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  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: http://www.sputnikmusic.com/list.php?listid=174557 \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 07:42 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: http://poleyounger.bandcamp.com/album/go-daylight \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 07:41 AM
  • MyNameIsPencil l u c k y
    September 14 09:52 PM
  • MyNameIsPencil how have you heard the new dgd album?
    September 14 09:42 PM
  • oltnabrick https://goropsy6.bandcamp.com/album/vi-god-gave-me-one-life-and-he-made-me-ugly check out my music bro
    July 6 07:21 PM
  • iGuter Sorry, i didn't answer back. I did re listen to the new Broadway album (an album I was anxious to hear since it was announced by them [especially the hype with "Volcano Jack"]). Since then I bumped the album's score to a 3. Why? Well, considering your argument (though I didn't write a review haha) I immediately gave it a listen once more and I did enjoy it immensely better. A punk themed adventure of space exploration that I was satisfied to hear.
    July 4 05:44 PM
  • SillyCaringRabbitPal u are seraph xD
    June 29 09:31 AM
  • ChrisManchester Joa, stimmt schon, es gibt so viele Künstler, die ich mag, da muss man echt am Ball bleiben und sich eigtl. dauernd Alben holen, um die mal alle durch zu haben. :D
    June 8 08:01 AM
  • ChrisManchester Achso, wegen meinen Ratings? :)
    June 7 08:22 AM
  • LoLifant LoL thanks ^^
    May 25 11:13 AM
  • ChrisManchester Kann ich mir vorstellen! :) Ich bin erst seit kurzem hier, kenn die Seite zwar länger, hab aber erst jetzt entschlossen, mich anzumelden, wegen diesen Bewertungen und den Diskussionen um Alben etc. :) lg
    April 4 06:33 AM
  • ChrisManchester Naja, ich bin ebenfalls Deutscher, daran wirds wohl liegen. ;)
    April 3 07:39 AM
  • ChrisManchester Terribly in love with Juli! ;)
    March 19 09:28 PM
  • Grinddestroyer Thanks Seraph, same to you ;)
    July 16 08:15 PM
  • CellSessions Sup, a fan of Tool eh?...I suggest you give a listen to Miosis their album Albedo Adaptation. And I think you will enjoy the band Isis their album Celestial...Hope you give them a listen if you haven't already.
    June 7 07:41 PM
  • SHAKEandBAKE Will do. Thanks my dude
    April 10 04:51 PM
  • SHAKEandBAKE I already love those Lower D and Broadway albums haha. Just need to get around to rating them. Will definitely check out your other rec though and let me know if you think of any more!
    April 9 01:35 PM
  • SHAKEandBAKE In general. Rec me your top 3 albums or something that you think I will like, old or new.
    April 8 01:49 PM
  • SHAKEandBAKE Those are my two favorite bands haha. Any recs?
    April 6 09:29 PM
  • SHAKEandBAKE You have DBM and Illuminate as 5's - holy s***. We have almost identical tastes.
    April 4 11:58 PM
  • BSX ???
    March 22 02:42 AM
  • ababygoat91 Thanks for the nice comment on my page! I'm not active on this site enough as I should be, as I haven't listened to music actively in a few months, but I appreciate the compliment.
    March 15 04:36 AM
  • tresm87 Yea glass hearts is probably the best song overall, and the closer space enough to grow is pretty good. Guitar work dropped substantially from the flood though.
    February 10 07:29 PM
  • tresm87 likewise dude. check out the new of mice and men album.
    January 20 08:54 PM
  • oldsoul For sure, they're definitely worth checking out. Defining Moments, their full length, was really really good. I think you'd enjoy it, based on your other ratings. Feel free to throw some recs my way!
    January 5 12:21 AM
  • Shimana i didn't like them at first either, but somehow they grew on me. maybe it's because i think they have potential, and at least they are part of that distinguished group of post-hardcore bands as opposed to the cookie cutter type.
    January 2 03:45 PM
  • oldsoul Oh gosh I'm all of a flutter!
    December 29 04:01 PM
  • mazalthan Thanks! What were you looking for exactly, pretty sure you have every base covered LOL.
    December 27 08:21 PM
  • Shimana wow cheers mate, thanks!
    December 27 06:30 PM
  • Kronzo thankyou! you too, we seem to like a lot of similar stuff
    December 16 03:59 AM
  • treeqt. ))
    October 22 10:12 PM
  • greystar geht ne erra? :]
    October 21 01:47 AM
  • DatBeefPudding just so you're aware elitist had 1 vocalist for caves, 1 for earth, and then another for RR and now BTB. so in total they've had 3 :p
    July 30 12:18 AM
  • BassDemon333 LOL I guess cause I just am? hahaha
    July 18 08:41 PM
  • bloc Alright man, if it means that much to you, I'll re-listen. Perhaps I rushed things too much. But be warned, no promises!
