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5.0 classic
As I Lay Dying An Ocean Between Us
Between the Buried and Me Colors
Between the Buried and Me Alaska
Though "Mordecai" is my favorite BTBAM song, and "Colors" has my favorite moments in it, this album overall, is hands down, my favorite BTBAM album. This album overall generates the most diverse styles, and keeps things interesting. The musicianship is good, the lyrics are good, everything is a solid force of greatness. I honestly have no complaints for this album, whatsoever.
Daft Punk Discovery
A masterpiece that was (and still almost is) ahead of its time.
David Wise DK Jamz: Original Donkey Kong Country ST
A masterpiece. Every track on this fits the mood of the game PERFECTLY. This is a soundtrack that people still talk over to this day, whether it's the main theme, or the favorite "Aquatic Ambience." Simply great!
Haste the Day Pressure the Hinges
Haste the Day When Everything Falls
Inked in Blood Lay Waste the Poets
Jun Senoue Sonic Adventure Original Soundtrack
Perhaps one of my favorite gaming soundtracks of all time. This soundtrack truly began to shape how many game soundtracks are made today, with tons of themes for each character, emotional orchestration, and diversity in genre. A great soundtrack.
Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience
This was really tough. I was going to give it around a 4-4.5...but after listening to it enough...no other word comes to mind other than "classic." There's so much originality to be heard throughout this journey of an album. Whether it's the symphony-esque intro of "Pusher Love Girl", to the weird interlude in "Don't Hold the Wall", to the dance-groove in "Let the Groove In", to the utter-amazing ballad "Mirrors", finishing with the ambient "Blue Ocean Floor"; so many genres are covered throughout the album, whilst keeping in the R&B feel overall. Production is incredible, writing is incredible, vocals are incredible. Any complaints are nitpicks, and don't really detract from the experience. Most likely THE album of 2013; and we're not even at mid-year yet.
Protest the Hero Fortress
SR-71 Now You See Inside
I can't think of a single problem I have with this album. One of my all time favorites.
Sum 41 Chuck
I don't think it's even possible for Sum 41 to get any better than this. This album is an honest masterpiece. It really shows that they were trying to keep Dave (the lead guitarist) in the band by changing their sound, but surprisingly, their sound VASTLY improved! The guitar lines are great for radio rock, and the lyrics couldn't have been better written. Songs like, "We're All To Blame", with its bipolar mood really show that Sum 41 can still keep a 'softer' side but at the same time, trash when needed. There are tons of other great songs, such as "No Reason" "Pieces" "I'm Not the One" and especially the closer, "88." If anything, this album helped push Sum 41 into all eyes as both a mainstream band and a talented one.
The Word Alive Deceiver
There has not been one song that I haven't been satisfied with on this album. This album is insanely good...it's what this genre NEEDS.
Thirty Seconds To Mars A Beautiful Lie
It's a solid rock album. Every track has a decent length, and feels perfectly placed for the album. Tracks like "From Yesterday" and "Was It A Dream" and the title track all are fantastic highlights, but the whole album in general will sway the listener in different emotions. These are all great emotions though; as this album truly is a classic.

4.5 superb
A Day To Remember Common Courtesy
A Day to Remember have produced their best album since "For Those Who Have Heart". With the occasional tracks featuring studio chatter, it gives off the vibe that the band was completely in control of how/what the album should sound like. While each song in the album is listenable in their own respect, the only unfortunate thing is the album loses steam around after the 7th track ("Violence"). Again, a minor complaint when the second half of the album is still good; it doesn't live up to the first half at all. Granted, the first half also contains songs like "Right Back at It Again", "Sometimes You're the Hammer...", and "I'm Already Gone" - which are some of the best tracks the band has written to date. I'm a huge fan of the album, and (finally) looking forward to the next album they put out.
Amarna Reign Atonement
And Then There Were None Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
This has to be one of the catchiest albums I've hard in the LONGEST time. Every track is crazy catchy, ESPECIALLY "Thank the Watchmaker." The cover of "Right Here Waiting" is pretty awesome too.
Autopilot Off Make A Sound
Blink-182 California (Deluxe Edition)
How do you rate something like this? "California: Deluxe Edition", while containing every song from "California", is essentially a new album with an addition of 12 NEW SONGS. One might be an acoustic, and one might be a joke song; but that still leaves 10 songs. That's an LP, basically. So, as a whole, this is a 4.5 - with plenty of tracks, some good, some so-so, it's certainly worth your time/money. As for the Deluxe Edition itself? Well, it certainly expands on Blink-182's repertoire by shotgunning new sounds into their overall 'generic but safe' sound from California. "Bottom of the Ocean" especially is the standout in this regard. Though, "Good Old Days" might just be the best song the band has ever put out. It's simple, has a solid and true message, and has a kinetic upbeat nature that won't leave your head. The "Deluxe" edition ultimately feels strange to release seeing how it defies what 'deluxe' albums are, but I've got no complaints.
Cash Cash Love Or Lust
An enormous step up from their previous effort. The songs are catchier, they meld together well, and as a band, Cash Cash does exactly what is expected of a follow-up album: improving their sound. Their debut LP mixed a lot of instruments with synths, and while it worked, it didn't click as well as this. While more "electronica" driven, Love or Lust just pleases the ear more in terms of production and melody. "Victim of Love" is a tremendous opening track, immediately followed by a slew of great songs including the album's biggest single, "Sexin' on the Dance Floor." The biggest surprise is that the band wrote and produced the album themselves. Definitely a plus in my mind. Great album, check it out if you have an interest in the genre.
Cash Cash Overtime
There's a lot of diversity here in terms of instrumentation, even though it's all electronics anyhow. The composition elements are great, and the songs ooze catchiness and are wonderfully mastered. Cash Cash have really found their niche with this type of music, but the lack raw instrumentation does hurt the album slightly. It would've been nice to hear at least one track that utilized an actual piano, drum, guitar, or bass.
Daft Punk Random Access Memories
Daft Punk deliver another fantastic album, this time incorporating live-instruments melded with electronics to deliver a sound that's almost standard nowadays, yet feels completely fresh thanks to the groove-throwbacks scattered throughout "Random Access Memories". The evolution of the record track-by-track is what makes it worth the experience, but listeners may feel unimpressed due to the songs each staying in the same key until a change happens in "Within". My personal favorite tracks: "Contact", "Touch", and "Giorgio by Moroder".
David Wise Donkey Kong Country 2 Soundtrack
A great soundtrack; but hindered by some annoying and useless tracks. Regardless, "Forest Interlude" and ESPECIALLY "Stickerbush Symphony" make up for it by a mile. If anything, get this soundtrack somehow JUST for those two tracks.
