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5.0 classic
American Football American Football
American Football's classic debut is a melancholic tale of youth and heartbreak sung on the balcony of a grandparent's home as the dusk gives way to the night. It's nostalgic and transportive without ever having to require growing up with it. It evokes a feeling that I don't believe will ever be replicated in music again, despite how hard its followers try.
Beautiful Eulogy Instruments of Mercy
Ben Howard Noonday Dream
You can almost feel the intense heat radiating off the ground as you trudge through this album's desolate landscape and sense the eyes of the vultures as they wait for you to breathe your last. And yet, as you walk on, you feel a sense of peace and comfort in the isolation. This is how it feels to listen to Noonday Dream.
Bomb the Music Industry! Vacation
Who needs to go on a vacation when you can hear this punk masterpiece instead?
Brand New Science Fiction
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
I remember when the album artwork for The Devil and God first caught my eye. I was browsing a music forum when I saw this creepy cover of a little girl hiding from two masked men on a front porch. That, along with the title of the record, sent my mind alive with stories and questions. Who were these characters and what did they mean in relation to the album's name? Who was the little girl? Was she God? Did the men represent the devil? I had to give it a listen straight away. What I experienced next was one of the most impactful first listens of any album I had ever heard. It's a record I will always cherish along with the rest of Brand New's prolific discography.
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run
Do you want an example of music at its absolute peak? Look no further than The Boss's soaring, spirited, and beautifully inspirational masterpiece.
Converge Axe to Fall
Converge Jane Doe
It's the best metalcore album of all-time. It will never be surpassed, of that I am sure. This is the album every other metalcore act looks up to in a quivering heap.
Converge You Fail Me Redux
You Fail Me is a pummeling masterpiece and quite easily one of the most astounding metalcore records of the 2000s perhaps bettered only by Converge's own Jane Doe.
Copeland Blushing
2014 was a big year for me. It was the year I graduated from school for one thing. It was also the
year I started dipping my toes into genres I, up until then, had never explored. And it was the
year I first fell in love with Copeland with their gorgeous reunion record, Ixora. That album
played a massive role in shaping my musical taste today and I still return to it regularly. Just
over four years later we finally get to hear its follow-up. In short, Blushing is everything I was
hoping for with just enough room to grow and mean as much to me today as Ixora did to me five years
Courtney Swain Between Blood and Ocean
I cannot see anything topping "Sweet Snow" for the song of the year title. I haven't been taken on a
journey like that in a very long time.
EDIT: This album is astonishing. Take my 5, Courtney, you absolutely deserve it.
Daughters You Won't Get What You Want
After eight years of silence, Daughters come screaming back with an unbelievably terrifying and chilling magnum opus. You Won't Get What You Want is a deeply affecting portrait of paranoia and existential dread wrapped up in one of the most awesome sounding records to come out in years.
Deftones White Pony
Deftones Diamond Eyes
Destroyer Kaputt
Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight
One of the most devastatingly human records I've ever heard. Scott, wherever you are my friend, I hope you're well. Your music has touched and changed thousands of lives including mine. We can't thank you enough.
Gang of Youths Go Farther in Lightness
Green Day American Idiot
And here is the cultural phenomenon that swept away thousands of frustrated and misunderstood teens into a pop/punk bliss that was never again felt quite the same way. It's a classic.
Green Day Dookie
The album that turned punk from the gritty and anthemic music that fuelled many political riots to the fun, catchy, and angsty music that sung to the immature and lonely teenage mind. We didn't have a care in the world, we were just getting through life in our own stupid way.
Hands (US-ND) Give Me Rest
Harmonium L'heptade
Surely one of the most awe-inspiring pieces of music I've ever come across. The angelic and heartbreaking vocals and the elegant and wistful instrumentation are all wielded by a band whose creativity is as far-reaching as their ambition. What this album delivers can only be described as magical.
Ichiko Aoba 0%
Jars Of Clay Jars Of Clay
The pinnacle of CCM. To this day it remains one of the greatest artistic achievements in Christian music.
Jimmy Eat World Futures
Jimmy Eat World Bleed American
I remember hearing "The Middle" when I was young and thinking it was a fun song but nothing more than something that occasionally appeared in films about high school. However, a few years later, when I was starting to grow tired of the Christian music I grew up on, I stumbled upon Bleed American for 2 bucks from a used book festival. I picked it up and it not only became the first pop/punk record I fell in love with from front to back it was also the first "non-Christian" record I loved and owned at the time. While not quite as good as Clarity or Futures it holds a really special place in my heart.
Jimmy Eat World Invented
While Invented may not have the hooks of Chase This Light or Bleed American it creates a uniquely gorgeous mix of Future's darker aesthetic with the emotional weight of Clarity and it all makes for one heck of an experience.
Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues
Funnily enough, this one took the longest to grow on me out of JEW's entire discography. As more time passes the higher I see it climb. Although it's an incredibly cliche thing to say nowadays, I don't think JEW can do wrong at this point
Jimmy Eat World Clarity
It's a wonder how Clarity was so underappreciated at the time of its release and American Football so praised at the same time. American Football excelled in its melancholic emo aesthetic but Clarity executed its own version just as well if not even better ("Goodbye Sky Harbour" is better than everything on AF's debut). Filled with gorgeous harmonies and lush instrumentation it may not have been seen as a classic then but it sure is now.
Julien Baker Sprained Ankle
There are a severely limited number of albums I would recommend to anyone, regardless of genre preference, to listen to at least once. Julien Baker's Sprained Ankle is one of those albums. It exposes the fears of self-worth we all hide and it invites us to share them openly. There is a subtle comfort in the unrelenting sadness, a relief in bringing to light a desperate need to share our pain with another. It's a beautiful thing to behold.
Lambchop Is a Woman
Is a Woman is a beautifully nuanced and understated gem of a record. Everything works as a unified whole, from Wagner's soulful vocals and elegant delivery, the subtle sonic texture and wonderfully warm atmosphere, and every little piece of music that enters at just the right time. It's perfect.
Laura Stevenson Wheel
A delectably sweet opus, Wheel has a gorgeously melancholic yet life-affirming tone that colours the record with a warm, golden glow that's simply irresistible. Quite possibly my favourite female singer/songwriter record of all-time.
Lorde Melodrama
Melodrama is one of those few pop records that play out as a complete and cohesive experience, from naive love, heartbreak and resentment, to forgiveness and a mature and newfound look at happiness and fulfilment. It's a gorgeous stroke of genius and one of the best pop records in years.
mewithoutYou Brother, Sister
Records like this are ones that turn a good band into a remarkable one. Years down the road, I'm sure this will still be speaking to believers about the nature of humanity and his relationship with God. An absolutely essential record of the 2000s.
mewithoutYou [Untitled]
Brother, Sister meet your explosive maker. [Untitled] is a once in a lifetime magnum opus that sounds and feels like a nuclear bomb. Combined with the gorgeously subtle companion ep that foreshadowed something truly game-changing this may become one of the most memorable records of the past decade.
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade
Yeah, for many, this is pretty much a cringy emo infused pop/punk album from days past. However, for others, including myself, it's a testament to what the genre can achieve and it holds up extraordinarily well. It proves that sometimes albums you loved in your teens can still be good.
My Epic Behold
If you're Christian this record will most likely change your life. If not that it'll make you ponder more deeply about what you say you believe. Most importantly it somehow manages to describe the majesty of God in ways no other record has yet managed to replicate. It's perfect.
Norma Jean Wrongdoers
Wrongdoers is a masterfully crafted record from beginning to end. A ferocious display of Norma Jean's true potential and yet only a glimmer of what's to come.
Norma Jean Polar Similar
To those, like me, who thought Wrongdoers demonstrated the peak of Norma Jean's craft Polar Similar will cause you to do a double take. It's a beautifully innovative opus that keeps rewarding even years after its release. How are they going to better this on their next go around? I honestly have no clue but I am certain that they'll find a way.
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse
Opeth Morningrise
Opeth Still Life
Opeth Blackwater Park
Opeth Ghost Reveries
Paramore Brand New Eyes
Brand New Eyes isn't overly experimental or progressive but an album doesn't need to be to be considered a masterpiece. It managed to perfect everything Paramore had established beforehand and I'm honestly glad they parted ways with this sound on future releases. This closes their pop/punk days in the most satisfying way possible and I will forever look back on it as a highlight of my teenage years.
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Prince Daddy and The Hyena Cosmic Thrill Seekers
I haven't been this floored by a punk album since Rosenstock's Worry from nearly three
years ago. This record could not bring the decade to a better close.
Radiohead Kid A
There's just something about Kid A that few records, if any, have been able to replicate. I'm not sure if it's the beautiful yet eerie atmosphere it wraps itself in or its irresistibly smooth texture. Maybe it's the experimentation that manages to be both strange and unfamiliar yet weirdly listenable at the same time. I can't quite explain why this record has such an effect on me, all I know is that it's life-changing.
Radiohead OK Computer
What can I say that thousands, no, millions of others haven't already said? Ok Computer is a timeless and profoundly relevant masterpiece and the music contained therein is a prime example of innovation done right. Do I think it's Radiohead's best? What astonishes me the most is that sometimes I'm honestly not sure.
Radiohead The Bends
One of the warmest, most beautifully nostalgic records around.
Radiohead In Rainbows
Took a little time to grow on me but like every Radiohead record (almost every record *ahem* Hail to the Thief) you eventually find yourself wrapped up in its brilliance. Warm, delicate, and soothing are just a few words to come to mind when I spin this masterpiece.
Rolo Tomassi Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It
On Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It, Rolo Tomassi have fine-tuned their sound to perfection. And perfect it is as the result of their hard work over the course of five records is one of the most exhilarating, unpredictable, and utterly beautiful metal albums I have heard in years, quite possibly this decade.
Shiina Ringo Shouso Strip
So this is the best thing ever.
Sigur Ros Agætis byrjun
For many passionate fans, Agaetis Byrjun is hailed as the band's masterpiece and one of the best records of all-time. I honestly cannot find a solid point to argue against them. Agaetis Byrjun is a gorgeous centrepiece in post-rock and one of the best treasures of the 90s.
Slowdive Souvlaki
On one hand, it makes sense why Souvlaki is always compared to MBV's Loveless. They're both seminal shoegaze records anyone who's interested in the genre should hear. But on the other, the two records cover completely different ground and for me, Souvlaki edges its sister out as my personal favourite of the two. Its dreamy, nocturnal atmosphere is utterly captivating from beginning to end. At times euphoric, at others gentle, Souvlaki is a treasure.
Sufjan Stevens Carrie and Lowell
Suis La Lune Riala
If you asked me what record has made the biggest impact on my life as a music lover I would give Riala as my answer without hesitation. This is one of, if not the most, gorgeously composed and beautifully written albums of all-time. That it isn't hailed as an emo classic is simply a musical crime.
Talk Talk Laughing Stock
The Antlers Hospice
Quite possibly the most soul-crushing record of the 2000s. You can almost feel the chill of the hospital hallways and the accompanying sadness that looms over each room.
The Blue Nile Hats
An album for the romantics, the soft-hearted, the ones who live to inspire others by living for others, and the ones who never fail to have a twinkle in their eyes.
The Flaming Lips The Soft Bulletin
"The Soft Bulletin really is about despair but....there's no despair in it. I think sometimes you want to sing about despair but I don't think it's like that. It's about being IN despair and singing. It's realizing this despair is not something we're singing about, it's us." - Wayne Coyne. Instant classic.
The Hotelier Home, Like NoPlace Is There
Where has this record been all my life? This is a truly fantastic release that deserves all the praise it's seen here and some more. Edit: This has become one of the hardest fives I've ever given. It got me through a really rough time and it has resonated with me like few others have. It just crushes me in every way. A masterpiece, no doubt about it.
The National Trouble Will Find Me
The National Boxer
The National High Violet
The National Alligator
The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt
One of the most gorgeously human records ever written. It's like sitting on a hillside in the evening, grabbing your guitar, and belting it out at the top of your lungs because at that moment you love life and this earth we've been given more than anything else.
The Violet Burning The Story of Our Lives
The Story of Our Lives is a massive accomplishment for not only Christian music but music in
general. It's a three-part masterpiece that's only resonated stronger with time.
The Weakerthans Left and Leaving
A big part of me believes that Reconstruction Site is the best record Samson has ever written but the emotional gut-punch of Left and Leaving cannot be understated. It's a steadily building atomic bomb. You know something is coming but when it does nothing can prepare you for it. That is "Elergy for Elsabet." Thank goodness it settles down for the final few songs. A masterpiece.
The Weakerthans Reconstruction Site
When people let me down or friends disappear this is the record I'm going to turn to from now on. It's like a warm hug that lifts you up after a bad day. You're discouraged, filled with self-doubt and anxiety, and then Samson sings "I know you might roll your eyes at this, but I'm so glad that you exist." We all need to hear words so simple yet so beautiful.
The Weakerthans Live At Burton Cummings Theatre
The Wrens The Meadowlands
The Greatest Record of All-Time.....It's a big statement. Heck, it's the biggest statement any professed music lover could ever make. I've made the claim myself on numerous occasions, to various degrees of confidence. I'm making the same claim for The Meadowlands by the indie-rock band, The Wrens, and I've never been more confident in it. Sure, ten, maybe even five years down the road I'll find another record that'll wring the claim out of me, music is like that, but right here and right now, this is my favourite record of all-time.
Theocracy Mirror of Souls
Mirror of Souls is simply one of best heavy records I have ever had the pleasure of hearing. The pummeling aggression of "Laying the Demon To Rest" and the twenty-two-minute epic that is the title track are just two examples of the eight flawless gems on display here. One of the best records of the 2000s, hands down.
There Will Be Fireworks The Dark, Dark Bright
From the soaring highs of "And Our Hearts Did Beat" and "River" to the sweeping yet solemn sentimentalism of "Elder and Oak" and "The Good Days," The Dark, Dark Bright is a magnificent achievement.
Thrice Vheissu
U2 The Joshua Tree
Wolves at the Gate VxV
This is the record that got me into the wonderful genre we call metal so it's a personal classic.
Even if that were not the case it's a near flawless release in its own right. It proved this
relatively unknown band had the potential for greatness. Massive potential.
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue
Yellowcard Paper Walls
Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes
On Paper Walls there was a definite sense that the band had truly begun maturing and honing in on their sound. WYTTSY pushes that evolution further still, adding a marvellous sense of reminiscence and optimism. This is a pop/punk album BY adults, made FOR adults. It's the sound of looking back at youth, remembering the good times ("Do you remember when I said you were my only one?), and actually looking forward to a future just as bright and incredible.
Yellowcard Southern Air
"This southern air is all I need, breathe it in and I can see canvasses behind my eyes, all the
colors of my life." This pretty much sums up how I feel about this wonderful record.

4.5 superb
A Bunny's Caravan Draining Puddles, Retrieving Treasures
Draining Puddles.... may only be six songs long but I'm certain the impact will be felt for years.
