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5.0 classic
And Also The Trees Virus Meadow
Every time I listen to Virus Meadow I feel happy I can visit the imaginary places and people which
all appear in this album again. Lyrically they're my all-time favourite band.
And Also The Trees Green Is The Sea
This album feels and sounds like you are in the most wonderful dream possible and you don't want
to wake up. Sometimes it's hard to think how this album can exist. Sometimes it makes me feel as
if the songs on this album can only exist in it, but not outside that beautiful world.
It also has an atmosphere that makes me imagine I am in a big cemetery at 1pm on a sunny day with
colourful flowers everywhere between the graves.

It is more keyboard heavy than the other 4 albums of their first era.
And Also The Trees Farewell to the Shade
And Also The Trees Further from the Truth
And Also The Trees (Listen for) the Rag and Bone Man
Diary of Dreams Psychoma
I will never understand some of the ratings here. This is for me DoD at their finest. Whenever I
listen to this album the atmosphere always gets me. It's one of those cases, where the album cover
fits perfectly with the music. Most songs have a deep blue dreamy atmosphere and for me personally
this album is a classic. Even the worst song "Methusalem" is very good.

favourite songs:

1. TranceFormation Baby / never'Freeze
3. (ver)gift(et) / Wild / Luna(-tic)
6. You(-das) / E.-dead-Motion / Never!Land / End(Giftet) / Drop Dead
11. Methusalem / Touch
Echo and The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here
Entheogenic Enthymesis
So far I had their self-titled first album, Spontaneous Illumination and Dreamtime Physics. I wanted a 4th great album of them. Alas Flight Of The Urubus still has not convinced me enough. Then I checked out this album here two days ago. I was very surprised, everything sounds great and on its right place. The acoustic guitar, the voices and especially all the electronic sounds.rThis is by far their most spacey sounding album, but still psychedelic. I did not expect this to be that overwhelming but it is. Sometimes it is hard to hold the tears back because I can't believe this album exists.
Fractured Only Human Remains
It was my first EBM album ever in december 2005 (next to Matter + Form by VNV Nation) and it changed everything. It brought me away from listening only to 80s, alternative rock and nu metal. Thanks to it I discovered more and more EBM & other electro bands and albums. It was excellent back then and it still is one of my most favourite electronic albums. Every song has its own life and atmosphere. This is one of those albums that never lost anything of its magic.
And no, there's no weak song or filler on it. I love every song for what it is.
If there is something to criticize, it's the track order. I listen to them in a different order. But that is really only a small thing.
Gong Angel's Egg
Gong You
Gridlock Formless
This will forever be one of my all time favourite electronic albums. Of electronic music I like
ambient, psybient & psychill, darkwave, EBM, industrial, futurepop, IDM, trip-hop, field
recordings and a few others. Formless has a certain atmosphere that will always suck me in.
Atmosphere is one of the most important things in music for me and it lets my imagination run
Lunatic Soul Walking on a Flashlight Beam
Meshuggah Nothing
Mystical Sun 26000
a well deserved 4.5 from me. This album is like a big adventure, a journey into a jungle. "Whirlpool" is when you get there, "Place Of Refuge" when you discover a sea in there, "Immersion" when you swim and wash yourself in there and the waterfall nearby. "Canopy" is when you discover a great view at a cliff.
Neuroticfish Antidoron
what a great discovery and this album will accompany me through my favourite season autumn / fall.
A futurepop artist who releases his best album ever in 2018, after existing for over 20 years is
very rare, and I really love Les Chansons Neurotiques (2002) and Gelb (2005) is solid.rBut the
grey november-like atmosphere on Antidoron is something I really enjoy and I love to get lost into
this album. One of my favourite discovered albums of 2019.

edit from september the 28th: Congratulations to Antidoron! It's number 4 in my new list and I
hope this album will be honoured many more times. Looking forward to late december there will be a
top discoveries list from 2019!!
Opposition Breaking The Silence
An absolute post-punk classic. Already in 1981 on this album they had a sound and a very thick november-atmosphere that The Chameleons would be known for too, 2 years later (with a classic album of their own, and similarly 1986 Strange Times).rI'm thankful and lucky to have the remastered version of Breaking The Silence, the production is incredible and makes the rainy / foggy atmosphere stand out even more.
Ozric Tentacles Arborescence
Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift
Sad Lovers and Giants Feeding the Flame
Skinny Puppy VIVIsectVI
sleepmakeswaves Love of Cartography
After only 5 days of listening this album has made it to "classic" and I feel it will never
change. The magic will never fade. This brings me to another planet where this album is legendary,
sold millions and the first 2 songs on it were number one singles.
The planet is more progressive, peaceful and optimistic, and the night sky always is a mix of
black, purple and dark blue, it's also roughly 24 hours a day but
there it's always cold, late autumn-like with only 6 hours of daylight
Here a song rating (only the 8 main songs):

1. Perfect Detonator 5.0
2. Traced In Constellations 5.0
3. Emergent 4.9
4. Great Northern 5.0
5. The Stars Are Stigmata 4.7
6. How We Built The Ocean 4.9
7. Something Like Avalanches 4.8
8. Your Time Will Come Again 5.0

I can't believe it myself but that's really how I rate the songs, might be one of my highest rated
albums ever (9.8 of 10)
The Chameleons Script of the Bridge
The Comsat Angels Sleep No More
Ufomammut Snailking
VNV Nation Matter and Form
Had to change this album from 4.5 to 5.0. It IS a classic to me and in december 2005 it was one of my personal landmark albums (next to Only Human Remains by Fractured) and both album changed everything in my music world back then.rAll songs are great, the weakest song is Colours Of Rain but all other are amazing and the album never lost anything of its magic.
Wire 154

4.5 superb
65daysofstatic One Time for All Time
Absurd Minds The Focus
Absurd Minds Damn The Lie
Acumen Nation Anticore
I always like those heavily distorted e-guitars (which were usually used in the mid 90's by many
us-coldwave (you can also call it "machine rock") bands where Acumen Nation also came from).

This album isn't less great than The 5ifth Column, just less accessible and less catchy, also only
4 of 15 songs have the 3rd chorus, it helps keep the songs fresh.

Also I love the small little details the electronic sounds create and the way the vocalist sings.
It's industrial metal, but it sounds different from "normal" industrial metal bands.
Acumen Nation Psycho the Rapist
Aesthetic Perfection Close to Human
Agalloch The Mantle
Alva Noto Xerrox Vol. 2
Another nice ambient album. My first of this artist. I like all songs, only "Xerrox Meta Phaser"
needs to grow on me, that song is very noisy.

Often I have that feeling that I just can't discover enough great atmospheric electronic artists
and albums.rThis album takes me to a sheltered and isolated place where no one can find me.

Favourite songs:

1. Xerrox Phaser Acat 1
2. Xerrox Sora
3. Xerrox Teion & Xerrox Teion Acat
4. Xerrox Monophaser 2
5. Xerrox Soma
6. Xerrox Tek Part 1 / Xerrox Monophaser 1
8. Xerrox Monophaser 3
9. Xerrox Meta Phaser
Alva Noto Unitxt
Alva Noto Univrs
Amon Tobin Supermodified
And Also The Trees The Klaxon
Favourite songs on it:

1. Wooden Leg
2. The Flatlands / The Soul Driver
4. Dialogue / Sunrise / Jonny Lexington / The Dutchman
8. Sickness Divine
9. Bullet Head
And Also The Trees The Millpond Years
And Also The Trees Silver Soul
Like The Klaxon and Angelfish this album is completely different from all other albums they did. Still for me this is still a very strong album. This time it has a certain atmosphere, it makes me think I'm visiting the Jones brothers (vocalist and guitarist of this band), they live in a house somewhere on the hill and it's like a time travel, they have a real Amiga 500 and other things from the 90s and a bed where I can sleep. I wish it was real.
And Also The Trees Hunter not the Hunted
And Also The Trees Born Into The Waves
Architrav Arctic Museum
All 11 songs are great, although I think that the first 4 and song 6 are my favourites.rThis album is on the icy cold side of ambient (even if not "arctic" ambient like Biosphere sometimes). It has an atmosphere that sends me to an isolated frozen place with no one else around. Also, because of the very cold electronic sounds it sometimes helps against hot summer days. It's unfortunate that this artist is so unknown but it makes me feel happy that I discovered this album 10 years ago.
Atoma Skylight
I'm glad someone recommended me this album after I loved the icy / frosty atmosphere in "Antares"
by Sybreed. This album is even colder. Everything is coated in ice, the keyboards and synths, even
the drums and the guitar.

I can never get enough of icy cold music, no matter which genre (ambient, some early 80's post-
punk and new wave or metal). For over 14 days already does this album rule my music world together
with Sybreed - Antares. This is why I love discovering bands and albums.
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore
Autistici Amplified Presence
Autumn's Grey Solace Within the Depths of a Darkened Forest
Bark Psychosis Hex
Bauhaus In the Flat Field
Bauhaus Mask
Bauhaus Bela Lugosi's Dead
Biosphere Substrata
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Black Sabbath Master of Reality
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Bob Marley and The Wailers Natty Dread
Buckethead Population Override
Carbon Based Lifeforms World Of Sleepers
This is like Water Ambient for me. All the songs are excellent and I usually listen to the first 10 of them in a row. Whenever something gets too much for me to bear this album is perfect to listen to as it helps me to calm down and feel better again. Most songs sound like as if you're underwater and I love the atmosphere. This is one of my most favourite ambient albums.