    July 18 08:15 PM
  • moshpotatoes What's up dude, I saw you were the only one who rated KOG- Every Wave of Sound. I just made a review, can you read it and tell me what you think? thanks.
    June 29 11:05 PM
  • pepster50 haha thanks bro
    June 11 10:00 PM
  • ButtsoupBarnes muss ich glaub ich wirklich nochmal reinhören. :Phat halt nach den ersten 3 mal hören null eindruck hinterlassen
    May 22 02:52 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow "Blood and Fire" is superb as well. Check out my Zao ratings on my profile to see how much I love them haha. Hope you enjoy "Liberate"!
    April 12 07:09 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Well, I love the band Zao, but I see that you have none of their albums rated. Check them out if you haven't! Their album "Liberate Te Ex Inferis" is probably my favorite metalcore album of all time.
    April 11 12:56 PM
  • Arron Thanks man! Our tastes are quite similar ;D
    April 10 07:52 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Haha. Not at all. Don't beat up on yourself like that :P
    April 9 06:46 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow I love your taste. Do you love mine? :)
    April 9 06:17 PM
  • iasookia Hey man, glad to know we have similar tastes! I'm currently compiling a Google Drive Document with all the bands I listen to. All the Genres, and I will slowly highlight them and add my ratings followed by the User's Average. Send me a message if you'd like to take a look :)
    April 8 12:52 PM
  • AfterTheBreakdown you as well man!
    March 31 10:36 AM
  • silentstar hey, thanks man! great to see we're digging the same stuff
    March 23 01:19 PM
  • elephantREVOLUTION lol yeah thanks for writing. i do indeed know stuff
    March 14 01:25 PM
  • NorwichScene I've never gotten in Coheed. New FFAF is alright, Frightened Rabbit streaming now too... arrrrgh so much new music
    January 28 11:28 AM
  • NorwichScene I agree with your soundoff for Mallory Knox. Such a good album! Got Biffy, FFAF etc, just can't turn Signals off
    January 28 08:19 AM
  • Rowan5215 Sorry man I only just saw your comment. Cheers.
    January 15 03:51 AM
  • ButtsoupBarnes floyd it is.ich wünsche einen guten rutsch, und bin damit wieder off ;)
    December 31 12:11 PM
  • NorwichScene Cheers dude!
    December 4 03:26 AM
  • ProjectFreak thanks, yours is pretty solid too. i've been binging on a lot of punk-pop for the past six months or so, trying to find ways out. any recs?
    December 3 06:39 PM
  • PistolPete Thanks man! A few years ago it was just a lot of mainstream rock, so you'd probably be saying different. Now I got a lotta different stuff. Looks like you dabble in more genres than i do though (august burns red and sigur ros both in your favorite bands box, very nice)
    December 2 08:13 PM
  • IAmKickass I just checked man and thank you! :D I need to get myself back on the game and it's happening starting right now with a Parkway Drive - Atlas 4.5 rating!
    November 1 06:14 PM
  • IAmKickass I'm back! :D
    October 31 10:33 PM
  • pjquinones747 Thanks man!
    October 29 11:46 PM
  • IAmKickass Outline in Color - Jury of Wolves; I think you might enjoy that. Most of the album is really fast paced and both vocalists are absolutely ridiculous.
    August 16 01:06 AM
  • AtomicWaste I couldn't really tell you - mostly I was just aware of him because he was always in bands that would open for one of my best friend's bands. As far as I'm aware he's been teaching drums at Fred's, which is a local (to my old town) music store. He was a pretty cool guy, and was always killing it at such a young age. Dude's definitely going places, to be sure.
    August 11 09:41 PM
  • sspedding i liked the title track when that first surfaced so I'll probably check it out. Cheers
    June 29 05:33 PM
  • sspedding i liked the title track when that first surfaced so I'll probably check it out.
    June 29 05:30 PM
  • silentstar you actually checked them all out, thanks! to be quite honest, the Forever Orion song I showed you is probably the best off the album. the rest of the album is decent, but there are only a few highlights (Harmony, Fixation of the Darkness, Elevation)
    June 28 08:32 PM
  • ChuckyTruant Haha thanks man. Want a giant pile of recs?
