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Dang Death Metal

i gotta say these are a buncha my faves off the top of my dang head. was thinkin of addin my top thrash picks as well but looked at how much work it would be and i said fuck it!! these are my favorites! not yours!!!! i appreciate those gorguts/death proggy tech bands some o the time but my heart is in filth and murk and thats that i dont need to explain myself to you!!!
to the depths... in degradation

made by the vocals! he sounds like a real demon/hellspawn creature and the murk
production helps make this a great choice if you want to feel and look evil
2bolt thrower
those once loyal

i freakin love bolt thrower!! this choice was super hard i cant deny and thats
because theyve got a crapload of albums that just do not disappoint. how do you
choose between realm of chaos, war master, ivth crusade, etc.??? took me several
minutes in my mind but i was feelin partial to melodic leads at the time and those
once loyal takes the cake!
left hand path

nothing much to say. they created the tone most swede dm bands use nowadays n
they even get ripped off by shitty bands like trap them who think its cool to play
entombed riffs in hardcore punk songs. i say get a life and make your own frikkin
crypt born & tethered to ruin

modern and dirty! disgusting filth with deep darkness. how do two guys do it??
5intestine baalism
banquet in the darkness

i do occasionally get the hankerin for some o that melodeath done just right and
these japs know how to press my buttons! best leads n secret of mana solos in dm?
probably ha ha!
all idols fall before the hammer

drummer is so good they decided to mix him in above everything else! i like this
atmosphere; church bells create an ominous tone leading into creative riffs that
lead into sweet blast beats!! vocals are top notch and i love this album!!
mondo medicale

buncha dorks is who these guys are. the theme for this album is ridiculous! more
based around gore and whatnot they deliver a triple vox attack backed up by
master instrumentals! mozart would be proud. they have a side project called ghoul!
just as goofy and just as good!
8the chasm
procession to the infraworld

most consistent band in death metal and the only prog death band i give a shit
about on a regular basis! every album is sickbird with a strong focus on instrumental
tracks and sickeningly bird songwriting. dont miss this one! danny corchado is a
true legend!
9morpheus descends
chronicles of the shadowed ones

god i love this band i freaking love them! why did bands other new yorkers like
suffocation make it and not morpheus?? whos to say. one of the heavier of the 90s
dm bands!
war of all against all

why some modern blackned death album you say? well ill tell you its cause it they
know how to create that blackened deathly atmosphere thats why! the vocals get
me good i love them and the production is bottomless like youre fallin down some
crazy bottomless pit with black walls!
the supreme force of eternity

big sounding production for 90s dm! great doomy swede death theres nothing else
to say!
incorrigible bigotry

picking a single arghoslent is difficult! they maintain consistency while coming out
with new catchy riffs on a regular basis. riff supremacists indeed! their vocalists
have always been a bit weak but the guitar/drum work goes a long way to letting
me forgive them!!
onward to golgotha

this is the original murk! craig pillards vocals are what every dm vocalist should
aspire to achieve in life youd better believe it cause i sure do!

very heavy 90s dm! how low did these guys tune their guitars man???

overall a near perfect package! songwriting, production, everything is just too good!
mental funeral

a total classic! drum production hasnt been matched since and their vocalist is the
drummer!! these guys are the perfect embodiment of the genre! they didnt worry
about blast beats while creating one of the first doomy dm albums out their and
have some of the best solos youre ever gonna find guaranteed
ritual ascension beyond flesh

death doom to the max!! a truly evil sounding gem! the drums kinda pitter patter
along and his vocals hit the brown note all the time. hollowed out production that
brings the grim!
world without god

another near perfect album. people blow the fins all the time for how well they do
their death metal and this album sure helps to reinforce that stereotype!
19impetuous ritual
relentless execution of ceremonial excrescence

so dang evil! they start to chug hard at times and when those howling shriek like
demon vox enter my eardrums i cant help but quiver with fear!!!

lovecraftian worship with old man vocals and sick trems!!! believe this band only
knows the tremelo and nothin else. really interesting unorthodox drumming! i try to
decipher it at times but i can never succeed!! two members of this band are also in
impetuous ritual. coincidence that they are both good?? i think not
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