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  • normaloctagon lmao ur david attenbruh pfp is class, cheers
    May 12 07:20 PM
  • DadKungFu Hey how'd you end up feeling about Tropics?
    July 22 03:15 PM
  • DadKungFu Hey how'd you end up feeling about Tropics?
    July 22 03:14 PM
  • YakNips i miss u
    May 1 06:02 PM
  • iamamanfromspace Yeah I first got into Japanese rock (not talking about anime songs or visual kei haha) at like 16 so I have an unfair advantage lowl
    February 1 11:21 PM
  • iamamanfromspace Glad you liked THE NOVEMBERS, they're one of many great bands unheard of outside of Japan
    January 31 10:03 PM
  • iamamanfromspace X Japan wasn't me but I've heard they're good haha
    January 31 09:00 PM
  • iamamanfromspace let me know what you think of anything I recommended ^^
    January 27 01:54 AM
  • OysterizerInsomniac Ah alright, well let me know what you think of it. It probably doesn't top Norwegian Wood or The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle for me, but I liked it a lot. I read the whole thing in one sitting (granted, it was on a plane, but that still ought to say something about it haha).
    September 18 04:55 PM
  • OysterizerInsomniac Yo what did you think of the new Murakami (if you've read it yet)?
    September 5 02:35 AM
  • fav kind of popcorn?
    July 25 11:27 PM
  • Snake. the legs in your avi omg
    June 19 08:59 PM
  • OysterizerInsomniac dude I gave up during the third book of 1Q84 because the translation just got much worse (especially compared to the first book and some of his other novels). I actually like Murakami a lot for the most part though so it actually worth it to finish?
    March 11 03:55 AM
  • Nocte hey dude, if you're interested check this: - - I don't mind your reviewing style, with a bit of polishing you could be one of the better reviewers online. Hit the link up
    March 7 07:09 AM
  • loveisamixtape aw thanks i knew i liked you
    December 14 01:01 AM
  • BlueW told ya
    April 8 05:50 PM
  • Hep Kat
    March 25 12:45 AM
  • MarvinLapsus Españoles, eh! Saludos desde Galicia.
    December 27 01:21 PM
  • CaptainDooRight sweet thanks bro! that means a lot to me
    July 27 07:01 AM
  • CaptainDooRight check my recent list bro
    July 27 06:45 AM
  • Systemunfolded cant say i blame you there, my chart aint quite completed yet. as you can see, BM is waaaaaaaaaay to big, and electronica is bigger than thrash lol, not my usual taste.
    March 7 10:27 PM
  • Systemunfolded I like how indie protrudes amongst all the rest of your chart lol
    March 7 07:14 PM
  • Piglet bahahaha yeah she's tumblr famous****ing hawt in real life. i once told her that i loved her.
    January 22 10:46 AM
  • Piglet dude what the **** the girl in your avatar goes to my school. she's 15...
    January 20 07:31 PM
  • Daven jajaja ve pues, soy el baterista de xb'alanke!! un gusto mano, conoces a pablo vea? no sabia que mara de guate se metiera a estos foros!
    December 17 04:50 PM
  • Ire nice avatar
    December 16 03:49 PM
  • Daven Quien sos? Gracias por el review de xb'alanke!
    December 14 11:51 PM
  • BSX Oh really!? I want a 1st hand experience
    November 25 01:31 AM
  • dimsim3478 Wasn't sure 'cause the avatar is so small. Thanks.
    November 24 05:31 AM
  • dimsim3478 Who's that chick in your avatar? Swear I've seen her somewhere before...
    November 23 07:54 AM
  • BSX Work really hard at singing, playing instruments, being a natural pervert and never giving up
    November 22 08:50 PM
  • BSX Not for long, I plan to be a sexual music freak
    November 22 03:06 AM
  • BSX Ewww
    November 21 02:35 AM
  • BSX Work, school, stress, you?
    November 18 05:40 AM
  • BSX = D
    November 8 05:43 AM
  • lancebramsay we all got trolled hard by lulu so your avatar seems quite appropriate
    November 7 07:49 AM
  • lancebramsay lulz
    November 6 11:33 AM
  • Carnifex no way bro up the horns throwback thrash 2011 m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/!!!
