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  • Satellite Yeah, it's definitely a grower. Glad you dig it.
    May 28 01:19 PM
  • Satellite Awesome. They're my favorite band ever and that's my favorite album of theirs. Super underrated on Sputnik imo. Don't sleep on the b-sides comp album Cocktails and Dreams. Also first album in 6 yrs was just announced today.
    May 27 10:47 PM
  • Satellite **** yeah, the Lawrence Arms. Have you checked out Oh! Calcutta! yet?
    May 27 01:26 PM
  • tyman128 Yea, those first couple of songs sounded really good, but then everything sounded like those first songs which lost the appeal of the entire album... If there was just a bit more variation throughout the songs, it would've been really really great!
    May 22 10:01 AM
  • tyman128 Man, I really wish Anchor and Braille was a bit better, it just didn't really impact me that much. It still sounded great, but nothing of amazing substance
    May 22 09:46 AM
  • tyman128 Haven't really jammed much of punk in general, but I'll be sure to check it out!
    May 22 08:38 AM
  • tyman128 so... I'm assuming the Jeff Rosenstock is worth checking since it got you to write a 5/5 review on sputnik
    May 22 07:41 AM
  • Atari New MXPX track is awesome!
    May 15 09:34 PM
  • tyman128 alright, so I'm currently on a Katatonia binge right now, but I should be jamming that Burden of Life record tonight! I am super hyped
    April 30 08:55 AM
  • tyman128 Does it top Pure Reason Revolution for you?
    April 29 11:17 AM
  • tyman128 Will do man! Gonna check that out as soon as I can, I'll let you know what I think
    April 29 10:35 AM
  • tyman128 yo, is that new Trivium worth checking out?? It seems to be getting more love than I was expecting
    April 24 09:18 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell !!! awesome!
    April 19 06:21 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell have u ballot yet? plz send!
    April 19 02:08 AM
  • tyman128 Man, after jamming the new Red album quite a few more times, I'd say it's safe to say that it is a ridiculously good album! Might actually bump to a 4.5 because it really is just amazing! Doesn't beat out I
    April 9 12:46 PM
  • tyman128 Haha, yes man! I love Pastor Rob! He's such a fun guy to talk too as well
    April 6 08:15 AM
  • tyman128 No kidding, they're super groovy heavy! I was very hesitant of the fact that they were saying it's their heaviest release (because so many bands have said that and it wasn't true... but they weren't messing around! My favorite moment has to be either the chorus of "The Victim" or that final chorus of "Only Fight," freaking insane with the continually build of elements. Gotta listen again and see where the album ranks overall for me!
    April 2 08:59 AM
  • tyman128 haha yes bro!! Only Fight is by far my favorite and probably one of the best from RED ever! I?m pretty pleased with the album, and all the songs are crazy growers
    April 1 10:06 PM
  • tyman128 Man, the non single songs are pretty awesome! Only Fight is probably my favorite off the album based off of first listen
    April 1 09:19 PM
  • tyman128 Yea, I'll definitely be checking those out soon, adding it to the long list of quarantine albums I need to jam haha... Currently checking out the new Dua Lipa, I'm intrigued by the praise it's garnering on the site
    March 30 08:07 AM
  • tyman128 Man, I need to get around to the Brian Fallon rec you gave me last year (I think it was Sleepwalkers) and try that out! I enjoyed the new one a bit but it was missing something for me...
    March 30 07:58 AM
  • tyman128 The War We Made is insanely solid, it?s shaping up to be a solid record! The clips on Instagram of the unreleased tracks sound VERY heavy man, hoping it has some of their heaviest moments
    March 29 09:24 PM
  • tyman128 Yea man, it's definitely crazy to watch the world fall to such a thing. And that is some powerful Scripture brother! My family and I were watching a David Platt sermon on the end of Matthew 6 today that was a fantastic reminder about anxiety and all that, very important to keep in mind for sure. In other news, you ready for the new RED?? I'm getting the digital release Wednesday and I am hyped!
    March 29 07:21 PM
  • tyman128 hey man, how's quarantine treating you?
