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5.0 classic
A Perfect Circle Mer de Noms
AC/DC Powerage
Alice in Chains Jar of Flies
Without question, one of the greatest music releases ever. A big call, perhaps? Well maybe, but the way this album resonates with me is profound. It had a massive impact on a very weird period of my life. The predominantly acoustic instrumentation only enhances the impact this album has had or could have on someone who has never heard it, but Layne's vocals and lyrics are what make this recording most memorable. Every track is glorious, but it's "Nutshell", clocking in at 4:19, that is this release's crown jewel. An absolute must have.
Alice in Chains Dirt
Could possibly rank as my favourite album ever, certainly in the top three or four. Grunge has had several incredible releases under its umbrella, but Dirt eats all of them up for breakfast in every way imaginable. From sludgy, dirgy metallic riffs to eerie guitar melodies, a superb rhythm section and Layne Staley's incredible vocal talents, this record is perfect in every way. The lyrics are extremely thought-provoking as well. It's so difficult just picking a stand-out track, because they all are. "Down In A Hole", "Rain When I Die", "Dirt", "Sickman", even "Rooster" and "Would" are two singles you never get sick of hearing. An absolute masterpiece, a genius piece of work.
Anathema Judgement
My "it's night-time and it's raining outside" band, and this is the album I reach for more than any other. Anathema have a number of outstanding albums, but I, much like many others, feel that Judgement is the band's magnum opus. I'd go as far to say it's one of the best albums of all time. It's always classed under the "depressing albums" title, and that's because it is, and it works in its favour. Albums can be dark and depressing lyrically, but the music fails to accompany it. Judgement however, does that in spades. That's why it works so well, why it's become the soundtrack to depressed people's lives, and why it's so damn brilliant.
At the Drive-In Relationship of Command
At the Gates Slaughter of the Soul
The crown jewel of Melodic Death Metal. One of the most brutal albums I've ever come across but an album that is also surprisingly intricate. "Blinded By Fear", "Cold" and "World Of Lies" are the standout tracks.
Atmosphere God Loves Ugly
Ben Folds Five Whatever and Ever, Amen
Black Sabbath Master of Reality
This record belongs on the Mt. Rushmore of Heavy Metal. The first two Black Sabbath albums gave birth to what is now known as Heavy Metal. FACT. Master Of Reality however, took it to another level. Iommi's guitar riffs were much heavier, and it layed the foundations for Stoner Rock, Sludge Metal, not to mention Grunge. Geezer and Bill, perhaps the greatest rhythm section in Rock/Metal ever, are at the height of their abilities and power here. This is an album that if isn't in your collection needs to be rectified right away. One of my favourites of all time. It should be one of yours too. ESSENTIAL LISTENING.
Botch We Are the Romans
Cave In Jupiter
Clutch Blast Tyrant
Converge Axe to Fall
Converge Jane Doe
Crimson Glory Transcendence
This record was released in the same year as ...And Justice For All, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and Operation: Mindcrime, so it isn't hard to understand why this was vastly overlooked. Transcendence is such a criminally underrated record, it's better than all three and for my money, one of the greatest Metal albums ever recorded. Fantastic musicianship, combining elements of Prog, Power Metal, even a little Glam, with Midnight's freakish vocal abilities. Outstanding work.
David Bowie "Heroes"
Dead Meadow Dead Meadow
Death The Sound of Perseverance
When I was 13 and 14 years old, I began to delve more into both Prog and Extreme Metal. I was keen to expand my taste, and having never heard an Extreme Metal album in full, this was the one I tried out first. I regret having done so, as nothing within the genre I've heard since has eclipsed the sheer brilliance and lunacy that you find on The Sound Of Perseverance. The solos are blistering, the riffs are pummelling, Richard Christy's drumming is monumental and, of course, Chuck Schuldiner. Don't ask me to go more in depth with that, because you already know why. Among the top Metal albums ever, without fucking question, technical Metal at its finest.
Death Symbolic
Not quite as good as The Sound Of Perseverance, but not many things are. Symbolic is still, pound for pound, one of the best albums of the genre, for many of the same reasons TSOP is. Amazing riffs, incredible solos, and Gene Hoglan giving perhaps his finest drumming performance in his career to date. Although more straightforward than what came after it, Symbolic was also the first true Technical Death Metal offering in Death's catalogue. The title track, "Empty Words", "Without Judgement", you cannot go wrong with any track on this thing. An absolute classic.
