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  • Pestiferous HELLO BABY
    November 25 10:52 AM
  • Mookid HELLO BABY
    November 20 01:34 PM
  • Smial HELLO BABY
    September 17 09:09 AM
  • joomisy HELLO BABY
    August 18 09:58 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Overheard it in the halls. He didn't get hurt or anything, just his car did lol. But welp, almost finished with my algebra, took me about 45 min but wanna do good. And thank jesus tomorrow I'll get bojangles, I'm so sick of having breakfast and dinner at home 24/7
    September 5 08:17 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh yeah and I found out one of the guys that got into that wreck was Billy Howe....ouch
    September 5 07:48 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well atm I'm doing this algebra which is WICKED easy, minus a few parts I'm a bit stumped on. After this I'm going to look over the review and luckily she posted the answers on BB. That's one thing that I like about her class, SHE ACTUALLYS AND POSTS ON BB!! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!! And ufff, I don't know if I'm going to be able to mow the lawn, but I'm going to try...I need money :/
    September 5 06:56 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And lol wait what exactly happened with that laptop and taylor swift ordeal?
    September 5 06:00 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Besides we haven't even reviewed or gone over that Major side so I'm pretty sure it's not tomorrow.....
    September 5 05:59 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I'm pretty sure that MT test is on Monday. I distinctly remember it being on that board. Regardless of that though I'm still going to study. And wow tomorrow actually won't be bad, I just have that algebra quiz but other than that tomorrow will rule. THANK JESUS IT'S ALMOST THE WEEKEND
    September 5 05:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony At least I'm actually settled in History class. I mean, I know to expect when I go in there, what we do on a daily basis/per week, so yeah, not bad. And dude, tonight I'm listening to a s*** load of stuff
    September 5 01:51 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh cool. History was pretty cool, the presentation was a bit effy, but I'm just not a strong public speaker. Other than that, this day has ruled. Tomorrow might be hell though lol
    September 5 01:44 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dang...Well it must have been really bad if he put his head in his Well, today should be ok, and thank god next period is COMP graphics
    September 5 09:14 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony No I didn't, who was it? Do you know? Wow someone must suck at driving if it was that bad....well idk
    September 5 08:43 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh, well I just got finished watching some TV, and I finished those WKB like 45 minutes ago. But yeah dude, this day has been OK for me. TOMORROW WILL BE PURE HELL, well maybe idk. History and Chemistry are the only 2 classes I really have to buckle down with. Whatever, I'm going to relax to some Kate Bush. And are you seriously going to bed at 7:30? (when you typed that post)
    September 4 08:49 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I'm about halfway finished with these WKB pages, I'm going to do the rest in a bit. That's how I'm going to do my HW this year, not all at once, because I just don't have the patience. I'll do half and half
    September 4 07:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I have a 89 in Chemistry atm and I want to ****ing stay like that! AHHHH OMG, I swear, if she rubs it off and gives me a 0 for this, holy balls mother of ass licking anal hairs with hairy Arabian ****s, I WILL BE GOD DAMN s*** BALLS PISSED!! She probably won't though, I'll just tell her what happened
    September 4 06:14 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well you're not the only one. Got a text from Eric saying we had a Chemistry take home test, but get this, she didn't tell us the password to take it! God damnit, so now we're all basically ****ed. Did she seriously ****ing forget to tell us the damn password? Omg......
    September 4 06:12 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well luckily for me my algebra teacher is pretty cool (for the most part) and doesn't give us an ass load of HW to do, just some problems from a textbook. I don't got any algebra HW other than that quiz so yay I guess lol. I'll study tomorrow night. Gotta get these Chemistry WKB pages knocked out, even though they are seriously pathetic easy. I finished the last set chapter 2 within 15 minutes last time lol
    September 4 05:52 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Surprisingly we aren't, wow. We're playing Jeopardy but we are....yeah preparing for those skit things. Ah, that wont' be too bad, at least we aren't taking a s*** load of notes and stuff. At least I now have some jams to make me feel better eeeehheeheheheheheheheh
    September 4 04:26 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony All I know is, my god I want the weekend to roll around here. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, because I have all my s***ty classes that day other than CMP graphics. Chemistry isn't too bad, but I'll probably be doing a s*** load in History tomorrow....on top of working with those retards. Ah whatever, I'll be glad when tomorrow is over
    September 4 04:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I have a quiz on Friday in Algebra. Hopefully it'll be easy but I'm pretty sure it will. The teacher is kind of a bitch tbh sometimes...ah whatever, it's a fairly easy class for the most part. Atm I just have this Chemistry HW to do, other than that, I have no HW for tonight. I actually have a lot of work to do for B day, but I'll do that tomorrow
    September 4 04:08 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony But honestly, I'm going to work hard throughout the year to get all A's and B's. Latin is out of question lol, but other than that, this year will be pretty cool
    September 4 01:34 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Like dude I'm serious, I'm just not going to be able to get an A or B. I don't know if you can change your schedule again, but I might switch over to Psychology...........ah s***, I don't even know what day it is half the time lol. I'll just see how I progress.........If I even do lol
    September 4 01:26 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I honestly like my Algebra class. She lets me go the VM's before school ends so it rules lol. It's for the bus. Well, time for the latin quiz...I'll bomb it who am I kidding. Oh well, can't wait to get home ugh
    September 4 01:03 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Algebra won't be bad at all, it's just Latin. And did you have French today? What happened with that girl who forgot her binder lol
    September 4 11:52 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'll give it to you whenever, but I want some cash for it, it's pretty big. Anyways, latin time...ugh
    September 4 11:42 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Cool. I got a sample in a tiny jar specially designed for you. And yeah, it just feels right to rate. Welp..........ugh jesus, after this is Latin. Omg, I can't wait for this day to get over with
    September 4 11:19 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony I def need an account because the main reason I'm here is to rate stuff. Other than that, it all is kinda ehh. Oh well, brb, going to take a massive shiiiiiit then do whatever
    September 4 11:07 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Tbh it's kind of amusing that I'm one of the most hated on the site...along with others lol. Yeah that list honestly made me chuckle... lol omg
    September 4 10:57 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Agreed. And since I finished all my stuff I'm just going to relax. And lol dude, read the "Bad Users" list.....we are in it
    September 4 10:39 AM
    September 3 08:45 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah. And do you know when he said that we would start making music? I can't remember
    September 3 08:32 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh, well I'm just not looking forward to Latin tomorrow. Other than that, tomorrow will be pretty cool....I think
    September 3 08:20 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I kinda hear ya on that. Ah whatever, I'm just looking forward to school tomorrow ( believe it or not I actually am ).