And yes, the album artwork fits perfectly, as if the artists were thinking the same as me, it makes you feel as if you were underwater.
Carbon Based Lifeforms Hydroponic Garden
Clan of Xymox Medusa
Colour Haze CO2
Covenant Europa
Crowbar Odd Fellows Rest
Crowbar Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form
Cyanotic Transhuman 2.0
David Bowie Low
Daylight Dies Dismantling Devotion
Amazing discovery. I really feel the atmosphere and the guitar melodies and riffs add a lot to it.
Atmosphere wise the album feels different from other doom metal albums.
It has a mysterious (or maybe more mystic) and futuristic touch that brings me to the positive and
progressive sleepmakeswaves planet.

Also all 8 songs are very nicely structured with interesting twists thrown in.
Dead Can Dance Within the Realm of a Dying Sun
Death Human
Deftones White Pony
Deftones Koi No Yokan
Deftones Ohms
Diary of Dreams End Of Flowers
I really can't understand some ratings here. Psychoma and End Of Flowers to me are by far DoD's
best albums and deserve 4.0-4.5 ratings. I love the different atmospheres of both albums.
This is also one of the most melancholic and maybe even romantic albums they did.
This is a perfect october album.

People like this idiot Willie shouldn't rate darkwave albums. If this was an european site and not
american, DoD and others like Diorama for example would have a much higher rating. Genres like
darkwave, EBM, futurepop, ambient, british post-punk would also get much more attention on an
european site because they have much more fans everywhere in europe be it germany, serbia,
netherlands, poland, russia, italy, belgium and so on.
Diary of Dreams Cholymelan
Die Sektor To Be Fed Upon
Great discovery for me! Only knew Applied Structure In A Void from them, which is very different,
with many great small little details and nice atmospheres.

This one here has very nice structured songs, almost always avoid the 3rd chorus and the shortest
vocal song is 5:37, all others are over 6 minutes and one almost 6 minutes.
It's typical dark electro / aggrotech but I still love the autumnal atmosphere, and as often the
trance influences are important there.

I also really like the 3 instrumental songs, they fit nice with the overall atmosphere. Should
have discovered this album years ago. Never grow tired of dark electro or others like futurepop
and EBM.

Favourite songs:

1. Follow The Screams
2. Through Glass / The Beating Of Broken Wings
4. Deathkill / Mother Hunger / In The Arms Of Eternity
7. When Porcelain Bleeds / To Be Fed Upon
9. Prey To The Razor / All Turns White
11. Revelation None

All 11 songs are of course great!
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas Die Verbannten Kinder Evas
While neoclassical darkwave isn't normally one of my favourite kinds of darkwave, there are
exceptions. Especially Dead Can Dance, Arcana and this band.
It's always great to get lost into this album, and I love it that it's a very long one.

It's always a nice feeling when I dig this album out again once or twice in a few months. I'm
thankful that mp3 files can't break so the sound quality can't suddenly decrease even after 14
years.rMusic is like a miracle to me and I'm glad everything'S still there after I wake up the
next day.
Diorama Cubed
Diorama Amaroid
Diorama A Different Life
My #3 all time favourite band. I always loved their darkwave / synthpop hybrid. Nice dreamy sounds and atmosphere and Torben Wendt is a great vocalist and lyricist especially when compared to other darkwave, futurepop and EBM bands.rThis album grew on me over the years and now it's up there with their best albums.
Diorama Her Liquid Arms
Diorama The Art Of Creating Confusing Spirits
Diorama Tiny Missing Fragments
Dismantled PostNuclear
Displacer Moon_Phase
I'm extremely thankful I found another 2 amazing idm & glitch albums!! Aphorism (idm) - Surge and
this one.
The atmosphere takes me to an abandoned spaceship where I am with few other people I know from
work, many things are broken but the ship is very big and there are many wonderful places and
rooms on it! It's a coincidence that both albums have very similar atmosphere fitting for this

Also A coincidence: a week ago I downloaded the game System Shock 2 (1999) from steam, a game
playing on a spaceship.

There are no bad songs on Moon_Phase, it's great to listen to all songs in a row, all the small
details that suddenly appear are fascinating and once again I can get lost in an album like this
very easy (I have over 100 great atmospheric electronic albums (I mean those without permanent
vocals, still loving others like EBM, industrial, futurepop, trip-hop with vocals etc) I listen to
from time to time. Especially at work, but also at home when I'm just browsing
pictures on google for example.
Draconian Arcane Rain Fell
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
Electric Orange Morbus
Electric Wizard Dopethrone
Emery ...In Shallow Seas We Sail
Entheogenic Spontaneous Illumination
Entheogenic Entheogenic
Entombed Left Hand Path
Entombed Clandestine
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Rust Red September
This is one of 9 albums I have of this amazing band.
When I listen to this album, I can smell the colourful leaves when they fall to the ground,
because it's a nice early autumn album. They have a pleasant scent.

They might have been called a post-punk band, but same as And Also The Trees, both never really
were close to typical bands of that genre, and also didn't care about that, both have their own
unique sound and somehow it felt like both were in their own musical world. It's incredible both
are still active and releasing amazing albums! The Trees started in 1979, EiG in early 1980.
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Pale Hands I Loved So Well
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Song Of The Beautiful Wanton
This is one of their best since they came back in the mid 90's. I'm thankful I have 9 albums of
them now, they're my #4 band of all time.rFavourite songs:
1. Sorrow Loves Yr Laughter
2. Staring
3. Dearsong
4. Old And Cold And Full Of Ghosts
5. One Light Then
6. Lullay My Liking
7. Mysterious Traffic
8. Less Sky, The Lovely Wanton
10. Among The Blue Flower And The Yellow
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Sun Blues
I'm really glad I downloaded this album for 9,99 euro on amazon after I thought about it for a few
days. Eyeless In Gaza are one of my all time top 4 bands and so far I had 8 albums of them. After
the second listen Sun Blues exploded, suddenly I love all the songs on it.

All the small details like the electronic sounds, the bass guitar, the sax which in one song
sounds like a seagull, add to the atmosphere that I really feel.

The first releases were in 1980, this is 36 years later and this album can easily hold its own
against their best albums. I didn't expect that, and it proves that good albums are worth much
more than 9 euro (I'm from germany) because they can stay with you for the rest of your life.
Farflung A Wound In Eternity
Fear Factory Demanufacture
Fractured Beneath The Ashes
Funeral for a Friend Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation
Godflesh Streetcleaner
Godflesh Godflesh
Gojira From Mars to Sirius
Gojira The Way of All Flesh
Gong Camembert Electrique
Gong Gazeuse! (Expresso)
Grizzly Bear Yellow House
Haloblack Throb
Hammock Kenotic
Hammock Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
Hank Mobley Roll Call
Hecq Scatterheart
Great to listen to when it's still dark and early at work.

Favourite songs:

1. Coup De Lune
2. Suck
3. Trivia / Iso
5. Fdk
6. Field / Doraccle
8. Holler
9. Flood Me / Road North
11. Midnight Generator
HORSE the band Desperate Living
In Strict Confidence Exile Paradise
In Strict Confidence Face the Fear
In Strict Confidence Love Kills!
I am always fascinated by music with icy cold sounds and atmosphere. Songs like "Heaven Is The Place To Be" are perfect examples of that. I can never get enough of frosty electronic stuff.
In Strict Confidence Zauberschloss
Integral Rise
ISIS Panopticon
Jesu Terminus
Jordan Rudess Feeding the Wheel
I'm thankful I discovered that he releases solo albums, Feeding The Wheel is my first of him and I
love all the electronic sounds on it. I always like keyboard & synthesizer in rock & metal music.
Of course John Petrucci is in 4 songs but that's a great thing.

Favourite songs:

1. Ucan Icon
2. Crack The Meter
3. Quantum Soup
4. Revolving Door, Dreaming In Titanium
6. Feed The Wheel
7. Interstices, Shifting Sands
9. Headspace
Joy Division Closer
Joy Division Substance
Kick Bong Flower Power
Killing Joke Whats THIS For...!
Kim Wilde Select
I'm glad I checked this album out, as all 10 songs are very enjoyable after first listen. I like
the sound more than on the first album, it's much more electronic (but still has that new wave
feeling that I love), and everything sounds icy and frosty, the atmosphere, the sound, the
instruments, even Kim's voice often sounds chilly. It feels almost like as if it's snowing in my
That's what I love about this album and at least 4 songs don't even have the 3rd chorus and I also
like the very fast songs that are on it. Also as always it's great that the bass guitar is usually
Life Cried Drawn and Quartered
Very nice album, nice sounds and atmosphere! Having another harsh / dark electro phase right now,
reminds me of 2007 and 2008 where that and futrepop were two of my main genres on last.fm.
Favourite songs:

1. Guardian
2. Sacrilege
3. Living Hell
4. Rage (Dying Existence)
5. Hallowed Be Thy Name
6. As We Decay, Stale, Darkest Eyes
9. Burnt To Ashes
10. Waiting For An End
Loscil Endless Falls
just another great ambient album. There are too many amazing atmospheric electronic albums I know. This one takes me far away. While I'm listening to this album nothing can harm or touch me, In my mind I'm in a different place, wonderful and isolated, no one can find me there.rI like that in every song there are sounds that are with me for the whole song, I don't want them to leave me. I wish I could get the vinyl only songs Graupel and Kinematics.
Lycia A Day in the Stark Corner
Lycia Cold
Lycia Estrella
Magazine Real Life
Magazine Secondhand Daylight
Magazine No Thyself
This deserves a better rating than 3.3. Maybe 3.8 or 3.9 would be more fair. This album isn't less
great than their first two albums. I still love the clever song structures in most songs.

