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5.0 classic
Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders
The benchmark for modern progressive metal which will probably never be beaten. Music that is as emotionally and melodically dense as anything I've ever discovered in realms of both metal and jazz.
Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects Sol Niger Within V3.33
Spawn of Possession Noctambulant

4.5 superb
Anomalous Ohmnivalent
After a handful of listens, Ohmnivalent sinks in and it's clear that this is one of those albums that is years ahead of its time. 5-10 years from now I can hope this gets the recognition it deserves. The amount of talent needed to create something like this is immense. While other 7/8 string bands do their generic djenting and lame clean sections with shit clean vocals, Anomalous says fuck you and creates a technical, progressive, melodic, and at times brutal sound that is suffocating and dense overall. The lead playing is extraordinary, easily some of the most chilling you will find in extreme metal.
Arsis We Are the Nightmare
Augury Fragmentary Evidence
Blotted Science The Machinations of Dementia
Cynic Traced in Air
Deeds of Flesh Of What's to Come
Gru Cosmogenesis
Hour of Penance The Vile Conception
One of, if not the best modern death metal album in existence. The epitome of unrelenting, The Vile Conception delivers a punishing album in every facet.
Ikuinen Kaamos Closure
Mirrorthrone Carriers of Dust
Necrophagist Epitaph
Necrophagist Onset of Putrefaction
The Faceless Akeldama
The Faceless Planetary Duality
Wintersun Wintersun

4.0 excellent
7 Horns 7 Eyes Throes Of Absolution
A Loathing Requiem Psalms of Misanthropy
By-the-books technical death metal, as a stand-alone solo project there is nothing out of the ordinary here. Fast riffing, standard death growls, and over-the-top soloing. After more listens, this rules. So much depth, it's intially overwhelming to take in. But when you do, you'll find there's riffs everywhere, as well as soloing that remains melodic and an overall flow to the songwriting.
Abigail Williams In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns
Allegaeon Allegaeon
Archspire All Shall Align
Arcturus The Sham Mirrors
Arsis A Celebration of Guilt
Arsis A Diamond for Disease
Assimilated Mind Phase Involuntary Deconstruction
Aside from an unneeded final track of ambiance, this is some of the best music I've ever heard in 2010. Tight rhythmic playing layered with relentlessly jaw-dropping lead guitar work. Progressive instrumental music for fans of Special Defects, Blotted Science, and Chimp Spanner. Available as a free download:
At The Throne of Judgment The Arcanum Order
August Burns Red Thrill Seeker
Aurora Black And The Skies Dream Infinite Sorrow
A (for the most part) quality album that definitely draws similarities to old and new Abigail Williams. It contains 17 songs, over 75 minutes of faux-symphonic "epic" black metal. The first few songs utilize a mediocre growl as the main vocal style, but after that they give way to crisp and coherent black metal shrieks which are, in a word, amazing. There are an abundant amount of vocal hooks and an added echo-effect works to their favor. Disc 2 is where this album shines, showing the band at their best in every category. Aurora Black masks at times standard instrumentation with great atmospheres and soaring melodies.
Becoming The Archetype Terminate Damnation
Beneath the Massacre Marée Noire
Beneath the Massacre Incongruous
Blasphemer On the Inexistence of God
Blotted Science The Animation of Entomology
Compared to their LP, Blotted Science have (for better or worse) toned down the melody and upped the technicality level to more ridiculous levels. This is literally a barrage of notes following Jarzombek's 12 tone scale. The same problem remains, as the music itself builds and builds with little or no release.
Carach Angren Lammendam
Carbonized Gnawing Mandible Harvested and Disposed
How to get everyone to give your album a 1: Troll them hard for 3 and a 1/2 years
Chimp Spanner At the Dream's Edge
Cynic Focus
Cynic Re-Traced
Dan Swano Moontower
Decrepit Birth Diminishing Between Worlds
Direwolf Beyond the Lands of Human Existence
Edge of Sanity Crimson II
Exivious Exivious
First Fragment The Afterthought Ecstasy
See: A Loathing Requiem - Psalms of Misanthropy (but with neo-classical and clean guitar elements).
Fleshgod Apocalypse Oracles
Fleshwrought Dementia/Dyslexia
Some of most unique and memorable soloing in awhile
Gorod Leading Vision
Guthrie Govan Erotic Cakes
Human Mincer Degradation Paradox
Humanoid Remembering Universe
Soothing, relaxing, ambient, and progressive are all adjectives that come to mind when describing Remembering Universe. Humanoid is an instrumental band with an acoustic focus, blending in beautiful bass playing with light electric guitar and percussion elements, featuring members of Montreal metal bands Augury, Unexpect, and Neuraxis. One of the most overlooked albums of 2008. For fans of spacey progressive/ambient.
Ikuinen Kaamos Fall of Icons
Fall of Icons is pretty much a sequel to the EP "Closure", it fleshes out ideas and is longer obviously, but at the same time lacks some of the catchiness and freshness. The guitar tone remains the best aspect of this band. Melodic riffs sound as if they are being wept from the instrument, and the music overall is full of bleak atmospheres and emotion. Ikuinen Kaamos do an excellent job of conveying these moods without boring the listener into submission as most music in this genre tends to do, especially the band they are accused of worshiping (Opeth). The leads, acoustic passages, and vocal variety keep the listener interested to which direction the music will be taken next.
Illogicist The Insight Eye
Non-wanky tech death. Filled to the brim with groove. Audible bass, vocals that aren't generic lows, impeccable drumming by Minnemann.
In Lingua Mortua Bellowing Sea - Racked by Tempest
Inherit Disease Visceral Transcendence
Jeff Loomis Zero Order Phase
Kurt Rosenwinkel The Next Step
Mirrorthrone Gangrene
Ne Obliviscaris Portal of I
Portal of I is full of experimentation - the range of influences presented work more often than not. Xenoflux nails their sound superbly; if a song gives you chills upon first listen you're doing something right. There are a few other moments like that on the album - just about as many as there are wtf moments, though. A few times the clean vocals sound completely superfluous and are atmosphere killers, a couple leads come in abruptly, and one time there's a long drawn out low growl that sounds like the dude is taking an immense shit in the toilet.

