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5.0 classic
Atheist Jupiter
In my view this is the best Atheist album, it's undeniable that this band is still at the top of their game, this just blew my head off, everything is technical, heavy and fast, memorable from start to end.
DevilDriver Pray for Villains
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved's best effort, and probably the best Metal Album of 2010. Outstanding songwriting.
Every song is just perfect and rewarding, brutal and beautiful. Progressive Black Metal
extremely well done.

4.5 superb
Amia Venera Landscape The Long Procession
The only problem here is the duration of the ambient sections. That apart, this is a vicious metal assault, with great riffs, precise drumming, and a great voice. This is absolutely notable, considering that "The Long Procession" is this band's debut.
Deathspell Omega Paracletus
What a special album, this feels like a really big song put toghether instead of an entire
album, and that's fantastic in my view. The drumming is the true meaning of insanity, the
atmosphere is brutal and dark, this is a memorable record.
DevilDriver Beast
Impiety Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny
Intronaut Valley of Smoke
Sludge with Progressive and Jazz elements is officialy proved to be a magnificent piece of music, at least when it is done by this band.
Joe Satriani Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards
The first song is probably one of the best Joe Satriani has ever made. This guy still
manages to tell us a beautiful story with his guitar. Most songs are calm and amazing, but i
think it should have had some heavier moments, that would have made this perfect.
Kylesa Spiral Shadow
Majestic music from a prodigious band, the only fault in this album is that you can't really tell why do they need two drummers, because it seems like there's only one guy playing. Nonetheless, this is their most incredible work.
Oceansize Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up
This amazed me, what a really talented band. Some of the best progressive songs i've ever heard right here.
Seventh Wonder The Great Escape
Gorgeous melodic instrumental work, along with a voice that fits the music prefectly. The last song is ridiculously long, but memorable like the rest of the album.
The Birthday Massacre Pins and Needles
Every song is great and well put together, Chibi's voice is incredible.
Without a doubt this band's best album.
The Ocean Anthropocentric
Far superior in comparisson to Heliocentric, this is a really good Metal piece, it's heavy and soft at the same time, and ends up being a well-balanced album, with just a few flaws.
The Republic of Wolves Varuna
Beautiful, is the most simple way of describing this, it's one of those albums that will surprise you a lot. The music is mainly calm and serene, progressing and getting heavier sometimes, and the instrumental work is fabulous.
Underoath Disambiguation
Impressive musical work by Underoath, this is darker and more chaotic than everything they
have ever done before, and it works extremely well. I like this better than all their other
Volbeat Beyond Hell/Above Heaven
One of the best Heavy Metal/Rock records you'll ever listen to. I can't believe so many people have never heard of this band... Fantastic music from start to end.

4.0 excellent
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
"Into The Painted Grey" is a hell of a song, but then the album fades into boringness in some parts. That would be really bad, if there weren't also some awesome parts. Those keep the album captivating until the end.
Alter Bridge AB III
Actually a lot better than i was expecting. I just don't like the fact that this is really extended, 66 minutes is a long time for an album in my opinion, but this still managed to be their best work to date.
Cradle of Filth Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
An album that works really well as a whole. This obsviously will please any fan, even i think this is great and i never listened much to this band.
Death Angel Relentless Retribution
Guitar solos in this album are amazing, and some riffs are great. Vocals sound a bit similar to Overkill, but better in my opinion. Definitely worth a listen.
First Signs Of Frost Atlantic
A very melodic album that will please any fan of the genre. The vocals are great and captivating, as the rest of the music in general.
Hail of Bullets On Divine Winds
Solid from start to end, this didn't disappoint me. The album has the same formula most times but there are some great moments and the overall feeling of the songs is fantastic.
Helloween 7 Sinners
If this was shorter i'd probably rate it a 4.5. The record is still haunted by all the Power Metal clichés ever to exist, but i still like this band anyway.
Her Name Is Calla The Quiet Lamb
This band's only fault is that the amount of silence in their songs is annoying sometimes. This is a great piece of music though. Best Indie album i´ve listened to in a long time.
Jimmy Eat World Invented
Just because this is softer it doesn't mean it's bad. This is a great, enjoyable album by Jimmy Eat World. It just isn't as catchy as the last ones were, but instead much more experimental. I think i'm giving this a 4.
Motorhead The World Is Yours
Same sound, same formula, but what can i say? The album kicks ass, and it's better than Motorizer. All the songs rule, but i just hope they change a bit next time.
Obscurity Tenkterra
An album that clearly surprised me, this is really good. In my view it only has one big
problem: It starts lacking creativity from the middle part of the album until the end,
which makes the second half monotonous. If it wasn't for that, this would almost be the
perfect viking metal record.
Sodom In War and Pieces
Sodom always delivers awesome thrash, although this isn't as great as i thought it would be, some three or four songs here are among the best they've ever written. The album also innovates by mixing different styles and melodies, and of course some pretty good riffs.
Suicidal Angels Dead Again
I won't say i am disappointed, but i was expecting more from this band. Yes, the riffs truly slay, the album is fast and it's pure thrash all the time, but nothng new is added to their music, and it doesn't stay in your head for a long time.
Tankard Vol(l)ume 14
Typical thrash guitar riffs supported by pounding drums, and pure "alcoholic metal". This was just as i expected it to be, which is not a bad thing by any means.
The Absence Enemy Unbound
This has extremely catchy melodies, and addictive riffs. Not totally groundbreaking or
innovative, but still kicks ass, mainly because of the guitar work.
The Damned Things Ironiclast
Ironiclast has an amazing energy, and feels pretty fresh. As for the music itself, it's nothing superb, but it's great enough for having fun listening to this.
The Sorrow The Sorrow
It's rare to see a Metalcore band with this talent and quality, despite not changing a bit since the first album, this band's style remains excellent and effective.