For me it is better than "The Correct Use Of Soap" because that album was too light for me
sometimes, but it still had great lyrics.
Mahavishnu Orchestra The Inner Mounting Flame
Maps and Diagrams Antennas And Signals
I'm really glad and thankful that I found this album. Didn't know the artist before. This is
of those cases, where the album cover fits perfectly with the music and the atmosphere in it.

It's very dreamy and peaceful. The songs tend to sound similar but still, every song has
that keeps it interesting. It's perfect to listen to while watching stars at night or with the
pale moonlight coming into the room.
This album makes me think of Monkey Island 1, especially Meathook's house and his bed on the
second floor directly under and next to the window.

I love it when an idm album is ambient-like so that it's rich on atmosphere.

Favourite songs:

1. Man In The Moon & People Of The Valley (listened in a row)
2. We All Felt Seasick
3. Suisai
4. Lumen Landscapes
5. Just Beyond Träskmossen
6. The Same Day, Yesterday
7. Footprints And Secrets
8. The Machine That Changed The World
9. Meet Me At Slussen
10. Fiberbundles
Meshuggah obZen
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Miles Davis Kind of Blue
Monolake Ghosts
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours
Mystical Sun Energy Mind Consciousness
New Order Movement
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Skeleton Tree
Nik Kershaw Human Racing
He will always be one of my mainstream-80's heroes. His face and voice somehow remind me of Gadget
of Chip & Dale rescue rangers (the female mouse), I don't know why. His first 2 albums (both from
1984) are really good, all 20 songs very listenable and the lyrics are really clever sometimes
compared to other mainstream artists of the mid 80's. I wish I try his later albums some day.
Also I like his name, "Nik Kershaw" is a perfect name for the year 1984.
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral
Numb Death on the Installment Plan
Oresund Space Collective The Black Tomato
What an amazing psychedelic album and adventure!
And I am glad both songs before Viking Cleaner are cut into 5 and 3 parts, it's easier for me to
listen to the whole album that way.

I'm extremely thankful I discovered many great psychedelic bands & artists (rock and electronic
like psybient & psydub). Many are hard to find but the ones I have will stay with me for the rest
of my life.
Ott Skylon
Ozric Tentacles Erpland
Ozric Tentacles Strangeitude
Ozric Tentacles The Hidden Step
Ozric Tentacles Waterfall Cities
Ozric Tentacles Become the Other
Favourite songs ranking:

1. Vibuthi
2. Wob Glass / Plurnstyle / Ahu Belahu
5. Neurochasm / Cat DNA
7. Ghedengi / Become The Other

But as with every album of them from 1989 to 2000 there is no weak song, I always love every song
on every album from that timeline.
Pain of Salvation The Perfect Element, Part 1
Penal Colony Put Your Hands Down
Pere Ubu New Picnic Time
Can't someone make a review about this album? Well I can't believe New Picnic Time now is one of my most played albums. Was hard to get into it but now that I love all 10 songs it's almost easy listening for me. I love every single sound and everything about how David sings no matter how weird he does it. The synthesizer and guitar are also very well used together. It even entered my all time top 10 post-punk albums list on sputnikmusic and there's no end in sight!
Pere Ubu The Art Of Walking
Finally got time to check this album out after years of only having Dub Housing and New Picnic
Time (both amazing, NPT even one of my top 10 all time favourite post-punk albums).
This one here is even more strange and experimental. And I'm glad Allan Ravenstine (synths) gets
even more spotlight on The Art Of Walking. After some listens the album unfolds more and more.

Song ratings:

1. Go (4.1)
2. Rhapsody In Pink (4.3)
3. Arabia (4.2)
4. Young Miles In The Basement (4.0)
5. Misery Goats (4.7)
6. Loop (4.4)
7. Rounder (3.9)
8. Birdies (4.7)
9. Lost In Art (4.6)
10. Horses (3.9)
11. Crush This Horn (4.3)

Rating: 4.28. I still rate the album 4.5 because I love to listen the whole album, it brings me to
nice colourful and weird places in my mind (also the sound and atmosphere reminds me somehow of
the graphics in James Pond 2 Robocod, an Amiga 500 game).

I also found the song Arabian Knights, it's very similar to Arabia, just with David's vocals.
PIG Praise The Lard
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd Meddle
Pride and Fall In My Time of Dying
Proem Socially Inept
Project Pitchfork IO
Project Pitchfork Inferno
Public Image Ltd. Metal Box
Quantum Fantay Ugisiunsi
I am absolutely thankful this exists and that I have it. Not many people seem to have it so it's great I can listen to it whenever I need it.rI am thankful in general about every psychedelic band and album that exists (both rock & electronic).
Radian Juxtaposition
Radian On Dark Silent Off
Like all the releases before this album Radian once more proved they're worthy to be one of my top
6 all time favourite bands. Their mix of post-rock & IDM is amazing and all 48 songs I have of
them so far are great.
I like that they have their own unique way of how they make music. It's great to get lost into
their albums.
Radian Chimeric
Radiohead Kid A
Rotersand Welcome to Goodbye
Roxy Music For Your Pleasure
Run Level Zero Walk The Psycho[Path]
Sad Lovers and Giants The Mirror Test
Scott Walker The Drift
Seabound No Sleep Demon V2.0
a very fine futurepop album, this time with a vocal version of Avalost, which's much better than the instrumental one.rI know what futurepop is about, too many people on this site always want highly emotional music, this is NOT what futurepop (or EBM, industrial etc) is about.rMany futurepop albums are perfect for autumn, some good for spring and summer.rI like the atmosphere in songs like Point Break, Avalost, Smoke and Travelling. Many electronic genres are good for me to use my imagination and let it run wild.
Shakti A Handful of Beauty
Shpongle Tales of the Inexpressible
Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
Sigh Imaginary Sonicscape
Skinny Puppy Too Dark Park
Slackbaba And The Beat Goes Om
Slayer Reign in Blood
Sleep Sleep's Holy Mountain
sleepmakeswaves Made Of Breath Only
Solar Fields Leaving Home
Solar Fields Blue Moon Station
Stellardrone Invent the Universe
Stendeck Sonnambula
Just another electronic gem (there are hundreds of them), great atmosphere kind of cold, perfect for october. it starts on an amazing way with the first 2 songs.rlike I often said there are many great electronic genres it's great to get lost in them. In electronic music everything is possible.
Stendeck Scintilla
Strapping Young Lad City
Sunny Day Real Estate How It Feels To Be Something On
Swallow the Sun The Morning Never Came
Sybreed Antares
The Associates The Affectionate Punch
The Cosmic Jokers Galactic Supermarket
This album deserves a rating above 4. Kinder Des Alls is a great song, and then Galactic
Supermarket. It really takes me to a real galactic supermarket somewhere in the exosphere of the
earth (far above the ISS).

It's a wonderful place where you can buy everything you ever dreamed of.rWith glowing yellow tiles
(and blue-red lines between them) you walk on. Why the hell does that place not exist in reality.
The Cure Pornography
The Cure Disintegration
The Cure Faith
The Fall Hex Enduction Hour
The Flaming Lips The Terror
The Frozen Autumn Pale Awakening
What a wonderful darkwave-album. Perfect for autumn. The sound is often icy cold, but the vocalist's voice is very warm.rTypical melancholic stuff but all 10 songs are very enjoyable.
The Infinity Project Mystical Experiences
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold as Love
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble From the Stairwell
This Ascension Light And Shade
This Ascension Walk Softly, A Dream Lies Here
This Heat Deceit
This Heat This Heat
Threat Signal Under Reprisal
Thursday Full Collapse
Tim Hecker Ravedeath, 1972
Tool Lateralus
Tool Fear Inoculum
Tor Lundvall Ice
Ufomammut Idolum
Velvet Acid Christ Maldire
VNV Nation Futureperfect
Wire The Drill
For me this is a perfect album for december and when I'm playing Sonic 3 with the Sega emulator.
Then I can listen to all 9 songs in a row and they're all enjoyable to me. Still this is a very
strange album for a band like Wire. But I'm thankful that I discovered it years ago. They're all
remixes of one song and it's a positive surprise that no song sounds like the other.

Also people who give a bad rating just don't have imagination, that's what you need when you
listen to this album.
Worrytrain Worrytrain
What an excellent ambient album, it's great to get lost into it, especially songs 2, 3, 4 (look in
the tracklist to see which ones I mean) have a great atmosphere that takes me far away from this
world into another. Songs 8 and 9 also belong to my favourites. I like all 10 songs, even the few
weaker ones are enjoyable. It's mostly beatless ambient with a cold, sometimes droney sound. It is
a real "hidden" gem that not many know about, and I listen to it very regularly.

Favourite songs:

1. Today I Saw An Angel..Today I Saw A Satellite
2. Cold Sleepwarm Sound
3. London's Fog & Burning / Flying High On Wounded Wings
5. Heaven's Ice Spread Downward / Goodbye Northern Lights
7. Via Madoline Ralley
8. Waking Up In The Marsh
9. Terminal Sunlight / Downism
Wynardtage Praise The Fallen
Wynardtage A Flicker Of Hope
A really underrated album by Wyn. Deserves a 4.0 from me because there are many enjoyable songs on
it. A Flicker Of Hope, White Frost, We Can Carry A Lot and the haunting Closer are up there with
his best songs he ever did.

