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5.0 classic
George Clanton Slide
On the surface, Slide is a canvas for George Clanton's lucid, atmospheric, and mesmerizing instrumentals, and on a more careful inspection provides an interesting commentary on heartbreak and childhood nostalgia. See my review for more.
Jay Electronica Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)
Innovative, brilliant, and sophisticated, Act I is a creative masterpiece that defines a new genre and puts Jay Electronica on the map.
Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts
Kids See Ghosts is an absolute grand slam. Ye & Cudi deliver some of their most charismatic and enigmatic performances with an amazing message on spirituality and self-reflection on top of creative and soulful production.
Mac Miller Swimming
Swimming is Mac Miller's finest hour. Mac reflects on a life full of partying, fame, drugs, regrets, pain, success, and failures in a beautiful and relaxing album. These are some of the best beats Mac has worked with, the Thundercat feature on "What's The Use" is perfect, and the production quality is out of this world.
The Garden Kiss My Super Bowl Ring
The Garden invent a new sound that will define a generation of mall-goths and rejects with "Kiss My Super Bowl Ring".

4.5 superb
311 Grassroots
311 takes a gamble and it pays off big with the experimental, rap based, and catchy Grassroots. These songs are chilled and mostly mellowed out, but are also introspective and are a fantastic example of the band's creativity and musical craftsmanship.
Brockhampton SATURATION II
BROCKHAMPTON expands on Saturation I in a rare instance where the sequel is better than the original. This is the peak of Saturation Summer and BROCKHAMPTON's finest hour.
Death Grips Exmilitary
Ferocious, energetic, ambitious, and polarizing are all words that can be used to describe Exmilitary. MC Ride masterfully contrasts lyrical and well spoken rapping with straight up screaming, on top of Zach Hill's impressive drum tracks, and it is a formula for success.
Denzel Curry Zuu
Although it is not as ambitious or experimental as TA1300, Denzel puts forth some of his best work yet in this hard-hitting tribute to the Miami-Dade area. Denzel Curry delivers one of the greatest freestyle efforts in hip-hop history behind impressive and enjoyable production.
Eminem Infinite
Lowkey Em's best work but yall aint ready for that convo.
Glassjaw Worship and Tribute
I don't even like rock that much but this is pretty good. I like how the guitar sounds slurred like they don't play coords they do this effect way better than shoegaze shit like MBV which takes this cool concept way too far.
Jay Electronica A Written Testimony
Extremely creative and aggressive production combined with Jay on Jay is a formula for success. The themes of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood are a bit too on the nose, otherwise this is an amazing and concise experience.
Kanye West The Life of Pablo
The Life of Pablo is if the Big Day wasn't absolute garbage. I re-listened to this album and I found that a lot of the tracks I initially dismissed as filler really grew on me. "No More Parties in LA" is Ye's best preformance.
Kendrick Lamar Section.80
Every song is unique, yet gels perfectly. Section.80 is some of Kendrick's most impressive work, considering this is his first mainstream project. It lacks the bloat and entitlement that cripples later projects like DAMN and is extremely enjoyable. Section.80 is the transition point of Kendrick from underground Lil Wayne ripoff to mainstream star.
Run the Jewels RTJ4
RTJ returns to form after whiffing slightly on RTJ 3 with some of their most creative and interesting technical production yet.
Run the Jewels Run the Jewels 2
RTJ2 is some of Killer Mike and El-P's best work. It's not just an amazingly produced, well paced, and hard hitting album, but a bold political statement to its audience (and fuckboys).
Toro Y Moi What For?
A pleasant listen that is perfect for any bonfire or camping session. Toro nails the acoustic vibe while adding in a layer of charisma and catchiness that makes his songs so enjoyable.
Travis Scott Days Before Rodeo
Travis' best project and one of the best hip-hop projects of 2014. Beautiful, grimy, raw, and distorted, Days Before Rodeo is a mixtape ahead of its time. Travis tries to navagate a world of sex, drugs, money, death, and Scott masterfully immerses you in his aesthetic. "Drugs You Should Try It" and "Mamacita" feature impressive vocal preformances and production. A bogged-down feature list is the only major thing holding this back from a 5.
Tyler, the Creator IGOR
After a few stinkers and medicore projects following WOLF, Tyler is able to finally craft the album he's been searching for since 2013.
