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  • modpack whoops i was crazy late on that other thread, rym is livingthrowaway
    January 29 06:47 AM
  • Hep Kat "Quick! Slaughter the fatted calf! For this son of mine was dead and he now alive again; he was lost and now he is found" - The Word of the Lord? Amen ???
    March 10 10:44 AM
  • chemicalmarriage U r cool.guy i agree with accolades u r good user cool guy
    February 28 04:56 AM
  • demigod! yo dude i hope you stick around, this place needs more people who arent chodes
    February 28 01:42 AM
  • Hep Kat plz cum baqq plz omg
    April 10 02:48 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures **** THAT. DIPSET.
    October 18 09:46 AM
  • oltnabrick yo mitch, check this out. i know you like triple six and sgp so youll probably dig this
    June 17 10:41 PM
  • HolidayKirk Thanks for the kind words! You're very right about I Don't Like's appeal. The other thing I've always really enjoyed is his lyrics are berift of any bulls*** whatsoever, they've been paired down to nothing in an almost Gang of Four like fashion.
    June 5 08:28 AM
  • HillaryClitTounge "god KRS-One is such a moron"I'm an icon of outdated purist new york rap, please pay attention to me"dude's face looks weird as **** too"only place you would ever say that is behind a computer screen ya lil bitch ass internet thug
    May 8 08:54 PM
  • EaglesBecomeVultures brother what do you think of that chance the rapper? need some good opinions in that thread.
    May 3 10:22 AM
  • pissbore RIP
    March 28 11:04 PM
  • FromDaHood Almost certainly. I have to clarify the date and time of one of my finals but I really doubt they'll conflict.
    March 13 02:12 PM
  • kingsoby1 yo send me recent mixtape recs, i dont go out of my way to listen to them :[
    January 31 05:11 PM
  • GaryJohnson2012 wtf are you talking about retard?
    November 25 03:35 PM
  • GaryJohnson2012 man you are a dumb lil bitch stop talking about hip hop clown
    November 9 02:27 PM
  • sputnikisgay catelyn and rob stark murdered by Frey at his wedding. Brienne is hung by Cateylns zombie. Tyrion kills his father and whore shae after being accused of killing Joffrey, but it was littlefinger
    October 20 03:25 PM
  • LifeAsAChipmunk I've always seemed to enjoy a lot of the same music you did (at least, from what I can tell). Been seeing your name quite often especially since I just recently got into hip-hop.
    September 20 06:38 AM
  • LifeAsAChipmunk You're a good user, why'd you have to leave?
    September 18 09:33 PM
  • BASTAG **** sorry for posting it like 3 times
    May 26 07:01 AM
  • BASTAG hey man, you know a lot about hiphop, got any recs? specifically 90s rappers similar to Big L or 90s Em
    May 26 07:00 AM
  • BASTAG hey man, you know a lot about hiphop, got any recs? specifically 90s rappers similar to Big L or 90s Em
    May 26 06:59 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV Just chillin'Another sputnikateer, much like yourself
    November 28 03:25 AM
  • Activista anti-MTV sup
    November 28 03:13 AM
  • witchxrapist girl let me touch you there, i wanna feel you
    November 22 01:41 PM
  • RosaParks wtf you're white? i always picture you as your avatar with that smug look on your face :/
    September 7 11:51 PM
  • Tupik Been listening to a lot of your recs lately, gotta say I'm feeling dulb for waiting so long. Cam'Ron is tight, and Z-Ro ****ing blew my mind
    September 6 06:15 AM
  • Apollo spek
    August 31 11:06 AM
  • Apollo keep being a **** w/
    August 31 02:43 AM
  • FatChickIrl immo tee ,,/ and black shorts
    August 26 11:23 PM
  • FatChickIrl What you doin? Better yet what are you wearing :)
    August 26 06:55 PM
  • FatChickIrl hi you
    August 26 06:04 PM
  • clercqie Well, as I love those 2 albums to death, I thought they would be a good starting point.Next one will take a while, though...