Some harsh electro artists will always play an important role in my music world, for example
Fractured, Wynardtage, earlier Aesthetic Perfection, IWR, Some X-Fusion, Hocico, Die Sektor, ESC
(Eden Synthetic Corps), First 3 Heimataerde albums and Velvet Acid Christ, also Tactical Sekt,
Life Cried, Asphyxia, Distatix, Unter Null, Distorted Memory, Dawn Of Ashes, Suicide Commando,

Favourite songs on this album:

1. White Frost / Closer
3. We Can Carry A Lot / A Flicker Of Hope
5. Solitude
6. The Fall (feat. Unter Null)
7. Deep Red (feat. Damian Dior) / Taste This Rush
9. Blindfold (feat. Mel) / Alive / Slow The Tide

No Hurricane Age because that song was always on Praise The Fallen album (2007) but it's a great
song there.
[:SITD:] Coded Message: 12
[:SITD:] Stunde X
[:SITD:] are back to great form with this album after the average last album.

Favourite songs:

1. Grenzenlos
2. Greater Heights / Miscreed
4. Sturmlicht / Benediction
6. Revelation / Olymp
8. Orbiter
9. Symptom / Drowning In The Flame
11. God's Blessing

4.0 excellent
*shels Sea of the Dying Dhow
16Volt Skin
23 Skidoo Seven Songs
65daysofstatic The Fall of Math
A Flock of Seagulls Listen
A Static Lullaby ...And Don't Forget to Breathe
A Static Lullaby A Static Lullaby
A Thorn For Every Heart Things Aren't So Beautiful Now
Absurd Minds Serve or Suffer
Absurd Minds Deception
Absurd Minds Noumenon
Absurd Minds The Cycle
Absurd Minds Sapta
Access to Arasaka Oppidan
Acumen Nation The 5ifth Column
Acylum Mental Disorder
I'm thankful this album proved as a grower, now I really like 9 or maybe 10 songs on it (and maybe
the last
song Fatal Conclusion, but it's more like an outro).

And most songs with vocals only have 2 choruses, only the song "Rape" is a bit too repetitive,
they could have cut off a minute and the song would be absolutely fine.

I like the dark and hopeless atmosphere, I like it a bit more than the album
The Enemy.

I wanted to like this album because it is released in 2007 and that was a great year for futurepop
and dark electro / aggrotech. From 2008 on there were less and less great albums coming out of
those 2 genres (with some exceptions).
Agitation Free Malesh
Agitation Free 2nd
Ahab Call of the Wretched Sea
Alex Skolnick Trio Transformation
Alexisonfire Watch Out!
Alexisonfire Crisis
Allan Holdsworth Wardenclyffe Tower
Allan Holdsworth Metal Fatigue
Allan Holdsworth Sand
Alphaville Forever Young
Alva Noto Unieqav
Amon Duul II Phallus Dei
Amon Duul II Wolf City
Amon Tobin Bricolage
And Also The Trees And Also the Trees
And Also The Trees Angelfish
And Also The Trees Nailed
Androcell Efflorescence
Androcell Emotivision
Angels and Agony Unison
Angels and Agony Avatar
Animals As Leaders Animals as Leaders
Antic Clay Hilarious Death Blues
Aphorism (idm) Surge
Arcana Inner Pale Sun
Architect (DE) Lower Lip Interface
Armor For Sleep What To Do When You Are Dead
ASP Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat-Liederzyklus
Asphyxia Sense Of Decay
Why doesn't many other bands from the dark / harsh electro genre have those nice song structures? Many just go for the predictable and often boring 3 chorus pattern, Asphyxia avoid that in most songs, and it fits really nice in this genre. Just when you think the chorus appears there's something different for a minute before that.rLuckily there are enough exceptions but I really have to search hard for them.
Asylum Party Borderline
Augustus Pablo King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Augustus Pablo East of the Nile River
Augustus Pablo King David's Melody
Ausgang Manipulate
Autechre Amber
Autistici Complex Tone Test
Autistici Beneath Peaks
This album deserves a 4.0 rating because it makes you use your imagination and every song has something different to offer. Some songs are perfect to listen to on sunny and warm summer days like Asleep Beneath Nests, Edge Over Millstone View and Peveril's Open Door. Like the other 3 albums it just needs time to unfold, it's hard to love it after only one listen.
Autoclav1.1 Love No Longer Lives Here
Babyland You Suck Crap
Bauhaus The Sky's Gone Out
Bauhaus Lagartija Nick
Ben Woods Liaise In Silence EP
Billy Cobham Spectrum
Billy Cobham Total Eclipse
Biosphere Patashnik
Bitcrush Epilogue in Waves
I really dislike music haters like this Trey / Willie, I wish he would give albums more than just one listen, many albums only unfold after a while.rAt least I always try to be positive as possible about newly discovered albums.
Bloodbath Resurrection Through Carnage
Bob Dylan Desire
Bob Dylan The Times They Are A-Changin'
Bob Marley and The Wailers Catch A Fire
Bob Marley and The Wailers Exodus
Bob Marley and The Wailers Rastaman Vibration
Bong-Ra Full Metal Racket
Buckethead Electric Tears
Buckethead Thank you Ohlinger's
Buckethead Cycle
I like to listen to this when I play the ice world in Sonic 3 (with the sega emulator), it fits very well.
Byetone Symeta
Will definitely check this out. I love Alva Noto and Robert Lippok's Redsuperstructure. Both were
from the raster noton label which doesn't exist anymore, but the website still does and I'm
looking through the releases right now. Neuschnee and Helix sound promising so far!


Favourite songs:

1. Neuschnee
2. Helix
3. Golden Elegy
4. Black Peace
5. Opal
6. Topas
7. Telegramm
Carbon Based Lifeforms Interloper
Celldweller End of an Empire - Chapter 02: Love
Celldweller End of an Empire
Celtic Frost Monotheist
cEvin Key Music for Cats
A very crazy and abstract album, with many very juicy sounds. This album demands multiple listens
because it's hard to understand it after few listens, with all the things going on and the small
little details everywhere.

Favourite songs:

1. Herbalist Rule / Greenhouse Gasses
3. Blotter / Inside Jam World / Grah Statikcat (Electrodes)
6. Full Circle / Go Go Boots
8. Meteorite / Beauty Is The Enemy
10. Have You Ever Felt Like This / Wind On Small Paws
Chandeen Shaded By The Leaves
It's a very nice, sometimes melancholic darkwave album. In the early to mid 90's germany was
darkwave's mainland. I'm glad I also have the bonus track Mysterious Clouds.rThe songs usually
have nice song structures, songs like Scottish Hills always makes me cry. I'm thankful I found
this album and other hidden gems of the darkwave genre.

Favourite songs:

1. Scottish Hills
2. Red Letter Days
3. Recall Me
4. Darkness
5. Journey To The Land Of Wisdom
6. Silent Gods Part II
7. Mysterious Clouds
8. Lumis
9. The Loss Of Summer
Chemlab East Side Militia
Chemlab Oxidizer
Chemlab Burnout at the Hydrogen Bar
Christian Death Only Theatre of Pain
Chronos (RUS) Steps To The Great Knowledge
Clan of Xymox Clan of Xymox
Cloudkicker Fade
Cocteau Twins Victorialand
Cold Sun Dark Shadows
Colour Haze Periscope
Colour Haze In Her Garden
Coma Alliance Weapon Of Choice
Covenant Skyshaper
Covenant Dreams Of A Cryotank
Crowbar Crowbar
Crowbar Life's Blood For The Downtrodden
Crowbar Broken Glass
Crowbar Obedience Thru Suffering
Crowbar Equilibrium
Crowbar Time Heals Nothing
Crowbar Sever The Wicked Hand
Crowbar Symmetry in Black
Crowbar The Serpent Only Lies
Cue to Recall Polarity
This album really has some great songs on it that takes me back to autumn 2007 (An Endless Case,
Consuming Hearts, In Affect, Strip The Light, Pure Addiction and Pieces). I loved to listen to
them (and other futurepop & dark electro albums) when I got home after 4pm when it already got
dark outside. I love that melancholic feeling.

The cold vocals strongly remind me of Covenant, they're very similar.
Cyanotic Prehab 25mg-EP
Cyanotic The Medication Generation
Cyanotic MedPack Vol. 1
Cyndi Lauper She's So Unusual
Das Ich Satanische Verse
Das Ich Egodram
Das Ich Anti'christ
Das Ich Die Propheten
Das Ich Staub
Das Ich Cabaret
Das Ich Lava
David Bowie "Heroes"
Déclassé Silos
Dead Can Dance Spleen and Ideal
Dead Poetic New Medicines
Dead Poetic Vices
Deadline Paranoia Parakromantie
Deadstar Assembly Unsaved
Death Spiritual Healing
Death Leprosy
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist
Deine Lakaien April Skies
Deine Lakaien Winter Fish Testosterone
Deine Lakaien Forest Enter Exit
Deine Lakaien Deine Lakaien
Dementia Simplex Yeah, I Killed My Mama...
Dementia Simplex Prediction
An obscure band and I'm thankful I have both albums. The songs are surprisingly well structured
for a band of this genre (electro-industrial rock).
I know many obscure bands and albums and it's like a miracle to me that I found them and still
love them after 10 or more years. Means it is irrelevant how popular they are out there, when in
my music world they're important.