ABBA Arrival
Arrival is not only the definitive ABBA record (apart from Gold of course) I'd contend that it's one of the defining pop records of the 70s. The group was slowly developing their sound on prior records until everything they had been working towards was fully realized on this classic. It just delivers hit after hit after hit.
ABBA The Album
ABBA Voulez-Vous
ABBA Super Trouper
ABBA The Visitors
ABBA The Magic of ABBA
ABBA More Gold: More Hits
Alcest Écailles De Lune
Alkaline Trio Good Mourning
Anberlin Lowborn
Anberlin Cities
Anberlin Never Take Friendship Personal
Anberlin Devotion
Anberlin New Surrender
Andrew Peterson Light For The Lost Boy
Andrew Peterson Resurrection Letters: Prologue
Andrew Peterson Resurrection Letters: Vol.1
Antarctigo Vespucci Love in the Time of E​-​Mail
Attalus Post Tenebras Lux
Heavy, emotional, epic, beautiful, unique, breathtaking, the descriptions can go on.
Bark Psychosis Hex
Becoming The Archetype Terminate Damnation
Ben Howard I Forget Where We Were
Big Thief U.F.O.F.
Love everything about this. It's reminiscent of the more traditional folk records that have come out this year ("Cattails) but it's also incredibly versatile and innovative. The way the t/t ebbs and flows, "From's" off-kilter melodies, those stunning low notes on "Betsy," etc. A sense of familiarity mixed with a yearning for adventure. Beautiful album.
Bill Callahan Shepherd in a Sheepskin Vest
An album about contentment and the mystery that comes after. Something so beautifully human can only be sung the way Bill does here. Give it a little time and those little lyrical nuggets will move the soul. "True love is not magic, it's certainty."
Blink-182 blink-182
Bomb the Music Industry! Scrambles
Botch We Are the Romans
Like the legendary Jane Doe that came barely two years after, We Are The Romans is another absolute classic record that established just what metalcore as a genre could do.
Botch An Anthology of Dead Ends
Brand New Daisy
Brian Fallon Sleepwalkers
Burial Untrue
Captain, We're Sinking The Future Is Cancelled
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion
Caspian Dust and Disquiet
Cat Power Moon Pix
Chelsea Wolfe Hiss Spun
Chelsea Wolfe Abyss
Cigarettes After Sex Cigarettes After Sex
There is nothing like turning out the lights, opening the blinds so you can see the town lights in rthe distance, and softly jamming this record before going to bed. It's nearly euphoric.
Civilized Creature Steadfast
Civilized Creature's prior records showcased a tasteful blend of electronic music, hip/hop, and organic songwriting without sounding gimmicky or try-hard. On Steadfast, however, our friendly beast fully embraces his electronic side and the results are nothing short of stunning.
Coldplay Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind
Copeland Ixora
Copeland You Are My Sunshine
Copeland Eat, Sleep, Repeat
Copeland Ixora Twin
In some respects, this honestly surpasses the original record.
Deafheaven Sunbather
Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism
Death Therapy The Storm Before The Calm
Deftones Deftones
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist
Deftones Koi No Yokan
Deftones Around the Fur
Destroyer Ken
Destroyer Poison Season
Come, take my hand as we stroll through the glorious Times Square.
Downhere Wide-eyed and mystified
Dr. Manhattan Dr. Manhattan
Emery ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) What It Takes to Move Forward
Evan Call Violet Evergarden: Automemories
Everything in Slow Motion Phoenix
Falling Up Falling Up
Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues
Like many others have lovingly stated, Helplessness Blues is an album of sheer beauty and an unforgettable ode to the wonder of music. Undoubtedly one of the most important records of our time.
glass beach the first glass beach album.
If this is the first Glass Beach album then the second is gonna be mind-shattering.
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Grave Declaration When Dying Souls Scream Praise
Green Day Warning
Green Day Nimrod
Harmonium Les Cinq Saisons
Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness
A sprawling, ingenious, sometimes depressing, but always magnificent creation. I'm completely and utterly floored.
Hopesfall Arbiter
House Of Heroes The End is Not The End
House Of Heroes Suburba
Ichiko Aoba 0
Interpol Turn on the Bright Lights
Isis Oceanic
Jars Of Clay The Long Fall Back to Earth
Long Fall is not only a superb creative leap in Jars' discography, it's also arguably their
best record since Much Afraid. Every song has its own identity and personality. It's lush,
infectious yet melancholy, relatable, and most importantly, human. A pop album worthy of
the loudest applause.
Jars Of Clay Much Afraid
Jars Of Clay 20
Jeff Buckley Grace
Jeff Rosenstock Worry.
Jimmy Eat World Chase This Light
Jimmy Eat World Damage
Jimmy Eat World Static Prevails
Jimmy Eat World Clarity Live
Jimmy Eat World Love Never/half heart
Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World [EP]
John K. Samson Provincial
John K. Samson Winter Wheat
I have no problem with calling John Samson one of the best artists of our generation. His music exudes love, warmth, humility, understanding and compassion, and so on so forth. On Winter Wheat his music dives ever deeper into the vulnerable lives of his characters. It is a behemoth of an album for the folk genre and one to treasure for years, even decades, to come.
Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison
Jon Hopkins Singularity
Jon Hopkins Immunity
Joni Mitchell Blue
Julien Baker Turn Out The Lights
King Creosote From Scotland With Love
Kinoko Teikoku Uzu Ni Naru
A shoegaze album that properly rocks the socks off? Why haven't I heard something as awesome as this before?
Kitty Miami Garden Club
Kye Kye Fantasize
One of the most gorgeously lush dream pop records in recent memory. It falls off ever so slightly in its back half but aside from that it's one to keep in the noggin for years.
La Dispute Wildlife
Lagwagon Let's Talk About Feelings
Lagwagon Railer
If there is any record that has a chance to unseat Prince Daddy for punk album of the year it is this wonderful slab of skater-punk brilliance.
Lambchop FLOTUS
Lambchop OH (Ohio)
Lambchop Damaged
Laura Stevenson Sit Resist
Laura Stevenson The Mystic & the Master
Laura Stevenson The Big Freeze
The Big Freeze takes a far softer and more subtle approach compared to the rock'n'roll anomaly that was Cocksure. To anyone who has already fallen in love with her sweet as honey songwriting, it comes as no surprise to find that this is just as gorgeously delightful.
Low I Could Live in Hope
Lydia Illuminate
This takes everything that makes Copeland brilliant and dials up the warmth another ten notches. One of the best pop/rock records I've heard in the indie scene in a long time.
Manchester Orchestra A Black Mile to the Surface
Manchester Orchestra Simple Math
Metric Art of Doubt
This is how you create an extraordinary synth-pop album. Art of Doubt is a record that blends
insanely catchy melodies with gorgeous, lush sonic textures and colours it all with a dark, indie-
rock flair. One of 2018's most spectacular releases.
mewithoutYou Ten Stories
mewithoutYou Pale Horses
Midnight Choir Amsterdam Stranded
Amsterdam Stranded is at once an understated masterpiece and a show of emotions so grand
and poignant that it immediately betrays its subtly. It is nothing short of magical.
Midwife (USA) Like Author, Like Daughter
Mineral EndSerenading
Endserenading is 90s emo at its absolute best. That it was only Mineral's second (and sadly final) record only provides an extra touch of sadness, like a teary-eyed goodbye that's afraid to look to the future. Yet their final words tell us that we will eventually find peace even when our souls are afraid to rejoice.
Mineral February/ M.D.
Mineral The Power of Failing
Modest Mouse The Moon & Antarctica
Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West
My Bloody Valentine Loveless
As my taste has matured and widened over the years I find I'm consistently amazed at what I can find myself liking. I mean *really* liking. When it comes to pop I'm one who loves a smooth, gentle style; Loveless is almost anything but. The guitar is noisy and harsh and any kind of familiarity and accessibility is buried and difficult to find. The vocals can barely be heard and any sense of melody is sparse if it exists at all. It's a record that wants you to listen closely to hear its incredibly intricate sonic landscape yet, at the same time, it's content to be the best darn background noise you could ever hear. The clash between violent and gentle shouldn't work but it does so, so well. It's just intoxicating.
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Let Love In
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds No More Shall We Part
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree
Nick Drake Pink Moon
O'Brother Garden Window
How do I even begin to describe a record such as O'Brother's Garden Window? For one thing, it's musically untamed and explosive in both its sound and scope, trying out new and innovative styles with every song and managing to pull them all off. This is no doubt a post-hardcore staple of the 2010s.
Oomori Seiko Kusokawa Party
Oomori Seiko Sennou
Opeth Orchid
Opeth Watershed
Opeth Heritage
Paramore Paramore
In my eyes, this is a quintessential pop/rock record. Every hook is unbelievably infectious, the band's signature spunky attitude rings loud and true, and when it winds down it can be astoundingly beautiful. When you want to hear a musical transition done right you look to this record.
Paul Buchanan Mid Air
Heard the title track during the credits of the beautiful film About Time, I looked it up, I listened, I realized this was the singer of the Blue Nile, and I fell in love.
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
Placebo Without You I'm Nothing
Prince Daddy and The Hyena I Thought You Didn't Even Like Leaving
This is what music is all about ladies and gents. Jammin out, having the time of our lives, making memories, just taking in the raw youth of it all.
Project 86 Wait for the Siren
Project 86 ...And the Rest Will Follow
Propaganda (Hip-Hop) Crooked
Propaganda (Hip-Hop) Excellent
Each and every time I play this album I'm left in a mess of tears. One of the few albums (along with Beautiful Eulogy's Instruments of Mercy) that taught me how profoundly beautiful rap could be.
Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime
R.E.M. Automatic for the People
Radiohead In Rainbows: From the Basement
Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Radwimps Your Name.
I love this film so much. I always find myself going back to the soundtrack whenever I'm studying, browsing the web, or when I'm just in the mood for music to think along with.
Red (USA) Of Beauty and Rage
Red (USA) Innocence and Instinct
Relient K Forget and Not Slow Down
Sho Baraka The Narrative
Sigur Ros ( )
From the soaring yet delicate first half to the despairingly dark and epic second, ( ) is a post-rock masterpiece. Sit back and let your own life fill in the gaps.
Sigur Ros Takk...
What if someone managed to capture the warm, orange glow of a sunrise and inject it into a note, a lyric, or a melody? What if someone made a whole album out of it? I believe someone did and we have the incredible opportunity to hear and experience it for ourselves. Takk.... is that album. It's a sublime wonder that you only get to hear once in a lifetime.
Silent Planet Everything Was Sound
Sleeping at Last Atlas - Space 1
Sleeping at Last Atlas - Space 2
Sleeping at Last Darkness
Sleeping at Last Atlas - Land
Sleeping at Last Atlas - Oceans
Sleeping at Last Atlas: Emotions
Sleeping at Last Atlas: Senses
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - January
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - February
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - April
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - May
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - October
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - November
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - December
Slint Spiderland
Sons Keep Quiet
Keep Quiet was Sons first and only full-length project before disbanding the following year and, against all odds, it's an indie rock masterpiece. It was also one of the few records that played a part in expanding the boundaries of my musical palette. "Ghost" alone is an all-time best but the opening five cuts are utter perfection. I dearly hope the band reunites and writes another record one day but if that never happens I guess I'll go on refusing to keep quiet about this one.
Split End Deep Love
Starflyer 59 Silver
One of the absolute best shoegaze albums of the 90s. Hazy, dreamy, and very, very alien.
How is this never mentioned?
Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline
Wanted to find a random ambient/drone record to fall asleep to. I found this. It was the best sleep I had ever had.
Starset Transmissions
Starset Vessels 2.0
I truly don't understand why I love this record as much as I do. Alas, this continues to dazzle me
with each spin and somehow even manages to get better with time.
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb
Sunhouse Crazy on the Weekend
Switchfoot Where the Light Shines Through
A fantastic soundtrack to a family day out at the coast. While not an "objectively" brilliant record it holds plenty of special memories. It's Switchfoot's most open, spirited, and downright enjoyable record of their career.
Switchfoot Nothing is Sound
Talk Talk The Colour of Spring
Talkie Hablas
Taylor Swift 1989
I'll say it loud and clear and without shame: I'm a massive Swifty. 1989 is pop brilliance. It has some of the best hooks of Swift's career, the 80s throwback is delicious, and the entire record is just one infectious, sugary jam. Quite possibly my all-time favourite modern pop record.
Taylor Swift Fearless
I'll shout it out fearlessly that I love this record. So sweet, so sincere, and just so lovely.
Taylor Swift Speak Now
Taylor Swift Lover
Oh, how I missed this sweet, playful, romantic side of Ms (Mrs?). T Swift. Lover is everything I could want from rher: bops to last for days, touching ballads, and a healthy dose of innocent, silly fun. Oh yeah, and a couple rof absolute blinders like "Cornelia Street."
The Antlers Burst Apart
The Antlers Familiars
The Antlers make the most gorgeously evocative and enchanting album of their career. It was love at first sight for me and as time continues to tick by I've only grown more and more fond of it.
The Armed Only Love
The Arrogant Sons of Bitches Three Cheers For Disappointment
The Beach Boys Pet Sounds
The Choir Bloodshot
Bloodshot is a stunningly beautiful yet sobering portrayal of divorce and forgiveness. The Choir
masterfully spin a melancholic tale of fading love, broken hearts, and shattered lives picking up
the pieces and, with bloodshot eyes, choosing to look forward.
The Choir Shadow Weaver
The Church Starfish
The Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works
The Gaslight Anthem The '59 Sound
The Gray Havens Fire and Stone
The Horrible Crowes Elsie
The Maine Lovely Little Lonely
Gotta hand it to the Maine, this is another really solid release and easily one of the best pop/rock albums of the year. American Candy was great yet this takes their sound that much further.
The Maine You Are OK
Took me awhile to warm up to what this album was doing stylistically but given the chance, this just grows and grows and..... This should be the staple pop record of 2019.
The Menzingers After the Party
The Menzingers On the Impossible Past
The Menzingers Rented World
The Mountain Goats Goths
The National Cherry Tree
The National Sleep Well Beast
After months of listening it dawned on me that Sleep Well Beast may just be The National's second
best album, sitting comfortably below Trouble Will Find Me. May even make the second slot on my
year-end list.
The National Boxer Live in Brussels
The Porter's Gate Work Songs: The Porter's Gate Worship Project Vol.
One of the most essential Christian records to come out in the past five years. Porter's Gate is the image of a church filled with people from different walks of life coming together in unity and sharing that love and warmth to those who have none.
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead
The Swell Season The Swell Season
The Tallest Man on Earth Dark Bird Is Home
The Tallest Man on Earth I Love You. It's a Fever Dream.
The War on Drugs A Deeper Understanding
The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream
The Weakerthans Reunion Tour
Theocracy As the World Bleeds
Third Eye Blind Third Eye Blind
Best summer jam of the 90s? You better believe it!
Thrice The Illusion of Safety
Tiny Moving Parts Celebrate
Twila Paris He Is Exalted Live
As someone who's rarely a fan of live worship records, this one is a strong five, not only because
it is the single most nostalgic piece of music I own, but it's also excellent as a standalone live
record as well. I have so many vivid memories attached to this thing that a single second of these
songs is enough to transport me to a certain time and place where I was beginning to find out who
I was as a person. I can't quite put into words how much these songs mean to me.
