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  • BenThatsMyJamin Dude did you get a pre-release copy of Szabodelico? I'm going to listen at work today; can't wait to hear it
    November 13 07:35 AM
  • Aberf Have you visited my latest list? I think you might dig whatever is in there.
    October 10 11:05 PM
  • xxm You?re welcome.
    October 4 04:18 PM
  • xxm I greatly appreciate your reviews of Ghosts V
    October 3 10:18 AM
  • Nocte managed to sneak a review onto the front page. found a few extra hours away from work today. turns out it was exactly as I needed. feel free to discuss there - would love to hear your points on the record
    September 25 06:13 AM
  • Nocte Sort of. I think I?m very much in the same boat as you re: life wise. I?ll try, but again, no guarantee here.
    September 24 10:40 PM
  • buffserker1919 Hi Raul! I really enjoyed your review of the new 65daysofstatic album. While it may be a bit different stylistically, I'd love if you could take a listen to "Passageways: Haan" by Nick Bufalino. I think you might find something to enjoy. Thanks.
    November 8 09:42 AM
  • Voivod * Maybe
    October 15 06:49 PM
  • Voivod May I was not in the right mood to listen to the new Planet Zeus, but the first time didn?t give much. I have yet to listen to VIC unfortunately.
    October 15 06:48 PM
  • Voivod Hi Raul, have you heard the new Planet of Zeus album? Just listened to it from the first time, and stuck with me.
    October 14 09:23 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I think you might be right. I liked Coffins and Plastic House on first listen and they grew to be among my favs of the decade. Blasphemy might be growing on me a little too, I enjoyed more of it on my latest listen. It gets better as it goes on, middle couple tracks have some really nice moments.
    August 15 02:05 PM
  • TalonsOfFire I can't say I really like it, but it's certainly interesting like all their releases. My review is coming out pretty negative, which feels very weird since they're one of my favorite bands and Toby has acknowledged my reviews for his solo albums in the past.
    August 14 02:20 PM
  • TalonsOfFire You're a Kayo Dot fan right? You heard their new Blasphemy yet from the Reviews Request page in the forums? It's pretty wild, I have no idea what to make of it
    August 13 07:03 PM
  • neekafat Diverse is awesome so I might start there
    November 25 07:15 PM
  • neekafat I think I will! Do you have a favorite?
    November 23 03:04 PM
  • neekafat My Rotor write up is done on my cram list if you're interested!
    November 23 09:19 AM
  • manosg Hey Raul, my email is Is Willie going to be cool with this, do you think we should ask him?
    March 20 11:10 AM
  • Voivod Hi man, something tells me you will dig this -
    January 24 10:23 PM
  • Toondude10 considering your taste in stone rock/metal I think you'd be interested in this. Just something I found on a whim.
    December 28 07:23 PM
  • Voivod I've spun a couple songs from it, very relaxing listen.
    October 2 09:27 AM
  • Voivod I have it on my "to check" list, don't know when I'm going to sink my claws to it, so many albums, so little time, it's getting a bit frustrating haha!
    October 2 09:21 AM
  • Voivod I hear you man, it's just that I don't have adequate context in terms of Radio Moscow previous records in order to write something meaningful (imho that is). Reviews I've read say their new album is their best yet.
    October 1 07:44 PM
  • Voivod Good morning Raul, I'm unaware of your review plans, but you should definitely write something about the new Radio Moscow album, it's absolutely gorgeous.
    October 1 07:13 AM
  • aresx shameless here, but i was wondering if you could give my band's latest EP a listen. :) i think you might like it
    May 8 05:18 PM
  • kascetcadettt here's a thread where you can discuss how fantastic it is to be a part of this moment: \\\ don't be scared to share the news with other guys in case i missed someone out and keep shining in the light of this beautiful rock n roll fireplate, god bless, hasanmedia represent
    April 19 08:58 AM
  • kascetcadettt sieg hi it's-a me smooth brotha from the umpteenth block taggin' em trainz comin' from your favorite station, word on the street is (artuma is gay) my new album came out recently and if that's the last thing i ever do let it be, leavin' the link in your hands my man: \\\ feel FREE to 1 it if u didn't like my agressive self promotion campaign, feel FREE to thank me if this album saved your life
    April 19 08:58 AM
  • Kaleid Hey dude, did you see them DM live online tonight? They did So Much Love, it's going to be a stormer. Hope you're getting tickets this time!
    March 17 10:02 PM
  • Frippertronics no prob
    January 9 07:59 PM
  • Frippertronics for u, stanciu
    January 9 08:16 AM
  • Jots i got a message on the sput FB page from some guy in a stoner rock band called RoadkillSoda. could you maybe check out a couple songs of theirs and lemme know if it tickles you? i think he wants to send out a promo
    January 6 01:43 AM
  • Mad. Glad to hear all is going well with the band, I've listened to Colloseus - great stuff! Thanks for the recs, will check em Asap. have been quite out of touch with music recently
    December 15 07:38 PM
  • Mad. Yo man, how ya been keeping? Any new stuff with the band? Any recs for 2016?