Overall, Ne Obliviscaris is a great example of a band that is greater than the sum of its parts. All are skilled at what they do and they have created an album that was mostly worth the wait. There is a general flow to the album, however, it's a shame some songs are somewhat ruined by vocal or instrumental misplacement.

Obscura Cosmogenesis
Odious Mortem Cryptic Implosion
If the middle of this album was as good as the first and last two songs, it would be a masterpiece of brutal/technical death metal. As it stands, this is still a highly recommend album for fans of the genre. The soloing in particular is blistering, a guest appearance by Ron Jarzombek seals an easy 4/5 rating.
Origin Antithesis
Panzerballett Panzerballett
Parkway Drive Killing with a Smile
Putridity Degenerating Anthropophagical Euphoria
Makes you feel like your chest is being crushed by bricks.
Ron Jarzombek Solitarily Speaking of Theoretical Confinement
Anyone who enjoys Blotted Science or Watchtower and has not heard this needs to asap. You will not be disappointed.
Scrambled Defuncts Souls Despising The God
Sophicide The Art of Atrocity
While not exactly breaking any boundaries in the technical death metal genre, this one man project created by 20 year old Adam Laszlo still conjures up similarities between fellow German Muhammed Suicmez, because of his ability to create music with amazing flair (just don't expect the same level of soloing). The comparison between the two may be hasty and unwarranted, as this is only a 4 song ep with about 15 minutes of music, The Art of Atrocity nevertheless should be an addition for anyone who has been developing white hairs and wrinkles awaiting the new Necrophagist album. Especially since it's available as free legal download.
Spastic Ink Ink Complete
Spawn of Possession Incurso
Incuroso continues Spawn of Possession's legacy of being the titans in the technical death metal realm, with riffs that leave you deprived of oxygen and solos that are seemingly inhuman. The closing track is The Apparition is a masterpiece, adding in symphonics to their already crushingly dense sound. Scrambled Defuncts - Souls Despising the God has a very similar feel, just without the big studio budget.
Terminal Function Measuring the Abstract
If you can get past the vocals, which upon intial listen, will probably make you cringe, you're in for a gem of an album. Fans of any of Fredrick Thordendal's work will be right at home here. The rhythmic riffing and drumming fused with incredible jazz leads
definitely draw Meshuggah and Special Defects similarities. Unlike those bands, however, Terminal Function incorporates well executed singing choruses and occasional synth to break up the pace.
The Black Dahlia Murder Deflorate
The Breathing Process Odyssey (un)Dead
TBP delivers on their potential and offers up a solid effort full of driving guitar and synth riffs, fitting and at-times epic vocals, and more importantly, they seem to have gotten rid of the majority of their -core sound. The title track definitely has an identity crisis, however, fluctuating between generic riffs you've heard a thousand times before, keys, and clean vocals. Skip that track (it breaks up the momentum) and focus on other songs like Leveler and Hordes. This album's first half is particularly strong, give it a listen if you're into bands like Abigail Williams or Aurora Black.
Theory In Practice The Armageddon Theories
Unexpect In a Flesh Aquarium
Unholy Matrimony Croire, Decroitre
Vale of Pnath Vale of Pnath
Veil of Maya The Common Man's Collapse
Weeping Birth Anosognosic Industry of the I
Woe Of Tyrants Kingdom of Might
Out of left field comes a relentless melodic death/thrash album, Kingdom of Might becomes the first great album of 2009 with incessant riffs and soloing accompanied by a solid growl. Only cons are the band seems to run out of ideas by just spamming arpeggios at times, and it confusingly comes to an end with a brootal-ish breakdown (the only one on the album) which leaves a bad taste after a big meal. For fans of Exmortus and Brother Von Doom, if you like shred, you'll enjoy this.
Wormed Quasineutrality
Wretched (USA-NC) Beyond The Gate

3.5 great
Abigail Williams Legend
After the Burial Rareform
Alarum Eventuality
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
Amogh Symphony Abolishing the Obsolete System
Antestor The Forsaken
Anthelion Bloodshed Rebefallen
Apotheosis Farthest from the Sun
Artefact Ruins
As Blood Runs Black Allegiance
Assimilated Mind Phase Omega
Doesn't seem to have the same atmosphere as Involuntary Deconstruction. The tone remains great, Ron Jarzombek/Blotted Science listeners will be right at home. However, on initial listen it was underwhelming. It's free and more space-themed progressive metal, so I can't really complain.
Astel Oscora Eridan
Augury Concealed
Be'lakor The Frail Tide
Becoming The Archetype The Physics Of Fire
Becoming The Archetype Dichotomy
Beneath the Massacre Mechanics of Dysfunction
Between the Buried and Me Alaska (Instrumental)
Beyond Creation The Aura
Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
Burning The Masses Volatile Existence
Burning The Masses Mind Control
Carach Angren Death Came Through a Phantom Ship
Cenotaph Putrescent Infectious Rabidity
Centaurus-A Side Effects Expected
Sure to be one of the most over-looked death metal albums of 2009, the unfortunately named "Centaurus-A" have created a solid technical album with occasional melodic and groove elements. Great production, too. Everything sounds like it should.
Chaos Divine Avalon
Chimp Spanner Imperium Vorago
Cloudkicker Beacons
Deadborn Stigma Eternal
Decimation Anthems of an Empyreal Dominion
Deivos Gospel of Maggots
Album in a nutshell:
Brutal/technical death metal with modern production, wanky solos, and.... cowbell.

