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5.0 classic
Accept Balls to the Wall
Annihilator Never, Neverland
Anthrax Among the Living
Anthrax Spreading the Disease
Black Viper Hellions Of Fire
Carcass Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
Celtic Frost To Mega Therion
Coroner R.I.P.
Cradle of Filth The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
Dismember Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Dismember Indecent & Obscene
Emperor In the Nightside Eclipse
Enslaved Frost
Entombed Left Hand Path
Exodus Bonded by Blood
Forbidden Forbidden Evil
Gamma Ray Land of the Free
Gamma Ray Somewhere Out in Space
Helheim Blod & Ild
Helheim Heiðindómr ok mótgangr
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II
Helloween Walls of Jericho
Immortal Pure Holocaust
Iron Maiden Killers
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
Judas Priest Defenders of the Faith
Judas Priest Painkiller
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny
Kreator Terrible Certainty
Manowar Kings of Metal
Manticora The Black Circus Pt 1: Letters
Manticora Safe
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Morbid Angel Covenant
Napalm Death Harmony Corruption
Obituary Cause of Death
Overkill Taking Over
Persuader Evolution Purgatory
Possessed Seven Churches
Satyricon Nemesis Divina
Slayer Reign in Blood
Sodom Agent Orange
Suffocation Pierced from Within
Taake Hordalands Doedskvad

4.5 superb
Agent Steel Skeptics Apocalypse
Angra Temple of Shadows
Angra Angels Cry
Annihilator Alice in Hell
Antichrist (SWE) Sinful Birth
Antichrist (SWE) Forbidden World
Armory (SWE) World Peace​.​.​. Cosmic War
Atheist Piece of Time
Atrophy Socialized Hate
Autopsy Mental Funeral
Autopsy Severed Survival
Bathory Under the Sign of the Black Mark
Benediction Transcend the Rubicon
Blind Guardian Somewhere Far Beyond
Blind Guardian Beyond the Red Mirror
Blind Illusion The Sane Asylum
Butcher Bestial Fükkin' Warmachine
Cannibal Corpse A Skeletal Domain
Cannibal Corpse The Bleeding
Carcass Symphonies of Sickness
Carpathian Forest Black Shining Leather
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales
Coroner Punishment for Decadence
Coroner No More Color
Cradle of Filth Dusk and Her Embrace
Crystal Eyes In Silence They March
Dark Angel Darkness Descends
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
Death Symbolic
Death Human
Death Scream Bloody Gore
Death Leprosy
Death Angel The Ultra-Violence
Deceased As the Weird Travel On
Demolition Hammer Epidemic of Violence
Destruction Eternal Devastation
Destruction Release from Agony
Dimmu Borgir Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
Dissection Storm of the Light's Bane
Dragonland Starfall
Edguy Vain Glory Opera
Einherjer Norwegian Native Art
Emperor Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk
Enforcer Diamonds
Enslaved Ruun
Enslaved Vikingligr Veldi
Enslaved In Times
Entombed Clandestine
Exhumed Death Revenge
Exodus Fabulous Disaster
Falconer Among Beggars And Thieves
Falconer Armod
Falconer Black Moon Rising
Flotsam and Jetsam Doomsday for the Deceiver
Flotsam and Jetsam No Place for Disgrace
Forbidden Twisted into Form
Gamma Ray Power Plant
Gorgoroth Under the Sign of Hell
Grave Into the Grave
Grave Digger The Reaper
Helheim Yersinia Pestis
Helheim Kaoskult
Hell (UK) Human Remains
Hell (UK) Curse and Chapter
HellHammer Satanic Rites [Demo]
Helloween Keeper of the Seven Keys Part I
Iced Earth Night of the Stormrider
Immolation Atonement
Immolation Here in After
Impaled Nazarene Suomi Finland Perkele
Incantation Onward to Golgotha
Intruder Psycho Savant
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron Savior Unification
Iron Savior Iron Savior
Iron Savior Dark Assault
Judas Priest Turbo
Judas Priest Killing Machine
Judas Priest Firepower
Kampfar Mellom Skogkledde Aaser
Kreator Extreme Aggression
Kreator Coma of Souls
Manowar Battle Hymns
Manowar Sign of the Hammer
Manticora 8 Deadly Sins
Manticora Hyperion
Manticora To Kill To Live To Kill
Marduk Wormwood
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Metallica ...And Justice for All