    September 3 08:14 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And lolol nice BHG rating. That album was pure sack
    September 3 08:12 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude, how in the **** am I SA around you and all my friends? I always talk to them on a daily basis and chat with them, even if the convos are pointless and stupid. I am a bit SA around people I'm not fond of though....And god damnit I know I ****ed up hard that lunch period, but quite frankly, I don't give an actual ****. I screwed up, oh well
    September 3 08:07 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And dude just because she smiles at you doesn't mean she likes you lol. I mean she's probably just doing it to be friendly....well I don't know, I'd just ask her out. Make sure Eric isn't around either lol
    September 3 07:48 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I know myself and I'm not ANY of yours. Admittedly I am the one about the girls or something. And oh cool, well have fun asking her out. How are you going to do it anyway? After class or something?
    September 3 07:46 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah, she is really hot honesty lol. And weren't you planning on asking Libby out? And ohh Darthman and his shenanigans....................
    September 3 07:37 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Tomorrow will be good for me, I don't have any real classes other than yeah it'll be pretty cool
    September 3 07:25 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah. Well when I got to FYE, I'm getting that essential Trance collection which has like...what....5 CD's in it? Holy balls of quiiick dicicisk...omg ogmogog i must have it. I haven't had a huge trance kick like this since I pisse ond ddickiccc eric's head and diidicckuiiqi
    September 3 07:23 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And yeah that's what I might do. I have like 4 CD's to trade in......................ah who am I kidding, I won't get jack s*** of any of them then I'll walk out pissed. So yeah, I probably won't do that lol
    September 3 07:17 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Alright. I'll just wait until next week, when we can HOPEFULLY GO THIS TIME AHH. But by then I'll have money. And dude, thank jesus it's a short week, one more day closer to FYE. Wow, now being in school makes me appreciate FYE and the mall like 45454553534 more
    September 3 07:16 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I literally have no money atm except for 2 bucks for tomorrow lol, and i'm dying to get that asia album, so a buck is really all i have. it's that good, that's fine, i can just get it at FYE. and DAMNIT I DON'T KNOW WHEN I GET
    September 3 07:07 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol could I possibly have it for a dollar? And yeah Fugazi is pretty cool. I loved their debut
    September 3 06:56 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony AND YEAHHHH YAYAYYA FOREVER TIESTO!!! Btw did you say that you had ISOS: Asia? Did you say that you would sell it? If not that's fine, I'm pretty sure it's at FYE
    September 3 04:20 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh god, to be honest, I hope we don't lol. I mean quizzes aren't too bad, but if we start to have huge tests then omg.....That will be a pain the ass. I can't wait until we can make our own stuff other than learning about random dots on a line and squiggly lines
    September 3 01:32 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well my speakers for my computer a pile of s***. Even on 100% they aren't too loud, other than Tiesto because his music is always loud. I think the next time we go to Best Buy or to VV mall in general, I'm getting some External Speakers....and some CD's eheehhe
    September 3 01:29 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And dude luckily in MT, once we get past all the boring basics, we can actually start to make our own music. That'll be ****ing awesome lol
    September 3 01:23 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh okay, and wow dude, I got a 93 on that essay quiz in History. God, if we keep having those, I'll legitimately enjoy that class, other than the god awful people. And yeah dude, I'm not doing anything but listening to Tiesto and some other stuff lol. Ah whatever, it's nice to relax I guess
    September 3 01:20 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh wow lol, well today I'm going to eat with my mom somewhere, then after that, I'm not doing jack s***. Still gotta do that Music Theory sheet too, I'll just do it tonight
    September 3 08:51 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh that's cool lol. At least on Tuesday I"ll be taking the bus home to my dads (we do this so my mom won't have to pick me up everyday at school, because it is a pain in the ass). And thank jesus we have no school tomorrow
    September 2 06:33 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah, tomorrow for me will be uneventful as s***...oh well. At least I have a coke atm lol
    September 2 04:47 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Not trying to be an ass dude..Well I mean, I thought you'd known about your archery practices....ah whatever, I'm at my moms now doing jack s***
    September 2 04:24 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And ugh, I'm off to my mom's in like 2 hours. At least I can upload these CD's I guess
    September 2 02:23 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I wish you came, holy s*** this guy was selling a s*** load of CD's, which ranged from Alternative to Metal (and I'm talking like Anthrax and he even had some Exodus). Ah whatever, I'm home now though and gonna play COD for the remainder of the
    September 2 11:30 AM
  • BodomThrashMachine unfold the system
    September 2 05:07 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony All of mine are pretty good, except for latin. It'll be the death of me, and there's a Vocab Quiz on I'll study at least some tomorrow and monday. And holy balls I'm hungry. Time to get some Fries again lool ehreheheh
    September 1 10:28 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well since I've listened to a lot of good stuff today I'm going to watch TV until like 3 in the morning, because tomorrow, I'm literally not doing anything but going to Happy's then the Wok. But when I get back to my mom's I'm going to download all of the stuff I recently rated
    September 1 10:14 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony That's literally what I thought of after you said we couldn't go. "****, there's school on Tuesday..god damnit". Oh well, at least it's a short week and I don't have much going on Tuesday anyway.
