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  • WatchItExplode Miss this dude's special brand of negativity
    March 23 12:02 PM
  • Kiran stay gold, ponyboy
    December 15 01:27 PM
  • p4p RIP
    October 27 07:54 AM
  • Kiran this guy
    August 7 06:17 AM
  • danielito19 come back
    May 12 02:23 PM
  • sure
    February 18 05:57 AM
  • sure
    February 18 05:56 AM
  • Dancedrewdance Hey
    February 18 01:48 AM
  • Dancedrewdance Hey
    February 13 04:08 PM
  • pissbore as one of the users who i feel i have profoundly offended in the past, i hereby attempt to officially abandon any trace of negativity between us. i have a project with truly massive potential to share with this site, but i don't want to do it until i can at least attempt to resolve and settle any remaining dissonance i may or may not still have with certain users. your call on how we move from here, but i'll respect either choice.
    February 4 03:07 PM
  • porch watched half a docu about rhcp on vh1
    July 28 10:09 PM
  • porch yo what you listening to these days
    June 29 02:18 PM
  • ShadowRemains you should dig this:
    May 25 04:30 PM
  • Kiran yeah, i love the way thee oh sees are going, dwyer's been killing it on the last couple of releases. whatcha listening to these days
    May 7 06:43 AM
  • porch lol did i rec you that? been too long. guy was so ****ed up. lots of good lines from herzog too - 'NEVER LISTEN TO THIS TAPE'
    April 30 01:48 PM
  • Kiran so you're still kicking around huh, what's good
    April 29 12:19 PM
  • SeaAnemone sweet never heard of them but that sounds exactly what I'm looking for
    April 29 11:09 AM
  • OmairSh **** this
    March 21 02:13 AM
  • Graveyard thanks man. glad you enjoyed it.
    March 5 11:54 AM
  • Graveyard awesome. winterfall has dem bitches crying in my backgrounds.
    February 12 11:35 AM
  • Graveyard My new album, I think you'll dig it:
    February 12 11:14 AM
  • Hep Kat idk, idc, i just want me vittles
    December 17 09:30 PM
  • Hep Kat DUDE. whatchoo been listenin 2 lately? force feed me the radness
    December 17 08:53 PM
  • PunchforPunch r u drew speziale?
    November 29 11:22 PM
  • GiaNXGX
    November 21 10:09 PM
  • porch knew it was serious this time,going from the safety of a music community to sleepless days and nights alone in a hotel room in a soulless metropolis...hiatus ****s with your mind
    October 15 09:56 AM
  • GiaNXGX motocycling yo
    October 15 12:00 AM
  • porch turns down chance to see the chariot..........takes 3 week period of reflection
    October 14 04:49 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Darn. Well, their farewell show is coming soon and I wanted to see if any fellow Coloradan sputnikers wanted to join.
    September 19 04:08 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Are you a fan of the band The Chariot by any chance?
    September 18 12:19 AM
  • SadAndHolyGlow You're welcome. Awesome taste in music, by the way, my friend.
    September 17 09:26 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Same here. Stay safe out there, bro.
    September 17 08:58 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Oh, cool. Highlands Ranch for me. Has Boulder been hit pretty hard?
    September 17 05:05 PM
  • SadAndHolyGlow Are you from Colorado?
    September 17 01:34 PM
  • Kman418 #jelly
    September 5 11:29 PM
  • Kman418 hey
    September 5 11:02 PM
  • someguest give it time your complete emotional spectrum will emerge
    September 1 12:22 AM
  • someguest ur my gyro
    September 1 12:19 AM
  • rasputin not totally sure, if they did their friends took the body with them. some chubby dude got taken out during our set though, i saw it out of the corner of my eye before i launched myself onto people.
    August 14 11:52 PM
  • OmairSh I wish :-(
    August 13 11:29 AM
  • rasputin we did actually, not particularly good recording coz the recorder was placed too close to the drums. gonna EQ it a bit and see if it's any good after that, will link you if it is. show was off the hook anyway, my living room was raging.
