Skrewdriver   Skrewdriver
Release Date: 1987

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1.0 awfulhell | August 30th 17

fuck nazis

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1.0 awfulTheHamburgerman | August 30th 17

I've always maintained the idea that the enjoyment of an art piece should be separated from the political, ethical or religious beliefs of the artist. Even if, in the case of music, the lyrics would approve of beliefs I wouldn't approve of it shouldn't be a deterrent to my love for a band or an album. Now the reason I write this is because this solid 1.0 is not because Skrewdriver is a band formed by a bunch of racists, or that the lyrics depict a scary idea how one should love its skin/country/self. No it's because the music is just terrible. Ian Stewart apparently was a big name in the music circle back in the past, but it's incomprehensible to think it would be because of his vocal skills. It's most notable in "The Snow Fell" where the long notes in the chorus show that he never had a vocal lesson in his life. Not that he does other songs justice. I will admit that I liked a few songs from Skrewdriver's first record, notably "Backstreet Kids". In that song he shouted with a passion and joy that I like in the punk genre. All of that is absent from the very start this album starts. Every vocal line sounds restrained, whether its shouted with fury or trying to be more emotive. Instrumentally the music sounds just as restrained, maintaining a very slow tempo with lazy and predictable chord changes. From the very first song "White Rider" it's easy to notice. I'm getting bored with shit soundoff.


3.0 goodomniglhs | April 19th 10

This album is ok not as good as their earlier music. Also this came out in the 1987 not 2007.


3.0 goodGazAldo | October 28th 17
1.0 awfulxfearbefore | May 9th 17
1.0 awfullikeshad0ws | April 17th 17
1.0 awfulIAmWarhol | November 1st 15
2.0 poorDisciplineRecords | September 9th 15
2.5 averageAion | March 8th 15
3.5 greatXitiael | October 13th 13
1.0 awfulrandom | July 20th 13
3.0 goodZGP1992 | November 30th 12
3.0 goodgutturaldevourment88 | November 15th 10

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