Escape the Fate This War Is Ours
To anyone's notice, I like this album better than any previous Escape the Fate album. Don't get me wrong though, I enjoy the past albums as well, but Craig is able to deliver a solid performance, and makes a great new addition to the band. Every track on this album is good in its own way. The standout track though, "This War is Ours (The Guillotine Part II)" really sold this album for me. This song has to be, besides "The Guillotine" one of Escape the Fate's greatest songs ever written, if not, THE greatest. Good album. Catchy, awesome.
Famous Last Words Council Of The Dead
This is a band who know exactly who they are, and are writing material to please a certain type of listener -
and sure enough, I'm in that selection. "Council of the Dead" only suffers from the cliched pointless intro track
"Letter to the Council" and the midway instrumental "Entity". They're simply there to be there; nothing more.
The rest of the album sends the ears into bliss with great songs such as the title track, "Fading Memories",
and "One in the Chamber". Every track's chorus will stay in your head post-listen, and the hard-hitting
breakdowns will keep you coming back for more.
fun. Some Nights
I've been listening to this for about half a year now, and forgot to rate this. It's definitely a really unique album. Each song (for the most part) contrasts from each other. The general sound though is very "love it, hate it, or shrug it off." If you love it, you'll love it. If you hate it, you obviously won't listen to it. If you 'shrug it off', you'll just kind of thing it's average music for todays apparent 'mainstream indie' scene. Composition wise: the guys know what they're doing. Instrumentally: interesting. Vocally: love it or hate it. Production wise: brilliant. What defines this album though are the unique ideas in the intro, the title track, "All Alright", "One Foot", "Why Am I The One", and "Stars."
Further Seems Forever Penny Black
Does anyone else find it ironic that Further Seems Forever signs to Rise Records, and there are auto-tuned
parts in the album? Alright, now that I got that joke out of the way, let's continue. Honestly, this is the best
thing to happen to music this year. 'With age comes maturity', and Penny Black definitely shows it for
everyone in the band. Everyone brings their A game to the table, and each song contrasts from the
other. Auto-tune is used for effect, but in some songs. Others, there is a strange flanged/layered vocal
process going on. "So Cold", the opening track is a tremendous song, and other great ones are "King's
Canyon", "Janie", "Way Down", and "System of Symmetry." I have a strange feeling that this album might go a
bit unnoticed, but highly regarded years down the road. As of now, my choice for album of 2012.
Green Day Dookie
Definitely the best in terms of Green Day. The whole album is made up of catchy songs that are surprisingly well-written for a simple power-chord-driven band.
Harry Connick Jr. We Are in Love
Haste the Day Burning Bridges
Haste the Day Attack of the Wolf King
It Lives, It Breathes We Come In Numbers
There's bound to be a hate-train towards this band/their style, and count me out of it. "We Come In Numbers" is a strong EP from It Lives, It Breathes - full of catchy songs melded with interesting instrumentation. Chord progressions in songs such as "With Or Without Wings, I Could Make Your Marty McFly" and "Live and Let Go" have been tried and true, yet they work well with this group thanks to the contrasting and strong dual-vocal performances. To me - if a song is sticking in your head after a first listen, that means it had to have some impact on you to listen again. That's what this EP did, and it did it well.
Jun Senoue Sonic Adventure 2: Multi-Dimensional Soundtrack
Very more 'rock-driven' than the previous soundtrack, but it still has its great moments (see Event: Final Scene). The Egyptian themes, the 'space themes', and more really help make this soundtrack just as diverse as Sonic Adventure's.
One Morning Left Metalcore Superstars
This is a band that dabbles in the absurdity, providing an incredibly fun listen beginning to end. At its core, "Metalcore Superstars" isn't so much of a 'Metalcore' record, as the post-hardcore/electronic ("crabcore") style is clearly present throughout the album - yet its used tastefully and effectively in songs such as "Fast and Furious 666" and "Heavy Metal Finland". Adding to it, there's some REALLY catchy and well-written songs on here; "The Recipe", "Kings and Queens", and "Devil's Nest" won't leave your head after a listen. The most infamous track, "You're Dead! Let's Disco!" essentially is a pure representation of what this band is - complete with a recorder in the track's breakdown. Cheesy? Maybe. Original? Yes. Finally, it's hard NOT to mention the closing track "Sticks and Stones"...which at its core has a great message lyrically, and ends on such a bittersweet note. "Metalcore Superstars" might not gel with all audiences...heck, I'd be surprised if anyone heard of this one. But for me, it's a gem - and one of the best of 2016.
R5 Sometime Last Night
"Sometime Last Night" is a fantastic, pulse-pounding, crisp record that hits essentially all of the high notes perfectly. R5 stray away from their Disney days to produce numerous tracks lushly filled with unique instrumentation and (believe it or not) intriguing lyrics. Songs like "All Night", "Let's Not Be Alone Tonight", and "Smile" are sure to please the average pop radio listener; while "Dark Side", "Repeating Days", and "I Know You Got Away" gives a nice contrast to the pop side of this record. "Repeating Days" especially utilizes perfect dynamics to become perhaps the best song the band has written, while "I Know You Got Away" is a jamming song beginning to end. The only downside is the closer track, "Did You Have Your Fun?". After the previous song "Do It Again" essentially gives the album a solid ending-vibe, the band continues with "Did You Have Your Fun"...which is fine, but just isn't as good as everything else on "Sometime Last Night." This is an outstanding record though that anyone should at least listen to once.
Relient K Let It Snow, Baby... Let It Reindeer
For a solid Christmas album, this is phenomenal. Relient K is able to create diverse styles within the pieces they arrange. They are able to keep it interesting. Some standout tracks are "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", "Sleigh Ride", "Angels We Have Heard on High", and of course, the best track, "We Wish You A Merry Christmas." This is an instant classic, except it gets a 4.5 for just using tracks from their previous Christmas album. If you're a holiday fanatic, I strongly suggest this one to add to your collection.
Storm The Sky Permanence
I'm changing my rating on this one, big time. Perhaps an initial review is what works best for an album
(originally I scored it a 3.5). My comments were what in a normal playthrough; a listener might gain from the
journey. It's a 'so-so metalcore album'. Here's the thing, "Permanence" really isn't. The majority of the album
actually contains SINGING, versus the generic metalcore riffs/screaming. Sure, there are tracks like "Some
Graves", "Dead Giveaway", "Sheltered", "Oh, Sister", and "Tempest" that give off that vibe - but honestly
everyone...that's it. The rest of the album is more experimental. There are songs such as "If I Go", which is a
ballad/chordal experimentation that pays off tremendously. There's "Alive", the opening track, which gets the
listener acquainted to what they're getting into, yet it still experiments with odd sounds that benefit the
album's journey. "Permanence" is a FANTASTIC initial effort from Storm the Sky that unfortunately won't ever
see a continuation. As of now, the 'harsh' vocalist left the band, and the group is taking a new direction. Here's
to hoping something good comes out of it - for now, we're left with this.