For fans of Hour of Penance and Reciprocal
Deny the Urge Blackbox Of Human Sorrow
Dred A Path To Extinction
Embryonic Depravity Constrained by the Miscarriage of Conquest
Essence Of Existence Terra Mentis
Evan Brewer Alone
Ever Forthright Ever Forthright
It's easy to want to rate this album a 4-4.5 after listening to the first couple of tracks, they rule. However, once you get into the meat of this album, it becomes a bit stagnant/relies too much on experimentation. This band is really just a heavier Periphery with more going on (sax, leads, breakdowns, rapping, etc). The latter of the two being as wanted as aids on my mouth. Just like with countless albums in existence, this one starts off stellar, declines in the middle, and ends on a high note.
Exist In Mirrors
Fallen Figure Devival
Fallen Figure is more or less what As Blood Runs Black would sound like with much more talented guitarists. It is no coincidence this band is managed by ABRB's drummer and headed by a former merch guy. ANYWAYS, this is some solid melodic death metal with...breakdowns. Nothing original at all... but a fun listen, Devival keeps momentum throughout with surprisingly good energy and soloing.
Fallujah The Harvest Wombs
Basically what Polarity by Decrepit Birth should've sounded like. Still would like a few more riffs. The Flames Surreal is a neat song.
Fleshgod Apocalypse Mafia
Gorod Neurotripsicks
Gorod A Perfect Absolution
Grave Declaration The Nightshift Worshiper
Hidden In The Fog Damokles
Hollenthon With Vilest of Worms to Dwell
Hour of Penance Paradogma
Hour of Penance Sedition
Ichor Benthic Horizon
If you enjoyed Hour of Penance - Paradogma, and to a lesser extent Lost Soul - Immerse in Infinity you should like this. A mix of chunky riffs, melodic mid-tempo groove (with obvious harmonic minor usage), and overall badassery. The vocals are just not as punishing, however. Think somewhere in-between Hour of Penance and Lost Soul's vocalists. A nice surprise of an album. In before Anthracks says this sounds nothing alike even though the influences are clear as the badly tuned snares in the brutal death he salivates over.
Ikuinen Kaamos The Forlorn
Illogicist Subjected
Imperanon Stained
In Vain The Latter Rain
Jeff Loomis Plains of Oblivion
Kalmah The Black Waltz
Kalmah They Will Return
Kalmah Swampsong
Kalmah For The Revolution
Levi/Werstler Avalanche of Worms
Lost Dreams End Of Time
Definitely a guilty-pleasure of mine for awhile, Lost Dreams is straight forward melo-death with absolutely nothing going for it aside from being incredibly catchy. Almost every song title is involved in the lyrics. THE END OF TIIIIIIIME, THE END OF TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME
Lost Soul Immerse in Infinity
Step 1: Listen to '216' Step 2: Shit pants
Martriden Martriden EP
Martriden The Unsettling Dark
Martriden Encounter The Monolith
Miseration Your Demons ~ Their Angels
Misericordiam Unanimity and the Cessation of Hostility
Monumental Torment Element of Chaos
Element of Chaos maintains momentum throughout (despite a monotone vocalist who sounds exactly like Soreption's) to create one of the better brutal/tech albums in recent memory. Every song is riffcity, too bad it has sweeps though - let's give it a low rating because of that hurr durr!!!

