Higher!
Da Pump Lequios
Da Youngsta's No Mercy
Dabo Hitman
Dadaroma Dadaism #1
Daft Punk Discovery
Dagoba What Hell Is About
Dai Nhan Winter Story
Daichi Miura Who's the Man
Daily-Echo Subarashiki Ao no Sekai
Daiquiri Babies Making Babies
Daiquiri Box Office Poison
Daishi Dance The P.I.A.N.O. Set
Daishi Dance The Ghibli Set
Daisuke Asakura Landing Timemachine
Daisuke Asakura 21st Fortune
Daisuke Asakura Orange Compile -Daidai no Noudou Hensekishiki-
DaizyStripper Birth
Dallax Heart Storming
Dance Man Mirrorballism 2
Danny Brown The Hybrid
Danny Brown Atrocity Exhibition
Danzig Thrall-Demonsweatlive
Daria Kawashima Natural Hearts
Dark Lotus The Opaque Brotherhood
Darthreider The Garagefunk Theory
Das EFX Dead Serious
Das:Vasser [-] (Minus)
Das:Vasser Un_dead Children
Dassen 3 Saturday Uptown
Dassen 3 XXX Japan
Dataspeaker Automatic Soundsystem
Date of Birth Date of Birth
Daughters Daughters
David Banner Certified
David Banner Mississippi: The Album
Day After Tomorrow Day Alone
Dazzle Vision Origin of the Dazzle
De De Mouse Sky Was Dark
Dead Boys Young Loud and Snotty
Dead End Metamorphosis
Dead End Zero
Deadman (JPN) Site Of Scaffold
Deadsy Commencement
Death Human
Death Spiritual Healing
Death Fate: Best of Death
Death The Sound of Perseverance
Death March Kantai Sora ni wa Todoro Gouhou no
Death Side Bet On The Possibility
Death Threat (PHL) Death Threat: Gusto Kong Bumaet
Death Threat (PHL) Wanted
Deathgaze Bliss Out
Decadence 3rd Stage of Decay
Deen Utopia
Deen Pray
Deen The Day
Deerhoof Breakup Song
Deerhoof Milk Man
Deerhoof Offend Maggie
Defspiral Progress
Deftones Around the Fur
Del tha Funkee Homosapien I Wish My Brother George Was Here
Delara Delara
Deli Creeps Dawn Of The Deli Creeps
Deltabush Revell Phat Music
Deltabush Gate of Ivory
Deluhi Vandalism
Deluhi Yggdalive
Demi Semi Quaver II
Dempagumi.inc Nee Kiite? Uchuu wo Sukuu no wa, Kitto Osushi...
Denki Groove Karateka
Denki Groove Vitamin
Denki Groove Ningen to Doubutsu
Denki Groove Dragon
Deshabillz Kami Juusha
Deshabillz Seishin Ridatsusha
Devil Kitty Akuma Kourin
Devil Kitty Ware, Akumako
Dezert Seishinkai (Kyoshokushou) no Snuff Film Shuu
Dicta License Paghilom
Diddy The Saga Continues...
Diddy We Invented the Remix
Die Antwoord Ten$ion
Die So Fluid Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending
Die So Fluid The World Is Too Big For One Lifetime
Digable Planets Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)
Digable Planets Blowout Comb
Digital Underground Sex Packets
Dinary Delta Force The 9
Dio Holy Diver
Dip I'll Slip Into the Inner Light
Dip Love to Sleep
Dip After Loud
Dip in the Pool KM93.11
Dip in the Pool 7
Dir En Grey The Marrow of a Bone
Dir En Grey Arche
Disgusteens Disgusteens
Disgusteens Songs for Swinging Losers
Dissecting Table Ultimate Psychological Description II
Dissecting Table Power Out of Control
Dissecting Table Human Breeding
Dissecting Table Between Life and Death
Dizzee Rascal Boy In Da Corner
Dizzy Q Viper Uncle Cracking Bone
Dizzy Q Viper Losers Like You
DJ Hasebe Hello World
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper
DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince Homebase
DJ Kawasaki Beautiful
DJ Kawasaki Paradise
DJ Krush Jaku
DJ Oasis Tokyo Sabaku
DJ OZMA I ♥ Party People 2
DJ OZMA I ♥ Party People
DJ Shadow Endtroducing...
DMX ...And Then There Was X
Doctor Steel Dr. Steel Read-A-Long
Doddodo Do
Dog Fashion Disco Adultery
Dog Hair Dressers Low-Nin
Dog in the PWO Doggy Style III
Dohatsuten Tsuukai! Big Heart Ishin '95
Dohatsuten Kisaragi-Nietzsche
Dohatsuten Musashino Inushiki
Dohatsuten Nigirikobushi to Kantsubaki
Dohzi-T Daisan no Otoko (The Third Man)
Dolls Realize Leaving From Cyber Slum
Domestic Child ~Yume, Saki Ita~
Dong Nhi The First Step
Donnie Darko The Darko Effect
Donnie Darko DJ Bless aka Sutter Kain Presents... Devil May Cry
Dope HEADz Primitive Impulse
Doping Panda We in Music
Doping Panda Performation
Doremidan Kaleidoscope
Dos Chartered
Dots Shuwa Shuwa (しゅわしゅわ)
Double Double
Downtown Manriki no Kuni
Dowser Telecoma
Dr. Dooom First Come, First Served
Dr.StrangeLove Way Out
Dr.StrangeLove Twin Suns
Dradnats My Mind is Made Up
Dragon Ash Buzz Songs
Dragon Ash Rio de Emocion
Dragon Ash Mixture
Dream Dear...
Dream (JPN) Dear...
Dream (JPN) Boy Meets Girl
Dream (JPN) Hands Up!
Dreams Come True Wonder 3
Dreams Come True Magic
Dreams Come True Do You Dreams Come True?
Drifters Futatabi Zenin Shuugou Drifters
Drill Drill
Drug Store Cowboy Masterpeace
Drug Store Cowboy Myself and Myworld
Drumkan Louisville
Dry Kill Logic The Darker Side Of Nonsense
Dt. Check Your Headphone
Dub War Pain
Duck Missile Nonstop Train
DuelJewel Glassphere
Dum Dum Girls Only in Dreams
Dune (Germany) Expedicion
Dune (Germany) Dune
dustbox 13 Brilliant Leaves
Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity
Dying Fetus Destroy the Opposition
E-Girls Lesson 1
E-Girls Colorful Pop
Earl Sweatshirt EARL
Earthmind Power of Mind
Eastern Youth 口笛、夜更けに響く
Eastern Youth 孤立無援の花
Eastern Youth 感受性応答セヨ
Eastern Youth 365歩のブルース
Eastern Youth 歩幅と太陽
Ebi Awase Miso
Ebi Ieru Mon Naraitte Mina!
ECD Walk This Way
ECD Big Youth
ECD Shitten in the Park
Echostream The Duality of Courage
Eddy Asterism
Edge of Spirit Screaming for the Truth
Ego Ego
Ego-Wrappin' On the Rocks!
Ego-Wrappin' His Choice of Shoes is Ill!
Ego-Wrappin' Swing for Joy
Eiichi Otaki Go! Go! Niagara
Eiichi Otaki Niagara Calendar
Eiichi Otaki A Long Vacation
Eins:Vier Walk
Eisenfunk 8-Bit
Electric Eel Shock Slayer's Bay Blues
Electric Eel Shock Beat Me
Electric Eel Shock Sugoi Indeed
Elekki Bran Meruhen Satsubatsu
Elephant Kashimashi Kokoro ni Hana wo
Elephant Kashimashi Good Morning
Elephant Kashimashi 5
Elephant Kashimashi Dorei Tengoku
Elephant Kashimashi Kaze
Elf (JPN) Elf
Elf (JPN) Minna no Uta
Ellegarden Ellegarden
Ellegarden Bring Your Board!!
Ellegarden Ellegarden Best 1999-2008
Elva Hsiao Di Wu Da Dao
Elva Hsiao Ming Tian
Elva Hsiao 4U
Elva Hsiao Miss Elva
Eminem The Eminem Show
Eminem Eminem Presents: The Re-Up
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Eminem 8 Mile Soundtrack
Emmuree Touei
En Vogue Funky Divas
EP-4 Lingua Franca-X (Showa Hougyo)
EPMD Strictly Business
EPMD Business Never Personal
EPO Vitamin E-P-O
Eraserheads Natin99
Eraserheads Carbon Stereoxide
Eraserheads Aloha Milkyway
Eric B and Rakim Don't Sweat the Technique
Escalators Ammonite
Escalators Mighty Gravity
Escalators Planet E
Esham Suspended Animation
Esham DMT Sessions
This time around, Esham (aka the Godfather of the Wickedshit) drops an album dedicated to trip-hop and psychedelic drugs. While it's definitely one of his most experimental albums to date, it's also his best effort in years. Great concept done by a great artist.
Esham KKKill the Fetus
Esham Judgement Day, Vol. 2: Night
Esham Tongues
Esrevnoc EB -Esrevnoc Better-
Esrevnoc Yes!
Eths Soma
Eths Autopsie
Eufonius Metafysik
Eufonius Subarashiki Sekai
Eufonius Metro Chrome
Eufonius Phonon
Eve's Plum Cherry Alive
Everclear So Much For The Afterglow
Everclear Sparkle And Fade
Every Little Thing Time to Destination
Every Little Thing Commonplace
Every Little Thing Change
Evisbeats Hitotsu ni Naru Toki
eX-Girl Endangered Species
Excel Seeking Refuge
Exile (JPN) Our Style
Exile (JPN) Styles of Beyond
Exile (JPN) Love
Exile (JPN) Negai no Tou
exist trace Twin Gate
Exodus Bonded by Blood
Extruders Colors
Fabolous Ghetto Fabolous
Fabulous Disaster Put Out or Get Out
Fabulous Disaster I'm a Mess
Fabulousplanes Little One
FACT In the Blink of an Eye
Fairchild Ukulele
Faith and the Muse Evidence of Heaven
Faith No More King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime
Faith No More Sol Invictus
Fanatic Crisis Mask
Fanatic Crisis The.Lost.Innocent
Fanatic Crisis EAS
Fanatic Crisis Marble
Fantastic Plastic Machine Too
Fantastic Plastic Machine The Fantastic Plastic Machine
Fantastic Plastic Machine FPM
Farmer Boys Countrified
Blending groove/gothic metal with disturbing, haunting lyrics and vocals, Germany's own "Farmer Boys" create a new world, full of disgusting acts that you thought you were safe from in your little home in Utah. You're not safe anymore...
Farmer Boys Till The Cows Come Home
Fat Joe Don Cartagena
Fat Joe Jealous One's Envy
Fatal Posporos Paper View
Fatboy Slim You've Come a Long Way, Baby
Favorite Blue Dream & Memories
Fear Factory Obsolete
Fear Factory Mechanize
Fear Factory Digimortal
Feel Face2Face
Feel So Bad Affect on Your Brain
Feel So Bad Power Groove
Feel So Bad Gekkan F-S-B Dai Go Gou ~Chocolate Bomb!~
Feel So Bad Feel So Best
Feel So Bad Perfectness
Feline Save Your Face
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense III 2235 Zero Generation
Fence of Defense Fence of Defense IV Red on Lead
Fence of Defense Speed of Love
Fence of Defense XXX
Fetchin Bones Bad Pumpkin
Field of View I
Field of View II
Field of View Capsule Monster
Fifth Column 36c
Fire Ball Zero
Fishmans Neo Yankees' Holiday
Fishmans Orange
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation
Flatbacker Sensou -Accident-
Flatbacker Esa
Flesh Juicer GIGO
Flipmode Squad The Imperial
Flipper's Guitar Camera Talk
Floppy Over Technology
Flower Flower
Flunk Morning Star
Flying Kids Mayonaka no Kakumei
Flying Kids Dance Number One
Flying Kids Atarashiki Tamashii no Hikari to Michi
Flying Kids Down to Earth
Folder5 Five Girls
Foo Fighters Foo Fighters
Foo Fighters There Is Nothing Left to Lose
Force Force
Foreskin 500 Starbent But Superfreaked
Forget Me Not 3songsCDep
Fort Minor The Rising Tied
Forward Just Go Forward to Death
Forward Burn Down the Corrupted Justice
fOUL Husserliana
Four Get Me a Nots Down to Earth
Four Get Me a Nots Triad
Foxpill Cult New Romancer
fra-foa 13 Leaves
Francis M Meron Akong Ano!