U2 The Unforgettable Fire
U2 Boy
U2 War
A punk album for the dissatisfied and the disillusioned. It's revolutionary. Musically every song is memorable in more ways than one. The grooves and guitar licks catch your ear immediately, followed by Bono's intense vocals and the catchy percussion. Add to that the brilliantly creative instrumentation and layer upon layer of depth and you have the makings of a classic.
U2 Achtung Baby
Vansire Angel Youth
Vansire craft a gorgeously warm and subtle lo-fi dream-pop album that erupts with young adult sentimentalism, melancholy, and childhood nostalgia. All of this they wrap up in a wonderfully cosy aesthetic that sounds and feels like a lazy early morning. I cannot get enough of it.
Wavorly Conquering the Fear of Flight
Hands down the best record Rob Graves has ever produced. Tragically under-recognised.
Wilco Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Wilco Summerteeth
William Ryan Key Thirteen
William Ryan Key Virtue
The king of pop/punk is back yet again but do we finally have a stinker from the dude? Not at all. It's just another brilliant ep. You know. The standard, everyday stuff.
Wolves at the Gate Types and Shadows
Yellowcard Yellowcard
A beautifully emotional sendoff to one of the most consistently amazing bands to ever come out of the pop/punk scene. Long live Yellowcard. Thanks for the memories.
Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss
Zao Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest
Zao The Well-Intentioned Virus
Zao Liberate Te Ex Inferis

4.0 excellent
'68 Two Parts Viper
Abandon Kansas Ad Astra Per Aspera
Agalloch Pale Folklore
Alkaline Trio Is This Thing Cursed?
2018's After The Party? It's definitely in the conversation, that's how good this thing is.rEDIT: Not quite After the Party level of brilliance but a superb punk offering nonetheless.
Alkaline Trio Goddamnit
Alkaline Trio Maybe I'll Catch Fire
Alkaline Trio From Here To Infirmary
All Sons & Daughters Live
Alvvays Antisocialites
Anathema Weather Systems
Anberlin Vital
Anberlin Dark Is the Way, Light Is a Place
Anberlin Blueprints for the Black Market
Andrew Peterson The Burning Edge of Dawn
Antighost Animal Panic!
Arcade Fire Funeral
As Cities Burn Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest
Astronauts Hollow Ponds
Astronoid Air
Attalus Into the Sea
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore
Avantasia Ghostlights
Avantasia Moonglow
February has been insane with these releases. Power metal doesn't get much better than this.
Bad Books III
Beach Slang The Things We Do to Find People Who Feel
Beautiful Eulogy Satellite Kite
Beautiful Eulogy Worthy
Becoming The Archetype Celestial Completion
Bent Knee Shiny Eyed Babies
Bent Knee You Know What I Mean
Two amazing Courtney Swain led projects this year? I feel spoiled.
Big Thief Two Hands
Blink-182 Enema of the State
Blurred City Lights Volker
Bomb the Music Industry! Goodbye Cool World!
Bomb the Music Industry! Adults!!!: Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing!!!!!!!
Bomethius As Roses
Bomethius Sweet Nothings
Bon Iver Bon Iver, Bon Iver
Botch American Nervoso
Brand New Deja Entendu
Brandi Carlile By the Way, I Forgive You
Breathless Green to Blue
Britt Nicole Britt Nicole
Never been much of a fan of Nicole's previous efforts but she really outdid herself on this one.
There are a few misses here, like the stripped back "Better" and the closer "After You" which
kinda sounds like it was included so it could satisfy a Christian audience. Other than those few
bumps this is a fantastic pop record.
Brooke Fraser Flags
Carly Rae Jepsen Emotion: Side B
Cave In Until Your Heart Stops
Chelsea Wolfe The Grime And The Glow
What an entrancing record. I won't be surprised if it ends up being one of my favs from the goth queen.
Chelsea Wolfe Apokalypsis
Chelsea Wolfe Pain Is Beauty
Children 18:3 Children 18:3
Christine Fellows Roses on the Vine
CHVRCHES Every Open Eye
Citizen As You Please
Citizens and Saints A Mirror Dimly
Civilian You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs
Civilized Creature A New Heart
Civilized Creature Permission To Feel
Civilized Creature Tales and Tails
Civilized Creature Of The Uncaused Cause
Coldplay Parachutes
Colony House When I Was Younger
Converge You Fail Me
Converge The Dusk in Us
Converge When Forever Comes Crashing
Copeland Beneath Medicine Tree
Copeland In Motion
Count Me In How's Your Heart, Kid?
2018 needed a pop/punk record like this one. Quality stuff in the vein of classic Blink and Yellowcard. Debut records don't get much better than this.
Craig Finn I Need A New War
Cult of Luna A Dawn to Fear
Cursive Vitriola
Damien Jurado The Horizon Just Laughed
Damien Rice O
David Crowder Band Give Us Rest
David Crowder Band Church Music
David Crowder Band A Collision Or (3 + 4 = 7)
David Sylvian Blemish
Dc Talk Jesus Freak
Deas Vail All The Houses Look The Same
Death Cab for Cutie Narrow Stairs
Death Cab for Cutie Plans
Deftones Gore
Delirious? World Service
One of the best CCM records of the 2000s. It was ahead of its time, introducing sounds and styles other worship acts never thought or even dared to touch.
Delirious? Kingdom of Comfort
Delirious? Glo
Demon Hunter Outlive
Demon Hunter Extremist
Demon Hunter True Defiance
Derek Webb Ctrl
Derek Webb She Shall and Must Go Free
Derek Webb Fingers Crossed
Fingers Crossed is a devastating listen detailing a broken man beginning to lose his faith. Webb's
music may have been emotional before but nothing he's released hits quite as
hard as this.
Dessa Chime
Destroyer Rubies
Destroyer Your Blues
Dirge (FR) Wings Of Lead Over Dormant Seas
Dirge (FR) Elysian Magnetic Fields
Dirge (FR) Lost Empyrean
Dorena Nuet
Downhere Ending is Beginning
Dr. Manhattan Jam Dreams
Dustin Kensrue The Water and the Blood
Eisley I'm Only Dreaming
Elder Brother Stay Inside
Ellie Holcomb As Sure As The Sun
Emery You Were Never Alone
Emily Scott Robinson Traveling Mercies
An absolutely splendid country offering that wholly deserves to see the same success Musgraves saw last year.
Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate) Home After Three Months Away
Enemy of Satan Enemy of Satan
Everything But the Girl Temperamental
Extol Extol
Falling Up Hours
Falls of Rauros Patterns in Mythology
Fennesz Venice
Fever Fever Aftermath
Fit for a King Slave to Nothing
Fit for a King Dark Skies
Fleet Foxes Fleet Foxes
Fleshkiller Awaken
Flotation Toy Warning The Machine That Made Us
Flyleaf New Horizons
Flyleaf Flyleaf
Foreknown (USA-CA, Hip-Hop) Ornithology
Foxing The Albatross
Foxing Nearer My God
Take the emo sensibilities of Brand New, throw in the vocal eccentricities of Modest Mouse, and douse it all in the sublime atmosphere of The Antlers and you'll have a product called Nearer, My God. In other words, a forceful AOTY contender.
Frightened Rabbit The Winter of Mixed Drinks
From Indian Lakes Everything Feels Better Now
Further Seems Forever The Moon Is Down
Glen Hansard This Wild Willing
Glen Hansard Rhythm and Repose
Glen Hansard Didn't He Ramble
Good Saint Nathanael Hide No Truth
Gorillaz Demon Days
Graduating Life Grad Life
Grandview Everything Between Paint and a Wall
Green Day Insomniac
Green Day Revolution Radio
Group 1 Crew Power
Grouper A I A
Guided by Voices Bee Thousand
Gungor Ghosts Upon the Earth
Haley Heynderickx I Need to Start a Garden
Sit back and let Haley's simple but beautiful instrumentation wash over you. A superb folk record.
Hammock Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
Haru Nemuri Haru to Shura
Haste the Day Attack of the Wolf King
Heath NcNease Who Knows? Who Cares?
Heath NcNease Thrift Store Jesus
Heath NcNease The Weight of Glory
Hop Along Bark Your Head Off, Dog
Hope For The Dying Legacy
Hope For The Dying Dissimulation
Hopesfall The Satellite Years
I Mean Us OST
Ichiko Aoba Utabiko
Ichiko Aoba Kamisori Otome
Ichiko Aoba Origami
Ichiko Aoba QP
I would very happily get lost in this music forever. This girl has a truly special gift.
Immortal Souls Wintermetal
Iron Chic You Can't Stay Here
Isis Celestial
Isis Panopticon
Ithaca The Language of Injury
You know those records that make you clench your fist, make you pull a dirty face,
and head bang like it's your last night on earth? Yeah, this is one of those, and
there's a beauty to it that ties it all together.
Jars Of Clay Inland
Jars Of Clay Who We Are Instead
Jason Isbell Southeastern
Jeff Rosenstock We Cool?
Jeff Rosenstock POST-
Jeremy Camp Speaking Louder Than Before
Jessica Pratt On Your Own Love Again
Jimmy Eat World Integrity Blues Acoustic
Can Jimmy Eat World's music be any more beautiful?
Jimmy Eat World Firestarter
Jimmy Eat World Stay on My Side Tonight
The most emo thing Jimmy has ever released which, in and of itself, makes this essential. That it has one of their top 10 songs in "Closer" makes it stand out that much more.
Joe Purdy Julie Blue
John Mark McMillan Borderland
John Mark McMillan Live at the Knight
John Van Deusen D-Sides
John Van Deusen (I Am) Origami Pt. 2 Every Power Wide Awake
John Van Deusen (I Am) Origami, Pt. 3: A Catacomb Hymn
Jon Foreman The Wonderlands: Sunlight
Jon Foreman The Wonderlands: Shadows
Jon Foreman The Wonderlands: Darkness
Jon Foreman The Wonderlands: Dawn
Jon Foreman Fall and Winter
Josh Garrels Love and War and The Sea In Between
Josh Garrels The Light Came Down
Josh Garrels Chrysaline
Keane Hopes & Fears
Really pretty pop record and although it doesn't offer a lot more than that,
whoever said just sounding pretty was a bad thing? This can be downright beautiful
and sometimes that's more than enough.
Keith Green For Him Who Has Ears
Keith Green Songs for the Shepard
Kendrick Lamar good kid, m.A.A.d city
Kevin Devine Brother's Blood
Kevin Devine Bubblegum
Kings Kaleidoscope Becoming Who We Are
Kings Kaleidoscope Beyond Control
Kinoko Teikoku Eureka
Kishi Bashi Omoiyari
La Dispute Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair
Lagwagon Hoss
Lambchop I Hope You're Sitting Down
It's a debut so there was clearly some room for improvement but there were also a good number of
absolute classic Lambchop songs on this record. And that cover gets me every time.
Lambchop Nixon
Lambchop This (is what I wanted to tell you)
Lambchop take their electronic excursion even further on this record and the
results are even more focused, subtle, and free-flowing than their last. Could be yet
another late-career classic for the 'Chop.
Lantlos .neon
Lauren Balthrop This Time Around
Leeland Sound of Melodies
Leeland The Great Awakening
Lisel Angels on the Slope
Living Sacrifice The Infinite Order
Lovelite In Three Persons
Lovelite Apocalypse Hymnal
Low Double Negative
The four songs released thus far are sublime. If this ends up being another AOTY
EDIT: Yep, this is wonderful.
Low Long Division
A stunningly sparse beauty. It'll be a grower for sure but a good handful of late night spins should do the job.
Low The Curtain Hits the Cast
Luminate Come Home
Madison Cunningham Who Are You Now?
Soulful, creative, beautifully melancholic and so peppy and catchy.... This is
2019's Bark Your Head Off, Dog.
Makthaverskan III
Really underrated record this year but it has some incredible cuts. "Leda," "In My Dreams," and "Siren" are top picks. They have a heavier Alvvays sound which is a great thing.
Mayday Parade A Lesson In Romantics
Mercury Rev Deserter's Songs
Metric Fantasies
Mew +-
mewithoutYou A to B: Life
On mewithoutYou's debut record, the rough, abrasive sound doesn't quite affect me the same way the more melodic aspects of the band's sound does on later records. Even so, it's a remarkable debut.
mewithoutYou Catch For Us the Foxes
mewithoutYou It's All Crazy! It's All False! It's All A Dream! It's Alright!
mewithoutYou [untitled] e.p.
This is the calm before the storm. The peace before the catastrophe. The quiet before the blast. It's the feeling of waiting for the calamity that you know all too well is inevitable.
Michael W. Smith I'll Lead You Home
Mike Mains and The Branches Calm Down, Everything Is Fine
Mike Mains and The Branches When We Were In Love
Mr. Mains and the Branches have a fine, fine record on their hands here. A splendid feel-rgood pop record full of romantic sentimentalism and a dash of autumn melancholy.
Millencolin Life On A Plate
Modest Mouse This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
Modest Mouse Good News for People Who Love Bad News
Mree The Middle
Muse Absolution
Muse Black Holes & Revelations
MxPx Life in General
My Epic Yet
My Epic Broken Voice
My Epic Viscera
Needtobreathe Rivers In The Wasteland
Needtobreathe The Reckoning
Needtobreathe The Outsiders
Needtobreathe Live From The Woods
Needtobreathe Forever On Your Side
Neon Horse Haunted Horse: Songs of Love, Defiance and Delusio
New Radicals Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
Newsboys Love Liberty Disco
The best Newsboys album and I'll take that to my grave.
NF Mansion
Nichole Nordeman Every Mile Shattered
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds The Boatman's Call
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Henry's Dream
Nick Drake Five Leaves Left
Night Verses From the Gallery of Sleep
Noname Room 25
Norma Jean Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child
Ah, Norma Jean's debut with The Chariot's Josh Scogin at the helm. It was a solid start but
not one I see myself coming back to all that often over their later material.

EDIT: Coming back to this a year later and it really jams.
Norma Jean Redeemer
Novo Amor Birthplace
Numenorean Adore
Oh, Sleeper Son Of The Morning
Oh, Sleeper Children Of Fire
Opeth Deliverance & Damnation Remixed
Opeth Deliverance
Opeth In Cauda Venenum
Opeth continues to be their daring, adventurous selves, but this time they pull it off with flying colours. This is some of the best material Opeth has written in years.
Owen At Home With Owen
If American Football went acoustic I'd imagine it would sound something like At Home With Owen and that is a very good thing indeed.
Paddy Hanna Frankly, I Mutate
Pale Waves My Mind Makes Noises
Many problems plague this release (it severely lacks variety and originality and it's far too rlong) but in the face of them all, this is a perfectly fine release that works as an enjoyable, catchy backing track for some night shopping, driving, etc.
Paper Route The Peace Of Wild Things
Paper Route Real Emotion
Paramore After Laughter
Talk about a grower. Was fairly disappointed with Paramore's latest when I first heard it but it's only grown on me little by little since. At this moment, it's sitting among my favourite pop albums this half of the decade.