    March 28 12:24 PM
  • onionbubs yea thats fair and theres not a lot of that here. i can def understand preferring the other ones over this. hopefully youll warm up to it the more you listen to it tho i only got really into it after repeated listens
    March 27 02:17 AM
  • onionbubs damn sorry to hear its not connecting. the lead single was the closer right? i actually never listened to any of the singles off this prior. i think the reason im connecting with it a lot is i love his softer and mellower sounding material (hence elsie is my favorite), and this feels most akin to that than anything else hes done otherwise so i dig the hell out of it. tbf its definitely not as hooky as his other two solo albums
    March 27 12:45 AM
  • tyman128 you were right, that was an experience! I?ll need to jam again but i?m feeling a solid 4.5, Dawn and Gaze might be my favorite
    March 9 09:01 PM
  • tyman128 okay, so I just started jamming the new Envy album, and my gosh do the first two tracks hit hard. I'm hoping this momentum will carry on all the way through the album
    March 9 03:57 PM
  • tyman128 I definitely agree with that Dens rating. I really enjoyed the first half, but it began to fall off towards the end and felt very samey quite honestly. For Earth Groans, I suggest you check out their first EP, I think it is easily their best compared to the other two.
    March 9 12:03 PM
  • tyman128 yea man, they?re absolutely insane. Their riffing is absolutely ridiculous, and the vocals just slam so hard
    March 8 10:31 PM
  • tyman128 Dens was pretty solid, really enjoyed it since it was Thrice-rock, but the second half was a bit lacking for me. The new Earth Groans hits hard, ?Silk? is probably one of the best songs they?ve written
    March 8 09:58 PM
  • tyman128 yea, that's been on my list to check, I'll definitely delve into that hopefully tomorrow. Just got done listening to the new Invent Animate album (leaked) and it's super solid. Not nearly as good as Stillworld (which I wasn't expecting considering I think Stillworld is one of the best metalcore albums), but the album definitely holds its own and flows very well.Did you check out that new Earth Groans EP?
    March 8 09:48 PM
  • tyman128 hey man, how are you doing? Any new music you've been digging lately?
    March 8 11:38 AM
  • Aberf I guess you don't like Aseul too much (which is 100% understandable). I might suggest her previous alias which I wrote a review on, Yukari - Echo. Similarly short album with a lot of things going on compared to Slow Dance.
    March 7 03:32 PM
  • Aberf oh dang. I recommend Aseul - Slow Dance then, it just got released today.
    March 7 12:29 AM
  • Aberf look man, I need some bedroom pop recs, got any? Bonus points if female vox, ty.
    March 7 12:13 AM
  • Slex ****ing one two punch of Digging In and SPS, Jesus dude
    March 7 12:03 AM
  • Slex We're 100% on the same page with this new Hot Mulligan bb
    March 6 11:25 PM
  • Atari Hell yeah, man! Was floored immediately from the opening track . Between that, PEARS, and Nadia Reid it?s an incredible release day
    March 6 04:08 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Need some new punk. Try PEARS-Pears, and Hot Mulligan- you'll be fine.
    March 6 02:32 AM
  • tyman128 that's awesome man.. and it's cool that you have that kinda restraint, I definitely do not, I immediately jumped all over those tracks (which I'm sure you'll love a lot when they release). Are you still writing for JFH?? and also, do you have any recs that you have been digging lately?
    February 6 07:31 PM
  • tyman128 hey man!! how?ve you been??there?s an unknown christian progressive metalcore album that came out last year that is top notchSightlyne - By Designi?ve been jamming it for the past week, crazy stuff!also, if you send me your email, my friend picked up All For You and War We Make by RED that accidentally released on Apple Music early today if you wanna check those out
    February 5 02:23 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey, just found another album that you will enjoy, especially since you are a Springsteen, and Gaslight Anthem fan. This band is the Scottish version, came out last week. 13 Crowes- Solway Star
    January 25 04:45 PM
  • Aberf Where's the Kaichou's at
    January 13 05:20 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Thanks, for the Rec, added to the list. When you get a chance, check out Riley! - Riley! from 2018, it has Origami Angel vibes, so you might like it.
    January 8 04:01 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey mate, you got a Song Of The Day rec for us, the theme is Song Of The Decade. What song first comes to mind when you look back at the 2010s.
    January 7 04:22 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Still finding excellent music from last year. This EP is so good, It is like angsty punky Spanish Love Songs at times, then saxophone led emo. Excellent musicianship, and great vocals, the dude sure can sing!!!! Cliffdiver-At Your Own Risk
    January 5 06:45 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Got an EP and an album you need to check before the year end. Lobby Boxer- Eugene's Preference. and Mover Shaker- Another Truck Stop. Both are genre bending punkish albums.