    December 9 02:28 PM
  • DuGBloodnut Would you consider reviewing The Bloodnut album for us? Stoner sludge band from New Zealand -
    December 8 02:55 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie No man, i downloaded the album today and will listen tomorrow
    October 27 05:34 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey Raul. What about Zaum's new record ?
    October 27 12:39 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I will add you ;-)
    October 17 08:08 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Do you have a fb account ?
    October 6 10:14 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie But i believe that once i finish with my studies, i'll find the time to concentrate on studying and playing music again.
    October 6 10:13 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I would love to, i have some ideas stoked somewhere on my computer, but man, time has got up with me. I'm 27 years old and i need to finish my maritime academy obligations. I've got two years left to get my certificate and right now i can't think of anything else. :-( Unfortunately i've been jerking off for some time now and i need to get this s*** done. And on my free time i prefer spending time with my gf.
    October 6 10:13 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Feel so stoked to hear their second album right now. If they could merge all those influences you mentioned, that would make for a killer album. Their debut is simply mesmerizing. That riff on the second track "The Red Sea", damn man. Took me to a whole new dimension.
    October 6 10:07 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Checked Zaum's debut. Great album man, thanks for the rec
    October 6 05:42 AM
  • theacademy dude u gotta get that comment coutn up!!! 2007 and still under 4k smh
    September 30 06:49 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Believe me, i know exactly how you feel about pedals. I love them as much as you do. I also wish i had the amount of money, the time, and of course, the appropriate room and space to try them all out.
    September 18 10:40 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie You're right about the brilliance of Angus's simple but effective guitar playing, but what hooked me in the first place were his guitar solos. I mean, they always made my blood pumping and my hands getting raised and i always felt so damn...i don't know, positive perhaps. Uplifting.
    September 18 10:37 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie After a few days, my phone suffered a breakdown, a software malfunction, and all of my contacts were lost. I din't even remember the band's name. Can you believe that ? I mean fvck my luck. Who can tell the odds, man ? Who knows what could have been if i had played with these guys ? Unfortunately, i will never find out.
    September 18 10:33 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Unfortunately, some times i'm out of luck as well. I remember somewhere in January or February i met out of coincidence two guys who played stoner metal in train station. While in the train, we discussed about all things music, and i found out are tastes are very similar. We discussed some ideas and they gave me their phone number so that we can gather together one day and jam.
    September 18 10:30 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Exactly, time is crucial. And i'm afraid i just don't have enough time.
    September 18 10:25 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie All the delay/reverb/echo/fuzzy pedals in the world are not enough, hahaha
    September 6 10:05 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Yes, you're right about the squire. It's a very versatile guitar and you can get a killer tone if you're experienced enough and if you have a good knowledge of how to handle the effects. Imo bro, it doesn't really matter what guitar you're using. It's all up to the guitar player. If you're skilled enough, you don't even need an expensive equipment. On the other hand, a crappy guitar player with the most sophisticated guitar equipment will always sound like s***.
    September 6 10:03 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Unfortunately i'm not in a band though i would love to. I'm afraid i don't have the time and even if i had, it's really hard to find players in greece who are really interested in playing doom/stoner/sludge.
    September 6 09:51 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie However, despite all these influences, the two guitarists to whom i owe all the love i share for the instrument are Tony Iommi and Angus Young. They're basically the reason i picked up the sixth string. Hadn't been for these two, i don't think i would ever start playing.
    September 6 09:47 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I've been influenced by various guitar players from each genre: My blues/rock influences include players like Albert King, Link Wray, Wayne Kramer, Dick Dale, Jimmy Page, Freddie King, Uli Roth, Peter Green, Gary Moore, David Gilmour, Eddie Clark, SRV, Chuck Berry and such. And there's of course the doom/stoner/heavy metal counterpart where players such as Randy Rhoads, Matt Pike, Wolf Hoffmann, Garry Jennings, Lars Johansson, Glenn Tipton, and many others that i cannot remember right now.
    September 6 09:44 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I've got so many pedals, I can't remember them all, lol. My most prized possesion is the boss fz-2 hyper fuzz pedal. The tone that little toy gives me is the closest thing i've heard to the electric wizard guitar tone. It's an amazing pedal dude, check it out. I've also got a vox wah-wah pedal, a standard boss fuzz pedal and a reverb pedal from the same company. The most recent pedal i bought was a polyphonix octave generator (pog 2). It's pretty handy if you know how to use it.
    September 3 11:08 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I'm not satisfied with my current amplifiers because they do not allow me to reach the full potential of my gibsons, especially the epiphone. The squire, oddly enough, sounds just fine with these amps, but the sg's sound really sludgy and messed up. I would like to buy a valve amplifier but i'm running short in cash right now hahaha.
