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  • Kalopsia come back. we need more people who love Hurt on here.
    August 11 05:39 PM
  • klap i love that solo. not an entire album's worth
    April 10 09:28 PM
  • Ponton Need to give that a properly listen. I did briefly, but it warrants another. I'm doing okay, hope the same for you or better.
    October 17 10:07 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy you still think do the collapse is poor?
    July 9 04:04 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures rommy send me your facebook mezz needs you i need you
    June 11 04:27 PM
  • sniper do you have a facebook? mezz group needs about 100% more romulus.
    April 6 07:02 PM
  • SeaAnemone I'm resisting hearing anything until I can hear the album in full... apparently it leaked on a limited basis yesterday though, so that'll likely be soon
    February 23 11:29 AM
  • SeaAnemone took me long enough, but you were totally right about which future islands album is the better one
    February 22 05:47 PM
  • Ponton do me a favor and give there will be fireworks' the dark, dark bright a try. its my recent obsession and review
    January 8 08:01 AM
  • anarchistfish trying to get the blurbs done for the new year. dibs are up, check the main thread on the forums
    December 26 05:16 PM
  • Brostep s*** here
    December 13 09:50 PM
  • Brostep copy-pasta'd from MisterTornado's shoutbox: top 50 of the year doc. compile your top 25, write it in, and we'll let you know our collective top 50 soon-ish so you can start to dib stuff (not sure if that's a word, sorry).
    November 26 02:14 PM
  • sniper didn't want anyone having to buy inferior files from the also inferior itunes store or anything
    November 12 04:58 PM
  • Ponton so glad your review for dx brought the album to my attention, have anything similar you might rec my way?
    October 30 07:24 PM
  • sniper i know it warms my heart. get some sleep brother.
    October 21 12:18 AM
  • sniper rommy, dylan from friendzone shouted me today i'm fangirling hard.
    October 21 12:05 AM
    October 20 03:54 PM
  • Lucid very chill record. heavy on the atmosphere (few bangers). it feels like a cloud rap record without the cloudiness.
    September 16 01:51 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures check out forest swords dude
    August 30 01:41 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures anything for you, rommy. any sound in particular you're looking for?
    August 18 03:28 PM
  • SeaAnemone "watered down version of high violet which was a watered down version of everything else they'd down." this makes me so saaaaaad (except the part where you imply hv was watered down cuz it totally was. seriously though, TWFM took longer to sink in than other national records but for me in the longer term its been nearly as rewarding as anything else of theirs.
    July 29 11:19 AM
  • Lucid Yessss Rom! It's so unreal.
    June 30 06:03 PM
  • wabbit so yeah pretty bummed on trouble will find me. Feels super recycled
    June 21 02:27 PM
  • robertsona i was eh on it at first--and for some reason i feel obligated to mention whenever i talk about this album that that opinion was most definitely swayed by people going NUTS over it on tumblr and whenever they do that my reflex is to go "eh"--but it's good i think! it's definitely not my "style" so it'll probably be an album i end up appreciating from afar than listening to a lot but i looove "bound 2" and "blood on the leaves", like most of the rest, don't really like "hold my liquor". idk.
    June 16 01:21 PM
  • Maniac! you cocktease
    June 14 02:24 PM
  • Maniac! Seriously, man. We need to hang in Kennesaw or something sometime.
    June 14 12:26 AM
  • Ponton save it for a rainy day, in a good way
    May 11 07:01 AM
  • Ponton not sure i can rank it against sun kil moon moon stylistically, more like a postal service with balls
    May 10 06:09 PM
  • Ponton oh man, look up the new album by Mark Kozelek and Jimmy Lavalle
    May 10 03:33 PM
  • Maniac! Thanks, man. We've finally got a staff and promo/interview/etc. connections!
    May 7 05:48 PM
  • Maniac! That show was great, btw. Here's what I wrote up about it, in case you care to read it -
    May 7 04:36 PM
  • mallen- Not too much, just work at this point. Finally done with all of school.
