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5.0 classic
Agalloch The Mantle
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Agalloch strip away alot of the folk instrumentation of the Mantle, while retaining their core of Post-Rock/Doom/Black metal riffs and even adding a noise inspired piece at the end of the record. While this may not be as grandious as the mantle it feels more compact and still makes for a great listen
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Aphex Twins debut record is a milestone of ambient techno that creates otherwordly atmospheres with simple synths and beats
Burzum Filosofem
The definitive atmospheric black metal record. Nothing that came after has ever passed this for me. It's cold, dark and feels like you are isolated in the woods of norway as night falls over you and the forest spirits start to creep out from under the soil. Even the 27 minute ambient track doesn't get one bit boring over it's whole span it's utterly captivating and creepy, you really couldn't ask for more from a record.
Counterparts Tragedy Will Find Us
While this may not be the perfect Counterparts, it was my first and I can always return to it. I know every single guitar riff on this every melody and every lyric. I really enjoy the spoken word elements that were included in this and that are missing from other counterparts record, they give the songs time to breath and serve for amazing build ups also giving the vocals more diversity
Counterparts Nothing Left to Love
This is pretty muuch the culmination of everything that makes counterparts amazing. The record feels compact, the lyrics are beautiful and the melodies and breakdowns are well placed. The record beginning and ending on the same lyrics even gives it a sense of concept. Pretty muuch everything about this is perfect
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞ [Vinyl]
Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness
This record is amazing in that it never really gets old or boring despite being technically a double record. Every song on here feels special and the lyrics can be analyzed for days (there even being a full fictional lore behind them). The only thing that bugs me a bit about this record is that the seriousness of the record gets mildly broken by the goofy song names that the band decided to include. This would've felt like more of a cohesive concept record without a song named after Warhammer 40k
Jean-Michel Jarre Equinoxe
39 minutes of amazing synth ambient that will put you at ease and make you feel like you are floating in space at the same time
King Crimson Lizard
An odd record for King Crimson spanning everything from Free Jazz to Circus inspired music. And it's pretty muuch perfect, this record is extremely confusing and it may need a few listens to get into, but then it reveals it's magic. Especially the 23 minute title track feels like a fantasy epic
La Dispute Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair
This record is pretty muuch a perfect storm of emotions, some may see it as a bit too melodramatic for their tastes but for me it pulls me into it's stories and atmosphere everytime I listened to it. Especially the lyrics and the vocal performs make this record a special listen that let's you discover something new everytime you listen to it
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
M favourite record of all time. While this may be a clich? choice for this website, I have found this record when I was 19 and it resonated with me on a deep level perfectly encapsulating the feeling life had to me at the time. I probably listened to this for atleast 3-4 months on repeat before listening to anything different and i can still return to it whenever
Paysage d'Hiver Paysage d'Hiver
Three pretty muuch perfect Black Metal tracks that all have their own feeling and special sections (like the Violin on Welt aus Eis), while still creating a great whole without feeling to seperate from each other. Definitely one of the definitive atmospheric black metal records
Sol Invictus In the Rain
This record makes you truly feel like you are standing in the rain, perhaps under some balcony watching the world around you turn grey, disgusting and being washed away. While that may not sound very enjoyable it definitely can be if you enjoy your records to represent a certain sense of lost romanticism
The National High Violet
Pretty muuch a perfect indie rock record. Every single one of the songs is perfect and does not really lack anything. They are also varied so that every song feels new and exciting while still staying in the same area so that the record feels cohesive
The Ruins Of Beverast Rain Upon the Impure
Turnover Peripheral Vision
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
A perfect mix of the best elements of black metal, doom metal and folk. This record mixes melodic folk elements and harsh black metal elements to invoke an atmosphere that is somewhat akin to running through a forest at night sometimes finding a moonlit glade between the trees and taking a rest.