    September 1 09:31 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony That kind of reminds me of 8th grade when I pissed you guys off 24/7 in Civics class and Mrs. Mcbride constantly blamed you and ricky lol, except for that one time lol. And nah dude...ughghgh, Monday isn't going to work at all. Damnit I wish we could hang out tomorrow, oh well
    September 1 09:07 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony and lol dude read the second soundoff:
    September 1 08:55 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well whatever, my dad and I are going to Happy's tomorrow, but not FYE cause next week if we can go I'm going to want to save the cash then
    September 1 07:10 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony God damnit, i was looking forward to it too. Can't we stay out kinda late then if you're gonna be back late?
    September 1 06:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I just need these two album and I'll be happy as s***. If one of them isn't at FYE then I'll just go to Best Buy. Might consider going to Target for their slurpee's too eheheheheheh
    September 1 05:12 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah, there won't be anything out there anyway. I'm mainly gonna go to FYE, Best Buy, and that Ice Cream place.
    September 1 05:08 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'm not, I just know that I'm going to want to eat, so yeah I'll probably get hungry. Gonna get some ice cream too, it was really good too.
    September 1 04:49 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And yeah I'm going to eat at the Wok, it's cheap as balls. It's like 5 bucks for an entire meal, so yeah, I'm def going to eat there. We can go to Happy's too maybe....well then again idk.
    September 1 03:47 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude why would you skip out on lunch? Is 30 bucks not enough? I personally think 40 bucks is a s*** load tbh
    September 1 03:45 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well tomorrow at 1230 right? Tomorrow will rule, I'll be bringing 40 bucks and gonna get some good s*** ehhheh
    September 1 03:33 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wait if you all went fish shopping then can we hang out tomorrow? Well idk s***, I might have to work at the idk.
    September 1 01:06 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony And holy s***, I dont' know about you, but earlier, sputnik was taking a huge ass s***. I couldn't even load up my profile for like 2 hours
    September 1 01:03 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'm the same way but Post-Punk is typically not bad.
    September 1 12:55 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony It's not my fault you hate every single ****ing genre of music
    September 1 12:53 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah. Well hmmmm, tbh, I might want to explore Post-Punk actually....yeah that's def what I want to do. I'll do that tomorrow maybe. Ah whatevs, I'm gonna get a pop tart lol
    September 1 12:50 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I'll do that for sure. I mainly want to get stuff from the 80's and 90's, and a lot from 00's too. I'll do the research now
    September 1 12:38 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah dude, either him or the Rolling Stones lol. But I'll do that maybe tomorrow, yeah, because I won't be doing anything (well I don't know for a fact). And I'll just get some stuff on other sites and this one too
    September 1 12:33 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'm trying to replace Punk with Rock on my pie chart, so yeah, one of these days I'm going on a huge Rock spree.
    September 1 12:29 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wow.. Uh, well yeah, screw it, I'm staying up later. I'm not doing anything tomorrow so there's no point in going to sleep now.
    September 1 12:18 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Are you serious? Out of like 15 shows there's not one that gets you laughing? Wow dude. Well I admit some are just retarded but others are pretty clever. Ugh whatever, off to bed
    September 1 12:11 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Uh, you watch it too? Besides tonight the lineup isn't so hot for my sake so I think I'm turning in after these next songs
    September 1 12:07 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah, and ugh, I think I'm getting pretty bored with my Prog rock spree...i'm just not feeling much of it. Oh well, and welp, time to watch some Adult Swim eheeh
    September 1 12:02 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I'm here. And dude, that's right, I got paid 40 bucks for mowing my neighbors yard this time....AKA a bonus eheheheheheheh quicjafksdfj kl;jdkl jdflk js*** on my ballsack. But yeah, on Sunday, I'm going to see if I can get that new Swans album and that underoath album prob
    August 31 11:35 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude WE WILL STAY OUT LATE! Probably until like 6 hopefully. And yeah, 1230 is fine. I'm staying up really late tonight because I'm drinking a coke and eating a pop tart and watching tv and jamming to some tunes eheeheh. Might get some fries actually
    August 31 10:46 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well sup, you here? I'm at the moment listening to some Genesis and listening to a lot of their albums.