    May 6 11:03 AM
  • mallen- Congrats on making contrib! How long has it been?
    May 5 10:48 PM
  • Cipieron apparently they have an LP already out. it was news to me.. i'll probably be checking it out, first single is promising enough
    April 14 11:53 PM
  • Cipieron have you heard of Arco's Angels? Not really even a Hurt side-project, but JLoren sings for it and I think Rek plays bass. Sounded pretty cool, wanted to hear your take on it (assuming you've even heard of it)
    April 14 03:46 PM
  • Maniac! I knoowwwww. I got a promo of the new album and I might get to interview her for NY site. Fingers crossed
    April 11 12:15 PM
  • Maniac! Jesus christ, that is awful timing.
    April 11 11:55 AM
    April 11 11:51 AM
  • robertsona honestly as a whole it's a pretty fantastic book but those first chapters are so lucid and perfect and it's sort of like when a comedy movie is all these hilarious jokes but then the plot enters and everything seems sort of...i guess "forced" for want of a better word and this is like that but except it's a book and replace "hilarious jokes" with "beautiful descriptions of very specific feelings and sensations". once the plot kicks in--especially toward the end--it's like fitzgerald is like "oh
    April 1 05:48 PM
  • SgtPepper Let me know if you're having trouble finding it.
    March 24 05:21 PM
  • SgtPepper That's cool. And yeah, go to the help/suggestions page of the forums and when you sign in, you'll see a 'sputnik contributor's forum' on top of that page. You have to be signed in onto the forums to be able to see it though, because the mods obscured it from the others users and even staff. It's just a place for you guys to discuss site stuff, take dibs on albums, and talk s*** about the staff.
    March 24 05:20 PM
  • SgtPepper Hey Romulus, do you know about the facebook group for the contributors? Everyone's on it, and you seem to be the only one missing. It's not required that you be a part of it, but it would be nice to have you there for private discussions (user's lists, dibs, etc.)/bulls***ting with everyone else. Of course, the sputnik contrib forum works too, if you dont like facebook. Let me know if you do though, that way I can add you. Cheers, and again, congrats on the promotion.
    March 24 05:06 PM
  • Maniac! Sweet, I live in Cartersville, about 45 minutes NW of Atlanta. My training doesn't start until August 20th
    March 9 11:31 AM
  • Maniac! What area? I ship out to Basic Training in August. We should meet up this Summer, if possible.
    March 8 04:17 PM
  • Maniac! Hey man, you're living in GA now right?
    March 7 03:35 PM
  • Ponton nah, im over
    February 24 06:19 PM
  • breakingthefragile Good to have a resident of THE Sesame Street on the contrib team! Congrats on the promotion, welcome aboard.
    February 24 05:39 PM
  • Ponton i pushed you in, last dying wish
    February 24 05:30 PM
  • andcas congrats. put in a good word for me next time in the name of my grover review.
    February 24 02:37 AM
  • Jom Hooray for Grover!
    February 24 01:13 AM
  • DiceMan What's up Grover?
    February 16 03:59 PM
  • Deviant. Yeah, that's where I got it from haha, I thought it was genius. But if anyone asks - anyone at all - I thought of it all by myself, okay??
    January 28 01:44 AM
  • Maniac! Well I am going to be joining the Navy, soon most likely. I won't be around here anymore for a while.
    December 6 09:19 PM
  • SeaAnemone oh it's okay! I was just wondering if you could briefly tell me how you like it there in general and if you know much about the law program... I was tentatively deciding to apply there for LS bcuz it's in my range but eventually decided against it at the last minute for various reasons, probably will not apply, now, but thanks for the eventual reply :)
    November 28 01:02 AM
  • SeaAnemone Hey! Hope all is well :) I was wondering if you wouldn't mind helping me out with some stuff, you go to Emory, right? (note: I know you probably don't check this often or ever haha it's fine just get back to me whenever you have a chance!)