The Lonely Island Incredibad
This is actually a really good album. REALLY good. Its almost sad, how an album set on mocking songs, and intending for comedy is this good. 'Dick in a Box,' 'Jizz in my Pants,' and 'I'm on a Boat' all sound like they could be huge hit songs, except of course, they have the awkward lyrics within them that make you laugh instead of trying to take the song seriously. There's a lot of lyrical talent within the songs though, and the arrangement is great.
Thirty Seconds To Mars This Is War
Truly a long awaited, but great follow up to "A Beautiful Lie." While fans of A Beautiful Lie might not dig this initially, after a few listens, the album really grows on you (myself being one of those individuals). Perhaps the only down sets are the time the album took to be released, and a few tracks are very boring (Escape and L940 [Though, props to Shannon Leto for composing L940 and giving the album a different twist]).

4.0 excellent
Attack Attack! (US) Someday Came Suddenly
Wow. What a unique album, that's all I'll start with. This is one album that makes my list of 'albums I can listen to from beginning to end forever.' Every song has its own unique touch, and all the songs are catchy and pleasurable to listen to. Personal favorites are. "High Grillz/Stick Stickly", "What Happens...", and "Dr. Shavargo Pt. 3". There is definitely room for improvement, and the album sounds overproduced, but its a great listen, and definitely worth anyone's time. This is a unique, new music style, that is going to probably shape the new scene of music for years to come.
Backstreet Boys Black & Blue
Let this album be noted for the first album where certain songs have all 5 members write, record, and produce certain tracks. It's just fascinating how these guys actually became involved in their own music, versus other 90's pop artists (minus Timberlake, etc). Impressive!
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys
Backstreet Boys Millennium
Dayshell Nexus
A monstrous step-up from the band's previous record, "Nexus" proves that Dayshell is a force to be reckoned with - as their sophomore album continues the ongoing progression of hard-hitting, grooving rock music. The only awkward thing about listening to this album is that the first 6(?) tracks all begin with a synthesized/crescendo intro, followed by the introductory verse. It's unfortunate, but a minor setback to an otherwise great catalog of tracks. "Car Sick" is a perfect intro to the album, followed by "A New Man" - delivering what would be weird lyrics ('I'm as cool as you') in a stylish fashion. Other strong tracks are "Low Light", "The Weapon", "Spit in the Face", and "Speaking in Tongues" - with all the other tracks being fantastic listens as well.
Emery ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
This is a REALLY good album. I was never really a fan of the band until I heard this album. Every track is decently diverse...and very catchy, and the musicianship within the album is great.
Emery We Do What We Want
The first six tracks of this album are all killer in their respective ways. "The Cheval Glass" is their heaviest song to date, "Scissors" has the coolest structure, "The Anchors" has a nice chill section, "The Curse of Perfect Days" is the catchiest, "You Wanted It" is almost as catchy, and "I'm Not Here for Rage, I'm Here for Revenge" has a great surprising changeup. The rest of the album works, but for some reason it dies out a bit after the first 6 tracks (maybe because the screaming is mostly gone). Either way, songs like "I Never Got to See the West Coast" are still catchy, just not as memorable to me. Regardless, a great album.
Escape the Fate Escape the Fate
To this day, I'm still puzzled why this band gets so much hate. The musicianship in this band (especially from guitarist Monte) is great, and the songs are incredibly catchy. When first listening to this album, I honestly thought it was going to change for the worse due to the new label/production team...but I was wrong! All songs on this album each stand out, and provide a very comfortable and enjoyable listen. 'The Guillotine' series has always been good, and while "The Aftermath" doesn't quite have the epic factor that the first two had, it's still a great song and a proper conclusion to the song series. Definitely a good listen for fans of 'Dying is Your Latest Fashion' and 'This War is Ours.'
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues
Four Year Strong Rise Or Die Trying
Green Day American Idiot
Not as bad as people think. A defining album from the band that put them on the mainstream map. While singles like "Holiday", "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" and "Wake Me Up When September Ends" impress, it's songs like "Jesus of Surburbia" that really help the album. With a constant message and well-written tunes, it's an excellent album for the band.
Haste the Day Dreamer
This review might be a bit biased because Haste the Day IS my favorite band, but this album really proves how far ahead they've moved musically. With still traditional songs of theirs such as 'Haunting' and 'Sons of a Fallen Nation', as well as a heavier style in songs such as '68' and 'Invoke Reform', the band has really progressed forward as an ensemble. Their songs 'An Adult Tree' and 'Labyrinth' are a bit of a cool style change, and a re-do of 'Autumn' is a really nice touch. This album is a classic, as well as all of their other albums.
Haste the Day Coward
Need to let this one sink in a bit before writing a full review. So far, it's very impressive - and well worth the money I donated towards making the album. It's a true love-letter to the Haste the Day fans out there; tracks diversifying from experimental such as "Reconcile" to heavy such as "Take". There's the songs that any genre listener can enjoy such as "World" and "Fail", and then there's "Shadow"...a fantastic song that highlights the potential from all nine members. However the album contains a real gem - that being the ninth track. "Accept" is definitive proof that the classic Haste the Day sound is still definitely present; and one that after listening, is sorely missed. I probably speak for a select bunch that would've preferred perhaps one or two more songs in the same feel as "Accept", but as the song title states - I'll 'accept' it. Another great Haste the Day album for the books.
Jet Lag Gemini Fire the Cannons
This album is surprisingly, amazing. The first 6 tracks are all incredible. The single, "Run This City," is actually a very minor track of musicianship within the album. Catchy titles, good lyrics, and good arrangement, this band is great. I'm excited to hear more of their stuff later.
Of Mice and Men The Flood
Definitely better than the first album, but there's still a lot missing. The musical progression is better, and their idea of their 'true sound' is coming to be. Making a sequel song "Still YDG'n" was a great idea, and other songs like "Purified", "O.G. Loko", "Let Live", "Ohioisonfire", and "Product of a Murderer" are all really catchy and have really good hard hitting parts. While some of the guitar parts have become better than the debut, a lot of high-string lead lines have been taken out completely to be replaced by chug-chug parts. It works, but I personally miss some of it. Regardless, the new songwriting is drastically improved, the lyrics are good, the production is solid, and the musicianship is great. "I'm a Monster" is a bit of a letdown, "Ben Threw" shows that Austin Carlile can sing well, and "When You Can't Sleep at Night" is a surprising nice acoustic track. Also, "My Understandings" is a huge change-up for the band, so check out that tune.