1. First Things (3.6)
2. Trauma (4.0)
3. Die Down (4.4)
4. Beast Within (4.4)
5. Eaten Alive (4.1)
6. Hell On Earth (4.2)
7. Tortured Animal (4.4)
8. Candlelight (4.1)
9. Cinderchild (4.1)
10. Xenophobia (3.9)
11. Mentally Disturbed (4.0)
12. Last Things (3.9)

4.09 rating
Desert Dwellers Muladhara Yoga Dub
Destroid Future Prophecies
Detritus (Wales) Everyday Explanations
Devo Freedom of Choice
Diary of Dreams Bird Without Wings
By far their longest album (but with only 10 songs) and more epic than the other albums. 4 songs over 8 minutes and two more with 7 minutes. My 4th most favourite album by them.
Diary of Dreams MenschFeind
Die Sektor Applied Structure In A Void
My first album of them. Had to check it out because I love the album cover. I like how every song has many small little details and sounds, sometimes even glitch influenced. In some of the more introverted sounding songs the atmosphere can be even dreamy and melancholic. Finally another great harsh electro album (my last one, Maldire by Velvet Acid Christ is an almost-classic to me).
Diorama Zero Soldier Army
Diorama Pale
Diorama Synthesize Me
Diorama RePale
Dismantled Standard Issue
Distorted Memory Burning Heaven
song-structure wise it's one of the better harsh electro albums, because all songs always avoid the sometimes dreaded 3rd chorus.rI wish every harsh electro album has good song structures but some luckily have more atmosphere, so it's not that bad.
Doctor Flake Paradis Dirtyficiels
Donovan Sunshine Superman
Dream Theater Awake
Dry Kill Logic Of Vengeance and Violence
Duran Duran Rio
Earth The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
Eat Static Science of the Gods
Edge Of Dawn Anything That Gets You Through The Night
Editors An End Has A Start
Electric Orange Volume 10
Electric Orange Electric Orange
Electric Wizard Electric Wizard
Emancipator Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Emancipator Safe In The Steep Cliffs
I am glad I dug this album out after years. Most songs have an ethereal feeling, a nice album to
draw something while sitting next to a window, or to listen to while daydreaming. It's an album
that might need multiple listens so that one song after another can unfold itself.

That other user calling this elevator music just has no imagination left in him. I love to let my
imagination run wild while listening to atmospheric electronic albums.r
Emery The Question
Emptyset Recur
Entheogenic Dreamtime Physics
Entombed Morning Star
Eric B and Rakim Paid in Full
ESC (Eden Synthetic Corps) Enhancer
Even after over 10 years this album this holds up well, and it's different from many other harsh
electro albums, it has more a spring-like atmosphere than an autumnal one.
And the yellow album artwork looks great and fits perfect with the sounds on the album. More
melodic than other albums of the genre most songs also have nice twists to avoid standard 3 chorus

Favourite songs:

1. Waste Of Ammo
2. Needle Catwalk / Architecture / Alpha Male
5. Deathtrap Circus / Despise / Heartware 2.0 / 0.26 Bladefucked
9. Attention Whore / Wrong Way / Totes Licht / Reptile
Etched In Red Dylate
Eurythmics In The Garden
This album deserves a much higher rating. At least an average of 3.6 or so. I like how ethereal Annie's voice was back then and the atmosphere in general.
Explosions in the Sky The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) All Under the Leaves, the Leaves of Life
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Drumming the Beating Heart
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Everyone Feels Like A Stranger
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Bitter Apples
Family Fodder Monkey Banana Kitchen
I am thankful I discovered this album years ago. I love post-punk and now have over 100 albums of that genre. I love the weird songs on this album.
Fear Factory Obsolete
Fennesz Venice
Finch Say Hello to Sunshine
Five or Six Polar Exposure
I'm really glad someone helped me getting this album. Searched it for years, needed it because I love post-punk and the year 1981 where there were many great albums of that genre.rFive Or Six mixes post-punk music with ambient music, nice, cold and atmospheric.
Flesh Field Strain
Flooting Grooves Upsyde Downe
Florence and the Machine How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful
Foetus Hole
Foetus Thaw
Foetus Love
Frank Bretschneider Rhythm
From Zero One Nation Under
Frost* Milliontown
Frozen Plasma Monumentum
Gel-Sol 1104
Gel-Sol Unifactor
Gene Loves Jezebel Promise
Girls Under Glass Darius
Globular Colours Of The Brainbow
Globular A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
God Is an Astronaut God Is an Astronaut
Godflesh Selfless
Gong Flying Teapot
Gong Zero to Infinity
Gong Expresso II
Gridlock Trace
Grizzly Bear Veckatimest
Grizzly Bear Painted Ruins
Haloblack >Tension Filter<
Hanging Garden Inherit the Eden
Harmonia Musik von Harmonia
Hecq Bad Karma
Hecq 0000
Heimataerde Gotteskrieger
Heimataerde Kadavergehorsam
Hidden In Plain View Life in Dreaming
Hocico Wrack and Ruin
A nice album which has an interesting atmosphere. The genre they're in is usually aggressive and trying to be dark, but somehow the whole album has a slightly dreamy feeling as well. It's different from Memorias Atras for example which's also amazing but is less atmospheric in my opinion.rI will always have a heart for genres like harsh electro, electro-industrial and futurepop. There are times when I need this kind of music.
Hocico Memorias Atras
Hocico Scars
I still haven't heard a Hocico song yet that is better than the song Scars and maybe Not Like You
(apestas version). Both are awesome and I like to remember summer 2006 when I discovered it.

edit: But the albums Memorias Atras and Wrack And Ruin really did grow on me, most songs on both
are amazing. They almost always avoid the 3rd chorus, means the songs often have very good song
Howard Jones Human's Lib
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Fear Is on Our Side
I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness I Love You but I've Chosen Darkness
In Mitra Medusa Inri Long Forgotten World
In Search Of Beauty The Arise
In Strict Confidence Holy
Much less atmosphere than Love Kills (icy, frosty masterpiece) and Exile Paradise (warm, fruity
like a passion fruit and nice sounds in the background).

edit: But this album did finally grow after I gave it another chance. Nice atmospheres as always
with this band.
Favourite songs on Holy:

1. Heal Me / Eye Of Heaven / Sleepless / Emergency
5. Alpha Centauri
6. The Darkest Corridors / Closing Eyes
8. Babylon / Seven Lives / Another Night / No Love Will Heal
In Strict Confidence Mistrust the Angels
In Strict Confidence Where Sun And Moon Unite
Iron Lung Corporation Big Shiny Spears
IWR Ground Zero
Jakob Cale:Drew
Jan Jelinek Kosmischer Pitch
Jean-Michel Jarre Zoolook
Joe Satriani Engines of Creation
John McLaughlin Electric Guitarist
John McLaughlin Devotion
John Petrucci Suspended Animation
Jonathan Fitoussi Plein Soleil
Jonn Serrie And the Stars Go with You
Josef K The Only Fun in Town
Joy Division Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart
Kaminanda Gateways Of Consciousness
Kangding Ray Automne Fold
Kangding Ray Stabil
Favourite songs:

1. Status+Light
2. Sub.Res
3. Stabil
4. NN/Peaks / Mai
6. Cyan
7. Isoline / Interrompu Court
9. Nine
10. Wellen
Katatonia Viva Emptiness
Kenny Burrell Midnight Blue
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Polygondwanaland
Kool Keith Black Elvis/Lost in Space
Kuba Through a Lense
Another psybient & psydub gem I checked out today morning at work after Kick Bong - Flower Power.
Both are amazing, once more I'm happy that there are still countless great psybient albums I
didn't know yet.

The album songs of both albums are considerably shorter than on the average psybient album but
they're dynamic, don't need too much time to develop or to start and once again it's a great
adventure to listen to them.

In psybient music it is irrelevant to me how original or innovative an album is, many artists can
sound similar yet they still all sound different, it's a different adventure every time I discover
another album of this genre and
it always helps me feel more positive.
Lamb of God Ashes of the Wake
Lee Morgan Tom Cat
Lena Andersson Söder Mälarstrand
Lento Earthen
Very nice album, very atmospheric, many years ago I discovered them on last.fm as similar artists
from Ufomammut, one of my all time favourite metal bands.
favourite songs:

1. Hadrons
2. Emersion of the islands
3. Currents
4. Leave
5. Need
6. Subterrestrial
7. Earth
Level Level
Life Cried Banished Psalms
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow
London After Midnight Selected Scenes from the End of the World
Just another very nice 90's goth album. I love the darkwave feeling on it, it's still one of my favourite genres although most of the great darkwave bands are from germany and other european countries.rSongs like Spider And The Fly, Your Best Nightmare, The Black Cat and Sacrifice are just wonderful.
Loscil Submers
Great underwater ambient. Other underwater ambient album I know is "World Of Sleepers" by Carbon Based Lifeforms but "Submers" is a little bit darker and dark blue, not light blue and psychedelic like WoS. Great atmospheres.
Lost Area Dare To Dream
Love Is Colder Than Death Teignmouth
Lowlife Diminuendo
Lunatic Soul Lunatic Soul
Lycia Ionia
Lycia Quiet Moments
Mass Labour of Love
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah Chaosphere
Meshuggah Koloss
Michael Jackson Thriller
Michael Jackson Bad
Michael Jackson Dangerous
Miles Davis 'Round About Midnight
mind.in.a.box Dreamweb
mind.in.a.box Crossroads
Mindless Faith Medication For The Misinformed
Ministry Psalm 69
Ministry The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Mnemic The Audio Injected Soul
Mnemic Mechanical Spin Phenomena
Modern English Mesh & Lace
It is a good post-punk album from a great year (1981) so it should have a higher rating (maybe 3.6).
Modern Eon Fiction Tales
Monolake Gravity
I never can enough of icy cold and frosty electronic stuff as thankfully plenty of albums have to
offer like this one. This album will never get boring and old even after multiple listens.