    August 31 09:43 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I'm home, and yeah, we can def go on Sunday and stay pretty late this time (thank god). I kinda like staying at the mall later than earlier
    August 31 04:21 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh wow, lol. When I get home I'm going to listen to some more Prog Rock and work my way down Camel's discog, along with a s*** load of other bands
    August 31 03:10 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I might just do that on the bus...nah screw it I'll wait until like Tuesday lol. And dude, my god, Mr. Galyen OF COURSE wasn't here today....whatever. I'll just wait until Tuesday
    August 31 01:58 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wow dude, those essays were actually kinda enjoyable. I mean, I love writing, and it wasn't bad. I finished like 2 minutes before the bell but I made sure I perfected it. We have a research project to do to, but honestly, that won't be bad. The answers are straight from this book. Welp, now time for English and then when I get home I can relax and do the lawn for $$$ eheehe
    August 31 01:51 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I'm not sure why it says that lol. He's like Scandanavian or something, so that's why. Anyways, I just took a pretty easy chemistry pre-test, and now i'm going to start on a review...maybe
    August 31 09:21 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh yeah, that's right. I still need to turn in that Music Theory HW. I'll just do it after Chemistry
    August 31 08:22 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony QUUUUCI DICKSS. Well I'm here and it's early as shhiiiiit, so now it's time to sputnik and eat my bojangles ehehhheheheheheheh
    August 31 07:39 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol alright but yeah, I'm turning in after this beautiful Tiesto song finishes. Then tomorrow night I'm going to listen to his album Asia
    August 30 10:07 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah dude, I will for sure have my quarters at the ready
    August 30 10:06 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh okay. And ugh, I think I'm going to turn in shortly...I'm getting bored as s***, and I need this Tiesto album lol. So yeah, at least tomorrow is Computer Graphics
    August 30 09:57 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony LOLOLOL pop rock? Dude, you've said so many times that you've hated it. But eh, yeah I kind of agree with you. That's the main reason why I grew out of Electronica (except Trance), because I just listened to so much of it and got bored. Same as Industrial music. Now I'm delving into Indie, Alt Rock, Rock (in general), and Prog rock r/
    August 30 09:29 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah. And wow, what a pretty good night of listening to music. Listened to a lot of stuff on Youtube, it was all pretty good. I still need to re-listen to all of it though and get a good feel for it. And when we go on Sunday or whenever, I'm going to get this Underoath album....and ......yes... A TIESTO ALBUM EHRALSFSDFEHHEEHHEHEEHEEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH HVARVFLEFKJAKLSD FJI LOVE TIEST OEOEOEOEOEO HEHEHEHEHHEEHEHEHE I LOVE TIESTO!! FOREVER TIESTO!!!!
    August 30 09:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh lol. Well tomorrow will be OK I guess. At least it's Friday, thank jesus
    August 30 09:13 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh, well at least this year I only have one bad class, the rest of it isn't that bad. I already know I'm going to do bad in Latin, but History is a class I'm going to have to work could be much worse. And yeah dude, I'm staying up late tonight. With the exception of History there's nothing really hard on my schedule for tomorrow. Dude this Chemistry HW took me literally 15 minutes to complete lol it was great
    August 30 09:03 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony At least I finished all my homework, and it wasn't so bad to be honest. Once again, the only part of my HW was getting the History done; there was a lot of it and that'll probably stay the same for the remainder of the year. And ugh, I gotta get my license......oh yeah that's mom basically won't let me
    August 30 08:55 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well that's the same for me and this year. I'm going to absolutely hate it, my classes are going to be harder (honestly only History, the rest will be easy, and surprisingly, Algebra is pretty chill). But really, I might as well get used to it, because I only have like what......7 or some months until this year is over?