Metallica Master of Puppets
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Metallica Kill 'Em All
Morbid Angel Altars of Madness
Morbid Angel Domination
Morbid Angel Blessed Are the Sick
Motorhead Iron Fist
Motorhead Orgasmatron
Nidingr Greatest of Deceivers
Nuclear Assault Handle With Care
Obituary Slowly We Rot
Obliteration Perpetual Decay
Obliteration Nekropsalms
Obliteration Cenotaph Obscure
Omen Battle Cry
Overkill Under the Influence
Overkill Feel the Fire
Overkill The Grinding Wheel
Paragon Dark Legacy
Persuader The Fiction Maze
Pestilence Malleus Maleficarum
Pestilence Consuming Impulse
Pharaoh Be Gone
Pungent Stench Been Caught Buttering
Rage The Missing Link
RAM Forced Entry
RAM Svbversvm
RAM Lightbringer
Raven (ENG) Rock Until You Drop
Raven (ENG) Wiped Out
Raven (ENG) All for One
Razor Violent Restitution
Razor Evil Invaders
Razor Executioner's Song
Rhapsody of Fire Symphony of Enchanted Lands
Rhapsody of Fire Dawn of Victory
Rhapsody of Fire Power of the Dragonflame
Running Wild Death or Glory
Sacrifice Forward to Termination
Sacrifice Apocalypse Inside
Sadus Illusions
Sadus Swallowed in Black
Satan Life Sentence
Satan Cruel Magic
Savage Circus Dreamland Manor
Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Sepultura Arise
Slayer Hell Awaits
Slayer South of Heaven
Slayer Show No Mercy
Sodom Persecution Mania
Stormwitch Stronger Than Heaven
Suffocation Effigy of the Forgotten
Suffocation …Of the Dark Light
Symphony X V: The New Mythology Suite
Taake Over Bjoergvin Graater Himmerik
Tankard Chemical Invasion
Testament The New Order
Traveler (CAN) Traveler
Traveler (CAN) Termination Shock
U.D.O. Animal House
Venom Black Metal
Vio-Lence Eternal Nightmare
Virgin Steele Invictus
Voivod Nothingface
Vulture (DE) Ghastly Waves & Battered Graves
Whiplash Power and Pain
Windir Arntor

4.0 excellent
Accept Breaker
Accept Metal Heart
Accept Restless and Wild
Accept Blind Rage
Accept Russian Roulette
Agent Steel Unstoppable Force
Ancient Rites Dim Carcosa
Angra Holy Land
Anthrax Fistful of Metal
Arcturus Aspera Hiems Symfonia
Armory (SWE) The Search
Atomkraft Future Wars
Atrophy Violent by Nature
Aura Noir Out to Die
Aura Noir Black Thrash Attack
Aura Noir Aura Noire
Bat Wings of Chains
Bathory Bathory
Bathory The Return of the Darkness and Evil
Bathory Blood Fire Death
Battery (DNK) Martial Law
Battery (DNK) Armed with Rage
Benediction Subconscious Terror
Bewitcher Bewitcher
Bewitcher Under the Witching Cross
Blind Guardian Imaginations from the Other Side
Blind Guardian Nightfall in Middle-Earth
Blind Guardian Tales from the Twilight World
Blood Red Throne Monument Of Death
Bloodbath The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn
Bloodbath Nightmares Made Flesh
Brainstorm Ambiguity
Cannibal Corpse Torture
Cannibal Corpse Kill
Cannibal Corpse Vile
Cannibal Corpse Red Before Black
Cannibal Corpse Tomb of the Mutilated
Carcass Surgical Steel
Communic Waves Of Visual Decay
Condor (NO) Unstoppable Power
Coroner Mental Vortex
Crimson Glory Transcendence
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance
Darkthrone Dark Thrones and Black Flags
Darkthrone Transilvanian Hunger
Darkthrone Under a Funeral Moon
Death The Sound of Perseverance
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Death Spiritual Healing
Death Angel The Dream Calls for Blood
Death Breath Stinking Up The Night
Deathhammer Onward to the Pits
Deathhammer Evil Power
Deathhammer Chained to Hell
Deceased Fearless Undead Machines
Deceased Supernatural Addiction
Deceased Surreal Overdose
Deicide Deicide
Demonical Servants Of The Unlight
Destruction Infernal Overkill
Destruction Spiritual Genocide
Destruction Born to Perish
Devastation Idolatry
Dimmu Borgir For All Tid
Dimmu Borgir Stormblåst
Dismember Massive Killing Capacity
Dismember Death Metal
Dismember Where Ironcrosses Grow
Dissection The Somberlain
Dragonland Holy War
Dying Fetus Reign Supreme
Edge of Sanity Purgatory Afterglow
Edguy Theater of Salvation
Einherjer Dragons of the North
Emperor IX Equilibrium
Emperor Emperor
Emperor Prometheus: The Discipline of Fire...