4.5 superb
Agalloch Of Stone, Wind and Pillor
Agalloch Pale Folklore
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
I don't really get the harsh criticism this record gets, it took the sound of agalloch into a harsher and rawer direction again while maintaning the atmosphere and longwinded triumphant song structures of the other records. Especially the last song is pretty unique in agallochs discography and in my opinion plays out wonderfully
Ancient Methods The Jericho Records
Audio88 & Yassin Normaler Samt
This record slaps. The beats are dark, the lyrics are cynical and the performances are great
Bad Brains Bad Brains
Esentiall Hardcore recording, if you listen to this you have probably heard 90% of the riffs that will be used in later hardcore recordings. While the reggae songs give a nice touch the record some of the them especially I luv Jah could've been cut out or shortened. In a sea of short energetic hardcore tracks the song just feels very long and midly tedious to get through
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Behemoth The Satanist
Awesome riffs, amazing atmosphere and just a ground solid Black Metal record. Even if you are little interested in the at times pretentious lyrics this record is just solid from front to back
Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Burzum Burzum
I expected the first Burzum record to feel more unpolished and less well executed. This is a nearly perfect atmospheric black metal record. Everything about this just feels right from the ominous keyboard opening the first Track Feeble screams from forests unknown to the record slowly fading out with the last mostly ambient track called dungeon of darkness
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
Drudkh Blood In Our Wells
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse
Empyrium Songs of Moors and Misty Fields
Explosions in the Sky The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Forteresse Thèmes pour la Rébellion
An amazing black metal record that offers both melody and atmosphere. The sound bits provide a good frame for the songs and lend themselves to deeper immersion. The only small critique is that some of the riffs do sound very similiar to each other.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Heisskalt Vom Stehen und Fallen
pretty muuch perfect german post-hardcore record. the clear highlight hear are the poetic lyrics, which combined with the oftentimes atmospheric instrumentation create a very immerse story telling feeling
Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d city
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic
Nagelfar Hünengrab im Herbst
Nirvana In Utero
Nocte Obducta Nektar: Teil 1 - Zwölf Monde, Eine Hand voll Träum
An excellent mix of Folk/Black/Doom/Post/Psychedelic whatever metal. This record mixes a wide variety of different musical styles into a coherent atmosphere that could overall be described as soft and dreamy. For anyone that enjoys the more atmospheric and lush side of black metal this is a must
Paysage d'Hiver Steineiche
Paysage d'Hiver Das Tor
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet
Porter Robinson Worlds
Radiohead In Rainbows
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Ambient Black Magic
Ryo Fukui Scenery
Ryo Fukui Mellow Dream
Slint Spiderland
Slowdive Souvlaki
Sol Invictus The Hill of Crosses
A wonderful Sol invictus record that gets enhanced by adding a female singer to the palet of the band
Spectral Lore III
Stick To Your Guns Diamond
Susumu Yokota Acid Mt. Fuji
Talk Talk Laughing Stock
Tenhi Maaaet
The Beatles Revolver
The Caretaker An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
The National I Am Easy to Find
The National Boxer
The National High Violet Expanded Edition
The expanded edition adds more beautiful tracks and the live versions are great too. Obviously not as coherent an experience as the record but that is not what it's supposed to be afterall
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra He Has Left Us Alone But Shafts of Light Sometimes Grace the Corner of Our
Urfaust The Constellatory Practice
Urfaust Der freiwillige Bettler
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters
Woods of Ypres Woods V: Grey Skies and Electric Light

4.0 excellent
1914 The Blind Leading the Blind
A Forest of Stars Beware the Sword You Cannot See
Agalloch The White
Agalloch and Nest Split
Two absolutely stunning folk songs that really leave nothing more to want, the only way this could've been better is if it had been longer
Alcest Souvenirs D'Un Autre Monde
Animal Collective Merriweather Post Pavilion
Aphex Twin Collapse
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album
Audio88 & Yassin Zwei Herrengedeck, bitte
A dark brooding lo-fi hip hop record full of
dark cynical lyrics.