R5 New Addictions
"New Addictions" accomplishes its goal by keeping fans of the band at bay until a new LP is released. Notable for R5 exclusively engineering/producing this themselves, the result is quite impressive. Quoted as being fans of/being inspired by INXS, doing a cover of "Need You Tonight" as the closing track doesn't feel quite fitting, but it's probably the only gray area on an otherwise colorful album. "If" is a radio-pop single that is infectious, "Red Velvet" might be the best song from the record thanks to its funk approach, "Lay Your Head Down" goes for the more mellow/bass-driven side, and "Trading Time" melds modern synth sounds with the band's normal songwriting. Again, "New Addictions" might not break any new ground, it's a good 'summer-esque' type of album that will keep listeners at bay until their next full-length drops.
Robin Beanland Jet Force Gemini
A great soundtrack to a highly underrated game. There are a few tracks on the actual soundtrack that feel very out of place, but the whole atmosphere for the game is out of this world great. Something to seriously be admired for generations to come.
Skrillex Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
It's dub with a good sense of melody. A fun listen.
Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse
Still Remains Of Love and Lunacy
Still Remains The Serpent
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
Classic, but does it age well? Kinda. This album jumpstarted this band to the fame they have now with popular tracks such as "Fat Lip" and "In Too Deep", but the album actually has a ton of other songs that are great listens. It's always interesting to hear a alternative/punk band with great lead guitar lines. "Pain For Pleasure" seems to be a misfit on this album, but on the other side showcases what Sum 41 can REALLY do.
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected?
A surprisingly great follow up album to "All Killer No Filler". In many ways, this album actually is better than 'All Killer No Filler.' The guitar lines are better, the lyrics are crafted better, and the musicianship has vastly improved. It's still Sum 41, but they've almost taken a darker edge with their sound, but kept the fun that is their music. Notable songs are "Still Waiting" and "The Hell Song". 2 great tracks that really help this album sustain over the years.
The Word Alive The Word Alive
What happened? This album truly is a work of art. It sounds incredible for a demo. "The Devil Inside" alone is a great track that could probably make it on to alternative radio, if anything, and "Casanova Rodeo" is excellent as well. The other three aren't as powerful, but are great songs to listen to. I don't know if Telle, the new vocalist, will contribute to the uniqueness that Craig Mabbit did, but surely there is tons of good work in store for these guys.
The Word Alive REAL.
Strange how a John Feldmann-produced album lacks catchiness (minus perhaps in tracks such as "The
Fortune Teller", "Your Mirage", and "The Runaway"), but this is without a doubt a major step up from Life
Cycles. The album feels very much like a melding of the song-structure seen on Deceiver mixed with the
sound/programming of Life Cycles. The beginning of the album certainly can throw a listener off, but it's
roughly around the fifth track where things really begin to pick up. In the end - it's a solid installment from
The Word Alive, but it does still leaves something to be desired. Recommended tracks: "The Fortune Teller",
"Glass Castle", "94th Street", "The Runaway", "Collapsing".
Various Artists Punk Goes Pop 3
A very good release in terms of "Punk Goes Pop." I wasn't a huge fan of the second compilation, but this one works better. The Word Alive's "Heartless" is a pretty interesting take on the Kanye West song. Of Mice & Men's "Blame It" works for the most part, and there are a bunch more. Some stand out, some can be shrugged off, but overall probably the best to come from the Punk Goes Pop bunch.
Various Artists True Colors: The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog Part 2
You're getting a lot of good tracks if you're a Sonic fan. There are a lot of shrug-worthy songs on there, but Lee Brotherton's "Dreams of an Absolution" is great, as well as a RARE track, "Look-A-Like" from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie.

3.5 great
A Day To Remember Homesick
Definitely not as remarkable as For Those Who Have Heart, but still, a very solid album from this band. They've grown as musicians, and they've been able to construct more meaningful songs, but it's nothing new, as the band uses the same style with 'From Those Who Have Heart.' They have more chanting, and more hardcore/punk elements. It's a good album, highlights include, "My Life for Hire," "Mr. Highway's Thinking About the End", "Welcome to the Family," and "I'm Made of Wax, Larry, What Are you Made Of?"
Abandon All Ships Geeving
It's a fun listen. The drummer, keyboardist and clean vocals are what really drives the band and carry
rhythm/melody. Other than that, the guitar parts are very weak. There are a few tracks which showcase some guitar
talent (such as Bro My God and Family Goretrait), but other than that the bass parts are melded in, and the guitar
parts tend to not dominate. The keyboard parts though are cleverly written, the drumming is solid, and Martin, the
clean vocalist, seems to know what he's doing despite autotune. The screamed vocals are incredibly weak, but
surprisingly they work really well for this band's sound. His screams are perfect for the band's sound and I couldn't
picture it any other way. Definitely a fun album has a lot of catchy tracks. Recommended: Bro My God, Megawacko
2.1, Family Goretrait, and Take One Last Breath.
All Shall Perish The Price of Existence
Asking Alexandria Reckless and Relentless
It's definitely not the 'epic album of proportions' that the media has been playing off this album to be for the past year or so, but it's definitely a great listen. Lots of good highlights, but the vocals sometimes aren't audible in the mix. Also, the 'synth cut' parts are sometimes almost too random and seem out of place. "Stand Up and Scream", while having a lot of them, seemed to work better for it. Highlight tracks include, "A Lesson Never Learned", "Dear Insanity", "Morte et Dabo", and "Someone, Somewhere" (kinda). The band has definitely improved vastly as musicians, but some tracks such as "Dedication" feel so out of place they throw off the rest of the album.
Attack Attack! (US) Attack Attack!
Why do people hate this band so much? I really don't get it. They're all solid musicians, and they all do something
completely unique to music...if anything, it makes them stand out. Granted, this album tends to fall on the more
'formulaic' side instead of "Someday Came Suddenly." Either way, the songwriting is good, the production is good,
and the whole album in general is very well done. Sure, there are too many breakdowns, some tracks are a bit goofy,
but it's still a great album. Recommended tracks: "Smokahontas", "Fumbles O'Brian", "Turbo Swag", and "Sexual Man
Biffy Clyro Only Revolutions
It's great to hear music like this...just straight rock. It's hard to hear music as solid as this these days, and I love that these guys do it. Great album...highlights are "Mountains" and "Bubbles."