    December 29 04:09 PM
  • onionbubs yeah handwrittens a little bit samey sometimes but the highlights are basically all my favorite gaslight songs. 45, howl, mae, lots of really really good s*** there. get hurt is really underrated too a lot of good stuff there but yeah elsie's my favorite of his with painkillers and sleepwalkers not far behind
    December 13 07:45 AM
  • onionbubs guys made a lot of incredible stuff. love everything with his name to it even tho i prefer all his stuff outside of tga
    December 13 05:40 AM
  • onionbubs your brian fallon 5s warm my heart :)
    December 12 11:13 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey just noticed everyone is sleeping on one of my fav albums of the year, I think you will like it. Problem Daughter- Grow Up Trash. This song in particular is gonna be top 5 of the year for me.
    November 28 04:46 AM
  • SlothcoreSam They have the dual vocalist thing happening, and I dig one of the guys, the other might be a grower, and i'm not sure how well they compliment each other.22 songs on an album in this era is unheard of.
    November 24 04:58 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Got a punky one for you. The Damn Tracks- Second City is Burning. It feels like old Against Me, but with an extra singer, and Rancid bass vibes.
    November 24 01:51 AM
  • Aberf This user has a good taste, 5/5
    November 19 04:13 AM
  • Atari def one of my favorite albums in the genre of the year already! there's been a ton of quality stuff but this one has a different sound and charm to it than the rest. cheers :)
    November 18 03:30 PM
  • Atari it's so damn good! reminds me of Mae too actually. they're obvs not going with the Christian angle lol but they just sound very Tooth and Nail to me and I love it
    November 17 08:08 PM
  • Atari def sounds like Relient K to me at times too
    November 17 07:50 PM
  • Atari Right on, I?ll check it out! That?s an objectively awesome band name, haha
    November 17 07:20 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Yo, I had their EP's in my to check playlist. Will now move the album to the front. Listening to it now, and liking a lot more than the last TMP. It's more varied with so much happening across the album, and they are only a 2 piece band. Good find! 666 Flags is a jamThere is an EP from this year I found the other day that is very similar to this and TMP, Jail Socks-It's Not Forever.
    November 17 05:08 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Hey man, did you ever check out the Illuminati Hotties album from last year, Kiss Yr Frenemies? Has some sweet female vocals, in an indie punk setting.
    November 13 02:35 AM
  • Trifolium Thanks Luc! I've added it to the list. Let's see what everyone thinks, it's due on November 24.
    November 12 10:56 AM
  • Trifolium Hi Lucman! Do you perhaps have a rec for us for the Song Of The Day thread? The theme is ''the best rec you ever got through Sput''. Anything goes. Would be awesome!
    November 12 09:30 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Sweet man, thanks for the rec, halfway through first listen now, and loving it. It reminds me of Dillinger 4, or The Lawrence Arms.
    November 4 09:38 PM
  • SlothcoreSam Nice rating on Stuck Out Here, it is AOTY contender for me. You should try this Irish band I've been digging Casavettes-Senselessness.
    November 3 04:18 PM
  • Atari damn your soundoff for Emily Scott Robinson is on point as well! So weird to me how half the site practically worshipped Musgraves last year but excellent stuff like this gets overlooked..
    October 30 02:41 PM
  • Atari hell yes on that Great Grandpa
    October 30 02:23 PM
  • tyman128 thats amazing, hoping the new Thornhill hits hard, I?m expecting it to be in my top five, if not my AOTY
    October 24 01:05 PM
  • tyman128 is norma jean looking like a solid AOTY contender??
    October 24 12:02 PM
  • Slex Oh my GOD new JEW! The 2nd half is just out of this world
    October 17 04:45 AM
  • dmathias52 Definitely grew on me! Not quite on the solo project's level, but the layers to it keep me coming back. "Lovemenot" is up there with anything on here solo album though
    October 14 07:23 PM
  • tyman128 glad to hear all is wellhonestly, Gideon wasn?t on my radar either, but the album actually slaps.. as much as i hate the lyrical direction they went, the instrumentation is really solid and it?s just a fun groovy and heavy album
    October 13 05:37 AM
  • JohnnyoftheWell Dude you need to hear the new Split End, this s*** is pop rock dynamite
    October 13 12:41 AM
  • tyman128 yo dude! long time no talk, howe you been??have you checked out the new Gideon album??