    June 28 06:34 PM
  • silentstar also, if you have any recs for me, shoot 'em away. I'm pretty sure you already know what kind of music I like
    June 27 08:35 PM
  • silentstar so here are a couple of songs I feel you might like : ) none of them are in your ratings, since I already checked, haha. 1) Saints Never Surrender - Companion 2) Forever Orion - Answers 3) Acceptance - Take Cover 4) Skyharbor - Catharsis 5) Ivoryline - Instincts
    June 27 08:34 PM
  • silentstar oh, hey, I know you! I've seen you a few times. for some reason, I always think of Sephiroth when I see your username even though they are probably not related in the slightest. and you're quite right actually; our tastes (and pie charts) are very similar, haha
    June 27 12:23 AM
  • sspedding So the Your Memorial album is worth getting hold of?
    June 26 04:31 PM
  • RemedyForLove alt 3333333333333333333333333333333333333 :3
    June 8 03:00 PM
  • IAmKickass I'm making a music video for Morgan's Accident, dude!
    March 28 05:30 PM
  • IAmKickass I'm back. (;
    March 20 09:18 PM
  • IAmKickass Enter Shikari started off good, faded off during the last half or so.
    January 14 08:48 PM
  • IAmKickass Of course I've heard 'Breaker' dude! 3.5. I've decided I'm going to listen to Enter Shikari all night, maybe this new one will change my mind about them.
    January 14 03:49 AM
  • IAmKickass I guess it's just our musical differences, lol. Pianos to me was one of the most emotional albums lyrically, I've heard all year. And Touche just holds a special place in me, haha. Check out Destroy the Runner if you haven't already. 'I, Lucifer' is a bit better of an album, it's their second release, a little more melodic and original than their debut, but both still great albums.
    December 30 02:50 PM
  • IAmKickass Only a 4 for Pianos and a 3.5 for Touche...
    December 29 11:47 AM
  • ShitsofRain wirst mir hier gleich als nachbar angezeigt :D
    November 13 10:55 AM
  • IAmKickass Yessir! http://www.facebook.com/catcnj
    November 10 09:27 AM
  • IAmKickass Northlane, will do brotha!
    November 9 11:33 PM
  • IAmKickass I liked Castle Grayskull. -_-
    November 7 06:17 PM
  • IAmKickass I appreciate what Close Your Eyes has done with the new album, the maturity level has risen so much and it feels like an album much easier to just get into. Tons of great moments I find myself singing along with and so-so "lesson" chants but it's fun. Counterparts, man, wow. They absolutely blow me away with everything they do. A little less metalcore, more hardcore this time around.
    October 27 06:16 PM
  • IAmKickass My A Lot Like Birds soundoff is up, and that 4.5 rating was truly acceptable. With Helia, I agree on you completely. I just want another listen through it to confirm my thoughts.
    October 18 08:54 PM
  • IAmKickass I have their new album on my Iphone, will be listening soon dude. Thanks for the compliment man, appreciate it so much.
    October 16 10:28 PM
  • IAmKickass I've been slaying ratings this weekend, had off from work and just listened to music all weekend dude.
    October 9 06:04 PM
  • IAmKickass Where you been dude?! Blessthefall has taken my by surprise honestly, it's a lot more melodic and heavier than before. Finally I realize how great of a screamer their bassist is, some awesome stuff on there. The Reign, 40 Days... and Meet Me At the Gates are the best songs in my opinion.
    October 5 10:53 PM
  • IAmKickass My dude.
    September 12 07:17 PM
  • IAmKickass Enjoy the weekend, dude.
    September 4 10:31 PM
  • IAmKickass Seems as if I liked them a tad bit more than you did aha, I'm working on WCAR now and already rated TDWP. Will check out Of Virtue though dude!
    August 31 04:56 PM
  • IAmKickass The Venetia Fair and Bayonet without a doubt, man.
    August 21 11:38 PM
  • Camstr you should check out Thrice if you don't already know them you'd most likely dig them
    August 18 11:06 PM
  • IAmKickass 400! :D
    July 31 03:19 PM
  • IAmKickass I love working 15 hour work shifts and having the ability to fairly rate 4 albums a day, that's how boring my job is.
    July 26 11:27 PM
  • IAmKickass This Romantic Tragedy is absolutely killer in my opinion, and Chelsea Grin is just there. They do nothing to impress me.
    July 21 10:55 PM
  • IAmKickass Wow dude, you're really pushing them ratings in aha. Me too, I've had so much downtime at work, music is my only real getaway, therefore getting like three or four ratings in per long day at work. Anywho, We Are the In Crowd is a favorite of mine, one of those ones I didn't expect to like, but ended up loving. Besides that though, Forevermore is fun to jam too and I'm not looking to forward to There for Tomorrow and Falling in Reverse, I have them though.