Deftones Around the Fur
This was the first album I bought by this band, and still remains my undoubted favourite. Many would disagree, especially the Nu-Metal detractors, as Around The Fur was the last Deftones release to be fully rooted in the Nu-Metal sound. What came afterwards with White Pony and all their future releases was fantastic, but the personal connection really wins on this one. Sounds and feels just as good in darkness as it does in beaming light, and there aren't many albums that are able to cater to both.
Depeche Mode Black Celebration
Dio Holy Diver
The fact that this is a 5/5 album and not even the best album Ronnie James Dio sang on in my opinion is quite breathtaking. It's amazing how a vocalist can climb aboard any band or project and record amazing material, regardless of who the musicians are. This is a true sentiment to Dio. Holy Diver is a genius record and one of the true Metal classics, one that needs to belong in your collection. Just picking a favourite track off of this is a very daunting task, but I have to give it to the title track.
Dire Straits Brothers in Arms
Capturing beauty at its finest. That is what Dire Straits did best, and nothing proved it more than this absolute gem of a record. Not a single solitary second is wasted, and the length of these tracks only adds more to its allure. The whole band kills it, but of course, you cannot mention Dire Straits in a positive light without mentioning Mr. Mark Knopfler, as this record is the highest showcase of both his vocals and guitar prowess. He shows that you don't have to play at blistering speeds to be an amazing guitar player. It's also about atmosphere, and he has that in spades. The title track is still in my opinion one of the greatest songs ever, ditto with "Your Latest Trick".
DJ Shadow Endtroducing...
Dr. Dre The Chronic
Dream Theater Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes from a Memory
If there's any album that HAS to be played in its entirety every time you go and listen to it, than Dream Theater's conceptual masterpiece would be it (along with a handful of other concept albums). What makes it so unique is that not only is the story integrated into the music very intriguing, but when reading/listening to the lyrics, you can actually figure out the premise. Very few albums fit this mould, and man, do these guys deliver in that sense. Also, the musicianship is downright incredible, combining blistering heaviness with a ton of melody and atmospheric passages. Stupendous stuff, and very few have managed better.
Edge of Sanity Crimson
Is it an album or not? I ask this because the holy masterpiece that is Edge Of Sanity's Crimson consists solely of one track that runs for 40 minutes. Why is it a "holy masterpiece"? Because it's one of the most well executed releases ever, and what's disappointing about that is it doesn't garner the appreciation it deserves. Conceptually, it's amazing and musically, it combines Prog/Melodic Death Metal in a most astounding fashion. Could possibly be the greatest Concept album in Metal, and if you're not convinced, Mikael Akerfeldt sings on this thing.
Elliott Smith XO
Emperor Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk
Exodus Bonded by Blood
Faith No More The Real Thing
Faith No More King for a Day... Fool for a Lifetime
Frank Zappa Hot Rats
Genesis Selling England by the Pound
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden
Isis Oceanic
Jeff Buckley Grace
Karnivool Themata
King Crimson Red
Kyuss Welcome to Sky Valley
Machine Head Burn My Eyes
Mad Season Above
Mastodon Crack the Skye
Mercyful Fate Melissa
Metallica Master of Puppets
Metallica Ride the Lightning
Metallica ...And Justice for All
Ministry Psalm 69
Modest Mouse This Is a Long Drive for Someone with Nothing to Think About
No fanfare. No major label. No hit single. Perhaps that?s why Modest Mouse?s debut record was greeted with such little attention, and the reason why 20 years later, it has never really garnered the respect and admiration it truly deserves. To be fair, when listening to this album, it doesn?t exactly scream Top 40 or No.1 on the Billboard charts, probably because Isaac Brock didn?t want to make the kind of music that would be considered accessible for that audience. What Modest Mouse gave us instead was a gut-wrenching portrayal of isolation that one would associate with rural life. The album?s title is a pin-point accurate reflection of the music and lyrics, containing sweeping, beautiful melodies along with tense and abrasive musicianship that can make for an uneasy listen. Some might find the album?s constant theme overwhelming given its vast length, but it is nothing but: This Is A Long Drive is 74 minutes of perfection, from a band that has not put a foot wrong since its inception. Their other records are astounding, but their debut is still their creative peak, one that should be sought after wherever possible.