Francis M Free Man
Francis M Happy Battle
Frank Chickens Get Chickenized
Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 Night Of The Living Drag Queens
Frederick Gomibako
Frederick Frederick
Frightwig Phone Sexy
FripSide Split Tears
Frost Smile Now, Die Later
Fruity Songs (Complete Discography)
Fu-Schnickens Nervous Breakdown
Fujifabric Teenager
Fukurowz Telephone No. 1
Fukurowz Datte, Atashitachi Evergreen
Fullscratch Marvelous
Funkmaster Flex and Big Kap The Tunnel
Funky Monkey Babys Funky Monkey Babys
Funky Monkey Babys Funky Monkey Babys 5
Fuzzy Control 4 Force
Fuzzy Control First Control
Fuzzy Control Chicken
G-Mo Skee The Android FiLFTEEN EP
G-Mo Skee My Filthy Spirit Bomb
G-Schmitt G-Schmitt
G-Schmitt Modern Gypsies
G-Unit Beg For Mercy
G.I.S.M. Detestation
G.I.S.M. M.A.N. (Military Affairs Neurotic)
Gackt Rebirth
Definitely one of his most diverse releases to date. Not for average Japanese music fans, but more for open minded listeners.
GaGaGa SP Sotsugyou Album
Gai Extermination
Gang Starr Step in the Arena
Gang Starr Daily Operation
Gangsta P Meet the Lil Gangsta
Ganksta N-I-P Psychic Thoughts
Garbage Garbage
Garlic Boys Psycho Thrash
Garlic Boys Mushroom Cut to Duffle Coat
Garlic Boys Roman
Garlic Boys Gekijou
Garnet Crow Crystallize ~Kimi to iu Hikari~
Garnet Crow Sparkle ~Sujigaki Doori no Sky Blue~
Garnet Crow Locks
Garnet Crow Stay ~Yoake no Soul~
Gas Boys Gas
Gas Boys Baka & Shiroto
Gastunk The Vanishing Signs
Gastunk Mother
Gelugugu Ska Boom!?
Gelugugu Chocochip Baby!
Gelugugu Oh! Geluism
Genitorturers 120 Days of Genitorture
Their debut album, and arguably the fan favorite, "120 Days of Genitorture" comes with much more of a kick than their later works. A great album to start with if you are into aggressive, somewhat industrial, balls-to-the-wall metal.
Genitorturers Blackheart Revolution
Possibly the greatest album of 2009. This album has rebellious, steamy metal that made it seem like Genitorturers were never gone. This album picks up right where Genitorturers left off a few years before...
Genkaku Allergy Japanese Trash
Genki Rockets Genki Rockets II -No Border Between Us-
Gerard Empty Lie, Empty Dream
Gerard Pandora's Box
Gerard Ring of Eternity
Geronimo What's Yours is Mine
Geronimo Step Forward No Surrender
Gesu no Kiwami Otome Miryoku ga Sugoi yo
Geto Boys We Can't Be Stopped
Geto Boys The Geto Boys
Ghetto Doggs Dear Critics
Ghetto Twiinz Got It on My Mind
Ghetto Twiinz Surrounded by Criminals
Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele
Ghostface Killah Fishscale
Gille' Loves Bara Iro no Kyuuketsuki
Gille' Loves My Bloody Valentine
Girl Next Door Destination
Girl Next Door Girl Next Door
Girl Next Door Next Future
Girl Next Door Life of Sound
Girugamesh Music
Girugamesh GO
Girugamesh Goku -Shohan Gata Enban-
GLAY Speed Pop
GLAY Beat Out!
GLAY Music Life
Heads-and-heels greater than their previous three releases, 2014's "Music Life" is easily their best work since their impeccably brilliant "Heavy Gauge" from 1999.
GLAY Bleeze ~G4-III~
Globe Love Again
A bit weaker than their first two releases, but still a really good album at the end of the day.
Globe New Deal
A very different album by the legendary electronic/pop band. Kind of like a curveball, this
album offers a mixture of ambient, salsa, alternative and acoustical rock, with very little
electronica thrown in. As much of a surprise this album may be, it is also one of their very
best albums to come out in a very long time. Highly recommended, but be warned: the album's
sound will startle various longtime listeners, but it may also expand their fanbase, and
open up the ears of those longtime listeners to something very different. An outstanding EP,
Globe Relation
Gnarls Barkley St. Elsewhere
Go Betty Go Worst Enemy EP
Go-Bang's Greatest Venus
God Forbid Earthsblood
God Forbid IV: Constitution of Treason
God Module Empath
God's Guts Full Throttle
Going Steady BOYS & GIRLS
Going Under Ground Heartbeat
Going Under Ground Tutti
Going Under Ground Kayowaki Energy
Goku Green Thrill of Life
Golden Bomber Golden Album
Gollbetty Golling!!
Good 4 Nothing Swallowing Aliens
Good 4 Nothing Back4Good
Good 4 Nothing Good4Nothing
Good Charlotte The Young And The Hopeless
Good Morning America Mirai e no Spiral
Good Morning America Sora Bakari Miteita
Good on the Reel Mugon no Sangenshoku
Goodie Mob Soul Food
Gore Elohim Electric Lucifer
Goretex The Art of Dying
Gorillaz G-Sides
GPKISM Sanguis Rosa
Grand Puba 2000
Grand Slam Big Deal
Grand Slam Inside or Outside
Grand Tone Music Grand Tone Music
Grandfathers Western-Charnande
Granrodeo Brush the Scar Lemon
Grapevine Deracine
Grapevine Taikutsu no Hana
Grapevine Here
Grapevine From a Smalltown
Great 3 When You Were a Beauty
Great 3 Great 3
GReeeeN Aa, Domo. Ohisashiburi Desu.
GReeeeN Ima Kara Oyayubi ga Kieru Teji na Shimasu.
Green Day Warning
Green Jelly Cereal Killer Soundtrack
GremlinS The Inferno
Griffin (JPN) Shishiku
Group X 40 oz. Slushie
GTS Pop + Underground
Guano Apes Proud Like A God
Guano Apes Don't Give Me Names
Guitar Wolf Jet Generation
Guitar Wolf Loverock
Gun Dog Humanity
Guniw Tools Fickle Boon
Guniw Tools Dazzle
Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction
Gusya Ningen Babaa no Inori
Gusya Ningen Gusha no Uta
Gut The Cumback
Guttermouth Gorgeous
Guttermouth Friendly People
GWAR We Kill Everything
GWAR Carnival of Chaos
GWAR Ragnarok
Gyogun Rend's I Get... Oh! Oh!
GZA Liquid Swords
H Jungle with T Wow War Tonight
H Jungle with T Going Going Home
HAG f Bun no 1 Yuragi
Haku Astronauts
Haku Simulated Reality
Haku Breath in the Beat
Hal from Apollo '69 Mindgater
Halcali Halcali Bacon
Until today, I've heard Japanese girls sing, scream, do Pikachu... and now rap? Now I have heard everything... and it's good too! Damn good! Recommended to JPop/Japanese music fans alike.
Halcali Ongaku no Susume
Showing progression in their sound, Halcali takes their mixture of hip hop and modern
Japanese pop to a whole new level. Definitely a much more solid release than the previous
"Halcali Bacon" release, and still as fun.
Hale Twilight
Half Life Half Death Pymyth Prahn
Halfbreed Serial Killaz
Halfbreed KontamiNATION
Hanatarash The Hanatarash and His eYe
Hannya Hannya
Hannya Black Rain
Happiness Happy Time
Harlem World The Movement
Harms Way Pasa Me La Mota
Harms Way Detroit Anthem '98
Harold Faltermeyer Axel F
Haruka to Miyuki Sekai
Haruka to Miyuki Sonna Koto Dou Datte ii...
Haruka to Miyuki Tameiki no Kaiwazu
Haruka to Miyuki Kyogensha ga Yoake wo Tsugeru...
Haruka to Miyuki Life
Harumi Tsuyuzaki Wonder of Dream
Harumi Tsuyuzaki Believe Yourself
Haruomi Hosono Hosono House
Hate Honey Hell's Kitchen
Hate Honey Blow
Hate Honey Lost Dye Disperse Beach
Head Phones President WhitErRor
Head Phones President Stand in the World
Head Speaker Ardent Moment
Headkase The Worm County Circus
Heath Desert Rain
Heath Heath
Heavens to Betsy These Monsters Are Real
Heavens to Betsy Direction...
Heavy D Big Tyme
Hecate The Magick Of Female Ejaculation
heidi. Innocence
heidi. Kasou
Hellchild Where the Conflict Reaches
Hello Munasawagi Pocket
Hello Sleepwalkers Liquid Soul and Solid Blood
Helmet Betty
Helmet Aftertaste
Heltah Skeltah Nocturnal
Henry Cow Unrest
Here (JPN) I Wanna Eat Your Chaos
Hermann H. and the Pacemakers Pinkie's Rock Show
Hi-Posi Kanashii Koto Nanka Janai
Hi-Posi Kaba no Otsumu
Hi-Posi Gluon
Hi-Standard Growing Up
Hibari Misora Misora Hibari no Hana Stage
Hicksville Today
Hicksville Welcome Back
hide Hide Your Face
hide hide Best ~Psychommunity~
Hideaki Matsuoka Visions of Boys
Hideki Kaji Mini Skirt
Hideki Kaji Muscat EP
HiGE Love Love Love
HiGE Hello! My Friends
HiGE I Love Rock n' Roll
High and Mighty Color Swamp Man
High and Mighty Color Rock Pit
Hijokaidan Windom
Hikaru Genji Hikaru Genji
Hikaru Genji Cool Summer
Hikashu Ningen no Kao
Hikashu Uragoe
Hime Hitogoyomi
Hime Ukina
Himekami Mahoroba
Himekami Kaidou
Himekami Toki wo Mitsumete
Himekami Ihatovo hi Takami
Himekami Homura
Himekami Aoi Hana
Himekyun Fruit Can Renai Miracle!!
Himitsu Kessha Codomo A Otoko no ko
Hinoi Team Super Euro Party
hitomi Thermo Plastic
hitomi Traveler
hitomi Love Life 2
Hitorie Deeper
Hizaki Dance With Grace
A lot more heavy this time around, it's a bit of a stepup from the "Maiden Ritual" debut, and focuses more on distorted screams, rather than orchestral-performed vocals. A bit of a heavier side of Hizaki, but still a fantastic release.
Hobbledees Gyakuten Big Nose
Hoff Dylan Tamagawa Record
Hoff Dylan 31st Century Rocks
Home Made Kazoku 3Rise
Hondalady 136
Hondalady Cassettable
Hondalady Gimme a Break
Honeydip Portable Audio Science
Hoodrum Business Card
Hoover's Ooover A Kata Sentimental
House of Krazees Head Trauma
Hum You'd Prefer an Astronaut
Hum Downward Is Heavenward
Human Waste Project HWP
Husking Bee Four Color Problem
Husking Bee Grip
Husking Bee Variandante
Husking Bee Start Your Engine
HY Confidence
HY Trunk
HY Departure
Hyde Roentgen
Hysteric Blue Wallaby
Hysteric Blue Milestone
Hysteric Blue Historic Blue
Hysteric Panic Otona to Omocha
I Shot The Duck Hunt Dog Ninstramentalism
I've Sound Verge
I've Sound Lament
I've Sound Out Flow
I've Sound Short Circuit III
I-Dep Super Departure
I-Dep Da Base
I.M.P. IMP Dogs
Ice (JPN) Wake Up Everybody
Ice (JPN) Truth
Ice (JPN) Spirit Vol. 2
Ice (JPN) Speak Low
Ice Cube Death Certificate
Ice-T Power
Ice-T O.G. Original Gangster
Iceman Gate//White
Idenshi Kumikae Kodomokai Pocket ni Mondai o Mahou Shoujo wa Inseki no Yume
Identity Crisis ...Tale of Two
Idol Punch Idol Music
Idol Punch Relax Action
Idora To Life, To Movie, To Lie, To Die
If By Yes Salt On Sea Glass
Iggy Pop The Idiot
Iggy Pop Lust For Life
Ikimono-gakari Nana Iro Konnyaku
Ikimono-gakari Jinsei Sugoro Kudabe.