    July 19 10:48 PM
  • RemedyForLove mass love :3
    July 19 10:49 AM
  • IAmKickass I had no idea you listened to Rooks. aha.
    July 5 08:46 PM
  • IAmKickass I like it man, I really do. I need to sit down and listen to it more though, cause that's my first listen impressions and yeah. Time for me to get my stuff straight aha.
    June 26 12:50 AM
  • BSX LOL you must be since I asked you a while ago. I'm doing fine, things are alright. I finally moved off campus and am taking a summer class. Other than that things are pretty mellow for me.
    June 15 11:52 PM
  • IAmKickass Oh! lmao! I knew that. jk.
    June 15 06:12 AM
  • IAmKickass I agree with you, that rating is based on three listens at 2 in the morning. I'll probably check it out again today and might bump it down to around a 3.
    June 14 05:02 PM
  • IAmKickass Die Another Day, off the top of my head I can't really think of anything. I'm absolutely terrible and comparing bands to another aha. Eyes Like Diamonds, is 'Frequencies' actually that good? I have it just haven't listened to it yet.
    June 14 12:40 PM
    June 6 11:06 PM
  • IAmKickass I just realized that you posted a shoutbox post on my old profile, you said my ratings were harsh and my reviews were fun to read aha.
    June 2 07:14 PM
  • IAmKickass Counterparts absolutely blew me away. As far as the new Endwell album goes, could barely get through a second listen there man.
    May 28 05:03 PM
  • IAmKickass For the Fallen dreams. smh.
    May 26 12:28 AM
  • sspedding alright homedog. Yeah very disappointed with Back Burner, I felt like they were destined for good things. The clean bits of Relentless were quite good as well. What the hell happened? As for SWS, I guess I'm just not good with the direction they have gone in. Do It Now Remember It Later, If You Can't Hang and Fire are good though. New Legend I just couldn't get into tbh but ah well. We do tend to have a bit of overlap, I'll watch out for your lists ;)
    May 22 03:14 PM
  • IAmKickass Unfortunately, they did disband a few years ago. I still love "Victims" though man.
    May 4 05:01 PM
  • IAmKickass I'm spending the day listening to the TIJ album, because I'm going to love it. So much.
    April 21 12:07 PM
  • IAmKickass I'm liking The Plot in You's album, a lot.
    April 14 11:37 AM
  • twlichty well thanks man, Imean I used to be WAY into "scene" metalcore like the Devil Wears Prada and Of Mice and Men etc. Since joining sputnik I have found a ridiculous amount of good music. Mostly excellent electronica and post-hardcore/ hardcore. I have really found a new love for straight up hardcore instead of over-produced generic metalcore. I think that has added a lot to my taste in music.
    April 12 03:15 PM
  • feedhertothesharks thx man,what up like your taste
    April 12 11:04 AM
  • IAmKickass Checking out Lady Radiator brah.
    April 11 10:58 PM
  • BrahTheSunGod I'm still around! Been supabusy so I haven't had a chance to comment on much, but I'm still lurking : )
    April 11 08:15 PM
  • IAmKickass Broadway and Sleeping With Sirens are two I really can't wait for, while Woe, Is Me and FTFD are some I want to hear, but not really jumping all over. I'm hoping to get some Thursday in this week, Ace Augustine and the rest of the Emmure discography. Glad you liked Adeste man, such a good album.
    April 10 10:40 AM
  • IAmKickass Oh s***. You were the one that told me about them. lmfao. my bad.
    April 9 11:37 AM
  • IAmKickass Check out the band, Everyone Dies in Utah. Really good.
    April 8 12:28 PM
  • IAmKickass Now that I think about it, I kind of sounded like an idiot aha. Going to change it now.
    April 7 09:51 PM
  • IAmKickass Here's my thing, I feel like ASD from the 'Wires' point is a new band, because of the vocalist change. So, right when they got Jag, they progressed more, so its like a new start aha. If that makes sense.
    April 7 03:26 PM
  • IAmKickass If I Die Today :D
    April 7 11:17 AM
  • IAmKickass "Jam to" is pretty much me turning it up as loud as possible aha. And, why do you say I'm the best?! :D aha
    April 6 10:50 AM
  • IAmKickass Pretty much by the time I hit 700 ratings, it would look just like your ratings list. Pretty much, I jam to everything you've rated aha. Listening to EDIU now.
