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5.0 classic
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
Aquilus Griseus
Darkspace Dark Space III
Grouper A I A
GZA Liquid Swords
ISIS Oceanic
Jon Hopkins Immunity
Martin O'Donnell Halo 3 OST
Martin O'Donnell Halo 3: ODST OST
Mobb Deep The Infamous
Paysage d'Hiver Das Tor
Steve Roach Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
The Angelic Process Weighing Souls With Sand

4.5 superb
0edit Neotokyo
A Tribe Called Quest The Low End Theory
Agalloch The Mantle
Ahab Call of the Wretched Sea
Akhlys The Dreaming I
Akhlys Melinoe
Nice to see she's changed her hair style since 2015, the afro is a vibe. Shame she hasn't fixed up
her teeth yet, tho
Akira Yamaoka Silent Hill 2
Alcest Écailles De Lune
Altar of Plagues White Tomb
Altar of Plagues Teethed Glory and Injury
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works Volume II
Ash Borer Ash Borer
Autechre Amber
Behemoth The Satanist
Belong October Language
Big Pun Capital Punishment
Black Thread Meadowlark (Premonition)
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta II - Dialogue With The Stars
Blut Aus Nord The Work Which Transforms God
Burial Untrue
Burial Kindred
Burzum Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
Camel Mirage
Cannibal Ox The Cold Vein
Chelsea Wolfe Abyss
Converge Jane Doe
Cult of Luna Salvation
Dalek Absence
Deafheaven Sunbather
Deathspell Omega Kenose
Deftones Diamond Eyes
Deftones White Pony
Deftones Around the Fur
Depeche Mode Violator
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech
diSEMBOWELMENT Transcendence into the Peripheral
Dolorian When All The Laughter Has Gone
pending review .
Eluvium Static Nocturne
Eluvium Nightmare Ending
Esoteric The Maniacal Vale
Evoken Antithesis of Light
Exhorder Slaughter in the Vatican
Eyehategod Take as Needed for Pain
Fall of Efrafa Inle
Fall of Efrafa Elil
Gadget The Funeral March
Gas Pop
Gaza I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die
Gaza No Absolutes in Human Suffering
Glassjaw Worship and Tribute
Godflesh Streetcleaner
Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep
Gris À L'Âme Enflammée, L'Âme Constellée...
Grouper Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill
Have a Nice Life Deathconsciousness
His Hero Is Gone Monuments to Thieves
Ice Cube Death Certificate
Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 2
Irezumi Endurance
Review Pending
ISIS Panopticon
ISIS In the Absence of Truth
ISIS Live 6 (11/16/2007)
ISIS Clearing the Eye (DVD)
Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Soundtrack
Khmer Larga Sombra
Koji Kondo The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask OST
Mare Cognitum Phobos Monolith
Martin O'Donnell Halo 2 OST & New Music Volume One
Martin O'Donnell Halo 2, Vol. 2 OST
Martin O'Donnell Halo: Reach OST
Martin O'Donnell Halo Original Soundtrack
Mastodon Crack the Skye
maudlin of the Well Leaving Your Body Map
Mayhem De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas
Meshuggah obZen
Meshuggah Nothing (Re-release)
Mgla Exercises in Futility
Misery Signals Controller
Mobb Deep Hell on Earth
Nas Illmatic
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood
Nine Cloud 9
Oake Auferstehung
Opeth Blackwater Park
Paysage d'Hiver Im Wald
Pearl Jam Ten
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against the Machine
Redman Whut? Thee Album
Regarde Les Hommes Tomber Exile
Rosetta The Galilean Satellites
Rotten Sound Exit
Rush Hemispheres
Sandwell District Sandwell District
Sublime hypnotic techno -- comprised of remixes/reinterpretations/live recordings of their previous release and is superior in virtually every way. rSongs ebb and flow with this incredibly organic fluidity that causes ~72 minutes to elapse in the blink of an eye , no dregs needed.
Sleep Research Facility Deep Frieze
Sophie Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides (Remix Album)
Soundtrack (Video Game) World of Warcraft
Spectral Lore III
Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement Of The Decline
Stendeck Sonnambula
Criminally underrate; an absolute paragon of not only IDM but electronica in general as far
as I'm concerned. Will give this the review it so desperately deserves in due time. In the
meantime if you're reading this and deliberating about whether to give this a crack, do it
right now. I'll bet my fucking spleen you won't come away disappointed.