    September 3 11:00 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I've got three electric guitars, a fender squire, (with a seymour duncan humbucker pickup installed on the bridge position) and two Gibson sg. The first is your standard model of gibson and the second is an old tony iommi-signature epiphone. I've got two digital roland cube amps of 15 and 30 watts.
    September 3 10:58 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Ahh man, i had a friend who's a lefty guitarist, he always rambled about how the corporations are so racist with the left-handed musicians, hahaha.
    September 3 10:23 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Thanks for the recs man. I've never heard any of those bands. Zaum seems to be the most interesting one.
    September 3 10:21 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I understand what you're saying about these problems. I guess some guys have these crazy requests. It's all about character imo, and some people can be difficult to cooperate with.
    August 29 01:41 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie As a fellow guitar practitioner, I can't resist to ask you of your influences, what keeps you moving and of course, what is your equipment.
    August 29 01:37 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie That is so awesome man. I'll surely find some time to check your albums. As you can see by my ratings, I'm always looking for new music and everything that's in the vein of psychedelic/stoner/heavy psych, is definitely up in my alley. Feel free of course to rec any new albums and discuss what was it that hooked you in the first place.
    August 29 01:34 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie s***, you're in a band ? That's so cool man. What kind of music do you play ? Let me guess psychedelic stuff ? You play the guitar ?
    August 28 07:54 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Well, I can inform you that most of these bands are just following the trend. Stoner rock/metal isn't a difficult style to play and it's pretty fun too. Therefore, I believe it's mostly hype that draws these acts to go stoner. Not a particular love for the music, hahaha. Here in Greece, we always go with the flow, unfortunately.
    August 28 07:52 AM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Thanks dude, I really hope to see my efforts being payed off. No, as far as I know, they have yet to come for a concert in Greece, unfortunately. They are one of the bands I would kill to see live.
    August 26 10:37 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I really enjoyed that album, as much as i have enjoyed all of their stuff really. These guys know how to write addictive riffs and i find their grooves to be so powerful, so juicy and tasty. Kent Stump's tone is one of the best i have heard in the genre.
    August 26 08:08 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie I'm fine man, thanks. I'm studying at the moment for the next week's exams and my free time is limited I'm afraid. But if i can manage to find two or three hours, I"ll try to write this review. I hope you"ll enjoy your last days of holiday as much as you can. Going back to reality sucks big time.
    August 26 08:04 PM
  • rockandmetaljunkie Hey Raul, what's up ? Do you have any reviewing plans for Wo Fat's latest album ? I was thinking of writing one if i could find the time.
    August 26 07:30 PM
  • Funeralopolis Yo I dig Colossus and still jam it sometimes, thought it would be fun to try doing some vocals for Moscufo. Thought you might be interested in checking it out!
    July 26 10:34 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Thanks man! I appreciate it :D. Will probably check out the more melodic stuff honestly(heard Sci Fi crimes was great too).
    July 9 10:02 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Hey bud nice review! I was wondering if you could reccomend a good starting place for Chevelle? They sound really interesting!
    July 9 08:55 PM
  • SharkTooth hey just lettin' you know I don't think I'll be able to post the review, sorry for the late notice but you'll have to ask someone else(exams and s*** just bogged me down)
    April 5 09:28 PM
  • manosg Didn't know that small bands have to buy their stuff and sell them in their shows. That sucks. But yeah, doing what you do for the love of music is the best way to go about it. I was reading in a recent interview from Uli Jon Roth that the decline in albums/bands that are larger than life (Iron Maiden, Metallica, Sabbath, etc.) is that artists cannot live from their art anymore, which is awful. I really hope we find a way to tackle that so that artists can focus on music rather than 7-11 jobs.
    April 3 05:45 PM
  • manosg I'm definitely interested! Feel free to send the link whenever you can and I'll check the album asap. Releasing it on vinyl is also really cool. Just wondering, how do you interpret success? I mean, with what would you be happy from your new album?
    March 28 08:18 AM
  • manosg I'm fine too, bud. haha yeah, we have an array of good festivals! One of my favorites is Up The Hammers that features heavy/epic metal bands but the thing is I don't go to shows anymore. Everything is far from where I live so I'd have to drive something like 100 km in total to see a good show. I've had my fair share of live shows though, so I don't complain. When is your new album coming out?
    March 27 11:30 AM
  • manosg Hey Raul, what is up? I was thinking of checking Sasquatch as they're on the same label as local heroes Nightstalker. Is there a good place to start?
    March 26 09:04 AM
  • alexgonzriv Can you review Marion - This World and Body ?
    March 16 11:19 AM
  • Mad. I'll check those albums out. Excited to hear your new stuff! Is Outlaws of the Sun out yet? Btw I'm currently listening to No-man - Returning Jesus, are you a fan?