Ikimono-gakari Life Album
Ikimono-gakari Newtral
Ill Bill Whats Wrong With Bill?
Ill Bill Ill Bill is the Future
Illmariachi Tha Masta Blusta
Imago Effect Desired None
Immortal All Shall Fall
Imperio Veni Vidi Vici
Imperio Return to Paradise
In-Hi We Are the Champloo
In-Hi Haisai Nii-san
In-Hi Okinawa Beat
In-Hi Okinawa Core Pride
Incubus Fungus Amongus
Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
Infectious Grooves Groove Family Cyco
Ink and Dagger The Fine Art of Original Sin
Ino Hidefumi Satisfaction
Ino Hidefumi Living Message
Inoran Nirai Kanai
Inoran Fragment
Insane Clown Posse Bang! Pow! Boom!
Insane Clown Posse Forgotten Freshness Volume 4
Insane Clown Posse The Pendulum
Insane Clown Posse Bizzar
Insane Clown Posse The Wraith: Hell's Pit
Insane Clown Posse Dog Beats
Insane Clown Posse Bang! Pow! Boom! Nuclear Edition
Insane Poetry Grim Reality
Insane Youth Not Give a Damn
Intastella Intastella and the Family of People
Intastella Nuphonia
Introvoys Breaking New Grounds
Introvoys One
Inugami Circus-dan GREATEST HITS
Twisted, indie, alternative visual kei rock. Home brewed, and outta this world. Recommended
to those with an open mind, a good ear, and a strong stomach.
Inugami Circus-dan Sukeban Rock
Inugami Circus-dan Hebigami Hime
Inugami Circus-dan Ankoku Zenkoku Gekijou
Isis (Hip-Hop) Rebel Soul
Issugi Thursday
Itchyworms Self-Titled
Iwrestledabearonce It's All Happening
Iwrestledabearonce Iwrestledabearonce
J Blood Muzik
J Red Room
J Ride
J Eternal Flames
J-Live The Best Part
J-Live All Of The Above
Jack Off Jill Sexless Demons and Scars
Jack or Jive Tidal Current
Jack or Jive The Earth
Jack or Jive Kismet
Jack or Jive Kakugo
Jacks Super Session
Jackyl Night of the Living Dead
Jamie Madrox Phatso: Earth 2
Jane Wiedlin Fur
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Habitual
Janne Da Arc Resist
Janne Da Arc D-N-A
Janne Da Arc Another Story
Janne Da Arc Arcadia
Japaharinet Genjitsu Tousouki
Japaharinet Yume Iro Logic
Japaharinet Michite Kitaru Hibi
Jawbox For Your Own Special Sweetheart
Jay-Z Vol. 2: Hard Knock Life
Jay-Z The Black Album
Jazztronik En:Code
Jazztronik JTK
Jazztronik Dig Dig Dig
Jedi Mind Tricks The Psycho-Social
Jedi Mind Tricks Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell
Jesper Kyd Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
Jesus Jones Doubt
Jet Boys Teenage Thunder
Jighead Okutama Blues
Jighead Jig 'Mojo' Head
Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails
Jitterin' Jinn Dokidoki
Jitterin' Jinn Chick-a-Biddy
Jolin Tsai Butterfly
Jolin Tsai Jolin 1019
Jolin Tsai Kan wo 72 Bian
JP5 Hot Box
JT the Bigga Figga Playaz N the Game
Judgement Process
Judy and Mary Warp
Juelz Santana What the Game's Been Missing!
Juicy Fruits Juicy a la Mode
Juicy Fruits Tennen Caffeine
JUKE/19 Juke
Jun Matsue Sunny Pop Generation
Jun Sky Walker(s) Start
Jun Sky Walker(s) J(S)W
Jun Sky Walker(s) Let's Go Hibari Hills
Jun Sky Walker(s) Flagship
Jun Togawa Kyokutou Ian Shouka
Junior Sid and Lucy
Junior Umi to Sora no Gekirin ni Fureta Boukensha Domo
Junior Family ~Haha Naru Daichi Kara~
Jurassic 5 Power in Numbers
Jurassic 5 Jurassic 5 LP
Jurassic 5 EP
Jurassic Jade A Cradle Song
Jurassic Jade War by Proxy
Jurassic Jade After Killing Mam
Justin Warfield The Justin Warfield Supernaut
Juswanna Black Box
Juvenile 400 Degreez
Juvenile Solja Rags
Juvenile Juvenile Don't Tell Your Friends
k-os Exit
k-os Atlantis: Hymns For Disco
K.U.K.L. The Eye
Kabuki Rocks Kabuki-Rocks
Kagami Star Arts
Kagerou Guroshoku
Kagerou Kurohata
Kagerou Mizu Hitari no Kazoe Uta
Kagrra Core
Kagrra Shizuku
Kagrra Gozen
Kagrra Miyako
Kaguyahime Let's Go! Kaguyahime
Kahimi Karie My First Karie
Kahimi Karie Larme de Crocodile
Kahimi Karie Tilt
Kahimi Karie It's Here
Kamijo Heart
Kamikazee Romantico
Kamikazee Long Time Noisy
Kamomekamome Kamomekamome
Kan Kremlinman
Kan No-No-Yesman
Kan Yakyuu Senshu ga Yume Datta.
Kan Tokyoman
Kana-Boon Kanjou Kibakuzai
Kana-Boon Doppel
Kanjani8 KJ1 F.T.O
Kanojo in the Display Japanese Order
Kanon Wakeshima Shinshoku Dolce
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Kanye West Graduation
KaS Product Try Out
An underground darkwave classic. Recommended for gothic/ darkwave fans for the majority, but also to new wave fans perhaps.
Kaseki Cider Skynuts
Kat-tun Best of Kat-tun
Kat-tun -Kusabi-
Kat-tun Come Here
Katastrophy Wife All Kneel
Katze Good Times Bad Times
Katze Love is Here
Kavka Shishido Kavkanize
Kaya Hyakki Yagyou
Kaya Glitter
Excellent, clubby techno, with a bit of gothic darkwave sprinkled on top. A wonderful electronic release from one of Japan's biggest names.
Kayoko Yoshizawa Majo Zukan
Kayoko Yoshizawa Henshin Shoujo
Kazumasa Oda Between the Word & the Heart
Kazumasa Oda Kojin Shugi
Kazuyoshi Saito Aoi Sora no Shita...
Kazuyoshi Saito Fire Dog
KCaveMen Gondwanaland
Kegawa no Maries Kegawa no Maries
Kegawa no Maries The End
Kemuri 77 Days
Kemuri Waiting for the Rain
Kemuri Principle
Kemuri F
Ken Hirai Stare At
Ken Hirai Fakin' Pop
Ken Hirai Japanese Singer
Ken Ishii Garden on the Palm
Ken Ishii Jelly Tones
Ken Ishii Flatspin
Ken Morioka Questions
Ken Morioka Fantasia
Ken the 390 My Life
Ken the 390 More Life
Ken Yokoyama The Cost of My Freedom
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d city
Kenichi Asai Chelsea
Kenichi Kurosawa New Voices
Kenickie At the Club
Kenji Otsuki Only You
Kenji Sawada Julie
Kenji Sawada Love ~Ai to wa Fukou wo Osorenai Koto~
Kenji Sawada A Wonderful Time
Kenji Sawada Kakuu no Opera
Kenzi and the Trips Rabbit House
Kenzi and the Trips Kangaroo
Ketchup Mania ...Just in Lust
Ketsumeishi Ketsunopolis 3
Ketsumeishi Ketsunopolis 5
Ketsumeishi Ketsunopolis 7
Kicell Kin Mirai
Kicell Mado ni Chikyuu
Kicell Nagi
Kick the Can Crew Vitalizer
Kick the Can Crew Good Music
Kid Fresino Horseman's Scheme
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause
Kiiiiiii Al & Bum
Kikeiji Datsu-Ningen Magai Mono no Kyouki wa...
Killa C Tainted Flesh
Kimeru Kimeru
King Brothers The First Rays of the New Rising Sun
King Brothers Kill Your Idol
King Brothers Mach Club
King Brothers ★★★★★★★
King Diamond ''Them''
King Diamond Give Me Your Soul...Please
King Gordy Hail Dark Lord Vader
KinKi Kids Kinki Single Selection II
KinKi Kids H Album: Hand
KinKi Kids N Album
Kinniku Shojo Tai Saigo no Seisen
"Saigo no Seisen" (or The Last Holy War) is King-Show's final album before their nearly
decade long hiatus, and is also a cleverly crafted metal opera. Although it is all in
Japanese, I would assume the album's theme is about a war fought by animals, hence the
animals on the cover on a battlefield with firearms. A great way to put a luxurious and
influential career on pause, and a great soundtrack to play Star Fox too.
Kinniku Shojo Tai Shinjin
Ahh yes... KingShow's (or Kinniku Shojo Tai) big comeback record. And it's good.... damn good. Better than most comeback albums nowadays -COUGH COUGH-. Anyways, the music in here is nicely laid out and is a throwback somewhat to their older, more aggressive style. Going back to basics on their big day back, KingShow/Kinniku Shojo Tai make sure to satisfy any long term fan that may have had doubts.
Kinniku Shojo Tai Stacy no Bijutsu
Kinoco Hotel Marianne no Koukotsu
Kinoco Hotel Marianne no Yuuwaku
Kirinji Fine
Kirinji Dodecagon
Kirinji Ten
Kirinji Neo
Kiroro Suki na Hito ~Kiroro no Sora~
Kiroro Tree of Life
Kiroro Kaeru Basho
Kiryu Mugen Houyou
Kiryu Shuka Ensen
Kiryu Shuugetsu Heika
Kiryu Hyakki Yakou
Kishidan Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die
Kishidan Kisarazu Graffiti
Kiss Destination Gravity
Kiss Destination Amaretto
Kitchie Nadal Love Letter
Kitchie Nadal Malaya
Kittie Oracle
Kittie In the Black
Kittie Spit
Kiwiroll Squeeze
Kjwan 13 Seconds to Love
Kjwan Kjwan
KMD Bl-ck B-st-rds
Kneuklid Romance Puzzle
Kneuklid Romance Link
Kneuklid Romance Rainbow
Knock Out Monkey One World
Knock Out Monkey Reality & Liberty
Knock Out Monkey Input∝Output
Knock Out Monkey Helix
Kobukuro Nameless World
Kobukuro 5296
Kobukuro Roadmade
Koenjihyakkei Hundred Sights of Koenji
Koenjihyakkei Angherr Shisspa
Kohei Japan The Adventures of Kohei Japan
Kohmi Hirose Good Luck!
Kohmi Hirose Harvest
Kohmi Hirose Kohmi Hirose The Best 'Love Winters'
Kohmi Hirose Gift+
Koichi Domoto Mirror
Koji Kikkawa Innocent Sky
Koji Kikkawa Forever Road
Koji Kikkawa Cloudy Heart
Koji Kikkawa Hot Rod
Koji Kikkawa Jellyfish & Chips
Koji Kurumatani My Life as Air
Koji Kurumatani Freedom/99
Koji Kurumatani The New Day Rising
Koji Kurumatani A Day in the Life
Kokane Addictive Hip Hop Muzick
Kokane Funk Upon a Rhyme
Kome Kome Club Go Funk
Kome Kome Club 5 1/2
Kome Kome Club Phi
Konta Konta
Konta Jane Doe
Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Live and Let Die
Kool G Rap and DJ Polo Road to the Riches
Kool Keith Sex Style
Kool Keith Spankmaster
Kool Moe Dee How Ya Like Me Now
Korn Korn
Korn Issues
Kotoko Uzu-Maki
Kottonmouth Kings High Society
Kra Dhar ma
Kra Life ~Today is a Very Good Day to Die~
Kra Shiki Tabi no Sanposha
Krayzie Bone Thug Mentality 1999
Kreva Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
Kreva Shinzou
Kreva Space
KRS-One I Got Next
Kuchiroro Golden Love
Kuchiroro Fanfare
Kuchiroro Japanese Couple
Kudo Shizuka Kareria
Kudo Shizuka Shizuka
Kulay Flavour of Da Moment
Kumiko Yamashita Pop
Kumiko Yamashita Blonde
Kumiko Yamashita Baby Alone
Kumiko Yamashita Sleeping Gypsy
Kumiko Yamashita Love Rock
Kuroi Mori Memento Mori
Kuroneko Chelsea Kuroneko Chelsea
Kuroyume Mayoeru Yuritachi ~Romance of Scarlet~
Kuroyume Fake Star
Kurupt The Streetz iz a Mutha
Kurupt Space Boogie: Smoke Oddyssey
Kuso Iinkai Kaikoroku
Kusu Kusu Hikari no Kuni no Kodomodachi
Kusu Kusu Sekai ga Ichiban Shiawase na hi
Kuuki Koudan Touru
Kuuki Koudan Kodomo
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Pamyu Pamyu Revolution
Kyoko Dear Me
Kyoko Hybrid Black
Kyoko Just
Kyoko Koizumi Betty
Kyoko Koizumi Afropia
Kyoko Koizumi Liar
Kyosuke Himuro Missing Piece
Kyosuke Himuro Higher Self
Kyosuke Himuro Flowers for Algernon
Kyosuke Himuro I-DE-A
Kyuso Nekokami 10 Dai de Dashitakatta
Kyuso Nekokami We Are Indies Band!!