Steve Roach Structures from Silence
Sufjan Stevens Illinois
Swans Soundtracks for the Blind
Tempest (Can) Tempest
The Ruins Of Beverast Exuvia
This shouldn't work as well as it does. Something isn't right here.
Thou Summit
Troum Grote Mandrenke
Ulcerate Everything Is Fire
Ulcerate The Destroyers of All
Ulver Bergtatt - Et eeventyr i 5 capitler
Vali Forlatt
Wolves in the Throne Room Diadem Of 12 Stars
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
Yellow Swans Going Places

4.0 excellent
*shels Plains Of The Purple Buffalo
2814 新しい日の誕生
A Beacon School Cola
A Winged Victory for the Sullen A Winged Victory for the Sullen
Access to Arasaka Void();
Ad Nauseam Nihil Quam Vacuitas Ordinatum Est
AES Dana Pollen
One of those albums you immediately forget you're listening to...which is intended as a major accolade not a criticism.
Agalloch Marrow of the Spirit
Agalloch The White
Ahab The Boats of the Glen Carrig
Alcest Les Voyages De L'Âme
Alcest Kodama
Alio Die Deconsecrated and Pure
Alio Die Aura Seminalis
Altarage Nihl
Amenra Mass III
Amenra Mass IIII
Anaal Nathrakh Hell Is Empty and All the Devils Are Her
Anathema We're Here Because We're Here
Andy Stott Luxury Problems
Andy Stott Faith in Strangers
Aosoth IV: An Arrow in Heart
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Aphex Twin Richard D. James Album
Apocryphos Stone Speak
Excellent 'dark' ambient and undoubtedly one of the best cryochamber releases - although dark is hardly an apt descriptor ; it's mellifluous, uplifting, mezmeric yet also significantly more dynamic than is standard for the genre. If you fancy 48 minutes of introspective transcendence or some bombastic shit to that effect, this album (coupled with a pair of good headphones and perhaps some herb) can surely provide the perfect soundscape.
Arcana Coelestia Le Mirage de L’idéal
Architects Hollow Crown
Arktau Eos Ai Ma Ra
ASG Feeling Good is Good Enough
ASG Blood Drive
Ash Borer Cold of Ages
Ash Borer 2009 Demo
Atrium Carceri Metropolis
Superb dark ambient infused with industrial/minimal percussion which transports the listener to the heart of a decrepit metropolis shrouded in fog and mystery as a chtonic force which has lay dormant for centuries begins to rouse. Biggest epiphany just now along the lines of I desperately need a day job and a missus.
Atrium Carceri Cellblock
Autechre Tri Repetae
Baroness Blue Record
Batushka Litourgiya
Ben Frost By the Throat
Bersarin Quartett II
Bestia Arcana Holokauston
Big L Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous
Big Pun Endangered Species
Biosphere Substrata
Black Boned Angel The End
Black Sheep Wall I'm Going to Kill Myself
Black Star Black Star
Blackfilm Blackfilm
Pending Review
Blanck Mass World Eater
Blindead Affliction XXIX II MCMXCVI
Blush Response Infinite Density
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta I - Fathers Of The Icy Ages
Blut Aus Nord 777 - Cosmosophy
Blut Aus Nord 777 - Sect(s)
Blut Aus Nord The Mystical Beast of Rebellion
Boards of Canada Geogaddi
Boards of Canada In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
Boards of Canada Music Has the Right to Children
Bohren und der Club of Gore Sunset Mission
Bohren und der Club of Gore Black Earth
Bola Fyuti
Bonobo The North Borders
Boris Pink
Born Of Osiris The New Reign
Brockhampton SATURATION
Buckethead Electric Tears
Carbon Based Lifeforms World Of Sleepers
Cassie Cassie
Cattle Decapitation Monolith of Inhumanity
Cern Terminus
Cern Under Another Sky
Chelsea Wolfe Pain Is Beauty