    September 15 02:32 AM
  • Carnifex Haha, I'm dead serious that album cover is hilarious I couldn't help but photoshop it.
    September 15 02:10 AM
  • MasBarHigeuoris21 Love the Lulz avatar
    September 7 04:42 AM
  • Carnifex Thanks for using my rendition of Lulu
    September 6 05:43 PM
  • botb haha thats fine im friends with all my sputbros
    June 15 01:48 AM
  • Ire suuuuuup
    June 14 08:30 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit Because you're one of the very few people that accept dead and divine as the amazing band that they are.
    June 12 09:13 AM
  • TomArnoldsArmpit I think I love you.
    June 12 08:40 AM
  • vakuola Well we do!
    May 19 10:29 PM
  • vakuola Thank you very much!! I'm glad you liked it bro, thanks for listening
    May 18 07:03 PM
  • vakuola Hey bro, cómo estás? Me gustaría que escucharas a mi banda, Joliette, tocamos Post Hardcore, te dejo el link de descarga y ojalá te puedas pasar a ponernos un rating en esta página, gracias!
    May 15 01:08 AM
  • Neenahskater I listen to it all but mostly newer stuff as well. The lyrics are great lol. But no havent checked out that cover but i will
    April 29 12:38 PM
  • Neenahskater the acacia strain rules!
    April 29 12:40 AM
  • relativeworld Thanks for the link , dude !
    January 16 08:37 PM
  • Hawks Yeah dude it was just a joke. And nothing is up at all, how about you?
    October 22 10:13 PM
  • AntsoftheSky sweet avatar dude. who is that?
    October 22 04:47 PM
  • crowing51 Yea lol, waking the fallen and the seventh trumpet was the only good cd's.
    September 20 10:00 PM
  • crowing51 DT is one of my favorite bands, and avenged died after Bat Country if you ask me.
    September 20 08:28 PM
  • crowing51 Yea s*** is straight gay. Leave one of the most epic bands ever for some gay ass band like avenged.
    September 20 08:13 PM
  • crowing51 If so weak move on his part like really lol.
    September 20 05:10 AM
  • crowing51 So did Mike Portnoy really leave DT for Avenged?
    September 20 02:42 AM
  • Obfuscation24 Thanks for teh info good sir : D
    September 8 11:29 PM
  • vakuola Pues sí es un cambio radical de Inglaterra a Guatemala, ojalá puedas re-acostumbrarte, saludos :)
    September 8 12:31 AM
  • vakuola México, amigo :) estuve en La Antigua en Diciembre del 2006, muy linda ciudad
    September 7 09:37 PM
  • vakuola Zoé, huh? Where are you from?
    September 7 06:39 PM
  • ShadowRemains yay back to the best avatar
    September 2 03:47 AM
  • Enotron i want to hug the young woman in your profile picture, she looks comfy : /
    August 8 12:55 AM
  • fromtheinside since you like black breath and kvelertak check out lesra man. excellent crusty hardcore.
    August 6 01:31 AM
  • ShadowRemains her tits are great
    August 1 10:53 PM
  • ShadowRemains who's your avatar now?
    August 1 09:10 PM
  • Waior la pelicula
    July 27 07:54 AM
  • bailar11 enrique shall soon. he still wants to watch all the episodes in episodes though.
    July 25 08:14 PM
  • 8bit its funny that were talking about her tits on my shoutbox and shes just a couple of comments down ahaha. But yeah, it could be really good or really bad or inbetween.
    July 25 08:02 PM
  • 8bit Yeah, neither of them are making much sense, I can't even tell if countess is obesse or not because she only has 1 picture posted.
    July 25 07:55 PM
  • 8bit Thanks man, I try my best. The cat fight is getting feisty.
    July 25 07:45 PM
  • DaveyBoy I will be contacting my lawyers for copyright infringement. LOL. Nah, not me. I do not play many online games at all. Used to play partypoker a bit, but not much anymore.
