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5.0 classic
Amon Amarth Twilight of the Thunder God
Amon Amarth has finally released an album which is even better than With Oden On Our Side. Twilight Of The Thunder God has the same level of simplicity as the previous album but this time the tracks are more balanced. There is no huge variety among the tracks but the band has managed to create melodies that are unique for each track. This is melodic death metal in one of its finest hour. You get crushing rhythms, undeniably catchy melodies, pulsing and thundering drumming plus a splendid vocal performance. There are no weak spots here; everything is pretty damn perfect this time. Tattered Banners And Bloody Flags is the band's greatest track of all time. Amon Amarth will hopefully follow this path of perfection for a long time. Get this album now.
Anthrax Among the Living
Bathory Blood Fire Death
Bathory Nordland I
Bathory Nordland II
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
Nightmares Made Flesh is probably one of the greatest death metal albums of the 21st century. Bloodbath was formed by famous members from various metal bands in Sweden and their goal was to create a brutal death metal album. The result has been devastating so far; Nightmares Made Flesh is incredibly diverse and varied in all elements. You have fast backbreaking tracks like Stillborn Saviour and Soul Evisceration, crushing medium paced songs like Outnumbering The Day and Cancer Of The Soul and of course slow tracks like the gory Eaten and Blood Vortex. It is the supreme sound production, top-notch musicianship and the amazing vocal work that makes this a standout album in the death metal genre. Your death metal collection will never be complete until you get Nightmares Made Flesh by Bloodbath.
Children of Bodom Are You Dead Yet?
Are You Dead Yet? is without a doubt my favourite CoB album. The main reason is because that the band ditched their neo-classical influences and incorporated brutality instead. The aggressive and heavy music fits perfectly with Alexi's frustrated screams. Are You Dead Yet? is packed with bludgeoning and thrashy riffs, technical solos, pounding bass lines and tinkering keyboards. The newer, heavier and thrashier CoB is just as good as the old neo-classical CoB. My favourite tracks are ''Trashed Lost and Strungout'', ''Punch Me I Bleed'' and of course the face-ripping ''If You Want Peace...Prepare For War''. Killer album!
Destruction Inventor of Evil
Edge of Sanity Crimson
Crimson is: Unique, epic, innovative, amazing and of course memorable. No other band in the metal scene can surpass Edge Of Sanity's crown jewel named Crimson. Crimson is both an album and a song, a 40 minute long song! This song is packed with heaviness, catchiness, aggressive and wonderful melodies. The vocal mix between the growls and clean vocals of the mastermind himself (Dan Swano) is more than great and the lyrics are mind-blowing as well. Everything you want from metal music can be found in Crimson. Words can't describe the greatness of this album.
Edge of Sanity When All Is Said
Embraced Within
Embraced was a short-lived metal band from Sweden. But they released one hell of a metal album that I think is worth to be called a masterpiece. Their last album ''Within'' is very melodic, forceful, atmospheric and sorrowful. Embraced used two keyboards, one to create beautiful, ambient and atmospheric melodies while the other had a classic piano sound that created additional melodies. Most riffs on this album are uncomplicated power chords and some tremolo picking patterns but they are very catchy and heavy. All drum patterns are catchy and varied so every song has a superb flow. The only thing that has some sort of black metal influence is the splendid vocal style. The frustrated and powerful screams that adds a lot of texture to the sad but soothing music. If you listen to the track ''Sacred Tears'' then you will understand. Get this album as soon as possible if you have a vast taste in metal music.
Entombed Left Hand Path
Finntroll Nattfodd
Fleshcrawl Made of Flesh
Gorguts The Erosion of Sanity
I finally found an album from the technical death metal genre that I think deserves 5 stars. That album is The Erosion Of Sanity by Gorguts. This album has everything that I want from technical death metal. Here I found the proper speed, immense brutality, insane technicality, great diversity, crushing heaviness and even catchiness and melodies. It is very hard to describe this album because it is so fucking good! All I have to say is that if you like technical death metal or old-school death metal than you have to get this album ASAP.
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
If I have to pick three perfect Hypocrisy albums I would pick The Final Chapter, Abducted and their self-titled. Hypocrisy is my third favourite Hypocrisy album of all time. And I like it because that it contains some really amazing melodic death metal. But this album is a bit different that my other favourites. Hypocrisy stands out because of the apocalyptic and atmospheric material, this album sounds futuristic in a strange way as well. But it is not just because of that that I like it so much. Hypocrisy still has the perfect mix of different tracks, lyrics and vocals. Face ripping kick ass tracks like Time Warp and Fusion Programmed Minds are mixed incredibly calm and relaxing tracks like Elastic Inverted Vision, Disconnected Magnetic Corridors and Paled Empty Sphere. This album might not sound like previous albums but it has a unique sound of its own. This is a perfect album to start with if you want to get into realm of Hypocrisy.
Hypocrisy The Final Chapter
Even if Abducted is one of my favourite Hypocrisy albums I still have to admit that The Final Chapter is the greatest Hypocrisy of all time. This is the perfect Hypocrisy album in my opinion. And the reasons why are the same as for Abducted, and I'm talking about the immense track, vocal and lyric variety. Alien themes are mixed with lyrics based on death and violence. Intense and brutal tracks like Dominion and Last Vanguard are mixed with slow atmospheric songs like Inquire Within and Request Denied. But it is the use of vocals that makes this album to a winner. Here you have it all: Growls, screams, shrieking, harsh vocals, snarls and clean vocals. Do you realize how varied this album really is?! The Final Chapter is almost an improvement of Abducted because everything is slightly bigger and slightly better. People who are tired of the melodic death mainstream should take a look at Hypocrisy. I suggest that you get this album as soon as possible.
Kalmah Swampsong
King of Asgard Fi'mbulvinter
Kreator Extreme Aggression
Extreme Aggression is the best Kreator album by far. It is this album that defines the true sound of real thrash metal. Everything that defines thrash metal can be found in this album. Here you have the proper speed, the angry fast shredding guitars and the incredibly pissed off vocals. But that?s not all; the sound production is pretty damn flawless as well. Words can?t describe a thrash metal masterpiece like Extreme Aggression. If you like any type thrash, then you need to get this wonderful album.
Maze of Torment Hammers of Mayhem
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Raubtier Det Finns Bara Krig
This is without a doubt the heaviest metal album in Sweden to date. Fuck all types of metal genres and sub-genres. This is Sweden's heaviest band and album of all time!!!!
Sodom M-16
Often overlooked Sodom’s M-16 delivers more than you can imagine. Here is one example where simplicity can be devastating. With time you will notice that some of the songs carry similarities that are recognizable in other songs, especially the riffs and pace. But who cares when you have catchy, fast and heavy riff work, pounding bass and rumbling drums that makes all songs to standouts. And we can’t forget to mention Angelripper’s cruel, raspy and torn vocal style.
M-16 is an energetic and heavy thrash album that metalheads must have in their collection, it is nothing like the American thrash music or any thrash at all. Tracks like Lead Injection, Among The Wierdcong, I Am The War and Minejumper are just a few of all amazing songs from this heavy hitting concept album. It might not be a thrash metal classic but it will memorable leave scars ones you have give it a listen (and liked it afterwards).
Sodom Persecution Mania
Summoning Oath Bound
I wish that I could describe this album in detail but I can't. Because this album is so ****ing good! All that I can say is that this is probably one of the most epic metal albums ever made. If you like slow and melodic black metal then you must get this album. This is a unique epic masterpiece that every metal fan should experience. Incredible album!
Svartsot Ravnenes Saga
Svartsot's Ravnenes Saga is probably my favourite folk metal albums of all time. The music is quite basic and simple, a steady rhythm guitar and a melodic lead guitar accompanied by catchy drum beats. But it is the use of flutes and whistles (and Danish lyrics) that creates the magic in this album. All tracks have their own signature melodies which make them all unique, even the tracks without flutes sounds very good as well. The extremely guttural growls blends perfectly with the soothing but yet intriguing flute melodies. Ravnenes Saga is an incredibly enjoying folk metal album that you must listen to.
Yyrkoon Dying Sun

4.5 superb
Abyssos Fhinsthanian Nightbreed
Aeon Rise to Dominate
Alestorm Back Through Time
Amon Amarth With Oden on Our Side
With Oden On Our Side is probably the best album from Amon Amarth. The melodic viking/death metal from Sweden released an album filled with powerful vocals, crushing riffs and epic melodies. Just listen to tracks like the neck breaking and ponderous Asator or Gods Of War Arise. If that doesn't suit you then you should try the epic masterpieces like Prediction Of Warfare or Runes To My Memory. Everything in this album is done with excellence. You have the simple but catchy folk melodies, rolling drums and the varied riff lines. The Vikings would be proud if they could experience Amon Amarth at this day. This album is a must-have, period.
Bathory Blood on Ice
Bathory Twilight of the Gods
Bathory Hammerheart
Carnal Forge Please...Die!
Centinex Decadence - Prophecies of Cosmic Chaos
Chthonic Seediq Bale
Dark Angel Darkness Descends
Dark Tranquillity Fiction
De Lirium's Order Diagnosis
Diagnosis is almost a completely different album if you compare it to Victim No.52. The crew in De Lirium’s Order has used more thrash based guitar work and they have lowered the level of melody in this album. This makes Diagnosis to an ultra heavy and brutal death/thrash album with small hints of melodies. Deep guttural growls, technical and devastating guitars, an audible and grinding bass and finally a varied drum performance are the qualities in this album.