    October 12 12:03 PM
  • dmathias52 I hate to say it, but I?m not crazy impressed by the new Bent Knee . . . Courtney?s vocals are saving it though. Hoping it?s a grower, cause nothing is stuck out that much for me
    October 11 06:19 PM
  • Slex So excited to listen to Bent Knee
    October 11 03:50 AM
  • SlothcoreSam If you need a punk lift up after the Menzingers indiefest, try The Eradicator- Peak Eradicator. It came out today as well.
    October 4 12:43 AM
  • SowingSeason Oh that sounds right up my alley - will do! Thanks!
    September 17 01:01 AM
  • luci glad you're giving it another chance =)
    September 13 09:33 PM
  • luci sowing 4.5'd house of sugar, you can adjust your rating now
    September 13 08:57 PM
  • dmathias52 I see you checked out Courtney Swain - Good to see someone else is enjoying it! Completely random dark horse album for me
    September 8 07:09 PM
  • Slex Going to see what?s what with Madison Cunningham, that soundoff wowwweee
    September 5 06:00 AM
  • SowingSeason I was eyeing that night cafe album too... our tastes align with weird levels of consistency. Might review.
    August 23 10:27 AM
  • SlothcoreSam See you are the only other chump on here to listen to I Mean Us, it's such a good album by a band from Taipei. It's a grower as well, keeps on giving
    August 14 01:31 AM
  • SlothcoreSam The other 2019 EP i have been listening to a lot is close to getting bumped to a 5. You need to check it out as well, it has Brand New, and early Have Mercy vibes Overgrow- The Name We Share
    August 6 04:47 AM
  • SlothcoreSam Yeah, Antighost is a hard 5 for me. It keeps on growing on you as well. I've listened to their full length a couple of times, it's really good too. I still need to rate it though.
    August 6 04:23 AM
  • tyman128 I mean, the lyrics are even lazier than Unleashed which I didn?t think was possible... but instrumentally?? I think it?s a step forward for them. This will still sit at around a 2.5 because it isn?t amazing, but I find it to be better than Unleashed
    August 2 05:54 AM
  • tyman128 at first I agreed with your Skillet rating based off of the singles..... but I?m actually kinda liking this
    August 1 07:42 PM
  • SowingSeason Oh weird, I must have repeatedly mis-typed their band name. Thanks! I'll rate soon, thinking about a 4-4.5.
    July 28 09:58 PM
  • SowingSeason yo that cosmic thrill seekers album is great, and it's not even in the site database yet
    July 28 06:49 PM
  • tyman128 that?s good, better than starting from scratch for sure, good luck with the new guitar!!
    July 28 05:02 AM
  • tyman128 have you ever played guitar before??
    July 28 04:22 AM
  • tyman128 dude yes!!! finally man, you?re gonna freaking enjoy it. Speaking of, todayIm gonna be working on a cover for Response and probably put it out on instagram
    July 27 09:27 AM
  • tyman128 yea, quality is fine, but by track 9 they kind of fall back and repeat the same style... at least with the first eight tracks there is some variety within them and has some pretty great highlights like Response and Evil Are the Kings
    July 26 10:00 PM
  • tyman128 with the new WATG record, I?ve realized why it?s wearing off on me... it is heavily front loaded. the stretch from The Cure till Response is basically perfect, but then it kind of just falls flat. It?s currently sitting at a 4.3 for me
    July 26 09:54 PM
  • neekafat It was really cool, thanks for reccing it!!
    July 26 09:34 AM
  • neekafat My writeup for Suis La Lune is up! (:
    July 25 08:31 PM
  • dmathias52 Did the new Wolves at the Gate leak or is it streaming somewhere? I?ve enjoyed the singles a lot and your sound off has me intrigued for sure
    July 18 02:53 AM
  • tyman128 dang, I?m sad to see that WATG rating
    July 17 10:46 AM
  • dmathias52 Your album to review is Ten Seated Figures by We The Mystic! Nominated by Papa Uni, but one I really liked this year too. Hope you enjoy it!