Paramore Riot!
Paramore All We Know Is Falling
Penfold Amateurs and Professionals
Penny and Sparrow Tenboom
Perry Blake California
Perspectives Stay For Those Who Care
Petra Beyond Belief
Petra Petra Praise 2
Just a simple, timeless worship record from a great band.
Phoebe Bridgers Stranger In The Alps
Phoenix Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Pink Floyd Animals
Pompeii Loom
Prince Daddy and The Hyena Adult Summers
Project 86 Songs to Burn Your Bridges By
Project 86 Picket Fence Cartel
PUP The Dream Is Over
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze
Radiohead The King of Limbs
Radiohead Amnesiac
Radiohead OKNOTOK 1997-2017
The regular record is an all-time classic. This re-release adds another eleven B-sides to the original and while they aren't on par with that record they're undoubtedly brilliant in their own right.
Red (USA) Until We Have Faces
Red (USA) End of Silence
Red (USA) Gone
Regina Spektor Begin To Hope
Relient K Mmhmm
Rend Collective Good News
Gotta give it to the Collective. I've liked their past output but they were still struggling with
that generic shell that permeates most worship music. That's been toned down a lot here. The music
and the emotion feel genuine and it's a well-crafted record overall.
Resurrection Band / Rez Awaiting Your Reply
Rivers and Robots Discovery
Such gorgeously dreamy soundscapes on a worship album? Hallelujah!
Robbie Seay Band Rich and Poor
Ron Gallo Heavy Meta
Sanctus Real Fight The Tide
Sara Groves Invisible Empires
Sara Groves Floodplain
Sara Groves Fireflies and Songs
Sebastian Field Picture Stone
Seizures The Sanity Universal
Seizures Reverie of the Revolving Diamond
Sherwood QU
Sherwood Some Things Never Leave You
Shiina Ringo Kalk Samen Kuri no Hana
Shiina Ringo Heisei Fuuzoku
Showbread Showbread is Showdead
Showbread Cancer
Showbread The Fear of God
Showbread Age of Reptiles
Showbread No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical
Shura forevher
There are pop records that tend to copy the sound of a particular by-gone era and then there are records that
understand those eras and craft something magical from them with its own fingerprints. It's a rare sound but
forevher is one of those special times where I can hear it.
Sigur Ros Med Sud i Eyrum vid Spilum Endalaust
Although Med Sud is a step down from previous records (and really, four masterpieces in a row would be tough for any band to pull off) I'd wager that it's the band's most free sounding and fun release to this point. But since the hilarious cover already gave it away I guess that's not too surprising!
Sigur Ros Valtari
Where do you go after releasing your most upbeat and lighthearted work to date? You strip it all away and embrace pure, gentle ambience. Valtari is simple but beautiful. Because of this, it may be the most difficult to enjoy for some. It has more in common with ( )'s second half than it does with their other records (especially Takk....), but in no way is this as dark as ( ). If you accept it for what it is and give it some patience it'll reveal itself to you in its own way. In other words, it follows the Sigur Ros tradition of giving each record its own distinct character and Valtari's happens to be as wonderful as everything before it.
Sleeping at Last Atlas: Intelligence
Sleeping at Last Keep No Score
Sleeping at Last Light
Sleeping at Last Atlas - Life
Sleeping at Last Storyboards
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - March
Sleeping at Last Yearbook - June
Sleeping at Last Enneagram
Sleeping Giant I AM
Sleeping Giant end their career with a satisfying bang of hardcore bliss. It doesn't get much better than this.
Slowdive Pygmalion
Soul Embraced Dead Alive
Soutaisei Riron Hi-Fi Anatomia
Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Spoken Illusion
Starflyer 59 Gold
Starflyer 59 Americana
Starflyer 59 The Fashion Focus
Starflyer 59 Everybody Makes Mistakes
State Faults Clairvoyant
Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil Goliath
Suis La Lune Heir
Switchfoot Hello Hurricane
Switchfoot The Beautiful Letdown
Switchfoot The Edge of the Earth
Now, this is the Switchfoot music I dream of hearing. Experimental, dark, brooding, genuinely emotional and inspiring, a full record of this would be incredible.
Taking Back Sunday Louder Now
Talk Talk Spirit of Eden
Talkie Everything Matters
Another brilliant throwback to the surf rock of the 70s. They've expanded their
sound and taken it to the highest peaks yet.
Taylor Swift Reputation
Let's be honest, Reputation was quite possibly the most unanticipated album of this year. After the excellent 1989, I was ready for a complete disaster after having heard the first single, "Look what You Made Me Do." While that is still a musical atrocity, Reputation actually exceeds expectations. "Delicate" is one of the best songs she's written this side of Speak Now. "Dancing with Our Hands Tied" has a fantastic chorus, and even "Gorgeous" has grown. The album does go off track at times, especially with "End Game" and the aforementioned "LWYMMD." "So It Goes" is also one of the blandest songs she's ever written. It's a bit of a mess but, dare I say, it's quite enjoyable to hear the treasures that pop up on more than one occasion.
The All-American Rejects Move Along
The Antlers Undersea
The Appleseed Cast Mare Vitalis
The Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl, Volume I
The Appleseed Cast Low Level Owl, Vol. 2
The Brilliance Brother
The Chariot One Wing
The Chariot Long Live
The Choir Burning Like The Midnight Sun
The Choir The Loudest Sound Ever Heard
The Choir Chase the Kangaroo
The Choir Circle Slide
The City Harmonic Heart
The Classic Crime The Silver Cord
The Classic Crime What Was Done, Vol. 1: A Decade Revisited
The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts
The Decemberists Picaresque
The Dillinger Escape Plan Option Paralysis
The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer
The Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation
The Ember Days More Than You Think
The Gathering How to Measure a Planet?
The Get Up Kids Something to Write Home About
The Hotelier Goodness
The Innocence Mission Sun on the Square
Everything about this record is sublime. I could listen to it for hours upon hours upon hours....
The Innocence Mission The Snow on Pi Day
The Jesus Lizard Goat
The Joy Formidable AAARTH
Holy S#$%!
The Lawrence Arms The Greatest Story Ever Told
The Maine American Candy
The Mountain Goats The Sunset Tree
The Offspring Smash
The Oh Hellos Dear Wormwood
The Oh Hellos Through The Deep, Dark Valley
The Ongoing Concept Handmade
The Smith Street Band No One Gets Lost Anymore
The Swell Season Once: Music From The Motion Picture
The Swell Season Strict Joy
The Tallest Man on Earth There's No Leaving Now
The Tallest Man on Earth Shallow Grave
The Tallest Man on Earth When the Bird Sees the Solid Ground
"Forever Is a Very Long Time" is an incredibly strong contender for the best song this wonderful man has ever written.
The Weakerthans Fallow
The World Is a Beautiful Place... Whenever, If Ever
Theocracy Theocracy
Theocracy Ghost Ship
Third Day Revival
Mainstream CCM hasn't seen an album this good in years. It's a genuine, nostalgic and effortlessly
enjoyable Gospel record that can be played countless times over. Massive respect to Third Day for
closing their career with this rock n' roll treasure.
Thousand Foot Krutch Welcome to the Masquerade
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol. I: Fire
Thrice Major/Minor
Toby Driver They Are the Shield
tobyMac Portable Sounds
Trading Yesterday More Than This
As incredibly simple as this is I cannot help but fall for its earnest charm. It so clearly tries to be great with everything it has. Its simplicity can taste a little bland at times but overall I'm always moved in some way.
Transit Joyride
Transit Listen and Forgive
Turnover Peripheral Vision
Underoath Define the Great Line
Underoath Lost in the Sound of Separation
Unwound Leaves Turn Inside You
Vansire The Rolling, Driftless North
Vansire Reflections And Reveries
Warbly Jets Warbly Jets
Weeping Hour Hunger and Thirst
Weezer The White Album
Weezer Pinkerton
William Tyler Goes West
Window to the Abbey Moving Around Bias
Within Temptation The Silent Force
Wolves at the Gate Captors
Yellowcard Underdog
Yellowcard Lights and Sounds
Yellowcard One for the Kids
Yellowcard Lift a Sail
Yellowcard When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes Acoustic
Yellowcard Ocean Avenue Acoustic
Young Lions Burn
Such a fantastic rock album. Proud of my fellow Brisbane natives. Lads put on a great show as well.
Young Lions Mr. Spaceman
Zao Parade of Chaos
Zao (Self-Titled)
Zao The Funeral of God

3.5 great
(Sandy) Alex G House Of Sugar
A Great Big Pile of Leaves You're Always on My Mind
A Will Away Here Again
Abandoned Pools Sublime Currency
Adam Watts When a Heart Wakes Up
Agalloch The Mantle
Air Review How We Got By
Alcest Kodama
All Sons & Daughters Poets and Saints
All The Luck In The World A Blind Arcade
All Time Low Don't Panic
Guilty pleasure? Possibly. Either way, this thing has some incredible hooks.
Amanda Cook Brave New World
American Football American Football (LP3)
Anamanaguchi Endless Fantasy
Anathema We're Here Because We're Here
Anberlin Lost Songs
Anchor & Braille Songs for the Late Night Drive Home
Andrew Peterson Counting Stars
Andrew Peterson The Resurrection Letters Vol. 2
Angel Olsen All Mirrors
Arcade Fire The Suburbs
Archabald Relativity
As They Sleep Dynasty
Astronoid Astronoid
Athlete Black Swan
Smooth, dreamy, and at times beautiful, Black Swan is an excellent indie rock release that's held back only by its habit of sounding just a little too tame throughout.
Auditorium The First Music
Audrey Assad Inheritance
August Burns Red Phantom Anthem
August Burns Red Leveler
Avion Roe In Separation
Avril Lavigne Under My Skin
Avril Lavigne The Best Damn Thing
Azusa Heavy Yoke
Bandit Of Life
bansheebeat Lumine
Basement Beside Myself
Bayside Interrobang
Beach House Bloom
Beast In Black From Hell With Love
Becoming The Archetype Dichotomy
Bee Gees Number Ones
Bellarive The Heartbeat
Bent Knee Bent Knee
Better Oblivion Community Center Better Oblivion Community Center
Big Wild Superdream
Bill Callahan Dream River
Bill Ryder-Jones Yawn
Billie Eilish When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?
Well this is a surprise. From an unremarkable debut to what will most likely become rone of the best pop albums of 2019. Never would have expected it.
Bleachers Strange Desire
Bleachers Gone Now
How could you possibly hate something so damn catchy? I liked Bleacher's debut, Strange Desire, well enough, but in my eyes, this is even better. It's fun, diverse, and incredibly imaginative.
Blink-182 Take Off Your Pants And Jacket
Bomb the Music Industry! To Leave or Die in Long Island
Bomb the Music Industry! Get Warmer
Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver 22, A Million
Bon Iver i,i
A beautiful ode to a wonderful career. This sounds like everything Justin Vernon
has been building up to, incorporating every aspect of his sound into a really
tasteful record.
Bon Jovi Greatest Hits - The Ultimate Collection
Boston Manor Welcome to the Neighbourhood
"Bad Machine" is in the running to be among the best songs of the year....if only
the rest of the record was as fantastic as that gem. It has an infectious sound and
intriguing aesthetic but it's a little disappointing how it never surpasses or even
matches the quality of that one song again.
Boygenius Boygenius
Brand New Your Favorite Weapon
Brian Fallon Painkillers
Bright Eyes I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning
Brooke Fraser Brutal Romantic
Brooke Fraser Albertine
Bruce Springsteen Western Stars
The Boss is still able to conjure up that Americana magic decades into his career. That ralone deserves praise. That the album is really, really good is just the cream on top.
Capstan Restless Heart, Keep Running
Captain Kudzu Arboretum
Car Bomb Centralia
Cara Neir Part III / Part IV
Carly Rae Jepsen Dedicated
This is every bit as consistently excellent as Emotion was. Sure, the highs aren't quite as high as something like "Run Away With Me" or "Your Type," but when the music itself is this stupidly catchy it's easy to call Dedicated another runaway success.
Charmaine Love Reality
Chelsea Wolfe Birth of Violence
The queen slays yet again. This stares into the Abyss and challenges it without a rsingle drop of fear.
Chevelle Sci-Fi Crimes
Children 18:3 Come In
Children 18:3 Rain's 'A Comin'
Chinese Football Chinese Football
Me and the boys just chilling out with the guitar noodlers.
Citizens and Saints Citizens
Citizens and Saints Fear
City Calm Down Echoes In Blue
Civil War Gods And Generals
Killer band, killer vocals, killer artwork, killer music, killer record!
Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head
Coldplay Ghost Stories
Coldplay Prospekt's March
Colour Anthology
colourblind Move Like You
Come Wind Move in Place
Converge No Heroes
Converge Beautiful Ruin
Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky
Cool Hand Luke Of Man
Courtney Swain Monstre
Creeper Eternity, In Your Arms
Crosses Crosses
Crowded House Woodface
Crowder American Prodigal
Crowder Neon Steeple
Cursive The Ugly Organ
Cyndi Lauper Shes So Unusual
Damien Rice 9
Daughters Daughters
David Crowder Band Illuminate
De Staat Bubble Gum
Dead Leaves Vultures
Default Genders main pop girl 2019
Deftones Adrenaline
Delirious? The Mission Bell
Delta Sleep Ghost City
Deluge Unshakable
As a young fellow, I found this record hidden in the closet of the house we were moving into. It quickly became the first album I would call "My all-time favourite!" And in all honesty, although I cannot in good conscious call it that today, seeds of where my musical taste would eventually end up are sprinkled over this.
Demon Hunter War
Demon Hunter Peace
Demon Hunter The World Is a Thorn
Demon Hunter Storm the Gates of Hell
Demon Hunter Summer of Darkness
Derek Webb I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry, And I Love You
Destroyer City Of Daughters
Destroyer Trouble In Dreams
Diamond Youth Nothing Matters
Dirge (FR) And Shall The Sky Descend
Dirge (FR) Hyperion
Dirge (FR) Alma Baltica
Disciple (USA-TN) Long Live the Rebels
Disciple (USA-TN) Attack
Disciple (USA-TN) Horseshoes and Hand Grenades
Disciple (USA-TN) Love Letter Kill Shot
Downhere On The Altar of Love
Downhere So much for substitutes
Drab Majesty Modern Mirror
Edison Glass Time Is Fiction
Eisley Room Noises
Ellie Holcomb Red Sea Road
Emma Ruth Rundle Some Heavy Ocean
Everyone Everywhere Everyone Everywhere
Fair Disappearing World
Falling Up Your Sparkling Death Cometh
Fenne Lily On Hold
Field Mouse Hold Still Life
Fishmans Long Season
Fit for a King Deathgrip
Floppy [USA] Months
Florence and the Machine High as Hope
Flyleaf Between the Stars
For All Eternity Metanoia
For All Eternity The Will to Rebuild
Finally listened to this two years later. Glad I did!