    February 29 07:02 PM
  • blatho blatho
    February 25 11:26 AM
  • SharkTooth Just got it! Will listen over the weekend
    February 24 11:43 PM
  • SharkTooth Hey man, you could send the files to, I'll be sure to look through the album when I can
    February 24 10:25 PM
  • SharkTooth Sweet now I have 2 user-made albums on my to-do list lol
    February 22 10:34 PM
  • SharkTooth I'm good, also I'd totally review your album but I won't be able to write it on April due to finals being that month, so if you could send the files early I'd appreciate it
    February 22 08:19 PM
  • Mad. That sounds pretty good, nice that they've changed their sound again. My CD should be arriving in the post soon. I've been good man, just haven't been listening to much music at all last year, only thing I truly dug were Elder and Kendrick. How bout you? Anything new with your band?
    February 15 09:19 PM
  • Mad. Yo man, long time no see! What are your thoughts on the new Motorpsycho?
    February 12 04:31 PM
  • manosg Happy new year Raul. Wish all the best for you and your music!
    January 1 04:58 PM
  • SharkTooth nah I got too much to do atm, prob won't be able to review anything until mid December (:
    November 29 03:49 PM
  • manosg Definitely. It's bound to blow up sooner or later because it's not only the stoner scene that's become saturated, it's the whole '70s revival thing that's become very trendy (ugh). However, some those who have strong writing skills and perseverance will survive. The others better not quit their morning job. Personally, I wouldn't be able to do this job, man; too much insecurity and rejection. But I admire those who persevere so hats off to you my friend!
    October 24 04:36 PM
  • manosg And people are trying to fuse their sound with different elements in order to distinguish themselves such as post rock, extended jams, etc. And the thing is that when I listen to an album I like it but rarely go back to it. For example, I checked a band called Mount Hush the other day and it reminded me of Nightstalker, which I love. But I don't think that I'll check their EP again in the future even though I definitely enjoyed it. I'm wondering if the scene has become a bit saturated.
    October 22 06:32 PM
  • manosg I've tried Vaenir but didn't do much for me. The thing is, I'm not so much into distorted vocals and such heavy distortion on the guitars. The outcome is heavy no doubt, but on both instances it's like talking with full mouth to my ears haha. That's the reason I never go so much into Electric Wizard too. I like my doom a bit more old school, I guess. Going back to our discussion about the stoner scene, it seems that every other day a new band appears.
    October 22 06:25 PM
  • Jots I think I'll review the new Stara Rzeka actually
    October 22 11:30 AM
  • manosg Definitely, it would be great! But trying to make a name for yourselves in the modern rock/metal scene has to be an incredibly interesting experience. I was reading today an interview by Rotting Christ and how they were trying to become more well known throughout Europe during the '90s. It was pretty brutal man and it has to be more or less the same today because on the one hand you have technology to help you but competition is even more fierce.
    October 21 04:26 PM
  • Jots new Ampacity out soon
    October 21 12:15 AM
  • manosg That's pretty cool man. It seems that your band is making strides! The good music is definitely there so all you have to do now is spread the word. Have you played with any well known acts?
    October 20 11:36 AM
  • manosg Hey Raul, what's up? Thought to give you a shout about those guys from Greece who play a combination of stoner and Greek folk music. Not the easiest thing to get into because they use Greek lyrics but they're pretty good. They will also start their first European tour next week and visit Bucharest on the 27th of October.
    October 19 07:04 PM
  • ksoflas It's a pity that the gig didn't happen especially with 1000Mods which is a great band.Anyway I expect you again in Greece.
    September 4 02:51 PM
  • ksoflas I hope you can come to Salonica so i will be able to be there.
    September 4 06:55 AM
  • ksoflas Cause both your band and the Egocentrics kick serious ass!Nice guitar work man, way to go. These two are my favorite Romanian bands.Greetings from Greece!
    September 3 04:44 PM
  • ksoflas Hey man are you the guitarist from The Egocentrics???
    September 3 12:16 PM
  • PsychicChris I'll more than likely get something together once it's out. The samples do sound pretty decent.
    August 1 09:15 PM
  • Voivod Greek capital controls are expected to last for at least 4-10 months... Take as much cash as possible but even if you have a debit/credit card, you won't have a problem if your card has been issued in a place other than Greece, plus I think that in locations like Corfu, the ATMs will work fine.
    July 21 04:57 PM
  • Voivod As for the heat, it's not so much the heat, but the moisture that makes things worse. Today (Tuesday) the maximum temperature will reach 39 degrees Celsius in Thessaloniki, which is also plagued by moisture, so go figure haha
    July 21 04:42 AM
  • Voivod The only good part is that arts, the music scene in particular, will thrive in difficult situations such as this one, so 1000MODS were absolutely correct. So I'm looking forward for your Uncle Acid review.
    July 21 04:30 AM
  • Voivod The worst part is that Greeks residing in the country are not allowed to buy anything from abroad (even as cheap as 1 euro!), unless they are already abroad or they file a petition at an approval committee set by the administration... This is devastating for the private sector which is also based on purchasing raw materials and goods from abroad. The current administration works only for the benefit of the public sector, which does not generate any revenue whatsoever.
