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5.0 classic
Behemoth Evangelica Heretica
Awesome live album. Again Behemoth proves they're as good live as in the studio. It's really a tight and kick ass band. Capture, production and mix are perfect. I recommand to any fans of the band, a must to own.
Death The Sound of Perseverance
Enthral Prophecies of the Dying
This album is amazing. It's a collection of outstanding riffs at both guitars and bass, yeah even bass has some
riffs at some point on the album (track called 'A divine tragedy'). The drum work is great too. Various beats,
double bass drums but not all the time nor blast beats, lots of pretty fills throughout.

Production is better than the classics of the genre which I think is a plus because you can hear all the
instruments. I would compare it to that of Immortal's SND.

Vocals are standard BM and to me are perfect. In some tracks you can hear a woman singing but not formtje
entire track. And it's not like symphonic BM bands.

Final summation: a must in a classic BM collection! Try it out you won't be disappointed.
Gorgoroth Pentagram
Immortal At the Heart of Winter
Been listening to it many times and well, this one is classic to me From start to finish, this album just soothe my brain.
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
The rating speaks for itself. It's a classic! Everybody knows that!
Judas Priest Painkiller
The rating speaks for itself. It's a classic! Everybody knows that!
Metallica Kill 'Em All
Rush Moving Pictures
Rush 2112

4.5 superb
Apostasy [SWE] Devilution
To me this is a quick ass album. It's black metal with an hint of death. The drummer does an excellent job.
Double bass drums that I would risk myself to compare to that of Amon Amarth, 'cause it's not all over the
place and pretty well dosed. The pace is changing so it's never boring to listen. The guitar work is
awesome. The various riffs are hooking. Most of the songs are instant head-banging.

Solos are pretty good and pretty well dosed throughout. Bass does it's job too and you can hear it quite
well from time to time. There's keyboards and piano, yep keyboards and piano. But wait. It's all done to
give an atmosphere and are not annoying I swear.

Finally the singer: awesome! He's able to change is voice many times even within the same song.
Sometimes he sounds like a pure black metal singer, other times more like a death metal singer. Anyways,
it's good.

Final summation, this album will give you instant eargasm. It's fun and easy listening all the way through.
Not a single song is boring. I forgot to mention that contrary to a lot of BM albums this, one has a great
production. All instruments including vocals are appropriately balanced so you can blast this soothing
music down your ears as loud as you can. Enjoy !
Autopsy Mental Funeral
Blink-182 Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Bolt Thrower Those Once Loyal
Cryptopsy Blasphemy Made Flesh
Cryptopsy None So Vile
Death Symbolic
Death Human
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Iced Earth Iced Earth
Iron Maiden Live After Death
Keep of Kalessin Kolossus
I've been listening many times to this album and Gee, it's getting better each time I listen to it.rAgain and again!
King of Asgard Fi'mbulvinter
This is an excellent album to sing along, filled with great anthems folk like, a bit viking like I may suggest. All instruments are well balanced and do their job quite effectively. Hence, the vocals are just awesome. In the first track of the album you know already what the singer is capable of, just by hearing the sustained scream at the beginning. Fun listen all the way through, just like an Amon Amarth album. It never gets boring and all songs have its own little thing. Definately a must for the genre.
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad
Testament First Strike Still Deadly
Van Halen Van Halen
Voivod Dimension Hatross
Weapon From The Devil's Tomb

4.0 excellent
Abomino Aetas Sower of Death
Aeternus ...and So the Night Became
Innovative Black Metal. Never boring because it's not just the same 3-4 riffs repeated over and over again.
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God
Amon Amarth Surtur Rising
Anacrusis Hindsight Vol 1: Suffering Hour Revisited
Anacrusis Hindsight Vol 2: Reason Revisited
Ancient Svartalvheim
Artillery My Blood
Atheist Piece of Time
Autopsy Severed Survival
Autopsy Macabre Eternal
Balfor Barbaric Blood
Behemoth Demigod
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Behemoth Evangelion
Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI
Blink-182 blink-182
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
Burzum Hvis lyset tar oss
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
Death Scream Bloody Gore
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Decapitated Nihility
Deicide The Stench of Redemption
Demigod Slumber of Sullen Eyes
Destruction The Antichrist
Destruction Day of Reckoning
DevilDriver The Last Kind Words
This album delivers awesome metal right down your ears. Not a single boring song. From first to last, you get screams, roarings, guitars, bass and double bass-drums all blended together to create a brutal mixture you can't listen but at highest volume possible on your sound system. Put it on repeat even better!
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane
Dragonlord Rapture
Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Drudkh Microcosmos
Enslaved Mardraum - Beyond the Within
Hypocrisy A Taste of Extreme Divinity
Iced Earth Alive in Athens
Pure Evil and Dante's Inferno are possibly two songs out of the, let's say, 20 top best live performance ones ever. Classic metal to me.
Immolation Close to a World Below
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness
Immortal Pure Holocaust
Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism
Well, I love all my Immortal albums. They're all classics to me. I give it a 4 because the more I listen to it, the more I like it. However, this is not my favorite of them all still. But it deserves a 4 for sure.
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance
Keep of Kalessin Armada
Kreator Hordes of Chaos
Lamb of God Sacrament
Manegarm Vargstenen
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem Ordo ad Chao
Metallica ...And Justice for All
Monstrosity In Dark Purity
Negura Bunget Virstele Pamintului
Obituary Cause of Death
Old Man's Child The Pagan Prosperity
Opeth Morningrise
Opeth Blackwater Park
Opeth Watershed
Pantera Cowboys From Hell
Possessed Seven Churches
Quo Vadis Day Into Night
Rage Soundchaser
I discovered this German band not long ago, and frankly, this is a really great band. This album is a great assembly of metal music with dramatic classic or symphonic music. Really cool mix, because it is really well arranged. There's not just Rammstein out there making good stuff. Rage is a band to know about for sure! And this album in particular.
Rage Speak of the Dead
Rage Black In Mind
Rage The Missing Link
Rush A Farewell to Kings
Rush Fly by Night
Rush Hemispheres
Rush Hold Your Fire
Satyricon Nemesis Divina
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times
Satyricon Now, Diabolical
I gotta crank this up a bit, it's so good. The feeling of the entire album is really cool. It's easy to listen from start to finish. I really enjoy this band.
Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
Shadows Fall Retribution
Slayer Reign in Blood
Strid End of Life [demo]
Suffocation Pierced from Within
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
Taake Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
The Cult Sonic Temple
The Cult Love
Trelldom Till Minne...
Tyr Land
Tyr By the Light of the Northern Star
Urgehal Goatcraft Torment
I'm cranking my rating because after a few more listens, I find this album excellent. It's not repetitive and the riffs are awesome and quite entertaining. It's raw, in your face and classic black metal production.
Voivod Nothingface
Voivod The Outer Limits
Voivod Killing Technology
Windir Arntor