Edit: Not as good after repeated listens, check out the latter half for riffage
Mors Principium Est Liberation = Termination
Ne Obliviscaris The Aurora Veil
Neuraxis Trilateral Progression
Neuraxis The Thin Line Between
Neuraxis Asylon
Despite (clearly) being a guitar driven band/album, they are a tad overproduced and the vocals (and couple leads) are too low in the mix. Aside from the overly-glossy production and a few awkward groans/yelps, this album is just what you'd expect from Riffaxis...doesn't seem to have the vocal hooks of TLB after first listen, however. The album suffers from being top-heavy.
Old Man's Child In Defiance of Existence
Order of Ennead Order of Ennead
Ovid's Withering The Cloud Gatherer
A lot of stuff going on in this album - Carach Angren overtones fuel this ep full of driving low string riffs (djent) and powerful death metal vocals. If you want a modern take on symphonic death metal check this out.
Pandemonium Whispers
Panzerballett Starke Stücke
Persefone Core
Protest the Hero Fortress (Instrumental)
Quo Vadis Defiant Imagination
Ryashon The Stone of Triumph
Septicflesh Communion
Severed Savior Servile Insurrection
SEZAAM Myths of the East
Shade Empire Sinthetic
Shade Empire Zero Nexus
Sigh Hangman's Hymn
Son of Aurelius The Farthest Reaches
This is not as good or bad as the reviews indicate. It is however, a pretty fun technical/melodic death album with hooks aplenty, akin to As Eden Burns. Yes, it is obvious this band borrows heavily from The Black Dahlia Murder, yes the vocals and songwriting are not great, but the guitarists and production shine. Facing the Gorgon is the best song on here, it's pretty awesome.
Spastic Ink Ink Compatible
Spawn of Possession Cabinet
Still Remains Of Love and Lunacy
Suspyre When Time Fades
The Black Dahlia Murder Nocturnal
The Black Dahlia Murder Ritual
The Elysian Fields We...The Enlightened
The Elysian Fields 12 Ablaze
The Elysian Fields Suffering G.O.D. Almighty
The Last Felony Too Many Humans
Sounds like a mix of Beneath the Massacre's last two albums
The Monolith Deathcult Trivmvirate
This or the Apocalypse Monuments
Torchbearer Warnaments
Transcending Bizarre? The Serpent's Manifolds
Trepalium Alchemik Clockwork of Disorder
Tvangeste FireStorm
Unexpect _We, Invaders
Unholy Matrimony Love and Death
Upheaval (FRA) Incubate The Wasteland
Veil of Maya [id]
Viatrophy Chronicles
Vomit the Soul Apostles of Inexpression
Within the Ruins Invade
Thrill-Seeker era August Burns Red mixed with After the Burial and Veil of Maya.
Wretched (USA-NC) The Exodus of Autonomy
Xenolith Obscure Reflections
Very surprising prog death metal, akin to a more experimental Ikuinen Kaamos.
Xerath I
Definitely can be described as Symphonic Meshuggah. The band tends to play it safe in general with the orchestral arrangements and pretty much every other department. Vocals are just there (like Meshuggah) but with a little more variety (some shrieking and/or singing on a couple songs). All in all, nothing amazing, but executed well.

