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5.0 classic
A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders
One word.
Classic. No opinions needed.
Now get it and get groovin' fools.
Bjork Vespertine
Thank you Bjork for the amazing sex I had last night to this cd. Classic
Black Star Black Star
Bright Eyes Lifted or The Story is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
Circle Takes the Square As the Roots Undo
City of Caterpillar City of Caterpillar
Gospel The Moon Is a Dead World
Manchester Orchestra Simple Math
Mew No More Stories
Nujabes Spiritual State
R.I.P. Seba Jun you're the truth..................................................
OutKast Aquemini
The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About

4.5 superb
Animal Collective Fall Be Kind
Now if you have seasonal disorders in the winter or fall put this in and turn that frown upside down!
BATS Cruel Sea Scientist
Big Boi Sir Lucious Left Foot
Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
Where is it in music and what does it bring to the table with the music you are trying to create?
Soul is easily in this short master piece by Bon Iver "For Emma, Forever Ago" this album is a man naked for everyone to see singing his heart out and adding more soul into music than my ears have been graced with.
The only problem I have with this record is it is way too short with only 30 minutes to send you into a cloud.
Soul, do you have it?
Boys Night Out TrainWreck
This is so close to a five for one of my top mathy pop-punk albums. Minus a few moments in Recovering or just the song in general this album is still as great as it was five years ago.
Capsule (US) Blue
Converge Axe to Fall
Go Converge! Go! I really shouldn't have to say too much. This album is on par with Jane Doe though.
Cursive Domestica
Dela Changes of Atmosphere
Do Make Say Think You, You're a History in Rust
dredg The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion
Envy Abyssal
Finch Say Hello to Sunshine
Say Hello to Sunshine, with a title like this you'd expect a What it is to Burn pt.II, but Finch has blessed us with a completely reworked evil sound. This cd is a decent into everything that we refuse to say, it is the insanity in all of us which we say isn't there. A good 75% of Finch's old fans have disowned this band because of this transational cd and by all means this is no sophomore slump. Sadly sometime after Finch released this cd they broke up. Three years of waiting for this and more waiting after for their break up and they are now a band again.
Say Hello to Sunshine everyone. It shines down on all of us in our darkest hours.
Frank Ocean channel ORANGE
fun. Aim and Ignite
Goodie Mob Soul Food
Enter Goodie Mob, (Cee-Lo, Khujo, T-Mo Goodie, and Big Gipp) a dungon family hip-hop/southern rap group which use a wide viarity of styles and southern rap to display very conscious lyrics.
Songs: Soul Food, Dirty South, and Cell Therapy are the singles of the album and are definatly amazing choices to choose from. Guests Witchdoctor and Outkast are all over the album and make it that much more of a better experience into the world of Goodie Mob. Filler really is my only problem with the album even though the filler is alright to listen to sometimes. A very standout album that is more than just gangster rap, that is just a facade used to tell their stories. Goodie Mob ='s the GOOD DIE Mostly Over Bullshit
Gorillaz Demon Days
Grizzly Bear Yellow House
So i'm going backwards in with grizzly bear, but good god yellow house is great....tis just bliss
Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Isis Wavering Radiant
Jeff Buckley Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk
John Legend Get Lifted
Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye
Kayo Dot Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue
Kayo Dot Blue Lambency Downward
Wow, where to begin with this? I feel as if i've listened to this enough times to give a breif oppion, but I believe my bad grammar and spelling will do this an injustice. This album is more or less an experience, personaly I kind of figured the band would go in this direction.
Kayo Dot is expiermenting with different sounds and wandering away from their old "Metal" tag they were pinned with. Finding Toby Driver now focusing on composing material which sounds like modern day classical music, instead with crushing guitars and an assortment of other insturments carfuly and curisouly displaying their moments to shine and guide you through this monster of an album.
If you think Kayo Dot without the heavieness will be interesting the definly check it.
Kid Cudi A Kid Named Cudi
Kid Cudi's mixtape "A Kid Name Cudi" has been an eye opener since Day N' Night got super early airplay on my local radio station in Mobile, Alabama. Cudi definatly wears his influences on his sleeve and chooses to display them in his own fashion which he crafts in a very infectious manner. Using samples from: Outkast, Band of Horses, J Dilla, N.E.R.D. and many more this mixtape is crafted with what seems like enough care to kill us all with kindness. From start to finish this mixtape flows with a vibe thats honest and with some work can easily top his influences whom he can play off of so wonderfuly.
King Chip The Cleveland Show
This has win written all over it. Owe You is so slick.
La Dispute Wildlife
Manchester Orchestra Mean Everything to Nothing
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's The Dust of Retreat
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's The Daytrotter Sessions EP
With this fine stripped E.P. Margot have used one old song and four new ones. All stripped down to an acoustic feel, with the bare essentials used. A mixture of Curisive, Bright Eyes, Arcade Fire, and other class Indie artists with a soul that hasn't been in music for a while.
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's Animal!
Margot & the Nuclear So and So's Not Animal.
Mew And the Glass Handed Kites
Mew Frengers
mewithoutYou A to B: Life
mewithoutYou Catch For Us the Foxes
Minus the Bear Planet of Ice
Planet of Ice by, Minus the Bear is a remarkable effort and jump from their previous full length Menos El Oso.
Trading in their happy go lucky riffs in for some darker, ambiant tones MtB have brought their vison to ears. Throwin Shapes and Knights will keep the old listeners around with their catchy ear candy, but songs such as Lotus and Double Vision Quest contain a more prog sound with Lotus clocking in as one of their longest songs to date.
There is some wrong though with this album, the songs Knights is just another MtB song, the only thing that saves it is the half way point when the guitars start to soar. Throwin' Shapes also should of just been on Menos El Oso, just re-hashed mateiral.
All and all though this is a very nice improvement for the boys in MtB and I cannot wait to hear their next album concieved.
Mouth of the Architect Quietly
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Nujabes Metaphorical Music
Off Minor The Heat Death of the Universe
Opeth Watershed
Owen New Leaves
Owen Ghost Town
Propagandhi Supporting Caste
Radiohead The King of Limbs
Rilo Kiley The Execution of All Things
Russian Circles Geneva
Yay for post-rawk!!!!!!!!!!!!
The first half of this cd is Russian Circles bringing the most emotion out of their insturments they ever have so far.
While the second half is standard RS goodness.
once more yay!!!!
Rx Bandits Mandala
Saves the Day Stay What You Are
Say Anything In Defense of the Genre
Serena Joy Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle EP
I would set myself on fire for you meets Explosions In The Sky.
The cd is made up of 4 movements that all form one long song.
The cd is breathtaking, even though i've only listened to it a few times.
Cannot wait to see more from this group.
Shugo Tokumaru Exit
Tera Melos Patagonian Rats
The Blood Brothers ...Burn, Piano Island, Burn
The Blue Letter Prima Facie
The Fall of Troy Phantom on the Horizon
The Wonder Years The Upsides
The Wonder Years Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing
What the guy said about Dude Ranch. This band is magical with super refrences to The Upsides all over this.
Trophy Scars Bad Luck
With "Bad Luck" Trophy Scars bring about a concept becides using A's and being very ambiguous about it's meaning.
"Bad Luck" has many differnet styles used on it, also many different insturments. Piano is now fully played in just about every song, and at times they just don't sound like the Trophy Scars I grew up with. Jer's voice is very gruff in this album and he screams less than before.
But does that make this bad?
Listen to it and decide for yourself.
Trophy Scars Never Born, Never Dead
Trophy Scars will never fail me. Keeping this newly aquired sound instead of their post-hardcore roots and improving upon this building sound. The real question is, "Where the fuck is the full length at?"
United Nations United Nations