    April 5 03:16 PM
  • IAmKickass I've known about 'Illuminate' for so long, but never knew how to rate it. Is Everyone Dies In Utah worth listening to? I've had it for a long time, just never checked it out.
    April 5 02:42 PM
  • Imoshen Best music recommendations ever! Thanks
    April 4 09:06 PM
  • IAmKickass FLL will probably shoot up to a 3 tonight, I had a feeling it would do that! FTFD, man, I just can't stand that album. I'm big into hardcore/metalcore, but the album just didn't cut it for me. And thanks on the We Are Defiance sound off bro :D
    March 28 10:02 AM
  • IAmKickass I just got Emery's new album, really good man.
    March 26 12:58 AM
  • IAmKickass Yeah dude! 'The War Within Us' surpasses most records I've heard this year so far! I spent the day listening to BOO's new album, fantastic.
    March 23 09:54 PM
  • BSX That's good and YAY!!! I'm doing fine just busy with school, work, and my hobbies.
    March 22 10:36 PM
  • IAmKickass that was ****ing awesome, that summary was amazing :D
    March 16 08:30 PM
  • BSX Hey how are you?
    March 16 03:14 PM
  • IAmKickass I'd probably throw them into like post-hardcore more than metalcore, not too many breakdowns to be found there. It's kind of hard to explain! If you check them out though let me know what genre you think they are, I'd love to get an opinion aha.
    February 24 10:21 AM
  • IAmKickass Like your taste man, might cruise through your ratings and check out a few of them.
    February 16 12:19 AM
  • TheOceanInside haha yeah man! love it when people enjoy the exact same music as me :)
    February 15 11:25 AM
  • theblindinglight you too dude i agree, the new 'Monsters' sucks ass, and i think we agree on a lot, although i am very slow to give any album a 4.0 or above unless it's nearly perfectt, probably will never give a 5 to anyone :P
    February 11 11:22 AM
  • deathofasalesman I think breakdancing inside would be much more impressive.
    November 24 06:41 PM
  • FromDaHood Thanks bro! That's not a sentence you hear often on this site
    November 23 10:28 PM
  • deathofasalesman 1. When You're Dead 2. I'm Going To 3. Breakdance 4. In Your 5. Casket
    November 23 02:30 PM
  • bodiesinflight57 thanks man, glad you liked it.
    October 10 02:40 PM
  • BSX Thanks and best wishes to you as well. Oh wow, sounds like you'll taking a lot of math.
    August 28 03:15 AM
  • BSX Yeah, but I have like 5 more years. Psychology and Art. Oh cool I know a few people who are Education majors, one friend already graduated and is teaching now.
    August 14 08:31 PM
  • BSX You are welcome. I will try, my grade is 4th year of college.
    August 14 05:03 AM
  • BSX Oh wow how cool! Be safe and have fun! = D
    August 12 08:57 PM
  • BSX Enjoying my last week of freedom before classes start. You?
    August 12 08:31 PM
    August 11 11:53 PM
  • Flatliner lol its true
    July 9 06:39 PM
  • Awesomesauce Dry your eyes princess
    July 8 01:42 AM
  • Damrod SCHLAAAAAAAAAAND! =D Das Kompliment kann ich doch so zurück geben, hier wird gute Musik gehört
    May 31 02:01 AM
  • PanasonicYouth no
    May 30 05:48 PM
  • mmfarva Thanks man, glad I could help. The new STG demos on Reverb Nation are some of their best s*** yet, and Jon Karel is the MAN. Incredible drummer, and a really cool guy who'll talk as much as you want after shows. I love everything he's done.
    May 20 11:01 PM
  • Emim Thanks, bro. Yours ain't too bad either.
    May 11 04:03 PM
  • sadderdays haha, kenn die seite ja eigentlich schon so ziemlich nen jahr aber hatte nie das bedürfnis mich zu reggen... ich bin auch immer so faul und schreib nie was oder bewerte iwas xD
    May 10 01:58 PM
  • Counterfeit haha, I am honored that my post made your day. :)
    May 6 11:01 PM
  • heyadam no problem dude, its such a good album haha.
    April 29 11:21 AM
  • BrahTheSunGod Haha thanks man! Yea, I'll try to do that review as soon as I can, but no guarantees cuz architecture school is destroying me right now :/ Great EP though, love it to death! Should be fun. Also, woo hoo musical neighbors :D
    April 28 12:45 AM
  • zachblack i commented back.
    April 8 10:00 PM
  • promiseswept thank you very much! and I love Endwell so much, Consequences was in my rotation for so long before I got a little bored with it. and I do plan on keeping this going, no matter what asshole haters think of me haha
    March 25 02:54 PM

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