    July 25 03:26 AM
  • Waior estamos mirando star trek en ensenada esta noche pero estoy aburrido tambien
    July 23 07:28 AM
  • Ire thanks bro i take pride in stealing funny pics
    July 22 10:22 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Hey you like The Contortionist too ;3
    July 22 05:17 PM
  • Banion Thank you very much for you condolences
    July 20 01:09 AM
  • ShadowRemains not much
    July 19 08:09 AM
  • ShadowRemains oh em gee its redhead lover
    July 19 07:25 AM
  • Apollo mmm Faye Reagan, my fav porn star
    July 16 12:21 PM
  • Ire i love you now, i don't know why. I know it has nothing to do with the avatar ahaha
    June 23 03:18 AM
  • sniper Thanks man, I think.
    June 22 10:18 PM
  • sniper 8) yes plz
    June 22 10:04 PM
  • MillionMilesAway I only really liked five or six songs off of A flair for the dramatic. I can listen to selfish machines all the way through. Plus the boy who could fly is better than any song off of A flair for the dramatic
    June 17 09:36 PM
  • Banion changed it. just kinda lame, wanted it for writing reviews and such...
    June 14 04:14 AM
  • Banion thanks guy =p
    June 14 04:06 AM
  • Mars Blackmon Shes now my new fav porn star. alright then whos that in your profile pic homie?
    June 13 08:06 PM
  • Ire nah, it's good man
    June 12 06:49 AM
  • Ire nm u
    June 11 06:18 AM
  • Ire Hello my name is Dre, how may I help you?
    June 11 05:52 AM
  • ThePalestMexican I thought I was crazy for a while, cause I thought I was the only one who liked it.
    June 10 01:04 AM
  • ThePalestMexican Yeah Bury Your Dead was my first like..."core" band experience. Hell I even enjoyed the self-titled. But that album made me cry on the inside.
    June 9 10:32 PM
  • ThePalestMexican I reviewed it, how do you think I feel? haha
    June 9 07:21 AM
  • ThePalestMexican Spot on Bury Your Dead ratings
    June 7 08:52 AM
  • Mars Blackmon WHO IS THAT GIRL IN YOUR AVATAR?????????
    June 6 02:11 AM
  • AnotherBrick haha ya dude. the doors are my second favorite band, and these guys keep the "tribal" sound that the doors created on a few of their songs. Also, the closing song has lyrics from 2 different doors songs, which just straight up blew my mind.
    May 30 06:16 AM
  • AnotherBrick warflower (the opening track) is normally everyone's favorite song by these guys. the last 3 songs have some rapping in them, which normally would turn me off, but when these guys do it i just have a eargasm
    May 30 06:11 AM
  • AnotherBrick haha ya same here. you really need to check out in lake' ch, personally i like it more than 44 but i'm obsessed with both
    May 30 06:07 AM
  • AnotherBrick have you listened to their other album? and based off of your pie chart it amazes me that you gave 44 a 5
    May 30 05:59 AM
  • AnotherBrick i was just going to come tell you to rate 44 but you just did, so......
    May 30 05:54 AM
  • TheSpirit Lol it's okay. Honestly, i've only heard the split once and it was awhile ago so i'm really not even that familiar with it. I just know (from thinking about Clandestine Blaze) that it's probably full of raw aggression, yet a great depth. try and concentrate on that
    May 30 03:13 AM
  • TheSpirit Hmmm, good question. I guess how i would go about it, is in the intro paragraph, find a way to tie all three artists together somehow. then for the body paragraphs, (since it's a short split) try to find some common features that all the songs/bands have present within their music and write about that, along with a few standout moments
    May 29 08:09 PM
  • Foxhound ahh, correct.
    May 24 01:54 AM
  • Foxhound glad you liked the converge.
    May 23 11:43 PM
  • ShadowRemains i'd gigoogity her schmoigen
    May 19 12:17 AM
  • ShadowRemains i'll add nikki rhodes to the girls too ^_^
    May 18 11:45 PM
  • ShadowRemains slaaay them alllll
    May 18 11:20 PM
  • ShadowRemains
    May 18 11:16 PM
  • ShadowRemains i'll go grab Arwen and Eowyn
    May 18 11:12 PM
  • ShadowRemains what can I do for you, my master? :P
    May 18 11:08 PM
  • ShadowRemains you could be one of the nazgul...but that's the best I could do...check this picture...*ve7M-5kriPsi50Ia/Nazgul.jpg
    May 18 11:03 PM
  • ShadowRemains you could also do your profile pic instead
    May 18 10:59 PM
  • ShadowRemains hahahahaha, understand :P
    May 18 10:59 PM
  • ShadowRemains you need to have someone from the mordor side of LOTR as ur avatar
    May 18 10:47 PM
  • ShadowRemains you should join the fellowship of mordor
    May 18 05:20 AM
  • tinkrbel nice! thx
    May 8 06:42 PM
  • BallsToTheWall Pornhub is practically my religon. i knew that picture looked familiar.