    May 30 09:46 AM
  • clercqie Thanks for the positive feedback :)
    May 30 07:04 AM
  • coneren I think we talked on here one time, and I was so drunk I thought it was for weeks or something. I don't even know what met0 is
    May 29 03:24 PM
  • coneren i forget, i was fall down drunk last night
    May 29 02:33 PM
  • coneren didnt we used to chat??
    May 29 04:03 AM
  • Tupik Thanks, I'll get on it
    May 10 10:12 AM
  • Tupik Hey illimitch, which Z-Ro albums should I get first ?
    May 1 09:52 AM
  • qwe3
    April 1 04:14 AM
  • Apollo lilb
    March 22 12:30 AM
  • Bulldog young #based illmitch
    March 5 04:59 PM
  • Laeddis check out my Lord Finesse review man, tell me what you think of it.
    March 3 10:34 PM
  • Bulldog illmitch, some punk kid wrote an article about frat boys in our school newspaper basically saying theyre just bong smoking douchebags who wear tapout shirts. your response?
    March 3 12:21 PM
  • Bulldog I've only listened to it once, but iirc Sing 2 U is atrocious, Sex Is Dope is laughable, and Water Ride is mediocre. Also, I think Conscious Minds is a style he shouldn't be attempting to do. Ill have to listen to it again, plan on reviewing it anyhow.
    March 2 09:58 AM
  • Bulldog id agree with your second statement, but i think there's about as much filler its just alot worse
    March 1 11:05 PM
  • Bulldog At first I had it at a 3.5, but I think the back end is really bad.
    March 1 10:49 PM
  • TheIllmatics umm. so ignorant brain cell killing, mind polluting, poisonous, generic music
    February 22 10:17 PM
  • TheIllmatics so you give nas' untitled a 2 even though it was full of meaningful songs and you give that state vs radric davis a 4? when it just had songs about drugs, sex and money.
    February 22 07:01 PM
  • Hawks I know you liked that Dirty album I reviewed before so check out the review I just put up for the follow-up to that album. Think you'd like that one too.
    February 18 06:45 PM
  • Urinetrouble sup illymitchell
    January 4 10:13 PM
  • Hawks Hey bro check my new review and listen to that album. I think you would love it.
    December 30 08:31 PM
  • SamuelJKrieg 1994 in your mother****in face
    December 23 10:51 AM
  • chambered89 so the dream is awesome cant believe i havent heard of him til now
    December 16 01:20 AM
  • Megadeth mercy killings
    December 3 10:45 AM
  • Hawks Thanks a lot for all the recs man. I know you're the hip-hop man around here so I was hoping you'd see the list haha.
    December 1 10:31 AM
  • liledman i can understand why you wouldnt have much love for the review site, its the reason why i havent gotten too many comments in the couple of years ive been on here. you certainly know your hip hop though, its a shame usually the most knowledgeable users end up ditching for the forums or leave altogether.
    December 1 02:59 AM
  • Megadeth rush
    November 30 03:07 PM
  • StrizzMatik If you're digging on Tyler and Earl, DEFINITELY download the MellowHype and Domo Genesis albums too. Tyler and Earl's albums are the best but those two are just as good/right behind them.
    October 7 06:58 PM
  • Obfuscation24 thanks man
    October 6 08:26 PM
  • Bulldog have you heard flockaveli yet?
    October 3 05:54 PM
  • Bulldog gOoD dIg MiTcH :3
    September 24 09:49 AM
  • hydeyomoney thanks on the dig compliment, that album is tight. Three digs of mine recently: that album, Blue Flame, The Beam Up 2 by Kingpin Slim. if you wanna check for The Beam Up 2, check "The Win", such an epic horn riff.
    September 19 12:53 AM
  • Psilocyanide Yo mitch a while ago you recced me a Guerilla Maab album, any chance you remember which one it was?
    September 9 09:38 PM
  • qwe3 mitch
    September 5 10:33 PM
  • porch Not sure if i said this to you already but Ridin' Dirty is awesome, thanks for the rec
    September 5 07:20 PM
  • Aids Finally, I added that s*** to the database. Nice soundoff but mine's better.