Enforcer Death By Fire
Enforcer Zenith
Enslaved Isa
Enslaved Axioma Ethica Odini
Enslaved RIITIIR
Enslaved Eld
Entombed A.D. Dead Dawn
Entrench Inevitable Decay
Evil Invaders Pulses of Pleasure
Evildead Annihilation of Civilization
Exciter Long Live the Loud
Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac
Exciter Violence and Force
Exhumed Gore Metal
Exhumed Slaughtercult
Exumer Possessed by Fire
Falconer Falconer
Flotsam and Jetsam The End of Chaos
Gamma Ray Insanity and Genius
Gorgoroth Ad Majorem Sathanas Gloriam
Gorgoroth Antichrist
Gorgoroth Pentagram
Grave Endless Procession of Souls
Grave You'll Never See...
Grave Digger Return Of The Reaper
Grave Digger Heart of Darkness
Grave Digger Ballads of a Hangman
Hatchet Dawn Of The End
Hatchet Dying To Exist
Havok Time Is Up
Helheim The Journeys and the Experiences of Deat
HellHammer Apocalyptic Raids
Helloween The Time of the Oath
Immolation Harnessing Ruin
Immolation Majesty and Decay
Immolation Dawn of Possession
Immolation Unholy Cult
Immolation Close to a World Below
Immortal Battles in the North
Immortal At the Heart of Winter
Immortal Sons of Northern Darkness
Impaled Nazarene Ugra-Karma
Impaled Nazarene All That You Fear
Impaled Nazarene Nihil
Incantation Diabolical Conquest
Incantation Mortal Throne of Nazarene
Intruder A Higher Form of Killing
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
Iron Savior Rise of the Hero
Iron Savior The Landing
Iron Savior Condition Red
Judas Priest British Steel
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest Stained Class
Kreator Pleasure to Kill
Lost Horizon Awakening the World
Manowar Louder Than Hell
Manticora The Black Circus Pt. 2: Disclosure
Manticora Darkness With Tales To Tell
Marduk Rom 5:12
Marduk Panzer Division Marduk
Marduk Opus Nocturne
Marduk Those of the Unlight
Marduk Frontschwein
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Merciless The Awakening
Monstrosity Millenium
Monstrosity Spiritual Apocalypse
Monstrosity Imperial Doom
Monstrosity The Passage of Existence
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Motorhead 1916
Motorhead Bomber
Napalm Death Utilitarian
Napalm Death Enemy of the Music Business
Napalm Death The Code Is Red...Long Live the Code
Napalm Death Apex Predator - Easy Meat
Napalm Death Time Waits for No Slave
Necrophobic Darkside
Nekromantheon Divinity of Death
Nekromantheon Rise, Vulcan Spectre
Nidingr Wolf Father
Nidingr The High Heat Licks Against Heaven
Nocturnal Rites Tales of Mystery and Imagination
Nuclear Assault Survive
Obituary The End Complete
Obliteration Black Death Horizon
Overkill The Years of Decay
Overkill Ironbound
Overkill White Devil Armory
Overkill The Electric Age
Overkill The Wings Of War
Pantera Cowboys from Hell
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill
Paradox Heresy
Paragon Force of Destruction
Paragon Screenslaves
Persuader When Eden Burns
Persuader The Hunter
Pestilence Testimony of the Ancients
Piledriver Stay Ugly
Portrait (SWE) Burn the World
Possessed Revelations of Oblivion
Primal Fear Nuclear Fire
Pungent Stench For God Your Soul...For Me Your Flesh
RAM Death
RAM Sudden Impact
Ranger Where Evil Dwells