Tyler, the Creator Wolf
The perfect blend of old and new Tyler. Grimy, aggressive, and spiteful, while at the same time thought-provoking, intricate, and sincere.
Video Age Pop Therapy
POP THERAPY IS EASY - Video Age perfectly blends the line between 80's glampop and alternative rock. A soulful, relaxing album that is sure to evoke nostalgia from the listener. Video Age deserves to be more mainstream.
Vince Staples Big Fish Theory
Based, blackpilled, and consistent - Big Fish Theory doesn't waste your time with pointless filler at a quick 36 minutes. The self titled "Big Fish" goes hard, and Vince has a charm to him that makes FHT quite enjoyable.

4.0 excellent
Bones (USA-CA) PaidProgramming
Bones, the godfather of soundcloud rap and vapor trap, hits big with his magnum opus. There is a fair bit of filler that kills the rating, but the good tracks are incredible concoctions of nostalgia, vaporwave, and hip hop with depth and meaning behind it. Bones absolutely kills it with the early 2000's Adult Swim/Weather Channel vibe. SESH Radio is maybe my favorite skit-track of all time. Bones is so good that a FUCKING SKIT is better than most artists' entire discographies today.
Brockhampton SATURATION
A fantastic blend of authentic, charismatic bangers and soulful, mellowed, and well produced ballads. Saturation puts BH on the map with its brash, get charming attitude.
Eminem Encore
After this album came out, Eminem died and was replaced by an imminently less talented Eminem doppleganger.
George Clanton, Nick Hexum Aurora Summer
An excellently produced EP that features an interesting and unique combination of two very different artists. Nick Hexum of 311 features on vocals behind George Clanton's spacey and alt-house-esque beats. My only major complaints are Clanton limiting himself to just production and not making any vocal efforts, when he stood out in this category on Slide. This is further problematic due to Hexum's lyrical performance seeming improvised and a bit weak in certain areas.
Kanye West ye
Kanye finally makes album where addresses his biggest flaws as an artist - ego and bloated fliller tracks. Ye is really good even if I think "Ghost Town Pt 1" is overrated and worse than "Ghost Town Pt 2" from Kids See Ghosts.
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
TPAB is beloved by the hip hop community and rightly so. While I'd put it alongside Untitled Unmastered and firmly behind Section.80, Kendrick's passion combined with the amazing technical direction make this album an excellent listen.
Kendrick Lamar untitled unmastered.
Only Kendrick can have an album full of "b-sides and rejects" be some of his best work. A rare instance of a non-bloated Kendrick project.
Lil Yachty Lil Boat
Lil Yatchy's sassiness combined with his sincerity, as well as the fun and catchy production, make this album way better than it has any right to be. This album is one of the only times I can listen to a Quavo song without cringing. Too bad Yatchy went corporate and dropped everything that made this album so enjoyable from this album in LB2, NTP, and LB3.
Mac Miller Circles
A quiet and reserved, yet beautiful send off for Mac Miller. Quite good for a posthumous album. RIP MAC.
MGMT Little Dark Age
MGMT finally leave their personal "Little Dark Age", with a fun and creative new direction. Some tracks are filler, but most the tracks have their own identity despite being a weird combination of synthpop and folk/indie.
Self titled is the red-headed stepchild of MGMT's discography. "Your Life is a Lie" is a lame attempt to try and make a pop sound to appeal to mainstream listners, but everything else is solid. People hate this album cause it's not "Kids" or "Me and Michael" type beats but it stands out on its own.
Negative Gemini Bad Baby
While somewhat barebones, Bad Baby is short and sweet. Negative Gemini does a great job immersing you in her atmospheric, ethereal world with tracks like "Bad Baby (Club Mix)", and "You Weren't There Anymore".
The Wiggles Wake Up Jeff!
I listen to this when I need to wake up. Experimental deathcrunk is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine in all honesty.
Toro Y Moi Boo Boo
Toro y Moi branches out into sappy synthpop, and for the most part it works well. Drags on at times, but songs like "Girl Like You", and "No Show" make up for that.
Toro Y Moi Live From Trona
Aesthetically and technically a 5, but theme-wise a little weak. An amazing summertime album, and the fact that this is a live demo album yet is mixed and mastered better than 90% of popular music is an accolade.