4.0 excellent
After the Burial In Dreams
Animal Collective Sung Tongs
Animal Collective Here Comes the Indian
As Cities Burn Hell Or High Water
If they are broken up at least they did it with one last good album. An interesting beginning to a post-hardcore band and an extremely interesting ending for this wonderful band. If they haven't broken up and it's just rumors then wonderful.
Love for the ACB
B.o.B B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray
Out of Drake, Cudi, Asher Roth, and Wale honestly B.o.B. is the most experimental artist and thats what he really is, an artist.
Bobby Ray(B.o.B.) Vs himself in the mixtape where half of it is the spitting of B.o.B. which is very fantastic with his andre3k vibe he's got going on. The Bobby Ray side is more of the experimental side with him playing acoustic guitar, using more pop orientated beats, but still rapping in places.
Not a mixtape to pass up or a fresh new face in hip-hop.
Blink-182 Enema of the State
Brand New Daisy
Wow, Brand Nizzle with energy.
Oh how i've longged for an opening such as the shower scene.
This cd is gonna make all the lovey dovey brand new kids cry and the fans whom love their experimentation pushing loving them even more so.
And the Grungey feeling behind his voice fuck that, I hear Isac Brock from MM more than a peral jam grunge.
This cd is epic. Gives me the shivers
Built to Spill There Is No Enemy
Circa Survive Blue Sky Noise
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head
Daitro Y
Dance Gavin Dance Dance Gavin Dance
Daughters Hell Songs
Daughters Daughters
Thank god Daughters finally put out another album. Now time to annoy all the people I know while enjoying it to the maximum
Drake So Far Gone
Enter the world of Drake, once an actor now diving into the world of hip-hop with an amazing mixtape to start it off right. Drake can sing, rap, and do Lil' Wayne better than Mr. Carter can do for himself. November 18, Successful, Uptown, Say Whats Real, and many others on this cd slam the speakers and subs, while Drake himself sings/raps about the women in his life, the cars he drives, and the live he is surrounded by everyday. He is the Yang to Kid Cudi's Yen. Thank god hip-hop is starting to look a little better in the mainstreem.
Drake Thank Me Later
Drake presents himself as best as he can for his first album released. This album is far better than any cudi, wale, asher roth, etc....
Shit has soul.
Earl Sweatshirt EARL
East of the Wall Farmer's Almanac
Saw this in it's entirity almost last night at a Local Mississppi coast bar that has never had a metal band and apparently Elvis use to get shitty drunk there. Makes sense. Great band.
Faraquet The View From This Tower
Before I listened to Damiera my best friend who joined the navy put this on my "listening list," he said this and "Kidcrash" were essencital albums that I had to listen to.
Great riffing, interesting drumming and great vocals.
Go faraquet!
Give up the Ghost We're Down Til We're Underground
Incubus S.C.I.E.N.C.E.
One of the best Incabus albums. Everyone on their insturments does an insane job and for once Mr. Boyd does his part extremely well with his insanity vocals.
Drop all the other cd's by this band and keep this one in rotation, and pass the blunt to the left
Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Day
Not a perfect debut album, but leaves plenty room for improvement. Cudi is more of an experimental hip-hop artist
anyway, always has been since his first mixtape stoner charm.
Kid Cudi Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager
Kidcrash Jokes
Kidcrash is a band that reminds me of all the brilliant minds in the "Screamo" "Indy" "Punk" (or whatever you want to call it ) genres comming together for a second chance at a younger music generation.
The raw recording feel behind it for me at least gives off a more emotional feel behind the music.
The singing and the music are almost balanced, there isn't one outweighting the other.
There were a few things about this album I kinda scratched my head at.
While the vocals are steller on this record they are very monotonus keeping the same range, while this isn't something i'm going to rant about it was a small tick.
I also felt the record went on too quickly, by the time I started it and got sucked in it was over like that.
The one member in this band though that keeps me comming back to the record constantly is the drummer, this man is a beast compared to their record, "New Ruins" which they apparently had a bunch of problems with.
All and all this band is something to look out for in the future.
Lil Wayne No Ceilings
mewithoutYou It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!
It's still mwY just a little more overly religious.
And if you have knowticed anything about the bands progression, this is their next natural step they would end up taking.
Accept this for what it is and enjoy it like they made it just for you
Minus the Bear Menos El Oso
Minus the Bear Into the Mirror
New Found Glory Not Without a Fight
Off Minor Innominate
Off Minor Problematic Courtship
Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fungus
Owen At Home With Owen
Owen I do perceive.
Owen (the ep)
Pax and Pry A Day Off
Pianos Become the Teeth Old Pride
Q-Tip Kamaal The Abstract
It's almost like a Post-Rock/Hip-Hop/Funky-town express ride into a state of carefree groovin.
"Thought I told you a million times?"
Right Away, Great Captain! The Eventually Home
Rocky Votolato Suicide Medicine
I hate the 90's but this reminds me of all the small details I came to enjoy.
Set Your Goals Mutiny!
Sole and the Skyrider Band Plastique
Extremely interesting and though provoking.
It's like Indie met Techno and had a kid. Then Hip-Hop infused with a white dude and they met and had a kid. Then those two kids fucked and had a kid!
Greattt cd
Tera Melos Untitled
The Blood Brothers This Adultery Is Ripe
The Mars Volta Octahedron
I'm all about some laid back vibes and chill music, so hearing the TMV's new album was going to be "Acoustic" I was completely drawn in. While not acoustic as you've very well read, it has that "Chill" "laid-back" vibe. Like it or not this album still sits very well in the end leaving you to determin if the experience the band put you on was worth it or not.
Yes it was for me.
The Number Twelve Looks Like You Worse Than Alone
The Reign Of Kindo Rhythm, Chord & Melody
The Sound of Animals Fighting The Ocean and the Sun
These Arms Are Snakes Tail Swallower and Dove
This Is Hell Misfortunes
Thrice Beggars
Thrice finally got their "Radiohead" album. Moody, Atmospheric, and raw are a few ways to describe this. Still very much so Thrice, but more Dustin singing. The only complaint I have about this album is it's really too short.
Thursday Common Existence
Tides Resurface
Towers Full Circle
Tyler, the Creator Bastard
Tyler, the Creator Goblin
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation
Wale Back To The Feature
Pshhh Wale common an' take over this fail'n hip-hop scene!
These new school kats just getting signed are great for the most part.