Chelsea Wolfe Apokalypsis
Chief Keef Thot Breaker
Chief Keef Back From The Dead 2
Coffinworm IV.I.VIII
Conjurer (UK) Mire
Converge Petitioning the Empty Sky
Converge All We Love We Leave Behind
Cult of Luna Eternal Kingdom
Cult of Luna Somewhere Along the Highway
Cultes Des Ghoules Coven
CunninLynguists A Piece Of Strange
Cursed I
Cursed II
Cybernetika Solar Nexus
Cypress Hill Black Sunday
Cypress Hill Cypress Hill
Dalek Abandoned Language
Darkest Hour Deliver Us
Darkest Hour Hidden Hands of a Sadist Nation
Darkspace Dark Space I
Deathspell Omega Paracletus
Deathspell Omega Fas - Ite, Maledicti, In Ignem Aeternum
Deftones Saturday Night Wrist
Demen Nektyr
Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion
Depressive Silence Depressive Silence II
Desiderii Marginis Seven Sorrows
Devin Townsend Terria
Diamanda Galas The Litanies of Satan
Dir En Grey Uroboros
Dir En Grey Arche
Discordance Axis The Inalienable Dreamless
DJ Richard Grind
DJ Smokey Adventures In Nightmare Land
DJ Smokey & Ruben Slikk Goony Toonz
Dolorian Voidwards
Downfall of Gaia Aeon Unveils the Thrones of Decay
Downfall of Gaia Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
Dr. Dre The Chronic
Dragged Into Sunlight Hatred For Mankind
Drudkh Blood In Our Wells
Drudkh Microcosmos
Drudkh/Paysage d'Hiver Somewhere Sadness Wanders/Schnee (IV)
Paysage looks to be refining his production skills and finally learning how to achieve a crisper, more dynamic sound. Another monolithic, brumal odyssey ~6/5rDrudkh is as Drudkh does. ~3.5/5r3.5+6=9.5 , 10/2 =5 ? 9.5/2 ? 4
Dystopia Human = Garbage
Echospace Liumin
Electric Wizard Dopethrone
Eliane Radigue Trilogie de la Mort
Eluvium Copia
Eluvium Talk Amongst the Trees
Emancipator Soon It Will Be Cold Enough
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP
Empyrium Where at Night the Wood Grouse Plays
Empyrium Weiland
Endon Mama
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
Esoteric Metamorphogenesis
Excommunion Thronosis
A well executed slab of pulverizing death metal infused with strong elements of it's better
looking, wealthier cousin Black metal. Inhuman gutturals, blast beats and machine gun riffing
from front to back - the album offers the listener no respite from the sonic bludgeoning for
the entirety of its duration. Fortunately this is only 28 minutes and expires before the
music has a chance to grow stale. Couple this with an aptly crystal-clear production which
allows every dissonant lead to cut through the mix, we're left with a damn potent yet
digestible product. So there's really no excuse for not checking it now that you've read
this; if your time was that precious you wouldn't be browsing soundoffs on sputnikmusic.
Exuma Exuma
Eyehategod Dopesick
Eyehategod Southern Discomfort
Eyehategod In the Name of Suffering
Fall of Efrafa Owsla
Falls of Rauros Vigilance Perennial
Fen Winter
Fen Carrion Skies
Fever Ray Fever Ray
Five Finger Posse Behind Enemy Lines
Four Tet There is Love in You
Frames In Via
Fuck Buttons Tarot Sport
Fuck Buttons Slow Focus
Full of Hell Rudiments of Mutilation
Gas Zauberberg
Gas Königsforst
Gaza He Is Never Coming Back
Gnaw Their Tongues L'arrivée de la Terne Mort Triomphante
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven
Godspeed You! Black Emperor F♯ A♯ ∞
Godspeed You! Black Emperor 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Gojira The Way of All Flesh
Gojira From Mars to Sirius
Greg Haines Digressions
Gridlock Formless
Grief Torso
Grief Come to Grief
Gris Il Était Une Forêt...