Young Thug JEFFERY
Thug delivers big with a fun, hard hitting project. Thugger respectfully pays tribute to various artists in the game without coming off as a cheap bootleg or bad impersonation. No, it's not a lyrical or thematic masterpiece, but it isn't meant to be.

3.5 great
ESPRIT 200% Electronica
200% Electronica is another example of George Clanton's fantastic production, but it just It's an awkward note in George's discography. I think that it sounds amazing but 200% Electronica sadly doesn't have the depth or replay value of other George projects like 100% Electronica or Slide. However "Warmpop" is a classic atmospheric neowave track from this record that doesn't get enough love in terms of top George Clanton songs.
George Clanton 100% Electronica
100% Electronica has some amazing highs with "It Makes the Babies Want to Cry", and "Keep A Secret", but this album is a bit of a roller coaster and somewhat amateur in terms of pacing. The slow, ambient tracks do not mesh well with the higher energy dance tracks, despite having similar sound.
Snoop Dogg Doggystyle
Imagine listening to any Snoop Dogg album that's not this. Decent gangsta funk, but it's Snoop Dogg lol
Soccer Mommy Color Theory
Soccer Mommy's delicate, soft vocals, combine with well-mixed acoustic production, making for a solid indie-bedroom project. Some of the tracks are forgettable and the album drags at times, but "Crawling in my Skin" is one of my favorite tracks of 2020 so far.
Tame Impala Currents
One of the better albums that the alternative potsmoking clique in high school clung to. Has its highs and lows, but is thematically some of Tame Impala's best work even if it is a step back production wise from Lonserism.
Travis Scott Astroworld
I was admittedly not expecting much from Travis' self-proclaimed magnum opus. While not perfect, this album has some amazing and versatile production. Travis has a catchy and energetic flow, combined with the spacey, yet grimy instrumentals, and solid features, provides for an album with a lot of re-listenability and surprisingly little bloat despite the album being nearly an hour long listen.
Tyler, the Creator Music Inspired by The Grinch
Tyler goes out of his comfort zone here...and it surprisingly works. This is Tyler's third best project but yall aint ready for that conversation right now.
Vince Staples FM!
Incredibly fun and enjoyable. Somewhat lacking of substance and I wish Vince put a little more effort into the creation of FM!. I feel like this project would be a 4 or 4.5 if we had more songs like "Outside", or "Feels like Summer".

3.0 good
American Football American Football
This is like lo-fi beats to study to. Never Neant is ok but this not my cup of tea. Although I do like the trumpets which give this a boost over my original rating of a 2. Needs more bass.
Dai Dai Dai
Dai Dai Dai 50% weebcore 50% synthesized wavenoise. It's an alright listen.
Drake More Life
If it weren't for the fucking trashload of filler, I would like this project more. More Life gets a lot of undeserved shit, and this is coming from someone who hates Drake.
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP
Yeah this has "KIM" on it which is at least a point and a half off whatever I was going to give this album. I'd rather listen to J COLE than that shit.
Lmfao Party Rock
A quite underrated cybercore synthclub experience. Lyrics are somewhat repetitive and bland but the production is unexpectedly solid. "Rock the BeaT" is way more fun that it should be and it gives me Daft Punk vibes. "Shots" is so bad its good, Lil Jon has a hillarious and charismatic energy. This song makes me want to get plastered, dance, act like a fucking buffon, and pass out in a bush.
MGMT Oracular Spectacular
A fun, carefree album that is ultimately propped up by its hit singles "Kids", "Electric Feel", and "Time to Pretend". Oracular Spectacular lacks consistency, pacing, and has a surprising amount of filler for a 10 track album. Despite these flaws, this album's high points are memorable, and MGMT have definitely left their impact on pop music with this project.
My Bloody Valentine Loveless
Ooh wow look at all the tuning I can fuck my guitar with. Ooh wow look at all the pedals and shit I have. This album is fine but not the 5 star masterpiece people make it out to be. If I wanted to listen to an out of tune, reverb drenched version of the Smith's Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now, I'd listen to the Cure.