L'arc-en-Ciel Kiss
L'arc-en-Ciel Ray
L'arc-en-Ciel The Best of L'Arc-en-Ciel 1994–1998
L-R Lefty in the Right
L-R Laugh + Rough
L-R Lack of Reason
L7 Bricks Are Heavy
La Coka Nostra A Brand You Can Trust
La Vie en Rose L Mega Mix
La Vie en Rose Viva!! L Field
La Vie en Rose Atarashii Asa
La'cryma Christi Magic Theatre
La'cryma Christi Deep Space Syndicate
La'Mule Curse
La'Mule Climax
La-Ppisch Flower
La-Ppisch Mime
La-Ppisch Art of Graduation
Ladies Room Get a Thrill
Ladies Room Lock and Key
Ladies Room Eat a Peach
Laid Back Ocean Bifröst
Laiya Remain
Laiya Zokkou no Uta
Lamb Lamb
Lance of Thrill Poison Whiskey
Lancer>>Bee Hymenoptera
Laputa ~Emadara~
Laputa ~Heaven~
Laputa Material Pleasures
Lareine Blue Romance ~Yasashii Hanatachi no Kyousou~
Lareine Crystal Letos
Lasah Innocence
Last Bomb Firing
Laugh Sensation No. 1
Laughin' Nose Laughin' Nose
Laughin' Nose If You Don't Mind Please Laugh
Laughin' Nose Buttobase
Laughin' Nose Ashita wo Nerae
Lauryn Hill The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
Lawshed Spirits & Souls
Lazy Knack Flash
Lazy Knack Forever ~The Best of Lazy Knack~
Le Couple On the Sofa
Le Couple Chiisana Negai
Le Tigre Le Tigre
Lead Brand New Era
Lead Life on Da Beat
Lead Lead! Heat! Beat!
Leak Bros. Waterworld
Left Yoru no Owari
Lemon's Chair My Favorite Reverb
Len Superstar
Len Get Your Legs Broke
Leo Ieiri A Boy
Leo Ieiri Leo
Les Rallizes Denudes '77 Live
Letters to Cleo Wholesale Meats and Fish
Letters to Cleo Sister
Lex the Hex Master The Black Season EP
Libido Airbag Knee Deep in Her Pussy
Chaotic, cyber, industrial, hardcore death metal. Shit to play for your mother's friends. Wonderful piece of chaos from Germany.
Libido Airbag Miss Melanoma
This mini album is excellent. There aren't too many diarrhea-ish vocals that proved to be somewhat of an issue on the "Barrel Blowjob" album (at least from my perspective), and the beats are as pounding as ever. Definitely a solid industrial/grind album.
Libido Airbag Testosterone Zone
Libro Completed Tuning
Libro Night Canoe
Libro Hiraku Hito
Lifers Group Living Proof
Light This City Stormchaser
Light This City The Hero Cycle
Light This City The Hero Cycle (Re-Issue)
Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Kings of Crunk
Lil Scrappy The King of Crunk & BME Present: Lil Scrappy
Lil' 1/2 Dead The Dead Has Arisen
Lil' Kim Hardcore
Lil' Raskull Like a Grown As Man
Limp Bizkit Significant Other
Limp Bizkit Three Dollar Bill Y'all
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Lindberg II
Lindberg V
Lindberg XI
Lindberg XII
Ling Tosite Sigure #4
Ling Tosite Sigure just A moment
Linkin Park Meteora
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
LITE Installation
Little Brother The Minstrel Show
Little Bruce XXXtra Manish
Little Creatures Giants Are Dying
LL Cool J Walking With a Panther
LL Cool J Phenomenon
LM.C Super Glitter Loud Box
Lo Key The House 2
Lo Key Dedicated
locofrank Standard
locofrank Brand-New Old Style
locofrank Calling
Lolita No. 18 Fubo NY
London After Midnight Psycho Magnet
London After Midnight Selected Scenes from the End of the World
Long Vacation Long Vacation's Touch Vol. 3
Long Vacation Long Vacation's Touch Vol. 1
Look Wings
Loopus Infinity
Lords of Acid Voodoo-U
Lords of Acid Lust
Lost Boyz Legal Drug Money
Lost Cherrees All Part of Growing Up
Lostage Drama
Lostage Echoes
Louis Logic Sin-A-Matic
Lovage Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By
Love Psychedelico III
Love Psychedelico In This Beautiful World
Love Spirals Downwards Ardor
Lovendor Bukiyou
LoveSpirals Free & Easy
LRF The Roughs & the Smooths
Lucy Van Pelt In Harmony
Ludacris Back For The First Time
Ludacris Chicken 'N' Beer
Luminous Orange Vivid Short Trip
Luminous Orange Waiting for the Summer
Lump Tsukiyama e no Michi
Luna Sea Luna Sea
Luna Sea Image
Luna Sea A Will
Lunachicks Sugar Luv
Lunachicks Pretty Ugly
Luniz Operation Stackola
Lupe Fiasco Food & Liquor
Lush Spooky
Lush Scar
Lush Blind Spot
Lycoriscoris From Beyond the Horizon
Lydia Lunch 13.13
Lydia Lunch Smoke in the Shadows
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Retrovirus
Lydia Lunch Retrovirus Urge to Kill
Lyrico Tender Lights
M Ningen-Shikkaku
M-Age VibES
M.I.A. Arular
M.O.P. To The Death
M.O.V.E Synergy
M.O.V.E Boulder
M.O.V.E Humanizer
Mac Dre Young Black Brotha: The Album
Machine Captain Sonic Tune
Machine E.rect
Machine Head The More Things Change...
Mad 3 Space Biker
Mad 3 Hateman
Mad 3 Teen-Age Delinquent!
Made Out of Babies Trophy
Madeth Gray'll Lucifer ~Makyou ni Utsuru Norowareta Zai...~
Madeth Gray'll Madeth Gray'll ~Higeki no Shuumaku~
Maggie Mae Triple Tenpai
Maggie Mae Namida ga Kareru Made
Magical Power Mako Jump
Magnolia Shorty Monkey on Tha D$ck
Magokoro Brothers Shouso
Magokoro Brothers Zeni no Daisansha
Magokoro Brothers Good Times
Magokoro Brothers Oretachi wa Magokoro da!
Mai Kuraki Delicious Way
Main Source Breaking Atoms
Make-Up Howling Will
Make-Up Born to Be Hard
Maki Goto 2 Paint It Gold
Maki Goto One
Maki Goto Love
Maki Ohguro U.Be Love
Maki Ohguro Eien no Yume ni Mukatte
Maki Ohguro Mother Earth
Maki Ohguro Happiness
Malegoat Plan Infiltration
Malice Mizer Voyage ~Sans Retour~
Mambo Taxi In Love with...
Mambo Taxi Do You Always Dress Like That...?
Man with a Mission Mash Up the World
Man with a Mission Man with a Mission
Manipulated Slaves The Legendary Black Jade
Manipulated Slaves Love & Death
Maria Detox
Maria Pieces
Maria Kannon Kyoukui no Mura
Maria Kannon Hiraki Moumoku
Marie Still...
Mariko Nagai Genki Yohou
Mariko Nagai Tobikkiri
Mariko Nagai Love Eater
Mariko Nagai Air
Marilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque
Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget
Mariya Takeuchi Quiet Life
Mars (Hip-Hop) Madness & Insanity
Showing off his "westside horrorcore" influences, this bootleg compilation shows Mars dusting off his amateur skill on SIDS for something much more appealing and professional. A superb semi-releasefrom one of the best new-wave horrorcore artists around.
Mars (Hip-Hop) School House Glock
Mary J. Blige What's the 411?
Mary's Blood 0 -Zero-
Maschera Interface
Maschera Pretty Neurosis
Maschera Orb
Mase Welcome Back
Mastamind Lickkuiddrano
Mastamind Hellrazer
Mastamind Ntoxsication
Master P Ghetto D
Master P Ghetto Postage
Master P The Best of Master P
Mastodon Leviathan
Masturbation (JPN) Masturbation
Matenrou Opera Justice
MAX Maximum II
MAX Maximum Groove
Maximum the Hormone Rokkinpo Goroshi
Maximum the Hormone Mimi Kajiru
MaxNormal.TV Good Morning South Africa
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayo Okamoto Sun & Moon
Mayo Okamoto Pureness
Mayo Okamoto Mahou no Ring ni Kiss wo Shite
Mayumi Chiwaki Dangerous is My Middle Name
Mayumi Chiwaki Gloria
Mayumi Chiwaki Poppermost
mc chris Eating's Not Cheating
MC Lara MC Lara and the Rapbusters
MC Lyte Lyte As A Rock
MC Lyte Ain't No Other
MC Lyte Bad As I Wanna B
MC Ren Shock of the Hour
Mean Machine Cream
Meaning Brave New World
Meaning 150
Meat Puppets Too High To Die
Media Youth Shikeidai no Elevator
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Megamasso Yuki Shitatari Hoshi
Megaromania Artistical Glint
Megaromania Oblivious
Megaromania Quintessence Voyage
Mellow Yellow Funky Freaky Fresh
Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow Baby
Melody Melody Carnival
Melon Cool Music (Water Melon Group)
Melon Kinenbi The Nimaime
Melon Kinenbi Melon's Not Dead
Showing off their punky roots, Melon Kinenbi collaborate both new singles and most of their
collaborative singles done in their free time. Being their last album, it makes one wonder
what Melon Kinenbi had in store in their future: whether they could continue doing upbeat
pop punk, or romantic, baby making music. A new side to one of J-pop's brightest, but highly
unrecognized, young stars. Definitely a must have for J-pop fans and lighter punk fans
Melt-Banana Speak Squeak Creak
Melt-Banana Scratch or Stitch
Melt-Banana Teeny Shiny
Melvins Houdini
Melvins Stoner Witch
Menu Raku Raku Kiraku
Merengue Aporia
Merengue Hatsukoi Sunset
Merengue Hoshi no Dekigoto
mergrim Hyper Fleeting Vision
Merry Beautiful Freaks
Merry Peep Show
Merry Go Round Housou Kinshi no Shindafuri wo Suru...
Merry Go Round Genkaku Alpha Nami
Mescaline Drive Spoony Selfish Animals
Method Man and Redman Blackout!
Methods of Mayhem Methods of Mayhem
Metis Gretel The Scene of Transmigration
MetroFarce Gaia
MetroFarce Touzoku Domo no Yakaifuku
MetroFarce Fuukyou Den
Metronome Cycle Recycle
MF DOOM Operation: Doomsday
Mi-Ke Asa Made Odorou Kanashiki Teddy Boy
Mi-Ke Natsukashi no Bluelight Yokohama Yokosuka
Mia X Mama Drama
Micadelic The Juke Boxing
Michael Jackson HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book I
Michael V. Maganda Ang Piliin
Michihiro Kuroda Enrai ~Out of Garden~
Michiro Endo Hasan
Michiyo Teenage Dream
Midas Midas II
MidnightPumpkin TimeLimit
MidnightPumpkin Popirony
Mihimaru GT Mihimagic
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu 5 ~Source~
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu 6th ~Hanano~
Miho Komatsu Miho Komatsu 8 ~A Piece of Cake~
Milktub 20Step Voltex
Milktub Make Me Happy
Millencolin Life On A Plate
Mimori Yusa Mosaic
Mimori Yusa Mizu Iro
Mimori Yusa Acacia
Mimori Yusa Roka
Mimori Yusa Bougainvillea
Mind of Asian A Small Elephant in a Large Forest
Mind of Asian Akai Hana
mind.in.a.box Crossroads
Minimoni Minimoni Song Daihyakka Ikkan
Minimoni Minimoni Songs 2
As good as their debut, if not better, in some ways. Just takes a bit of time to get used to
the new-and-improved MiniMoni.