There are actually no flaws in this album, only the vocals might seem a bit one-dimensional. But overall, all the tracks has a character of their own and they are structured to maintain an intriguing atmosphere. The sound production is flawless since you can hear all the instruments, no instrument or vocal style interferes with each other. This is highly recommended for those who like brutal metal music. Death metal fans will enjoy this as much as thrash metal will do!
Death Angel The Ultra-Violence
Death Angel made one awesome album. I'm talking about their debut album ''The Ultra-Violence''. This album is a thrash album which is highly aggressive and intense but also funny at the same time. There are lots of cool riffs in here, catchy headbanger moments and really sick vocal work. This guy delivers screams at 2000 hertz! This might not be a thrash metal classic but it is still unique nonetheless. Old-school thrashers must get this album. As I said: Incredibly intense and aggressive but at the same time catchy and outright awesome thrash metal.
Deathchain Deathrash Assault
Deathrash Assault is without a doubt one of the most perfect death/thrash albums ever made. Everything from both metal genres fuses perfectly together in this face-ripping album. The harsh and torn screams and monster growls mixes well with the insane technical guitar and drum performances. Deathrash Assault is vicious, ferocious, violent, thrashy, brutal and intense. This is definitely a must-have for those who are into extreme forms of thrash and/or modern death metal.
Deathchain Deadmeat Disciples
Decapitated The Negation
Demolition Hammer Epidemic of Violence
Demolition Hammer was a thrash metal band from the US but they took thrash to the extremes without having death metal influences in their material. Epidemic Of Violence is one of thrash metal?s best kept secrets. This type of thrash really makes you exhausted, and that?s because that the music is incredibly fast, unusually heavy and extreme! The riffs are catchy and powerful, the drums are booming all over the place and the vocals adds extra fuel to an already loose fire. If you can?t find thrash that doesn?t grab you by the balls, then I recommend that you pick up this, because this album will!
Demonoid Riders of the Apocalypse
Destruction Release from Agony
Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow
Eddie Meduza Rock'n Rebel
Edge of Sanity Crimson II
Crimson II is basically 40 minutes of brilliant non-stop, excellent, professional ass-kicking melodic death metal. The album is not as godlike as Crimson but it is pretty damn close. Fans of melodic death metal need to get this ASAP.
Entrails (SWE) Tales from the Morgue
Evergrey The Dark Discovery
Exodus Shovel Headed Kill Machine
Exodus Force of Habit
Facebreaker Dead Rotten and Hungry
Fejd Storm
Heathen Victims of Deception
Heathen The Evolution of Chaos
Hypnosia Extreme Hatred
Here you have one of thrash metal's most extreme albums ever. Hypnosia made one evil album named Extreme Hatred and it contains thrash metal that is just as evil as the darkest black metal. ''Extreme Hatred'' is jam-packed with intense and razor-sharp yet technical guitar work, frantic ''Slayer-drumming'' and incredibly raspy but forceful and vicious vocal work. The band is heavily influenced by bands like Kreator, except that Hypnosia is far more extreme and intense. Thrash metal enthusiasts must get this album no matter what. The album is not unique but if you want to snap your neck to some exceptional thrash then I suggest that you get this album!
Hypocrisy Virus
''Virus'' is without a doubt the band's best album since ''The Final Chapter''. The band fell down in a valley of experiments and the result was not even near breathtaking. ''Catch 22'' was a NU-metal/death bland and ''The Arrival'' was more like a science-fiction sound track. But then the band released ''Virus'' and the fans could regain their lost hopes for this magnificent band. ''Virus'' was brutality itself! The crew finally released out some of their most brutal concoctions since ''Osculum Obscenum'' and the result was devastating. All tracks are more or less face-melters, nuff said. The incredible thrust and force that is experienced in tracks like ''Compulsive Psychosis'' and ''Scrutinized'' is immense. There are bloodletting mutilation tracks like ''Blooddrenched'' and ''Let The Knife Do The Talking'' and lets not forget the epic moments in ''Warpath'' or ''Living To Die''. This one is a must-have for all the Hypocrisy fans out there. Highly recommended Swedish brutal melodic death metal!
Hypocrisy The Arrival
Hypocrisy Catch 22
Hypocrisy The Fourth Dimension
Hypocrisy Abducted
Abducted can easily be ranked as one of the greatest Hypocrisy albums of all time. And the reason why is because that the band nearly perfected their own unique sound. Everything in this album is more or less perfect. The track and lyric variety is superb! You have the old-fashion brutality in tracks like Abducted, Killing Art and Point Of No Return. You also have the medium heavy tracks like Buried and Carved Up. And finally we have the ballads Slippin Away, Drained and When The Candle Fades. In this mixed bag of tracks you can identify the classic Hypocrisy lyrics, which is paranormal sci-fi and violence. The guitars are heavy and simple but still they can pack of punch and the drumming is quite simple but the songs still has a great flow in them. It is just the vocals that could've been blended with some more growls because the intense harsh snarling is a bit one-dimensional. The music might appear simple but it keeps the listener interested from beginning to end. This album is extremely recommend for whose who are looking for unique melodic death metal.
Hypocrisy A Taste of Extreme Divinity
Hypocrisy is back with a real ****ing vengeance! Their new album ''A Taste Of Extreme Divinity'' is without one of their best albums to date. This time the band has combined the alien and apocalyptic themes with the brutality and innovation from ''Virus''. This new album is absolutely outstanding is both heaviness and atmosphere, which are Hypocrisy strongest traits. You could almost call this album for ''The Final Chapter Part. 2''. That’s because the music is a lot more calm, atmospheric and ''apocalyptic'' instead of brutal and intense. One thing is for sure, Peter's vocals has never been so strong until now. Holy shit!! This guy has something that most extreme metal vocalists will never have. From the deepest most terrifying growls to the most piercing razor-sharp screams, Peter really knows how the please his fans. ''A Taste Of Extreme Divinity'' is a goddamn must-have for all Hypocrisy fans. Standout tracks: ''The Quest'', ''Hang Him High'', ''Solar Empire'' and ''Sky Is Falling Down''.
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken 1998
Hypocrisy Live & Clips (Hypocrisy Destroys Wacken) DVD
Immolation Unholy Cult
Indungeon The Misanthropocalypse
Kreator Enemy of God
Manegarm Vargstenen
Manegarm was nothing else than a wacky band name the first time I saw it, but everything changed when I started to listen to it. Amazing! Manegarm’s type of Viking/folk metal is definitely unique. The mix between extreme and soft musical elements is nearly perfect. Violins that take care of the lead work instead of the lead guitar, pulsing and thunderous rhythm sections, violin solos and outstanding vocal work. Another cool thing about this album is that the lyrics is one complete tale of a warrior who fights against the evilness in Midgaard (sort of). This is what you are going to experience if you get ’’Vargstenen’’. Catchiness, heaviness, melodies and everything else you want from metal. Highlight tracks from this album would be Vargstenen (5/5), Vedergallningens Tid (4.5) and Ur Sjalslig Tid (4.5/5). This album is extremely recommended.
Marty Friedman Dragon's Kiss
Megadeth Youthanasia
Megadeth The System Has Failed
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
Megadeth Greatest Hits: Back to the Start
Megadeth Megabox
Melechesh Emissaries
You rarely encounter metal music from the Middle East. But I found one band that I thought would be interesting. Melechesh. Melechesh plays death/black metal with Middle Eastern folk influences. The music itself is unusually technical and varied compare to the western and/or European death/black music. The sound production is great, song dynamics and technical musicianship are also great and the vocals are also very good. The vocals are very tense and raspy, slightly devilish actually. You have loads of technical guitar work, blast-beating and pedal work that shouldn’t disappoint you. This is highly recommended for those who are into death/black fusions. Highlight tracks: Deluge Of Delusional Dreams, Ladders Of Sumeria and Sand Grain Universe.
Metallica Metallica
Morbid Saint Spectrum of Death
Nasum Helvete
Nile Annihilation of the Wicked
This is Nile's best album yet imo. The guitarsound is superb, the overall song variety is good and it is not as repetitive as the rest of the band's other albums. Highly recommend to people to are interested in brutal and technical death metal. Take note that this band uses a lot of middle-eastern musical influences as well...
Noctes Pandemonic Requiem
Pandemonic Requiem was my first melodic black metal experience. I had no idea what to expect but once when I started to listen I was hooked. It was just like regular black metal. Tremolo riffs and picking, blast-beat drumming and shrieking vocals but… The music was unusually technical; it was also very melodic and atmospheric as well. The mix between the cold unpleasant black metal and the melodic and soothing elements was superb. Even if there were some glitches in the music and the sound production I still thought that the album had a unique style of its own. If you are looking for some non-repetitive, melodic and not overly satanic black metal then I suggest that you get Pandemonic Requiem.
Nuclear Assault Something Wicked
Nuclear Assault Third World Genocide
Overkill W.F.O.
Pan.Thy.Monium Dawn of Dreams
Raise Hell Holy Target
Raise Hell is a band that is labelled as a black/thrash band and they come from Sweden. Their debut album Holy Target has equally as much black metal and as thrash metal. Blast-beating patterns and tremolo picking patterns are mixed with double bass and thick thrashing riffs while the vocals remind you of Kreator. Most tracks have their own unique structure and most of them are intense, varied and catchy. But there are also lots of aggression and ferocity as well. I also have to mention that the album has a very good sound quality, everything sounds great except for the poor little bass. Holy Target is an underrated album that deserves more attention, plus that this is the band's best album. Not exactly a must-have but people who like metal fusions should get this mighty fine album.