Pop Smoke Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon
As far as posthumous releases go, it's not insulting or a quick cash grab, so I'll give it that. Pop Smoke's idol, 50 Cent, producing this album was a nice touch. The music itself is versitile and creative, but hit or miss (tracks like "The Woo" are solid, while tracks like "44 Bulldogg" are pretty ass). RIP smoke 3/5
Tyler, the Creator Flower Boy
Just because the singles leading up to the album were good, and you have a crush on Kali Ulchis, does not make this the best Tyler album. /r/HipHopHeads gets a dopamine release everytime they say "911/Mr Lonely" is an underrated classic.

2.5 average
311 311
How funny is it that one year after their creative and ahead of its time album Grassroots, 311 releases the Blue Album, which is also ahead of its time. However, this album is ahead of its time in that it predicts all the horrible and cringe-worthy tropes of late 90's rock. This project has a lot of raw and unfocused energy and just seems like an angrier, less memorable version of Grassroots. It's insane how "Down" is the song that 311 is known for (besides "Amber"), and it's not terrible but has certainly not aged well. The Blue Album is Grassroots for fans of shitty nu-metal, although I'd certainly listen to this over Uplifter or Voyager.
Brockhampton Iridescence
A bit of a dropoff from the Saturation trilogy, but still has some solid and well-produced tracks. This album screams "average", hence why it's a 2.5.
Cocteau Twins Heaven or Las Vegas
Sounds nice if you turn your brain off but I got no idea what the fuck they sayin in this and the production isnt that good. Makes the outro of Runaway by Kanye West sound like spoken word poetry.
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2
It's the best work that Enimem has made post-Encore (not saying much). I want to give this a 3 or a 3.5 but "Stronger than I was" is middle school talent show level cringe, and 80% of this album are tracks that are 5-7 minutes when they really don't need to be.
Frank Ocean Blonde
This album is technically impressive, and in an alternate universe is a 4. However, Frank Ocean is gigantically overrated, and I cannot support the faux-intellectualist garbage surrounding this album. See my review for more.
Kanye West Late Registration
A few good tracks at the start and and the end and a slab of filler in between. Thematically solid but a bit awkward and clunky, especially in the dragging middle part of the album.
Kanye West The College Dropout
Too many skits and not enough interesting songs. It's all the worst qualities of Old Kanye rolled into an album. Some tracks are really enjoyable and energetic and some are just so clearly filler. It's the worst of the "Old Kanye" era.
Kendrick Lamar DAMN.
If I wanted to listen to a Kendrick album disguised as 'B-Sides" I'd listen to Untitled Unmastered. If I wanted to listen to actual Kendrick B-Sides I'd listen to Good Kid MAAD City.
Kid Cudi Man on the Moon: The End of Day
Overrated mid tier project that is boosted by the MGMT feature.
Lil Pump Lil Pump
Stupid and mindless, but if you expected anything else from this you might be a bigger moron than Lil Pump is. It isn't bad if you turn your brain off. Pump is basically this generation's LMFAO.
Nostalgia Critic The Wall
This sound off is brought to you by Honey. Doug Walker's the wall is my 100th rating so thats cool. this album gets a lot of shit but esteemed Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor and Rob Scallon did a really good job riffing off the classic Pink Floyd tracks. This project, if it had no vocals, would be an excellent Pink Floyd tribute and would probably be around a 3.5, or a 4 on a good day. The main problem of course is the whiny little bitch known as Doug Walker aka the Nostalgia Critic who gives a so-bad-it's-good vocal performance. This vocal performance is worthy of a 1 (the average of 1 and 3.5 is like a 2 or 2.5), but I think this album has a bit of a double meaning. If you interpret it as the rise and fall of Doug Walker and his personal hubris ruining his career it provides for an interesting self reflection. The intro track, "In the Floyd", which again I cannot praise Scallon enough for the amazing instrumentals, can be seen as the epic and exciting rise of Doug Walker's career. Meanwhile, "is there anybody who cares", can be interpreted as Doug's fans leaving him and Doug being all alone at the end of his career. Also shut the fuck up the spongebob track was funny yall just hate Doug Walker too much to enjoy it. At least Nostalgia Critic has the balls to not the video or copyright people because this is his musical magnum opus. I can respect that.
Roddy Ricch Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial
The production is very hit or miss and Roddy shows flashes in the pan on the mic. Extremely average in a saturated genre.