    July 21 04:27 AM
  • Voivod I've already reviewed the first two albums, so in that light, I believe that a fresh point of view from your end would be really welcome.
    July 20 07:10 PM
  • Voivod Hi man, well the heat is staggering in Greece, not to mention all the other s*** that's been going on..... Are you having second thoughts about reviewing it?
    July 20 07:07 PM
  • lalchimiste check it out, new psych band signed on Relapse you might like :
    May 31 03:39 PM
  • Mad. Dude have you heard Motorpsycho's En konsert for folk flest?! I only just found out about it
    May 9 06:10 PM
  • Metalstyles Yea, labels are different and not all bother with answering everyone/granting everyone's wishes. Some are more invested themselves in the (internet) promotion side of things, while others have deals with certain publicists for that. On that note, try this e-mail That should be the EU press contact for Calexico, I'm sure he'll/she'll at least give you an answer, seeing as how it's his/hers job and all.
    March 31 08:27 PM
  • Metalstyles Hey, one piece of advice regarding the formatting of that Ufomammut interview. Maybe put a picture or a video between the end of the questions part and the links. Would look a bit more tidy/aesthetically pleasing. Otherwise, kudos on the interview.
    March 31 11:48 AM
  • Jots i appreciate the swift response :] nah, I'll cover something else then, haha. it's more your forte, so odds are you'll do it justice. i have a rule of not covering something that's been reviewed before on sput, and if possible won't get eclipsed by a staff review (plenty of other great music to cover, so I'll just shift gears). cheers
    March 19 03:21 PM
  • Jots hey Raul, any plans to cover the new Ufomammut? if not, I might take a stab at it
    March 19 12:41 PM
  • Mad. Ah right cool, I'm really busy at the moment so no time for reviews etc, hopefully someone'll do it!
    March 3 08:05 AM
  • Mad. Yo man, think you're gonna review Lore?
    February 28 12:33 PM
  • SharkTooth I'm a little late with this but thank you for the shoutout
    February 23 01:08 AM
  • Mad. Yo man, sorry for the slow reply. I look forward to your Colour Haze review, shame you didn't dig that much! I gave it a relisten and you're right - it does get dull at times compared to how amazing their previous stuff is. Even She Said is astounding. I'll definitely have to buy your record soon seeing as there's only 2 copies left!
    February 9 10:38 PM
  • Mad. I'm good bro, haven't had time to do any reviews or anything recently though, so missed Spidergawd :\\ Have been digging The Motorpnakotic Fragments a lot!
    January 29 12:26 PM
  • SharkTooth review is done and posted, tell me what you think(:
    January 2 01:12 AM
  • SharkTooth I get what ya mean;]
    January 1 07:02 AM
  • SharkTooth Just lettin you know that I finished a first draft of the review, it's on the proofreading thread if you'd like to give some feedback
    December 31 09:40 PM
  • SharkTooth just wanted to let you know that I've started working on the review for your album
    December 28 12:12 AM
  • Mad. Yeah I've just started posting on my friend's blog
    December 26 03:32 PM
  • Mad. Yo man here's my top of 2014 list, hopefully you'll be happy with number 13!
    December 25 08:22 PM
  • SharkTooth that would be sweet but maybe when I start the review
    December 25 08:22 PM
  • SharkTooth I'll write one up either today or tomorrow(depends on when I finish my Echo Tail one)
    December 25 06:55 PM
  • SharkTooth lol I thought Greg Fisher was gonna do it
    December 25 05:37 PM
  • SharkTooth Hey man, you know if anyone is reviewing your new album?
    December 24 10:29 PM
  • Jots Yo man, I think you'd enjoy this album I just covered
    December 22 05:06 PM
  • menawati thanks man, I'll seek it out somehow
    December 19 02:06 PM
  • Mad. Damn, that website is blocked in my country
    December 19 12:37 PM
  • Mad. Ahha, thanks for the link. Will listen ASAP
    December 19 12:26 PM
  • Mad. Yeah I listened to Paradise and Uberall, they're awesome if more of the same. I'm annoyed there's no stream for the album though. I listened to some of the previous Stonebride album and didn't like it that much, mainly because of the production. They do sound A LOT like Colour Haze in their jammier moments. I might do a Colour Haze review if they release a stream, but it'd be better coming from someone more knowledgeable about the band
    December 18 02:47 PM
  • Mad. DUDE I just went on the Colour Haze page, and apparently they had a new album out three days ago!??!?!? Surely that needs a review!!
    December 18 12:34 PM
  • Mad. YES I will listen NOW!!
    December 18 11:55 AM
  • SharkTooth I listened to one of the tracks to your new album(Devil Jr.), it was awesome! Has the whole thing been released yet? I would love to stream the whole thing and maybe buy it
    December 18 05:14 AM
  • Mad. Haha I know, so many albums out this December that I didn't expect! Just listened to all the songs you've released so far and it's definitely got me hyped for the album, I'm feeling a definitely 4-4.5 at the moment. Mirra is my favourite so far.