3.0 good
A Breath Before Surfacing Death Is Swallowed In Victory
Adagio Dominate
Aeternam Disciples of the Unseen
After the Burial Rareform (Re-release)
The band has still not had a competent vocalist, the guy on this one is completely flat and just doesn't have any redeemable qualities to his voice, he does not fit this band's sound at all either. On the instrumental side, it's definitely a more natural sounding album. The hooks in Berserker and Cursing Akhenaten remain highlights, also the lead in Aspiration rules.
All Shall Perish Awaken the Dreamers
Allegaeon Fragments Of Form And Function
After a surprisingly great self-titled ep (get it instead of this), Allegaeon's first full length starts off just as strong before shortcomings become apparent. This is one of those cases where it sounds like a label seems in control of a band's overall sound. Accessibility is the key word here, the album has its share of standard melo-death fare, a litany of mid-tempo riffs, arpeggiated solos, and monotone growls. All-in-all it sounds like if Arsis wrote their newest album about mechanization of humans instead of thrashinzation of rocking out
Amogh Symphony The Quantum Hack Code
Animals As Leaders Weightless
After first listen, completely underwhelming. The incredible build-ups found on the s/t are lacking here. As much as I think Bulb's music is boring and sterile (not unlike some of the material on Weightless) it seems more and more apparent that his production (but especially) his help with arrangements made Tosin Abasi's music what it was on the s/t. Take that away and you have you this - a very disorganized and underwhelming experience.
Archons The Consequences of Silence
Arsis Starve for the Devil
Arsis gets more accessable, Arsis becomes thrashier, Arsis likes to shred, Arsis uses old song titles in their lyrics. I'd say Arsis is a pretty cool guy but We Are the Nightmare this is not. Malone remains awesome, but without Cesca and Knight, this album falls short of being memorable and will probably get lost in the sea of future 2010 metal albums sure to rule.
As I Lay Dying Frail Words Collapse
As I Lay Dying Shadows Are Security
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us
Avenged Sevenfold Waking the Fallen
Beloved Failure On
Belphegor Pestapokalypse VI
Beneath the Massacre Dystopia
Beneath The Sky What Demons Do To Saints
Born of Osiris The New Reign
Born of Osiris A Higher Place
It's like a game of find the melodic lead in the polyrhythm chugs and monotonous vocals. The groovy harmonic and melodic minor leads are the only reason this isn't 2.5 or lower. Everything else is standard.
Born of Osiris The Discovery
Burning The Masses Offspring of Time
Carnifex Dead in My Arms
Circle of Contempt Artifacts in Motion
Cloudkicker Let Yourself Be Huge
Cynic Carbon-Based Anatomy
Darkest Hour Deliver Us
Defeated Sanity Chapters of Repugnance
Defeated Sanity may very well make some of the most BRUTAL music on the planet, but for those who actually like music with a point, this is nothing more than a mindless listen, in one ear out the other. Frivolous intro? Check. Awful mix (drums too loud, guitars too quiet)? Check. Lame torture/screaming samples? Check. SICK SLAMS? Check. Chapters is basically a finely tuned brutal death metal album with a niche audience, most will love it or hate it.
Disfiguring the Goddess Disfiguring the Goddess
Disfiguring the Goddess Circle of Nine