    August 30 08:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude that's what I JUST said earlier. Since there's no school on Monday, we can def stay out as late as we want to. Besides, I'm spending the night at my dad's house, so we could stay out a lot later than usual. He'd probably pick us up too
    August 30 08:48 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Ugh, dude like I said I have to make this stupid ass commercial with these bunch of dumbasses on like Sunday or who knows when....honestly I don't know, I'll finalize it tomorrow. And ugh, I was planning on Saturday but we could go on Sunday...I think. I'll see
    August 30 07:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah. Well I just finished these History questions which were easy. I have a history quiz tomorrow, but we can use our questions which will be a huge help. I'm going to try to listen to some more Camel tonight
    August 30 06:34 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I think i'm going to start with Camel, because they are one of my favorite Progressive bands, then keep getting more and more and more and mroe ehhehehehehehl;a sdfklsfklasdjfklasf;sajfsfsafld s*** aslls intgasdfsdf fQ=UCI KICKCKCKCKDCKS SOOOKAY BUEIG ****IGN ASS KIIIIIIDDII
    August 30 04:30 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well good luck asking her out....I guess. And dude, my B day lunch actually isn't bad. Kirby wasn't here again today (HOLY MOTHER OF GOD HE ACTUALLY SKIPPED??.. lol no, he told me that he was "sick" today). But anyways, it's now these other chicks, Lucas and I, and his friend that sit with us. The girls are actually pretty easy to talk to compared to the other ones that crept up on me like a week ago. They aren't bad looking either, and they're really friendly (which honestly is a shocker)
    August 30 04:10 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I never knew about it.....he mentioned it. And good jesus man, you sure do like Soundtracks. Later this weekend I'm going on a Progressive Rock binge....or I might tonight. Gonna get some Ozric Tentacles and some other good s***
    August 30 04:06 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol dude, my latin teacher listens to The Smashing Pumpkins. Not bad. Someone was browsing his Itunes and they were like "what's the Smashing Pumpkins?" It was pretty funny because everyone in the class terribly sucks at music
    August 30 12:11 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony oh, well that's cool. We just take notes in History most of the time and play games, it's not bad actually, just the group work....yeah I've said that like 4354344 times lol ah whatever. But anyways, yeah, next is Latin........omfg I'm not looking forward to it at all. At least I'm at my dads tonight where I can peacefully get homework done and get some reviews done
    August 30 11:34 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I heard you talking about that one day lol, dang that sucks, i'd be pissed.Yeah I guess I am being a bit bi-polar with the school years, but ehh, I don't know, I'll just take it one day at a time. But dude, holy s***, I seriously can't wait till I'm out of High School. It's been great and all but I just want to move forward with life. Welp, I'm jamming to some Underoath (god I love this band, they're song 'To Whom it May Concern' is absolutely incredible). Ugh, not looking forward to Latin
    August 30 11:22 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony And dude next year I might consider taking Dual Enrollment English. Last year my teacher reccomended it for me and I didn't take it --__--. I'll try for it next year
    August 30 11:09 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Honestly though this year won't be bad for me. The only class I'm most worried about is Latin, and part of History. Because History we do a lot of group work.....****ing jesus man. Luckily I won't have to take that class in College, which is a good thing
    August 30 11:08 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I know. Well it's not due until next friday but we are planning on doing it this weekend (I think). But yeah, I hate working with people. There's always this retard that doesn't do anything and never returns anything on time.......I have all 3 of them this time. I mean, they aren't dumb, but they spend countless amounts of time talking about stupid crap that makes me want to stomp on their face....AHH I'm getting worked up. Ugh, we'll hang out this weekend for sure.
    August 30 11:00 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Welp, now I'm in study hall almost finished with this Algebra stuff. I'll just do that Music Theory stuff this weekend, because we have a 3 day weekend anyway eheheh. But yeah like I said, I hope we can hang out on Saturday. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to those retards that I have in my history project about what day we should do the "commerical" at the library
    August 30 10:46 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh that's cool. I'll be the exact opposite. As long as I have enough for at least a pop tart I'll be fine. I can get a water from home and I'll be fine. But for study hall, I'm doing work, and maybe a review. But man, I'm extremely tired from today. History just about wore me out, so I'm off to bed
    August 29 09:15 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I just finished looking over this History stuff, it isn't that hard actually. probably because I actually sat down and studied for a good 20 minutes. lol. And yeah, tomorrow will be hell probably
    August 29 08:03 PM
  • CaptainDooRight m/ hard always
    August 29 07:57 PM
  • CaptainDooRight ill auto pos and support
    August 29 07:04 PM
  • CaptainDooRight nice avi bro, best time is dont let anyone get you down and stay true, ur a smart guy so just go for it. but yeah main thing is describe album as whole, how it makes you feel, why u think peeps should check it, bring out the mainpoints, add a little personal touch, but you have to gain peopls trust too so dont overdo the free speech thing ya know
    August 29 06:02 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh, well I'm going to study these Latin vocabulary words. I need too......omfg
    August 29 05:01 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony *time
    August 29 04:42 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And you still doing that review? I might do another one tonight, if I even have times
    August 29 04:41 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'll ask him tomorrow, I'll be at his house. And ugh, I gotta finish part of this History HW, the rest I can do in Study Hall........actually wait no, I"ll do my Algebra in Study hall and finish this History tomorrow night. Ugh, now I gotta do some Latin...great
    August 29 04:40 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Ugh, I know. It's gonna be a pain in the ass. God damnit, if we're doing it this weekend, we better do it on Friday or something, because I'm not wasting part of my weekend working with these dicks. And yeah, I'll talk to my dad about Happy's tomorrow. We could probably go, but if we can't, can we go to FYE/Happy's on Sunday? And the good thing is that we could stay out really late because we won't have school on Monday
    August 29 03:49 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Ah dude, in History, we have to do this group project that has to be mostly done in class. (well we are making a commercial that we have to elsewhere). Ugh, dude i'm with a bunch of idiots that I hate. Ah whatever, I just want to get this over with. We're supposed to do this at the library over labor day weekend apparently.....omfg. Luckily though it won't take us 2 hours to do, well then again Idk.. God damnit dude, I don't know about you, but I can not STAND group work.