    August 13 02:25 AM
  • DeafMetal i miss u i love u and i wanna trade tapes with u
    August 12 02:37 PM
  • OmairSh Is alachalahlahol how a drunk person says alcohol?
    August 11 07:08 PM
  • fromtheinside INTERESTING. i live in america too, coincidentally, or as the rest of sput genpop would think IRONICALLY, i have rights too
    August 9 02:36 AM
  • fromtheinside hey. shut up
    August 9 02:31 AM
  • porch hahaha
    July 28 06:32 AM
  • Hyperion1001 yeah i was at one with the cosmos one night and it just felt right
    June 17 01:59 AM
  • porch yeah the reissue's supposed to be good, might as well grab one. don't have it myself but would like to
    June 3 11:18 AM
  • porch way ahead of you, got discharged in 88 after injuries sustained in operation praying mantis but not before sinking 12 iranian speedboats. got into dead moon later that year and haven't looked back
    May 29 12:54 PM
  • porch you know how it is, one minute you're nodding your head to the music and the next you're breaking established rating protocol. first 3 DM albums in particular are great tho if you still haven't given them a listen
    May 29 11:19 AM
  • rasputin filthcore* cheers bud, knew u would like.
    May 15 10:58 PM
  • Crymsonblaze u dun goof'd
    May 1 02:38 PM
  • klap 4.0 for wolfgang amadeus phoenix good day sir
    April 24 12:03 PM
  • KILL lol check andcas's and atari's shoutbox convos, funny stuff
    March 7 03:43 PM
  • TheNexus100 thnx
    February 23 12:44 PM
  • TheNexus100 im just trying to get some recs out of you man no need for hostility
    February 23 12:34 PM
  • TheNexus100 show me pv since i dont know nothin
    February 23 12:11 PM
  • GiaNXGX this is the best thing ever
    February 22 06:09 PM
  • GiaNXGX thanks man.
    February 15 10:57 PM
  • GiaNXGX hey drew, do u mind droppin me some thrashcore? Please, love. -Gian
    February 12 02:19 PM
  • savagecabbage stop being a cock" he said, **** tattoos on his armProbably to cover up his wife-induced scarsBecause your mothers gash is so big i can just walk-inSo much food in there, i might as well stick a knife and fork inYou little cockblocker, sitting behind your deskGet back up in my face, ill leave you ****ing deadYou pathetic ****, try getting lippy with me, ill break your sisterI aint talking nothing sexual when i say ill ****ing fist 'erHillbilly, tattoo shop working bastardYou resemble a ****ing spasticAnd if you get in my face once moreIll **** you up worse than your mom, whose a whoreDie very soonNobody gives a **** that you like to deepthroatThey overlook it in that ****ing shop, you knowSo **** you and the ****ing horse you road in onYou cockblock with bitches, but you aint getting noneSeems like your upset inside, your personal hellSo why dont you just ****ing hang yourselfTheres nothing really here for you, you dont belongSo go meet your maker, dawg, carry onIf you ever get right up in my ****ing face againYou know full well you will meet your endA demise that youve had coming to you for a whileYoure despised in every country from here to the NileYour sister works night shifts, selling her crack for doughYour fathers a lazy bastard, forcing you to work to the boneThere aint one member of your family who aint a ****ing ****So go ahead, you crackhead ****, role another blunt(clean singing start)It is what is, and your a ****ing ****So go ahead, crackhead, role another bluntYou go on at me like im something im notBut your the fail mother****er in a tattoo shop
    February 5 07:08 PM
  • WeepingBanana we have the same number of ratings oOoOoO_______OoOoOo
    February 5 04:51 PM
  • slipnslide Yeah dude it's B day and her face is uhhhmmm uh umm umm umm umuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    February 5 04:33 PM
  • slipnslide lol yeah man that's me just takin a s***. Barfs*** what a horrible algebra period the notes took the whole period and we got quite a good load of HW, but luckily we is watchin a daaaaang ol movie in english ehehehehehehehhee so im gonna work on it and when i finish that gonna work on this timeline for history. hopefully everything'll be done by the time i get home so i can eat queef and masturbate, then gotta get to work on this ipod ****ery ugh
    February 5 04:22 PM
  • Hawks Dude ur so cool on the internet how do u do it?