    November 9 01:50 PM
  • Maniac! Dude, are you going tonight?
    October 5 10:12 AM
  • Maniac! Awesome, man. We'll have to get there early and meet up
    September 25 02:42 PM
  • Maniac! We need to meet up
    September 24 08:58 PM
  • Maniac! Dude, I'm seeing Godspeed on October 5 in Atlanta. You gonna be there?
    September 14 11:08 AM
  • Ponton That's good. Even though things keep slipping, music doesn't. So I still find myself here often enough.
    September 11 01:12 PM
  • Ponton Glad you liked it! Im still in a rough spot but trying to hang in there. I hope school is going well.
    September 7 10:33 AM
  • klap League Id: 590968Password: figure8make sure to check the settings first to prevent bitching later. draft time is flexible.
    August 18 05:55 PM
  • SeaAnemone well I'm back from rome and working mostly so missing the traveling aspect dearly haha but super excited to get back to college and live it up my senior year... spent most of the summer studying for lsat's and getting $$ so college will be a welcome break from that. live up your year at school man, yI'm jealous haha
    August 2 01:23 AM
  • SeaAnemone what are you up to these days? :)
    August 2 01:14 AM
  • porch ha, i couldn't resist
    July 31 08:49 AM
  • Counterfeit nice nice, yeah im never on here really anymore, jus pop in and out when im on a computer
    July 23 12:20 AM
  • Counterfeit been workin and partyin haha whatsup man
    July 22 02:16 PM
  • Maniac! Can't blame me for trying, you elusive mother****er.
    July 10 12:56 PM
  • Maniac! Now how would we go about meeting when I don't even know who you are? ;)
    July 10 12:06 PM
  • Maniac!
    July 9 06:34 PM
  • Maniac! we moved to a small town called 'Cartersville'. It's pretty nice out here. We need to meet up for the Godspeed concert in October
    July 9 06:26 PM
  • Maniac! So I am now in GA
    July 9 06:06 PM
  • mallen- Just as awesome as The Wild Hunt (possibly better) but a little more low key. The melodies are really fantastic and there are 3-4 serious contenders for soty.
    July 5 11:52 PM
  • mallen- you are correct
    July 5 12:17 PM
  • mallen- you'll be stunned to see what one of my aoty candidates is
    July 4 07:28 PM
  • Aids aww thanks man. i have a headache right now but maybe later! seriously though I thought the review would get much more s*** than it did.
    June 6 07:50 PM
  • Maniac! haha, no pictures, but it was definitely cool.
    May 28 10:39 AM
  • Maniac! dude, I was at a local navy bar watching the fights and saw that they had a guitar signed by hurt hanging on the wall. apparently they played there. I knew it was the same band because it also said 'thank you for listening' on it.
    May 27 02:50 AM
  • SeaAnemone haha I do remember that, yes. And hey I was JUST reading about Emory (not the band) a minute ago... looking through potential law schools to apply to. I'm sure you'll enjoy it there, I've heard nice things!
    May 18 07:22 PM
  • Maniac! Stupid sput. I left you a shoutbox after that last one saying we should meet up sometime when I get my license.
    May 16 10:09 AM
  • Maniac! well considering you're so close to atlanta, cost of living is pretty cheap and there aren't as many bible-thumping rednecks. seems like a pretty nice area. lots of hills and lots of things to do
    May 14 01:50 PM
  • Maniac! end of june I'll be moving to the cartersville/kenessaw/acworth area which is just 30-40 minutes from atlanta
    May 14 01:00 PM
  • Maniac! Yay!
    April 29 06:58 AM
  • Maniac! I've missed you, bro. WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?
    April 23 09:49 AM
  • SeaAnemone HEY! : D Yes we are still both alive, apparently. I'm doing very well- studying in Rome at the moment and having the absolute time of my life. Running is another story haha- on one hand, I quit the xc team at school (it's for the best) but on the other I'm actually running more than ever and have started training for a marathon in the fall. How are you??