    August 17 02:27 AM
  • Tulannical awesome, thanks a ton dude. btw i'm a actually starting to like gucci mane a little bit haha.
    August 7 10:45 PM
  • Tulannical mitch where should i start w/ the mountain goats? i know you're a big fan
    August 5 05:30 PM
  • Inveigh nice, I'll hit that up this week then. that M-Phazes album that's getting a decent amount of hype on here is pretty good too, nothing amazing though
    July 12 12:02 PM
  • Inveigh I'll have to check out Yelawolf, I'd never heard of him before I got this Big Boi album. It's probably my second favorite hip hop disc from this year so far, at least off the top of my head. I like it better than the new Roots album even
    July 12 11:11 AM
  • Zeno thanks mang it needed to be said
    July 4 02:59 PM
  • Inveigh you heard the new Big Boi yet? it's dope
    July 2 07:55 PM
  • Dryden ive been waiting for you to say thoes words
    July 2 07:36 PM
  • limonade cuz i'm hannah montana
    June 30 09:25 PM
  • EyesWideShut is Fat Pat and Moe part of the screwed up click? those names sound familiar, but i might be confusing them with some old school memphis dudes.
    June 29 11:24 PM
  • EyesWideShut if u still dig that smooth soulful southern rap, check out Young Bleed's My Own. I think its something you could enjoy bruh.
    June 29 12:52 PM
  • Inveigh checked out Life of Joseph W. McVey and it's real dope man. kinda had a Scarface vibe to it, but a bit more introspective or something and a little smoother too. not usually my thing but I like it a lot
    June 26 12:02 AM
  • Inveigh wow, sounds like a pretty great experience though. i took a summer trip to Ireland with other media students when I was in college, but that was it for me as far as abroad experiences go. enjoy the draft tonight dude, if you're able to make it all the way through without falling asleep haha
    June 24 05:42 PM
  • Inveigh oh damn. where you studying?
    June 24 05:24 PM
  • Inveigh oh yea forgot you were a Kansas dude. supposedly that's a done deal, and even if it falls through with Washington, Sacto wants him too (obv for Kirk's sake Wash would be ideal). I've always been a big fan of his, so it'd be nice to see him go somewhere at least sorta good. If Lebron comes here we'll still have room for Bosh or Joe Johnson or someone, I think that's basically an instant title haha
    June 24 05:08 PM
  • Inveigh yea man that album's the sh*t all the way through. if i wasn't at work right now i'd be jammin some Z-Ro, but right now I'm forced to distract myself with Lebron to the Bulls fantasties
    June 24 04:56 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers So I hear you like Lil B?
    June 23 04:11 AM
  • cirq whered you get your avatar??
    June 16 01:54 AM
  • TMobotron I'm still Pimp C bitch so what the **** is up?I'm puttin' powder on the streets cuz I got big ****in nuts.I don't think I ever thanked you for recommending UGK to me in one of my lists. I love it.
    June 14 03:56 PM
  • qwe3 dude noisymugwump rules, he has great taste and basically everything he's reviewed that i've checked out i've enjoyed immensely. tell him cheers from me dude
    June 8 04:16 AM
  • cirq the cool kids - tackle boxget it now.
    June 1 01:44 AM
  • O.J. Simpson whats the haps neighbor?
    May 18 10:13 PM
  • Bulldog yo illmitch, thanks for everything dude. i mean it. peace out.
    May 4 12:35 AM
  • Bulldog illmitch, i am not in anyway responsible for the "gf suicidal" list or the account that made it.
    April 18 08:37 PM
  • cirq something else haha i dont like him all that much.. my retarded friend thinks that wiz is the best
    April 15 01:03 AM
  • cirq dammit..
    April 15 12:54 AM
  • cirq best rapper alive.. go
    April 15 12:33 AM
  • Mars Blackmon Master P-MP Da Last Don Ghetto D,Silkk the Shocker-Charge it to da Game,C-Murder-Life or Death,Soulja Slim-Give it 2 them Raw Streets Made Me,Mystikal-Unpredictable,Mac-Shell Shocked
    April 12 03:59 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers Not too much, just got a job recently so that's been taking up a lot of my time. I need funds to purchase tree, haha. How are the forums? I've never really contributed over there.