Grouper Paradise Valley
Grouper Ruins
Hammock Departure Songs
Hammock Raising Your Voice... Trying to Stop an Echo
Havukruunu Kelle Surut Soi
Heltah Skeltah Nocturnal
High on Fire Death Is This Communion
High on Fire Blessed Black Wings
His Hero Is Gone Fifteen Counts of Arson
Hopesfall The Satellite Years
I Hate Models Totsuka no Tsurugi
I Hate Models Warehouse Memories
Igorrr Moisissure
Immortal Technique Revolutionary Volume 1
Indian From All Purity
Iron Lung Sexless // No Sex
ISIS Celestial
ISIS Wavering Radiant
Jefre Cantu-Ledesma Love is a Stream
Jesu Silver
Jesu Conqueror
JK Flesh Nothing Is Free
Jon Hopkins Singularity
Who knew that a talented musician with almost 20 years of experience under his belt and a multi-rmillion dollar studio budget could produce such a lovely piece of work in a mere 5 years?
Kammarheit The Starwheel
Karenn Music Feels Better With Shoe
Kauan Sorni Nai
Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye
Krzysztof Penderecki Threnody to the Victims of Hiroshima
Lantlos Melting Sun
Leviathan Scar Sighted
Lil Peep Lil Peep Part One
Lil Ugly Mane Mista Thug Isolation
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory
Locrian Return To Annihilation
Locus Neminis Weltenwanderung
Lord Mantis Death Mask
Loscil Sea Island
Lost Salt Blood Purges and Boring Bathtimes Yellow Fog Sword
Lovesliescrushing Voirshn
M83 Hurry Up, We're Dreaming
Madvillain Madvillainy
Magnetophonique Lush Islands - Illusion of Paradise
Malibu One Life
Mare Cognitum Luminiferous Aether
Martyrdod In Extremis
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Massive Attack vs. Burial Four Walls/Paradise Circus
Mastodon Leviathan
Matryoshka Laideronnette
Matryoshka Pseudepigrapha
maudlin of the Well Bath
maudlin of the Well My Fruit Psychobells... A Seed Combustible
Max Cooper Emergence
Max Richter The Blue Notebooks
Merzbow Grand Owl Habitat
Meshuggah Catch Thirtythree
Meshuggah Destroy Erase Improve
Meshuggah Koloss
Meshuggah I
meth. I Love You
MF DOOM Operation: Doomsday
Mgla With Hearts Toward None
Mgla Further Down the Nest
Midwife (USA) Like Author, Like Daughter
Misery Signals Of Malice and the Magnum Heart
Mizmor Yodh
Modern Life Is War Witness
Moodie Black Nausea
Mortiis Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent
Mortiis Ånden Som Gjorde Opprør
Mortiis Født til å Herske
Mos Def Black on Both Sides
Mudvayne L.D. 50
Murmuure Murmuure
Mylingar Döda Drömmar
Nadja Thaumogenesis
Nadja Radiance of Shadows
Nadja The Bungled and the Botched
Nas It Was Written
Nausea (USA-NY) Extinction
Neurosis Times of Grace
Neurosis The Eye of Every Storm
Neurosis Given to the Rising
Nhor Within the Darkness Between the Starlight
Nightbringer Ego Dominus Tuus
Nightbringer Hierophany of the Open Grave
Nine Nine Livez
Nirvana In Utero
Northaunt Istid I-II
Northaunt Horizons
Nortt Galgenfrist
Olafur Arnalds ...And They Have Escaped The Weight Of Darkness
Oneohtrix Point Never Replica
Oneohtrix Point Never R Plus Seven
Opeth Still Life
Organized Resistance Day of the Rope
bit bigoted but a good listen
Orphx Pitch Black Mirror
Oval 94 Diskont
Pallbearer Sorrow And Extinction
Pantera Official Live: 101 Proof
Paysage d'Hiver Steineiche
Paysage d'Hiver Winterkälte
Paysage d'Hiver Paysage d'Hiver
Pelican Australasia
Perturbator Dangerous Days
Perturbator The Uncanny Valley
Petrels Onkalo
Pig Destroyer Prowler in the Yard
Planning for Burial Leaving
Poison the Well The Opposite of December
Proem Socially Inept
Proton Kinoun Apeiron
Pyramids with Nadja Pyramids with Nadja
Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles
Raison d'etre The Empty Hollow Unfolds
Remember ルートバックホーム