Raven (ENG) Architect of Fear
Rhapsody of Fire Legendary Tales
Rigor Mortis Rigor Mortis
Riot City Burn the Night
Running Wild Port Royal
Running Wild Pile of Skulls
Running Wild Black Hand Inn
Running Wild The Rivalry
Running Wild Under Jolly Roger
Running Wild Blazon Stone
Ruthless Evil Within
Sacrifice Soldiers Of Misfortune
Sadus A Vision of Misery
Satan Atom by Atom
Satan Court in the Act
Satyricon The Shadowthrone
Satyricon Volcano
Satyricon Dark Medieval Times
Savage Circus Of Doom And Death
Shadowbane Facing the Fallout
Skeletal Remains Devouring Mortality
Skeletal Remains Beyond the Flesh
Skinless Progression Towards Evil
Skinless Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Sodom Tapping the Vein
Sodom Better Off Dead
Sodom Sodom
Sodom In the Sign of Evil
Stormwitch Walpurgis Night
Stormwitch Tales Of Terror
Suffocation Breeding the Spawn
Suffocation Suffocation
Symphony X Paradise Lost
Symphony X Underworld
Taake Noregs Vaapen
Taake Nattestid Ser Porten Vid
Taake Stridens hus
Tankard The Beauty and the Beer
Tankard Zombie Attack
Tankard The Morning After
Tankard Beast of Bourbon
Testament The Legacy
U.D.O. Timebomb
Unleashed Shadows in the Deep
Unleashed Where No Life Dwells
Urgehal Goatcraft Torment
Vader Welcome to the Morbid Reich
Venom At War with Satan
Venom Welcome to Hell
Vio-Lence Oppressing the Masses
Virgin Steele Noble Savage
Virgin Steele The House of Atreus: Act I
Virgin Steele The Marriage of Heaven and Hell: Part II
Visigoth The Revenant King
Visigoth Conqueror's Oath
Voivod Dimension Hatröss
Vomitory Revelation Nausea
Vulture (DE) The Guillotine
Whiplash Ticket to Mayhem
Whiplash Insult to Injury
Windir 1184
Wolf Wolf
Wolf Black Wings
Wolf The Black Flame

3.5 great
Accept The Rise of Chaos
Accept Blood of the Nations
Accept Stalingrad
Agent Steel Omega Conspiracy
Ambush (SWE) Infidel
Ambush (SWE) Desecrator
Ancient Rites Rubicon
Annihilator Set the World on Fire
Annihilator For the Demented
Aura Noir The Merciless
Aura Noir Deep Tracts of Hell
Autopsy Macabre Eternal
Autopsy Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves
Benediction The Grand Leveller
Blind Guardian At the Edge of Time
Blood Red Throne Affiliated With the Suffering
Bloodbath Grand Morbid Funeral
Cannibal Corpse Evisceration Plague
Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide
Cannibal Corpse The Wretched Spawn
Cannibal Corpse Gore Obsessed
Cannibal Corpse Bloodthirst
Carcass Heartwork
Carpathian Forest Defending the Throne of Evil
Carpathian Forest Morbid Fascination of Death
Carpathian Forest Fuck You All!!!!
Cauldron Burning Fortune
Cauldron In Ruin
Condor (NO) Condor
Crystal Eyes World of Black and Silver
Crystal Eyes Vengeance Descending
Darkthrone Circle the Wagons
Darkthrone F.O.A.D.
Darkthrone Old Star
Death Angel Humanicide
Death Angel The Evil Divide
Death Angel Frolic Through the Park
Deathhammer Phantom Knights
Deceased The Blueprint For Madness
Demonical Hellsworn
Destruction All Hell Breaks Loose
Destruction The Antichrist
Destruction Inventor of Evil
Destruction Thrash Anthems II
Destruction Under Attack
Destruction Day of Reckoning
Destruction D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.