Avantasia The Metal Opera Pt. II
Being As An Ocean How We Both Wondrously Perish
Being As An Ocean Dear G-d
Bury Tomorrow The Union Of Crowns
Burzum Det Som Engang Var
A great early burzum with alot of good riffs and atmosphere. Overall this feels pretty innovative and also varied enough to not get grating as can happen with some black metal, I especially like the slower song called En Ring Til Aa Herske and the general synth work on this record. Some of the riffs feel a bit replacable tho
Capsize I've Been Tearing Myself Apart
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion
Chapel of Disease ...And As We Have Seen The Storm
Code Orange Underneath
Counterparts You're Not You Anymore
Counterparts The Difference Between Hell and Home
Counterparts N.L.T.L. B-Sides
Cream Disraeli Gears
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
Denzel Curry TA13OO
Fief II
Funereal Presence Achatius
Heisskalt Vom Wissen und Wollen
Retains all the good characteristic from Vom Stehen und Fallen, feels mildly blander tho
Hundredth Iridescent
Imperial Triumphant Alphaville
Jambinai ONDA
K.I.Z. Hahnenkampf
Kids See Ghosts Kids See Ghosts
La Dispute Wildlife
Leviathan Scar Sighted
Minor Threat Out of Step
Nocte Obducta Nektar - Teil 2: Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher
Quiet a bit more aggressive then Part 1. While I still enjoyed this alot I felt like the aggressivness of this in comparison made it stand out less then the other record and made it feel less playful, still very good tho
Oathbreaker Rheia
Paysage d'Hiver Die Festung
Paysage d'Hiver Im Wald
While this is another great Paysage d'hiver Release with amazing atmosphere I don't think this really justifies running 2 hours. There is not muuch that is new to Wintherrs Formular here (expect for putting the Ambient tracks in between songs as a sort of Bridge which works muuch better then just putting a 20 min ambient track somewhere on the record so that is good). Overall this is solid, but nothing special and overly stretched
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Water Witches
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times
Scar the Martyr Scar the Martyr
Slipknot Iowa
Sol Invictus Lex Talionis
An amazing dark and brooding Neofolk/Post-Punk record that creates an occult like atmosphere and is incredibly unsettling. The only problem of this record is it's length, due to alot of the songs having similiar sounds it was not really nessecary to stretch the record to over 1 hour, atleast in my estimation
Sol Invictus In A Garden Green
Great Neofolk record that creates a lush yet dark atmosphere. Some songs like In a garden green
could've been cut to a shorter length tho and the industrial inspired pieces at the beginning and
end feel slightly out of place with the rest
Sol Invictus La Croix
rAn unsettling neofolk record with industrial influence. I really enjoyed the dark and brooding atmosphere especially the first track is dissonant and mostly ambient without Lyrics
Summoning Minas Morgul
Had a higher focus on the riffs then the other Summoning record i have listened to so far (Oath Bound) which made it more dynamic and enjoyable to listen to for me
The Districts You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere
The National Trouble Will Find Me
Another great The national record, but it could've been better if it were either shorter or offered more diversity
The Ruins of Beverast/Mourning Beloveth Don't Walk on the Mass Graves
Ulver Drone Activity
Ulver Shadows of the Sun
Urfaust Ritual Music for the True Clochard
Vildhjarta Masstaden
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem Of 12 Stars
Wolves in the Throne Room Thrice Woven

3.5 great
$uicideboy$ KILL YOUR​$​ELF Part XX: The Infinity Saga
Sweet 3 song EP, the first songs vocals are midly annoying but both Now I am up my neck with offers and The last time are just bangers that create a tight and creepy atmosphere
Acrania (UK) Totalitarian Dystopia
Agalloch The Grey
The lodge (dismantled) is an absolutely amazing post-rock song that is entertaining throughout the whole 13 minutes of it's runtime. Odal (nothing remix) is a weird noise/wall of sound track that doesn't really have muuch connection the the original odal. While being enjoyable this track doesn't really standout muuch. While the first song is quite enjoyable the difference in style between the two songs makes this a very incoherent release and I don't really ever listen to the songs together as a whole cause it just doesn't seem to fit. Other then that the lodge is amazing and odal is a fine listen.