Rippikoulu Musta Seremonia
Robert Rich Perpetual - A Somnium Continuum
so good just wish it were a bit longer
Rosetta Wake/Lift
Rosetta A Determinism of Morality
Rotting Christ Triarchy of The Lost Lovers
Sadistik The Balancing Act
Sadistik Flowers For My Father
Saor Aura
Saor Guardians
Savant Zion
Schammasch Triangle
School of Emotional Engineering School of Emotional Engineering
Schwefelgelb Dahinter das Gesicht
bleeding gums/5
Secede Tryshasla
Sectioned (SCT) Annihilated
Shape of Despair Monotony Fields
Shpongle Nothing Lasts... But Nothing Is Lost
SHXCXCHCXSH Linear S Decoded
Skepticism Stormcrowfleet
Sleep Party People Sleep Party People
Soilwork The Living Infinite
Soundtrack (Anime) Death Note Soundtrack 1
Soundtrack (Video Game) Fallout 3
Soundtrack (Video Game) Mass Effect 2
Spectral Lore II
Squarepusher Hard Normal Daddy
Stendeck Scintilla
Stendeck Faces
Steve Roach The Magnificent Void
Subheim Approach
Sublime Sublime
Submotion Orchestra Finest Hour
Submotion Orchestra Submotion Orchestra
Summoning Oath Bound
Summoning Stronghold
Sunless Urraca
Swans Filth
Swans The Seer
Sylosis Edge of the Earth
Techno Animal The Brotherhood of the Bomb
Teitanblood Death
The Angelic Process Coma Waering
The Body and Thou You, Whom I Have Always Hated
The Body and Thou Released From Love
The Caretaker An Empty Bliss Beyond This World
The Flashbulb Kirlian Selections
The Flashbulb Soundtrack to a Vacant Life
The Haxan Cloak The Haxan Cloak
The Pax Cecilia Blessed Are The Bonds
The Ruins Of Beverast Rain Upon the Impure
The Ruins Of Beverast Foulest Semen of a Sheltered Elite
The Secret Solve Et Coagula
The Secret Agnus Dei
Thorns Thorns
Thou Heathen
Thou Tyrant
Throane Derrière​-​Nous, La Lumière
Throbbing Gristle 20 Jazz Funk Greats
Tim Hecker Harmony in Ultraviolet
Tim Hecker Ravedeath, 1972
Tim Hecker Virgins
Tinashe Aquarius
Tinashe Reverie
Tinashe Nightride
Dope nocturnal, fluid instrumentals underpin a captivating vocal performance ranging from ethereal whispers to soaring croons to almost cloud rap esque impassive rap from this buxom bish. I'll probably play it out and never listen again in a week as with everything I've remotely enjoyed, but for now it's hitting the spot.
Tragedy Tragedy
Tragedy Vengeance
Trap Them Seizures In Barren Praise
Travelling Day EXPEDITE
Trentemoller The Last Resort
Trifonic Emergence
Tycho Dive
Ulcerate Shrines of Paralysis
Ulver Nattens Madrigal
Ulver Perdition City
Ulver Silence Teaches You How to Sing EP
An emotive medley of disparate piano/synth passages which is as poignant as it is unsettling.
Not quite an essential release in Ulvers discography but an underappreciated work
nonetheless. P.S Sinister really wouldn't have achieved the slightest semblance of terror
without this baby, and even so what a waste of a strong premise...in what world is a man
dressed in a walmart-tier black metal costume with a gang of mute autistic disciples
considered scary? Still an utter masterpiece in comparison to the woeful sequel. I digress;
Overall 3.75/5 if I wasn't a commoner who can only rate in integers
Ulver Kveldssanger
Uneven Structure Februus
Vali Skogslandskap
Ved Buens Ende Written In Waters
Vein Errorzone
Vindensang Terminus: Rebirth in Eight Parts...
Volahn Aq Ab Al
Walknut Graveforests And Their Shadows
Windir 1184
Wolves in the Throne Room Two Hunters
Woods of Desolation Torn Beyond Reason
Wormrot Voices
Year of No Light Ausserwelt
Yellow Swans Being There
Yellow Swans At All Ends
Young and in the Way When Life Comes to Death
Zoat-Aon Star Autopsy

3.5 great
!T.O.O.H.! Order and Punishment
$uicideboy$ and RAMIREZ G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.