    December 16 07:12 PM
  • Mad. Holy s*** dude, that song is ****ing AWESOME. I can't wait to hear the album in full. I love how unique your band's sound is becoming, a lot of cool post/prog rock influences in there.
    December 16 06:50 PM
  • Mad. I'll check that Stonebride album, looks good. Ooh, that's very interesting, can't wait for your review!
    December 16 06:49 PM
  • Mad. That's awesome, be sure to tell me when it's released! I'll be sure to buy me a CD. What new Motorpsycho record!??! All I've heard is that they're re-releasing Demon Box, now I'm excited! I've never heard Stonebride, guess I'll have to change that when the new one's out. I'll try my best, I have some schoolwork to do but I should be able to fit a review or two around it
    December 13 05:01 PM
  • Mad. Damn, didn't realise it was that ready! Very excited bro, when might I be able to get my hands on a CD, are you gonna sell them through a label? Don't release it until you're fully happy with it though!Ah cool, what are you planning to review? I might do if I have time, I'm sure it'll be good
    December 13 02:59 PM
  • Mad. Damn, sounds like you're actually almost done with the album - can't wait to hear it, I guess it'll have to be on my 2015 list though! Nice that you're onto new material as well, maybe we'll get a prolific year from Methadone Skies. I'm good man, school is the same old. Think you might review the new Spidergawd?
    December 13 12:25 PM
  • Underflow Thanks for the recommendations!
    December 12 09:26 PM
  • Mad. Yo man, hope things are good. Have you heard Spidergawd? They're a supergroup with the bassist out of Motorpsycho, and are DAMN good. They've got a new LP out in January
    December 11 06:24 PM
  • Underflow Hey man, do you have any list of stoner recs for 2014? I haven't really heard any compelling jams this year and was hoping you could assist.
    December 11 03:31 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Oh yeah, the thing on the staff blog! I'll definitely check that out when you guys complete it in December (or January, idk).
    November 29 02:03 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Well, s***, we can jam each others' top picks, haha. Btw, nice TV On The Radio profile pic.
    November 28 04:28 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Ah. Nice picks you got there. I haven't been able to narrow it down entirely, unfortunately, but I really liked the new Aphex Twin, Banks, Saor, Darkspace, Run The Jewels, The Smith Street Band, Ben Frost, The Hotelier, Electric Wizard, Spoon, Behemoth, and quite a few others.
    November 27 04:42 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Figured as such, haha. What are some other big digs you've had this year?
    November 26 10:00 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Dude, Black Power Flower is great.
    November 26 02:20 AM
  • Mad. Also, I finished my Schizoid Lloyd review if you're interested. Next up - Somali Yacht Club
    November 12 11:07 PM
  • Mad. Will definitely check it out. Is it on bandcamp? Yeah I hope MBtW will try exactly that next time round, they could craft some amazing stuff if they paid more attention to structure. Can't wait till the 7tS concert then! Need to give that Jastreb record a proper listen. The Mars Volta drummer will be on Krautrock III which is super exciting!
    November 12 11:06 PM
  • insomniac15 Yeah, Yuri Gagarin are awesome. Cool riffs with lots of echo/reverb/delay. That's what I was thinking about My Brother The Wind. The album is great, but it could've been even better with defined structures and overdubs. Yeah, I saw that. STS are awesome live, man. You should definitely see them and Jastreb if they both come. (the bassist/guitarist with a couple of other dudes :D)
    November 11 01:52 PM
  • Mad. I also saw 7tS posted on their Facebook page that they're coming to the UK! I'm definitely going to go and see them, bet they're killer live
    November 11 08:50 AM
  • Mad. I'll add those to my list, especially it that band are space rock - awesome genre. Yeah all their music is improvised which is pretty cool but also makes it hard for them to produce a masterpiece - how can you reach that level in one go?! I'll try and post my Schizoid Lloyd review tonight. I recommend you check it if you're up for something quirky and heavy
    November 11 08:49 AM
  • Mad. Ah well, I'll still give it a listen at some point. I am actually, will possibly post my review for the new Schizoid Lloyd tonight, hopefully I can get a feature cuz it's one hell of a record. Val Kornev of Ethereal Riffian is also sending me a free copy of the new Somali Yacht Club album in return for a review, which is pretty awesome - I feel like a professional!
    November 10 04:57 PM
  • Mad. How's the new Siena Root then?
    November 8 06:50 PM
  • Mad. I might do if I have time, it's streaming now at Sleeping Shaman if you're interested. If you do feel like reviewing it don't let me stop you!