Song ratings:

1. Mobile (4.3)
2. Ice (4.6)
3. Frost (4.1)
4. Static (4.3)
5. Zero Gravity (4.4)
6. Fragile (4.1)
7. Aviation (4.4)
8. Nucleus (4.0)
Monolake Momentum
Morgion Solinari
Muslimgauze Buddhist on Fire
Muslimgauze Vote Hezbollah
Muslimgauze Flajelata
My Dad Is Dead The Taller You Are, the Shorter You Get
Myssouri Malamerica
Mystical Sun Deeperworlds
Mystical Sun Primordial Atmospheres
Necessary Response Blood Spills Not Far From the Wound
Neuroticfish Les Chansons Neurotiques
New Mind Fractured
New Model Army Thunder and Consolation
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds The Firstborn Is Dead
Nik Kershaw The Riddle
Nine Inch Nails With Teeth
Nine Inch Nails Further Down the Spiral (US)
Noise Therapy Tension
Whenever I listen to this it takes me back to nov & dec 2005.

Favourite songs:

1. In My World
2. Star 69 (Wait For Nothing)
3. Inside / Far Away
5. Ride / Monkeys / Yesterday
8. G-Hole
9. Standing In The Dark
10. Get Up
Nothingface Violence
Novembers Doom To Welcome the Fade
Nurzery (Rhymes) Thorns
Oneohtrix Point Never Returnal
Why should I care about when someone says this album doesn't sound original or Daniel uses too
many influences like sounds of Klaus Schulze for example, or that it sounds too similar to other
artists. Listening to this album again right now and after many years it's still as great as after
the first listen. Nice colours everywhere, great atmosphere to get lost in.

I enjoy it for what it is, a very good atmospheric electronic album. People should stop caring
about what sounds unoriginal and just enjoy the music and using their imagination to it.
Opposition Intimacy
Opposition Promises
Orange Goblin Time Travelling Blues
Oresund Space Collective Kybalion
Ott Blumenkraft
Out Out Finched
Overkill The Years of Decay
Overkill Horrorscope
Ozric Tentacles Swirly Termination
Ozric Tentacles Curious Corn
Ozric Tentacles Pyramidion
Ozric Tentacles The Yumyum Tree
The Ozrics over the years became my second most favourite band (after And Also The Trees and
before Diorama, Eyeless In Gaza, Radian, Gong, The Chameleons, Shpongle etc.).

From 1988 to 2000 I found 11 amazing albums. Tried many albums from after 2000 but they're
frustrating to listen to because the magic seems to be gone.
Then I checked out The Yum Yum Tree days ago. Maybe THIS is the 12th great album of the Ozrics I
was looking for for years. The songs have more imagination, nice sounds and atmosphere.
Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent
@GhandhiLion: What I don't like is that you and other people just can't simply enjoy certain songs
and albums for what they are, I wish you would stop comparing bands and just enjoy the music. When
someone likes / loves a band / album it shouldn't matter how original and influential a band was.

Pungent Effulgent is another gem and the 1988-2000 Ozrics era was and is incredible, they were
almost invincible back then. How great it is to get lost in space and in their music.
Ozric Tentacles Sliding Gliding Worlds
Pain of Salvation Remedy Lane
Parade Ground Moan On The Sly
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost
Paradise Lost Draconian Times
Paradise Lost Faith Divides Us - Death Unites Us
Paradise Lost Tragic Idol
Penal Colony Unfinished Business
Pere Ubu Dub Housing
Phil Collins ...But Seriously
Pink Floyd A Saucerful of Secrets
Pink Turns Blue Meta
Pink Turns Blue Aerdt
I'm thankful I have this hard to find album. Songs like Seven Years, Andy, Aerdt, Genuine and Dec.
24 are so dreamy, perfect for watching the stars and moon at night, also perfect for cold autumn

Must be great when you have to get up after 6am, but you wake up at 1am deciding to enjoy the look
out of the window while listening to this album.
Plaid Rest Proof Clockwork
Pneumatic Detach [vis·cer·a]
Very good industrial noise album. More experimental than for example SAM, Soman, Xotox, Noisuf-X
etc. Also with some breakcore influences and some complex rhythm sections not far from idm &
I love the album cover it fits nicely with the meaty, industrial sounds on the album. Next to
S.K.E.T. - Baikonur this is a rhythmic noise album I love to come back to from time to time (even
if I also like SAM, Soman and Xotox).
Favourite songs:

1. Patternerase
2. Domination (Short Mix) / Putrescence
4. Holowh / Sona / Embers
7. Separator / Relentless / Dischordant
10. Mindless Brutal Apparatus / Moment Of Comprehension
Pneumatic Detach Irreversible
Poison the Well The Opposite of December
Portico Quartet Isla
Pride and Fall Elements of Silence
Pride and Fall Of Lust And Desire
Procol Harum Procol Harum
Project Pitchfork Daimonion
Project Pitchfork Kaskade
Project Pitchfork Alpha Omega
Project Pitchfork Dream, Tiresias!
Project Pitchfork Corps D'amour
Project Pitchfork Lam-'bras
Project Pitchfork View From A Throne
Promethean Misery Tied Up With Strings
Psyclon Nine Divine Infekt
Pulse State With A Single Step
Quantum Fantay Kaleidothrope
Radian Rec.Extern
Radian TG11
Radian Radian
Radian & Howe Gelb Radian verses Howe Gelb
Radiohead Amnesiac
Radiohead In Rainbows
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Domino
Re:Legion 13 Seconds
I didn't know or expect this band was already on here. Was preparing to add them to the database.

Today I finally dug out this album after more than 10 years. Bought it in 2007 but only listened
to few songs then. Another nice futurepop album with almost all songs avoiding the standard 3
chorus routine.
Revolting Cocks Beers, Steers + Queers
Robert Lippok Redsuperstructure
Rotersand Random is Resistance
Rotersand 1023
This album did grow on me years after release. Now I understand it much better. Welcome To Goodbye
is untouchable and still one of the best futurepop albums of all time but I like how they
experiment on 1023. There's an acoustic guitar, trip-hop and ambient influences, the songs are
often slower but I like how they unfold. Songs like I Am With You have nice song structures, after
the 2nd chorus the song takes off and never returns, I love that kind of creativity.
Run Level Zero Arctic Noise
Run Level Zero And Thus We Walked
S.K.E.T. Baikonur
Sad Lovers and Giants Epic Garden Music
Sad Lovers and Giants Treehouse Poetry
I wish there is a review of this album, it's almost unknown compared to their first 3 albums. One
of my all time favourite post-punk bands. Years ago I even had to add this album because it wasn't
on sputnikmusic.

This album is perfect for early september days when it still can be sunny and warm but you realize
summer will not stay too long. It's a very easy album, easy to like and get lost into it.
Saltillo Ganglion
Saltillo Monocyte
Still very nice industrial-techno, nice mix of rhythmic noise and hardstyle (not normally my genre
but it sounds great here), also nice atmospheres. And the album cover fits nice.

1. Hard Technology / Compactor
3. Epic / 24 Stunden
5. Black Rubber Dance / Rorschachtest / Ascent
8. Enemy List / Sex und Gewalt
10. Time Envelope
11. Chaos and Confusion / Filter / Syntax Error
14. Synthetic Vision / Trapperfieber / Therapie

I'm glad I have all 3 albums.
SAM Destruction Unit
Santa Hates You You're On The Naughty List
Saturate The Point of No Return
Saturate Soul Element
Savage Republic Tragic Figures
Saves the Day Through Being Cool
Scars (SCO) Author! Author!
Scott Walker Tilt
Scott Walker Bish Bosch
Seabound Double-Crosser
Senking Capsize Recovery
Shpongle Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost
Shpongle Are You Shpongled?
Silverstein Discovering the Waterfront
Simple Minds Reel to Real Cacophony
Siouxsie and the Banshees A Kiss in the Dreamhouse
Siouxsie and the Banshees Juju
Skinny Puppy Cleanse Fold and Manipulate
Skinny Puppy Last Rights
Skinny Puppy Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse
Slackbaba Perverting Mankind
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
SMP Terminal
Discovered it today. Only knew Stalemate, listened to that years ago.
Terminal is a nice hybrid of industrial, rock and hip-hop, many songs are nicely crafted and often
avoid normal 3 chorus routines.
I also like how the vocals sound, reminds me of good old us-coldwave days.

Discovered some very nice industrial albums lately, this one here and Flesh Field - Strain.
Solar Fields Reflective Frequencies
Solitary Experiments Mind Over Matter
Atmosphere-wise it's one of the best albums with november atmosphere and one of the best of
futurepop & modern EBM. Not really perfect as an album but there are many great songs that stand
on their own and are beautiful.