2814 2 8 1 4
7038634357 XPETAL
7038634357 Love Unbound
A Tribe Called Quest We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service
Abominable Putridity The Anomalies of Artificial Origin
Abruptum Vi Sonus Veris Nigrae Malitiaes
Abyssal (UK) Antikatastaseis
Algol Follow The Cepheid Light
Alpinist Minus.Mensch
Alrakis Alpha Eri
Anaal Nathrakh In the Constellation of the Black Widow
Anathema Weather Systems
Ancients (UK) Star Showers On The Euphrates
Andy Stott It Should Be Us
Anna von Hausswolff Ceremony
Arctic Sleep Arbors
Asa Arcane
ASG Win Us Over
Autechre Exai
Autechre Confield
bansheebeat Lumine
Behemoth Demigod
Behemoth Evangelion
Behemoth Zos Kia Cultus (Here and Beyond)
Ben Frost Theory of Machines
Bersarin Quartett III
Black Boned Angel Verdun
Bliss Signal Bliss Signal
Blut Aus Nord Ultima Thulee
Blut Aus Nord MoRT
Blut Aus Nord 777 - The Desanctification
Blut Aus Nord Deus Salutis Meae
Boards of Canada Tomorrow's Harvest
Body Sculptures A Body Turns to Eden
Bola Soup
Boreworm Entomophobia
Born Of Osiris The Discovery
Brethren Savage Inequalities
Brockhampton SATURATION II
Burial Burial
Burial and Four Tet Moth/Wolf Cub
Car Bomb Meta
Carpenter Brut Trilogy
Cattle Decapitation The Anthropocene Extinction
Celldweller Celldweller
Chief Keef Mansion Musick
Chxpo x Bladee Man In the Mirror
Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation
Clubroot III - MMXII
Clubroot II - MMX
Coffinworm When All Became None
Connect.Ohm 9980
Controlled Bleeding Phlegm Bag Spattered
Crutches Såld
Cult Leader Lightless Walk
Cult Of Fire Ascetic Meditation Of Death
Cultes Des Ghoules Henbane
CunninLynguists Will Rap For Food
Dalek From Filthy Tongue Of Gods And Griots
Darkest Hour The Human Romance
Darkspace Dark Space III I
Death Grips The Money Store
Death Grips No Love Deep Web
Deathspell Omega The Synarchy of Molten Bones
Deep Jew Ugliest Man / Dog Blood
Desolate (DE) The Invisible Insurrection
Desolate (DE) Celestial Light Beings
Devouring Humanity Devouring Humanity
Dirty Beaches Stateless
Downfall of Nur Umbras de Barbagia
Dzo-nga Upon the Shimmered Bough
Dzo-nga Five Treasures of Snow
Dzo-nga The Sachem's Tales
Earthside A Dream In Static
Echospace The Coldest Season
Elderwind The Magic of Nature
Electric Wizard Electric Wizard
Emancipator Safe In The Steep Cliffs
Emeralds Does It Look Like I'm Here?
Emeralds Allegory of Allergies
Eminem The Slim Shady LP
Emmure Goodbye To The Gallows
Enisum Arpitanian Lands
Esoteric Paragon of Dissonance
Evoken Atra Mors
Exhorder The Law
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo Tree of Tongues
Falls of Rauros The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood
Fen Epoch
Five Finger Posse Trapped in the Trenches
Foglord Celestial
Forest Swords Engravings
Full of Hell Roots Of Earth Are Consuming My Home
Glowing No Fun
Gnaw Their Tongues All The Dread Magnificence of Perversity
Ground Zero Revolutionary Pekinese Opera, Ver. 1.28
Hammock Everything and Nothing
Have a Nice Life The Unnatural World
Helios Eingya
Helios Moiety
His Hero Is Gone The Plot Sickens: Enslavement Redefined
Hong Kong Express This
Hyatari The Light Carriers
Igorrr Hallelujah
Indian Guiltless
Indian The Unquiet Sky
Internazionale The Opaline Dancer
Ionosphere Angular Momentum
IRM Virgin Mind
Jack J MH007
Jesu Jesu
Jesu Ascension
Jon Hopkins Insides
Jute Gyte Oviri
Kammarheit Asleep and Well Hidden
Karenn Sheworks001
Katalepsy Autopsychosis