    October 16 04:49 PM
  • Mad. Yo man any chance you might review the new My Brother The Wind album? They're an awesome jam/psychedelic/post rock band and their new LP looks amazing
    October 15 05:29 PM
  • Mad. Yeah I need to get round to buying Amplifier. The Hollow Lands and particularly Through The Veil are incredible songs, I think the latter is possibly Motorpsycho's single greatest 15 minutes of music. TPT and Gazpacho are both very consistent and brilliant bands. Demon is my AOTY
    October 13 06:54 AM
  • Mad. Haha awesome. Frustratingly, the only Amplifier album I don't have is their debut which is almost their best! Will definitely check Zaum. Just been listening to Dopesmoker and it's pretty boring... Oh yeah I saw that, glad you like it - one of my favourite albums. Speaking of favourite albums, have you ever listened to The Death Defying Unicorn??? It's ****ing amazing
    October 12 08:58 PM
  • Mad. Ah, well at least it seems like the end is in sight for finishing the record! I listened to some OM songs and they were pretty cool if a bit monotonous but I guess that's part of the point. That's awesome! Now you don't have to pay any ridiculous shipping fees. Sounds like you might actually have some pretty good record stores in Romania
    October 12 03:39 PM
  • Mad. Hmm, they definitely sound interesting, though I've never really liked Sleep - too much boring Sabbath worship imo. Ah, sounds cool. So you haven't managed to record the vocals yet?
    October 10 07:44 AM
  • Mad. It's a clever way of saying you don't know when the record will be out haha. I've noticed you seem to be taking on more post-rock influence in your sound. It's definitely cool though! I've added them to my bandcamp wishlist so I'll check them fo sho. Never head Om though
    October 9 02:20 PM
  • Mad. Dude that song is awesome, making me look forward to the album even more! I like the cheeky 'Beyonce' thing on your facebook page about the album's release...
    October 8 06:05 PM
  • Willie It's stream-only. What's your e-mail address?
    October 8 05:30 PM
  • Willie We have it. They put it in our promo pool but didn't let me know. I'll have it to you in a couple hours.
    October 8 03:37 PM
  • Willie Let me check on it. It should have been in a week ago. Sorry for the brain fart.
    October 8 12:57 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Just saw your comment on my Time To Die review. Thanks for the kind words, man. Glad to see the album grew to a 4 for you.
    September 29 06:36 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Sounds good, friend. Thanks.
    September 25 11:14 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Definitely, man. You think my review could get featured around next week?
    September 25 09:19 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Strange. Me too. I think it'll grow on you soon, though.
    September 25 01:24 PM
  • ExplosiveOranges Yeah man. Gonna post a review of it in a couple days.
    September 24 09:48 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Hey Raul, you check the new Electric Wizard?
    September 23 10:23 PM
  • Jots Lol, well if my Mathias Delplanque review got featured it'd be hilarious if Hammock didn't (not to sound cocky or anything). But yeah, it might have to wait until tomorrow since that's the actual release date, I'm guessing. Fingers crossed. Glad you liked the review, it means a lot
    September 22 11:29 AM
  • Jots Glad you liked, anything you think needs work?
    September 22 11:21 AM
  • Mad. Nah I'm not sure I'd have enough to say about it, you know the band better than me - I've only rated/heard 1 album. Sucks that guy left though, maybe he'll rejoin one day with some more cool Eastern influences or something. As a matter of interest, what's their best album in your opinion? Wondering what album to listen to next after DR
    September 21 07:46 PM
  • Jots yeah, been listening to it for a good chunk of the morning... it'll be a tough review if I decide to do it. Idk if I'll be able to do a straightforward technical review of this. Might have to do a more personal, artsy fartsy approach. ****, lol
    September 21 07:39 PM
  • Jots we'll see... there's probably some staff/contribs that would do it justice but I'll probably give it a whirl. I sort of have a rule of only reviewing stuff that don't have reviews already, so if Tuesday rolls around and no one's tackled it then I'll do it up
    September 21 07:29 PM
  • Jots are you reviewing the new Hammock album?
    September 21 07:01 PM
  • Mad. You thinking of reviewing the new Siena Root? I'm pretty excited for it since it's their first in 5 years (so lots of time to develop ideas) and Different Realities was great
    September 21 05:58 PM
  • Mad. Oh yeah, I've read that interview. Interesting what they said about the new version of the Octopus they're working on. Might get that vinyl actually - my dad's buying a deck. I'm skeptical about them making an 'album a year' judging by Mystoria and Echo Street which were made almost in that time, with a lot of the ideas feeling half-baked. I'd prefer them to take more time and produce something refined and amazing like The Octopus. Maybe you should start and Amplifer To The Balkans campaign lol
    September 21 10:47 AM
  • Mad. Yeah, Ocean Towers were awesome as a 4 piece, they can only get better as a 6-piece. I bet Mother Engine are great live, I'll try an catch them if they come to the UK. Not sure I'm familiar with that band, I'll give em a listen. Must be good now that even your reviews for obscure stuff get lots of attention since you're a staffer
    September 17 07:43 AM
  • Mad. Yeah haha I need to one of these days. Tbh it's easier for me to listen to The Octopus since I enjoy the tracks, not feeling much with Mystoria yet. OMG is great though. Glad to see you dig Mother Engine. I've been listening to Ocean Towers a lot recently and really realised how amazing that record is. I'd definitely recommend you listen to it some more, huge grower
    September 16 07:35 PM
  • Mad. Damn, 97? That's pretty good for a non-s*** album in the UK lol. I think the move to Superball was because of the album's sound - it doesn't fit with the Kscope aesthetic at ALL lol. Kscope are just as big if not bigger than Superball - Anathema's latest hit about 45 in the charts. Still haven't listened to Mystoria all the way through...