    August 29 02:20 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I actually didn't. And welp, I'm off to do some worksheets for the class and s***, yay I guess
    August 29 08:28 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Will do. And omg, I have to sit across from him, great, i'm not going to get jack s*** done. Of course out of like 50 kids she puts me with Eric.....ah whatever
    August 29 08:20 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony And eh, what the hell, I'll play some more Happy Wheels for the hell of it. Game is still kinda fun if I'm in the mood
    August 28 09:01 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I might do another Coil review tomorrow, or Underoath. Underoath is becoming one of my favorite bands, and they're Metalcore/Post-hardcore (idk). They are insanely good though
    August 28 09:00 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Nice, lol. Happy Wheels doesn't bring joy to me anymore :/. Ugh, well yeah dude, Latin is going to rape me so far up the ass I won't even feel it. At least tomorrow is my good day
    August 28 08:59 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And at least tomorrow I'll actually have money, because today I had a buck and then I found a quarter on the ground
    August 28 06:48 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I've barely asked you about it. You keep saying that you are anyway.....ah whatever. I'm just going to listen to some stuff then do whatever. and omg sputnik is taking a huge s*** atm for me, don't know about you
    August 28 06:41 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And dude, when are you going to get your learners? Lol I mean you constantly say that you are but you never do. Because dude, you need to get it soon, because 9 months carries over to around June, and I'm sure you'd want to have your license for the entire summer.
    August 28 04:06 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And dude, I don't know about you, but I think this year won't be excruciatingly hard. The only class I'm seriously worried about is Latin, because I hate to admit it, but last year, I didn't learn a single damn thing in that class. Hell I can't even translate a damn sentence lol. Whatever, this year won't be bad
    August 28 04:05 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude, wow thanks. Ya know, they might be into me, because I just casually talk to Lucas and when I walk by them they look and smile at me (and my zipper is up btw lol). Whatever, it doesn't matter anyway.
    August 28 04:04 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And once again, lunch blowed ass. I sat with Lucas, but Kirby wasn't here AGAIN. My jesus, he needs to get a serious beating from someone, that's pathetic. He should just dropout. And dude, some **** must have told something about me to Hannah and her friends. At lunch, they all stare at me and....idk dude, I'm thinking they absolutely hate me.....whatever. Who gives a s***, what matters is me trying to get a grade in
    August 28 12:59 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I just took a latin quiz, and I BOMBED it lol. Omfg, perfect way to start out the year....omg. I just KNOW I got like a 2/14 on it, lol. Well that was only because I completely forgot to study for the vocab. If I had done that, I would gotten better. Whatever. This day has been OK for me. Algebra will be ok today I think. Luckily I did good on that "how you are doing" test or whatever it's called
    August 28 12:12 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I'm going to finish at home, or on the Bus. And dude, what in the actual ****, it says I have a 5 in Cmp Graphics lol, wtf. Ah, the Music Theory HW will be easy, but I think I still have some more HW to do. Ugh, now time for Latin....
    August 28 11:41 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well that's cool. What are you planning on reviewing? I'm reviewing this Coil album, but dude, omg, I wish I had my Ipod so I could re-evaluate the tracks....AHHHH
    August 28 11:07 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh nevermind. For some reason I thought you were in French lol. And wow, this review of mine is actually coming along pretty good. I'm making it a lot longer though because the album is special to me....eheheh
    August 28 10:47 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony And lol wow dude, I'm pretty sure I'm the room right across from
    August 28 10:20 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah dude, it sucks ass. Ah whatever. And yeah this summer I'm probably going to take Personal Finance
    August 28 10:13 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah it does go by slow. Welp, here I am in study hall now.....ugh, not gonna do anything..who am I kidding
    August 28 10:05 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well anyways, s*** dude, I got dropped off here at 7:11, so yeah...I'm not doing jack s*** for a while. And of course I forgot my Ipod again --___--. Ah whatever, there's no point, I can't listen to my Ipod in any of my classes so there's no point. And ugh, I need to listen to more music. Been so busy and haven't gotten the chance to listen to anything new...AHHHH
    August 28 07:25 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Btw, I might be late coming into Music Theory (well like I care lol). Mrs. Mitchell will probably be there, so I'll talk to her for about 10 minutes probable. I'm taking the bus tomorrow too, so who knows when I'll be coming in. (The bus from my Dads, not Moms btw)
    August 27 08:41 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony *And I mean. Stupid spell checker -__-
    August 27 08:38 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol well then alrighty. But yeah, the album was pretty good, not outstanding or anything, but yeah a pretty nice listen. And I mine, Morgan is just drop dead gorgeous, I mean she's pretty much perfect
    August 27 08:37 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Holy s***, 'Reptile' is a ****ing beast of a track. Probably the most underrated song on that album tbh
    August 27 08:09 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And the Downward Spiral is pretty good so far. Haven't managed to listen to it fully so I'll do that right now. I'm digging 'Heresy' a lot actually
    August 27 07:49 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol dude wtf. Ehh, she's ok I guess, but we all have our likes/preferences. And nah dude, If I want to start at an ass, I'll look at Morgan's lol
    August 27 07:44 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh yeah, he's proud of it for sure. And really, you like Danielle Stoots? For some reason I thought along time ago you said you didn't like her...well whatever
    August 27 04:49 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yes, I stuck my ENTIRE fist and just reamed it up my ass. And wow dude, so basically, you're just going to ask out as many girls as you can until you get a gf?? wow.....And wait do you mean Danielle Stoots? Which Danielle?