Ministry The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Ministry Psalm 69
Minor League Second Album
Minor League Ireta Oni Kara Kuru Sentaku
Minor League Uchuu Nai Chikyuu Kikou
Minori Chihara Heroine
Misato Watanabe Soleil
Misato Watanabe Big Wave
Misato Watanabe Flower Bed
Misato Watanabe Orange
Mishio Ogawa 4 to 3
Mishio Ogawa Ureshii no Moto
Misia Love Is The Message
Misia Kiss In The Sky
Misia New Morning
Misono Say
Missalina Rei Nijiiro Shita Amedama no Motarashita Koufuku na hi
Missalina Rei Ke (Usagi)
Missile Girl Scoot Missile Girl Scoot
Missy Elliott Da Real World
Missy Elliott Under Construction
Miwa Guitarissimo
Mix Market Find It Here!!
Mix Market Fuzzy Floor
Miyavi This Iz the Japanese Kabuki Rock
Miyavi Miyavizm
Miyuki Nakajima Kokoro Mori Uta
Miyuki Nakajima Tsuki - Wings
Miyuki Nakajima Utadeshika Ienai
Miyuki Nakajima Watashi no Koe ga Kikoe Masu ka
Miyuki Nakajima Aishiteiru to Itte Kure
Miyuki Nakajima Samu Suigyo
Mo'Some Tonebender Light, Slide, Dummy
Mo'Some Tonebender Rockin' Luuula
Mo'Some Tonebender Sing!
Mo'Some Tonebender Baseball Bat Tenderness
Mobb Deep Hell on Earth
Mobs Projection of Astral Body
Mobs Resurrection
Modern Grey Face
Moga the 5 Yen Ha.Ru.Ka.Ka.Na.Ta
Moga the 5 Yen A Strange Stroke of Fate (with NAHT)
Moga the 5 Yen Imachi Tsukiyo no Hanashi
Moi dix Mois Dix Infernal
Moi dix Mois D+SECT
Moi dix Mois Reprise
Mojofly Birthday
Momoe Shimano Roots
Momoe Yamaguchi Sasayaka na Yokubou
Momoe Yamaguchi Yokosuka Story
Momoe Yamaguchi Momoe Hakusho
Momoe Yamaguchi A Face in a Vision
Momoe Yamaguchi Fushichou Densetsu
Mondo Grosso Next Wave
Monju Black De.ep
Monobright One
Monobright Adventure
Monobright Bright Ground Music
Monolith (JPN) Fiction & Non-Fiction
Monolith (JPN) -Mosaic-
Monoral Turbulence
Moon Child Tambourine
Moonriders Saigo no Bansan
Moonriders Moonriders no Yoru
Moonriders Modern Music
Moonriders Animal Index
Moonstar88 Popcorn
Moonstar88 Todo Combo
Moran Dark
Morbid Saint Spectrum of Death
Morning Musume 4th Ikimasshoi!
Delving deeper into the style that made them huge, MoMusu keeps pumping out classics. This
album features the energetic and bouncy "Souda! We're Alive", the big band stomper "Mr.
Moonlight", and a revisited version of a memorable MoMusu song "Ren'ai Revolution 21". This
album isn't superb or a classic, but it is definitely a keeper.
Morning Musume No. 5
Adopting a much more mature sound, but still nothing to overly explicit (as of yet), MoMusu release their 5th effort, simply titled "No. 5". This album features the cult classic "Yes! Pocky Girls" song, an ode to the Japanese candy, and the smooth, laid back song "Do It! Now". A less solid release than their previous "4th Ikimasshoi" effort, but still a farcry from mere staleness.
Morning Musume Ai no Dai 6 Kan
Ahh yes. Their final excellent release to date. This time around, in "Ai no Dai 6 Kan",
their 6th release, MoMusu push their mature sound even further, with songs like the
headknocking, power pop anthem "Roman My Dear Boy", to the much more lovely, beautiful sound
of "Namida ga Tomoranai Houkago". This album contains variety for it's short tracklist, and
it is definitely a keeper. Just love it while you can...
Morning Musume 13 Colorful Character
Their strongest effort since 2004's "Ai no Dai 6 Kan". Very impressive stuff. And with songs like "Ren'ai Hunter" and, one of my personal new favorites by them, "One Two Three", it looks like MoMusu are officially back on top!
Most Most
Mothercoat Patchwork_Shiki
Mothercoat Allergies
Motionless in White Creatures
Moudoku Sore wa Himitsu Desu!
Moudoku Iron Sheik II
Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban BeVeci Calopueno
Mow Mow LuLu Gyaban Yuki-chan
Mr. Mike Wicked Wayz
Mr.Children Kind of Love
Mr.Children Bolero
Mr.Children [An Imitation] Blood Orange
Mr.Orange Who Can Understand It?
Mr.Team Money Money
MUCC Shion
MUCC Kuchiki no Tou
Much-Yo Macho
Mucky Pup Act of Faith
Mummy the Peepshow Mummy Bouillon
Mummy the Peepshow Electric Roller Girl
Murder Inc. (Hip-Hop) Playin’ for Keeps
Murphy's Law Dedicated
Mushroomhead XIII
Mushroomhead Mushroomhead
Mushroomhead Savior Sorrow
My Bloody Valentine You Made Me Realise
My First Story My First Story
My Little Funhouse Standunder
My Little Lover Organic
My Little Lover Fantasy
My Little Lover Presents
My Ruin Horror of Beauty
My Ruin Throat Full of Heart
My Tam Tinh Nhu Ngon Nen
MyPollux Contraires
Mystikal Prince of the South...The Hits
Mystikal Unpredictable
Mystikal Mystikal
Mystikal Let's Get Ready
N'Shukugawa Boys 24Hour Dreamers Only!
N-Joi The Drumstruck E.P.
N.E.R.D. In Search Of
N.I.N.A. New Identity Non Applicable
N.W.A. Niggaz4Life
N.W.A. 100 Miles and Runnin'
NAHT Slake
NAHT Narrow Ways
Namba69 Let It Rock
Namie Amuro Genius 2000
Namie Amuro SWEET 19 BLUES
Namie Amuro Feel
Nana Mizuki Supersonic Girl
Nana Mizuki Great Activity
Nana Mizuki Ultimate Diamond
Nana Mizuki Rockbound Neighbors
Nanase Aikawa 7 Seven
Nanase Aikawa Paradox
Naniwa Express Dai Uchuu Mugen Ryokushin
Nao Matsuzaki Shoujiki na Hito
Nao Matsuzaki Flower Source
Nappy Roots Watermelon, Chicken & Gritz
Nappy Roots Wooden Leather
Narda Discotillion
Nas It Was Written
Nas Untitled
Nas STILLmatic
Natas Doubelievengod
Nationwide Rip Ridaz Nationwide Rip Ridaz
Natsumen Endless Summer Record
Natural Calamity Peach Head
Natural Calamity Sun Dance
Natural Punch Drunker Landscape
Natural Punch Drunker Hereafter
Nature Living There is Still Some Hope
Nature Living Sign of Bright
Naughty By Nature 19 Naughty III
Naughty By Nature Nature's Finest: Naughty by Nature's Greatest Hits
Nav Katze Shingetsu
Nav Katze OyZaC
Nav Katze Nav Katze
Necro Die!
Necro The Pre-Fix for Death
Necro Brutality Pt. 1
Necro Rare Demos & Freestyles Vol. 2
Necrophobic The Nocturnal Silence
Nega Negativism
Negicco Tea for Three
NeiL Cloud -Screen of Mind-
NeiL Disease
Nelly Country Grammar
Nenes Ikawu
Nenes Narabi
Neocolours Tuloy Pa Rin
Neva Legal Potnaz in Crime
Never Good Enough Modern Times
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Body Exit Mind
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Love It All
New Order Brotherhood
New Order Power, Corruption and Lies
New Rote'ka Gamushara
New Rote'ka Gakeppuchi no Dance ~Zenshin Zenshin Mata Zenshi~
A more mature New Rote'ka, but still somewhat chaotic. Also one of their most underrated
releases to date. A solid release, nonetheless.
New Rote'ka Bessatsu New Rote'ka
New Rote'ka NEW ROTEeKA
An interesting mixture of a half greatest hits album, and half live album. Not recommended to outsiders of the New Rote'ka scene, but would make a lovely gift to any crazed New Rote'ka fan.
New Rote'ka The Way We Walk
New Rote'ka are one of the few Japanese bands that, not only stayed together through their 27 years together WITH NO BREAKUPS/HIATUSES, but never made a shitty album. Still quality punk riffs, tempos just right to get you bouncing... an overall great contribution to the NR library.
New Rote'ka Batsugun
Japanese punk legends 'New Rote'ka' doing it big again. No big surprise here, folks...
Newest Model Crossbreed Park
Newest Model Universal Invader
Ni Hao! Gorgeous
Ni Hao! Marvelous
NIA Reloaded
Nice and Smooth Ain't a Damn Thing Changed
Nice View Nice View EP
Nice View Nice View
Nico Touches the Walls Who Are You?
Nico Touches the Walls Passenger
Nicotine Session
Nil (JPN) Excalibur
Nil (JPN) 12 Inplosion
Nil (JPN) Sayonara Da Vinci
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral
Ningen-Isu Rashomon
Ningen-Isu Mugen no Juunin
Nirvana In Utero
Nirvana Bleach
Nitro Microphone Underground Special Force
Nitro Microphone Underground Back Again
Nitro Microphone Underground The Laboratory
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom
Nobodyknows Nobody Knows 3
Nobodyknows Vulgarhythm
NoGoD Make a New World
NoGoD Mugenkyou
A very promising start to a very promising future of a talented new-wave metal band.
NoGoD Kakera
Noisemaker Maze
Nokko Rhyming Cafe
Nokko Viaje
Non Phixion The Future Is Now
Nona Reeves Sidecar
Nona Reeves Friday Night
Nona Reeves The Sphynx
Nonchalant Until the Day
Noodles Funtime
Noodles God Cable
Noodles Lite Pop
Noodles The Gravity Thief
Nookicky Rotepin
Nookicky Rigid Ink Pool
Noreaga God's Favorite
Noreaga Melvin Flynt - Da Hustler
Norikiyo Kumo to Doro to te
Norikiyo Melancholic Gendai ~Himitsu~
Noriyuki Makihara Taiyou
Noriyuki Makihara Such a Lovely Place
Noriyuki Makihara Ver.1.0E Love Letter From the Digital Cowboy
Noriyuki Makihara Pharmacy
Noriyuki Makihara Kanashimi Nante Nani no Yaku ni mo Tatanai to...
Noriyuki Makihara Personal Soundtracks
Nothingface An Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity
Nothingface Nothingface [Re-release]
Nothingface Skeletons
Nothingface Nothingface
Nothingman Chiisana Livehouse no Stage no ue Kara
Nozomi Sasaki Nozomi Collection
Nudge'em All See
Nujabes Modal Soul
Nujabes Metaphorical Music
Nukey Pikes Nukey Pikes
Nukey Pikes Consume
Nukey Pikes Three Men and the Monkey
Number Girl School Girl Distortional Addict
Number Girl Sappukei
Oasis Wibbling Rivalry
Obie Trice Cheers
Odd-Bowz Trash It!