Rammstein Mutter
Sadus Swallowed in Black
Sanctification Black Reign
Black Reign is one mean death metal album. The combination of old-school Entombed and Grave together with fresh modern influences from bands like Bloodbath is absolutely crushing. The sound production is great and flawless, the guitars have a lot of heaviness in them, the energetic rattling pedal work creates a great flow in the music and the thick growls add a lot of brutality. Black Reign is definitely one of best death metal albums of 2009. Extremely recommended to people who like brutal Swedish death metal. Check out ''Dead Forever'', ''Thirst For Blood'' or ''Raw''.
Sauron (USA-MI) Thrash Assault
Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Shining (SWE) V - Halmstad
Slayer Reign in Blood
Slayer Christ Illusion
Sodom Code Red
Sodom In War and Pieces
Stormrider First Battle Won
I bought this album for an undeniably cheap price, and I had no idea how it would sound like. The band was named Stormrider and they were labelled as death/black, but it was more than that once I started to listen. First Battle Won is one of the most powerful metal albums I have heard. Everything was heavy as hell, melodic and unusually diverse. I would say that this album sounds like brutal melodic death/black. The song material shifts between melodic death metal and regular crushing death metal. You have both dark growls and black-ish rasps. Tremolo pickings are mixed with crushing power chords and the drumming bashes out many types of catchy and intense drum patterns. This is a metal album that would suit most metal heads out there, highly recommended album and band.
Stratovarius Intermission
Testament The New Order
The Crown Deathrace King
The Crown Possessed 13
The Crown Doomsday King
Theory In Practice The Armageddon Theories
The Armageddon Theories is without a doubt the best album that Theory In Practice has ever released. Everything is performed extremely tight musicianship. All the guitars are crazy and of course technical as hell, the drummer rarely use the same beat twice and the track dynamics are excellent. It might not sound like your regular brutal technical death band but this album can still make you to try to catch your breath. If you are looking for some blast-beat free, none-brutal, master-shredding technical death metal then you should get this right away. You won?t be disappointed.
Torchbearer Warnaments
Yersinia Pestis is basically shit compared to Warnaments. Torchbearer's debut completely failed to impress the masses but Warnaments did the total opposite. Warnaments is an epic journey through the naval battles of World War 1 and the music is just as epic as the concept. The music is based around death metal but black metal and thrash metal has also been thrown in the mix. The result is pretty damn forceful and devastating. You can almost everything from all three genres. You have brutality and force from death metal. You get atmosphere from black metal while speed and aggression comes from thrash metal. This is definitely a must-have for death metal fans.
Vader The Art Of War
Victimizer The Final Assault
Vintersorg Odemarkens Son
Vintersorg Till Fjälls
Vio-Lence Nothing to Gain
Warbringer War Without End
War Without End is without a doubt one of the best modern thrash metal albums to date. This album is pure thrash metal mayhem. Warbringer has taken influences from almost every possible thrash band that this world has. The vocalist sounds like a screaming obsessed maniac, the guitar spews out onslaughts of orgasmic riffs, shredds and solos and the drumming pretty damn intense and flawless. And like many other thrash bands that has emerged in the 21st century, Warbringer plays with passion and love for thrash. It might not be as nostalgic as Violator's debut album but this album has all the required aspects of being a solid thrash metal album. Not necessarily a must-have but it has a lot of golden moments that thrashers will enjoy. Best tracks: Total War, Shoot To Kill, Systematic Genocide and Instruments Of Torture.
Wintersun Wintersun

4.0 excellent
Ablaze My Sorrow Anger Hate and Fury
Alestorm Captain Morgan's Revenge
Alestorm Black Sails at Midnight
Amon Amarth The Avenger
Amon Amarth Once Sent from the Golden Hall
Annihilator Alice in Hell
Annihilator Schizo Deluxe
Anthrax Fistful of Metal
Anthrax Return of the Killer A's
Apocalyptica Cult
Arch Enemy Wages of Sin
Artillery Fear of Tomorrow
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
Battalion Welcome To the Warzone
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Bloodbath Breeding Death
This is the EP that carved the future for the Swedish Bloodbath. There are only three tracks here but they all pack a heavy punch. The track diversity is good and none of the tracks get stiff, boring etc. People expect speed, intense tremolo picking patterns and blast-beats when they hear death metal. Wrong. The music here is not some kind of attack music; all the tracks are quite slow and are easy to digest. I would describe this EP like catchy, heavy, brutal and dark modern death metal. Get this EP if you find it.
Bloodbath Unblessing the Purity
Unblessing The Purity sounds just like their recent release The Fathomless Mastery, but the reason why this is better than the TFM-album is because that this EP had a different sound compared to all the other albums (at the time). All the haunting atmospheric elements and the brutal music was slightly refreshed and d in this EP and that’s why it is a good Bloodbath EP. Even if ?erfeldt's vocals are not as superb as in the RTC-album he still impresses you with his immense growl. Not a must-have but death metal enthusiasts should listen to this. At least check out these awesome tracks: ''Weak Aside'' and ''Mouth Of Empty Praise''.
Bonded by Blood Feed the Beast
Carnal Forge Aren't You Dead Yet?
Centinex World Declension
Children of Bodom Something Wild
Children of Bodom Hate Crew Deathroll
Children of Bodom Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout
Coroner Mental Vortex
Criminal Sicario
Crucified Barbara Til Death Do Us Party
Dark Angel Leave Scars
Dark Tranquillity The Gallery
Darkane Rusted Angel
Darkthrone Soulside Journey
De Lirium's Order Victim No. 52
Victim No. 52 is probably one of the sickest death/thrash albums I have ever encountered. This album is not your average death/thrash album. It is unusually technical and brutal than most albums within the same genre. The mix between black-ish rasps and deep growls suits perfectly to the insanely technical guitars and smashing drums. The only possible flaw regarding this album is it will take a very long time to get into. Most people will probably ignore the album after maybe one spin but people who are into extreme forms of thrash should enjoy this album.
Death Angel Frolic Through the Park
Decapitated Organic Hallucinosis
''Organic Hallucinosis'' is definitely the best Decapitated-album so far. The level of technicality is incredibly high. Vogg is raping your ears with onslaughts of riffs and solos and Vitek is pounding the shit out of the drum kit. Even Martin's bass is pretty damn intense but the best aspect regarding the bass is that it is actually audible for once. This album could've been one of the world?s most perfected death metal albums but there is one thing that f***s things up: the vocalist. How in hell did the band find this crap singer!? He can't growl, instead he uses some type of weird harsh hardcore-ish vocal style that doesn't suit the music at all. Anyway, fans of extreme technical death metal must get this album ASAP. Check out Flash-B(l)ack or A Poem About An Old Prison Man if you want some tight f***ing riff mayhem.
Defaced Creation Serenity in Chaos
Delain Lucidity
Demiurg Breath of the Demiurg
Demonical Hellsworn
Demonical is one of Sweden's newest death metal bands. Formed by ex-members of Centinex, the band is here to deliver first-class bludgeoning swedish death metal. Their newest album Hellsworn has everything that you want from swedish death metal: A powerful growler, gritty and crunchy guitars, a pounding bass and loud crushing drums. From palm-muted chugging to intense haunting tremolo picking, this album has pretty much everything in terms of awesome guitar work. Fans of modern death metal should take a look at this. If you enjoy Dismember, Grave and Bloodbath then you must get this ASAP.
Desperados The Dawn of Dying
Destruction The Antichrist
Destruction Thrash Anthems
The band Destruction is still destroying even if the band is 20 years old. This compilation of re-recorded songs definitely backs up my argument. Thrash Anthems is compilation album when tracks from all their albums except from the four recent records. The sound production is absolutely top-notch, all tracks are energetic as hell and Schmier's incredibly tense vocals add even more fuel to the fire. Thrash Anthems is a great compilation album but I think that the band could've included some of their new tracks as well. If it only have tracks like No Man's Land or Nailed To The Cross... Anyway, this album has some killer tracks like Total Desaster, Life Without Sense and Release From Agony. If you are interested to get into this band I definitely recommend that you check out this album, The Antichrist and their latest album Inventor Of Evil. This is not a must-have but Destruction and thrash metal fans should have it.
Devastation Signs of Life
Diabolical Masquerade Nightwork
Dismember The God That Never Was
Dismember has been one of Sweden's proudest followers in the death metal scene. They broke new ground in their early days, but they will eventually fall into the death n roll area for a moment but they would return. And they return with The God That Never Was, an album that proved that old geezers could still deliver damage and mayhem. The band has managed to blend small amounts of melodies to their crunchy and bludgeoning death metal. One thing that makes this album to a winner is the sound production. You can hear that the guitars are very gritty and dirty, but there is still coming out a lot of heavy and thick sound from them. And Matti's vocals, man this guy still has some ambers glowing in him still. Here is a real death metal veteran album that is full of energy, heaviness and brutality. Get this one now.
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane
Divine Souls The Bitter Selfcaged Man
The Bitter Selfcaged Man is a melodic death metal album that actually stands out from crowd. This album is probably one of few melo-death albums that have such greatly composed music. The vocals are a very vicious semi-growled snarl; one guitar delivers solid rhythms while the other guitar only serves catchy melodic leads. All the drum patterns are simplistic and catchy, nothing overly technical or extreme. This album is gold compared to their debut. You get pounding heaviness, unique melodies and superb track variety if you decide to check out this great album.