Agalloch Faustian Echoes
An Autumn For Crippled Children All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet
While being enjoyable to listen to the record
feels kind of fleeting and the songs tend to
blend in together. The title track and The
failing senses had the most standout riffs
which made them more interesting
Architects Lost Forever // Lost Together
Avantasia The Mystery Of Time
Bathory Twilight of the Gods
Being As An Ocean Waiting For Morning To Come
Ben Howard Every Kingdom
Bring Me the Horizon Sempiternal
Bring Me the Horizon Post Human: Survival Horror
Bury Tomorrow Runes
Cantique Lepreux Cendres Célestes
Capsize The Angst In My Veins
Capsize Live A Burden, Die A Curse
Daughter If You Leave
Drudkh They Often See Dreams About The Spring
Drudkh/Paysage d'Hiver Somewhere Sadness Wanders/Schnee (IV)
Eldamar A Dark Forgotten Past
Gallowbraid Ashen Eidolon
Solid atmospheric black metal record with alot of post rock and folk influence. This record is creates a good atmospheric, but it just simply feels way too muuch like less inspired agalloch to make me come back to it
Grand Magus Triumph and Power
Heaven Shall Burn Veto
Hundredth Somewhere Nowhere
Consistenly great smooth feeling, really draws you into it's world of synths and makes you feel calm. They could've cut some of the slack tho, the record is longer then it needs to be and doesn't really provide the most diversity to justify that
K.I.Z. Das RapDeutschlandKettensägenMassaker
King Dude Sex
Knocked Loose Laugh Tracks
Knocked Loose Pop Culture
Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell!
Lunar Aurora Hoagascht
Malfet The Way to Avalon
Malfet The Snaking Path
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
While this record may be historically important for black metal I just think it's nothing more then simply a good record if it seen for just the music
Misthyrming Algleymi
A solid dose of melodic black metal that suffers from a lack of diversity and overdone repetition
Modern Baseball You’re Gonna Miss It All
Fun and short Pop-Punk record with teenage romance lyrics
Nirvana Nevermind
Northlane Mesmer
Northlane Node
Parkway Drive Horizons
Paysage d'Hiver Schattengang
While still providing the same amazing atmosphere that Wintherr creates with everyone of his releases, I feel like this feels muuch to scattered and non cohesive to give a good impression as a record. The ambient song could've been put between the two other songs connecting them in a way that makes sense and providing a bridge between them, putting it at the end of the record makes no sense to me
Planning for Burial Quietly
Psychedelic Porn Crumpets High Visceral Pt. 1
Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement Fallen Leaves Camouflaged Behind Tropical Flowers
Rise Of The Northstar Welcame
Steven Wilson The Raven That Refused to Sing (And Other Stories)
Pretty muuch every song on this record is great. The only thing that brings the rating to a 3.5 for me is the slightly stale production and the creeping feeling that I have heard everything presented here already on some King Crimson record from the 70s
Stick To Your Guns True View
A step up from Disobedient, this record feels more focused and tighter then it's predecessor. That said alot of the lyrics and riffs on the record feel worn out and mildly overdone at this point. It's solid but it doesn't really get to the level of diamond
Summoning Oath Bound
There is no question this creates a great atmosphere, but I couldn't help getting bored while listening to it. Maybe I just need more listens to get more immersed but 3.5 for now
The National Alligator
The Saddest Landscape Darkness Forgives
The World Is a Beautiful Place... Harmlessness
Uada Cult of a Dying Sun
This record is solid melodic black metal riffs from beginning to end, but others very little in terms of innovation or change throughout the whole thing. Definitely rock solid but not muuch more
Ultha The Inextricable Wandering
Ungfell Mythen, Mären, Pestilenz
Urfaust Geist Ist Teufel
Urfaust Einsiedler
One amazing and one solid Urfaust song. The title track is one of the greatest Urfaust songs ever despite having a slightly overly stretched outro. Verderber is standard solid Urfaust material
Wiegedood De Doden Hebben Het Goed
Xasthur All Reflections Drained
Young and in the Way When Life Comes to Death
Great aggressive black metal record with punk influence, grim and aggressive from front to back, but just doesn't give me enough depth to rate it higher

3.0 good
Architects All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
This definitely contains good songs, but it lacks in any creativity or distinct feeling. The only way in which this differs from being just 11 more songs that could've been on Lost Forever//Lost Together is the slightly cleaner production
Being As An Ocean Being As An Ocean
While this record is not bad I just feel like alot of the track in the middle of the record don't really do muuch for me and I also think they should've just gone for a full concept record about richie instead of just making the first two songs about him and then going into semi-inspired religious lyrics
Billy Talent Billy Talent III
Feels a bit less aggressive in comparison to Billy Talent 2, does contain good and memorable songs like Saint Veronika and Devil on my Shoulder tho. My least favourite Billy Talent record but by no means horrible