Odol Odol
Off Course I Love You
Off Course Fairway
Off Course Wine no Nioi
Ogre You Asshole Homely
Oi-Skall Mates Luvin' Side New Stomper
Oi-Skall Mates I'm in ❤ Ska Oi Mates
Oingo Boingo Boi-ngo
Oingo Boingo Dead Man's Party
Oingo Boingo Good for Your Soul
Oingo Boingo Nothing to Fear
Olivia Internal Bleeding Strawberry
Olivia Comatose Bunny Butcher
Olivia Trinka Trinka
Olivia Greatest Hits
Omega Dripp Dancer in the Dark
Omega Dripp Shout at the Neo Devil
Omega Lithium Andromeda EP
Omodaka Sanosa
Omodaka Fortunate 1mark
Omoide Hatoba Suichuu Joe
Omoide Hatoba Black Hawaii
Omoide Hatoba Vuoy
OMSB Mr. "All Bad" Jordan
OMSB Think Good
One Ok Rock Zankyo Reference
One Ok Rock Kanjou Effect
One Ok Rock Jinsei x Boku =
One-Eyed Doll Break
One-Eyed Doll Monster
Oni Gokusou
Onmyo-Za Mugen Houyou
Onmyo-Za Houyoku Rindou
Onmyo-Za Maou Taiten
Onmyo-Za Fuujin Kaikou
Onsoku Line Sanmai Oroshi
Onyanko Club Side Line
Onyanko Club Yume Catalog
Onyx Bacdafucup
Onyx All We Got Iz Us
OOIOO Gold and Green
Oorutaichi Cosmic Coco, Singing For a Billion Imu's Hearty Pi
Opeth Blackwater Park
Orange Range 1st Contact
Orange Range Orange Range
Orange Range Panic Fancy
Orange Range Neo Pop Standard
OreSkaBand WAO!!
OreSkaBand What a Wonderful World Vol. 2
OreSkaBand Hot Number
Original Love Kaze no Uta wo Kike
Original Love Rainbow Race
Original Love L
Osamu Sato LSD and Remixes
Oserockets Eject
Oserockets Pack the Kettsu
Otep House of Secrets
Otep Sevas Tra
Otep Jihad
Otogibanashi Riyuu Naki Hankou
Otogibanashi Sale!
OVe-NaXx Ovnx Shoot Accel Core
Overhang Party Overhang Party 4
Overkill Ironbound
Overkill !!!Fuck You!!!
Overkill The Years of Decay
Overkill Feel the Fire
OverTheDogs Tokemeguru
OverTheDogs Hiyashi Chuuka Igai, Hajimemashita.
Ovum Ascension
Owarikara Saihate Songs
Oxbow King Of The Jews
Ozaki Yutaka Kaikisen
Ozaki Yutaka Kowareta Tobira Kara
Ozrosaurus Rhyme & Blues
Ozrosaurus Ozbum ~A:UN~
P-Model In a Model Room
P-Model Landsale
P-Model P-Model
P-Model Fune
P. Diddy The Saga Continues
P.O.T. P.O.T.
Pain (USA-AL) Wonderful Beef
Paintbox Singing Shouting Crying
Pamelah Hearts
Pamelah Hit Collection -Confidence-
Pamelah Pure
Pamelah Truth
Panorama Afro Afro Tsukushi
Pantera Cowboys From Hell
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
Paradeis The Other Side of Paradeis
Paradise Lost Draconian Times
Parental Advisory My Life, Your Entertainment
Paris The Devil Made Me Do It
Parokya Ni Edgar Khangkhungkherrnitz
Parokya Ni Edgar Halina Sa Parokya
Partners-N-Crime Pump Tha Party (Puttin' in Work)
Partners-N-Crime What'cha Wanna Do?
Passepied Onomimono
Pastor Troy We Ready (I Declare War)
Paths Of Possession Promises in Blood
Pealout Genshi Shinka
Pealout New Age Adventure Called 'No Heart, No Tears.'
Pealout Rolls Never End
Pedicab Tugish Takish
Peelander-Z P-Bone Steak
Peelander-Z Happee Mania
Penguin Noise Tomodachi
Penguin Noise Jet Lag
Penicillin Limelight
Penicillin Hell Bound Heart
Penicillin Blue Heaven
Pennywise Full Circle
Pennywise Unknown Road
Penpals Penpals
Penpals Play Rocks
Penpals Rock 'Em All
Penthouse Players Clique Paid the Cost
People in the Box Bird Hotel
People in the Box Rabbit Hole
People in the Box Ave Materia
Period Pains Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?)
Personz No More Tears
Personz The Show Must Go On
Personz Guardian Angel
Pet (JPN) Rock'n'Roll Suicide
Pete Rock and CL Smooth Mecca and the Soul Brother
Petey Pablo Diary Of A Sinner, 1st Entry
Petitmoni Zenbu! Petitmoni
Phantasmagoria Synthesis Songs
Phantasmagoria Sign of Fragment
Pharao Pharao
Phatmans After School Boku no Baaiha
Phew Phew L!ve Come Rain or Come Shine
Picasso Garam Masala
Picasso Champion no Nostalgia
Picasso Vertigo
Pierrot Heaven: The Customized Landscape
Pierrot Celluloid
Pierrot Finale
Pierrot Dictators Circus -Magical Melody-
Pig Destroyer Terrifyer
Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard
Piggies 60 Days
Pink (JPN) Pink
Pink (JPN) Daydream Tracks
Pink Kross Chopper Chix from VP Hell!
Pinkloop Smilёz
Pinkloop Songs for You
Pinkly Smooth Unfortunate Snort
Pirokalpin Shinkirou
Pirokalpin A New Philosophy
Pitbulls in the Nursery Lunatic
Pitchshifter www.pitchshifter.com
Pitchshifter PSI
Pixies Doolittle
Pixies Surfer Rosa
Pizzicato Five Made in USA
Pizzicato Five Bossa Nova
Pizzicato Five Happy End of the World
Pizzicato Five Romantique
Pizzicato Five Playboy and Playgirl
Plagues (JPN) California Sorrow King
Plagues (JPN) Love Savannah
Planet Sphere A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E
Planet Sphere Spring is Here
Plastic Girl in Closet Cocoro
Plastic Tree Shiro Chronicle
Plastic Tree Chandelier
Plastics Welcome Plastics
Plastics Origato Plastico
Play Dead Season Junkhead
Playboy the Beast Mark of the Beast
Plenty Plenty
Plenty Haikei. Minasama
Plus-Tech Squeeze Box Fakevox
Policeman Keisatsu
Polly Ao, Tokidoki, Goodbye
Polysics 1st P
Poor Righteous Teachers Holy Intellect
Pop Will Eat Itself Dos Dedos Mis Amigos
Porno Graffitti Porno Graffitti
Porno Graffitti Panorama Porno
Porno Graffitti Wordillia
Potshot Rock 'n' Roll
Power of Idea Yellow Thrash
Power of Idea Hyper Yellow Thrash
Prambath My Heart Beats for You!
Pre-School Untitled
Pre-School Pop Cult Do-Do
Predawn A Golden Wheel
Prick Prick
Primal Scream XTRMNTR
Primus Pork Soda
Primus Antipop
Primus Suck on This
Primus The Desaturating Seven
Prince Diamonds & Pearls
Prince 3121
Prince Batman
Prince Camille
Prince The Very Best of Prince
Prince Plectrumelectrum
Princess Princess Let's Get Crazy
Psy-S Emotional Engine
Psy-S Signal
Psy-S Mint-Electric
Psyborg Corp. The Mechanical Renaissance
Psychagogo Picnic in Altamont '69
Psycho le Cemu Doppelganger ~Mou Hitori no Jibun~
Psycho le Cemu had a very dark start, and this release proves it. Showing off their more
gothic roots, but foreshadowing their futuristic poppy sounds that would come in a few
years, this is a very strong and excellent debut album.
Psycho le Cemu Epilogue ~Kataritsuga Monogatari~
Psycho le Cemu's final album, and GOD DAMN do they end in a spectacular way. Going back to their gothic roots, yet maintaining the pop sound that got them famous, "Epilogue ~Kataritsuga Monogatari~" is an album that is recognized as one of their best. Fans claim that it's an even better effort than the humongous "Frontiers" release. And you won't get any argument from me about that.
Psychopathic Rydas Duk Da Fuk Down!
Psychopathic Rydas Back Door Ryda
Psyclon Nine Crwn Thy Frnicatr
Psydoll Psyber Doll
Psydoll Machine Wand - Chapter 2 of Machine Kingdom
Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush the Show
Public Image Ltd. Metal Box
Public Image Ltd. Album
Puffy Nice.
Puffy Honeycreeper
Puffy Thank You!
Pugs Chimato Kubiki
Pupil Wildlife
Purple Ribbon All-Stars Got That Purp
Q-Tip Amplified
Qlair Sanctuary
QN DQN Chushingura ~Dokkiyun Pechinsu Umi Monogata~
QN Dead Man Walking
QP-Crazy Twilight Zombie (Shiryou no Bon Odori)
QP-Crazy Deathporn 21 Animal
QP-Crazy QP Crazy no Jigoku Yuki da yo! Shuppatsu Shinkou!!
Queso Queso
Quicksand Slip
Qujila Panorama
Qujila Neon
Qujila Melon
Quruli Zukan
Quruli Team Rock
Quruli Antenna
R-Shitei Nihon Chibotsu
R-Shitei Okaruto Jigoku
R. Kelly Chocolate Factory
Rabbit Junk Project Nonagon
Racine 2
Radiohead The Bends
Radiohead Hail to the Thief
Radiohead The Best Of
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Radwimps Batsu to Maru to Tsumi to
Radwimps Radwimps 4: Okazu no Gohan
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
Rage Against The Machine The Collection
Rah Digga Dirty Harriet
Rajas Rajas
Ram Rider Portable Disco
Ram Rider Audio Galaxy -Ram Rider Strikes Back!!!-
Rampage (Hip-Hop) Scouts Honor... By Way of Blood
Rampant Chain
Rapes Restriction
Raphael Sick ~XXX Kanja no Karute~
Rappagariya Rappagariya Densetsu
Rappagariya Nippon Kaizou Keikaku
Rappagariya No Hiphop No Life
Rasco Hostile Environment
Rasco Time Waits for No Man
Rasheed Livin' in D Ghetto
Rasheeda Dirty South
Ravecraft 01 Zero-One
Razakel Murder Potion
Razed in Black Sacrificed
Razorback Three Minutes of Glory
Razors Edge Thrash 'Em All!!
Razors Edge Razors Rising!!!!
Razors Edge Thrashing Goes Lovely
RBL Posse A Lesson to Be Learned
RC Succession Baby a Go Go
RC Succession The Tears of a Clown
RC Succession Please
Reaction Insane
Reaction Agitator
Real Reggae Overstay
Real Reggae Rigg
Real Time Kono Hoshi de Kono Shunkan wo...
Rebecca Nothing to Lose
Rebecca Wild & Honey
Rebirth Shigopi ~Phrase 5 Coupling with Phrase 4~
Red Bacteria Vacuum Dolly Dolly, Make a Epoch
Red Bacteria Vacuum Roller Coaster
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
Red Tape Radioactivist
Rediean;Mode No Problem
Rediean;Mode Trap Trap Trap
Redman Red Gone Wild: Thee Album
Redman Muddy Waters
Redman Doc's Da Name 2000
Redman Best of Redman
Rega Lyrics
Rega Among the Flow
Rei Harakami Red Curb
Rei Harakami Wasuremono
Reks Along Came the Chosen
Remioromen Kaze no Chroma
Remioromen Ether
Rentrer en Soi The Bottom of Chaos
Republica Republica
Retard-O-Bot I Don't Think You Really Mean It: Rabid
Revolting Cocks Linger Ficken' Good... and Other Barnyard Oddities
Rhymefest Blue Collar
Rhymester Respect
Rhymester Manifesto
Rhymester Dirty Science
Ribbon Knight
Ribbon Lucky Point
Rice Rame
Rice Love Rain
Rice Kurogane
Richard Gein Zombie Vomit
Richard Gein Creatures of the Night
Riddim Saunter Think, Lad & Lass
Riddle Butterfly Effect
Riddle Blue
Riddle Sonority
Ride Going Blank Again
Ride Play
Rikki Mucha Kana
Rikki Taiyou no Shita de
Rings of Saturn Embryonic Anomaly
Rino Carnival of Rino
Rip Slyme Five
Rip Slyme Star
Rip Slyme Funfair
Rip Slyme Talkin' Cheap
Rise from the Dead Rock Fan Dead
Rivermaya It's Not Easy Being Green
Rivermaya Closest Thing to Heaven
Riyu Kosaka Every Struggle
Rize Experience
Roach Mind Of The Sun
Roach Breed of the Sun
Road of Major Road of Major II
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe
Robots Guitar de Pop
Rocketman Rocketman Deluxe
Rocketman The Sound of Musique
Rocksteddy Patipatopanabla
Rogue (JPN) Serenade
Rollins Band Weight
Rolly 2001
Rolo Tomassi Cosmology
Rolo Tomassi Hysterics
Romantic Gorilla Romantic Gorilla
Rompeprop Just a Matter of Splatter (with Tu Carne)
Rompeprop's side was... okay, but I believe that Tu Carne's songs are the best on here.