3.5 great
All That Remains ...For We Are Many
Better than "Overcome", there is nothing bad here, but there's nothing excellent either. It's a pure Metalcore album.
Bring Me The Horizon There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It...
"Crucify Me", "It Never Ends", "Don't Go", "Visions" and "Blessed With A Curse" are great tracks, the rest of the album is a bit generic, but it is definitely an improvement.
Dimmu Borgir Abrahadabra
An album that starts epic but ends being nothing new. Guitar work is just average, drumming is the same old stuff... But, all the orchestral parts are amazing, and hide some of the band's faults here and there. Overall a good album.
Ektomorf Redemption
A great and angry metal album that is nothing remarkable, but well performed and pretty good for headbanging. I've never heard of this band before, and i have to say they can have a better future, if they change their style into something a bit different.
ERRA Andromeda
A great debut, that despite being generic sometimes, has some excellent guitar solos and
manages to be impressive in some parts. However, the album is small, and two of the seven
songs are interludes, which is a bit disappointing in the end.
Eye Empire Moment of Impact
A talented band and a nice Rock album, that has some amazing moments, but is not inovative in any way.
Grave Digger The Clans Will Rise Again
I'm not really into Power Metal, but this band deserved my atention, although almost every song has the same formula, it's still solid and some guitar solos are pretty addictive.
I, the Breather These Are My Sins
Typic, another Metalcore band that instead of creating something new, just do what other
hundreds of bands do. This actually has some excellent parts, but that isn't enough to take
the music to another level.
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
I don't see why this had so many really high ratings, there isn't absolutely nothing new inside the genre here, although it is Kanye West's best for shure.
Senses Fail The Fire
Best record so far from this band, this felt more "complete" than their last works. However,
i don't think that they will improve and be better than this on the next album.
Stone Sour Audio Secrecy
Everybody says that Stone Sour's first album is their best, but musically this is far better
than their self-titled debut. I really enjoyed some 4 or 5 songs, the rest is average but
still good.
System Divide The Conscious Sedation
Drum Work is great. Female vocals are good. Guitars are also good. Some melodies in the album are amazing. Screams are terrible, and really ruin some of the songs.
The Concretes WYWH
WYWH is the sound of a more confident band crossing new musical terrain, and has an amazing vibe. But it could be better, some parts are too simple, and don't create anything new.
The Red Shore The Avarice Of Man
A pretty good Death Metal album, that could be much better with a faster and more creative drummer. Also some songs are a bit repetitive.

3.0 good
A Day To Remember What Separates Me from You
A band that apperently doesn't innovate anymore, this is the exact same formula they used on their last album. The songs are catchy and good overall, but being extremely predictable is this album's main fault.
Charlie Simpson When We Were Lions
I'm frustrated that this isn't an actual album. It's a very good EP, but i won't rate as "Excellent" or "Great" something with five 3-minute songs. However, this is still damn enjoyable.
Ill Nino Dead New World
Lyrics are totally uncreative and vocals are just ok, which makes the album uninteresting,
only being saved by the percurssion and guitars in some parts, as there are some good solos
and melodies sometimes.
Monster Magnet Mastermind
A very simple album that seems strange at first, and despite getting a bit better with the second listen, is just another rock album like any other to throw into the pile.
No Age Everything In Between
I have to say all songs sounded boring to me the first time i listened to this. However, i also have to admit this guys do have talent. I guess this is good.
Sea of Treachery Welcome To Wonderland
This is the perfect example of a band that is capable of writing better music, but fill the albums with breakdowns. There are some entertaining songs here, but it is mostly generic Metalcore. Nothing new.
Snowing I Could Do Whatever I Wanted If I Wanted
This guys get more praise than they deserve, their music feels like a mess sometimes, and vocals tend to become irritating. I'll rate this album with a 3, because they are obvious talented, it's a shame that their talent isn't well used in 50% of the album.
The Chariot Long Live
Good album, nothing more, nothing less. Vocals are repetitive, and i couldn't really tell the difference between some songs, this band has done better than this before.
The Word Alive Deceiver
Music is good but forgettable, this band is talented enough to improve if they want to.

2.5 average
Escape the Fate Escape the Fate
I don't get this band, this lyrics are horrible, and their music is poor most of the time, but some guitar parts can be enjoyable, like in the album closer (yes the solo is great), which makes me realise that they could be better, but they don't want to.
Hinder All American Nightmare
This is an underrated album, it isn't as bad as people say. Despite still being annoying, this is the best musical work by this band. I just don't rate this as "Good" because of the horrific lyrics.
Linkin Park A Thousand Suns
I´ve listened to this two times, and it grew on me. But it's still an average record.

2.0 poor
Mushroomhead Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children
This is hard to rate, some stuff here is laughably bad, while there are actually some good
songs. However, the guitars sound terrible at times and along with the vocals, never kept me
Pure Reason Revolution Hammer & Anvil
A repetitive album that i personally can't enjoy, some parts are good but most times this fails at music. This band often lacks creativity and becomes a lot predictable.

1.5 very poor
Gorillaz The Fall
Seriously? I hate boring music, and this is more than boring in my opinion, although i consider the second half of the album better than the first. Still, this is a poor and uncreative piece of music. Won't listen again.

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