    April 9 06:26 AM
  • Maniac! thanks dude :)
    April 3 01:16 PM
  • Maniac!
    April 3 12:21 PM
  • Maniac! FINE. BE THAT WAY
    March 11 05:49 PM
  • Maniac! Why the wait?
    March 11 01:58 PM
  • Maniac! I demand you add me on Facebook, sir.
    March 11 12:53 PM
  • klap ga ga ga ga ga is my favorite but girls can tell is also a 5 for me
    February 21 01:31 AM
  • DaveyBoy You sound emotional. Good luck on your imminent college life. And I do hope to see you on here every once in a while at least.
    February 16 06:30 AM
  • klap the knife sucks but spoon is so versatile. cereal, pasta, soup, jello, pudding, etc etc
    February 16 01:00 AM
  • klap hating on spoon c'mon romulus why you gotta do me like that
    February 15 11:12 PM
  • porch ah okay fair enough, thought an overzealous mod might've been responsible. i feel pretty much the same but continue to log on simply out of habit
    January 28 06:57 PM
  • porch yeah and it shouldn't be a unique opinion either, it'd be a nice change of pace if this site started hiveminding artists that aren't terrible. what happened to your ratings
    January 28 10:52 AM
  • mallen- sounds good
    January 11 11:00 PM
  • robertsona *dances ur ****in face off*
    January 8 05:04 PM
  • mallen- I've been writing there along with Yeti, Gyro, and Massiveattack. We need more writers and I think you'd be a good fit.
    January 8 02:33 PM
  • mallen- Would you be interested in writing for another site?
    January 8 11:18 AM
  • Axel That album is more commercial than I thought it would be, but still good. Nick Butler-approved too. So far I think it's their best. Getting Love Tara as well.
    December 27 01:31 PM
  • Axel Unfortunately, no. And I'm two years due on that too. I promise I'll put it at the top of my list though. You might like my dig, I bet. Surprisingly good. Youtube "The Killer", "Teenage Wristband", and "Papillion" from that album to see if it's your thing. Reminds me of the good 90s alt. of when I was a kid.
    December 27 01:16 PM
  • Axel Thanks man. I've been into it since September, but forgot to ever write anything on it.
    December 27 12:39 PM
  • Axel Hmm . . . good way to look at it. I'm sure you're right, for better or worse, but hopefully the prior.
    December 21 11:27 AM
  • Axel No, I really haven't been doing well at all. But I'm hoping 2012 brings a change. As long as you load yourself up with classes, I'm sure sputnik will take a backseat haha.
    December 18 05:09 PM
  • Axel rom, its been too long. this place is glue
    December 18 04:43 PM
  • Maniac! no problem, bro. I know you gotta college it up and get that real life bro-time. You just don't have enough bro to go around. It will be cool to bro it up with you every once in a while, though....bro.
    December 17 09:23 AM
  • Maniac! hey bro, we never bro'd last summer and now its christmas break and I wanna bro. you ready for a brodown, bro? we can bro it up like no bro before. we can bro it up here: or bro it up anywhere, really. but mostly there. bro?
    December 17 09:13 AM
  • klap oh my god you beat me last year?! now it's personal. some rivalry s*** up in here
    December 6 05:49 PM
  • klap sorry i am going to have to take you down this week
    December 6 02:16 PM
  • mallen- Oh, totally forgot to listen to Owen. Gonna do that now actually.
    November 9 11:38 AM
  • Maniac! y u wipe ratings?
    November 7 04:44 PM
  • ZombieParty \m/
    November 1 01:11 AM
  • Maniac! He doesn't have Hurt rated. I win.
    October 29 11:17 AM
  • Maniac! I'm your real favorite user.
    October 28 10:50 PM
  • andcas
    October 28 09:41 PM
  • SeaAnemone just stopping by to say your apparent dislike of the frog song makes me : ' (
    October 18 10:10 PM
  • Irving That sounds amazing. I listened to "The Morning Report" a couple of times while prepping my review, and - zoo of puns aside - I think it wasn't really that awesome. While we're on the subject, I hope you were kind enough to distribute copies of my review at the show...