3.5 great
(In Theory) The Final Project
A Static Lullaby Faso Latido
All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers
Anthony Green Avalon
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Strength And Loyalty
Boys Night Out Make Yourself Sick
An album I purchased soooo long ago,
a great sing-a-long album regardless of the disgusting lyrics.
Great Pop-Punk with screams.
Damiera Quiet Mouth Loud Hands
Forget "m(us)ic" and sit back and listen to "Quite Mouth Loud Hands" and you will get to see a Damiera who are experimenting with the pop sounds they presented in their previous albums. They've undergone a huge line up change and it shows. Overall this cd is a grower, mostly because of the fact old Damiera fans will trip out like Finch fans did with Say Hello to Sunshine. Damiera is playing with the cards they've been delt and I think they are doing a grand job.
Emarosa Relativity
Emery While Broken Hearts Prevail
Fear Before Fear Before
Fireworks We Are Everywhere
So much fun you'll think you're in Florida with all the other fun loving bros
Gorillaz The Fall
John Legend Evolver
Sometimes you gotta step away from that piano and let people know whats goin' on. Even Stevie Wonder got down sometimes.
Loma Prieta Dark Mountain
MF DOOM Born Like This
Moodie Black The Responsive Chord
Owen Owen
Owen No Good for No One Now
Portugal. The Man It's Complicated Being a Wizard
Portugal. The Man Censored Colors
Rocky Votolato Burning My Travels Clean
See You Next Tuesday Intervals
Sugarcult Start Static
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues
The Get Up Kids On a Wire
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance
Thursday/Envy Thursday/Envy
Wale Attention Deficit
Wiz Khalifa Taylor Allderdice
Just listen to it, oh and Juicy J where the fuck have you been damnit!?
The chrono trigger on never been pt2 kills. Long live SNES