3.5 great
122 Stab Wounds The Deity of Prversion
Amon Amarth Fate of Norns
Apocalyptica 7th Symphony
Behemoth The Apostasy
Behemoth Thelema.6
Blink-182 Enema of the State
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
Burzum Filosofem
Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Cannibal Corpse Vile
Cannibal Corpse Kill
Craft Terror Propaganda - Second Black Metal Attack
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
Decapitated Carnival Is Forever
Demonica Demonstrous
Good old school trash metal. It'll remind you of some of the classics of the genre. Really entertaining. Production is awesome. First track is right in your face. Riffs are fast and furious. Drums powerful. Bass sounds like Testament's. Final summation: great album!
Destruction Release from Agony
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dimmu Borgir Stormblast
Dying Fetus War of Attrition
Dying Fetus Grotesque Impalement
This album is really entertaining. It sounds good, it's technical and full of tempo variation. Sound quality is
great. You cannot be disappointed. I like the hilarious exchange b/w a father and his 26 year old son in second
to last track and also the last track which is a cover. Check it out!
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse
Emperor Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Enslaved Eld
Gates Of Ishtar A Bloodred Path
Hackneyed Carnival Cadavre
Highly entertaining. Great production. For lovers of DM and if you are looking for something a little different than standard blast beats.
Hypocrisy Virus
I Between Two Worlds
Immortal All Shall Fall
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden No Prayer for the Dying
Keep of Kalessin Reptilian
Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies
Kreator Extreme Aggression
Lamb of God As the Palaces Burn
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk
Marduk Plague Angel
Marduk Rom 5:12
The more I listen to it the more I love it. Great brutal and fast black metal fully demonic just the way we like it.
Mayhem Wolf's Lair Abyss
Mayhem Chimera
Metallica St. Anger
Metallica Death Magnetic
Mutiilation Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
I think it's a great album in the sense it's been executed and produced in one of the rawest form. I'd say in the traditional tr00 NBM way. I thaught I would never find rawer than Ordo Ad Choas from Mayhem, but now I just did with this album. Final summation: it's not for casual BM listener. You gotta be big on BM. Espacially in its purest and rawest form and expression.
Pantera Power Metal
Rage Execution Guaranteed
Rage Depraved To Black (as Avenger)
Rush Signals
Rush Rush
Rush Power Windows
Rush Roll the Bones
Rush Presto
Satyricon The Shadowthrone
Scar Symmetry The Unseen Empire
The Cult Electric
Thy Serpent Forests of Witchery
Trelldom Til Evighet...
This is evil music... and I like it that way... Black metal is always good pummeling down the ears.
Tsjuder Desert Northern Hell
Urgehal Massive Terrestrial Strike
I like this band a lot. This album is pretty good. Need to listen more of it for final judgement but it is definitely
worth a listen because it is classic BM and the musicianship is really good.
Vader Revelations

3.0 good
Averse Sefira Battle's Clarion
First listen-worth a 3 for now. I'll give a more thorough listen and will adjust later. Some good riffs, reminding me of Immortal. This band seems to be a strange mix of black and death. Interesting.
Conqueror War Cult Supremacy
For now I rate it good. This album is very very brutal and the brutality is almost relentless throughout. It rapes your ears. There's a lot going on and you gotta be in the mood to listen to this agression. I'm not saying it's bad. I'm used to pretty hard stuff but I must admit this one is really one of the most brutal I've heard in a while. A infernal visit down below...
Dark Funeral Attera Totus Sanctus
Dark Funeral Vobiscum Satanas
Dream Theater Images and Words
Dream Theater A Change of Seasons
Dream Theater Falling into Infinity
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos
Enslaved Frost
Immortal Blizzard Beasts
Iron Maiden The Final Frontier
Metallica Metallica
Ov HELL The Underworld Regime
Vader Impressions In Blood

2.0 poor
13 Winters Where the Souls Wander

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