Queensryche   The Verdict
Release Date: 2019

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4.0 excellentTrevor James | March 1st 19

Another excellent release from the prog veterans. Queensryche Mk. 2 are on a hell of a roll.

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4.5 superbswanlee | March 13th 19

This is a great album, could be an Album of the year contender for me. The flow is great, lots of great melodies/riffs vocals. Every song is pretty memorable but with a great flow to the album. Portrait is simply an amazing song to close the album on.rProbably the best QR album since Promised Land, all the post Tate albums have been really good but this is easily the best. The Band is really hitting their stride and could produce another Epic soon The Verdict may already be in that class.

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3.5 greatrockarollacola | March 4th 19

Strong release from the group, especially after a two decade long drought of good music from them.
Getting rid of Tate was the best decision they ever made.

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4.0 excellentthetempler | March 2nd 19

Really excellent album the Ryche are going from strength to strength

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3.5 greatCriticalMyth | March 1st 19

Exactly what it needed to be. Not necessarily anything transcendent, but a solid collection of songs that delivers the Queensryche flavor.

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3.5 greatIkarus14 | March 1st 19

Tasty stuff. It basically does what it says on the tin.

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3.5 greatBekoTuran | March 1st 19

Solid riffs and good vocals. Queensryche still delivers good stuff. When it comes to Queensryche,
everyone expect more. These guys gave us the milestone of progressive metal music. They stumbled
after a line up change but they managed to get their stuff together. Condition Hüman was a solid
record, so is The Verdict. People complains about this one has rock materials more than metal.
It's half true. But, I'm not going to complain about a record has some rock elements.

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0.0 Sabrutin | March 6th 19

With the third attempt the new Queensryche gets closer to a classic Ryche swagger, but something is still missing and that thing is classy songwriting. It would however be impossible to negate the efforts presented. The singles were not particularly promising, but as it turns out this really is the most interesting "Toddryche" album yet, as the band promised. Extended melodic soloing, more urgent vocal delivery and proggier structures make this a short and sweet album that for now doesn't tire me even after a few complete listens.rSongs like Inside Out (urgent chorus a la NM 156), Bent / Launder the Conscience (not linear in structure) and the closer Portrait (more laid back and with somewhat of a Chasing Blue Sky feel) make for valid additions to the Queensryche canon.


3.0 goodPyramidNoise | March 6th 19

Probably needs a few more listens but not as immediately taken with this one as with Condition Human, feels a little less punchy. Still good either way.


3.5 greatTheNotrap | March 5th 19

In my opinion, this band has ceased to be artistically relevant since Promised Land and no longer has a great songwriter like Chris, however I would be lying if I said that this is an uninteresting album. Songs like Light-years or Dark Reverie are a fine addition to the band's rich repertoire.


0.0 0GuyMan0 | March 1st 19

Have only been able to listen to half of this so far. I'm digging it, but it feels less like Queensryche than the last two, more modern-metally. Could be that SRock didn't record the drums.


3.5 greatGbhill | February 28th 19

First listen is a step down from past 2 albums but will give some more time.


4.5 superbRepsaj | March 15th 19
4.5 superbMantorIV | March 15th 19
4.0 excellentNope6 | March 13th 19
4.0 excellenteldave74 | March 13th 19
5.0 classicmetallives389 | March 10th 19
3.0 goodjoshb9864 | March 9th 19
3.5 greatAntalWS | March 8th 19
3.0 goodjmh886 | March 7th 19
4.5 superbHeavenlyGirl | March 5th 19
3.5 greatNagrarok | March 5th 19
3.5 greatAkifexx | March 5th 19
3.0 goodRaylanCrowder | March 5th 19
3.5 greatbigguytoo9 | March 4th 19
3.9 excellentWillie STAFF | March 3rd 19
3.0 goodKlingel0905 | March 3rd 19
4.0 excellentEdiosBudvar | March 3rd 19
4.0 excellentSnowdog808 | March 3rd 19
3.5 greatHenderson | March 3rd 19
4.0 excellentDmax28 | March 2nd 19
3.0 goodrayraypine | March 2nd 19
4.0 excellentLefteris | March 2nd 19
3.0 goodCris13Sic | March 2nd 19
3.0 goodsolrage | March 1st 19
3.5 greatLedZep94 | March 1st 19
3.0 goodterriblekonrad | March 1st 19
2.0 poorElynna | March 1st 19
3.5 greatDewinged CONTRIBUTOR | March 1st 19
4.0 excellentfuryroad97 | March 1st 19
3.0 goodJeejee | March 1st 19
4.0 excellentjudasgoat | February 28th 19
3.0 goodMaidenFan24 | February 28th 19
3.5 greatToondude | February 28th 19
3.0 goodInFlamesWeThrash666 | February 28th 19
4.0 excellentmindcrimer | February 27th 19

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