Kayo Dot Dowsing Anemone With Copper Tongue
King Parrot Bite Your Head Off
Kvelertak Kvelertak
Lakker Tundra
Lantlos .neon
Locrian The Crystal World
Lord Lovidicus Kyndill og Steinn
Loscil Plume
Lucki Freewave 3
Lucki Watch My Back
Lucy Wordplay For Working Bees
Lustmord Carbon/Core
Lustmord The Place Where The Black Stars Hang
M83 Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts
M83 Before The Dawn Heals Us
Magrudergrind Magrudergrind
Make a Change...Kill Yourself Make a Change...Kill Yourself
Marcel Dettmann Dettmann
Massive Attack Protection
Maxo Kream The Persona Tape
Megaptera The Curse of the Scarecrow
Mgla Groza
Mgla Mdlosci
Mgla Presence
Modern Life Is War Fever Hunting
Mos Def The New Danger
Mz.412 Infernal Affairs
Nadja Touched
Nails Abandon All Life
Netsky Netsky
Nightbringer Terra Damnata
Nivathe Enveloped in a Diseased Abyss
Noothgrush Erode the Person
Nortt Ligfaerd
OceanLab Sirens Of The Sea
Old Man Gloom The Ape of God I
Omega Massif Geisterstadt
Oneohtrix Point Never Garden of Delete
Pallbearer Heartless
Pantha Du Prince Black Noise
Paul Jebanasam Continuum
Pelican What We All Come to Need
Perturbator The Uncanny Valley Bonus
Pharmakon Bestial Burden
Pig Destroyer Natasha
Planning for Burial Desideratum
Planning for Burial Below the House
Primitive Man Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Primitive Man Scorn
Prurient Frozen Niagara Falls
Prurient Through the Window
Pryapisme Hyperblast Super Collider
Pyramids Pyramids
Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx...
Rafael Anton Irisarri The Unintentional Sea
Rafael Anton Irisarri A Fragile Geography
Raime Quarter Turns Over a Living Line
Raison d'etre Metamorphyses
Rectal Hygienics Even The Flies Won't Touch You
Red Sparowes At The Soundless Dawn
Remember The City Is My Friend
Reverence (FRA) Chamber of Divine Elaboration
Ruben Slikk Kodeen Mutantz
Ruben Slikk King Astro Slikk the Magnificent
Sadistik Ultraviolet
Sangam You Forget This
Scour Grey
surprisingly dece just wish it were a tad longer
SDotBraddy Private Sessions
Seizures The Sanity Universal
Senthil Septisemesis
Sewer Goddess Sewer Goddess/Diseased Oblivion Split
Shape of Despair Angels of Distress
Shpongle Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
Skarpseian Tan Gil
Skitsystem Stigmata
Sleep Research Facility Nostromo
Soap and Skin Lovetune for Vacuum
Sorrow (UK) Dreamstone
Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors of Unbeing
Steve Hauschildt Where All Is Fled
Subheim No Land Called Home
Submotion Orchestra Alium
Sufjan Stevens The Age of Adz
Suicideyear Japan
Swarms Old Raves End
Sweet Trip Velocity : Design : Comfort
Tempel (USA-AZ) On the Steps of the Temple
The Atlas Moth An Ache for the Distance
The Axis of Perdition Deleted Scenes From Transition Hospital
The Body No One Deserves Happiness
The Body and Full Of Hell One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache
The Decemberists The Hazards of Love
The Decemberists Castaways and Cutouts
The Great Old Ones EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy
The Haxan Cloak Excavation
The Judas Factor Ballads in Blue China
The Ruins Of Beverast Blood Vaults - The Blazing Gospels of Heinrich...
Tholen Sternklang
Throbbing Gristle D.O.A: The Third And Final Report
Tim Hecker Mirages
Tinashe Black Water
Tinashe In Case We Die
Tinashe Amethyst
Trap Them Darker Handcraft
Trees of Eternity Hour Of The Nightingale
Trolldom Av gudablod röd...