Not a bad album from a guy who vlogs every single day of his life. There's absolutely better brutal death out there, but this is good for a quick listen if you're in the mood for: slams, polyrythms, and occasional synth. More consistent than previous work, but not much memorability and lacks riffs. Not really important, but the cover art is pretty damn boring.
Element Aeons Past
Eternal Lord Blessed Be This Nightmare
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Chaotic Beauty
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Before the Bleeding Sun
Eternal Tears of Sorrow A Virgin and A Whore
Eternal Tears of Sorrow Children of the Dark Waters
Exmortus In Hatred's Flame
Fairytale Abuse The Spirit Tower
Fleshgod Apocalypse Agony
From A Second Story Window Delenda
Gory Blister Graveyard of Angels
Hollenthon Opus Magnum
Ignominious Incarceration Of Winter Born
Illnath Cast Into Fields of Evil Pleasure
Immortal Souls Wintereich
Keith Merrow The Arrival
Knights Of The Abyss Shades
Lyfthrasyr The Recent Foresight
Malak Malak
Man Must Die No Tolerance For Imperfection
Miseration The Mirroring Shadow
Mors Principium Est The Unborn
Old Man's Child Vermin
Omnium Gatherum The Redshift
Order of Ennead An Examination of Being
Painted in Exile Revitalized
This must have slipped through the cracks for me - another band who throws a bunch of different genres into a mess of chugs, horrible clean vocals, jazz interludes, and overall btbam worship. Sound familar? Why yes, this is pretty much The Contortionist without the space theme.

I would say this band does has some awesome parts though - the driving riff and high screaming vocals passages are really damn great. The leads are blistering as well, but GODDAMN ALL THREE SONGS HAVE THE MOST SHITTY INTROS EVER.
Periphery Periphery
Looks like Spuntik has found a new band to worship. In between moments of memorability and groove, Periphery shows how to baffle the listener with un-originality, both in the vocal and guitar department. The juxtaposition of clean (sometimes annoyingly over-poppy) vocals and crunching 8-string guitars mesh well at times while others it feels like a chore to listen to. Boring, standard, and generic growling doesn't help matters either.

Inspired and un-inspired moments litter the album, sometimes from song-to-song, sometimes within a song. If you can't tell by now I'm saying this album is inconsistent. Bottom line: Cut out the fluff and the album would be much better at 45-50 minutes instead of an overbearing 73 minutes. Periphery has been overrated on this site into the next hemisphere by fanboys.
Powerglove Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man
Prostitute Disfigurement Descendants of Depravity
Protest the Hero Fortress
Reciprocal Reciprocal
Revocation Empire of the Obscene
Scrambled Defuncts Hackled In Gore
Shade Empire Intoxicate O.S.
Sky Eats Airplane Everything Perfect on the Wrong Day
Soreption Illuminate the Excessive
Still Remains The Serpent
Suicide Silence The Cleansing
Sylosis The Supreme Oppressor
The Analyst Summoning the Wretched
The Breathing Process In Waking: Divinity
The Red Shore Unconsecrated
Theory In Practice Colonizing The Sun
Thrice The Illusion of Safety
Thy Art Is Murder The Adversary
Torchbearer Death Meditations
Trivium Ascendancy
Turbid North Orogeny
Imagine if Black Dahlia could flesh out their ideas into songs that didn't follow a strict commercialized song structure, add in some more decent technical melodic death flair and you have Turbid North. A little too much to digest here, but overall nothing that resonates after two listens. I'll stick to Ritual. 3.3/5