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Muse Origin of Symmetry
Neil Young Rust Never Sleeps
The ultimate Neil Young album, showcasing his beautiful acoustic side for one half, only to then unleashing "Old Black" to massive enjoyment. Music rarely eclipses the brilliance Neil layed down on this tremendous release.
Neurosis Souls at Zero
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds Let Love In
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral
Opeth Still Life
Overkill Horrorscope
Pantera The Great Southern Trendkill
Pearl Jam Vs.
Peter Gabriel Melt
Pink Floyd Meddle
A dimply breathtaking record. "Echoes" sends shivers up my spine like no other song..
Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here
I can barely explain how much this album means to me. One of my favourites of all time from arguably my favourite group.
Pixies Surfer Rosa
Poison the Well The Opposite of December
Porcupine Tree In Absentia
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back
Queens of the Stone Age Rated R
Radiohead The Bends
Rage Against The Machine Rage Against The Machine
This is perhaps my favourite album of all time. There's not a damn flaw on this record: absolutely mind-blowing, an prominent, powerful and exciting record that should belong in everyone's music collection.
Rainbow Rising
Refused The Shape of Punk to Come
Rush Hemispheres
Soundgarden Superunknown
Steely Dan Aja
Strapping Young Lad City
Television Marquee Moon
Terrorizer World Downfall
The Afghan Whigs Gentlemen
The Afghan Whigs? Gentlemen certainly isn?t going to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. An album all about the downfalls of relationships isn?t one that most would find intriguing, given that it?s an idea that has been done to death since forever, but two things: 1. it?s far more thought-provoking and personal than you?d imagine, and 2. It doesn?t really matter anyways, because musically, this record excels in all aspects. Alt. Rock is something that can be (and was, at this time) very watered down and inexcusably generic, but whatever was running through frontman Greg Dulli?s mind going into this record made this an amazing beast. Undoubtedly, his love for funk and R&B music helped (listen to ?Debonair?, the band?s only minor hit), not to mention the incorporation of strings and piano, but also that he and the band were always very determined, which is a shame considering they fell under the radar. ?My Curse?, sung phenomenally by Marcy Mays of Scrawl, is the album?s emotional peak, but it?s another emotive track ?When We Two Parted? that is this album?s highlight, a delicate, poignant epic that makes this record one of the most underappreciated and unique records of all time.
The Clash London Calling
The Cranberries Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?
The Dillinger Escape Plan Miss Machine
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland
Relocate yourself to England, find the best rhythm section and make great music. Sounds like an ambitious plan that James Marshall Hendrix had when he wanted to form a group, but rather than make just great music, he and his Experience made what many would argue was the most influential and timeless rock music ever made. Whilst Are You Experienced and Axis: Bold As Love are landmark records, they?re relatively straightforward compared to the trio?s third and final album Electric Ladyland. From the straight up rock ?n? roll gems of ?Crosstown Traffic? and the astounding Bob Dylan cover ?All Along The Watchtower?, to the psychedelic freak-out of ?1983? and the extended jam classic ?Voodoo Chile?, Electric Ladyland experiments with different vibes and sounds they hadn?t yet ventured into (thanks to the prominent influence of LSD; go on, google what an ?electric ladyand? is). Its gamete of influences sets it apart drastically from their previous work and any music from that decade. It?s a supremely complete and revolutionary release, making it one of the greatest original double albums as well as the best record of the 1960?s.
The Prodigy The Fat of the Land
The Smashing Pumpkins Gish
The Stooges Fun House
Therapy? Infernal Love
Tiamat Wildhoney
Tom Waits Mule Variations
Tom Waits Bone Machine
Tool Lateralus
Tool Ænima

4.5 superb
AC/DC Back In Black
I initially had this rated a 3, but I realised I was being stupid. It really is a superb album, but it brings back a great deal of nostalgia.
AC/DC Highway To Hell
AC/DC Let There Be Rock
Agalloch Ashes Against the Grain
It's very difficult picking between this and The Mantle as to which is my favourite album from these guys, but I always lean slightly more towards Ashes, partly because overall it's a heavier sounding album but it has more to do with "Limbs" being one of the most astounding Metal songs of the century.
Agalloch The Mantle
Not as grand in my opinion as Ashes Against The Grain but still an outstanding effort.