Yung Lean Starz
A lot of hype coming into this album but not super memorable despite all the gimmicks.

2.0 poor
Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
I strongly dislike this album, but not for the reasons you may think. See my review for more.
Brockhampton Ginger
I can't believe that the same band that made Saturation II made this.
Chance the Rapper Acid Rap
Rose tinted memories of high school/college parties may flim flam you into thinking this mixtape is more than Chance moping around on uninspired and corny beats, but it isn't. See my review for more.
Charli XCX How I'm Feeling Now
If I wanted to listen to shit like this I'd throw my blender down the stairs.
Deafheaven Sunbather
Fuck you deafheaven you put together the first and third worst genre known to man - black metal and shoegaze. There's a lot of dull atmospheric songs half the album just wastes time getting to good stuff. But this is not my cup of tea so maybe I'm just out of pocket.
Dream Theater Images and Words
oowowoo if I wanted to listen to a shitty singer whine over 60 fucking time signatures I'd listen to yes or rush. The intro riff to "pull me under" is a ripoff of "welcome home sanitarium" by Metallica and thats based and a fact.
Kanye West Jesus Is King
I remember accidentally playing this on shuffle when it came out after the years and years of hype, waiting, praying, Yandhis, deciphering Kim Kardashian's twitter, and the first track that came on was "Follow God", which is easily the best track on the album. I was like oh my God, this isn't going to be shit after all. Ye is back. Then I listened to the rest of the album. If I wanted to be disappointed, I would play Pokemon Omega Ruby again. If I wanted to repent, I'd go church. If I wanted to make fun of a childhood rap hero that has become a shell of his former self, I'd review anything Eminem has made after 2005. This fucking sucks. Kids See Ghosts was so good that it took away Kanye's power to put even an inch of effort into a TWENTY SEVEN MINUTE ALBUM.
Lmfao Sorry For Party Rocking
While not as good as their debut, LMFAO brings some fun and well-produced club anthems to the table. It may be mindless and vapid, but it captures the fun early 2010's party vibe well.
Playboi Carti Die Lit
If I wanted to listen to a pilled-out moron act like a complete dumbass on a Pierre Bourne beat I'd listen to Pierre Bourne. Still better than J. Cole.
The 1975 Notes on a Conditional Form
People say I'm not allowed to dislike the 1975 because "it's not meant for me". If you're talking about alt-synthpop, I like Toro y Moi, Negative Gemini, and Neon Indian, so L. If you're talking about music for teenage girls who get 4 tattoo's the day they turn 18, I like Saturation era Brockhampton and Clairo so also an L. This album is more ambitious than 1975's other work but the mixing is absolute garbage and there's more filler than there are insults in the comments sections of my reviews.
Tyler, the Creator Goblin
If Bastard was less creative and didn't have the overarching theme of Tyler using shock value to hide his insecurity and lack of self esteem. Seventy fucking four minutes and maybe 10% of that is actual listenable material. So glad Tyler grew out of this shit. I don't hate shock humor if used correctly but here Tyler uses it to try and sound edgy and cool instead of having an actual theme or purpose behind it (unlike Wolf).
Tyler, the Creator Cherry Bomb
A medicore and hit or miss (mostly miss) attempt at recreating the magic of WOLF.

1.5 very poor
100 Gecs 1000 gecs
If I wanted to listen to an autotuned shitpost I'd listen to Playboi Carti.
Emily Montes Emily Montes
Post-ironic, capitalist experimental doompop at its very finest ladies and gentlemen. It's the
musical equivalent of throwing a broken air conditioner down the stairs.
Eminem Music to Be Murdered By
Somehow, this is one of the better projects Eminem has released since 2005. And no, just because this isn't Revival doesn't make it a 4 or 4.5 you mouthbreathing simpletons.
Eminem Relapse
Only diehard Em stans think this album isn't awful. Relapse is if you took the worst parts of Encore and Slim Shady LP and rolled it together into a shitty ass record. The accent is bad, "Must Be the Ganja" is a complete shit-tornado of a track (check the comments section on the youtube video for this song if you want to see raw, unfiltered cringe), and yes this record is unique and memorable, but for all the wrong reasons. Relapse just feels forced and a half assed attempt at riding off the hype from Em's hiatus. Still better than Revival though.