    August 27 04:45 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Welp, I'm home. I guess now I'll just listen to some more stuff eheehehheehehe. Surprisingly I don't think I have any homework...I don't think
    August 27 04:07 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well cool. This day has been pretty good for me, other than my ring finger smelling like a monkeys ass. But yeah, and god damn, I hope Mrs. Mitchell is at school tomorrow....ugh
    August 27 03:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah, A day is probably going to be my favorite day
    August 27 02:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh cool. Well History was awesome. We did Mapping (and apparently we are doing that a lot this year), and if that's the case, holy s*** It'll be easy. Mapping is one of the fewest things I'm fond of. And good luck on that Amber chick. Ugh, eagerly awaiting my new schedule atm
    August 27 01:52 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony So yeah, at the moment, I'm licking St. George's chocolate whilst eating a cock meat sandwich and fligerging a zygote infested worm eating deer cock
    August 27 08:36 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wow, of course today my guidance counselor wasn't there --__--. Omfg. I gave the paper to whoever was there, but ugh, I actually wanted to sit down and talk to her about it. Oh well, at least she got it and will give it to whoever. And s***, I forgot my Ipod today. I'll probably just write a review in Study Hall today eheehehe
    August 27 07:48 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah it was pretty lol. And he said his favorite band was Train or something...lolwut. They blow more donkey anus than a rusty SOS pad sucks a big diiiick and a 2 by 4 jammed up my ass
    August 26 09:03 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Btw what was that song Steven played during Music Theory? lol, it sounded familiar....I think
    August 26 08:59 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well good luck on that. You can just shoutbox your result I guess lol. And hopefully I'll get this damn schedule changed, because dude honestly, my B day is chaos, and I would prefer to have Chemistry A day first Block, and since my study hall is in that period, it'd work out perfectly. Besides, the day I have Chemistry there's a Study hall during that period too, so yeah i'm talking to her hard tomorrrow
    August 26 08:57 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony dude for some reason a lot of mine begin with M. Mastodon, Mudvayne, Modest Mouse, My Life with The Thrill Kill Kult, Mars Volta, etc. I guess you could say Mushroomhead but I've gotten bored with them. And I'm only bringing 5 bucks tomorrow, but it'll still rule. I'm glad we got the end seats lol
    August 26 08:36 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And ah damn man, who am I kidding, I'm getting back into Tiesto again. He's one of the fewest Trance artists I enjoy listening to these days (along with BT, Chicane, etc). Damnit this LA album of his is so beautiful. Always brings me a smile to my face and makes me think of the good ole' days living in California :)
    August 26 08:02 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I'm one of those guys honestly, Idk it's just mesmerizing listening to music and nothing but. School will be OK tomorrow I think. Welp, time to jam away
    August 26 05:48 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony lol nice. So how long is your brother grounded for? If any? And thank god tomorrow is A day, it'll be great.....s*** idk hopefully. At least it's computer graphics, and I guess English somewhat
    August 26 04:24 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And yeah hopefully you'll get her. And ah who am I kidding, I want to listen to more Bjork ehehehehehe. She is my addiction atm, I think. Anyways yeah, gonna print out this English paper then relax for the remainder of the day
    August 26 02:54 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh that's cool. Yeah this day has been consumed by History HW that took me an hour to finish, but honestly, it wasn't bad. All the answers were straight from a book. And yeah tomorrow, I'm going to the guidance office early, so I probably won't be waiting for you at the bottom. Mrs. Mitchell is really cool, so that'll be good.
    August 26 02:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh nice. Later I'm going to try and fix mine. I'm going to jam to some Punk right now. Really digging this stuff lately.
    August 26 11:59 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Lol did your parents just find out? Or did you tell on him? lol. And dude, I have a lot of History HW to do, holy s*** I just now realized that. It's not too hard, but it's a lot. .....ugh. And I still gotta get this stupid ass schedule change form signed....AHHHH
    August 26 09:00 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony And wow, I remembered your password being long as s*** did he manage to figure it out?
    August 26 08:33 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wow, that was easy as s***. I finished literally in 20 minutes lol. Thank jesus. And dude, I gotta get a new battery on Monday, because the one i have now is crapping out on me hard right now.
    August 26 08:31 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I thought you looked up porn last year? lol. And welp, I"m already getting started on this English paper.....ughgghhghh
    August 26 07:34 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh. Well did you get your scrobbling fixed? lol And I'm finishing up those podcasts and doing the History Homework tomorrow, too tired atm
    August 25 07:39 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Nevermind, I'm on, but it doesn't say what I got. I'm just worried about Chemistry throughout the year. But thank god on Monday I have Study Hall first thing in the morning so I can talk to my Counselor about this. Dude it's so ****ing packed in those rooms on the first week of school
    August 25 07:29 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I can't even ****ing log in to BB......omg. And lol dude nice 11/20. I don't know how I did. But dude...jesus christ, after spending an hour watching these damn podcasts, I've managed to watch 8/13 of them...gggggggugugugugugugugu. Whatever, I'll just finish tomorrow. They aren't hard, but it's a lot of info
    August 25 07:24 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude I'm at Bent Tree again!! Omg.. I hope you saw that, because no one is picking up that number
    August 25 12:15 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony But dude, I gotta be home by like 3 or 4, which is gay as s***....ugh...I hope you're somewhat close to finishing up at Walmart
    August 25 11:18 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Well I'm back from doing that. So yeah, it'd be great if your dad could pick me up and possibly take me home. AHHHH, whatever works I guess
    August 25 10:37 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Alright. I'm heading out to mow my neighbors yard in like an hour, so yeah you can just call me I guess.