Dominion (SWE) Born God And Aware
Dominion is a Swedish technical death metal band, and the crew consists of only two people. Their debut album Born God And Aware is an album that really packs a punch. All the vocals are extremely deep (plus some occasional screams), all the riff patterns and solos are unbelievably tight and technical and the drumming is pure devastation. The album suffers from two things though: the murky vocals and the odd and gritty guitar sound. Everything else is almost perfection. Semi-brutal tech death in one of its finest hours, get this if you are into technical or brutal death metal.
Eddie Meduza Dragspelsrock
Eddie Meduza Silver Wheels
Embraced Amorous Anathema
Ensiferum Victory Songs
Evile Enter the Grave
Evile is one of few bands today that has taken thrash metal back from the ashes to re-ignite the genre. Evile has strong influences from elite thrashers like Slayer and Metallica but Evile still have their own style. Ultra sharp guitar shredding, headbanger riffing and loud semi-spoken vocals are some of Evile's qualities. The music is quite repetitive and far away from original but dedicated thrashers should look into this band. ''First Blood'', ''Thrasher'' and ''Armoured Assault'' are true highlight tracks.
Exodus Fabulous Disaster
Exodus The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
Falconer Falconer
Fejd Eld
Flesh Made Sin Dawn of the Stillborn
Fleshcrawl Soulskinner
Forbidden Forbidden Evil
Forgotten Tomb Songs to Leave
Forgotten Tomb Springtime Depression
Forgotten Tomb’s album Springtime Depression takes your happiness, breaks it in half and buries it 6 feet in the cold ground. This album personifies darkness, despair and creepiness all at once. Eerie and unpleasant yet soothing melodies mixes perfect with the slow pace of the songs and the dark depressive lyrics, and not to mention the raspy cold shrieks from Herr Morbid. It is the great song variety that helps this album to stand out. You have the instrumental filler track Springtime Depression, the fast pounding opus Daylight Obsession and the creepy and slower tracks like Subway Apathy.
The only thing that fails in this dark and haunting album is some of the melodies. At times the melodies sound familiar to the other songs which lowers the uniqueness of the tracks themselves. Springtime Depression is without a doubt the most darkest and evil album that the Italian Forgotten Tomb has released so far.
Ghamorean Eon Eschatos
God Dethroned Bloody Blasphemy
Grave As Rapture Comes
Grave's album As Rapture Comes is one extremely heavy death metal album. With it's incredibly thick and brutal guitars, blasting drums and immense growls it plows through the weaker league of bands like In Flames, The Haunted, HammerFall etc. Just listen to the sinister and sadistic riffing in ''Burn'', or perhaps the raw and devastating riffs in ''Battle Of Eden''.

The album is solid as hell, though it will probably get boring with time since the song variety is pretty limited. But still, Grave belongs to the Swedish league of veteran bands so despite their long career they still know what it takes to smash christianity to the ground.

''As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil''
''Cause evil walks by my side''
Grave You'll Never See...
Grave Soulless
Guillotine (SWE) Blood Money
Hail of Bullets ...Of Frost and War
Hail of Bullets On Divine Winds
Heathen Recovered
Hypnosia Violent Intensity
Hypocrisy Into the Abyss
''Into The Abyss'' is probably the second album after ''Catch 22'' that people usually hates. And there are actually no surprises for that fact. The album really suffers from a very thin and flat sound production. The bass and drums are pretty audible but it is the guitar sound that makes people to back their bags and leave. The incredibly sharp and highly distorted guitars can really hurt your ears with time. Another thing with ''Into The Abyss'' is that the melodic death metal has a tendency to sound like half-measured black metal so to say. The album does not have much of the classic Hypocrisy-elements such as vocal-diversity, atmosphere and thickness. But even this album stands out from the Hypocrisy catalogue and it is actually one of their most successful extreme albums. This album should only be approached by experienced metalheads and it is not a good place to start at if you want to get into to the world of Hypocrisy's music.
Hypocrisy Penetralia
Hypocrisy 10 Years of Chaos and Confusion
Hypocrisy Catch 22 (V2.0.08)
Immolation Here in After
Iron Maiden Fear of the Dark
Issa Sign Of Angels
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison
Kalmah They Will Return
Kalmah Swamplord
Killswitch Engage The End of Heartache
Kreator Coma of Souls
Kreator Terrible Certainty
Legion of the Damned Cult of the Dead
Manegarm Vredens Tid
Manegarm Urminnes Havd - The Forest Sessions
Manegarm Nattvasen
Marduk Those of the Unlight
Martriden The Unsettling Dark
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth Hidden Treasures
Megadeth Endgame
It feels so good that Megadeth has finally released an album that actually has quality. United Abominations was outright bland, boring and uninspired but Endgame is the total opposite. Endgame is a fresh, energetic and hard-hitting almost classic Megadeth album. You could almost say that Endgame is a mix between Countdown To Extinction and The System Has Failed. The band hasn't been this technical since Rust In Peace to be honest. Heaviness, catchiness and technicality are mixed perfectly, the lyrics are great and Dave's torn vocals still has that torn and flawed sound. This is Megadeth in one of their greater moments. Endgame will definitely go down as one of Megadeth's finest albums but it will not reach the same level of greatness as Peace Sells... But Who’s Buying? and Rust In Peace. A must-have for all rattleheads.
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah I
Meshuggah made an EP that shows all the qualities of the band, and I'm talking about the EP called I. It's a 20 minute long track that is packed with heavy and technical riffs, complex and compact drumming, splendid vocals and chaotic lyrics. If you want to get into this band you just need to get I and if you liked it you will most likely enjoy their other albums as well. My personal favourite moments from this beautiful album would be these parts: The heavy riffs at 5:00 and the creepy solo and extremely cool drumming section at 5:40. Later the ultra heavy section that starts around 10:30, and my last favourite moment is where the doomsday melodies begins at around 14:40. I have everything you want from Meshuggah, and I mean everything.
Meshuggah obZen
Metallica ...And Justice for All
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Metallica Garage Inc.
Mirrorthrone Carriers of Dust
Mithotyn In the Sign of the Ravens
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick
Mutant (SWE) The Aeonic Majesty
My Own Grave Unleash
Nasum World In Turmoil
Nasum Human 2.0
Neglected Fields Mephisto Lettonica
Nightshade Wielding The Scythe
Nightshade’s only album Wielding The Scythe is one of melodic death metals most underrated gems. The 1990s had a lot of melodic death metal that sounded exactly identical to each other. But Nightshade stood out with their dynamic, chilling and catchy death metal music. The variety of tracks here is perfect; they display many different types of guitar work, drumming and atmospheres. Most songs have a pulsing and rhythmic flow, catchy riffs, soothing melodies and powerful vocals. Exile for example is a fast track; Moonlight In Chaos Shone has a mellow pace while Sanctum is a slow moving song. Dodens Vik/Natthymn has Swedish lyrics by the way, also a great song. The only thing that drags in this album is the one-dimensional vocals; the rest of the album is flawless. Highly recommend for melodic death metal fans.
Nightwish Wishmaster
Nocturnal Breed Fields of Rot
Fields Of Rot is an exceptional thrash album from the Norwegian band called Nocturnal Breed. The music is a very cool mix between modern thrash, Motorhead-ish punk and small splashes of black metal. Fields Of Rot is intense, crazy and right-out vicious. The black metallic throat-slitting screams combined with crazy half-catchy bone breaking thrash will make most metal fans to bang their heads. ''Fields Of Rot'', ''Manskinner'' and ''Scything Harrow'' are real killer tracks. Extremely recommended to all thrashers.
Norther Mirror of Madness
Nuclear Assault Survive
Nuclear Assault The Plague
Nuclear Assault Handle With Care
Onslaught Killing Peace
Overkill Horrorscope
Overkill The Years of Decay
Overkill Under the Influence
Overkill I Hear Black
Overkill Ironbound
Pain (SWE) Dancing with the Dead
Pan.Thy.Monium Khaooohs
Pantera Reinventing Hell: The Best of Pantera
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
Panzerchrist Battalion Beast
Panzerchrist almost reached perfection in their art of death/black with their latest effort ’’Battalion Beast’’. Panzerchrist hails from Denmark and this is without a doubt one of Scandinavia’s finest extreme metal act. The music is incredibly vicious, extreme, technical and fast. With a world record holder in pedal drumming and extremely tight guitarists makes Panzerchrist just as forceful as a German Tank battalion. In the early days of Panzerchrist they used vocals mostly growls but here you will get mighty fine black metal rasps with some grunting here and there. ’’Battalion Beast’’ has a great variety of tracks, like the extremely addictive ‘The Gods They Do Not Give Us Long’, the haunting ‘Flame Of The Panzerchrist’ and the atmospheric and melodic ‘War In The North’. This band and album is highly recommended among extreme metal enthusiasts.
Panzerchrist Room Service
Plector Dark & Spiteful
Possessed Seven Churches
Primal Fear Metal Is Forever - The Very Best Of Primal Fear
Quest of Aidance Fallen Man Collection
Fallen Man Collection is a Predator-themed death/grind project made by a band called Quest Of Aidance. This nasty EP has massive brutality and the total length of the EP is not even 10 minutes. The music is very energetic and fast, utterly brutal but also pretty damn cool because of the Predator concept. All the down-tuned grinding guitars and bass, the blast-beating drums and ultra guttural growls suits perfect alongside the sound effects that are taken from the Predator movies. This EP might not be easy to find but it is definitely worth checking out. Extremely recommended to people who are into extreme death metal or grindcore. ''Distant World Arrival'' and ''Cranial Works Of Art'' are probably some of the best death/grind tracks ever.