    January 25 04:26 PM
    January 21 01:29 PM
  • DeafMetal nah dude life has not been easy for me at all the past few months ;c
    January 21 01:24 PM
  • DeafMetal hi
    January 7 01:44 PM
  • Wizard ****, just judging by your ratings on here, you're overall taste just sucks as well.
    January 3 08:53 PM
  • Wizard So you consider Woe to be great bm, huh? And you think my taste in metal sucks? **** you're stupid dude.
    January 3 08:50 PM
  • MadKungFu Competely forgot Totalitar. Haven't listened to them in a day.
    December 24 03:55 PM
  • MadKungFu Out of curiosity which crust bands would you have not included on my list?
    December 24 01:32 PM
  • porch pretty awesome aren't they. i guess on a subconscious level you weren't ready to rock but the black leather jacket and zip files for the next 2-3 albums will be there when you're ready
    December 19 08:19 AM
  • porch yeah good call, heard their older material but didnt get around to those yet. i'll investigate
    December 13 07:21 PM
  • porch yeah, haven't really been keeping track of much new stuff lately either. might have to hit up greg84 to find the 4.5's. already got zelienople and wild nothing, will acquire the others, thanks
    December 13 04:29 PM
  • porch throw a couple of recs my way when you get a chance. anything good from this year you think i'll dig
    December 13 12:22 PM
  • WeepingBanana word yeah i mean i already know dropdead and infest and they rule
    November 28 04:44 PM
  • WeepingBanana thrashcore would be cool but both would be cool too. and yeah i see what you mean by 9 shocks being d-beat, i guess i just didn't immediately think discharge when i heard them
    November 27 04:44 PM
  • WeepingBanana do you like 9 Shocks Terror? i know you like thrashcore so yeah. also rec me some thrashcore that's more obscure than D.R.I.
    November 26 06:41 PM
  • DeafMetal revamped the blog a bit, some new write-ups and posts too. check it out if u want dude
    November 20 01:41 PM
  • DeafMetal coo hope u enjoy i don't rly post much anymore, but i recently re-upped like 90% of the dead links on there so
    November 15 04:46 PM
  • DeafMetal yea gettin arrested n takin hikes u
    November 14 06:52 PM
  • GiaNXGX Alachlahol I like your sense of humor and username and I like that you reported my plagiarized review, let's be friends (**** you :]).
    November 13 08:30 PM
  • DeafMetal ilu
    November 13 06:55 PM
  • 731 figured the precinct captain would dooright for once but i guess i was wrong
    November 1 05:51 PM
  • 731 not surprised you haven't shown your face down at the precinct since ludswig issued his challenge
    November 1 05:32 PM
  • LudsWig see my latest list, a challenge for you
    August 31 03:23 PM
  • MO nah my reputation was shot the day I chose this username ;)
    August 14 09:40 AM
  • EyesWideShut "all dez bitches n all dez hoez in here, somebody here gon fuk!"
    August 8 05:37 PM
  • Kiran consider me interested
    August 8 01:18 PM
  • Kiran chillwave, i remember it well
    August 8 12:18 PM
  • conesmoke shutup prawn
    August 1 02:34 AM
  • BirthRite can i share a bible scripture with you?
    July 17 05:16 PM
  • DeafMetal hi buddy ;3
    July 10 12:52 PM
  • ShadowRemains sort of, but still lots of crusty goodness
    June 26 02:59 PM
  • Cells you snooty son of a bitch
    June 19 02:58 PM
  • DeafMetal let's smoke some drugs -- and then eat some drugs -- and then smoke more drugs
    June 7 07:10 PM
  • porch metal face more like unflinching depiction of pathos investment
    June 3 02:02 PM
  • Hawks You're a ****.