Fiona Apple Fetch The Bolt Cutters
If I wanted to listen to melodramatic alternative white chick music I'd listen to Saturation era BROCKHAMPTON. This like is if Norman F'N Rockwell and Caligula had a baby and that baby inherited all the ugly genes. Fetch the Bolt Cutters sucks and is overrated. This is based and a fact.
Gunna Drip Or Drown 2
Gunna has offered me, Drip or Drown. I choose drown.
J. Cole K.O.D.
Just because it's a good J.COLE album, makeith a good album it does not. If I wanted to listen to a shittier, more pretentious version of DAMN, I'd listen to the DAMN collector's edition. 2/10.
J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive
J.Cole's arrogance and almost straight up whining for the rap community to respect him offsets the somewhat average production. J.Cole is an ok at best rapper with one of the worst fanbases I have ever seen. There is no possible universe in which J.Cole is on par with Kendrick or even Drake lol. If I wanted to see a self-loving narcissist bitch about how he's not respected enough I would listen to The Wall.
Logic Supermarket (Soundtrack)
This album is shit. Its so shit that the only good track ("Bohemian Trapshody") has a laughably bad title that makes me never want to listen to it again. I can't fault Logic for trying something new, but it's a swing and a miss. Lemon Drop worst song of all fucking time, although I almost burst my abdomen laughing the first time I heard it because of how unintentionally funny it is.
Twenty One Pilots Blurryface
My ex girlfriend made me listen to this and it was kinda fuckin gabrage. I was tricked by the first few songs into thinking this project wouldn't be ass, but the second half the album is so disjointed and sleepy that I cant rember a single thing from this album besides " my my my my names blurryface and i, carewhatyouthink" which is annoying and gets stuck in my head. I wish I could turn back time to before I heard this album.

1.0 awful
Chance the Rapper The Big Day
Imagine staring at a blank wall for 52 minutes and feeling nothing but pain. That is what I felt listening to this shit-tastrophe.
Drake Dark Lane Demo Tapes
Dark Lane Doo Doo Tapes: Drake's half-baked attempt to make a Tik Tok anthem. Go fuck yourself Drake you creepy, 15 year old texting piece of shit.
Eminem Revival
Why does Eminem feel the need to release these garbage, quarter-assed albums that only serve to destroy his legacy?
G-Eazy Everything's Strange Here
This makes Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven look like Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now. Usually, 1's are reserved for half assed and throwaway projects. I've never seen an artist UNIRONICALLY TRY FOR A 1. Congrats Gerald, you've won.
Kendrick Lamar DAMN. Collector's Edition
It's literally DAMN but somehow more pretentious and insulting.
Logic Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Imma say it this is worse than Supermarket because Supermarket was Logic trying to be experimental and striking out. CODM is Logic "at his best", which is a repetitive album with unfunny bars where Logic tries to "dunk on the trolls". just a tired out retread of the same old shit.
Nav Brown Boy 2
Ah NAV, you are the hip hop industry's blue screen of death. NAV copies Lil Uzi by re-releasing an
album with a brand new EP attached to the end. Uzi's new tracks were at least somewhat interesting
and enjoyable, but NAV's new tracks he appends to Good Intentions are somehow even more sleepy and
cookie-cutter than ever. If you want a shittier, more bloated version of Good Intentions, this is
the project for you.
Nav Bad Habits
Cringe lyrics, and extremely cookie cutter production. Vocal delivery sounds forced and lazy. Why the fuck is NAV popular every album he's released is a 2/10 at best.
The Wiggles Cold Spaghetti Western
Fucking garbage ass music for babies. The Wiggles have fallen far from their impressive and ahead of its time 1996 record "Wake Up, Jeff!". What a disappointment.

J. Cole 4 Your Eyez Only
J. Cole stans might be the worst thing to happen to hip hop. The same people who say, "To be fair, you need a high IQ to understand J. Cole", are the same people who need a track at the end of 4 Your Eyez Only to literally explain the themes and message of the album. I'd rather listen to that stupid collector's cut of DAMN backwards because at least you can play it on shuffle and forget you paid actual hard earned money to listen to DAMM but in a different order.

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