Destruction Metal Discharge
Dismember Dismember
Dismember The God That Never Was
Dragonland Under the Grey Banner
Dust Bolt Violent Demolition
Dying Fetus Wrong One To Fuck With
Dying Fetus Killing on Adrenaline
Edge of Sanity Nothing But Death Remains
Edge of Sanity The Spectral Sorrows
Einherjer Norrøn
Einherjer Blot
Enforcer From Beyond
Enforcer Into The Night
Enslaved Blodhemn
Enslaved Mardraum - Beyond the Within
Enslaved Below the Lights
Enslaved Vertebrae
Evil Invaders Feed Me Violence
Evile Five Serpent's Teeth
Exhumed Necrocracy
Exhumed All Guts, No Glory
Exhumed Anatomy Is Destiny
Exodus Blood In, Blood Out
Exodus Tempo of the Damned
Exodus Impact Is Imminent
Falconer Chapters From A Vale Forlorn
Falconer Northwind
Gama Bomb The Terror Tapes
Gama Bomb Citizen Brain
Gamma Ray Land of the Free II
Gamma Ray To the Metal!
Gamma Ray Heading for Tomorrow
Gorgoroth Quantos Possunt ad Satanitatem Trahunt
Gorgoroth Instinctus Bestialis
Gorgoroth Twilight of the Idols
Grave Out of Respect for the Dead
Grave Digger Excalibur
Grave Digger Tunes of War
Grave Digger Rheingold
Grave Digger Clash of the Gods
Grave Digger The Grave Digger
Grave Digger Knights of the Cross
Hate Eternal Infernus
Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands
Havok Unnatural Selection
Havok Conformicide
Havok Burn
Helheim Av Norrøn Ætt
Helheim Jormundgand
Helheim landawarijaR
Helloween Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Immolation Failures for Gods
Immolation Kingdom of Conspiracy
Immortal Damned In Black
Impaled Nazarene Vigorous And Liberating Death
Impaled Nazarene Pro Patria Finlandia
Incantation Vanquish in Vengeance
Incantation Decimate Christendom
Inculter Persisting Devolution
Intruder Live to Die
Iron Savior Megatropolis 2.0
Iron Savior Battering Ram
Iron Savior Megatropolis
Iron Savior Titancraft
Judas Priest Ram It Down
Judas Priest Sin After Sin
Kampfar Djevelmakt
Kampfar Fra Underverdenen
Kampfar Kvass
Kampfar Heimgang
Kreator Endless Pain
Lich King Born of the Bomb
Lich King World Gone Dead
Manowar The Triumph of Steel
Manowar Fighting the World
Manticora Roots of Eternity
Marduk Serpent Sermon
Marduk Plague Angel
Marduk Nightwing
Marduk Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
Marduk Dark Endless
Megadeth Endgame
Memoriam For the Fallen
Monstrosity In Dark Purity
Morbid Angel Gateways to Annihilation
Motorhead Rock 'N' Roll
Motorhead Another Perfect Day
Motorhead Bastards
Napalm Death Order of the Leech
Napalm Death Smear Campaign
Napalm Death Fear, Emptiness, Despair
Napalm Death From Enslavement to Obliteration
Necrophobic Death to All
Necrophobic Hrimthursum
Necrophobic Bloodhymns
Necrophobic The Third Antichrist
Nidingr Sorrow Infinite and Darkness
Nuclear Assault Game Over
Nunslaughter Goat
Overkill Horrorscope
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
Paradox Riot Squad
Paradox Pangea
Paradox Electrify
Paragon Forgotten Prophecies
Paragon Law of the Blade
Paragon Hell Beyond Hell
Paragon Revenge
Portrait (SWE) Crossroads
Portrait (SWE) Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae
Possessed Beyond the Gates
Primal Fear Delivering the Black
Primal Fear Primal Fear
Primal Fear Seven Seals
Primal Fear Black Sun
Primal Fear Jaws of Death
Pungent Stench Masters Of Moral, Servants Of Sin
RAM The Throne Within
Ranger Speed & Violence
Razor Malicious Intent
Razor Shotgun Justice
Running Wild Masquerade
Ruthless Discipline of steel
Sacrifice The Ones I Condemn
Satan Suspended Sentence
Satyricon Rebel Extravaganza
Satyricon The Age Of Nero
Skinless Foreshadowing our Demise
Skull Fist Chasing the Dream
Skull Fist Head of the Pack
Slayer Repentless
Sodom Epitome of Torture
Sodom In War and Pieces
Sodom Code Red
Sodom M-16
Sodom Obsessed by Cruelty
Suffocation Souls to Deny
Suffocation Pinnacle of Bedlam
Symphony X Iconoclast
Taake Taake
Tankard One Foot In The Grave
Tankard R.I.B.