Foxing Dealer
Francis Marathon
Franz Ferdinand You Could Have It So Much Better
Friolento Destroy All Bad Luck
Future of Forestry Awakened to the Sound
Gates Bloom and Breathe
Gena Rose Bruce Can't Make You Love Me
Glen Hansard Between Two Shores
Goo Goo Dolls Greatest Hits Volume One: The Singles
Say what you will, I love this band's sound. This is the best collection around. Melodramatic, nostalgic, and highly listenable.
Goo Goo Dolls Dizzy Up The Girl
Gotye Like Drawing Blood
Green Day 21st Century Breakdown
Grouper Grid of Points
Gulfer Dog Bless
Got this one free from Topshelf records due to an email mistake. Now, this is what I like! Raw, mathy emo with a punk bite. Thank you, lads!
Gungor Beautiful Things
Harker No Discordance
Haste the Day Coward
Haste the Day Dreamer
Have Mercy Make The Best Of It
Have Mercy The Earth Pushed Back
Hearts Like Lions If I Never Speak Again
Heath McNease Among Thieves
Helms Alee Noctiluca
Hillsong United Empires
Hillsong United Of Dirt and Grace (Live from the Land)
Hillsong United Zion
Hillsong United People (Live)
No point holding back, I'm loving this album right now. Best thing that's been attached to the Hillsong name in quite some time.
Holding Absence Holding Absence
In the middle of the first track this struck me as merely another Architects. By the time the third song came around this struck me as something beautiful. By the time the closer came around this struck me as something incredible.
Holly Ann Light And Bloom
This is one of those unfortunate, but rare times where a genuinely beautiful record is stained by
subpar production. 'Tis a shame, although it's certainly not unlistenable.
Hotel Books Equivalency
House Of Heroes Cold Hard Want
House Of Heroes Colors
House Of Heroes Smoke
Hum Downward Is Heavenward
Ichiko Aoba Mahoroboshiya
Icon For Hire Scripted
Illenium Awake
I guess I'm a big sucker for these techno acts now. Never would have thought it.
Illyria The Carpathian Summit
ITEM Sad Light
Ivoryline Vessels
J Givens Fly Exam
Jack's Mannequin Everything in Transit
Like a mixture of Relient K and Mae. It's a sweet pop/rock album with a delicious summer vibe,
although I would have preferred it kick the tempo up a notch here and there.
Jars Of Clay Good Monsters
Jason Gray Where The Light Gets In
Jeremy Camp The Story's Not Over
Camp has finally fully flourished as a pop artist. This is his defining achievement thus far and while there are still a couple of bumps along the way I couldn't be happier. Easily his best since Speaking Louder Than Before.
Jessica Pratt Quiet Signs
Jim Bryson and The Weakerthans The Falcon Lake Incident
Jimmy Needham Vice & Virtue
John Mark McMillan Mercury and Lightning
John Nolan Abendigo
Joliette Luz Devora
Joni Mitchell Court and Spark
Josh Garrels Home
Josh Garrels Jacaranda
Joyce Manor Joyce Manor
Julia Holter Loud City Song
Jungstotter Love Is
Kevin Devine Bulldozer
Kevin Devine Between the Concrete and Clouds
Kings Kaleidoscope Zeal
Kutless Hearts of the Innocent
Kye Kye Young Love
La Dispute Panorama
Lacey Sturm Life Screams
Laura Stevenson Cocksure
Laura Stevenson A Record + 3
Lauren Daigle Look Up Child
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk Over Land and Sea
Leeland Invisible
I was wrong about this one, I'll admit it. Is it at times standard flair for the worship genre?
Yep. But is it executed as flat and lifeless as everything else out there? Far from it. It's
honestly beautiful how well this was crafted.
Leeland Opposite Way
Let's Eat Grandma I'm All Ears
Life Demo II
Love and Death Between Here And Lost
Lovelite All Color
Lovelite Nearness
Low The Great Destroyer
Low Secret Name
Low Things We Lost in the Fire
Low Trust
Lydia Paint it Golden
No doubting that this is a beautiful sounding record, however, the problem is that it tries too hard to replicate the magic of Illuminate. Rather than sounding like an expansion or exploration of a new direction it comes off as a somewhat poor imitation of their previous treasure.
Lydia Devil
Madeline Kenney Perfect Shapes
Mae The Everglow
Manes Slow Motion Death Sequence
Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood
Marissa Nadler For My Crimes
Mat Kearney Young Love
Mat Kearney Just Kids
Matchbox Twenty Exile on Mainstream
Matt & Toby Matt & Toby
Matt Kivel last night in america
Matt Maltese Bad Contestant
Matthew Perryman Jones The Waking Hours
Matthew Perryman Jones Throwing Punches in the Dark
Matthew Perryman Jones Swallow the Sea
Mayday Parade Sunnyland
After the excellent A Lesson in Romantics, Mayday Parade went on a steady downfall into mediocrity. Thankfully, Sunnyland has finally pulled them back on their feet. The hooks are infectious, the music emotional and varied, and Derek's vocals shine more than they ever have.
MercyMe Lifer
MercyMe The Hurt and the Healer
MercyMe Coming Up to Breathe
MercyMe All That Is Within Me
mewithoutYou Other Stories
MGMT Little Dark Age
Michael W. Smith Glory
Michael W. Smith Wonder
Michael W. Smith Live The Life
Michael W. Smith This is Your Time
Michl Michl
Microwave Much Love
Microwave Death is a Warm Blanket
Mike Mains and The Branches Home
Mitski bury me at makeout creek
Modern Baseball Holy Ghost
Modern Baseball Sports
Motion City Soundtrack Commit This to Memory
Motion City Soundtrack My Dinosaur Life
Mutemath Vitals
MxPx MxPx
30 minutes of blistering pop/punk from a veteran in the genre? Yes please!
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade: The B-Sides
My Epic Violence
My Epic I Am Undone
Needtobreathe The Heat
Newsboys Thrive
Newsboys Take Me To Your Leader
One of my childhood favs and although its cheesiness has come through over the years I still think
it's a legitimately good record overall. And "Lost The Plot" is still one of the greatest songs
ever written for my money.
Newsboys Adoration: The Worsip Album
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Murder Ballads
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Push The Sky Away
NOFX Punk in Drublic
Norma Jean O' God The Aftermath
Norma Jean Meridional
Nothing But Thieves Broken Machine
Nuoro In the Hills
Of Monsters and Men Fever Dream
OMAM ditch their bandwagoning folk sound for a lush, dreamy pop style that works surprisingly well. Sure the hooks could be stronger and as a pop album, it isn't the most memorable thing around but as an OMAM record? I'd say it's their best effort yet.
Off With Their Heads Be Good
Oh, Sleeper Bloodied/Unbowed
The long-awaited Bloodied//Unbowed is finally upon us. Does it live up to expectations? Kinda, sorta? It's a solid return with nothing drawdropping, but then, that shouldn't have been expected. As far as reunion records go it's great.
Oneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete
Opeth Pale Communion
Oso Oso The Yunahon Mixtape
Oso Oso Basking in the glow
Owel Dear Me
PassCode Clarity
Petra Wake Up Call
Petra On Fire!
Petra Petra Praise: The Rock Cries Out
Phil Wickham Cannons
Phil Wickham Heaven and Earth
Phil Wickham The Ascension
Phinehas Till the End
Placebo Black Market Music
Portishead Dummy
Portrayal of Guilt Let Pain Be Your Guide
Project 86 Truthless Heroes
Propaganda (Hip-Hop) Crimson Cord
Propagandhi How to Clean Everything
PUP Morbid Stuff
Radiohead In Rainbows Disk 2
Radiohead Pablo Honey
Anyone who thinks this isn't good because it isn't as experimental or daring needs to hear "Blow Out" immediately.
Rebecca St. James God
Red (USA) Release the Panic
Relient K Air For Free
Relient K Five Score and Seven Years Ago
Relient K Two Lefts Dont Make a Right But Three Do
Remedy Drive Commodity
Rend Collective Homemade Worship by Handmade People
Rend Collective As Family We Go
Resurrection Band / Rez Colors
Resurrection Band / Rez Rainbow's End
Ride This Is Not a Safe Place
Rival Consoles Persona
Robbie Seay Band Give Yourself Away
Russian Girlfriends In The Parlance of Our Times
S. Carey Hundred Acres
Samestate The Alignment
Sanctus Real The Face of Love
Sanctus Real Say it Loud
Sanctus Real We Need Each Other
Sara Groves Abide With Me
Shannen Moser I'll Sing
Showbread Who Can Know It?
Shura Nothing's Real
Sianvar Stay Lost
Silent Planet The Night God Slept
Sixpence None the Richer This Beautiful Mess
Sleeping Giant Finished People
Sobs Telltale Signs
Sol Distorsion Sol Distorsion
Spanish Love Songs Schmaltz
Spoken Breathe Again
Starflyer 59 My Island
Steven Curtis Chapman This Moment
Steven Curtis Chapman The Glorious Unfolding
Streetlight Manifesto Somewhere in the Between
Strung Out Songs Of Armor And Devotion
Stryper To Hell With the Devil
Switchfoot Fading West
Switchfoot's pop record/movie soundtrack has not aged too well. It's Switchfoot so at the very
least it's a step above the majority of mainstream pop and, most importantly, I still love dem
surfin vibes.
Switchfoot Vice Verses
Switchfoot New Way to Be Human
Switchfoot Native Tongue
This latest record from the San-Diago natives is a bag of mixed experiments and generic fallbacks. Even so, what's here is enjoyable even if a little uncommitted.
Talkie Fundamental Things
Tall Ships Impressions
Taylor Swift Red
Taylor Swift Taylor Swift
Team Sleep Team Sleep
Temperance (IT) Of Jupiter and Moons
Tenth Avenue North Over and Underneath
Tenth Avenue North The Light Meets The Dark
Tenth Avenue North The Struggle
Tenth Avenue North Cathedrals
Tenth Avenue North No Shame
The Afters Never Going Back To Okay
The Almost Fear Inside Our Bones
The Antlers In the Attic of the Universe
The Appleseed Cast The End of the Ring Wars
The Appleseed Cast Two Conversations
The Bell Jar I Infest, Therefore I Am
Showbread Pt. 2 anybody? Josh's vocals sound as insane as ever and the music is
infectious. It's short, punchy, and it'll infest your mind with its addictive hooks
after the first listen.
The Blue Nile A Walk Across the Rooftops
The Brilliance All Is Not Lost
The Cast Before The Break Still
The Choir Flap Your Wings
The Choir O How The Mighty Have Fallen
The City Harmonic I Have a Dream (It Feels Like Home)
The Cure Pornography
The Damned Things High Crimes
The Dangerous Summer Reach for the Sun
The Dangerous Summer War Paint
The Dangerous Summer Golden Record
The Darling Fire Dark Celebration
The Decemberists Her Majesty the Decemberists
The Decemberists The Crane Wife
The Devil Wears Prada Plagues
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity
The Dillinger Escape Plan Miss Machine
The Ember Days Finger Painting EP
The Ember Days Valitus
The Ember Days Emergency
The Fold Moving Past
The Gaslight Anthem Handwritten
The Gathering Mandylion
The Gathering Nighttime Birds
The Gray Havens Ghost of a King
The Gray Havens She Waits
The Hotelier It Never Goes Out
The Japanese House Good At Falling
The Killers Sam's Town
The Killers Hot Fuss
The Longshot The Longshot
Like a mix of Revolution Radio and 21st Century Breakdown. It's a simple, straight ahead pop/punk jam. Love it.
The Longshot Love Is For Losers
Same as the E.P. this is just a straightforward, fun, garage pop/punk record. Play it, throw up your hands, and let it all go.
The Maine Forever Halloween
The Menzingers Hello Exile
The album where I struggle to call The Menzies a punk band....and that's not a bad rthing.
The Movielife Cities In Search Of A Heart
The National High Violet Expanded Edition
The National I Am Easy to Find
The Night Cafe 0151
The Ongoing Concept Places
The Ongoing Concept Saloon
The Prayer Chain Shawl
The Republic of Wolves shrine
The Rosebuds Birds Make Good Neighbors
The Sky Life Caves
The Summer Kills Last Night We Became Swans
The Violet Burning The Violet Burning
The Violet Burning This is the Moment
The Who My Generation
The Wooden Sky When Lost At Sea
Third Day Third Day
Third Day Lead Us Back: Songs of Worship
Third Day Move
Third Day Revelation
Third Day Wire
Third Day Wherever You Are
Thom Yorke Anima
Thousand Foot Krutch Live At The Masquerade
Thousand Foot Krutch Phenomenon
Thousand Foot Krutch The End Is Where We Begin
Thrice The Artist in the Ambulance
Thrice Palms
Tides of Man Every Nothing
Tina Boonstra My Concrete Heart (Will Beat Again)
Tiny Moving Parts Swell
Tiny Vipers Life on Earth
It's a super bare indie folk record with some of the most sparse instrumentation I have ever
heard. For those lonely, cold evenings it makes a great soundtrack.
tobyMac Welcome to Diverse City
Together to the Stars An Oblivion Above
Tourniquet Gazing At Medusa
Trophy Eyes Chemical Miracle
Troy Baker Sitting In the Fire
Twenty One Pilots Trench
U.S. Girls In A Poem Unlimited
U2 All That You Can't Leave Behind
Underoath The Changing of Times
Underoath They're Only Chasing Safety
Underoath Disambiguation
Valleyheart Everyone I've Ever Loved
VOLA Applause of a Distant Crowd
Volbeat Rewind, Replay, Rebound
Weezer Everything Will Be Alright in the End
Weezer Weezer
Whale Bones Island Fire
Within Temptation The Heart of Everything
Within Temptation Resist
Here I go enjoying an entry-level pop-metal album again all because I was drawn in by its sci-fi rinspired cover art. Who cares about musical elitism anyway?
Within Temptation The Unforgiving
Worriers Survival Pop
Write This Down Lost Weekend
Years Of Rice and Salt Nothing of Cities
Young Fox Sky Beats Gold
Young Lions Blue Isla
Young the Giant Mind Over Matter
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson
Zao The Splinter Shards the Birth of Separation
Zao Pyrrhic Victory

3.0 good
65daysofstatic The Fall of Math
A Day to Remember What Separates Me from You
Aaron Sprinkle Real Life
Abandon Control
ABBA Waterloo
Adele 25
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill
All Sons & Daughters All Sons & Daughters
All Time Low Nothing Personal
Allelic The Smoke of Atavistic Fires
Altar Boys Against the Grain
American Football American Football (LP2)
Yeah, this one is pretty disappointing. It isn't that I expected them to replicate the magic of the first, in fact, I'd rather them go in an entirely different direction, but this one just feels like a really watered down and somewhat tedious version of their 1999 masterpiece.
Anathema Distant Satellites
And Then There Were None Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
Anderson .Paak Ventura
Andrew Peterson The Far Country
Architects Holy Hell
Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman
Artifex Pereo Passengers
Athletics Who You Are Is Not Enough
As much as I love post-rock I just haven't been able to get into this one. It plays around the standard post-rock formula with little risk taken. Although this is fine I wish it had a bit more to it.