    September 19 12:41 AM
  • DiceMan heck yeah man!
    September 18 08:54 PM
  • Irving I'll set it aside for now...but who knows eh? I'll be sure to try and compensate as much as possible with Hunchback =) And holy hell Lion King in 3D. That must have been boss. Did they keep all the songs in as well?
    September 18 01:22 AM
  • Irving I live to serve you, Lord Romulus *bows* (also - I actually thought about doing Grover, but my Sesame Street isn't really up to scratch. I'm from Malaysia you see, and I watched it in my native Malay. As far as I'm concerned the show was actually called "Jalan Sesame". I'm afraid I might only end up disappointing you.)
    September 18 12:08 AM
  • DiceMan haha rock on little man, cross your fingers!
    September 15 08:22 PM
    September 15 03:57 PM
  • DiceMan IA vs ISU lets goooooo remembered you were a fan and I was on my computer figured I'd leave you a message on here.
    September 10 09:04 AM
  • Samshine hey buds, how did the whole wisdow teeth thing go? Just curious 'cause i get mine out in a couple weeks. I'm scared.
    September 2 01:44 AM
  • Parallels lol DREAM THEATER needs a FIST on FIRE
    September 2 12:56 AM
  • SeaAnemone just stopping by to say that you're the best rom and your latest list there is proof of that. at first i was sad that there wzs nothing i recd you on there but now im happy bc so much of that sounds so good. gonna listen to many of those, promise
    September 1 01:48 PM
  • Parallels we should use that epic line for our metal reviews
    September 1 01:49 AM
  • cvlts went through your ratings and you'll probably dig Descendants (bad religion, black flag, ect), Lesra (sick of it all) and Weekend Nachos (dangers n sht)
    August 22 08:53 PM
  • wabbit if eric is truly gone I appoint you the new eric...being the new eric mainly means I write in your shoutbox when I'm drunk and I call you bro.
    August 19 07:30 PM
  • toxin. Strike that, Waltz 1 is alright but Amity was annoying beyond belief. I definitely dig the album as a whole. I think it might be a 4, and with re-listens, bumped up to a 4.5. I'm open for any other recs too
    August 19 02:57 PM
  • Irving "just saying if anyone ever looked at me from across a pool and pondered whether or not i was the true lion king while can you feel the love tonight was playing i would **** them in like two seconds"
    August 19 11:46 AM
  • toxin. I started XO, and I actually really like it. The only song I don't really like so far is Waltz 1, though that may change
    August 18 11:35 PM
  • toxin. Yessir. Do you have any place to start? Any album, or even any song?
    August 18 01:58 AM
  • Irving But I already have let you down once! Why should you trust me again?!
    August 13 09:33 AM
  • telebyrd play Dancing Choose on repeat for eternity, so you can lose your natural-ass mind and forget to buy your TV on the Radio tickets
    August 13 08:27 AM
  • Irving You drive a hard bargain my man. Seems like I gotta pull up my socks and start working on that Best of Grover review after I'm done with my Lion King piece.
    August 12 01:17 AM
  • Irving Romulus, can I still be your favourite user of all time even if number 50 is NOT a review of The Lion King? (it might be 51st instead)
    August 11 01:59 PM
  • andcas it was at a 4.5 for a while but I felt like it deserved a classic rating.
    August 9 02:12 AM
  • fr33convict HOLY s*** I THINK I MISSED IT :(
    August 5 10:05 PM
  • tiesthatbind Aw, the mods got rid of it! No worries though, I screencapped it and sent the link to academy's shoutbox, so we should be immortalized on flag plz soon.
    August 5 01:52 AM
  • Maniac! Sit Resist 5/5 do it for me. Do it for the bro-summer we should have had.