    May 29 05:31 PM
  • ShadowRemains yeah it slays
    May 15 06:39 PM
  • Relinquished yeah I'm not too pumped either and I even saw some of those bands at Roadburn last month, but I'd love to see Rorschach, Eyehategod, Demigod, Noothgrush, Archgoat, and Winter; and Godflesh and some other bands again too.
    May 15 05:21 PM
  • Relinquished what about u
    May 15 03:47 PM
  • Relinquished I'll be there for all 4 days, but I won't be there to see all the bands, I just want to see some of them.
    May 15 03:45 PM
  • ShadowRemains Hammers has a new album out, btw.
    May 15 01:48 AM
  • Xenophanes haven't seen you in awhile
    May 4 06:18 PM
  • Hep Kat gud 2 c u bak
    May 4 04:40 PM
  • DeafMetal ugh i'm tired of the lack of trve mvsic connoissevrs on this site
    April 1 06:19 PM
  • DeafMetal i need u in my life and in me
    April 1 05:45 PM
  • Cells hi
    December 24 07:21 PM
  • AggravatedYeti where r u?
    December 22 11:45 AM
  • TheSpirit where have you gone :(
    December 12 01:19 AM
  • FatChickIrl i like u u remind me of the sarcastic vicious new jersian ive come to love
    October 19 10:00 PM
  • lancebramsay of course my asshole is already pretty stretched from all that bs I pulled out of it for the review
    October 13 05:17 PM
  • lancebramsay thanks for ripping me a new asshole, was in need of a good butt rape
    October 13 05:12 PM
  • FatChickIrl you nigger bitch
    October 9 07:26 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath I was just looking on an old list of pv bands I wanted to check out. I think it was from a blog, but I could be wrong. Oh well, there are plenty of other pv bands to listen to. Thanks anyway.
    September 21 12:57 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath Do you know the name of any Gut albums? The pv one, not the pornogrind one. There is a pv Gut, right?
    September 19 05:04 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath I've got Dropdead and Weekend Nachos. Been meaning to check out Hatred Surge and I haven't heard the rest. Thanks.
    September 15 01:54 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath That deathrite band was pretty good. Not really the same thing, but what are some good pv albums I need to get? I've got the main ones like Charles Bronson, Man is the Bastard, Infest, No Comment, etc.
    September 15 11:10 AM
  • TheSpirit you can go beyond it if you'd like
    August 26 09:28 AM
  • TheSpirit okay, that's fine y
    August 26 09:27 AM
  • TheSpirit we should start posting on ive been trying to **** up my life for years again
    August 26 09:16 AM
  • BallsToTheWall Also think Bastard is pretty dope.
    August 10 11:44 AM
  • DeafMetal alachlalgol
    July 25 06:44 PM
  • DeafMetal nice algol rating bro
    July 24 02:03 AM
  • Wastelander Uh dude, you do know that everybody is taking your word even tho it's totally false?
    July 7 03:22 PM
  • nullpoint What gave you the idea that I am War? Because he's in my musical neighbors list?
    July 1 01:33 PM
  • wabbit you are my favourite.
    June 29 09:50 PM
  • HenchmanOfSanta I have not, but they seem like a band I'd like and I've heard plenty of praise for them. Consider them added to my gigantic aspergersy rec list.
    June 29 09:47 PM
  • conradtao yep
    June 27 01:53 PM
  • rasputin s***, didn't know about the thou EPs. downloaded one of them, chaos wizard whatever, will listen soon. the band need to slow s*** down, it's so hard to keep up.
    June 15 04:40 AM
  • Ire that would suck so much god damn i gotta listen more b4 he ruins them
    June 12 09:34 PM
  • Ire no no no. hawks, maniac, apollo, tyraexly = the hawks collective
    June 12 06:08 PM
  • Ire lol the hawks collective
    June 11 08:37 PM
  • AggravatedYeti going to have to get my hands on them. Which shouldn't be too hard. Thank you internet.
    June 5 12:09 PM
  • AggravatedYeti liking Cursed a whole lot.