Audio Adrenaline Kings and Queens
Avey Tare Cows On Hourglass Pond
BABYMETAL Metal Resistance
Barely Civil We Can Live Here Forever
Basement Promise Everything
Beach House 7
Beach Slang A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings
Beach Slang Who Would Ever Want Anything So Broken?
Becoming The Archetype The Physics Of Fire
Belgrado Obraz
Bellarive Before There Was
"Lazarus" and "Save Us" makes this one worth a listen but overall Bellarive took quite a step back with this one and chose to go the generic worship route.
Benjamin Krogh Beck and Call
Better Off Reap What You Sow
Big Daddy Weave Love Come To Life
I thought this record was the bee knees when it came out. Although I don't see eye to eye with my
past self anymore I gotta pay the record my respects because I do remember when this was the best
thing I had ever heard.
Big Daddy Weave What Life Would Be Like
Big Daddy Weave Every Time I Breathe
Big Red Machine Big Red Machine
Big Ups Two Parts Together
Birdy Birdy
Bleach Again, For The First Time
Blindside About A Burning Fire
Blindside Silence
Boston Manor Be Nothing.
Brandon Heath Leaving Eden
Bruce Springsteen Born in the U.S.A.
Building 429 Space in Between Us
Building 429 Listen to the Sound
I remember when I thought this was the best thing. Ah, the simple days. Honestly, this really isn't all that bad.
Capital Kings II
Car Bomb Mordial
Carly Rae Jepsen Kiss
We all know it deep down inside. "Call Me Maybe" is a true bop. If Justin Bieber didn't stuff things up with a tune so sickly sweet it may as well be on Playschool this may be as consistent as Emotion.
Casting Crowns Lifesong
Castlebeat VHS
Catch Fire Karma Owes Me A Lifetime of Happiness
Cave In Jupiter
Charlie Puth Voicenotes
On the first listen boy was I excited for this record. On subsequent listens the attraction of it started to wane until I realized that this was nothing more than a mildly shallow, albeit catchy, pop/r&b record. Probably won't make the year-end list but it's enjoyable enough to return to if I'm ever in the mood for some pop.
Charly Bliss Young Enough
Chasms The Mirage
CHVRCHES The Bones of What You Believe
Surprised this is seen more favourably than Every Open Eye. This one is rather boring all things considered. The follow-up had the hooks, the narrative, and was just a stronger project all around.
Circa Survive The Amulet
Coldplay X & Y
Coldplay A Head Full of Dreams
Coldplay Mylo Xyloto
Colony House Only the Lonely
Comrades Lone/Grey
Convictions Hope for the Broken
Cool Hand Luke Cora
Cursive Get Fixed
Dance Gavin Dance Mothership
David Crowder Band Remedy
Dc Talk Supernatural
Dc Talk Free at Last
Deathbreaker Disconnect
Delirious? Mezzamorphis
Delirious? King of Fools
Demon Hunter The Triptych
Derek Webb Mockingbird
Destroyer Streethawk: A Seduction
Dillon Chase Joyful Loser
Dirge (FR) Down Last Level
Disciple (USA-TN) Scars Remain
Downhere Downhere
Dua Lipa Dua Lipa
Elias Dummer The Work, Vol. 1
Emery Eve
Emma Blackery Villains
Eric Stuart Band Lipstick And Barbed Wire
Seto Kaiba fronting a folk/pop band and writing some genuinely good tunes? It's surprising for
sure but I can't deny the knack for songwriting these boys possess. LaBW does overstay its welcome
for someone who isn't head over heels with this genre and the record lacks the versatility that
should justify the runtime (pun intended btw, a fantastic song there!).
Eric Stuart Band My Kind of Danger
Esben and the Witch A New Nature
Evie Mirror
Fades Away Perceptions
Fall Out Boy Infinity on High
Fall Out Boy Folie a Deux
Falling Up Captiva
Fallstar Future Golden Age
Father John Misty I Love You, Honeybear
Fazerdaze Morningside
Fickle Friends You Are Someone Else
When I saw sixteen songs on the tracklist I was worried about how consistent it would really be.
The sound isn't bad and is honestly pretty fun at times but the sheer length is monotonous and the
songs only become more indistinguishable as it goes on. It's a promising debut that needs to be
severely cut down and tightened the next go around.
Fiction Family Fiction Family Reunion
Fightstar Behind the Devil's Back
Five Iron Frenzy Our Newest Album Ever!
Flyleaf Memento Mori
Flyleaf Flyleaf EP
FM Static What Are You Waiting For?
FM Static Dear Diary
for KING and COUNTRY Crave
for KING and COUNTRY Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong.
for KING and COUNTRY Burn the Ships
Forevermore Integral
Future Teens Breakup Season
Ghost Ship [USA] The Good King
Goo Goo Dolls Let Love In
Goo Goo Dolls A Boy Named Goo
Grayscale Adornment
Green Day God's Favorite Band
Green Day Kerplunk
Haste the Day Pressure the Hinges
Hawk Nelson Crazy Love
Hawk Nelson Smile, It's the End of the World
HEALTH Death Magic
Heath McNease Be Clean Again
Hillsong United Wonder
Hodera First Things First
Hopesfall A Types
Hyland Weights & Measures
Hyland Finding Our Way
I Am The Storm Fight Musik Vol. 1
iamthemorning The Bell
Interpol Marauder
Ivoryline There Came A Lion
Jack River Sugar Mountain
Jars Of Clay If I Left The Zoo
Jason Gray Love Will Have The Final Word
Jérôme Minière In the Digital Forest
Jenna Kate Brown Covered
Jeremy Camp The Answer
Jeremy Camp Beyond Measure
Jeremy Camp Restored
Jeremy Camp Stay
John Maus We Must Become the Pitiless Censors of Ourselves
Johnny Q. Public Extra*Ordinary
Jonas Brothers Happiness Begins
Jordan Feliz The River
Jordan Feliz Future
Definitely a move in the right direction for Feliz. It's a little more pop-focused and has a little less of the generic CCM tendency of his previous effort. Not a bad effort but not all that memorable either.
Josh Garrels Lost Animals
Josh Garrels Over Oceans
Julia Holter Aviary
Kacey Musgraves Golden Hour
Kari Jobe Majestic (Live)
Kari Jobe Where I Find You
Kayak Jones You Swear It's Getting Better Every Day
Keane Under The Iron Sea
Keith Green No Compromise
Kevin Devine Instigator
Kevin Max Broken Temples
Kings Kaleidoscope The Beauty Between
Kitty Rose Gold
Korn Korn
Kutless To Know That You're Alive
Kutless It Is Well
This is honestly the best record Kutless ever made.
Kutless Sea of Faces
Kyuss Welcome To Sky Valley
Lady Gaga The Fame
Lambchop How I Quit Smoking
Not my favourite Lambchop this one. It's a bit too slow and uneventful, and though it has that
signature Chop atmosphere, it's just a little too subdued to be really engaging. And there's a
massive lack of a piano. It needs a piano.
Landry Cantrell Projections
First five tracks are near perfect bops but it's perplexing how far this drops off in its second
half. From track six onwards it shifts into auto-pilot. The infectious hooks and addictive grooves
disappear and I'm left just scratching my head.
Leeland Love Is On The Move
Leigh Nash The State I'm In
Lifehouse Out Of The Wasteland
Lifehouse Lifehouse
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
As far as nu-metal goes I understand that for many people Hybrid Theory is a classic. However, I'm not a fan of nu-metal so while I can see that it's good I'm definitely not the target audience for this kind of music, at least not in this stage of my life. Hand it to 16-year old me and it may have been a different story.
Linkin Park Meteora
Pretty much the same story here as with Hybrid Theory. I respect it but I'm probably not going to spin it again.
Linkin Park Minutes to Midnight
This album makes me feel like a young kid again, excitedly browsing the aisles of my local Video Ezy to find the first live-action Transformers film, during which this record would be blaring out the speakers. Is it a good record? Not really. But the nostalgia is just too good.
Liza Anne Fine But Dying
Local Natives Violet Street
Lorde Pure Heroine
Low Drums and Guns
Luminate Welcome To Daylight
Luminate's seemingly final album is a nice pop diversion from Come Home's more stripped back pop/rock sound despite being tainted with modern CCM's plastic inspiration.
Lydia Devil B-Sides
Lydia Run Wild
Manafest Glory
Manafest Fighter
Manafest Stones
Mark Schultz Mark Schultz
Maroon 5 It Won't Be Soon Before Long
Matchbox Twenty Yourself or Someone Like You
Mayday Parade Anywhere But Here
Mayday Parade Mayday Parade
McCafferty Thanks. Sorry. Sure.
MercyMe Welcome to the New
MercyMe Almost There
MercyMe Spoken For
MercyMe The Generous Mr. Lovewell
Metric Synthetica
Mew Visuals
mewithoutYou Pale Horses: Appendix
Michael Buble ❤️ (Love)
Michael W. Smith Worship Again
Michael W. Smith Worship
Michael W. Smith Healing Rain
Michael W. Smith Change Your World
Incredibly cheesy but fun. What can I say, it's Smitty in the 90s?
Michael W. Smith Stand
Michael W. Smith A New Hallelujah
Modest Mouse We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank
Moose Blood Blush
Muse Showbiz
Muse Origin of Symmetry
My Epic Ultraviolet
Needtobreathe Daylight
Newsboys Step up to the Microphone
Newsboys Devotion
Newsboys Go
This is the first album I ever bought. As a thirteen year old this was everything.
Newsboys Going Public
Newsboys United
NF Therapy Session
NF The Search
Nirvana Nevermind
Nothing Tired of Tomorrow
Nothing But Thieves What Did You Think When You Made Me This Way?
Number One Gun The North Pole Project
O'Brother Endless Light
O'Brother Disillusion
Of Monsters and Men Beneath the Skin
Of Monsters and Men My Head is an Animal
OneRepublic Waking Up
Opeth Damnation
Owel Paris
Owl City The Midsummer Station
This is about as sickly sweet as pop could possibly get, which, of course, makes it a BOP!
Owl City All Things Bright And Beautiful
Owl City Ocean Eyes
P.O.D. Satellite
Pale Waves All the Things I Never Said
Panic! at the Disco Pretty. Odd.
Gotta admit this one was an improvement over their awful debut record. It takes some sweet cues from The Beatles at times which gives it a pleasant and inventive sound overall. It is way too drawn out though.
Paul Colman Trio New Map of the World
Peter Furler Sun and Shield
Petra This Means War!
Petra Beat the System
Petra Not Of This World
Petra More Power To Ya
Petra Jekyll & Hide
Phil Wickham Children of God
Phinehas Dark Flag
Phinehas thegodmachine
Pianos Become the Teeth Wait For Love
Placebo Placebo
Pocket Full of Rocks Song to the King
Project 86 Knives to the Future
Project 86 Project 86
PVRIS All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell
Queens of the Stone Age Era Vulgaris
Racing Glaciers Caught in the Strange
Radiohead Hail to the Thief
I can kind of understand how someone could enjoy this one but for this music connoisseur, it's rjust one long and tedious venture. There are highlights here and there there (bad pun but it had rto be made) but it's missing its own identity and instead opts to reach for anything and reverything it can. The nostalgic feel of The Bends, the cold distance of Kid A, the twisted, rsinister vibe of Amnesiac, you name it it's here. No wonder it's called "Hail to the Thief."
Rainbow Kitten Surprise How to: Friend, Love, Freefall
Record deserves heaps of respect but musically, this one isn't for me.
Relient K Truly Madly Deeply EP
Relient K The Anatomy of Tongue In Cheek
Remedy Drive Daylight Is Coming
Rend Collective The Art of Celebration
Riley Clemmons Riley Clemmons
Ritual Howls Rendered Armor
Robbie Seay Band Miracle
San Cisco The Water
Sanctus Real Run
Seabird Rocks Into Rivers
Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
Had to give this a jam because my girl Nana Osaki praised them. It's a fun punk classic to be certain but not quite for me.
Sherwood A Different Light
Sidewalk Prophets These Simple Truths
Sidewalk Prophets Live Like That
Silversun Pickups Carnavas
Skillet Comatose
Guess it's time to admit that not all Skillet albums are bad. Comatose is actually pretty great. For the most part, it's mainstream rock done right, and while it certainly isn't perfect I have no complaints spinning this one.
Skillet Collide
Slipknot We Are Not Your Kind
Slipknot Slipknot
Snail Mail Lush
Sonic Youth Daydream Nation
Sorority Noise You're Not As ____ As You Think
Soul Embraced Immune
Spoken IX
Starfield The Saving One
Starset Divisions
Stellar Kart All In
Steven Curtis Chapman Speechless
Steven Curtis Chapman First Hand
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler
Sundara Karma Ulfilas' Alphabet
Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega
Switchfoot Oh! Gravity.
Switchfoot Learning To Breathe
Switchfoot Legend of Chin
Sylvaine Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone
There is some massive potential here but, unfortunately, Sylvain seems content with scratching the surface just enough to craft something good and serviceable but not enough to form something notable and grand.
Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends
Tal Bachman Tal Bachman
Tame Impala Innerspeaker
Tancred Nightstand
Tenth Avenue North Followers
Tenth Avenue North The Things We've Been Afraid To Say
The 1975 A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships
Stuff it all, I'm actually really enjoying this. There's still the pompous attitude and bloated structure of their previous record but the cuts I genuinely like mostly outweigh the negatives here. I was expecting to loathe this but I just don't. Heck, I've even grown to like "Give Yourself a Try."
The Afters I Wish We All Could Win
The Afters Live On Forever
The Afters Fear No More
The Berries Berryland
The City Harmonic We Are
The Classic Crime How To Be Human
The Dangerous Summer The Dangerous Summer
The Dangerous Summer Mother Nature
I never knew summer could feel so underwhelming.
The Devil Wears Prada Dead Throne
The Devil Wears Prada Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord
The Digital Age Evening:Morning
The Ember Days The Ember Days EP
The Fray How to Save a Life
The Gaslight Anthem American Slang
The Jesus and Mary Chain Darklands
The Killers Day & Age
The Maine Pioneer
The Offspring Americana
The Preatures Girlhood
The Story So Far Proper Dose
The Strokes Angles
The Violet Burning Drop-dead
The Wedding The Wedding
The Wedding Polarity
The Who A Quick One
The Who The Who Sell Out
Theocracy Wynter Fever
Third Day Offerings: A Worship Album
Third Day Miracle
Thousand Foot Krutch The Flame in All of Us
Thousand Foot Krutch The Art of Breaking
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol. II: Water
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol. III: Air
Thrice Beggars
Thrice To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere
Tim Hughes When Silence Falls
tobyMac The Elements
tobyMac This Is Not A Test
Tool Ænima
Tool Lateralus
Torche Admission
Tourist Everyday
Transit This Will Not Define Us
Trivium Silence in the Snow
Trivium The Sin and the Sentence
Trophy Scars Never Born, Never Dead
Truth Club Not an Exit
TV COMA Body Negativity
Twenty One Pilots Vessel
U2 Songs of Experience
Gotta be honest, didn't have high expectations for this one after the terribly mediocre Songs of Innocence in 2014 and for the most part, Experience fulfils every one of them. It's a passable U2 record with some pretty moments spread lightly around.