Black Veil Brides We Stitch These Wounds
Why is there so much hate on this band? This album isn't that awful...I mean, as for their image...it's a bit out of the ordinary, but I guess they're just doing what they do. The musicians in the band are very talented, despite it being 'recycled' stuff (isn't that what a lot of music is these days anyhow?). The songs are catchy, "Andy Six" has a decent voice, and the musicianship is strong. I just think the production behind it doesn't sound as good. I dunno, maybe it's just me.
Blink-182 California
Given the drama cloud surrounding the production of this latest record, Blink-182 ultimately succeed in producing a fine album. "California" injects the 'fun' side that was sorely missing on the previous record "Neighborhoods", as well as having a numerous amount of catchy songs. Unfortunately, it's the mixing/editing that hurts this one - as the vocals are clearly pitch-corrected to being 'flawless'. Some of the songs such as "She's Out of Her Mind", "No Future", "Los Angeles", "Left Alone" and especially "Rabbit Hole" are solid song compositions that won't leave a listener's head. On the contrary, hearing 40-somethings write about being a teenager comes across as too ridiculous, especially in the song "Teenage Satellites" - which is Blink-182 playing a Boys Like Girls song. Finally, the title track oozes cheesiness beginning to end, and being essentially the closer to the album - just doesn't cut it. Overall though, solid effort.
Cash Cash Take It To The Floor
Picture the Backstreet Boys/N*Sync/your favorite 90's boyband melded with a 'rock' sense of feel to the music. It's a very programmed album, and to many, it may be a major turn off. Those who can appreciate it can get into a lot of the great tracks such as "Breakout," "Party in Your Bedroom" and "Electric Hearts." Some other tracks don't float as well as the others, but in the end it's still a solid debut.
Coldrain Vena
"Vena" is yet another style change from coldrain, and while overall not perfect; is still a decent change. The track opener "Vena" is very misleading for the rest of the album, as this is more of an alternative-rock album versus a post-hardcore album. The best description for the album I can give is: picture the We Came as Romans self-titled album, with better song composition, and choruses that are about as catchy as Hoobastank's. There's "Vena" in a nutshell. Also, the two best songs from the album are "Wrong", and "Gone".
Conquer Divide Conquer Divide
One time I was offered a 'new' type of beer from a friend. The beer at first glance seemed to be different due to it being made of something different that you don't normally see in beer. Curious, I tried the drink - and quite enjoyed it a lot. Sure, it tasted like every other beer that I've had relating to the style...but I guess I just appreciated it because of what went into it, and how good it still was. Perhaps a year or so down the road, when given the option to pick between this new beer I tried and another beer that practically tastes the same by a well-known/original brand, I might go for the latter...but that's not to say I wouldn't mind having this 'new' type of beer again if/whenever that time comes.
D.R.U.G.S. D.R.U.G.S.
The album rocks. It's definitely a nice change for Craig Owens, and the musicianship in this album is great. Some of the tracks can kind of feel repetitive, but it's still a great listen. There are heavy tracks, and lighter tracks as well. It would've been nice to hear a ballad song on this, and maybe a more relaxing song for some contrast, but other than that, this is a solid debut album from this band...and I'm very excited to hear more from them in the future.
David Guetta Nothing but the Beat
DragonForce Sonic Firestorm
Probably their only album I can stand listening to all the way...but I can't deny the talent within this album. I LOVE "Fury of the Storm"...it'll always be one of my favorite songs. Regardless, the style does seem to get boring after a while. Still fun stuff, and great musicianship.
Falling in Reverse Fashionably Late
Rating this one's a bit tough, because this is a very interesting album. There are some great ideas in here, but
their execution can sometimes fall flat. A good example are the random 'breaks' to hip-hop scattered
throughout "Champion", "Rolling Stone", and "Alone." The order of tracks aforementioned can also be noted
as the order as to how well these 'breaks' work. Instrumentally and vocally Falling in Reverse delivers, and the
album's production is MUCH better than their previous release (the drum samples were borderline
aggravating). There are some really standout tracks that help the album, such as the title track and "Born to
Lead." With a few surprises thrown in here and there, this is far from a poor album, but far from a classic
album either.
For All Those Sleeping Cross Your Fingers
For Today Portraits
Four Year Strong Enemy of the World
Glamour of the Kill Glamour of the Kill
Definitely drawing influences from Bullet for My Valentine, this band does impress, but doesn't succeed. Their single, 'A Hope in Hell' is a great listen, as well as the catchy melody and vocal line from 'Rise From Your Grave.' The album sounds a bit too British though, and I mean that respectively. You can clearly hear the accent within the singing of the music, and it isn't as pleasuring to the ears like Bullet for My Valentine. This band has tons in store for them.
Green Day Warning
An interesting album, mainly because there's a lot of interesting instrumentation here. Green Day dives into using acoustic guitars more, and the two singles from the album were driven using it. In terms of mixing, it's interesting enough to keep the listener hooked.
Haste the Day That They May Know You
Hoobastank The Reason
The singles from this album are great. The rest of the album is ehh. "Disappear" though is probably Hoobastank's greatest song ever written.
Nickelback Silver Side Up
Let's get this straight: I don't like this band now. If I had to pick ANY material from these guys to like, it
would be from this album. I listened to this in my younger years, and the track "How You Remind Me" is still a
great tune to this day. "Too Bad" isn't...too bad...either (lame pun). The rest of the album is overall passable.
It's what put these guys on the map, and also what probably stemmed a lot of hate. Maybe it's nostalgia sake,
but I don't mind this album.
Of Mice and Men Of Mice and Men
Sum 41 13 Voices
With the return of guitarist/songwriter Dave Baksh, "13 Voices" gives the listener essentially exactly what was promised by such return: the 'poppy' Sum 41 album melded with interesting guitar riffs and solos. The initial 3 tracks are a tremendous start, followed by 2 mediocre tracks, followed by the best track on the album (the title track), and followed by more mediocrity. Just about half of this album is rewarding in the sense that it's a sound Sum 41 has been missing for a while, and half of the album feels like there's still some things the band has to figure out. Overall though, "13 Voices" is the best album the band has put out since "Chuck", and the anticipation for exciting future releases couldn't be higher.
Taylor Swift Fearless
The Word Alive Life Cycles
The Word Alive's sophomore LP does a few things right, and a few things wrong. In terms of what it did right, the vocals on this album are far superior than that of Deceiver. While some of the lyrics may almost feel repetitive, they're sung with passion and given incredible delivery. Many have noted that the superb guitar work is notably absent from this album, which I heavily disagree. The guitars sound brilliant, and the bass lines in the album are more diverse than Deceiver's. The issue with this album is the mixing. Much of the guitar work is drowned out by the rhythm guitar part, (either being power chords or chugging). Mixing aside, any problems musically would either be the drum parts or the stylistic change in songwriting. The drum parts are performed well and work, but they feel very uninspired due to the drummer learning the parts in a week's time. This album definitely feels a lot more "metalcore" than Deceiver, but that's not to say it's a bad thing. Tracks like "Dragon Spell" (which is a sequel to "The Hounds of Anubis"), "Wishmaster", "Evolution", "Room 126", and "Astral Plane" are fantastic songs that more than warrant a listen to this album. In the end, "Life Cycles" isn't a step in the right direction for The Word Alive, but it's definitely not a step in the wrong direction.