    March 19 01:15 AM
  • EnCrypt. ive seen your avatar on redtube
    March 17 02:39 AM
  • TheSpirit haha yeah thanks, i consider myself to be pretty lucky
    March 15 02:51 AM
  • TheSpirit tis my girlfriendd
    March 15 02:46 AM
  • bloozclooz hey dude can you tell me if my style of writing is getting any better? thanks ://
    March 12 01:56 AM
  • bloozclooz homeslice
    March 11 02:51 AM
  • DeleriumTrigger Who's your avatar?
    March 8 11:23 PM
  • PigDestroyer89 Yeah dude it came out last year damn bro that sucks a lot!
    March 8 02:42 PM
  • PigDestroyer89 Yeah dude for sure!!! I saw them over here in Monterrey last August and they had a merch guys don't have crack the skye in stores yet??? O.0
    March 6 10:09 PM
  • Rationalist Chan looks like a vagina
    March 6 03:11 AM
  • Rationalist I mean, it looks like a tit? OH NO! Do Janet Jackson's star studded nipple
    March 1 05:23 AM
  • Rationalist Do britney spears' crotch shot?
    March 1 05:22 AM
  • Rationalist So I take it that you're a tits sort of guy? How could I have guessed?
    February 28 03:20 AM
  • BSX =D
    February 14 12:28 AM
  • Rationalist Zooey FTW
    February 13 08:25 PM
  • BSX LOL we've been commenting on the same list and such lately!
    February 13 06:11 AM
  • Rationalist nice avatar
    February 13 05:08 AM
  • bloc now who are those fine women?
    January 16 08:59 PM
  • Dreamsoffew Haha. It was pretty easy actually. I generally log on at night while studying/writing, except for today. But i'm in bed and hungover so it's easy to get carried away in conversations!
    December 18 11:32 PM
  • Trundle o hahahaha i was just trollin the guy. it was a pretty funny thread, if you read my other comments you'll clearly see i was just trollin him.
    December 12 10:04 PM
  • Yotimi Kung Pow ftw.
    December 8 03:54 PM
  • VixSin Well you're definitely a pro haha.
    November 28 02:22 AM
  • VixSin Hm I see I see, kinda random that you'd bring her up!
    November 27 02:10 PM
  • VixSin I don't know who roxy deville is...*two seconds later* oh I see, so she models?
    November 27 01:36 AM
  • theacademy Kate Voegele, shes a fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine mess
    November 21 07:00 AM
  • BSX LOL he's like one of my fav manga characters.
    November 10 04:32 AM
  • Nikkolae BOOYAAA! lol im bored :\
    November 3 06:29 PM
  • BSX ^_^
    October 14 10:53 PM
  • BSX It's takes dedication to practice everyday without any help. Kudos to you.
    October 14 10:01 PM
  • BSX OMG you never took lessons!? I didn't when I 1st started but then it got too boring and tough, so I stopped. It was until I got a job did I start back playing since I could afford the lessons.
    October 12 10:41 PM
  • Comatorium. :// THERE BRO
    September 22 01:58 AM
  • extremehardcore **** you..emo bitch
    September 18 06:46 AM
  • MizaelMassacre nah i dont think so but yea i like them
    September 11 08:01 PM
  • MizaelMassacre august burns red is the s***! :]
    September 10 08:49 PM
  • BSX Ok.
    September 9 10:13 PM
  • BSX Hey, thanks for giving my shoutbox some attention! ^_^
    September 9 03:18 AM
  • BSX =D
    September 6 07:59 AM
  • KritikalMotion Wheres your name originate from?
    September 1 06:14 AM
  • Nikkolae My Shoutbox is Always Empty :'( "Sigh"
    August 31 04:10 AM

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