Testament Practice What You Preach
Testament Souls of Black
Ultra-Violence Privilege to Overcome
Unleashed Sworn Allegiance
Unleashed Midvinterblot
Vader Tibi et Igni
Vader Dark Age
Vampire Vampire
Virgin Steele The House of Atreus: Act II
Virgin Steele The Marriage of Heaven And Hell: Part I
Voivod Killing Technology
Vomitory Raped In Their Own Blood
Vomitory Redemption
Wolf Evil Star

3.0 good
Annihilator King of the Kill
Anvil Forged in Fire
Arcturus La Masquerade Infernale
Aura Noir Hades Rise
Blind Guardian A Twist in the Myth
Cannibal Corpse Butchered at Birth
Cannibal Corpse Eaten Back to Life
Carpathian Forest Strange Old Brew
Coroner Grin
Darkthrone The Cult Is Alive
Darkthrone Hate Them
Destruction Thrash Anthems
Dismember Hate Campaign
Dragonland Astronomy
Dying Fetus Descend Into Depravity
Gama Bomb Tales From the Grave in Space
Gamma Ray No World Order
Gamma Ray Majestic
Gamma Ray Sigh No More
Gamma Ray Empire of the Undead
Helheim rauniaR
Helloween The Dark Ride
Helloween Better Than Raw
Immortal Blizzard Beasts
Immortal All Shall Fall
Impaled Nazarene Road to the Octagon
Impaled Nazarene Manifest
Judas Priest Point of Entry
Judas Priest Rocka Rolla
Judas Priest Angel of Retribution
Kampfar Mare
Manowar Hail to England
Manowar Into Glory Ride
Marduk World Funeral
Marduk Viktoria
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth United Abominations
Morbid Angel Heretic
Morbid Angel Formulas Fatal to the Flesh
Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained
Napalm Death Diatribes
Napalm Death Utopia Banished
Obituary World Demise
Primal Fear Rulebreaker
Razor Custom Killing
Rhapsody of Fire The Frozen Tears of Angels
Rigor Mortis Slaves To The Grave
Running Wild Victory
Ruthless They Rise
Satyricon Now, Diabolical
Sepultura Chaos A.D.
Sepultura Morbid Visions
Skinless Only The Ruthless Remain
Skinless Savagery
Slayer Divine Intervention
Sodom Decision Day
Sodom Get What You Deserve
Suffocation Blood Oath
Venom Prime Evil

2.5 average
Darkthrone Sardonic Wrath
Darkthrone Arctic Thunder
Death Angel Act III
Dragonland The Battle of the Ivory Plains
Dust Bolt Trapped in Chaos
Marduk La Grande Danse Macabre
Megadeth Youthanasia
Megadeth Cryptic Writings
Obituary Frozen in Time
Obituary Back from the Dead
Pantera Far Beyond Driven
Piledriver Metal Inquisition
Pungent Stench Club Mondo Bizarre - Members Only
Sepultura Roots
Slayer World Painted Blood
Slayer Diabolus in Musica
Unisonic Light of Dawn
Unisonic Unisonic

2.0 poor
Carcass Swansong
Metallica Metallica
Taake Kong Vinter

1.5 very poor
Morbid Angel Illud Divinum Insanus

1.0 awful
Metallica Load
Metallica Reload
Metallica St. Anger
Metallica Death Magnetic

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