Alcest Écailles de Lune
Alice Cooper Welcome to my Nightmare
Alice in Chains Facelift
Alice in Chains Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains Black Gives Way to Blue
Alter Bridge Blackbird
Alter Bridge Fortress
Anathema A Natural Disaster
Although not quite as stunning as Judgement (but pretty damn close), A Natural Disaster is still, from top to bottom, a flawless piece of work. At the time, it was the band's softest sounding record, but what we have here is a collection of beautifully crafted songs, more reliant on keyboards and ambience than guitars, which trust me, isn't a bad thing. It works ever so well. Definitely an album that, along with Judgement, is ideal for being the first piece of music you own from this brilliant band. Depends on where your music taste lies.
Anthrax Among the Living
Atheist Piece of Time
Unquestionable Presence is fantastic, but this is the one that always gets me banging my head. Not as complex and "jazzy" as their future albums, a bit more straightforward, but it makes up for it by being their heaviest release and being technical as hell. Incredible stuff and definitely worth checking out. R.I.P. Roger Patterson, one of Metal's most underrated Bassists. He kills it on this.
Atheist Unquestionable Presence
Audioslave Audioslave
Baroness Red Album
Baroness Yellow and Green
Baroness Purple
Baroness Blue Record
Black Flag Damaged
Black Sabbath 13
Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell
Black Sabbath Sabotage
Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath Paranoid
Black Sabbath Mob Rules
Blind Guardian Imaginations from the Other Side
Bob Dylan Blood on the Tracks
Bob Dylan Bringing It All Back Home
Bob Dylan Blonde on Blonde
Camel Mirage
Candlemass Epicus Doomicus Metallicus
Carcass Heartwork
Creedence Clearwater Revival Cosmo's Factory
Cynic Focus
Darkthrone A Blaze in the Northern Sky
David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars
David Bowie Hunky Dory
Death Leprosy
Death Human
Death Individual Thought Patterns
Deep Purple Deep Purple In Rock
Deftones White Pony
Devin Townsend Ocean Machine: Biomech
Devin Townsend Terria
Devin Townsend Project Epicloud
Dire Straits Dire Straits
Dire Straits Love Over Gold
Dismember Like an Ever Flowing Stream
Although they are often looked down upon as being a poor man's Entombed (yes, people actually think that), Dismember's first studio effort is in my opinion better than anything Entombed ever released, not only because it's perhaps the best album to come out of the Swedish Death Metal scene, but within the whole scope of Death Metal. Every song on it is killer and the sound is extraordinary. Paved the road down for many bands to come out of the same scene afterwards.
Dream Theater Images and Words
Dream Theater A Change of Seasons
Elliott Smith Either/Or
Emperor In The Nightside Eclipse
Faith No More Angel Dust
Fleetwood Mac Rumours
Frank Zappa Joe's Garage
Genesis Foxtrot
Iron Maiden The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden Piece of Mind
Iron Maiden Killers
Isis Panopticon
John Coltrane A Love Supreme
Joni Mitchell Blue
Judas Priest Sad Wings of Destiny
Judas Priest Painkiller
Katatonia The Great Cold Distance
King Crimson In the Court of the Crimson King
King Crimson Larks' Tongues in Aspic
King Crimson Discipline
King Diamond Abigail
Korn Korn
Kreator Extreme Aggression
Kreator Pleasure to Kill
Ks Choice Paradise in Me
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin
Lou Reed Transformer
Lynyrd Skynyrd Pronounced Leh-Nerd Skin-Nerd
Mahavishnu Orchestra The Inner Mounting Flame
Manic Street Preachers The Holy Bible
Massive Attack Mezzanine
Mastodon Leviathan
Mastodon The Hunter
Mastodon Once More 'Round the Sun
Megadeth Rust in Peace
Melvins Stag
Metallica Metallica
Miles Davis Kind of Blue
Minutemen Double Nickels on the Dime
Misfits Static Age
Modest Mouse The Lonesome Crowded West
Mr. Bungle Mr. Bungle
Neil Young After the Gold Rush
Neil Young Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Neurosis Through Silver in Blood
Neurosis Times of Grace
Nick Drake Pink Moon
Nine Inch Nails Pretty Hate Machine
Nocturnus Thresholds
Obituary Slowly We Rot
Opeth Damnation
Opeth Morningrise
Easily ranks as one of Opeth's greatest ever achievements. A must listen for any new fans.