3.0 good
...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead The Century of Self
Alesana On Frail Wings of Vanity and Wax
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
Bring Me The Horizon Suicide Season
Cursive Mama, I'm Swollen
Tim seems to be running out of things to sing about, while the new drummer that Cursive has aquired did not fill the job of their previous drummer.

While the first half of this album seems uninspired and seems like they took some songwriting advice from Connor Oberst and Bright Eyes.

It slowly starts to progress about the Sixth song into and is satisifying for the rest of the cd.

It just feels uninspired and Tim has run out of ways to make us relate to him since Happy Hallow.....

RIP Cursive.
I loved you
Giant Song
Norma Jean The Anti Mother
Owen The Seaside EP
See You Next Tuesday Parasite
Stick To Your Guns Comes From the Heart

2.5 average
A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step
This album is a mystery to me. I understand why people put it up so high regardless of who the frontman is, but it's a watered down side projet of Tool. Common, we're gonna get some alright listenening material, but it's just more uninspired crap that we have been listening to over alternative airwaves since the 90's. Pet, The Nurse Who Loved Me, and Blue. Everything else just blends in and/or is filler.

2.0 poor
Lupe Fiasco Lasers
The Human Abstract Midheaven

1.5 very poor
12 Stones 12 Stones
The only reason I give this .5 higher than a one is when I was younger I saw them at a fest at our collisuem and they put on a decent alternative rock show. Band sucks wish this genre would die like crunkcore
Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz Kings of Crunk
Lil' Jon, why oh why did you plague the radio waves. Better question why oh why do I still hear you comming out of peoples systems bump'n down the street? Your a joke lil' jon and I think you know this as well as I. So end the end the joke is on all of us whom listened to your album and thought it was a Grand Hustle. Stop yelling, quit attempting to rap, and do something right with your money like sponsering kids who can spit, but just don't have the funds to get anywhere.

1.0 awful
Various Artists (Punk) Punk Goes Crunk
This proves white guys shouldn't touch hip-hop.
Every track fails, they couldn't even rap fast enough on Notorious Thugs. Epic failure.

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