Vale of Pnath The Prodigal Empire
Veil of Maya Eclipse
Vesania God the Lux
Vesania Distractive Killusions
We Are The Illusion The Podium of Lies
Circle of Contempt with more melody and a touch of prog
Weeping Birth A Painting of Raven and Rape
Winds of Plague Decimate the Weak
Winterhorde Underwatermoon
Wintersun Time I
Within the Ruins Omen
Woe Of Tyrants Threnody
This is not an improvement at all, the tone is flat, and overall it sounds like Kingdom of Might B-sides
Wrath and Rapture Wrath and Rapture
Xerath II

That's right, not a single god-damn person. Aside from an all-around obnoxious vocal performance, everything else is an upgrade from I. Unless an instrumental version of II is released (yeah, right), I have no reason to listen again.
Zonaria The Cancer Empire

2.5 average
Abigail Williams In the Absence of Light
August Burns Red Messengers
August Burns Red Constellations
August Burns Red Leveler
Aurora Black Burial in the Sea
Belay My Last The Downfall
Carnifex The Diseased and Poisoned
Darkest Hour The Eternal Return
Decrepit Birth Polarity
Destroy The Runner Saints
Element The Energy
Every Bridge Burned Aun Aprendo
From A Second Story Window Conversations
Giant Squid The Ichthyologist
Gwynbleidd Nostalgia
Impending Doom Nailed. Dead. Risen
In Vain Mantra
Job for a Cowboy Genesis
Knights Of The Abyss The Culling of Wolves
Mirror of Dead Faces Lamentation
Norma Jean O' God The Aftermath
Sea of Treachery At Dagger's Dawn
See You Next Tuesday Parasite
See You Next Tuesday Intervals
Septicflesh Sumerian Daemons
Septicflesh The Great Mass
Soreption Deterioration of Minds
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance
Viatrophy Viatrophy
War of Ages Pride of the Wicked

2.0 poor
ABACABB Survivalist
After the Burial In Dreams
Anyone who thinks this is better than Rareform has got be to kidding themselves, this is a great example of a band regressing. Maybe if this was released in 2004 it would sound pretty fresh. You know, the days of Unearth, As I Lay Dying, It Dies Today, shit like that. The only difference with this album is the occasional djenting. In other words, In Dreams mixes old trends with new. Gone are the majestic leads, for godsake, the first track has a non-sped up Dragonforce solo in it. But hey! Who needs awesome melodies when there's clean vocal choruses!! This album is generic garbage, potential wasted.
Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal
Becoming The Archetype Celestial Completion
I've been a fan of this band for years, they've released 3 albums which have all been solid with a slightly different but familiar sound.

This one has familiar elements, but also dabs into experimental territory. The finished product is a complete mess with an identity crisis. Yes, this band has always had one, but it's never been more apparent than now.

Celestial Completion wants to be progressive and experimental, but at the same time there's so many metalcore cliches (clean vocal choruses, breakdowns, half-assed riffs) within the songs that make them unlistenable at times. To repeat - this album is A MESS.

You know it's bad when the best riff is ripped off from Born of Osiris.

sidenote: this is BTA's third lead guitarist, and he is probably the most stereotypical metal guitarist I've ever heard.
Dry Cell Dry Cell
Knights Of The Abyss Juggernaut
Norma Jean Redeemer
Norma Jean The Anti Mother
Parkway Drive Horizons
Thrice Identity Crisis
Whitechapel This Is Exile

1.5 very poor
Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell
DragonForce Ultra Beatdown
Hiroshima Will Burn To The Weight Of All Things
Sky Eats Airplane Sky Eats Airplane
Trivium The Crusade

1.0 awful
Attack Attack! (US) Someday Came Suddenly
Avenged Sevenfold City of Evil
Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold
Fall Out Boy Infinity on High
Hanson Middle of Nowhere
Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight
Our Last Night The Ghosts Among Us

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