Overkill The Years of Decay
Pantera Cowboys From Hell
Pearl Jam Ten
Pink Floyd The Dark Side of the Moon
Pink Floyd Pulse
Pink Floyd Animals
Porcupine Tree Fear of a Blank Planet
Porcupine Tree Deadwing
Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream
Porcupine Tree Lightbulb Sun
Prince Purple Rain
Queen A Night at the Opera
Queen Queen II
Queens of the Stone Age Songs for the Deaf
Queens of the Stone Age ...Like Clockwork
Rage Against The Machine The Battle of Los Angeles
Rainbow Long Live Rock 'n' Roll
Red Hot Chili Peppers By the Way
Rush Moving Pictures
Rush 2112
Rush Clockwork Angels
Sepultura Beneath the Remains
Slayer Seasons in the Abyss
Soundgarden Badmotorfinger
Stevie Ray Vaughan Texas Flood
Stevie Wonder Innervisions
Stone Temple Pilots Purple
Stone Temple Pilots Core
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Goes Numb
Testament The Gathering
Testament The New Order
The Alan Parsons Project Eye in the Sky
The Butterfly Effect Begins Here
The Contortionist Exoplanet
Still can't believe how much I really like this album. One of my favourites from the 2010's thus far.
The Cure Disintegration
The Dillinger Escape Plan Dissociation
The Dillinger Escape Plan Calculating Infinity
The Dillinger Escape Plan Ire Works
The Dillinger Escape Plan One of Us Is the Killer
The Doors The Doors
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced
The Jimi Hendrix Experience Axis: Bold as Love
The Mars Volta Frances the Mute
The Mars Volta De-Loused in the Comatorium
The Rolling Stones Exile on Main St.
The Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream
The Stooges Raw Power
The Velvet Underground The Velvet Underground & Nico
The Velvet Underground White Light/White Heat
The Who Who's Next
Thin Lizzy Live and Dangerous
Tom Waits Closing Time
Tom Waits Small Change
Tom Waits Franks Wild Years
Tom Waits Rain Dogs
Tom Waits Glitter and Doom Live
Weezer Weezer
Wu-Tang Clan Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
X Japan Art of Life

4.0 excellent
A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step
AC/DC Live
AC/DC Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Alan Parsons A Valid Path
Alice Cooper Trash
Alice in Chains The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Amon Amarth Versus the World
Anata The Conductor's Departure
Angra Temple of Shadows
Annihilator Never, Neverland
Audioslave Out of Exile
Bad Brains Bad Brains
Black Flag My War
Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
Black Sabbath Vol. 4
Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
Brand New The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me
Bruce Springsteen Born to Run
Camel Camel
Converge The Dusk in Us
Cryptopsy None So Vile
Death Scream Bloody Gore
Deep Purple Machine Head
Def Leppard Vault: Greatest Hits 1980 - 1995
Deftones Diamond Eyes
Deftones Deftones
Devin Townsend Project Addicted
Dire Straits Making Movies
Dream Theater Train of Thought
Dream Theater Systematic Chaos
Dream Theater Awake
Dream Theater Falling into Infinity
Very underrated. Not a masterpiece, but man does this contain some truly brilliant tracks.
Dream Theater Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
Dream Theater Black Clouds & Silver Linings
Dream Theater Dream Theater
Faith No More Album of the Year
Faith No More Sol Invictus
Frank Zappa Zoot Allures
Godspeed You! Black Emperor Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada
Gojira From Mars to Sirius
Iron Maiden Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Iron Maiden Powerslave
Isis In the Absence of Truth
Jason Becker Perpetual Burn
Judas Priest Stained Class
Judas Priest Screaming for Vengeance
Katatonia Brave Murder Day
King Crimson Lizard
King Crimson Starless and Bible Black
Korn Untouchables
Korn Follow the Leader
Kreator Phantom Antichrist
Kyuss Blues for the Red Sun
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin III
Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy
Lou Reed Berlin
Mastodon Blood Mountain
Mastodon Remission
Megadeth Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
Megadeth So Far, So Good... So What!
Megadeth Countdown to Extinction
Megadeth Youthanasia
Melvins Houdini
Mercyful Fate Don't Break the Oath
Metallica Kill 'Em All
Metallica Garage Inc.