Vampire Weekend Modern Vampires of the City
Volbeat Seal the Deal & Let's Boogie
I can't believe how much some of this sounds like Green Day lol
Vota Love Found Me
If it weren't for "Crying Out" this would be a slightly above average CCM record. However, I respect "Crying Out" greatly for being desperate, honest, and uncertain, something Christian music lacks severely.
Walk the Moon What If Nothing
Walk the Moon Talking is Hard
War of Ages Supreme Chaos
War of Ages Void
We Are Only Human Once The Prettiest Boys in Town
Remember that "main pop girl 2019" album from earlier this year? This is like that but most
of the fun and interesting things about it have been removed.
We Shot The Moon A Silver Lining
We Shot The Moon The Finish Line
Weatherstate Born a Cynic
This has so much potential but the hooks are just not there.
Weezer Pacific Daydream
Weyes Blood Titanic Rising
Wild Pink Yolk in the Fur
With Confidence Love and Loathing
Like the title describes, there are moments you'll love and those you'll loathe. A fine release for the moment but fairly forgettable by the end of the day.
Within Temptation Hydra
Wolves at the Gate Eclipse
I'm torn on this album. It has the blood of a full-fledged mainstream rock album so it
feels very watered down and artificial. It also lacks any notable divergences of sound or
approach (T&S had "Hindsight" and the truly epic "Grave Digger," this rarely slows down or
tries anything different). I'm disappointed but I wouldn't say this is a bad album, just
merely a "not as good as...." kind of album. Take it or leave it.
Women Public Strain
Young the Giant Mirror Master
Zao All Else Failed (2003)

2.5 average
10 Years (How to Live) As Ghosts
A.A.L. (Against All Logic) 2012-2017
Wish I could get into this more since it's quite a unique project but I found it to be repetitive and rather bland overall.
Aaron Sprinkle Moontraveler
Altar Boys GLM (Gut Level Music)
Amy Shark Love Monster
Andrew Serino The Golden Thread
As Cities Burn Scream Through The Walls
Ashes Remain What I've Become
Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria
Avicii True
Avril Lavigne Let Go
Avril Lavigne Goodbye Lullaby
awakebutstillinbed what people call low self​-​esteem is really...
The music itself is fine, great even, but those screams.....I get what she's going
for but....they're really bad.
Beartooth Disease
Big Daddy Weave What I Was Made For
Billie Eilish dont smile at me
Blink-182 Neighborhoods
Bloc Party Silent Alarm
Bon Jovi This House Is Not for Sale
A fine new album from Bon Jovi. It doesn't shake things up too much and sticks to what he does
best. Not really in my ballpark but far from awful.
Bon Voyage Lies
Bonny Doon Longwave
Brandon Heath What if We
Breaking Benjamin Dark Before Dawn
Breaking Benjamin Dear Agony
Breaking Benjamin Ember
This or the latest Underoath record? You know what, I think I'd take this.
Breaking Benjamin Phobia
Brenton Brown Everlasting God
Building 429 We Won't Be Shaken
Building 429 Building 429
Camila Cabello Camila
Capital Kings Capital Kings
Casting Crowns Come to the Well
Casting Crowns The Very Next Thing
Chris Tomlin Hello Love
Chris Tomlin Arriving
It honestly isn't a surprise that this latest Chvrches record is a disappointment. Unlike Every Open Eye, it gets bogged down by forgettable repetition, an uninteresting aesthetic, and an especially dull final quarter. If more songs were like "Graffiti" and "Graves" this would be far better as those songs are everything a Chvrches song should be.
Coheed and Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures
Whoever is going to make an AMV with those characters will at least have an easy time finding the music for it.
Colton Dixon A Messenger
Comrades For We Are Not Yet, We Are Only Becoming
Craig's Brother Devil's In The Details
Currents I Let The Devil In
Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection
Danny Gokey Haven't Seen It Yet
David Crowder Band Can You Hear Us?
David Leonard The Wait
Dayseeker Sleeptalk
Dead Poetic New Medicines
Death Therapy Voices
In trying to branch out and experiment a little this winds up being an unfortunately
underwhelming and uneven experience. Nothing quite lives up to their brilliant debut.
DecembeRadio Satisfied
Decyfer Down The Other Side of Darkness
Deluge Swell
Disciple (USA-TN) O God Save Us All
Disciple (USA-TN) This Might Sting a Little
Doe Grow Into It
Dream Theater Distance Over Time
Emarosa Peach Club
Ethan C. Davis Serenade
A glitchy, autotuned EDM worship album. It works well on occasion but it's mostly superfluous and
Evanescence Fallen
Fall Out Boy From Under the Cork Tree
Falling Up Crashings
A humble but ultimately unremarkable debut by a band that would become one of the most notable innovators of indie-rock.
Falling Up Dawn Escapes
On their sophomore, Falling Up takes noticeable steps to becoming the band who would go on to make records like Your Sparkling Death Cometh, however, the songwriting is still bland and repetitive.
Fallstar Backdraft
Fireflight Unbreakable
Fireflight Innova
Five Iron Frenzy Upbeats and Beatdowns
FM Static Critically Ashamed
Foster the People Supermodel
Francesca Battistelli If We're Honest
Free Throw What's Past Is Prologue
Gideon Calloused
Gideon Cold
Goo Goo Dolls Gutterflower
Grey Holiday The Glorious Revolution
Half Alive Now, Not Yet
Half Alive is an all too fitting name for this group.
Hands Like Houses -Anon.
Dissonants was an awfully bland and lifeless record. This is a step in the right direction and I'd love to hear them tread even further into pop music next go around.
Haste the Day When Everything Falls
Hawk Nelson Live Life Loud
Hawk Nelson Diamonds
Hawk Nelson Letters To The President
Hawk Nelson Miracles
Hillsong United Aftermath
Hillsong United All of the Above
Hillsong United Across the Earth: Tear Down the Walls
Hillsong Worship Let There Be Light
Hillsong Worship OPEN HEAVEN / River Wild
Hillsong Worship No Other Name
Hillsong Young & Free III
Hollyn One-Way Conversations
Holy Holy My Own Pool of Light
Ian Noe Between The Country
Illenium Ashes
Impending Doom The Sin And Doom Vol. II
In Flames I, the Mask
In Her Own Words Steady Glow
Inhale Exhale The Lost, the Sick, the Sacred
Isis SGNL>05
Jaci Velasquez Heavenly Place
Jars Of Clay The Shelter
Jars Of Clay The Eleventh Hour
Jeremy Camp Reckless
Jeremy Camp We Cry Out: The Worship Project
Jeremy Camp I Will Follow
Jeremy Camp Carried Me
Jet Get Born
Jimmy Eat World Jimmy Eat World
Finally gave this a spin and it honestly wasn't all that bad. An average pop/punk/emo record from
a band who would go on to create some of my all-time favourites. Don't think I'll ever return to
this but it's always good to know where they started.
Johan Pull Up
John Waller As For Me and My House
Joyce Manor Million Dollars To Kill Me
A million dollar lullaby
Kari Jobe Kari Jobe
Keane Cause and Effect
I don't hear a whole lot of vomit-inducing tunes here. It's vapid and pretty empty musically but it's a harmless return. Let em keep doing what they do.
Kutless Believer
Kutless Surrender
Kutless Strong Tower
Lana Del Rey Norman Fucking Rockwell
Norman Rockwell isn't interesting enough to deserve that expletive in the middle of his name. But then, maybe that's why it's there, to compensate for something....?
Lauren Daigle How Can It Be
Daigle has become a big name in CCM and it's easy to see why. The record has
massive musical appeal and Daigle has a strong voice to boot. If the music was a
tad more interesting or innovative I would join the celebration but it's simply far
too vanilla to warrant any kind of frenzy.
Les Friction Dark Matter
Like Pacific In Spite of Me
Linkin Park One More Light
This got a lot of hate when it was released and while I can definitely understand it at the same time I don't think it was entirely deserved. Half of it (read "Battle Symphony" and tracks 8-r10....maybe 7) actually edges towards being good. The rest is run-of-the-mill commercial pop so while it isn't bad it isn't good either. It's average and that's ok if you ask me.
Linkin Park The Hunting Party
Manafest The Chase
Marilyn Manson Mechanical Animals
Martin Smith Iron Lung
Matt Maher Alive Again
Matt Maher Empty & Beautiful
Mayday Parade Monsters in the Closet
MercyMe Undone
Michael W. Smith A Million Lights
Michael W. Smith makes an electronic dance record? Does he pull it off? Kinda. Sorta. Not really.
Moose Blood I Don't Think I Can Do This Anymore
I don't think I can listen to this anymore. What? Too easy of a jab? It's as creative as the music and lyrics are on this thing.
My Darkest Days Sick and Twisted Affair
"Save Yourself" is a great rock anthem but everything else on here? Standard radio rock that tries to be dirty at times. I'll pass.
Needtobreathe H A R D L O V E
Newsboys Love Riot
Newsboys God's Not Dead
Newsboys In the Hands of God
Nickelback Feed the Machine
Nickelback's best since All The Right Reasons but that isn't saying much. The music is just as generic and the lyrics can be laughable at times ("the icky of the sticky" and "Humpty Dumpty do your thing") but unlike the slew of albums before it, this isn't bad and may just be the most listenable of everything post-2000.
Nine Lashes World We View
Norma Jean The Anti Mother
OneRepublic Dreaming Out Loud
OneRepublic Native
Onward To Olympas Indicator
Opeth Sorceress
Panic! at the Disco Vices & Virtues
Passion Worship Worthy of Your Name
Passion Worship White Flag
Passion Worship Awakening
Passion Worship Take It All
Passion Worship Whole Heart
Passion Worship Even So Come
Passion Worship Salvation's Tide Is Rising
Paul Baloche Your Mercy
Paul Baloche The Same Love
Paul Baloche A Greater Song
Paul Baloche Glorious
Peter Furler On Fire
Petra Unseen Power
Pillar Where Do We Go from Here
Pinegrove Skylight
Pink Hurts 2B Human
Some surprisingly solid pop songs here but half of it is bogged by a needlessly high amount
of slow, acoustic ballads. That's not what I want to hear on a pop album.
Pocket Full of Rocks More Than Noise
Pocket Full of Rocks Manifesto
Preoccupations New Material
Project 86 Sheep Among Wolves
Project 86 Rival Factions
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
Rarity I Couldn't Be Weaker
Relient K Is For Karaoke
Relient K Collapsible Lung
Rob Thomas Chip Tooth Smile
Ruth Secondhand Dreaming
Sanctus Real Pieces of a Real Heart
Sanctus Real The Dream
Sanctus Real Changed
A pleasant enough change from a childhood staple. The direction the band were going with Matt at the helm wasn't all that great so it's refreshing to have a new vocalist help switch things up a little (heavy emphasis on the little).
Seventh Day Slumber We Are The Broken
Seventh Day Slumber Found
Shiina Ringo Sanmon Gossip
Sigrid Sucker Punch
Skillet Alien Youth
Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter
Sonicflood Sonicflood
Soul Embraced Mythos
Starfield I Will Go
Stella Donnelly Beware Of The Dogs
Stephen Christian Wildfires
Sum 41 Order In Decline
Sunsleeper You Can Miss Something and Not Want It Back
Another punk/emo record that will eventually get lost in the sea of similar-sounding nobodies. They offer nothing new, nothing surprising, and nothing that hasn't been offered by countless others before.
Switchfoot Float Remix EP
Taking Back Sunday New Again
The Afters Light Up The Sky
The Afters Life Is Beautiful
The All-American Rejects The All-American Rejects
The All-American Rejects When the World Comes Down
The Chariot The Fiancee
The Devil Wears Prada With Roots Above and Branches Below
The Devil Wears Prada The Act
The Ember Days Your Eyes Light Up
The Fray The Fray
The Fray Scars and Stories
The Get Up Kids Problems
The Lumineers Cleopatra
This record can be downright dull at times and merely ok at others. The new wave folk movement is pretty much a dead and mostly forgotten fad in the mainstream today and for good reason: it had been run into the ground. Cleopatra is a fine example of a record that tried to fit into that movement but ended up being completely redundant.
The Maine Black & White
The National The National
The Wombats This Modern Glitch
The Wombats Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life
The Wonder Years Sister Cities
The Wonder Years The Greatest Generation
Third Day Offerings II: All I Have To Give
Thirty Seconds to Mars A Beautiful Lie
Thousand Foot Krutch Untraveled Roads (Live)
Thousand Foot Krutch Exhale
Thrice The Alchemy Index Vol. IV: Earth
Thrice Identity Crisis
Thrice Deeper Wells
Time, The Valuator How Fleeting, How Fragile
Tiny Moving Parts Breathe
So disappointing. Celebrate is one of my fav emo records of the 2010s but this sounds like the band has stagnated creatively. They haven't evolved at all.
tobyMac Tonight
tobyMac Christmas in Diverse City
Trophy Eyes The American Dream
Turnover Good Nature
Twenty One Pilots Blurryface
Two People First Body
U2 October
U2 Zooropa
Underline the Sky Here's Looking At You, Kid
Unspoken [USA] Unspoken
Vota Vota
Weathered Stranger Here
Weezer Hurley
where is my spaceship Never Unhappy
Young the Giant Home Of The Strange
Zao Awake?

2.0 poor
A Dream Too Late Intermission to the Moon
ABBA Ring Ring
All Time Low Future Hearts
All Time Low Last Young Renegade
Anthem Lights Anthem Lights
Apollo LTD Out of Body
I didn't know Walk the Moon had recently donned their crosses, renamed themselves, and cheapened their music. Not the best move gentlemen.
Ariana Grande Sweetener
As I Lay Dying Shaped by Fire
As We Ascend Farewell To Midnight
Bad Wolves Disobey
Beartooth Aggressive
Bethel Music Tides
Big Daddy Weave When The Light Comes
Blink-182 Nine
Bring Me the Horizon Amo
So THIS is the ammo they insert into those joke bubble guns.
Camp Cope How to Socialise and Make Friends
Casting Crowns Until the Whole World Hears
Casting Crowns Thrive
Casting Crowns The Altar and the Door
Casting Crowns Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns Only Jesus
Casting Crowns Peace on Earth
Chris August The Upside of Down
Chris Tomlin Nobody Loves Me Like You
I don't understand the inclusion of the completely untouched "Our God" at all. It's the EXACT SAME version that is on his album of the same name. I don't want to be harsh on the guy but come on, that's just awfully lazy and redundant.
Chris Tomlin Never Lose Sight
Chris Tomlin Burning Lights
Chris Tomlin Love Ran Red
Chris Tomlin And If Our God Is for Us...