    July 27 09:24 PM
  • SeaAnemone here's a few things you might like from this year :)Crash of Rhinos - Distal (emo/p-hxc)Baton Rouge - Fragments D'eux MÍmes (french emo)new Maybeshewill (post-rock)Laura Stevenson and the Cans (assuming you've heard this!)
    July 27 04:32 PM
  • DiceMan dude i haven't even been paying attention to ISU football this summer : (
    July 20 01:06 PM
  • Maniac! I just noticed that you lowered your JoF rating. I thought it would never come to this.... but now I have to destroy you.
    July 20 10:57 AM
  • DiceMan omg I just realized go listen to Laura Marling's album Alas I Cannot Swim you might like it a lot too much maybe umm idk yeah that's all
    July 18 06:03 PM
  • SeaAnemone ha those are super obvious but I actually haven't heard Antlers yet weirdly enough?? thanks!
    July 9 11:30 PM
  • SeaAnemone seeing as we're basically the same person, what should I be listening to now that I've overlooked or forgotten? any suggestions? (as far as 2011 stuff goes, preferably!)
    July 9 11:09 PM
  • Maniac! Haha, no rush. I know life comes first.
    July 5 10:43 AM
  • Maniac! Our website has gotten a facelift. Take a look
    July 5 10:30 AM
  • Irving I have only two words to say to you: Be. Prepared.
    July 5 12:00 AM
  • porch check out bailter space - robot world sometime, think you might like it. it's not new but kinda MBV/sonic youth-esque stuff done right
    July 1 02:04 PM
  • mallen- You just have to log in through facebook to get on. Idk if you can without it
    June 30 09:26 PM
  • mallen- You just have five people rotating playing songs that you uploaded, and if there are more people the others just wait until someone is done to take a spot
    June 30 10:25 AM
  • mallen- have you been in here yet?:
    June 29 10:37 PM
  • Maniac! Nice.
    June 28 09:46 AM
  • Maniac! You should love deltron, bro. Its some of the smoothest hiphop ever
    June 27 11:24 PM
  • tiesthatbind It got pushed off the front page pretty fast, so I'll leave this here:
    June 21 02:32 PM
  • ThyCrossAwaits BEST. SUB-USERNAME. EVER.
    June 20 08:45 PM
  • kris. o ok good heartz yewwww
    June 1 05:24 PM
  • kris. y arent we fb friends
    June 1 05:18 PM
  • mallen- Its sort of funny how all of these albums have leaked/come out this week that everyone here is going crazy over, and I've had frustrations with pretty much all of bands in the past. Haven't heard the new Death Cab yet, but I have a feeling I'll be with you on that.
    May 24 10:11 PM
  • mallen- hard to tell so far, but I love the first and last track
    May 24 09:09 PM
  • mallen- haha noted. maybe this will be the type of thing that will change my mind about the previous album
    May 24 05:07 PM
  • conradtao
    May 23 10:14 AM
  • mallen- sun kill moon is fantastic
    May 21 11:22 PM
  • Maniac! me too. we have like 10 members already
    May 21 04:12 PM
  • Maniac! Looks like recruiting sputnik was a success
    May 21 03:56 PM
  • Maniac! Oh, screw it. Ima do it.
    May 21 01:33 PM
  • Maniac! Hmmm... Do you think the site looks ready enough to announce?
    May 21 01:17 PM
  • Maniac! Oh well. Trying to come up with a logo.
    May 21 01:09 PM
  • Maniac! you dont happen to be handy with photoshop, do you?
    May 21 01:01 PM
  • Maniac! --- Still tweaking things, but this is it as of now.
    May 21 12:01 PM
  • Maniac! I'm sure you'd be helpful. It's music, movies, games and tech. You can contribute music reviews only, if you wanted to. You can feel free to import your existing reviews too. I'll make a list about it when the site is finished. It's built on wordpress btw.
    May 21 10:02 AM
  • Maniac! I am building an entertainment blog, and it is starting to come together. Found anyone else interested in contributing?
    May 21 09:29 AM
  • mallen- All over it thanks
    May 20 09:48 PM
  • mallen- I haven't. Any place in particular I should start?