Metallica Beyond Magnetic
Metallica Hardwired... to Self-Destruct
Miles Davis Bitches Brew
Ministry The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste
Mr. Bungle California
Muse Absolution
Muse The 2nd Law
Muse Black Holes & Revelations
Muse The Resistance
My Morning Jacket Z
Neurosis The Eye of Every Storm
Neutral Milk Hotel In the Aeroplane Over the Sea
Nine Inch Nails Hesitation Marks
Nocturnus The Key
Opeth Watershed
Opeth Ghost Reveries
Opeth Blackwater Park
A bit overrated, but still a great album. "Harvest" and the title track are incredible.
Opeth My Arms, Your Hearse
Overkill Feel the Fire
Pantera Vulgar Display of Power
Pantera Official Live: 101 Proof
Parkway Drive Ire
Pestilence Consuming Impulse
Pixies Doolittle
Queen News of the World
Queen Sheer Heart Attack
Queens of the Stone Age Queens of the Stone Age
Queens of the Stone Age Lullabies to Paralyze
Queensryche Operation: Mindcrime
Radiohead Kid A
Rage Against The Machine Evil Empire
Rainbow Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Rammstein Sehnsucht
Rammstein Mutter
Rammstein Reise, Reise
Red Hot Chili Peppers Mother's Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers Blood Sugar Sex Magik
Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication
Rush Permanent Waves
Rush A Farewell to Kings
Rush Rush
Rush Snakes & Arrows
Sepultura Roots
Silverchair Freak Show
Silverchair Neon Ballroom
Slayer Hell Awaits
Slayer Decade of Aggression
Slint Spiderland
Strapping Young Lad The New Black
The Beatles The Beatles
The Mars Volta Scab Dates
The Mars Volta The Bedlam in Goliath
The Mars Volta Amputechture
The Rolling Stones Sticky Fingers
The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead
Them Crooked Vultures Them Crooked Vultures
Tom Waits The Heart of Saturday Night
Tom Waits Blue Valentine
Tom Waits Heartattack and Vine
Tom Waits Swordfishtrombones
Tom Waits Real Gone
Tom Waits Alice
Tom Waits Bad As Me
Tool 10,000 Days
Tool Undertow
Tool Opiate
Actually a better release than what some might think. Very impressive debut E.P.r
Yes Fragile

3.5 great
AC/DC Black Ice
Aerosmith Aerosmith
Anthrax Spreading the Disease
Anthrax State of Euphoria
Anthrax Fistful of Metal
Black Sabbath Headless Cross
Death Spiritual Healing
Dream Theater Octavarium
Husker Du New Day Rising
Iron Maiden Somewhere in Time
Judas Priest British Steel
Kendrick Lamar To Pimp a Butterfly
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin IV
Megadeth Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!
Metallica Load
Muse Showbiz
Oasis (What's the Story) Morning Glory?
Overkill The Electric Age
Pantera Far Beyond Driven
Pink Floyd The Wall
Porcupine Tree The Incident
Queens of the Stone Age Era Vulgaris
Radiohead Amnesiac
Red Hot Chili Peppers The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
Red Hot Chili Peppers Stadium Arcadium
Rush Signals
Silverchair Frogstomp
Silverchair Diorama
Soundgarden Louder Than Love
The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Tom Waits Nighthawks At The Diner
Tom Waits Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards
Tom Waits Blood Money

3.0 good
Alestorm Black Sails at Midnight
Audioslave Revelations
Good, but weak in comparison to their first two records. Boasts some good tracks but overall it's rather bland.
Dream Theater A Dramatic Turn of Events
The only two tracks that are really good are "On The Backs Of Angels" and "Outcry", the remainder being average.
Gorguts Obscura
King Crimson In the Wake of Poseidon
Korn Take a Look in the Mirror
Metallica Death Magnetic
If the production quality was better, this would be worthy of a 4. Musically, not a bad album however.
Opeth Heritage
With Heritage, Opeth recorded a very audacious record featuring no death growls and barely any elements of a Progressive Death Metal group. This album combines classic 70's Prog with a touch of Jazz Fusion. Overall it doesn't take your breath away but perhaps in retrospect it will be looked upon more positively.
Opeth Deliverance
My least favourite of Opeth's discography. Overall it is actually quite decent in most areas but falls below par compared to other releases that the bad had output thus far in their careers. There's definitely more aggression and heaviness, but at times the record feels monotonous and some riffs drag on for a very long time, so there is a mixture of pros and cons.
Opeth Orchid
A good debut, despite it being rather monotonous and poor sounding. Worth checking out, but Opeth have offered us much better since.