The Word Alive Dark Matter
The Word Alive squander a potential revival of their devoted fanbase with "Dark Matter". In the end, the group
is a crowd-pleaser; writing songs that will keep a crowd moving (it's where the money's at) with singles such as
"Trapped" and "Sellout". In a surprising twist - these said 'crowd pleasers' are actually a solid step in the right
direction from the band. Other songs such as "Suffocating", "Piece of Me", "Face to Face", and "Grunge" are all
standout tracks from "Dark Matter" - giving the band a new dimension amongst all of the 'genre-esque'
presentations surfacing nowadays. We, as fans, will never get another "Deceiver". I've accepted that. I now look
to see, in this mindset that this group will always strive to please the general audience live, what they can do.
"Dark Matter" is practically close to that realization. The only way to reach conclusion is to truly acknowledge
prior efforts.
Trivium Shogun
The singles on this album really make the album itself. While I do like this sound of Trivium far better off than their last album, it's still not as cool as Ascendancy.
Various Artists (Punk) Punk Goes Pop 3
Most of the songs on this album are all VERY well done. Though, some can lack on the 'making a clever cover.' The best track on the album goes to The Word Alive covering "Heartless."
Wage War Blueprints
"Blueprints" is ironic in the sense that it can essentially be a 'blueprint' for metalcore music. Not groundbreaking, not unique, just typical metalcore. In days where most artists in the genre want to try to do different things, it's refreshing to hear a band just sort of 'play it safe' with their style and album progression. The standout track, "Alive", actually utilizes the band's strongest talents and makes a legitimate stand-out song that's worth the album's admission alone. Unfortunately, that's about it - as the rest of the album sort-of blends together into listenable, (but again) basic metalcore.
We Came As Romans Understanding What We've Grown to Be
It's definitely a step-up from "To Plant a Seed." But, yet it still feels like it should be a B-Side for the aforementioned album. Just because you decide to drop the guitar tuning from typical drop-D to drop-B, doesn't mean your songwriting style changes...it just means you're playing it in a different string tuning. Some songs feel like they shouldn't belong on the album at all...bringing it back to the whole "To Plant a Seed" B-Side thing. On a supremely positive note, songs like "Mis-Understanding", "Everything as Planned", "What I Wished I Never Had", "Stay Inspired", "I Can't Make Your Decisions For You", and the title track all show musical progression. We Came as Romans are repeating more choruses (staying true to their metalcore genre), and they're showcasing how they can be as a band together instead of trying to showcase each of the instrumentalist/vocalist's talent in those songs. The other songs seem to feel a bit off. The concept of the album is supposed to be a lyrical change from the beginning to the end, which definitely works, but musically wise while they have definitely crafted some remarkable tracks, it seems they still haven't quite understood what they've grown to be.
Woe, Is Me Number[s]
This is one of those albums that you just simply listen to for a fun time. It might be "breakdowncore", but it's still solid, and has some really cool melodic parts, as well as interesting synth parts here and there. Just take it for what it is, and you'll definitely find yourself enjoying this album...a lot. I know I did, at least!

3.0 good
A Day To Remember What Separates Me from You
Sadly, a strong contender for "Biggest Disappointment of 2010." Don't get me wrong, the musicianship in this album,
the production, and the songwriting is great, it's just it feels like it could be better. They've definitely begun moving
away from their typical 'metalcore/pop-punk roots.' Isn't that what made the band fun to listen to in the beginning?

I only liked about 4-5 tracks in this album. "Sticks & Bricks" and "You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic" are 2 of their strongest
tracks, as well as very reminiscent of their older material. "All I Want" is a great and catchy first single, "2nd Sucks" is
just a constant breakdown, but in many ways, that's what makes it fun to listen to (the Mortal Combat sample in the
beginning is great too). "All Signs Point to Lauderdale" is a catchy song just in itself.

Other than that, the rest of the tracks almost don't feel fun to listen to. You just expect more, I guess, but it doesn't

Regardless, I still love the band, and the tracks mentioned above make up for the others A LOT!
A Day To Remember Bad Vibrations
While not the total disaster that this album initially appeared to be (thanks to the misleading early track releases), "Bad Vibrations" is a step backwards for A Day to Remember in comparison to "Common Courtesy". There's no denial that the first half of the record is leagues better than the second half, thanks to good tracks such as "Paranoia", "Naivety", and "Bullfight" - and ESPECIALLY the album's stand-out winner "Reassemble". The second half of the album is ultimately enjoyable as well...save for the track "We Got This", which might be one of the worst songs put out in 2016. In conclusion, "Bad Vibrations" ultimately succeeds in giving off GOOD vibrations to the listener, but perhaps not as good as A Day to Remember is known to give.
Abandon All Ships Malocchio
Kudos to the band realizing what they were doing in "Infamous" wasn't really working, and therefore returning to their roots of catchy, synth-driven 'metalcore'. This is a very brief album that luckily doesn't overstay its welcome. "Reefer Madness" might be cringing on the ears thanks to dissonance chords, and "Alive" might be a shallow attempt at trying to mix things up; but there's plenty to love here such as "Trapped", "Miracle", "Paradise", "Bloor Street West", and "Cowboys". In fact, "Cowboys" might actually stand as the best song the band has written to date - with a positive message, and a somber outro.
Alive Like Me Only Forever
I think there's one song that doesn't have the same tempo as all of the others on this record. Most of the songs kind-of blend together, as the album never takes time to breathe and just constantly hits the listener with fast, pulsing, catchy songs. At 32 minutes, it's a really fun listen; just don't expect anything groundbreaking.
Dayshell Dayshell
A slightly above average for the debut record from Dayshell, the somewhat passion-project of ex-Of Mice & Men guitarist/vocalist Shayley Bourget. There's a lot to like in the record - such as the varying tracks, as well as the multiple-genre songwriting influences. However, none of these songs really sick with the listener (at least, not with me), save for "Not Coming In", "Share With Me", and "Avatar". This ultimately feels like a blueprint for better things to come...and if that's the case, then great things are in store.