    July 11 04:09 AM
  • Slex Glad to see yr lovin? Prince Daddy, they really surprised me too, one of the best around rn
    June 30 02:50 PM
  • tyman128 definitely check it out, it?s much heavier and better than Metanoia in my opinion
    June 24 07:28 AM
  • tyman128 hey man, now I?m gonna return the favor of a rec. If you want some hard hitting metal core with some phenomenal lyricism about doubt and faith, check out ?The Will to Rebuild? by For All Eternity
    June 23 08:22 PM
  • tyman128 thanks man! I?ll definitely jam it soon now that I?m finally on summer break I?ve got a lot of music to catch up on
    June 19 10:56 AM
  • tyman128 that?s amazing!and yea, I?m addicted to that Attalus album. I remember listening to it some 3 years ago, but I wasn?t as passionate about music so I didn?t appreciate it. But man, those lyrics are hitting me hard since I started delving further into my faith over the past year. I?ll definitely be jamming their debut this week
    June 15 09:01 AM
  • tyman128 can I at least get some hype on what you would rate the new album as?
    June 15 08:18 AM
  • tyman128 electric guitar is so much fun, and you can find some pretty cheap. I bought my Ibanez off of Amazon for about $150
    June 14 05:32 AM
  • tyman128 accidentally posted on my shoutbox hahaglad to hear man! currently learning ?Drifter? on guitar right now
    June 14 05:24 AM
  • tyman128 okay, all I wanna know ishow does this match up to the rest of their discography
    June 14 05:15 AM
  • tyman128 what if I said I was gonna use the stream as well to write a review for sputnik
    June 14 05:05 AM
  • tyman128 for the whole album?? how dare you tell me this and make me wait for a whole month
    June 14 05:02 AM
  • tyman128 did you check out the new WATG song?
    June 14 04:46 AM
  • tyman128 hey man, just stumbled across a new band called Empty and they are quite phenomenal. Check out their song ?From a Chemist?s Point of View? if you have the time, one of the better songs I?ve heard from the genre in a while
    June 10 02:17 PM
  • tyman128 yea, I?ll give it a shot, I definitely enjoyed their last one
    June 8 08:35 AM
  • tyman128 is the new comrades worth checking out?
    June 8 07:27 AM
  • dmathias52 I think you?d enjoy their album Wooden Heart! Softer mewithoutYou-esque vibes, spoken word style. The lyrics are absolutely brilliant
    June 4 03:46 AM
  • dmathias52 Well you?ve just convinced me with the C.S. Lewis comparison! One my favorite authors, let alone religious scholars. Are you familiar with the band Listener at all?
    June 3 01:01 PM
  • dmathias52 He kind of gives me more nuanced Tenth Avenue North vibes, or at least older Tenth Avenue North. It wouldn?t sound out of place at a worship service or opening for Sufjan. Can?t get enough!
    June 3 12:30 PM
  • dmathias52 Just checking in to say that that Andrew Peterson record is one of the most beautiful things I think I?ve ever heard
    June 3 12:34 AM
  • dmathias52 Thank you sir! Looking forward to listening to those and your recs on my decade list. Not gonna lie, you?re one of my go to users for stalking ratings to find new things, so I?m pumped for the stuff you rec?d!
    May 31 01:40 PM
  • dmathias52 You happen to have any interesting Christian-ish recs from 2019 to slide my way? Outside of Copeland, Mike Mains, and the perpetual Sleeping at Last releases, I'm lacking in that aspect so far this year.
    May 31 02:55 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity No probs, just added you.
    May 23 06:33 AM
  • CalculatingInfinity I much prefer Discord. My username is CalculatingInfinity#1413
    May 22 09:26 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity If you want Dynamite Out (one of Shiina's 4 career peaks), give me a shoutbox or add me on Discord. Not on video sites.
    May 22 06:20 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell And hmm quick glance at your ratings and Mass of the Fermenting Dregs defo seem your vibe (their two EPs are ace), Soutaisei Riron's debut also a solid pick
    May 19 09:22 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell You'll end up doing so sooner or later, so no need to rush haha! So glad that list served you well :]
    May 19 09:21 PM
  • JohnnyoftheWell best thing ever is about right, slap a 5 down ;]
    May 19 10:15 AM
  • tyman128 think I might have to give a review for My Epic. Really enjoying it so far, not as amazing as I was expecting based on the two pre-release singles, but still really good
    May 17 06:29 AM
  • tyman128 they have that similar alt metal style with orchestration similar to that of RED
    May 12 12:31 PM
  • tyman128 have you ever listened to Fades Away - Perceptionif not, there?s a rec for you
    May 12 12:31 PM
  • nightbringer Hah, nice. Yeah a couple posts of yours sounded like they bore the influence of JP Holding! I used to read that site tons. Don't check it much now but it has been very influential to me.