Raise Hell Wicked Is My Game
Raise Hell Not Dead Yet
Repugnant Epitome of Darkness
Sadus A Vision of Misery
Sear Lamentations of Destruction
Sear from Finland is one outstanding extreme metal band. Their vicious mix of bludgeoning death metal and blasting black metal is pretty much flawless in their latest release called ''Lamentations Of Destruction''. The music is extreme, forceful and outright evil. But the greatest aspect of this album is that it is quite dynamic and diverse. There are groove-oriented tracks like ''One Throne'' and ''Heaven Ablaze'' and there are blast-beat ferocity in tracks like ''The Burning'' and ''Fire & Death''. The vocals are of course a mix between guttural growls and raspy screams. ''Lamentations Of Destruction'' is an insane anti-christian half-melodic ferocious death/black metal album. Best tracks are: ''Violation Of The Soul'' and ''One Throne''. Highly recommended!
Shining (SWE) III - Angst, Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie
Sinergy Beware The Heavens
Sins Of Omission Flesh On Your Bones
No, this band is not like In Flames or Dark Tranquillity. Sins Of Omission walked their own way but unfortunately it wasn’t enough. The band broke up after two full-length albums and the members were focusing on other various bands. Their second album ''Flesh On Your Bones'' delivers exactly what you want from a high-class melodic death metal album. Immense loads of crushing and thick rhythm sections followed by a catchy and intriguing lead guitar. Also add a vocalist with a powerful harsh growl and booming drums. But how do you manage to stay afloat in an already over-crowded melo-death scene? You need to have ''it'', and this band never had ''it''. Recommended to dedicated followers of ''forgotten and unknown'' melo-death. Any thrashers who happen to read this sound-off must get their hands on the Slayer-cover that this band did on this album. This cover of Slayer's Angel Of Death is without a doubt the greatest Slayer cover ever!
Sister Sin Switchblade Serenades
Slayer Divine Intervention
Sodom Sodom
Sodom Tapping the Vein
Sodom's ''Tapping The Vein'' is one mean thrash album. Sodom has never been so extremely fast or extreme in their music until they released this album. The machine-gun shredding guitars, booming drums and growled/screamed vocals create total mayhem in the listener's ears. Tapping The Vein is an almost flawless thrash album, while still not as great like ''Persecution Mania'' or ''M-16'' this album actually stands out from Sodom's work. A must-have if you are into Sodom's music while thrashers should at least look into it.
Swallow the Sun The Morning Never Came
Swashbuckle Crime Always Pays...
Testament Practice What You Preach
Testament Souls of Black
Testament The Legacy
Testament Live at the Fillmore
Testament Low
The Crown Crowned Unholy
The Haunted rEVOLVEr
The Legion Revocation
The black metal outfit known as ''The Legion'' has created one nasty black metal album. ''Revocation'' is one of the better black metal albums that I have discovered recently. The whole packaged is incredibly intense, haunting and forceful. This album is not like the Norwegian BM albums. The sound production on ''Revocation'' is superb, the guitars are sharp and the bass has very cool grinding sound. Blast-beats and pedal work is splattered all around in the tracks and the vocals are the usual screams, shrieks and some lower-pitched screams. The album is a bit one-dimensional and repetitive but it is still a solid extreme metal album. Recommended tracks: Deadlight Afterglow, Carnal Harvest and Virtue Of Sin.
Theory In Practice Third Eye Function
Thyrfing Hels Vite
Thyrfing Vansinnesvisor
Tormented Rotten Death
Tormented was formed by ex-members of the legendary band Edge Of Sanity and this time the guys have chosen to play regular death metal. Thankfully, Dan Swano is not involved in this project so there are no fancy progressive influences mixed in the music. The crew plays a very energetic and forceful but slightly unique type of death metal in the debut album called Rotten Death. Everything is pretty much one-dimensional instrumentally as vocally, but it has a certain entertainment value in it. It is the odd vocal style that makes this band interesting. This type of vocals would suit better in thrash metal but it sounds pretty cool together with the power-chord mayhem and repetitive mid-paced drums. Rotten Death could be labelled as a ''Horror metal'' album instead of death metal because it lacks of the brutality that can be found in bands like Grave and Dismember has. Highly recommended album. Tomb Of Corpses, Drowning In Decaying Flesh and Blood Of The Undead are solid tracks.
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
Unleashed Midvinterblot
Unleashed Hammer Battalion
Hammer Battalion is a solid proof that Unleashed are still in business. The Swedish death metal veterans have released probably one of their tightest albums to date. Hammer Battalion is extremely tight, diverse and extreme. The guitar work is packed with fresh healthy riffs and shredds, the drumming consists of both technical and simple patterns and Johnny's vocals are top-notch. One good thing about this album is the comments that the band has added to each song. Some comments are actually quite thought-provoking. Especially the comment about the track ''Long Before The Winters Call'' where the band is questioning the theory of the birth of Jesus and the connections that can be drawn to old heathen rituals. Hammer Battalion is one of the best albums that Unleashed has created so far, get this now!
Vintersorg Cosmic Genesis
Vio-Lence Eternal Nightmare
Eternal Nightmare is one of thrash metal's most overlooked album in my opinion. I actually think that this is one of the milestones in thrash metal history. Eternal Nightmare has something that most thrash albums usually lacked: speed. But this was almost too fast for thrash metal. The music is incredibly intense and fast but also quite aggressive and funny at times. You get frantic riffing, blasting drums and… one oddly sounding vocalist. Seriously, it sounds like the dude is chewing something while he is singing. Bottom-line is that this was thrash metal at one of its fastest moments but it was also very enjoyable as well. Thrashers need this album in their collection.
Vio-Lence Oppressing the Masses
Violator Chemical Assault
The Brazilian thrash metal band Violator has released an impressive debut album. This album is pure fucking thrash metal nostalgia! It has the same intensity and aggression as the great forefathers of thrash. Violator's type of thrash sounds like a mix between Death Angel, Artillery and Vio-Lence. Chemical Assault is jam-packed with technical and furious guitar riffs, blistering maniac solos, ever-pounding drums and of course really flawed vocals. You can definitely hear that the band plays with enormous passion and energy. Chemical Assault is an album that will take you back to the glory days of thrash metal. I bet that if this album was released in the 80's it would've easily become a thrash metal classic. One track that is guaranteed to snap your neck is ''Addicted To Mosh''. This album is a fucking must-have for all fans of old-school thrash metal.
Volbeat Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
War (SWE, Black Metal) We Are...Total War
Within Temptation The Silent Force
Within Temptation The Heart of Everything
Zombiekrig Undantagstillstand
Zonaria The Cancer Empire

3.5 great
8 Foot Sativa Season For Assualt
Adimiron Burning Souls
Amaran A World Depraved
Amon Amarth The Crusher
The Crusher is basically a perfect all-round Amon Amarth album. Here you get everything that you expect from the band. Bone breaking heaviness, epic melodies and powerful vocal work from Johan Hegg. The album doesn't have any particular flaws actually; it is just that many of the tracks are on the same level of greatness. No tracks really suck but there are no tracks that are overly superb either. The Crusher is more or less a perfect album for those who want to get into the band. If you like Viking-themed melodic death metal then I would suggest that you get this album. ''Releasing Surtur's Fire'', ''As Long As The Raven Flies'' and ''Bastards Of A Lying Breed'' are highly recommended.
Annihilator Carnival Diablos
Anthrax The Collection
Anthrax Armed and Dangerous
Artillery By Inheritance
Artillery When Death Comes
Artillery's newest album ''When Death Comes'' is a solid piece of modern thrash metal. Even if the band consists of old geezers they still know how to deliver forceful riffing and jaw-dropping solos. And like previous Artillery albums they are still using middle-eastern melodies a little now and then (like in the track Uniform). The instrumental section is flawless hands down; the only thing that the album suffers from is one thing. The vocals. Truth to be told, Artillery is not Artillery without Flemming Runsdorf. The band suddenly has this young whelp that has a voice more suited for power metal. He is a skilled singer and he has a strong voice but it is not even close to the unique and crazy vocal style that Flemming possess. Bottom-line: Solid thrash with unsuitable vocals. Recommended tracks: Damned Religion, Rise Above It All and Sandbox Philosophy.
At the Gates Terminal Spirit Disease
Blood Feast Kill For Pleasure
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
Bloodbath is finally on the move again. A new EP and a live album have been made and the original growler Mikael Akerfeldt is back on vocal duties. Bloodbath is made of some Sweden’s most hard working men like the infamous Peter Tagtgren, Akerfeldt and Dan Swano. But even with a crew like Bloodbath things are not guaranteed to be good, the album Resurrection Through Carnage is one such example. This is death metal pure and simple, you have monster growls, pounding drums and devastating guitars but…
Everything is ****ed up by this extremely overdriven guitar that devourers the whole sound. RTC is repetitive and quite one-dimensional, and if the guitar sound was more balanced it would’ve sounded so much better. Some highlights would be Cry My Name, Like Fire and Trail Of Insects.