Favourite songs:

1. Homesick / Downfall / Pale Candle-Light
4. Delight
5. Still Alive
6. War & Peace / Odyssey Of Mind / Apologize
9. Counterpart
10. Self-Deception
SPK Information Overload Unit
Steve Hauschildt Strands
Stone The Crow (GER) Reduce To The Max
Stone The Crow (GER) Year Of The Crow
Subheim Approach
Suffocation Pierced from Within
Suicide Commando Bind, Torture, Kill
Swamp Terrorists Grim - Stroke - Disease
Swamp Terrorists Grow-Speed-Injection
Swans Filth
Swans Cop
Switched Subject to Change
Tactical Sekt Syncope
Nice sounds, I'm glad I'm on another dark / harsh electro & futurepop phase.
Tactical Sekt Burn Process
Taking Back Sunday Tell All Your Friends
Talking Heads Remain in Light
Tame Impala Innerspeaker
Tears for Fears The Hurting
Testament The New Order
Textures Drawing Circles
The Associates Sulk
The Band Stage Fright
The Chameleons What Does Anything Mean? Basically
The Chameleons Strange Times
The Comsat Angels Waiting for a Miracle
The Comsat Angels Fiction
favourite songs are clearly What Else!? and Not A Word, those even belong to my all time favourite
Comsat Angels songs, are up there with the best on Sleep No More (a post-punk classic). Birdman,
Now I Know and Zinger are also very good, others are decent to average. Still a nice post-punk
album, on a good 34th rank in my post-punk albums list.

Once more Andy Peake shows why he is one of my personal keyboard heroes of post-punk (next to
others like Dave Formula of Magazine).
The Cosmic Jokers The Cosmic Jokers
The Crooked Fiddle Band The Crooked Fiddle Band
The Crooked Fiddle Band Moving Pieces Of The Sea
The Cruxshadows Ethernaut
The Cruxshadows ...Night Crawls In
The Cure Charlotte Sometimes (Single)
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time Out
The Fair Sex Demented Forms
The Fair Sex Bite Release Bite
The Flashbulb These Open Fields
The Flashbulb Arboreal
The Foreshadowing Days of Nothing
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Here Be Dragons
The Monochrome Set Love Zombies
The Peaking Goddess Collective Organika
The Sisters of Mercy Floodland
The Sisters of Mercy First and Last and Always
The Sound From The Lion's Mouth
The Sound All Fall Down
The Sound Shock of Daylight
The Teardrop Explodes Wilder
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Wolfgang Press Standing Up Straight
Theatre of Hate Westworld
This Ascension Tears In Rain
Tinfed Synaptic Hardware
Tinfed Hypersonic Hyperphonic
Tool Ænima
Tool 10,000 Days
Trance To The Sun Ghost Forest
Tricky Maxinquaye
Tricky Pre-Millenium Tension
Tripswitch Circuit Breaker
Trisomie 21 Passions divisees
Tuxedomoon Desire
Type O Negative October Rust
Type O Negative Bloody Kisses
Udo Lindenberg Götterhämmerung
Ufomammut Eve
Ufomammut ORO: Opus Alter
Ufomammut Ecate
Ufomammut 8
UK Decay For Madmen Only
UK Decay Rising From the Dread
This deserves 4.0 for the song Werewolf alone. The other 3 songs are solid and still quite listenable but never come close to the quality that Werewolf has.
Ulaan Khol I
Ultravox Rage In Eden
Ulver Perdition City
Ulver Blood Inside
Ulver Shadows of the Sun
UNKLE Psyence Fiction
UNKLE Never, Never, Land
Unter Null The Failure Epiphany
Uriah Letters In Blood
Vendemmian Treacherous
Venetian Snares Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding
Venom Black Metal
Vibravoid 2001 Love Is Freedom
Vibravoid Gravity Zero
Virgin Prunes ...If I Die, I Die
Vladislav Delay Kuopio
VNV Nation Empires
Wire Chairs Missing
Wire Change Becomes Us
Wolfsheim No Happy View
Wuthering Heights The Shadow Cabinet
I really like the album cover, my favourite album cover of this band so it's no surprise I chose
this album be my first of them. Sounds very nice, normally I'm not a fan of power metal but it's
very good! I also like the year 2006 (same with 2005 and 2007) so I had to check it out.
Wynardtage The Grey Line
X-Fusion Demons Of Hate
Xasthur A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
Xela For Frosty Mornings and Summer Nights
Xhol Caravan Electrip
Xotox Psi
Yendri Broken World
Yendri Malfunction
Younger Brother A Flock of Bleeps
Zevious Passing Through The Wall
[:SITD:] Rot
[:SITD:] Bestie:Mensch
[:SITD:] Stronghold
[:SITD:] Odyssey: 13
[:SITD:] Icon:Koru
[:SITD:] Dunkelziffer
[distatix] Medication

3.5 great
10 Years The Autumn Effect
16Volt Wisdom
16Volt SuperCoolNothing
16Volt FullBlackHabit
23 Skidoo Urban Gamelan
A Certain Ratio Sextet
Absurd Minds Tempus Fugit
Acumen Nation Lord of the Cynics
Acylum The Enemy
Aesthetic Perfection A Violent Emotion
Alien Sex Fiend Acid Bath
And Also The Trees When the Rains come
And Also The Trees Malvern Demos (1980-1981)
Arcana Cantar De Procella
Asphyx Asphyx
AudioVent Dirty Sexy Knights in Paris
Autistici Volume Objects
Bauhaus Burning from the Inside
Ben Woods Moments
Ben Woods Nymh: Realms of Detachment
Black Heaven Dystopia
Black Pyramid II
Black Uhuru Red
Blue Sky Black Death A Heap Of Broken Images
Bluetech Sines And Singularities
Bong-Ra Stereohype Heroin Hooker
Boysetsfire The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague
Buckethead A Real Diamond In The Rough
Celldweller Celldweller
Celldweller Wish Upon a Blackstar
Chemlab Suture
Christ Analogue The Texture Ov Despise
Christ Analogue In Radiant Decay
Christian Death Catastrophe Ballet
Clan of Xymox Creatures
Clan of Xymox Breaking Point
Cloudkicker The Discovery
Cluster Cluster II
Crispy Ambulance The Plateau Phase
Cue to Recall Mainland
Cyanotic Worst Case Scenario Vol. 1
Dawn Of Ashes In The Acts of Violence
Well at least this album has nice autumnal atmosphere. The song structures aren't very clever but
I can deal with it, it's still enjoyable because some of the songs are very long.rFavourite songs:

1. Nightmare
2. Abyss
3. In The Acts Of Violence
4. Diagnosis
5. Dark Reality
6. Killer Instinct
Dead Poetic Four Wall Blackmail
Deadjump Scare Mix
Deadstar Assembly Deadstar Assembly
Deadstar Assembly Coat Of Arms
Deine Lakaien Kasmodiah
Dementia Simplex Olfactory Nerve
Der Blaue Reiter Le paradise funebre, l'envers du tristesse
Diary of Dreams (if)
Diary of Dreams Nekrolog 43
Diary of Dreams Nigredo
Diary of Dreams Moments Of Bloom
Die Warzau Big Electric Metal Bass Face
Diorama Even The Devil Doesn't Care
Dioxyde Social Phobia
Dismantled The War Inside Me
Dive Vs. Diskonnekted Frozen
Download Furnace
edIT Certified Air Raid Material
edIT Crying Over Pros For No Reason
Editors The Back Room
Editors In This Light and On This Evening
Entheogenic Flight of the Urubus
Entombed Wolverine Blues
Escape the Fate Dying Is Your Latest Fashion
Exivious Exivious
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Caught in Flux
Eyeless In Gaza (UK) Butterfly Attitude
Fictional Fictitious
Florence and the Machine Ceremonials
For Against Echelons
From Zero From Zero (The Green Album)
Funeral for a Friend Welcome Home Armageddon
Gang of Four Solid Gold
God Is an Astronaut All Is Violent, All Is Bright
God Is an Astronaut Far from Refuge
God Is an Astronaut Age of the Fifth Sun
Goethes Erben Der Traum An Die Erinnerung
Gridlock The Synthetic Form
Hallucinogen Twisted
Haloblack Funkyhell
Haloblack >Raw Tension<
Hawkwind In Search of Space
Hawkwind Doremi Fasol Latido
Hidden Orchestra Night Walks
Howard Jones Dream Into Action
Hudson Mohawke Butter
In Strict Confidence La Parade Monstrueuse
In Strict Confidence Cryogenix
In Strict Confidence Seven Lives
Informatik Syntax
Informatik Arena
Iron Lung Corporation Ditch the Attitude, Pally
Joe Satriani Crystal Planet
John Foxx Metamatic
John McLaughlin Extrapolation
John McLaughlin My Goal's Beyond
Joy Division Still
I don't get how someone could call "Glass" boring or uninspired. It's in my top 10 songs of the
compilation "Substance". And Ice Age is strong too. But about the other songs I agree, Substance
is much stronger as a compilation.
Kenny Burrell Guitar Forms
Kenny Burrell Blues - The Common Ground
Kevorkian Death Cycle Collection For Injection
Kick Bong A Cup Of Tea?
Killing Joke Killing Joke
Killing Joke Night Time
King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard Flying Microtonal Banana
L'Ame Immortelle Wenn Der Letzte Schatten Fällt
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
London After Midnight Psycho Magnet
Love Like Blood An Irony of Fate
Lowlife Permanent Sleep
Lowlife Godhead
Lowlife Rain
Lunatic Soul Impressions
I really can't understand some people. I am always one for atmosphere and this is not boring to me. Maybe some people just don't have imagination.
Magazine The Correct Use Of Soap
Maybeshewill I Was Here For a Moment, Then I Was Gone
Ministry Filth Pig
Morgion Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth
Mothboy Deviance
My Chemical Romance Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge
Mystical Sun Overview Effect
Namnambulu Distances
The songs themselves are good. The lyrics often weak, too often he sings about love, to get someone back. The vocals are technically good, but often the singer is over-singing. Futurepop doesn't need to be extremely emotional vocals-wise, it doesn't really fit. I know maybe 20 futurepop artists I like more, but the album will grow, at least many of the songs.
Neuroticfish Gelb
New Mind Forge
New Model Army No Rest For The Wicked
New Model Army Vengeance
Niacin High Bias
Nik Kershaw You've Got to Laugh
Novembers Doom The Pale Haunt Departure
Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven
Orange Goblin Frequencies from Planet Ten
Oresund Space Collective Oresund Space Collective
Out Out Nisus
Ozric Tentacles Floating Seeds
Paradise Lost In Requiem
Paralysed Age Christened Child
Pelican City of Echoes
Pelican Ataraxia/Taraxis
Penal Colony Multicoloured Shades
PIG The Swining
PIG A Poke in the Eye... With a Sharp Stick
Pitchshifter Industrial
Pitchshifter Desensitized
Play Dead (ENG) From The Promised Land
Pneumatic Detach [pa·re·ses]
Pneumatic Detach [re·vis·cer·a]
Powerman 5000 Tonight the Stars Revolt
Project Pitchfork Eon:Eon
Quantic Apricot Morning
Quantum Fantay Agapanthusterra
Red Hot Chili Peppers Freaky Styley
Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry Talk About the Weather
Rotersand Truth is Fanatic
Run Level Zero Symbol Of Submission
Run Level Zero Swaerm
Sabrepulse Famicom Connection
SAM Brainwasher
Saturnus Martyre
Savage Republic Ceremonial
Scary Kids Scaring Kids The City Sleeps In Flames
Secede Tryshasla
Seether Karma And Effect
Senses Fail Let It Enfold You
Sero.Overdose Heading For Tomorrow
The other user clearly has bad ears. There are songs I like like Tiny Snail, Wut and The Chamber.
Shpongle Museum of Consciousness
Silverstein A Shipwreck in the Sand
Siouxsie and the Banshees Tinderbox
Skeletal Family Burning Oil
Skeletal Family Futile Combat
Sleep Volume One
SMP Stalemate
SND Atavism
Sodom Persecution Mania
SPK Auto Da Fé
Stone The Crow (GER) Fitting The Pieces
Suffocation Suffocation
Suzi Quatro Suzi Quatro
Swamp Terrorists Combat Shock
Swamp Terrorists Wreck
Swans My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
Switched Ghosts in the Machine
Synnack V2
Taproot Blue-Sky Research
The Azoic Illuminate
The Clay People Firetribe
The Coffinshakers The Coffinshakers
The Crooked Fiddle Band Rise
The Crooked Fiddle Band Overgrown Tales
The Cure Seventeen Seconds
The Electric Hellfire Club Electronomicon
The Essence Purity
The Fall Dragnet
The Fall The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall
The Frozen Autumn Fragments of Memories
The Frozen Autumn Chirality
The Lucy Show ...Undone
The Mission God's Own Medicine
The Names Swimming
The Stranglers Aural Sculpture
The Wake Harmony
Thompson Twins Into the Gap
Tiamat A Deeper Kind of Slumber
Tool Undertow
Totakeke The Things That Disappear When I Close My Eyes
Trapt Someone in Control
Udo Lindenberg Stark Wie Zwei
Ufomammut ORO: Opus Primum
Ultravox Quartet
Waterdown All Riot
White Rose Movement Kick
Worrytrain Fog Dance, My Moth Kingdom
This is good but I love the self-titled album much more. The s-t has a wonderful dreamy atmosphere that makes me wish I am Guybrush Threepwood in Monkey Island 1, there are many amazing night landscapes with stars, or I wish I am Meathook who lives reclusive, and has his bed directly under a window. good for star watching while listenign to the self-titled Worrytrain album.
Worrytrain Sleeping Through The Endtimes
Wynardtage Evil Mind
This is a fun and easy album to listen to, especially when compared to the darker albums Praise The Fallen and The Grey Line for example.rTo me Evil Mind isn't very dark and the lyrics are more typical for a harsh electro artist and Wyn got better at that after this album. It's kind of like a party album in Wyn's style and it has the more 3-chorus routine unlike later albums.
X-Fusion Ultima Ratio
X-Fusion Rotten To The Core
X-Fusion Beyond The Pale
Xasthur Telepathic With The Deceased
Xasthur Nocturnal Poisoning
Zeller Turbulences
[:SITD:] Richtfest
[:SITD:] Trauma: Ritual

3.0 good
16Volt LetDownCrush
Agonoize Assimilation: Chapter One
Alesana On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax Re-issue
Brian Eno Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks
Burzum Daudi Baldrs
Burzum Hlidskjalf
Cocteau Twins Head Over Heels
Decrepit Birth Diminishing Between Worlds
Deine Lakaien Dark Star
Dry Cell Dry Cell
Echo and The Bunnymen Porcupine
Edge Of Dawn Enjoy The Fall
Explizit Einsam Erben Des Vergessens
Frightened Rabbit The Midnight Organ Fight
Front Line Assembly Tactical Neural Implant
Gang of Four Entertainment!
Gong Shamal
Grade 8 Grade 8
Guru Guru UFO
Kammarheit Asleep and Well Hidden
Mechanical Moth The Sad Machina
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree
Myssouri War/Love Blues
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine
Ozric Tentacles There Is Nothing
Paradise Lost Obsidian
Pink Turns Blue If Two Worlds Kiss
Play Dead (ENG) The First Flower
Portishead Dummy
Reverend Glasseye Black River Falls
Rosalie Cunningham Rosalie Cunningham
Sad Lovers and Giants Headland
Saosin Saosin
Section 25 Always Now
Sero.Overdose No Time For Silence
Soft Cell Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret
Static-X Shadow Zone
Stellardrone On A Beam Of Light
Stone The Crow (GER) Daylight
The Comsat Angels My Mind's Eye
The Cure The Top
The Fall Extricate
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble Mutations
The Sound Jeopardy
The Wolfgang Press The Burden of Mules
Tor Lundvall Empty City
Twisted Method Escape From Cape Coma
Ufomammut Godlike Snake
Ulaan Khol La Catacomb
VNV Nation Of Faith, Power and Glory
We Came As Romans To Plant a Seed
Wire Send

2.5 average
Allelic The Smoke of Atavistic Fires
Androcell Entheomythic
Assemblage 23 Defiance
Diary of Dreams Freak Perfume
Diary of Dreams One of 18 Angels
Some good songs here but nowhere near the 4 great 90's albums they made, other albums are also
better like Nigredo, (if) and the Menschfeind EP. This album here was the beginning of making more
predictable songs.
Grendel (NL) Harsh Generation
Apart from B.A.A.L. (Deliver Me) Grendel (NL) is known by me as the 3-chorus-man. This is a very
lightweight harsh electro album, meaning never longer than 4 minute songs, almost always a 3
chorus routine that gets old very fast.rAt least it's not a boring album, there are some solid
songs, but there are at least 16 other "aggrotech" artists that are much better.
Ozric Tentacles Spirals in Hyperspace
Schaft Switchblade
Skinny Puppy Rabies
Skrape New Killer America
Textures Silhouettes
Tuxedomoon Half-Mute
I loved the album "Desire" from the first listen but I never got into this album. Sounded unfinished and uninteresting sometimes. Some songs on it could have been much longer with more time to unfold.
VNV Nation Judgement

2.0 poor
Amon Tobin Permutation
I love Bricolage and especially Supermodified but I can't get into this album. The jazz drums are great as always but so far the songs don't give me anything. This album makes me tired.
Cocteau Twins Garlands
Cult of Luna The Beyond
Cult of Luna Salvation
Cult of Luna A Dawn to Fear
Eyehategod Take as Needed for Pain
Gene Loves Jezebel Immigrant
Modern English After the Snow
Ozric Tentacles Technicians of the Sacred
Paradise Lost Lost Paradise
Reverend Glasseye Our Lady of the Broken Spine
Scar Symmetry Pitch Black Progress
Siouxsie and the Banshees Join Hands
Syrian Alien Nation
The Clay People The Clay People
Tortoise TNT
VNV Nation Noire
This album started very promising with nice song structures, but what happened from Immersed on
really got me extremely angry. All songs from that song on suddenly got weaker and weaker, as if
Ronan just didn't care anymore and he throws everything that had potential away.
Predictable as hell with a lame and tired 3 chorus routine.

I want this album to get out of my face. There are at least around 40 futurepop albums that are
much better structured than this. Matter + Form, Futureperfect and Empires will always be the big
3 of VNV to me. Especially the first two mentioned are still among the best of the genre.
Wire A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck
I listened to it years ago but most songs sound boring and repetitive. I gave it a chance but it just isn't for me.

1.5 very poor
Tinfed Tried + True

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