    June 3 04:32 PM
  • AggravatedYeti you're too good to me. thank you ala.
    June 1 12:02 PM
  • AggravatedYeti I've been on a classic/hardcore binge as of recent. really I'd say just give me a handful of your favorites that would fall under the "punk" umbrella in anyway. Crust, Power violence, don't really care too much.
    May 30 12:52 PM
  • AggravatedYeti one day I'll ask you for some righteous punks. maybe today. ok maybe I just did.
    May 30 11:53 AM
  • AggravatedYeti cannot ****ing wait in all honesty. I know you enjoyed Toro's new LP but god damn I hope Washed Out's LP sounds like chillwave.
    May 29 06:29 PM
  • Willie Nothin but love ;)
    May 20 05:28 PM
  • lancebramsay You tryna be best friends?
    May 17 12:17 PM
  • Deviant. Did the tracklist as well
    May 13 01:54 AM
  • SeaAnemone workouts like this will pay off in the long run though you can build up your endurance for those really long, intense days out on the battlefield
    May 10 12:14 PM
  • SeaAnemone ur on a roll today good job
    May 10 11:40 AM
  • cvlts
    May 9 05:03 PM
  • TheSpirit Haha I don't know, you seem to listen to more punk and hardcore than me.
    May 4 08:48 PM
  • cvlts holy ****
    May 2 01:48 AM
  • cvlts pulling teeth have always been eh to me. the songs on their recent split was legit though.
    April 30 09:09 PM
  • Emim that Dispatch album is awesome. thanks for the rec, man
    April 28 09:58 PM
  • Ire brb gonna discover a melodic post dm band and make 5 lists about it.
    April 21 10:28 AM
  • Ire you and porch are doing gods work. yeah brother
    April 21 09:34 AM
  • aok what's dub-style reggae and how's it different from other reggae?
    April 20 02:11 PM
  • aok seems like the more i listen to reggae the more i end up having mad respect for bob marley
    April 20 02:01 PM
  • AggravatedYeti also I don't think I've ever asked: You a 76ers man? They as well are looking like a franchise on the up-and-up once more.
    April 20 01:16 PM
  • AggravatedYeti Almost, but didn't. Problem is the rest of the Knick's probs won't play as a team--not yet. All these GMs seem to forget you need to build your super-star trio around a firm team. Rondo, Davis and at least in 08, Eddie House/Tony Allen were great bench players/draft picks. The Heat are starting to finally learn this (see: Bibby buyout and how well they've done since) but the Knicks need another year. By 2012 they will prob take the Atlantic Div. away from Celts. Esp. with Chauncey out now.
    April 20 01:12 PM
  • Ire hell yeah brother
    April 14 12:28 PM
  • Ire you owned that **** so good. im proud of you son.
    April 14 09:51 AM
  • aok love the dave brubeck link btw. i know that song for sure but didn't know who did it
    April 13 01:51 PM
  • aok and . you did. i guess it was a stretch to call ali reggae, but i was going for the sense of things listened to a lot in west africa i s'pose. you know lucky dube?
    April 13 01:32 PM
  • aok a jazz man who likes roots reggae on sputnik? gimme some ali farka toure / chet baker esque recs and i would be much obliged
    April 13 01:36 AM
  • oldskull please forgive me alachlahol-san! POR FAVOR!!!!!
    April 11 09:38 AM
  • Relinquished yeah just let me get fleshgod apocalypse to kick their butt lol
    April 6 06:50 AM
  • Relinquished yeah those guys had a lot of inside jokes. made this place fun for a while. now it's a s***ty community oh wait it's been like this for over a year.
    April 5 11:09 PM
  • Relinquished pretty sure he changed his name. you should've been there when rasp reviewed apator before count got his posts deletd and it got gay with users not getting the joke.
    April 5 10:51 PM
  • Relinquished
    April 5 10:41 PM
  • BigHans lol its the definition of cock rawk
    March 25 04:42 PM
  • AggravatedYeti tbh I never noticed that about Curren$y at all. I'm still not convinced about Toro's new direction either. any noice recs? and ya know, whats up?