    April 11 12:44 PM
  • ThirtySixChambers I haven't seen you around lately, what's up?
    April 7 09:12 PM
  • Mars Blackmon Hey sorry I never thanked you for the 3 6 mafia recs. They're awesome. What's your opinion on No Limit Records?
    April 7 12:03 AM
  • Bulldog
    April 4 04:43 PM
  • Mars Blackmon hey what are some good three 6 mafia albums? they have alot of stuff and i dont know where to begin.
    March 21 07:39 PM
  • Wizard Hahahah took me a second to realize what you were talking about but than I realized you aren't on here much anymore : (.
    February 8 08:06 PM
  • Wizard Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for introducing me to Blut Aus Nord. Absolutely loving 'Fathers Of The Icy Ages' as of NOW!
    February 4 08:51 AM
  • jagride You have nice taste in music, good to see some love for Husker Du, Crass, Flipper etc
    February 3 02:35 PM
  • Shred Danson Much apreesh for the Holy Terror recommendation, man. I'm ****ing loving the guitars on Mind Wars
    January 14 05:17 PM
  • KILL i said a hip hop the hippie the hippieto the hip hip hop, a you dont stopthe rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogieto the rhythm of the boogie, the beat
    December 31 12:52 PM
  • FadeToBlack tell me if you like it or not. I didn't like it much at first though so give it a few listens
    December 28 08:04 AM
  • Bulldog Yo, I was thinking about doing a Writing On The Wall review just for funziez. Would you like to do some sort of a team review? If so, just comment on my shoutbox. Thanks.
    December 18 09:42 PM
  • Aids Haha yah I haven't listened to him much in the last like...5 years either but I was randomly listening to him a couple days ago and was disappointed to see it's not on sputnik. Ohwell.
    December 10 12:21 AM
  • Bulldog Z-Ro released Cocaine as an album on iTunes, just in case ya didn't know. Peace.
    December 9 10:17 PM
  • Aids Hey I'm trying to add Ill Mitch to the database but I have no idea what the release date of "Punch While Rap" is. I thought you might be able to help me out there.
    December 9 05:34 PM
  • hydeyomoney new Gucci is looking at a 4/4.5 for me. Stupid Wild, Wasted, and Lemonade are looking to be my favorite songs all year.
    December 4 10:54 AM
  • TMobotron Yeah well to be honest southern hip hop usually isnt my thing, with the exception of outkast and cunninlynguists, but ill let you know if im looking for some more! thanks man.
    December 3 11:26 PM
  • hydeyomoney the Cut Throat mixtape is elite. 3.5. you should check it out mayne.
    December 3 10:16 PM
  • TMobotron Hey you recced me UGK's Ridin Dirty in my list and I commented in there but figured you probably wouldnt see it, but I just wanted to say thanks because out of the few tracks Ive gotten through so far they were so damn good. Also never told you how much I like your account name.
    December 3 05:56 PM
  • Jayxsnoogans I have 2 sides; one happy, one anger...and you can tell a board is fast and dangeryou ****ing rulelaserbeams!
    December 1 11:36 AM
  • hydeyomoney have you heard that new Project Pat
    November 29 04:50 AM
  • LeeHarveyKennedy I just had to say, you've got the greatest username I've ever seen on this site by far.
    November 24 01:29 PM
  • Bulldog Hey, looks like we're musical neighbors. :D Anyways, I dropped by to say you should check out MC Ren's new album "Renincarnated." It's some gangsta sh*t, not that autotune bullcrap you hear on the radio. 4.5/5
    November 14 07:08 PM
  • rasputin haha fantastic, i wish my library had detailed books on turkic linguistics :( did you write all that yourself? the grammar was pretty good.
    November 12 08:44 PM
  • witchxrapist thanx bb
    November 8 08:30 PM
  • witchxrapist say it to my.... ARYAN RACE
    November 8 06:57 PM
  • witchxrapist say it to my.... ARYAN RACE
    November 8 06:57 PM
  • witchxrapist stop being a poseur
    November 8 05:26 PM
  • Wizard Obituary's best album is The End Complete hahahaha. Slowly We Rot rules still.