Capsize A Reintroduction: The Essence Of All Tha
I like this record but the record just feels like a big step down from The angst in my veins for me. I know they were trying to go for an early From first to last sound but that's just not really my thing. The production feels muddy and alot of the clean vocals are not that greatt
Deez Nuts Word Is Bond
Entertaining hardcore record with rap elements that runs out of ideas pretty fast
Emperor Reverence
A sweet and short Emperor EP that doesn't really stand out muuch in their discography
Heaven Shall Burn Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance)
Contains some great HSB songs but is overall not very imaginative and lacks in diversity
Heisskalt Idylle
While I can appreciate the DIY attitude behind releasing the record without a label and a proffesional production, I think this record is lacking in lyrics and a cohesive concept
In Hearts Wake Earthwalker
Solid Metalcore record but really nothing more. The clean vocals are also horrendous and at times nearly unbearable to listen to
Karg Traktat
Good Black Metal compilation that should've been cut down by atleast 20 minutes. There are true gems on here like Irgendjemand wartet immer, but this could've been made so muuch better with a little more selection
King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon
This record is by no means bad but really some of the songs are literally copies of songs from In the court of the crimson king. I don't know what they were thinking with that
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Paper Mache Dream Balloon
This record is a sweet chill acoustic psychedelic record but imo lacks the diversity to be great
La Dispute Somewhere at the Bottom... (10th Anniversary)
Why would you destroy a perfect record but giving it a production that robs it of all the
lifeliness it had ? While this remaster feels less blurry that is especially what makes it so
bad,everything feels like it has been seperated from a cohesive whole and now kind of exists alone
(that said still 3 out of 5 cause this is one of my favourite records)
Leviathan Massive Conspiracy Against All Life
While having great riffs and atmosphere at times, this record feels a bit overly technical and self indulged to be a great Black metal record
Nasty Shokka
Record makes me wanna punch somebody and the lyrics are also solid even if at times a bit too flat. Solid Beatdown record
Nasty Love
basically to know that a beatdown record is good and how good it is you just have to decide how muuch it makes you want to punch somebody in the face. this is a solid 6/10
Rise Against Endgame
Solid Rise Against record but really nothing that excites me too muuch. Architects, Help is on the way and Wait for me are pretty great
Stick To Your Guns Disobedient
Clear step down after Diamond, this record feels less energetic, less urgent, more tame and alot of the songs are just not as memorable. To Whom it may concern is quite a bad attempt at a poem like melodic hardcore sound. That said the record is not terrible it contains amazing gems like Left you behind and alot of the other tracks are solid sing along hardcore songs.
Stick To Your Guns Better Ash Than Dust
Solid sweet EP with some great tracks like Better ash then Dust and The suspend. Overall is just to short to build real excitement for me I think
Turnover Altogether
I don't really mind the change of sound on this record but it suffers from the same problem that Good Nature had, the songs just all sound the same. That said I think it's still a bit better then Good Nature and if only for being shorter

2.5 average
Architects Holy Hell
Architects for some reason think it's a good idea to release Lost Forever//Lost Together for a third time
Bury Tomorrow Earthbound
I feel like this band got contionously blander and more inoffensive with every record they put out. Runes was fine, this just feels replacable and unnessecary and makes me wanna listen to the of Crowns
While some of the songs on here are definitely good alot of the other tracks feel way to overproduced and electronical to be enjoyable. Especially songs like Never growing up or No worries are pretty muuch unlisenable.
Defeater Letters Home
While having phenomenal songs like Bastards and No shame, the other songs blend together in a sea of recycled hardcore riffs that don't really stand out. The story telling on most of these is rather subpar too
Turnover Good Nature
Peripheral Vision manage to retain a cohesive atmosphere while still making the songs stand out by themselves with interesting lyrics, melodies and a cohesive story that flows throughout the record. Good Natures lyrics are often trivial and the songs lack distinctive features making the record blend into one big mess of sunshine shoegaze. Still has some great tracks like Nightlight Girl and Pure devotion tho
Wovenwar Wovenwar
Extremely standard melodic metalcore that could be used to put people to sleep

2.0 poor
Bad Brains Into The Future
Honestly there is pretty muuch only one song on here I enjoy which is Popcorn. The rest is pretty forgetable
Bring Me the Horizon That's the Spirit
While I don't mind more pop inspired sounds this record is plainly uncreative boring and lifeless

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