    March 16 01:25 PM
  • TheSpirit don't worry about it dude, it's all good. can't wait to see some of the stuff you post, sure it slays!
    March 10 10:51 AM
  • Maniac! climax
    March 7 09:16 AM
  • AggravatedYeti a few days? you mistake me for someone with that kind of patience. RESULTS NOW. but yah Toro is ok.
    March 2 03:15 PM
  • AggravatedYeti so what are your thoughts on this new Toro Y Moi and Millionyoung? and did you ever get around to checking out curren$y?
    February 22 04:21 PM
  • MO cheers bro
    February 22 02:09 PM
  • Scoot u mad?
    February 21 10:43 PM
  • Scoot u mad?
    February 21 10:40 PM
  • rasputin thanks for the recs. i already got extreme noise on my wishlist so ill get to it soon enough. have listened to phobia already, though not that release, ill put it on the list. cheers dawwwwg
    February 16 04:13 AM
  • rasputin it's actually really strange - they all have good taste, but all of them also occasionally jock s***ty bands. obviously i'd say get everythign i rate highly, and king cripple usually reviews good albums. asides from that i'd probably also give kunal, tim, rob and mike a chance. reviews from the rest i (generally) just read but don't follow up on.
    February 11 08:06 PM
  • rasputin no not all of them. the way they were chosen was all the staff would nominate a few albums that they thought deserved a spot, and we'd discuss them a bit and if at least one other person backed an album it'd probably go up. i'd say not including the ones i put in and wrote the blurbs for, about 3 or 4 from each year i would also back, while the rest i either hadn't heard or didn't really like
    February 11 11:21 AM
  • danielito19 nope I don't play Call of Duty. btw you seem like a total asshole/troll who hates a lot of music I like yet you continue posting on music i like. go away.
    February 10 09:48 AM
  • TheSpirit my intentions are for it to be open ended for the most part. the only requirement is that the s*** is actually good
    February 9 06:37 AM
  • TheSpirit if i started a blog would you post on it. you got great tastes and whatnot so i think it'd be sweet. lettme know.
    February 8 01:41 PM
  • Kiran gonna be awesome no doubt
    February 1 02:13 PM
  • AggravatedYeti can't ****ing wait! - new track of his. its dope.
    February 1 10:46 AM
  • FatChickIrl hi cutie
    January 23 10:17 PM
  • Ire yr alright, man.
    January 18 12:11 PM
  • Ire hawks needs pop recs but they have to be dark and atmospheric with lots of synths n blastbeats
    January 18 10:14 AM
  • Kiran havent had time so far but i heard the first song and it rules
    January 17 12:24 PM
  • Kiran i'm not that cruel
    January 17 09:04 AM
  • Kiran rumour has it the new cut copy record is floating around the world wide web
    January 16 09:17 AM
  • liledman good to see somebody with their head screwed on. s***s getting more and more stupid.
    January 15 03:14 AM
  • Kiran if you havent heard clive tanaka y su orquesta, it is the god damn JAM
    January 11 02:00 AM
  • Kiran no nostalgia? that son of a bitch
    January 10 11:02 AM
  • Wizard Thanks dude, the rec's sound good!
    January 7 08:24 AM
  • Kiran nooope i was kinda hoping you would judge it for me
    January 5 03:54 PM
  • Kiran millionyoung LP leaked
    January 4 03:29 AM
  • Willie Thanks. Glad you like it. Yeah, it's all done through photoshop.
    January 1 10:52 AM
  • AggravatedYeti dude was just working on my end-of-year write up for that record and thinking the exact same thing.
    December 30 02:43 PM
  • Wizard That Withered album rules pretty hard, especically for a band on a shat label called Prosthetic Records.
    December 30 02:20 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath Haha, that's probably why I liked it. Send a few more recs my way.
    December 30 02:19 PM
  • accompliceofmydeath That was good, too! I may have seen the light at the end of the black metal tunnel.
    December 30 01:44 PM

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