Chris Tomlin See the Morning
Chris Tomlin Not to Us
Chris Tomlin The Noise We Make
Chris Tomlin Holy Roar
Creed Human Clay
Crowder I Know A Ghost
This record saddens me. It saddens me to see what was once one of Christian music's most creative,
exciting, and innovative voices stoop this low into mediocrity. He's become a mere shell of what
he used to be and now seems content to run in circles around his swampy aesthetic and novel image.
Throw in a rap verse here, a latino chant over there to establish that the record's hip and
trendy, an emotional worship ballad, a Christian pub anthem to shake up the stuck up religious
folk, and chuck in some hip/hop beats for the youth. It's a sad, sad mess.
Day of Fire Day of Fire
Decyfer Down Scarecrow
Decyfer Down Crash
Delirious? Touch
Disciple (USA-TN) Southern Hospitality
drmanhattan BOLO YODO
Ouch, these lads fell off hard.
Erra Neon
Fall Out Boy Save Rock and Roll
Fall Out Boy Lake Effect Kid
They were so close to getting a good rating from me with the first two tracks but then "Super
Fade" came in to show us that they weren't sorry for the abomination that was MANIA.
Falling in Reverse Coming Home
Family Force 5 Time Stands Still
Family Force 5 Dance or Die
Family Force 5 Business Up Front, Party In The Back
Feels Post Earth
Fifth Harmony Fifth Harmony
Greta Van Fleet Anthem of the Peaceful Army
Gwen Stacy A Dialogue
Hands Like Houses Dissonants
Have Mercy The Love Life
Hawk Nelson Made
Hillsong Worship Glorious Ruins
Hillsong Worship A Beautiful Exchange
Icon For Hire Icon for Hire
Imagine Dragons Night Visions
John Waller While I'm Waiting
Justin Bieber Purpose
Katy Perry One of the Boys
Korn The Nothing
Kutless Kutless
Kutless Glory
Linkin Park A Thousand Suns
How did we get here? What happened between Minutes and this? While I can respect the effort and ambition that was put into this one it's just a painfully poor and puzzling project overall.
Linkin Park Living Things
A slight step up from A Thousand Suns but this one really isn't a lot better. It's a smooth pop/rock album with some screaming to make it seem like the Linkin Park of old has returned. It's forgettable in the end.
LSD (Labrinth, Sia, Diplo) LSD
Lydia Liquor
I've been on board with practically everything after Lydia's opus, Illuminate. Paint it Golden was
a beautiful but somewhat poor imitation of Illuminate, Devil was simply a joy, even Run Wild had
its gems. But with Liquor, this is where I get off the fan train.
Manafest Citizens Activ
Matt Redman The Father's Song
MercyMe The Worship Sessions
Mikal Cronin MCII
Mikeschair Mikeschair
Muse The 2nd Law
Muse Simulation Theory
I have a sound theory. This record is meant to be a simulation of good music, but a simulation is not a reality, so it's just a theory. This is a theory of good music, but that good music does not actually exist.
My Chemical Romance Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Newsboys Not Ashamed
NF Perception
Nickelback The Long Road
Nickelback All the Right Reasons
Are "Photograph" and "Far Away" really that bad? Not at all. They're generic but not bad. Is the album incredibly average? Yes, that one is true.
Nickelback Silver Side Up
Nine Lashes From Water to War
OneRepublic Oh My My
Our Last Night Let Light Overcome
Owl City Mobile Orchestra
Panic! at the Disco Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!
Paul Baloche Our God Saves
Periphery Periphery IV: Hail Stan
Phil Wickham Living Hope
Portugal. The Man Woodstock
Project 86 Drawing Black Lines
Queens of the Stone Age Villains
Revive Blink
Saves the Day 9
Senses Fail If There Is Light, It Will Find You
Seventh Day Slumber Take Everything
Seventh Day Slumber The Anthem of the Angels
Seventh Day Slumber Once Upon A Shattered Life
Seventh Day Slumber Finally Awake
Seventh Day Slumber Closer to Chaos
Shadow Hunters Avatar
Shawn McDonald Roots
Shawn Mendes Shawn Mendes
Sheppard Bombs Away
Skillet Rise
Skillet Awake
Skillet Skillet
Skillet Invincible
Snow Patrol Up to Now
Snow Patrol Wildness
The 1975 The 1975
The 1975 I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It
The Chainsmokers Sick Boy
The Kooks Let's Go Sunshine
The Maine Can't Stop, Won't Stop
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Don't You Fake It
The Shaggs Philosophy of the World
It's terrible but at the same time can you really hate it?
The Weeknd My Dear Melancholy,
Thousand Foot Krutch Set It Off (Remastered)
"Puppet" is a TFK classic but Set It Off just does not work well as an album. It's overly long and stuffed with tracks that try to do something inventive (All The Way We Live, etc.) but ultimately there are few examples of good, congruent songwriting.
Tim Hughes Holding Nothing Back
tobyMac Eye On It
tobyMac Momentum
tobyMac Dubbed and Freq'd: A Remix Project
Tool Fear Inoculum
Toth Practice Magic and Seek Professional Help
U2 Songs of Innocence
Wage War Pressure
We Are The City Above Club
We As Human We As Human
Weezer Raditude
Weezer The Green Album
Weezer Make Believe
Weezer The Teal Album
Yellowcard Where We Stand
Zao The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here
This one is just too much. The production sounds and feels like a relentless and sludgy wall of sound. There are no particular highlights here because nothing gets a chance to breathe and reveal itself. It's certainly a heavy record but in the worst way possible.

1.5 very poor
5 Seconds of Summer Youngblood
Against The Current Past Lives
Against The Current In Our Bones
All Time Low Dirty Work
Avicii Stories
Barlowgirl Barlowgirl
Beartooth Disgusting
Bethel Music You Make Me Brave
Bring Me the Horizon That's the Spirit
Building 429 Live the Journey
Building 429 Unashamed
Cal Chuchesta The New CALassic
Daughtry Cage to Rattle
Dc Talk Dc Talk
Dc Talk Nu Thang
Disturbed Evolution
Ed Sheeran ÷
"Shape of You," tell me, why are you catchy enough to keep this album from a 1?
Elevation Worship Here as in Heaven
Fall Out Boy American Beauty/American Psycho
Girl On Fire Not Broken
Good Charlotte Generation Rx
Green Day ¡UNO!
Green Day iTRE!
Gwen Stacy The Life I Know
Hillsong Worship Cornerstone
Hillsong Young & Free We Are Young & Free
Hillsong Young & Free Youth Revival
Hoobastank Push Pull
Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors
Janelle Monae Dirty Computer
Jesus Culture We Cry Out
Jesus Culture Love Has a Name
Katy Perry Witness
Katy Perry Teenage Dream
Kutless Alpha / Omega
Lecrae Let The Trap Say Amen
Manafest The Moment
Marina LOVE + FEAR
I've seen a strange correlation between grey album art and similarly grey, dull, bad quality music. It's
almost a given at this point. If the art is grey the overly modern music will follow suit. The problem is
that everything sounds so cheaply produced.
Melanie Martinez Cry Baby
Memphis May Fire Broken
Mosaic MSC Glory and Wonder
Muse The Resistance
Muse Drones
My Chemical Romance The Black Parade/Living with Ghosts
My Chemical Romance I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love
Newsboys Restart
Newsboys Born Again
Nickelback No Fixed Address
Nine Lashes Ascend
One Direction Up All Night
Owl City Cinematic
Panic! at the Disco A Fever You Can't Sweat Out
This is nothing more than the product of a generic pop/punk band that's trying to pose as an MCR-like "emo" wannabe with some awful theatrical elements thrown in. I truly don't see the appeal at all.
Panic! at the Disco Death of a Bachelor
Panic! at the Disco Pray for the Wicked
Parkway Drive Reverence
Passion Worship Let The Future Begin
Shadow Hunters Black Hearts and Lost Secrets
This should have stayed a secret. A secret locked up in the basement this was recorded in.
Sheppard Watching the Sky
Sheppard is still making bland and vapid pop. No surprises here despite wishing there
Silent Planet When the End Began
"Is it faaaaaaataaaaaaal? Is the fallout inevitaBBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLL!?"
Simple Creatures Strange Love
How to live: avoid this album
Skillet Unleashed
Is it possible to be lazier than Nickelback? Yes, yes it is. Well done Skillet.
Skillet Victorious
Stars Go Dim Stars Go Dim
The All-American Rejects Kids in the Street
The Amity Affliction Misery
Misery is how one feels after listening to this Amity Affliction record.
The Chainsmokers Collage
The Fray Helios
The Letter Black Pain
The Wedding No Direction
Thirty Seconds to Mars Love Lust Faith + Dreams
Thousand Foot Krutch Oxygen: Inhale
Thousand Foot Krutch TFK Remixes
Through Fire Breathe
Spoken called and they said they want their album cover (and album title) back. They deserve it too because their album is so much better than this lazy ripoff.
Train Bulletproof Picasso
Twenty One Pilots Twenty One Pilots
Underoath Erase Me
Like its title implies Underoath's big return effortlessly erases everything that made them good during their mid-2000 stretch.
Warren Barfield Worth Fighting For
We The Kings Strange Love
We The Kings Somewhere Somehow
Weezer The Black Album
Weezer continue being Weezer. What that means is that you'll have a record that's filled quarter-way with somewhat enjoyable material and the rest with songs that make you wanna rip your hair out. The sad thing is, at this point, I just don't care. This isn't disappointing anymore.
Yellowcard Midget Tossing
I can't give this a one because it's Yellowcard but boy oh boy did they have a rough start. Since
it isn't on any streaming or digital platforms the only reason you would ever want to spin this is
to see where Yellowcard started.

1.0 awful
7eventh Time Down Brand New Day
AJR The Click
Has to be one of the most horrendous albums I have ever heard. Every song, lyric, melody, vocal, and note is nearly tormenting to hear. How this thing got the green light is 2017's unsolvable mystery.
AJR Living Room
AJR Neotheater
This band is just rotten. They've made the worst album of all-time yet again and somehow
crafted something even more absurdly wretched than The Click.
Anchor and Braille Songs For The Late Night Drive Home
Anne Marie Speak Your Mind
Attila Villain
Audio Adrenaline Sound of the Saints
Avril Lavigne Avril Lavigne
Hello evil, have you come to scar me for the rest of my life?
Avril Lavigne Head Above Water
The most forgettable album of Avril's career and nearly just as awful as the self-titled record.
Bebe Rexha Expectations
Being As An Ocean PROXY: An A.N.I.M.O. Story
Blood on the Dance Floor Haunted
Blood on the Dance Floor Kawaii Monster
Blood on the Dance Floor Scissors
Bullet for My Valentine Temper Temper
Charlie Puth Nine Track Mind
Cher Dancing Queen
Please stay away from ABBA. No one needs this.
Chris Brown Heartbreak on a Full Moon
Crazy Crazy Awesome Awesome Truth
Deaf Havana Rituals
Man, Train was certainly quick to release
another album after A Girl, A Bottle, A Boat.
drmanhattan drmanhattan
drmanhattan Jam Dreams
Ed Sheeran No. 6 Collaborations Project
Etienne Sin The Metal Sessions
Fall Out Boy M A N I A
The best thing I can say about Mania is that it does live it up its name. It's a confusing, ugly, disorientating, and entirely unpleasant mess of a record. Chaos, whether intentional or not, is still chaos. Could possibly be the worst album of 2018
Family Force 5 III
Fight The Fury Still Breathing
Five Finger Death Punch And Justice for None
Five Finger Death Punch Got Your Six
Florida Georgia Line Dig Your Roots
Good Charlotte The Young And The Hopeless
Green Day iDOS!
Green Day Oh Love
half-alive ok ok?
I Prevail Lifelines
This is just a plain worthless record. Home brand produced metalcore without an ounce of substance, quality, or conviction. Not even acceptable as a Playstation backing track.
I Prevail Trauma
Icon For Hire Now You Know EP
Imagine Dragons ƎVOLVE
Imagine Dragons Origins
Jake Paul and Team 10 Litmas
Jason Mraz Know.
Judah and the Lion Folk Hop N' Roll
Judah and the Lion Pep Talk
This was tolerable until it hit "Don't Mess With My Mama," where the record decided to fly
off the tracks and kill any poor soul who decided to innocently take the mid-day train to
their favourite town, "Good Music."
Justin Bieber My World 2.0
Justin Bieber Under the Mistletoe
Justin Timberlake Man of the Woods
Kid Cudi Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven
Kid Rock Devil Without a Cause
Lou Reed Metal Machine Music
It's like a vast expanse of nothingness. It gives you the opportunity to experience an empty and hollow existence with no meaning or purpose whatsoever.
Marilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque
Maroon 5 Red Pill Blues
Meghan Trainor Title
Meghan Trainor Thank You
Miley Cyrus She Is Coming
Miss May I Rise of the Lion
Nickelback Dark Horse
Nickelback Here and Now
I didn't really understand the burning hatred for Nickelback until I heard this album. Here and Now is just so offensively bad it hurts.
Nostalgia Critic The Wall
Poppy Am I a Girl?
Please, stop this. Get some help.
Puddle of Mudd Come Clean
Scars on Broadway Dictator
Simple Plan Still Not Getting Any...
Simple Plan No Pads, No Helmets... Just Balls
No pads, no hint of talent whatsoever. As awful as pop/punk can be.
Simple Plan Taking One For The Team
Six Feet Under Graveyard Classics
Thanks to a fellow sputnik user and my own demented curiosity I may have experienced the most hilariously disgusting (in a bad way) death metal covers record I have ever heard.
Skillet Hey You, I Love Your Soul
Sleeping With Sirens Gossip
Unlike actual gossip what I am about to say is true: this Sleeping With Sirens record is the biggest snorefest I've had in years.
Soundtrack (Film) Suicide Squad: The Album
Really, really can't stand Heathens. Worst song Twenty One Pilots has ever written.
The Chainsmokers Memories...Do Not Open
The Chainsmokers Sick Boy...This Feeling
Good to hear that The Chainsmokers are still donating to the good cause of year-end worst of lists.
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Lonely Road
Theory of a Deadman Wake Up Call
Thirty Seconds to Mars America
Threatin Breaking the World
Theocracy better watch their backs because this guy is sure to take their place as me new fav rock/metal artist.
Train A Girl A Bottle A Boat
A girl.... hmmm, what else is good about this thing? Um, there's a girl on the cover, yeah, let's just stick with that.
Train California 37
Train Save Me San Francisco
"Hey, Soul Sister" is an abysmal trainwreck, as is the rest of this record.
Twenty One Pilots Regional At Best
Veridia The Beast You Feed
Waterparks Double Dare
Waterparks Entertainment
Waterparks Cluster
Waterparks Fandom
We The Kings Six
Listening to this record has taught me that my mama knows best. It's fitting because it sounds
like the band actually got their (soccer)mama to help them write their songs. #Willpower
Wow.... witness the peak of artistic achievement right here ladies and gentlemen. If that hair doesn't convince you that a masterpiece is in your hands I will have to question your sanity.
Zac Brown Band The Owl
AJR, Judah and the Lion, Zac Brown Band. I bring you the 2019 unholy trinity of garbage.

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