    May 20 09:42 PM
  • SeaAnemone I'm not familiar with Emory, but I actually know runners at both Georgetown and Bucknell (a few here) and they're both fantastic programs
    May 18 06:51 PM
  • SeaAnemone oops yea, I meant the 1200! my season was pretty nonexistent... I started the season too late because of a nagging IT band injury and decided to forgo racing altogether in lieu of just getting in some solid mileage-- didn't mind much, I'd rather be much more xc-centric anyway. But I started my summer break (from running) a few days ago... nice to have some time off, will start building up again June 1. How's the college search?
    May 18 04:10 PM
  • Maniac! YOU SAW MY SIGNS! :D
    May 18 03:47 PM
  • SeaAnemone hey! just out of curiosity... how did that 1600 race go?
    May 18 03:43 PM
  • Maniac! I miss you :(
    May 18 03:21 PM
  • Counterfeit "Mac Lethal The Original 11:11 Sessions 3" why do you hate me
    May 8 08:11 PM
  • Maniac! Gimmie yo Facebook nao.
    April 23 01:56 PM
  • Maniac! my indie slice grew larger than your metal did in one day. You better get on some neurosis and death, sir.
    April 21 08:43 AM
  • BigHans No worries, I should probably give it another chance anyway
    April 20 12:10 PM
  • BigHans Once, a long time ago. Thought it was decent, nothing special.
    April 20 11:59 AM
  • Maniac! I have like 15 more albums to get through
    April 20 11:50 AM
  • Maniac! Indeed. The funny part is that those slices are about the same size.
    April 20 11:34 AM
  • Maniac! I now have indie in my chart. You have metal, and I have indie. We were made for each other.
    April 20 11:21 AM
  • acorncheese bucs fan indeed. i think we've actually briefly discussed it before lol. i'm not really a bulls fan, but i will cheer for them when i happen to catch a game on tv. i live about 15 mins from usf. both brothers went there.
    April 19 09:37 PM
  • Maniac! Alright.
    April 19 02:19 PM
  • Maniac! You were supposed to giggle, but oh well. If we do the blog again, what platform do you want it on? Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, ?, etc.
    April 19 08:56 AM
  • Maniac! Your shoutbox is all gay with clownfish hipsters now.
    April 18 07:36 PM
  • SeaAnemone after you go thru where you usually finish and have to keep going, so through the 800 I would tell you not to worry as much about times as you do about finding a guy who looks like he knows what he 's doing, stick with him through the 8, muster a little momentum in the next 2, then try to beat him in the last 2. idk... just my (longwinded, sorry haha) advice!
    April 18 07:27 PM
  • SeaAnemone as far as advice goes I would tell you to nor worry much about your 800 split. From personal experience, trying to hit an 800 split is going to feel to fast or too slow no matter what you come thru in just bc you're so used to running it haha. instead, what I would say is to go out a little more comfortably and base your race on the guys around you (if you have decent competition). run off of them, most likely they have experience. the hardest part is probably going to be that second-to-last 200
    April 18 07:26 PM
  • SeaAnemone I can sympathize because I only ran 800 for 3/4 of my first year of track, and then randomly ran the 16 one meet near the end of the season and really excelled in it and thats what I specialize in now... and I know the switch can be intimidating, but try not to let it get to you. trust me, the difference b/w the 8 and the 12 isn't tremendous. I'm a little hesitant to give you splits to hit bc I don't know you that well as a runner... but...
    April 18 07:23 PM
  • Maniac! Well I had a blog dedicated to reviewing weird music (audible oddities) and one for movies, games, and tech. If you can get a few people who wanna blog, I'll start one up again.
    April 18 07:21 PM
  • Maniac! which one, audible oddities, or maniac's media? I am currently building a website for reviewing music, games, and movies also.
    April 18 07:05 PM
  • SeaAnemone would love to hear! go ahead :)
    April 18 06:51 PM

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