Bloodbath The Wacken Carnage
The Wacken Carnage album is Bloobath's first live album. A very good album with many great tracks, but it also has some flaws. All the instruments and vocals are very rich in sound, the choice of tracks is very good because of the diversity of them and that the band connects very well with the crowd. The bad things are the awfully bad guitar sound that can be heard on the Ressurection Through Carnage album and Akerfeldt's incredibly lame and corny pause talk. I recommend that you check out this album because this is quality stuff. The band can still kick, Akerfeldt handles the vocals on the Nightmares Made Flesh tracks very good and Dan Swano’s back up vocals really lives up to their purpose. Not a must-have but Bloodbath fans and people who enjoy brutal and/or modern death metal should get this.
Children of Bodom Follow the Reaper
Children of Bodom Hatebreeder
Children of Bodom Relentless Reckless Forever
Crucified Barbara In Distortion We Trust
Damageplan New Found Power
Dark Tranquillity Character
Darkthrone Panzerfaust
Decapitated Winds of Creation
Defiance (USA-CA) Product of Society
Destruction Metal Discharge
Dethklok The Dethalbum
Distorted Voices From Within
Eddie Meduza Harley Davidson
Eddie Meduza Dom Dåraktigaste Dumheterna Digitalt (Röven 1)
Emperor Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire...
Ensiferum Ensiferum
Enter My Silence Remotecontrolled Scythe
Enter My Silence is another melodic death metal band but this time they come from Finland, not Sweden. Remotecontrolled Scythe is their debute album and it reeks of In Flames influences, but in a good way. This sounds like a perfect mix of old In Flames and Divine Souls. You have the thick and harsh vocal work and track dynamics from In Flames while the melodies and heavy rhythms represent Divine Souls. The album is very melodic, catchy and aggressive but it is very generic and it tends to drag a lot. There are hardly any standout tracks, only Inhale/Exhale has some memorable riffs. Split and Articulate are also good tracks. If you are a diehard fan of In Flames you will probably love this.
Eternal Oath Through The Eyes Of Hatred
Exodus Tempo of the Damned
Fejd En Tid Som Var
Finntroll Jaktens Tid
Finntroll Midnattens Widunder
Flesh Made Sin (MCD) Masterwork In Blood
Forgotten Tomb Negative Megalomania
Grave Back From The Grave
HammerFall Threshold
Heathen Breaking the Silence
Hypocrisy Maximum Abduction (EP)
Iced Earth Something Wicked This Way Comes
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness
In Flames Colony
Interment Into the Crypts of Blasphemy
Kalmah The Black Waltz
Kamelot The Black Halo
Kreator Pleasure to Kill
Kreator Violent Revolution
Lethal (SWE) Annihilation Agenda
Lethal's debut album ''Annihilation Agenda'' is a solid proof that great thrash can be produced even in the 21st century. The guys in Lethal has embraced influences from both German and American bands and utilized them to deliver some face-ripping thrash. The quality (and quantity) of the riffs is more or less top notch, the drumming fuels the music when great energy and the vocals are flawed as hell. There are only two things that drag down this album: an overly crisp guitar production and the vocals. If the vocalist had a slightly more matured voice and the guitarists had some better gear it could've been one hell of a thrash record.
Manegarm Dodsfard
Manegarm Havets Vargar
Marduk Plague Angel
Megadeth Rusted Pieces
Megadeth The World Needs a Hero
Megadeth Rude Awakening
Melechesh The Epigenesis
Metallica Master of Puppets
Mithotyn Gathered Around the Oaken Table
Nasum Shift
Nightwish Oceanborn
Nuclear Assault Alive Again
Obituary Cause of Death
One Man Army and the Undead Quartet Grim Tales
Pain (SWE) Psalms of Extinction
Pantera Cowboys from Hell
Panzerchrist Soul Collector
Raubtier Skriet Från Vildmarken
Rob Zombie Past, Present & Future
Scythian To Those Who Stand Against Us...
Shining (SWE) II - Livets Andhallplats
Slayer South of Heaven
Slayer Show No Mercy
Sodom Masquerade in Blood
Svartsot Mulmets Viser
The folk metal band known as Svartsot is continuing their metal carrier with their second album Mulmets Viser. This album carries a lot from the previous album like the deep growls, melodic flute melodies and catchy guitar sections. The only differences are that the band seems to play in D tuning instead E and that guitarist Chris is the only original member left. There is absolutely nothing new in Mulmets Viser. Everything is just a bit darker and slower compared to Ravnenes Saga. Great album even it sounds like their debut. Highly recommended tracks: Havfuens Kvade, Laster Og Tarv and Den Dode Mand.
Testament Signs of Chaos
Testament Return to the Apocalyptic City
Testament The Ritual
The Few Against Many Sot
The Haunted The Dead Eye
The Moaning Blood From Stone
Blood From Stone was the one and only album from a band that is probably forgotten today. The Moaning was a melodic death metal band from Sweden and unfortunately it was just one of those temporary bands during the 90's. Melodic death metal from the 90's had its own sound and The Moaning is a good example of how it sounded like. The sound production was not top-notch, the guitars were playing lots of melodic tremolo picking patterns and the vocals were just screaming. But this album still had some good moments though. The track variety was good and so was the overall instrumental performance. But with one-dimensional vocals and an average sound production made this album repetitive, which is not good all times. Not a must-have, but fans of melodic death metal will probably enjoy this.
Theory In Practice Colonizing The Sun
Thergothon Stream From The Heavens
Thyrfing Thyrfing
Unleashed Across the Open Sea
Unleashed Sworn Allegiance
Witchery Don't Fear the Reaper
Xentrix For Whose Advantage?
Zonaria Infamy And The Breed
The Swedish death metal scene has a new fresh band that will hopefully develop into something huge. Zonaria is the name and they have entered the scene with melodic death metal. Their debut album Infamy And The Breed is a one powerful album I must say. Roaring guitars, rattling pedal work and superb vocals are some traits that this album has to deliver. Zonaria’s type of death metal is very similar to Hypocrisy’s type of metal, forceful and aggressive but at the same time atmospheric and haunting. The album tends to drag a bit in the middle and the song variety isn’t top-notch but tracks like Image Of Myself, Pandemic Assault and Rendered In Vain will definitely blow your mind.

3.0 good
Amberian Dawn River Of Touni
Amon Amarth Fate of Norns
Anthrax Persistence of Time
Anthrax State of Euphoria
Anthrax The Greater of Two Evils
Anthrax Spreading the Disease
Apocalyptica Apocalyptica
Artillery Terror Squad
Assassin Interstellar Experience
Bewitched Spiritual Warfare
Cirith Gorgor Unveiling The Essence
Coal Chamber Giving The Devil His Due
Coroner R.I.P.
Dark Tranquillity Damage Done
Darkthrone Plaguewielder
Darkthrone Total Death
Defiance (USA-CA) Void Terra Firma
Demonical Servants Of The Unlight
Destroyer 666 Phoenix Rising
Dismember Massive Killing Capacity
Dismember belongs in the death metal hall of fame but there is one album that doesn't reach the same heights as many of their other albums. Massive Killing Capacity is not a pure death metal album; it is more like a death-rock album, similar to what Entombed managed to create. Most songs have death metal influences like the tremolo picking patterns and screaming but all the tracks are hardly intense or extreme. Almost every song has a catchy and gentle structure that really separates them from the death metal sound. The sound production isn't really top-notch either. But tracks like the Massive Killing Capacity, To The Bone and On Frozen Fields are some really nice sounding tracks. Not a bad album at all, it’s just sloppier than the rest of their albums.
Disturbed Ten Thousand Fists
Divine Decay Maximize The Misery
Divine Souls Embodiment
Even if Embodiment is basically a compilation of demos it is still an enjoyable listening. This album sounds just like full-length album that Divine Souls released before they broke up. Simplistic melodic death metal is what you get from this album. Nothing incredibly unique but nothing really shitty either, Embodiment is just over the edge of being a very good album. The variety is ok, the vocalist has a great scream and the guitars deliver simple rhythm sections and melodic catchy leads. But there is a small difference between this album and the second one. And that is that this album has a little more bite and aggression in it, compared to The Bitter Selfcaged Man which was a bit more calm and melancholy. Recommend for fans that are in the search for forgotten and unknown melodic death metal. Razorsharp, Embodiment and Serenity Of A Departed Soul are solid gold.
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Epica The Divine Conspiracy
Exodus Impact Is Imminent
Exodus Another Lesson in Violence
Falconer Chapters From A Vale Forlorn
Forgotten Tomb Love's Burial Ground
Ghamorean Plaguempire
Grave Dominion VIII
Grave Burial Ground
Hexenhaus A Tribute to Insanity
Immolation Failures for Gods
In Flames Reroute to Remain
In Flames The Jester Race
Invocator Through The Flesh To The Soul
Katatonia Discouraged Ones
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
Manegarm Nordstjärnans Tidsålder
MD.45 The Craving
Megadeth Cryptic Writings
Megadeth Still, Alive...And Well?