Famous Last Words Two-Faced Charade
The downside to "Two Faced Charade" is that its quite hard to take the lyrics seriously, when they come off as utterly strange. To add to it, the music is very wishywashy in the sense that when certain tracks are good, they're REALLY good. "Welcome to the Show", "Victim of the Virtuoso", "Voices", and "The Show Must Go On" are the only consistently good songs throughout the album, while the other tracks sort-of meld together and don't really do much (ESPECIALLY "In Perfect Hindsight", which is a kick+clap filler track). I can't say that THIS is the definitive album to get a listener hooked on Famous Last Words (I believe that their following album "Council of the Dead" is), but the album in the end is harmless.
Green Day Nimrod
Not a bad album. I think everyone's favorite song on it though is most likely "Good Riddance", and I'd be lying to say it wasn't mine. Some of the other material is pretty good for their standards.
Issues Black Diamonds
It's pretty good. The opening track (especially for an EP of all things) is a waste of time, production, and
money. It doesn't do anything to hook you into the album. As for the album itself? Well, it has its moments.
The guitar parts are sadly nothing to write home about, the bass doesn't deliver any decent line, and the
drums are simply serviceable (though solid). Vocals are great though, with each vocalist trying new things
(such as tonality screams on "Love Sex Riot" and the 'na na na' on "The Worst of Them"). What really helps this
though is the synth. Very cleverly written lines help drive the other instrument parts. For an EP, this was
delivered pretty fast for this band...especially because they formed what? July? Let's hope their first LP delivers
what they're capable of, especially with apparent new members joining them that can deliver such.
Joe Budden Padded Room
Storm The Sky Sin Will Find You
The unfortunate thing about Storm the Sky's second full-length isn't the genre change, but how the album relies on the mixing versus the musicianship. There's a slew of cool ideas here drowned in endless reverb/echoing that becomes tiresome halfway through. After the interesting approach the group took with "Permanence" (essentially taking a metalcore record and adding more experimentation/melody), the only tracks on "Sin Will Find You" that really continue that trend are the title track, "Medicine", "Carcinova", and "Disappointed". This in return still makes for a solid listen; but perhaps if Storm the Sky continue to evolve from this current 'genre', we might have something really special next time around.
Storm The Sky Vigilance
Listening to this after the near-masterpiece of "Permanence" and the very successful/experimental "Sin Will Find You", Storm the Sky's EP certainly feels unpolished...but not bad in the slightest. It accomplishes what a normal metalcore EP would need to accomplish - giving the listener hard-hitting riffs melded with catchy enough choruses. The instrumentation is what helps the album though, utilizing higher registers on the guitars to meld with the grungy lows that somehow cancel the negatives out and create a fine sound. The songwriting is the weakest part of this though, as there's nothing special to note about surprises songs may throw at you. Looking at the time it came out, and what came out AFTER it though, "Vigilance" was overall a step in the right direction for Storm the Sky.
That's Outrageous! Teenage Scream
Eh, it was fun. Not the worst songwriting I've ever heard; not the best songwriting I ever heard. Some of the 'rapping' parts (such as in the title track) are kinda awkward, but at the same time fit. Mixing wise, it's your basic type of sound for the genre. Instrumentally, there are a lot of generic riffs thrown in there, but at least some of the leads (in a few tracks) can be creative enough. The electronics are what help this album work overall though, as there are some pretty cool sounds in here.
The Amity Affliction Let the Ocean Take Me
It lacks innovation. There's not one riff/idea/rhythm/melodic line that hasn't been done before. It's certainly
trying to strive for difference by treating the album's progression as a concept, but plays it safe within the
genre. The singles picked such as "Pittsburgh" and "Don't Lean on Me" were great choices, as they're some of
the best from the album. But, others like "Never Alone" and "Death's Hand" are good listens as well.
The Devil Wears Prada With Roots Above and Branches Below
I really like this album, I really do. But I don't think its fair that I give it a 4 or a 5, even an 3.5. I usually give albums really high reviews...more than what they deserve...but this album? It sounds exactly the same as every song from Plagues, and it has the same songwriting formulas and progressions within each song. If anything, "Ben Has a Kid", "Dez Moines," "Big Wiggly Style", or "Louder Than Thunder" have memorable moments on the album. There isn't a 'hook' in the album, there isn't a 'standout track', it all sounds the same, and you can easily forget parts of a song, you'll basically remember the beginning, end, and chorus, and mayyybe breakdown. Changing their tuning to drop B for a couple of songs was cool though. This is a great listen, and shows great musicianship, but not so much memorability.
The Format Interventions and Lullabies
A great album. The single, "The First Single" really helps this album stand out, along with supporting tracks "Tie The Rope" and "Sore Thumb." With simple chords, good drumming, this album is a great foundation for the future of the band.
Thirty Seconds To Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams
The issue with the album is that for waiting 4 years for a new 30 Seconds to Mars album, this one feels really substantial. Including two instrumental tracks that lack inspiration, songs like "Birth"/"End of All Days"/"Debus de Debut" that feel strangely out of place, and lacking a decent length; much of this album gives off the 'phoned in' kind of vibe. However, there are tracks such as "Bright Lights" and "Do or Die" that feel like a step in a good direction for the band. As I still prefer the sound used on "A Beautiful Lie", I can't necessarily say I'd want them to take this direction - but it still enjoy the music.
We Came As Romans To Plant a Seed
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this album. One one side, the production is great, the songwriting is cool, the vocals work, and it all around produces a cool sounding album. On the other side, sometimes the album feels TOO overproduced, the songwriting feels bland at times, the vocals seem to get questionable. Singles like "To Plant a Seed" and "Broken Statues" are great, and "To Move on Is To Grow" is their greatest song written in my opinion (included on the re-release). It's a metalcore album, simply put. I just wish that it followed some metalcore rules of having extremely catchy choruses and rely more on a band blending rather than having each section of a song showcasing another member of the band's talent.

2.5 average
Capture Til Death
Asking Alexandria, Part III. I'll give this album credit where it's due first. 1-The clean vocals are good. The vocalist's tone is pleasant, and some melodies are pretty catchy (after doing a bit of research, he can actually sing on pitch as well). 2-There is potential for the guitar parts. There are guitar solos, there are lead lines, but they just fall into this cliche. If the guitarists can write/play interesting stuff...why don't they just do it for the whole album and not just parts? 3-The whole album doesn't try (as hard as I thought it would) to copy other bands. It's tolerable. Some of my negatives have been already kind of stated...but otherwise, in terms of songwriting; boring. In terms of overall instrument parts; boring. In terms of lyrics; what? In terms of this being a fun listen/guilty pleasure; yep.