Rosa Luxemburg Rosa Luxemburg
Rosa Luxemburg Rosa Luxemburg II
Rosenfeld Rosenfeld
Rotary Beginners Adolf no Bara
Rotten That is Not Dead.....
Rouage Bible
Rouage Children
Rovo Pico!
Rovo Flage
Rovo Mon
Royce da 5'9 Rock City (Version 2.0)
Ruby Kuroi Chikyuugi
Ruby Voiller
Rude Bones Let's Talk More Today
Rude Bones Something That's Original
Ruins Burning Stone
Ruins Graviyaunosch
Ruins Vrresto
Ruins Alone
Run-D.M.C. Raising Hell
Run-D.M.C. Tougher Than Leather
Russian Ballet Dan Eta Koshka Vasha?
Ryo Fukawa Life is Music
Ryo the Skywalker Ryo the Skywalker
Ryo the Skywalker Still on Journey
Ryuichi Kawamura Fukai Ai ~Only One~
Ryuichi Sakamoto B-2 Unit
Ryuzo Document
Ryuzo Hazard
S-Creaters M.O.T
S-Ken Shanghai
S-Ken and Hot Bomboms 100NOME
SA Matchless Attack!
Saboten Hi Rock Hi
Saboten Circus
Sadistic Mika Band Kurofune
Sadistic Mika Band Sadistic Mika Band
Sads Babylon
Sads The Rose God Gave Me
Saint Four Taiyou wo Dakishimero
Sakana Kousen (Le Rayon)
Sakanaction Go to the Future
Sakanaction Night Fishing
Sakanaction Sakanaction
Sakebu Shijin no Kai Nijikui
Sakura Gakuin Nendo 2011 ~Friends~
Salon Music My Girl Friday
Salon Music This is Salon Music
Salon Music MASH
Salon Music Kelly's Duck
Salt-n-Pepa Very Necessary
Salu In My Shoes
Sambomaster Rock n Roll is Not Dead
San Quinn Live-N-Direct
Sandwich <S> Marks the Spot
Sandwich Fat Salt & Flame
Sandy Beach Surf Coaster Private Beach
Sausage Riddles Are Abound Tonight
Savage (JPN) Jikasei Yuudoku Dinner
SBK Magic Moment...
SBK Killing Field
SBK Returns
SBK Zombie Best
Scafull King Scandal!
Scanch Ultra Romantic Bombers For Unlimited Lovers...
Scanch Ultra Operation of Love Affair...
Scandal (JPN) Best Scandal
Scandal (JPN) Encore Show
Scarface The Fix
Scarface The Diary
Scarling. Sweet Heart Dealer
Scarling. So Long, Scarecrow
Scha Dara Parr 5th Wheel 2 the Coach
Scha Dara Parr Towering Nonsense
Scha Dara Parr Fun-Key LP
Scha Dara Parr The 9th Sense
Schaft Switchblade
School Jackets Back to the Dance Floor
Schwarz Stein New Vogue Children
The first album by Schwarz Stein, and a hell of a debut at that. Creating a deadly and toxic
atmosphere full of sharpened electronics, a hypnotizing vocalist and ultimately a dark and
danceable record, Schwarz Stein are pretty bizarre, even for visual kei standards. Not Devil
Kitty bizarre, per-se, but bizarre enough to explore various electronic worlds, and
accomplishing various things in just over a half hour, that many electronic artists await
their whole careers to accomplish. This album is full of promise, and will have you sucked
into the Schwarz Stein world, hell or high-water.
Scoobie Do Beach Party
Scoobie Do Scoobie Do
Scoobie Do Parasitic Girl
Scoobie Do Sparkle
Scotland Girl As I Am
Scratching Post Flamethrower
Scratching Post This Time It's Personal
Screw X-Rays
Screw Fusion of the Core
Script Body Language
Script Ultimate or Incomplete
Scudelia Electro Treasure
Scudelia Electro Electrocks
Scum (Rap) Bleed 4 This
Scum (Rap) Dinner's Served
Scum (Rap) Mr. Zipperface
Seagram Souls on Ice
Seagram The Dark Roads
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her 17
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Give Them Back to Me
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Eternal Adolescence
Sebastian X Bokura no Fantasy
Sebastian X Futures
Sebastian X Power of Noise
Second Person Come to Dust
Secret 7 Line Now Here to Nowhere
Secret 7 Line Secret 7 Line
Seeda Hana to Ame
Seeda Seeda
Sega Front Giants Save the Sega Front
Seikima-II End of the Century
Seikima-II From Hell with Love
Unarguably one of their best releases. A legendary Japanese metal album, indeed.
Seikima-II Living Legend
Seikima-II Akuma Relativity
Seikima-II Akuma Nativity
Seiko Ito Oledesm
Seiko Matsuda Canary
Seiko Matsuda Tinker Bell
Seiko Matsuda Supreme
Seiko Matsuda Seiko
Seiko Matsuda 1992 Nouvelle Vague
Seiko Matsuda Was It the Future
Seiko Matsuda Love & Emotion Vol. 1
Seiko Matsuda Fairy
Sekai no Owari Entertainment
Sendai Kamotsu Suke Best 1
Sendai Kamotsu Sendie Kamotsu
Senri Oe Senri Happy
Senri Oe Waku Waku
Senri Oe Chibusa
Senri Oe Redmonkey Yellowfish
Sentimental Toy Palette Lullaby
Sentinels Pop Psychology
Sentinels Sentinels
Sepultura Roots
Serj Tankian Elect the Dead
Sex Machineguns Heavy Metal Thunder
Sex Machineguns Sex Machinegun
Shachi Curtain Call
Shaggy 2 Dope Fuck Off!
Shaggy 2 Dope F.T.F.O.M.F.
Shakalabbits Clutch
Shakalabbits Crimson Square
Shakalabbits 4 All Ages
Shame Waveform
Shampoo Absolute Shampoo
Sharan Q Urekko e no Michi Juutaichuu
A definite step up from their previous release, "Urekko e no Michi Juutaichuu" contains some of their best work recorded. Recommended to both H!P fans and J-rock fans alike.
Sharan Q Lost Time
Sharan Q Kodoku
A better release than "Golden Q", but still not as memorable as the 1994 releases.
Shazna Promise Eve
Shazna Gold Sun and Silver Moon
Sheena and the Rokkets Mains Songs
Sheena and the Rokkets Dream & Revolt
Sheena and the Rokkets Shinkuu Pack
Sheena and the Rokkets Rokket Ride
Shelling Shelling EP
Shelling Shelling
Shellshock Mortal Days
Shellshock Self Defence
Shiina Ringo Shouso Strip
Shilfee and Tulipcorobockles Chichiro
Shinsei Kamattechan Minna Shine
Shinya Oe Rookie Tonite
Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku Chuunin
Shiver Psychodissection
Shiver Hypnosis
Shocker X With All My Hate
Shocker X Us
Shocking Lemon Denimhead
Shocking Lemon Sound of Ash
Shogun You're the One
Shojotai Shojotaiphoon
Shojotai From S
Shojotai P-Can
Shonan no Kaze Real Riders
Shonan no Kaze Raga Parade
Shonan no Kaze 2023
Shonen Kamikaze Force Muzik
Shonen Kamikaze Fiverid
Shonen Knife Happy Hour
Shonen Knife Adventure
Shonentai Time-19
Shonentai Mask
Short Circuit Strange World, Wandering Mind
Short Circuit Break Your Wall
Short Film No.9 Where is Chelsea Girl?
Shortcut Miffy! Drifter
Shortcut Miffy! Graffiti
Shortcut Miffy! 1989
Show-Ya Trade Last
Show-Ya Outerlimits
Shuffle We Are Tokyo Skins!
Shuffle Violence of Oi!
Shunsuke Kiyokiba Image
Shuren the Fire 4
Shuriken Nonperfection
Siakol Rekta
Siakol Kabilang Mundo
Siakol Tropa
Siam Shade Siam Shade II
Siam Shade Siam Shade IV - Zero
Sick Animation The Ultimate Party Collection Vol. 1
SickTanick The Lament Configuration
Along with Razakel's "Femicide" release, 2009 proved to be a year of evolution in the SKR camp. With this release, SickTanick keeps polishing his evil, impressive flow to be an unstoppable force in the underground. If anything, SickTanick is only comparable to a WAYYY more darker, occult-based Necro, but even that is pushing it... you have to listen to it yourself in order to fully understand what I'm getting at.
SickTanick From the Vault (Rare & Unreleased)
SickTanick Prometheus
Sid Hoshi no Miyako
Side Burns Never Give In
Side Burns All Skinhead Cons.
Sigh Scenes from Hell
Silkk the Shocker Charge It 2 Da Game
Silly Fools Candyman
Silverfish Fat Axl
Silverfish Silverfish with Scrambled Eggs
Silverfish E.P.
SiM Seeds of Hope
SiM Silence iz Mine
Sin 34 Do You Feel Safe?
Sion Sion
Skarp Skarp
Skarp Requiem
Skip Cows Bison
Skip Cows The Great Hunting
Skip Cows Trust Over 30
Skoop On Somebody Where Do We Go
Skull Candy Merry Merry!!
Slang Skilled Rhythm Kills
Slang Life Made Me Hardcore
Slapshock 4th Degree Burn
Slapshock Night Owls
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse
Slayer Reign in Blood
Sleater-Kinney The Woods
Sleater-Kinney Sleater-Kinney
Sleater-Kinney One Beat
Sledge Hammer Hang 'Em High
Sleep Volume One
Sleep Sleep's Holy Mountain
Sleep My Dear Move
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum Of Natural History
Slick Rick The Great Adventures of Slick Rick
Slight Slappers Tomorrow... Will the Sun Shine Again?
Slight Slappers Over Come Pain
Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
Slowdive Morningrise
Slowdive Slowdive (1990)
Slum Village Fan-Tas-Tic Vol.1
Slum Village Fantastic, Vol. 2
Smallz One Mannequin
Smash Your Face Dirty, Nasty & Fuckin' High Energy
Smif-N-Wessun Dah Shinin'
Smorgas Five In to the One
Smorgas Smorgas
Smut Peddlers Porn Again
Snail Ramp Mr. Good Morning
Snail Ramp Gravity
Snoop Dogg Tha Last Meal
Snoop Dogg R&G (Rhythm & Gangsta) - The Masterpiece
Snoop Dogg Neva Left
Snot Get Some
So Sick Social Club EP
So What? So What?
Sobut Maximum Culture
Sobut Sons of Bitches United & True
Sodom (JPN) Hijiri Requiem (St. Requiem)
Soft Ballet Document
Soft Ballet Form
Softball Lamp
Soichi Taniguchi Suishou no Kakera
Soichi Taniguchi Kimi no Naka de Yume no Naka de
Sonhouse Uchoten
Sonic Youth EVOL
Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising
Sophia (JPN) Boys
Sophia (JPN) Girls
Sophia (JPN) Little Circus
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Boku wa Toumei ni Natta Katta
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Kanojo no Uta wa Kitto Shinanai
Soredemo Sekai ga Tsuzuku Nara Kono Sekai wo Boku wa Yurusanai
Sotaisei Riron Synchroniciteen
Sotaisei Riron TOWN AGE
Soul Coughing Ruby Vroom
Soul Coughing Irresistable Bliss
Soul Flower Winds Fairground
Soul Flower Electro Asyl-Bop
Soul Lovers New Age Channel
Soul Scream Future is Now
Souls Bird Fish or Inbetween
Souls Tjitchischtsiy (Sudek)
Souls of Mischief 93 'til Infinity
Sound Horizon Lost
Sound Horizon Märchen
Soundgarden Superunknown
SoundWitch Romanesque
Sourpuss Tabouli
South Circle Anotha Day Anotha Balla
South Park Chef Aid: The South Park Album
Southern All Stars Stereo Taiyo-Zoku
Spanam Spanam
Sparks Go Go Jingle-Jangle
Sparks Go Go Circus
Sparks Go Go Stone
Sparks Go Go Mexico 98
Sparta Locals Kanashii Miminari
Special Teamz Stereotypez
SpecialThanks Seven Colors
Spectrum (JPN) Time Break (Spectrum 3)
Spectrum (JPN) Second Navigation (Spectrum 4)
Speed Starting Over
Speed Rise
Speed-ID Inner Dimension
Speed-ID I-D The M.A.S Edition
Speedometer. Thermo
Speedometer. Speedometer
Speedometer. Tourist N.B.