Tyler, the Creator Goblin
Vermin Womb Decline
Volor Flex Tramp
Wife Stoic
Wormrot Abuse
Wraiths Plaguebearer
Wu-Tang Clan The W
Young and in the Way I Am Not What I Am

3.0 good
$uicideboy$ My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can't
2814 Rain Temple
Above and Beyond Group Therapy
zyzz died for our sins
Altar of Plagues Tides
Andy Stott Never the Right Time
Arcana Coelestia Nomas
Arktau Eos Ioh-Maera
Baroness Purple
Bladee Eversince
Bladee GLUEE
Blank Banshee Blank Banshee 0
Blut Aus Nord Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry
Catacombs In the Depths of R'lyeh
Chance the Rapper Acid Rap
Denzel Curry and Kenny Beats Unlocked
Dr. Dre 2001
Dragged Into Sunlight WidowMaker
Earl Sweatshirt Some Rap Songs
Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2
Foglord In the Essence of Astral Solitude
Gas Narkopop
Gojira Magma
Here Comes the Kraken Here Comes the Kraken
I Am A Lake Of Burning Orchids Innocence
Impetuous Ritual Blight Upon Martyred Sentience
Jacob Kirkegaard 4 Rooms
I don't think the end really justifies the means with this album, though it's still strangely captivating considering how bland it is. File under: Music for heroin nods
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
Kitty Rose Gold
Lord Mantis Nice Teeth Whore
LSD and the Search for God LSD and the Search for God
Macabre Unit 6 Feet Below Sound 2: Buried Alive
Macronympha Grind
Martin Bladh Dirge; The Peter Sotos Files
Mastodon Once More 'Round the Sun
meth. Mother of Red Light
MF DOOM Born Like This
Mobb Deep The Infamous Mobb Deep
Nas I Am...
Neurosis Fires Within Fires
Nightbringer Apocalypse Sun
Nokturnal Mortum Verity
Obsequiae Aria of Vernal Tombs
Orthrelm OV
Pantha Du Prince The Triad
Pendulum Immersion
Poison the Well The Tropic Rot
Rasthof Dachau Prison Poems
Rustie Glass Swords
Seether Karma And Effect
Smell and Quim Jesus Christ
Swans The Glowing Man
Tame Impala Lonerism
Thaiboy Digital Tiger
The Glitch Mob Drink the Sea
Torture Chain Time is but a Doorway to the Incinerator
Trap Them Crown Feral
Vomir Claustration
Wongraven Fjelltronen
Year of No Light Tocsin
Yellow Tears The Pissmop
Yung Lean Frost God

2.5 average
Abruptum De Profundis Mors Vas Cousumet
Aderlating Spear of Gold and Seraphim Bone
Altar of Plagues Mammal
Avril Lavigne Let Go
Bladee Destroy Me
Blanck Mass Dumb Flesh
Blank Banshee MEGA
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
Caninus Now The Animals Have A Voice
Cocainejesus We're Worried About You
Deafheaven New Bermuda
Death Grips Bottomless Pit
Deftones Ohms
Evol (ITA) Dreamquest
Immortal Technique The 3rd World
Kanye West Yeezus
Kendrick Lamar DAMN.
Mobb Deep Murda Muzik
Nails You Will Never Be One of Us
OFWGKTA The OF Tape Vol. 2
Pharmakon Abandon
Playboi Carti Whole Lotta Red
Primitive Man Fear​/​A life of turmoil
Rage Against The Machine Renegades
Raime Tooth
Stormzy Gang Signs and Prayer
Tame Impala Currents
Tim Hecker Love Streams
Tinashe Joyride
Tinashe Songs for You
Tycho Epoch
Ulver The Assassination of Julius Caesar
Wolves in the Throne Room Celestite
Xasthur Portal Of Sorrow
has a few twisted tracks but overall this is the shart and his later output is the shit
Yung Lean Warlord

2.0 poor
Burial Young Death/Nightmarket
Chance the Rapper Coloring Book
Flume Skin Companion ll
Gravediggaz Nightmare in A-Minor
Kanye West The Life of Pablo
Netsky 3
Opeth Sorceress
Sachiko M Bar Sachiko
Tyler, the Creator Cherry Bomb

1.5 very poor
Bladee Redlight
Frank Ocean Blonde
Ghost Bath Starmourner
Joanna Gruesome Peanut Butter

1.0 awful
Forest Of Harambe Under The Sign Of Harambe
Iggy Azalea The New Classic
Noc Demo X
Suicide Silence Suicide Silence
The Chainsmokers Memories...Do Not Open

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