Daft Punk Human After All
I mean...it's not unbearable, but for Daft Punk; it's heavily disappointing. There are songs that'll make you feel right at home with the band with "Human After All", "Robot Rock", and "The Brainwasher". There's songs such as "Make Love" that feel experimental, and songs like "Technologic" which feel like they were made to be singles. Unfortunately, there's songs like "Steam Machine" and "Emotion" which become flat out aggravating after a while due to their unrelenting repetitiveness. Not a keeper like "Discovery", but an interesting listen - especially when taking into note that this album took only 6 weeks to fully complete. I also don't understand how the duo lists this as their favorite creation.
Falling in Reverse Just Like You
I actually really liked "Fashionably Late". The rapping did make me cringe at first, but after enough listens -
the album really began to grow on me. Now we're at "Just Like You", and this album attempts to differ in
songwriting style, but comes across as more of the same. In fact, a lot of these songs are what you'd expect to
come from Falling in Reverse. Sure, there are highlights like "Guillotine IV", "The Bitter End", and the
surprisingly mellow "Brother"...but it's not enough to push it past average. Oh, and "Wait and See" and "Get Me
Out" may be perhaps two of the worst songs the band has ever written.
Trivium The Crusade
Boring; but still not a bad album. While Ascendancy held such promise, and hands down, was an amazing album, this album is not so good of a follow up. The first two tracks, "Ignition" and "Detonation" are the only two good ones, from then on, it gets boring. Even the instrumental song isn't that memorable, it's the same thing over and over again. It sounds like a commercial loop or something. It's still not badly written, and the musicianship shines through so many times, but it's not Trivium's best.
Various Artists Punk Goes Pop 4
I think there were about 2-3 decent songs to listen to...and even then, they were decent. Definitely not as good as the previous take of Punk Goes Pop.
Wage War Deadweight
Wage War continues crafting generic, safe 'metalcore' music in their second album "Deadweight". Here's the thing: there's nothing here that's notable. While their prior effort utilized the talents of the lead guitarist in songs such as "Alive" and "Youngblood", the talent is severely underutilized in this album; instead opting to go the route of a Tom Morello-esque style in working in bizarre guitar noises. It's an effort that is notable, but doesn't aid in the overall progression of "Deadweight". Among this average second effort, standout tracks include "Southbound", "Don't Let Me Fade Away", "Stitch", and "Never Enough".

2.0 poor
Escape the Fate Hate Me
Escape the Fate were contractually obligated to produce a new album.

...it shows.
Famous Last Words The Incubus
Famous Last Words backtrack in their latest release, "The Incubus". From the get-go, this feels like a tonally/musically sequel to "Two-Faced Charade", however, the material here just isn't as interesting. Perhaps that's due to the strange song composition, where the vocals take up arguably 90% of the record - where the rest of the band hardly gets to shine in any instrumental parts. Compare that to their previous record, "Council of the Dead", that had a real blend of instrumentation, vocals, and contrasting styles. Highlights from this one include "Trophy Wife", "Pretty in Porcelain", and "The Judged" (though the latter sounds eerily similar to songs on 'Two-Faced Charade'). Hopefully, Famous Last Words next time around decide to further their progression seen on 'Council...' versus attempting a repeat of 'Two-Faced Charade'.
It Lives, It Breathes Silver/Knights
It Lives, It Breathes managed to release 2 impressive EPs that delivered catchy, hard hitting tracks that felt satisfying. Their debut record "Silver/Knights" is perhaps the biggest downer of an album I've listened to so far this year. Where their EPs felt complete, this album doesn't. The group has quite a few dedicated 'synth-only' tracks such as "Prizefighter" and "Miley Virus" that don't compare to some of the other tracks like "Devils" and "World War Me". The opening track "Testify", is about as best as the album gets, with the songs "Love on Repeat" and "Afterlight" being average for the group in comparison to everything else in their prior efforts. I'm still a fan of It Lives, It Breathes' overall sound, but the direction they decided to take for their debut LP reeks of disappointment.
Tear Out The Heart Dead, Everywhere
The first two tracks (excluding the almost 'so bad it's good' intro track) are the only positives to this album, as
they both carry ridiculously catchy choruses. Afterwards, the album is a downward struggle of below
The Dead Rabbitts The Emptiness
"This Emptiness" is more than just a title of the latest Dead Rabbitts record; it's almost a warning for listeners. The whole album lacks any inspiration to change, most notably in songs such as "Burn It Down", "Fighting For My Life", and "The Freak, The Creep, The Clown". If you liked "Shapeshifter", you'll like this one. Ironic though for myself, as I did enjoy "Shapeshifter"...but I guess I was just expecting more from this 'spinoff project' or whatever they're coining themselves as. Three tracks I would recommend would be "Dead Again", "Man at War", and ironically the title track. Those are perhaps the biggest movements for a change of pace, but ultimately this one isn't able to catch up.
We Came As Romans We Came as Romans
It's strange how the guitar parts sound like they're written by amateur players; yet no lineup changes have happened, and there's clear evidence in previous albums that both guitar players are more than decent at their instruments. The self-titled effort from We Came as Romans sounds very uninspired all-around, with a few catchy songs here and there to save it from being a total disgrace...but still leaving the listener with a lot more to be desired. I mean, it's a 30 minute album with about 8 minutes of it being nice. Great to hear how Dave (the screamer) is now ping-ponging clean [really good, actually] vocals with Kyle (the original clean singer). The drums feel restrained, and the bass is serviceable for the previously mentioned below adequate guitar parts. "The World I Used to Know" is probably the best song from the album, and the whole album is mixed very well. Let's hope for a stepped up sound next time around.

1.0 awful
Etienne Sin The Art of Stealing Hearts

That's really it, I have nothing else to add.
Etienne Sin Sinna: Volume 1
Are this guy's "albums" listed on this website just so we can bash them?
Woe, Is Me Genesi[s]
Pure geniu[s]! It's so impre[s][s]ive to [s]ee that thi[s] band ha[s] not faltered with their [s]ophomore relea[s]e.
When pre[s]ented with dilemma[s] like, "what do we do with lead guitar part[s]?", and from there have
repetitive breakdown[s] is purely magical. Lyrically, it'[s] the be[s]t thing in the entire univer[s]e. Line[s] such
a[s] "It mu[s]t be hard to talk [*]*** with a **** in your throat" are purely original and i[s] [s]omething that can
be viewed in competition with [S]hake[s]peare. Don't forget the random orche[s]tral parts! While their
previou[s] album didn't make u[s]e of the potential of tho[s]e part[s], thi[s] album definitely doe[s]. The
random cut[s] to the orche[s]tral part[s] can be viewed a[s] a genre [s]tandard. Great album!

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