Sperma Megami Tenshou
Spice 1 AmeriKKKa's Nightmare
Spiderbait Greatest Hits
Spiral Life Spiral Move Telegenic2
Spitz Namae Wo Tsuketeyaru
Spitz Indigo Chiheisen
Spitz Togemaru
Splendora In the Grass
Spoozys Astro 99
Spoozys Spoozys
Sports Puzzle
Sports Scherzo
Spyair Alive
Spyair 4
Squarepusher Feed Me Weird Things
Stabbing Westward Darkest Days
Stance Punks Let It Roll
Stance Punks Bubblegum Viking
State Craft To Celebrate the Forlorn Seasons
Stereo Fabrication of Youth Know Future for You
Stereopony Over the Border
Stereopony Hydrangea ga Saiteiru
Sticky Fingaz Blacktrash: The Autobiography of Kirk Jones
Stolen Babies Naught
Stompin' Bird Just Make It
Stompin' Bird Let's Try Our Luck!
Stompin' Bird Can't Help Blowin' Up
Strapping Young Lad Strapping Young Lad
Strapping Young Lad Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing
Strapping Young Lad City
Strawberry Coming All the Way E.P.
Strawberry Spaceship of 13. Flipper
Strawberry Fields Alibi
A surprisingly darker release, and another terrific contribution to the visual kei genre.
This release is their most aggressive one in their catalog by far, and song titles like
"Bloody Spider Breath", "Mad Screw Mind", and "Toriko" (translating in English to
"Prisoner"), Strawberry Fields aren't talking that much about love this time around. Rather
the sanity/psyche of the human mind. An interesting spin on the band, and a highly
entertaining listen as well.
Strawberry Fields The Best of Strawberry Fields
Their last official release as a band (with the exception of "Forever", which is simply three of their albums compilated in one set), Strawberry Fields decides to take the veteran way out with a 'best of' collection. The collection itself is not bad, and is probably a good thing to start out with if you're just getting yourself familiar with the band. However, this collection, for whatever reason is missing the classic "Pathetic Pierrot" track, as well as any cuts off the "Dancerama" album. That is why this compilation is merely an "excellent", rather than a "superb" like it should've been. But, like I said previously, a rather solid collection for any beginner, and it should satisfy any late night cravings that their fans may have.
Strawberry Fields Dancerama
Ahh yes... the album that started the very brief, yet satisfying, career of Strawberry Fields. A very solid debut from the group, and it was gradually building up to one of the greatest releases in visual kei history: "Charme". Overall though, a pretty good release from the band. I've got nothing bad to say about this one at all...
Strawberry Song Orchestra Gesshoku no Circus
Studio Killers Studio Killers
Stupid Babies Go Mad Turbo, Trash, Frenzy!
Stupid Babies Go Mad Speed, Thrill, Stupid!
Stupid Babies Go Mad Let's Go to the Off Limits
Suck a Stew Dry Ningen Asobi
Suck Down Sanctuaric
SuG Tokyo Muzical Hotel
Sugar Hiccup Womb
Sugar Plant After After Hours
Sugar Plant Cage of the Sun EP
Sugar Ray Lemonade And Brownies
Sugar Soul Uzu
Sugarsmack Tank Top City
Sukima Switch Nayuta to Fukashigi
Sukima Switch Yufu Blend
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected?
Sunny Day Real Estate Sunny Day Real Estate
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On
Sunny Day Service 24 Ji
Sunny Day Service Wakamono Tachi
Suns Owl Screaming the Five Senses
Suns Owl Recharged
SunSet Swish Anata no Machi de Aimashou
SunSet Swish Passion
Supe 2nd Place to None
Super Butter Dog Inu ni Kuwae Sasero
Super Butter Dog 333 Goushitsu
Super Butter Dog Hello! Feedback
Super Junky Monkey Songs Are Our Universe
Super Monkey's Original Tracks Vol. 1
Super Soul Sonics Super Soul Sonics
Supercar OOYeah!!
Supercar Futurama
Supercar Answer
Supersnazz Superstupid!
Surface Warm
Surround See You, Blue
Susumu Hirasawa Jikuu no Mizu
Susumu Hirasawa Virtual Rabbit
Susumu Hirasawa Siren
Susumu Hirasawa Byakkoya
Sutter Kain The Making of Sutter Kain Volume 1
Swinging Popsicle Heaven
Swinging Popsicle Fennec!
Swinging Popsicle Transit
Switch Ladies & Gentlemen
Switch Style Shinkuu no Mori
Switch Style Metronome
Sybreed Antares
Sybreed God Is an Automaton
Sykotik Sinfoney Eargasm
Syoko Turbulence
Syrup16g Delayed
Syrup16g Coup d'Etat
Syrup16g Hurt
System of a Down System of a Down
System of a Down Toxicity
T-Bolan Heart of Stone
T-Bolan So Bad
T-Rock Conspiracy Theory
T-Square Lucky Summer Lady
T-Square Rockoon
T-Square Stars and the Moon
t.A.T.u. 200 km/H In The Wrong Lane
T.C.L Tremendous CLassixx
T.I. King
T.I. Urban Legend
T.M.Revolution Makes Revolution
T.M.Revolution Restoration Level 3
T.M.Revolution Progress
T.V. Takin' Voyage
T3rror 3rror Digital Infection
Taia Seeds of Rain
Taia Asymmetry
Taiyou no Tou Tatoeba Tsuki wo Miagete Mireba
Taiyou no Tou Sun
Taiyouzoku Merry Go Round
Taiyouzoku Jellybean
Taiyouzoku Te wo Tsunagou
Tak Matsumoto Wanna Go Home
Tak Matsumoto Knockin' "T" Around
Takagi Masakatsu Eating
Takako Minekawa Chat Chat
Takanori Jinnai Senpuuji
Takashi Utsunomiya Fatal Attraction
Takkyu Ishino Title #2 + #3
Takui Vivarock
Takuya The Wide Wide World
Talib Kweli Eardrum
Talib Kweli Quality
Tama Sonoroku
Tama Kyabetsu Tama
Tama Tama
Tamaki Roy Shounen Monster
Tamio Okuda Goldblend
Tamio Okuda Car Songs of the Years
Tamio Okuda E
Tanya Donelly Beautysleep
Tanya Markova Tanya Markova
Tatsuya Ishii Roman
Team Death Unholy Noel
Tech N9ne Anghellic
Tech N9ne The Worst
Tech N9ne Absolute Power
Tech N9ne Everready (The Religion)
Teddybears I Can't Believe It's Teddybears STHLM
Teengenerate Audio Recording
Teengenerate No Time
Teengenerate Savage!!!
Teeny Frahoop 2nd Hospital
Tempura Kidz Minna no Dance Uta
Terra Rosa Honesty
Tetsuya Komuro Digitalian is Eating Breakfast
Tetsuya Komuro Hatachi no Yakusoku
Tettsui Nihon Oukami
Tha Blue Herb Stilling, Still Dreaming
Tha Blue Herb Sell Our Soul
Tha Dogg Pound Dillinger & Young Gotti
that dog. that dog.
that dog. Totally Crushed Out!
The 50 Kaitenz 50 Kaitenz no Gyaa!!
The Addiction Voice of Bristle Punk
The Addiction Fuhai Ningen no Gomi
The Addiction Blind Soldier Kids
The Adicts Songs of Praise
The Adicts Sound of Music
The Agonist The Escape
The Alfee Seishun no Kioku
The Alfee Time and Tide
The Alfee Alfee
The Alfee Ages
The Alfee Mugen no Hate ni
The Alter Boys The Exotic Sounds Of The Alter Boys
The Automatics Battle Fever (AT)
The B-52s The B-52's
The Babylon Dance Band Four on One
The Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza Bats on the Dance Floor
The Bawdies Live the Live I Love
The Beaches The Beaches
The Berzerker Dissimulate
The Berzerker Animosity
The Berzerker Inextricable Zenith
The Birthday Star Blows
The Birthday Vision
The Birthday Massacre Pins and Needles
The Birthday Massacre Looking Glass
The Birthday Massacre Superstition
The Birthday Party Prayers on Fire
The Black Eyed Peas Bridging the Gap
The Blue Hearts TRAIN-TRAIN
The Bodies Do The Bodies
The Boom Yotcha Bare
The Boom Lovibe
The Boom Kyokutou Samba
The Bouncing Souls Anchors Aweigh
The Breath of Life Lost Children
The Breeders Last Splash
The Breeders POD
The Brilliant Green The Winter Album
The Brilliant Green Terra2001
The Browning Time Will Tell
The Candy Spooky Theater Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family...
The Checkers Zettai Checkers!!
The Checkers OOPS!
The Chewinggum Weekend Killing Pop
The Conscious Daughters Ear to the Street
The Continental Kids Nowhere Gypsy's
The Continental Kids Grand Punk Railroad
The Contortionist Exoplanet
The Cool Chic Child Spider
The Cool Chic Child New Heaven
The Creepers Miserable Sinners
The Crimson Armada Guardians
The Cro-Magnons ザ・クロマニヨンズ
The Cro-Magnons FIRE AGE
The Cro-Magnons ACE ROCKER
The Cruxshadows Wishfire
The Cruxshadows Telemetry of a Fallen Angel
The Cruxshadows The Mystery of the Whisper
The Cure The Top
The Cure Three Imaginary Boys
The Cure Greatest Hits
The Darling Buds Crawdaddy
The Darling Buds Erotica
The Dawn I Stand with You
The Dawn Harapin
The Dayton Family F.B.I.
The Dayton Family Welcome to the Dopehouse
The Dead Milkmen Beelzebubba
The Dead Milkmen Eat Your Paisley!
The Dead Milkmen Not Richard, But Dick
The Dead Pop Stars Protest 2 Speed Story
The Dead Pop Stars Self Violence
The Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works
The Dillinger Escape Plan The Dillinger Escape Plan
The Dillinger Escape Plan Under the Running Board
The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis
The Discocks Voice of Youth
The Distillers Sing, Sing Death House
The Distillers Coral Fang
The Dogbones The Dogbones
The Dresscodes The Dresscodes
The Dust'n'Bonez Cocksucker Blues
The Dwarves Blood, Guts, & Pussy
The Dwarves Drug Store
The Dwarves Sugarfix
The Dwarves Come Clean
The Dwarves The Dwarves Are Born Again
The Erections Stupid Dirty Punk
The Erections Oi! Oi! Real Now
The Erections The Erections
The Exuberants Led the Way
The Flamenco a Go Go Fully Fed Freaks
The Fools No More War ~Chikyuu no ue de~
The Frumpies Frumpies Forever
The final release from The Frumpies to date, and arguably their best EP. Mastering their noisy/lo-fi punk sound, The Frumpies become honorable mentions in the local Washington riot grrrl scene by the time "Frumpies Forever" came out. Their most approachable release as well, as this concentrates on more of a punk feel, rather than a sheer noisy lo-fi recording. A solid Frumpies release indeed. It's a shame they disappeared around this came out...
The Frumpies Frumpie One-Piece
The Frumpies Alien Summer Nights
The Game The Documentary
the GazettE Stacked Rubbish
The Gerogerigegege Tokyo Anal Dynamite
The Gerogerigegege Senzuri Power Up
The Gerogerigegege Yasukuni Jinja
The Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat
The Go-Go's Talk Show
The God Speaker to Animals
The Godfather Ten Hits No Convictions
The Gospellers Vol.4
The Hakkin Joucho
The Hellfreaks Hell Sweet Hell
The Hiatus Keeper of the Flame
The High-Lows Relaxin' with The High-Lows
The High-Lows Hotel Tiki-Poto
The High-Lows Do!! The★Mustang
The HRSMN The Horsemen Project
The Human Abstract Nocturne
The Jaywalk Sentimental Road
The Jaywalk Oval Mind
The Jerry Lee Phantom Surf Ride Monstar '99
The Jokerr The Confirmation Collection Vol. 1
The Jokerr Trai