    August 25 07:58 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah that'll be too late, I just know it. That'd be great if your dad could take us though. 12 or 1 sounds ok
    August 24 09:12 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Wow that sucks ass. Well honestly, I might just go with my dad in the morning and then save some cash for the afternoon with you. What time would we be looking at going to FYE tomorrow? If we go kinda late, my dad won't be able to take us because he'll be heading on down to the lake... -__-
    August 24 08:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah I know, it just blows honestly. At least we have the class together. And I asked the question about getting your teacher changed, and yeah it'll work. I just can't say "he sucks" (well he does but w/e). Lol. And dude tomorrow is going to rule hard. Like I said, being at a mall right now or Happy's just feels like heaven
    August 24 07:53 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Ugh, well I'll try. I'm pretty sure you can, I don't see what the problem will be....ugh idk dude..who the hell even knows. This will be pissing on my diiick and irritating me for the next 2 days or so. God damnit, and lol dude, today in Music Theory was just......lolwut
    August 24 07:15 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony And wait dude, do you know off hand if you can get your teacher changed? I think you can as long as there's an opening somewhere (lol, wow I'm so messed up)
    August 24 07:10 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony lOLOLOl afldfj;ldskfjds lfdsI LIKE s***TING ON MYN BICKS DICKCKKCKCSSSEEEEEES OMGG OKKK LOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOLL. ok but yeah lol, i want to listen to some pop punk and punk right now, stuff is so uplifting. Gonna listen to a lot of it tonight....actually right now
    August 24 07:08 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I might listen to some tonight......Idk I'm really pooped from today. But dude I mean tbh I hate sitting down and eating so I can always take my food with me... And ah, who am I kidding, I miss music already. Gonna jam to some whatever I can find.
    August 24 06:56 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Yeah that's cool. My dad will take us and my mom will pick us up. I'm gonna eat at the Wok, because honestly, their food isn't half bad, and for the price, it's dirt cheap. So yeah, it'll rule. And yeah, there's another Study Hall on 2nd Block B day (or when I have Chemistry) that I might be switched to...who knows though lol.
    August 24 06:34 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude, I just realized something. They could easily swap my study hall on A day for Chemistry...because that's when Eric and Kirby have it lol. That MIGHT work actually. Idk though, we'll have to see. And tomorrow, can my dad pick you up at around 10:15 again? We could go to Happy's, FYE, and wherever.
    August 24 06:15 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony ah dude, it was extremely awkward. But it was seriously whack, because this hot girl sat really close to me, idk probably wanting to get on my nerves...or she was into me..AHHHH I don't even ****ing know anymore. But dude, I'm getting my schedule changed to a different teacher
    August 24 05:09 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Because dude, I just can't put up with the teacher. In my mindset, if you're a teacher, you're going to ****ing teach me in class, not on a damn computer screen. Luckily tomorrow will rule. I'm mowing my neighbors yard for the first time in like 43 years, so I'll have some money. Would you want to go to Happy's if we could? Like I said, your dad might have to take us
    August 24 05:08 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Of course you didn't read anything I wrote before. And god damnt I don't know what ****ing time. Your dad might have to pick me up again. I'll let you know tonight. I've had a s***ty as **** day, and since we aren't doing anything in Algebra other than this wicked "Pre test" we did, I'm taking a nap
    August 24 02:59 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony I know you won't read the whole damn thing, but yeah basically, I couldn't tell what was up, and I did a pathetic job at it. I doubt any of them were into me. This day has been all over the place tbh
    August 24 01:22 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony We talked briefly, and she stared at me weirdly, and w/e, nothing left an impression with either one of us. I couldn't tell if they were messing with me the entire time or they were seriously into me. W/e
    August 24 01:20 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony AND DUDE DUDE, at the moment, I'm having mixed feelings about lunch. Because Kirby and Lucas weren't here today (well Kirby skipped as usual), I sat by myself lol, with sputnik. But because of that, DUDE, this girl (being the girl I've liked for 2 years now) along with like 6 of her friends sat beside me. One even sat really REALLY close to me........dude I totally bombed the whole damn thing. Omg, I hate to admit it but I was extremely nervous the entire time.
    August 24 01:19 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Ms. Cann isn't doing it. Honestly whatever. I"ll get used to it. At least we can basically go at our own pace. I have to study a lot though, because lol yeah, 99% of our class failed Unit 1 and 2. I did too, but I'll just watch the podcasts and take it again.
    August 24 01:16 PM
  • ThroneOfAgony Jesus ****ing christ this year will be living hell
    August 24 11:08 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Dude, I've got to get a new chemistry teacher. This is NOT going to work. If he seriously expects us to watch these stupid ass podcasts (each being like 30 minutes, and like 5 of them) each day, AND pass each test with an 80% or above (some being 100%), then I just can't do this. I better get a god damn new teacher.
    August 24 11:06 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh, well that's cool. Yeah I still don't know what I'm going to play, but It'll be good hopefully lol. I brought 10 bucks today for whatever reason, it's not even A day so yeah I have no idea. we can't even eat or drink in Music Theory so AHHHH......whatever. I just want to get this day over with
    August 24 07:43 AM
  • ThroneOfAgony Oh and btw, what song are you going to play tomorrow? Lol. I might play this Iceage song, or an Einsterzende Neubaten song. Yeah who am I kidding I want to play an actual song and not "Spazz HARD ehehehehehe" or some song like that lol
    August 23 06:14 PM

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