Megadeth Arsenal of Megadeth
Megadeth Risk
Megadeth Capitol Punishment
Meshuggah Contradictions Collapse
Metallica Kill 'Em All
Metallica S&M
Metallica Load
Nasum Inhale/Exhale
Nightwish Once
Nightwish Century Child
Nile Legacy Of The Catacombs
Nile Ramses Bringer of War
Nocturnal Breed No Retreat... No Surrender
Nuclear Assault Game Over
Nuclear Assault Out of Order
Opeth Deliverance
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse
Overkill Necroshine
Overkill Taking Over
Pain (SWE) Nothing Remains the Same
Pantera Far Beyond Driven
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill
Pantera Reinventing the Steel
Panzerchrist Bello
Passenger (SWE) Passenger
Rebel Meets Rebel Rebel Meets Rebel
Rutthna Doomsdaylight
Sabaton Primo Victoria
Satyricon Volcano
Scenteria Art Of Aggression
Shining (SWE) IV - The Eerie Cold
Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
Sodom Agent Orange
Sodom The Final Sign of Evil
Soilwork Figure Number Five
Soilwork Stabbing the Drama
Stormwarrior Heading Northe
Terminal Function The Brainshaped Mind
Testament Demonic
The Abyss Summon The Beast
The Duskfall The Dying Wonders of the World
Thyrfing Farsotstider
Torchbearer Yersinia Pestis
Yersinia Pestis is the debut album from the Swedish band Torchbearer. Torchbearer delivered blackened death metal and the album concept was about plague, sickness and death, but the result was not exactly successful. Most of the riffs sound quite awkward and bland, the drums are poorly produced and the harsh vocals just don’t suit the music. The only track that actually stands out is Thus Came Dying Unto Kuffa. That track is extremely good compared to the rest of the tracks. Yersinia Pestis will not amaze the listener at all, it is just above-average generic blackened death metal.
Unanimated In the Light of Darkness
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells
Vio-Lence Torture Tactics
Vomitory Carnage Euphoria
Watain Sworn to The Dark
Witchery Dead, Hot and Ready

2.5 average
After Forever After Forever
Amaran Pristine in Bondage
Angelcorpse Exterminate
Anthrax Stomp 442
Anthrax Volume 8: The Threat Is Real
Apocalyptica Worlds Collide
Arch Enemy Rise of the Tyrant
Arch Enemy Doomsday Machine
Bonded by Blood Exiled to Earth
Book Of Reflections Book Of Reflections
Cannibal Corpse Bloodthirst
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life
Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide
Carcass Heartwork
Heartwork has a reputation of being one of the greatest melodic death metal albums of all time. True or not, all I can say is that I can't agree with that reputation. Heartwork actually has a unique sound and it really stands out compared to many other melodic death metal albums but I can't enjoy this album. The only tracks that melt my face are Arbeit Macht Fleisch, Heartwork and Death Certificate. Particularly Death Certificate, I have never encountered such awesome riff work before, a truly amazing track. The rest of the tracks do not impress me much, I don't want to say this but I think that Heartwork is quite bland and boring. It is not an utterly terrible album but it is not as utterly great either.
Children of Bodom Blooddrunk
Children Of Bodom has started to go downhill after the release of their neck snapping success ''Are You Dead Yet?''. The band seems to abandon the neo-classical ingredients that made them famous. Blooddrunk just consists of heavy aggressive riffing, technical keyboards and recycled melodies. There is nothing in this album that sounds fresh or innovative. ''Banned From Heaven'' and ''Blooddrunk'' are the only tracks that stands out from this sub-par album. A completely uninteresting and uninspired album from a band that usually kicks ass.
Crimson Moonlight The Covenant Progress
Dark Tranquillity The Mind's I
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
Darkthrone Sardonic Wrath
Darkthrone Ravishing Grimness
Drudkh Microcosmos
Eluveitie Everything Remains As It Never Was
Exodus Bonded by Blood
Exodus Let There Be Blood
Finntroll Visor Om Slutet
Forbidden Twisted into Form
Gorod Leading Vision
Gorod is probably one of the most professional and tightest technical death metal bands today. This is quite obvious in Leading Vision. Their guitar and bass skills are absolutely incredible! Tight, quick and complex riffing and soloing is mixed with flawless and precise drumming. But this type of tech-death is quite different than most tech-metal bands. There is almost too much guitar trickery and it can be a quite tedious listening. All the intros are really interesting and intriguing but the rest of the actual song becomes boring. The first four tracks are great but the rest of the albums really drag. The band is cool, the music is cool and the album concept is cool, but... You will either get bored by this or amazed by this album.
Grave ...And Here I Die... Satisfied
HammerFall Crimson Thunder
Hatebreed Perseverance
Heathen 2005 Demo
Heidevolk Walhalla Wacht
Hypocrisy Osculum Obscenum
Hypocrisy Inferior Devoties
In Flames Soundtrack to Your Escape
In Flames Whoracle
In Flames Come Clarity
In Flames Clayman
Into Eternity The Scattering of Ashes
Invocator Weave The Apocalypse
Kaamos Lucifer Rising
Lost Horizon A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth United Abominations
Metallica Reload
Midnattsol Nordlys
Mithotyn King of the Distant Forest
King Of The Distant Forest is a decent Viking metal album. Even if the music sounds like basic black metal you will notice that there is a bit more than that. The melodies have a really good folk-touch to them and they sound great in both fast and slow paces. The overall music is very intense and aggressive but also quite melodic and almost half-epic. But due to a very one-dimensional vocal performance and an annoying buzzing guitar sound makes this album very hard to enjoy. ''Hail Me'', ''King Of The Distant Forest'' and ''In A Time Of Tales'' are really good tracks but the rest of the album is more or less completely forgettable.
Morbid Angel Covenant
My Own Grave Unholy
My Own Grave was a band that I had high hopes for, but now I think I have to ditch the band. I accidentally heard them on the radio and I thought that this band must be something extra. Their EP ''Unholy'' changed my mind. ''Unleash'' was a good debut album but it lacked elements that ''Unholy'' has. This time the band ditched some of the melodies and the screaming vocals and added more extreme elements like growls and blast-beats. But even this little five track EP got repetitive. Some riffs just don't suit some of the drum patterns and most of the time it just sounds mediocre and uninspiring. The only track that sounds really good is ''Cross After Cross''.
Nasum Industrislaven
Neglected Fields Splenetic
Nevermore This Godless Endeavor
Nightwish Angels Fall First
Nile Ithyphallic
Nile is a brutal technical death metal band. And they release an album named ''Ithyphallic''. This word can roughly be translated to ''erected penis'', which means: Hard-on, boner, meat-cigar or whatever you want to call it. The album title is just as stupid as the music to be honest. This is simple standard tech-death with the lyrics as the only exception. You get your fair share of hyper-speeded riffs and drums plus an average growl performance. But, the biggest flaw in this album is the drumming. I have never heard a drummer that masturbates the snare drum this much. The insanely fast blast-beats are so fucking annoying that they ruin the entire album. There are a couple of cool riffs and solos but the over-use of unnecessarily fast drumming makes those moments rare. Ithyphallic still has a varied content tech-death but I highly recommend that you get any other Nile album than this one.
Nile In The Beginning
Nile Those Whom the Gods Detest
Noctes Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni
Opeth Blackwater Park
Opeth Morningrise
Overkill ReliXIV
Overkill Bloodletting
Pain (SWE) Rebirth
Pain (SWE) Cynic Paradise
Psycroptic Ob(Servant)
Psycroptic delivers amazing technical death metal in their latest release Ob(Servant) but there is only one problem: The vocal performance. I have never before heard such annoying vocals in a technical death metal band. The level of creativity, skill and complexity in the instrumental section is magnificent but when the vocals kick in everything is ruined more or less. You have growls and some type of shrieking, but you also have these weird and stupid harsh South Park vocals. Why not use only growls!? The whole album could've been so much better with only one vocal style. Anyway, the album still has some ass-kicking tracks like the title track, Slaves Of Nil and Blood Stained Lineage but the rest of the album is a snooze fest.
Raise Hell City Of The Damned
Rammstein Reise, Reise
Sabaton Coat of Arms
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress
We all Soilwork, and those who know Soilwork should know of Scar Symmetry. Fancy name but I have to be honest with you; this is a perfect Soilwork clone. Both vocally and musically, Scar Symmetry delivers the same stuff as Soilwork. At times the tracks gets really bad ass but in flick of an eye the track gets soft as a baby's ass. But still, the band knows how to create better music than Soilwork. Abstracted, Oscillation Point and The Kaleidoscopic God are some really good tracks that you should listen to. Melodies, intensiveness, creativity and force are what you get from Pitch Black Progress, but the music is just so generic for the genre.
Seance Awakening of the Gods
Shining (SWE) I - Within Deep Dark Chambers
Sins Of Omission The Creation
Sister Sin True Sound Of The Underground
Slipknot Slipknot
Sodom Better Off Dead
Sodom The Saw Is the Law
Soilwork A Predator's Portrait
Spawn of Possession Noctambulant
Terminal Function Time Binding Patterns v 2.0
Testament The Gathering
The Abyss The Other Side
The Crown Hell Is Here
Thyrfing Urkraft
Tristania Beyond the Veil
Tristania World of Glass
Tyr By the Light of the Northern Star
Volbeat Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

2.0 poor
Acid Drinkers The Hand That Rocks The Coffin (DVD)
Ad Vitam Aeternam Abstract Senses
Amon Amarth Versus the World
Anthrax Sound of White Noise
Anthrax Attack of the Killer B's
Anthrax We've Come for You All
Bloodbath The Fathomless Mastery
Bloodbath used to be one of Sweden's proudest death metal bands until the band released The Fathomless Mastery. All the other albums were brutal, unpleasant, diverse and unique. But Dan Swano left the band and Akerfeldt rejoined, they also added a completely unknown, inexperienced guitarist who still doesn't have his balls in his sacks instead of adding someone experienced. The Fathomless Mastery is nothing more than a waste of precious time. The guitars are terribly produced, Akerfeldt's vocals are just a mess and the overall material is incredibly generic. Don't buy this album unless you are a hardcore fan of the band.