    November 5 10:04 PM
  • hydeyomoney apparently i just rated Big L a 4.5 and now you're my neighbor lol
    November 1 09:12 PM
  • hydeyomoney yeah i've heard of black bastards, but i guess i actually need to hear it now. I really like Mr. Hood, even with the skits, its a 3.5-4
    October 30 05:54 PM
  • hydeyomoney you a fan of K.M.D.? i saw you have some good ratings for DOOM, wondering if you have heard Mr. Hood?
    October 30 01:41 AM
  • rasputin i wsa thinking about it but im not as big on bm as i am on doom or death. i've lately been exploring a lot more though, so there might be one in the near future
    October 28 09:42 PM
  • Bulldog Thanks man, appreciate the support. You got some good taste too, Sputnik is fun. But it's also refreshing because at my school, when I try to talk about rap, other than my friend "hydeyomoney" everybody talks about lil wayne, drake, new boyz...its just like "NO."
    October 28 09:16 PM
  • hydeyomoney hell yeah
    October 28 06:32 PM
  • hydeyomoney from redneckville, haha, oklahoma brahsef. You?
    October 28 02:43 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy i got majestic blue in a 10 cd bundle over at the init records website for only like 20 bucks with shipping. best deal ever, also got that Back When album thats in my avatar and a Dispensing of False Halos album. great deal, i recommend you to check it out if you dont have a physical copy of sinking steps...rising eyes also got like 9 random posters they threw in :/
    October 28 12:44 PM
  • mryrtmrnfoxxxy sinking steps...rising eyes are vv good
    October 28 12:27 PM
  • hydeyomoney so i heard you like rap, so i put a rap in your wrap so you can rap while you eat your wrap...idk bored, sup fellow hip-hopian
    October 26 05:44 PM
  • SnackaryBinx i'll never accept us being neighbors
    October 26 01:12 PM
  • Bulldog Hey illmitch, if you didn't already know. Three 6 did a collaboration with Tech N9ne on K.O.D. The song is called "Demons". It goes really hard, I think Three 6 Mafia is circling back to their old selves. You can listen to it here - ://
    October 25 08:41 PM
  • Tits McGee Texas State University for now, I'll probably transfer to Texas A
    October 23 01:58 PM
  • cirq X.O - monumental black wallstreet rapper, you like?
    October 23 01:33 AM
  • Tits McGee i'm good man. busy with school, chillin in my free time
    October 23 12:43 AM
  • witchxrapist omg i too love dipset, no homo
    October 17 03:48 AM
  • Tits McGee sup man
    October 15 12:58 AM
  • cirq i had Dope or Dogfood, so i guess start with that?
    October 13 02:31 PM
  • FadeToBlack whats carnivore's self-titled like compared to retaliation?
    October 12 04:35 PM
  • cirq senor, do you like z-man? (rapper from the bay area)
    October 11 12:04 AM
  • qwe3 you have good taste in hip-hop js
    October 10 12:31 PM
  • noisymugwump it's ok mitch, ilu
    October 2 08:00 AM
  • noisymugwump lol@ positive ratings for lady gaga and taylor swift
    September 29 08:13 AM
  • Rhaegar Song of Ice and Fire? yes
    September 13 04:55 PM
  • Rhaegar the problem with you is you tend to overate/defend bad rappers while underrate/criticize good rappers :O
    September 1 09:22 PM
  • Athom holy crap, you like lifelover! niiice.
    September 1 06:32 PM
  • Meatplow I have the album (thanks) but I haven't listened to them yet, i've got a few albums to get through first. I'm looking forward to it though, i'm digging noise rock quite a lot lately.
    August 22 04:30 AM
  • FadeToBlack they are BDM (they pretty much invented the genre), but it's nothing like all the technical s*** which is going around today. try Effigy Of The Forgotten and Pierced From Within
    August 22 04:28 AM
  • FadeToBlack I agree, brutal death does fail pretty hard, but Suffocation are excellent
    August 21 09:20 AM

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