Pantera Reinventing The Steel
Pantera's last hurrah resulted in a sound that was heavier than ever, combing a mixture of elements and incorporating sounds from all the band's previous outings, which sounds absolutely fantastic, but in reality, it was like drinking coffee and tea at the same time. Well, maybe not that bad but it doesn't capture the skill and amazement of the first two Pantera albums. There is definitely some ferociousness that results in some memorable moments such as "Revolution Is My Name" and "Uplift" but it is let down by inconsistency. Lets put it this way: overall, it's actually good and listen after listen it gradually grows on you but this is my least favourite Pantera release and not the record I would play to introduce people to this Heavy Metal juggernaut.
Radiohead OK Computer
Red Hot Chili Peppers I'm With You
It sounds crisp, almost perfect in a way, but the overall approach isn't spectacular. I was expecting Josh Klinghoffer to show off his guitar playing and prove to everyone why he is a worthy replacement for John Frusciante but instead we were treated to Flea's bass that at times vastly overpowers the guitar. Other than that, Kiedis' vocals are great and the catchiness of the album cannot be ignored.
Slayer South of Heaven
Slipknot Slipknot
The Beatles Abbey Road
Weezer Pinkerton
Yes Close to the Edge

2.5 average
Dream Theater When Dream and Day Unite
There's actually some good material present here ("Ytse Jam" is a major highlight) but the remainder of the album is average, but for a first time effort it showcases a great deal of potential for the future.
Genesis The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
Immolation Close to a World Below
I Don't understand all the hype that surrounds this. Listened to it, thought it was very average, not terrible but very overrated.
Korn See You on the Other Side
The beginning of Korn's journey into the mediocre, if not poor string of releases that do nothing to capture the magnificence of this one time juggernaut in Nu-Metal.
Metallica Reload
Load, surprisingly, brought us a bunch of memorable tracks, more good than bad. ReLoad is split down the middle: half the songs are good, half are not. Therefore, it receives the 2.5 rating. That's it.
Slayer Reign in Blood
Slayer World Painted Blood
Tom Waits Foreign Affairs

2.0 poor
Black Sabbath Born Again
Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin II
Ranks for me as one of the dullest and most uninteresting Hard Rock albums of all time, yet most people will tell you it's a crown jewel, which I just find unfathomable.
Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti
I've never been a massive Zeppelin fan, I enjoy them but I'm not overly obsessed with them. It's obvious that they're a huge influence and a pivotal part of Rock music, but I don't get they hype that surrounds this double L.P. and that there are people that consider it their best work. Very few memorable songs and even those tracks that feature some redeeming features are not enough to redeem the entire ordeal being presented to us here.
Lou Reed and Metallica Lulu
Yes overall, this is a piece of shit. Musically monotonous and uninteresting, with dull vocals and lyrics and awful riffs and licks, and the fact it?s a two disc release that lasts for more than 90 minutes you will never get back, however it didn?t bother me as much as other fans. Some definitely took Lulu too close to heart not realising it?s not the tenth Metallica record, it?s just something on the side I guess, even if it?s not very, well, good.
Metallica St. Anger
"Well at least it was heavy." Yes, but Load and ReLoad in my opinion contain some memorable tracks, whereas this has none, perhaps that is more to do with the atrocity of the sound (the kitchen pot snare drum) and the nasty Guitar sound, with Hetfield's rubbish vocal delivery over the top. Had all that been of a higher standard, it would've be perceived as more of an accomplishment.
Red Hot Chili Peppers The Red Hot Chili Peppers
Sounds poor, musically and vocally not a fantastic start and the production is lacking desperately. Certain qualities that would make up the Chili Peppers in the future, most notably funk and groove are almost absent.
Slipknot Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses
Slipknot All Hope Is Gone

1.5 very poor
Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute
Not as hideous of an album as I used to think, but it's still pretty bad.
Silverchair Young Modern
These guys were favourites of mine when I was younger, but once I heard "Straight Lines" and the rest of the release, almost all my appreciation for them had vanished out the window. This was truly selling out and it reflected negatively on not just myself but many others who love or loved all of their previous albums.
Slayer Diabolus in Musica
Slipknot Iowa

1.0 awful
Between the Buried and Me Colors
Just plain awful and atrocious to listen to. How this band is being heralded as one of the greats of the last ten or so years is beyond me. Very poor in every way.

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