Bolt Thrower Mercenary
Burzum Belus
Burzum Hlidskjalf
Cynic Traced in Air
Dark Tranquillity Skydancer/Of Chaos And Eternal Night
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Darkthrone The Cult Is Alive
Darkthrone Hate Them
Defiance (USA-CA) Beyond Recognition
Delain April Rain
April Rain is the second album by Delain, the band that got quite famous for having multiple guest appearances in their first album Lucidity. The only difference between these two albums is that April Rain is terrible compared to Lucidity. Lucidity was a fresh album with a small uniqueness to it, but April Rain barely has any guest musicians or vocalists. This time there are just some unknown musicians alongside the main vocalist Charlotte Wessels and the keyboarder. April Rain is boring, pure and simple. The music is just bland generic Gothic metal, and that means: Simple power-chords, cheesy keyboard effects and one female voice. This is absolutely nothing new; you have heard this music everywhere. The only thing that is good here is Wessels beautiful voice, and nothing else.
Demiricous One (Hellbound)
Demiurg Slakthus Gamleby
Dimmu Borgir Death Cult Armageddon
Dimmu Borgir In Sorte Diaboli
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos
Eternal Oath So Silent (EP)
Evile Infected Nations
Hevia No Man's Land
Immolation Majesty and Decay
Jungle Rot Warzone
Katra Out of the Ashes
Kreator Cause for Conflict
Kreator Hordes of Chaos
Marty Friedman Tokyo Jukebox
Meshuggah Nothing (Re-release)
We all know that Meshuggah are masters in terms of technically challenging metal. Their technical monster trash metal never ends and it never stops. But this band has released at least one bad album, and that album is called Nothing. But I'm talking about the re-recorded version, the incredibly dull and slow moving Nothing. Here you will find some of Meshuggah's most uninspired material. The only good things here are the perfect sound production and the bonus DVD material. Only hardcore Meshuggah can enjoy this album so don't even think of getting this. Remember that this is ’’Nothing’’ compared to masterpieces that Meshuggah has created. Only for hardcore Meshuggah fans.
Meshuggah The True Human Design
Metallica St. Anger
Metallica Death Magnetic
Moonstruck First Light
Necronaut Necronaut
Nile Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka
Nile Black Seeds of Vengeance
Nile In Their Darkened Shrines
Opeth Watershed
Opeth Still Life
Opus Atlantica Opus Atlantica
Perzonal War Different But the Same
Prong Power of the Damager
Rammstein Rosenrot
Ribspreader Opus Ribcage
Satyricon The Age Of Nero
Serpent Obscene Chaos Reign Supreme
Serpent Obscene's last album Chaos Reign Supreme could've been a pretty lethal death/thrash album, but there are some problems here. Everything is so recycled and uninspiring, and in the end everything gets incredibly repetitive and outdated. The music is incredibly intense, vicious and extreme but the one-dimensional screaming and the mindless drum pounding really drags down the album to nothingness. Crescendo Of Violence is the only track that is really good because its the only track that has some sort of variety. Passion for metal is present in this album, it’s just the musical skills that fail to impress. Spare your money and do not buy this album.
Shining (SWE) VI - Klagopsalmer
Slayer God Hates Us All
Slayer World Painted Blood
Soilwork Steelbath Suicide
Soilwork Natural Born Chaos
Soilwork The Chainheart Machine
Summoning Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame
System of a Down Toxicity
The Poodles Clash of the Elements
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Armageddon March Eternal
Thyrfing Valdr Galga
Wulfgar Midgardian Metal
Wulfgar is another new member of the Swedish legions of viking metal. The only problem with Wulfgar is that they simply suck, especially in their second album Midgardian Metal. I knew that this was going to sound like really bad, mostly because of the cheesy album cover, but I bought the album anyway. Wulgar's music sounds awfully similar to Amon Amarth's type of music. Lots of melodies created by simple tremolo picking and chunky power-chord riffing. The only difference is that the vocalist can't either growl or scream. Sorry but this album is a no-go. All the guitars have a strange sound, the vocalist is mediocre and there are some really bad songs here. Die For My Clan and Circle Of Runes are pretty good tracks though.

1.5 very poor
Ablaze My Sorrow If Emotions Still Burn
Ablaze My Sorrow’s debut album is simply bland, flat, boring, thin and crude. Or you can put it like this: This is one of Sweden's most unoriginal melodic death metal albums of all time.
Aeon Path of Fire
Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnn............... Back to the same ultra-changing riffing and super anti-christ bull****. Get their second album if you want to check out this band because it has at least some decent variation throughout the songs and the soundproduction is great. This album is the total opposite.
Angelcorpse The Inexorable
Autumn (NLD) My New Time
Bal-Sagoth Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne
Blind Guardian A Night at the Opera
Blind Guardian A Twist in the Myth
Burning Point Burned Down The Enemy
Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Burzum Filosofem
Cannibal Corpse Butchered at Birth
Celtic Frost Monotheist
Coal Chamber Dark Days
Cruachan Morrigans Call
Daemonicus Host of Rotting Flesh
Dark Tranquillity Enter Suicidal Angels
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
Deathchain Cult of Death
Dimension Zero Silent Night Fever
Dr Death Somewhere In Nowhere
DragonForce Inhuman Rampage
The guys in DragonForce have the skills to develop awesome music, but they don't know how to use them. Inhuman Rampage is all about guitar wankery. The album contains at least one million notes and riffs but the drum patterns are not even more than five. This bothers me a lot, listen carefully and you will notice that every song has the same type of drum patterns. The only reason I rated this album is because of one song, yes, Through The Fire and Flames. DragonForce needs to ditch the immense guitar wankery and find a more versatile drummer.
Dream Theater Black Clouds and Silver Linings
Enslaved Vertebrae
In Flames A Sense of Purpose
Katatonia Night Is the New Day
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance
Kreator Endorama
Linkin Park Meteora
Lothlorien The Primal Event
How do you manage to stand out in a time when melodic death metal is flourishing? In Flames and At The Gates was creating history and got extremely famous worldwide, but not all bands got famous though. Lothlorien was unfortunately one of those bands, but Lothlorien was one of the worst ones. Lothlorien sounded exactly like a mix between In Flames and At The Gates, but the band added symphonic elements to their music as well. The Primal Event is a generic, sub-par example of crappy melo-death. Shitty vocals, bland melodies, poor drumming and cheesy symphonic keyboards is what you get from this album.
Mayhem Ordo ad Chao
Meshuggah None
Necrophagist Onset of Putrefaction
Nifelheim Devil's Force
Nifelheim surely knows how to create quality black metal in this mighty fine album. They made it very simple, and this is how they did: They used chainsaws instead of guitars while the bassist had to play air-bass. They ditched the drummer and replaced him with a tumble-drier filled with rocks and pebbles. And for the vocals, some of the members got kicked in their ball-sacks while they were trying to ''sing'' plus that they strangled little kittens to get that extra raw sound. Truth to be told. Just because you look like a mutated hedgehog with pussy-makeup and sing about Satan doesn't mean that you're extreme.
Pro-Pain No End In Sight
Satureye Where Flesh And Divinity Collide
Satyricon Now, Diabolical
Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza
Serpent Obscene Devastation
System of a Down Mezmerize
System of a Down Hypnotize
Takida Bury The Lies
Threat Signal Under Reprisal
Unleashed As Yggdrasil Trembles
I really liked this album when I was listening to it the first time. But when I gave it a second spin it didn't sound that special. And when I gave it a third spin I thought it was plain boring. This sounds just like Hammer Battalion, same songs but in different shape. The growls (roars) are still the same and the guitarists plays the same standard tremolo wankery. Even lyrics starts to fail. The lyric content is (again) based around hatred towards non-metal and religious people. And as usual, big praise and homage goes to the Vikings of old. This time I have to give Unleashed thumbs down. This band is getting really f***ing boring at this point. This Time We Fight is the only decent song from this album.
Vintersorg Visions From The Spiral Generator
Visceral Bleeding Absorbing the Disarray

1.0 awful
Anthrax I'm the Man
Burzum Daudi Baldrs
Cianide The Dying Truth
Crisis Like Sheep Led To Slaughter
Darkthrone F.O.A.D.
Darkthrone Circle the Wagons
Darkthrone Dark Thrones and Black Flags
Dead by April Dead by April
Defleshed Reclaim The Beat
Deranged Plainfield Cemetery
Enforcer Diamonds
Forbidden Green
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown
Hellsongs Hymns In The Key Of 666
Kittie Until The End
Korn Issues
Korn Collected
Limp Bizkit Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavored Water
Limp Bizkit The Unquestionable Truth - Part I
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Mayhem Grand Declaration of War
Mayhem Chimera
Merciless Merciless
Metallica Some Kind of Monster
Necrophagist Epitaph
Nickelback Dark Horse
Opeth Damnation
Yea, I think that this album is shit. DEAL WITH IT!!!!
Rammstein Sehnsucht
Ruumisvaunut Kuollut
System of a Down Steal This Album!
System of a Down System of a Down
The Poodles Metal Will Stand Tall
Tool 10,000 Days
Visceral Bleeding Transcend Into Ferocity
Visceral Bleeding Remnants of Deprivation
Wykked Wytch Nefret

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