    September 15 06:28 PM
  • Mad. My Grand Astoria review is up btw
    September 10 08:42 PM
  • Mad. This is awesome stuff man, the production is miles above ETV! Can't wait for the full album. Vocals will definitely be an interesting new dynamic to your sound. And thanks about the EP.The frontman of Ethereal Riffian who I have as a friend on facebook shared Mirra which is pretty cool
    September 10 07:30 PM
  • Mad. Damn, that's crazy how they kept people under their control like that, especially barely any water and electricity! Right now in England we have great hot weather, but it's hard to predict what's gonna happen from day to day lol. Nice to see you enjoyed TGA, a 3.5 is probably about right, I'll review it if I have time. Definitely check out Punkadelia Supreme, it's their best
    September 7 02:35 PM
  • Mad. That'd be awesome, my email is
    September 7 02:33 PM
  • Mad. Oh right, but surely not everyone can master an album to the very best quality, I imagine it's a pretty intricate process? Where can I actually find your first EP to listen to? it's not on your bandcamp page or anything.Ah yeah I forgot about a label, that could take a while, especially for finding a big one. Maybe a band you've toured with could help you out?Yeah, it's all about the heritage in England and we always complain about the weather lol. Damn, I imagine the Communist period sucked
    September 7 10:30 AM
  • Mad. It must be a pain trying to find places to master your album properly. Being an audiophile, I'd never settle for anything but perfection so it's good I'm not a proper musician! Ah cool, so you're looking at a career in the music industry?It's nice to know that you've experienced England though, hope you liked it here haha!
    September 5 05:23 PM
  • Mad. Yeah that's a good point, hopefully they'll wait until they have some properly good material next time before releasing an album. Rather than checking the new one I'd recommend listening to Punkadelia Supreme, it's far superior. The vocals take a while to grow on you though. Ah I see, if it's only a year that's cool but if he was moving there permanently and wasn't a major contribution to the songwriting then you'd be in for some serious logistical issues!
    September 5 05:22 PM
  • Mad. As for the record, that sucks that they're messing you around like that. I don't mind waiting because it surely can't damage the quality of the album, if anything you have more time to refine it!The new Grand Astoria record disappointed me a bit, still great stuff but not on a par with their previous two records. Punkadelia Supreme was brilliant and I was hoping for a magnum opus (that record got close) but it seems I'll have to wait... nevertheless the new one has some great tracks
    September 4 05:34 PM
  • Mad. Hey, Worcester is very close to where I live lol - you might have been to Stratford Upon Avon, where Shakespeare was born. What were you studying there? Sadly HMV is a dying business which makes a good retail outlet for music almost non-existent now. Damn, Dusseldorf is very far away from Romania! Are you going to keep him as a member of the band!?
    September 4 05:32 PM
  • Mad. More shock breaking news: the new Grand Astoria album is our today!!!! I had no idea, I'm going to listen ASAP and hopefully write a review
    September 4 04:05 PM
  • Mad. Damn that's annoying, maybe if Methadone Skies come to the UK you can go on an album-buying binge! It's so unfair that you guys don't have amazon... Haha I'm happy saving the album until I get a glorious CD
    September 4 04:05 PM
  • Mad. Really? Damn that's like as much as a vinyl would cost here, it's probably about ?12 for me, already preordered
    September 4 02:30 PM
  • Mad. I haven't been able to get into Insider, the hooks don't hook me lol, O Fortuna is a pretty enjoyable song but lacks whatever magic the debut had. Still, Named After Rocky has grown on me so hopefully the rest will be good. Just been listening to The Octopus and it makes me sad they're not expanding on what they had on that album... it was so good
    September 3 02:09 PM
  • Mad. New Amplifier song is interesting, could see it growing on me but I don't feel like it's really doing anything new... I'm sure Mystoria will be fun though even if it's not anything groundbreaking. Hoping that the new Grand Astoria release will be their best one yet, everything's looking good for them since every release is better than the last
    September 2 11:29 AM
  • ExplosiveOranges Jamming Euphorie Tide right now.
    September 1 06:03 PM
  • Mad. Awesome thanks man. I'm definitely looking forward to the album, the promos I've heard so far are promising, and the song they released is pretty enjoyable if just a fairly standard alt-rock style tune
    August 31 09:37 AM
  • Mad. I will definitely have an opinion on it since they're one of my favourite bands so I'll probably review it. I don't have a promo copy or anything though
    August 29 07:31 PM
  • Voivod If you come to Thessaloniki, let me know! And I will definitely check the German band you rec'd me :-)
    August 29 08:15 AM

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