    May 4 09:38 AM
  • nightbringer Hey, you don't happen to be a reader of do you?
    May 4 08:13 AM
  • BigHans Hold Steady dont sound like the Gaslight Anthem perse, but it has the same soul behind it. Huge Americana rock. Listen to the album Boys and Girls in America. It starts out with a bang.
    May 3 01:41 PM
  • tyman128 so far, both of the released songs have been solid, between a 4.5 and a 5 for me right now based off of those two singles
    May 2 11:49 PM
  • tyman128 man, that new My Epic is getting me pumped for their new EP
    May 2 11:02 PM
  • Get Low Ah, well how about that. I was in a "Christian" mood the other day and decided to check that album out since it had the high average, but didn't really care for it. Ngl, I'm not super into that stuff, but you never know when you're going to find a good piece of music where you least expect it.
    April 21 04:28 AM
  • Get Low I know you're into the Christian should check out Caedmon's Call. They're like, contemporary Christian, but kinda folky. I think you'd like it.
    April 21 03:09 AM
  • veninblazer I'm kind of trying to work my way back in slowly while also not making it the centerpiece of my interactions like I did previously. That's what caused all these issues, honestly.
    April 5 03:03 AM
  • tyman128 yea, you're right, TRAUMA is not a good album haha. Way too over the top with stupid electronica production and EDM/dubstep crap that ruins even the most abysmal of metalcore stylings of the album
    March 31 10:14 AM
  • tyman128 I understand that, never really got much into rap especially since all the crap my friends show me from mainstream rap turned me off pretty bad, but listening to people like Kendrick and even going back to Nas has been quite the enjoyable experience
    March 31 08:05 AM
  • tyman128 yea man, I?ve been jamming even some 90?s stuff like Neitral Milk Hotel and into the styles of Brand New and mewithoutYou, and even getting into some rap like Kendrick Lamar TPAB
    March 31 08:01 AM
  • tyman128 all I really cared for was Bow Down, but even that lost its appeal after a few listens
    March 31 07:57 AM
  • tyman128 ah yea, fair enough, I?ve really been getting into some more post-hardcore stuff and not so much the generic metalcore stylemetalcore is kinda falling into the generic trap and it?s all starting to sound the same now sadly
    March 31 07:55 AM
  • tyman128 dang, still gonna check it out because it was an album I was slightly intrigued with, but now I know not to get my hopes high haha
    March 31 07:53 AM
  • tyman128 is that I Prevail album really that bad?
    March 31 07:36 AM
  • Slex There are so many shocking moments, absolutely jam packed with surprises I didn't even know the band were capable of or interested in. It took me away from new Laura which is pretty crazy for me lol
    March 31 04:54 AM
  • dmathias52 Apparently they have an acoustic EP with some music from it? Literally just found it on Spotify, have you checked it out?
    March 25 04:19 AM
  • dmathias52 Just checking in with some Falling Up love - their self titled is one of my favorite albums!
    March 24 11:56 PM
  • tyman128 I?ll for sure check out that hip hop record, I also need to jam that new Copeland record, looks good.
    March 21 04:54 PM
  • tyman128 hey man, how?ve you been? just stopping by to ask if you?ve found any good music lately, I?ve been wanting to find some new stuff to download
    March 17 05:43 PM
  • veninblazer Thank you so ****in much man
    March 17 05:24 PM
  • Trifolium Haha, nice, good to know you've got my back if the Damnation thread goes out of hand. Overrated albummmmmm in an otherwise superb discog
    March 5 09:20 PM
  • SowingSeason Sweet, always good to have company. I liked Ixora a lot but that was my first and only Copeland experience prior to Blushing. I'm clearly going to have to dive in to the rest of their material.
    February 14 12:20 PM
  • SowingSeason Yeah I thought about taking it slow with the 4.5 and waiting to see if it wears off, but when an album hits me as hard and fast as Blushing did I just indulge. The lyrics on it are truly something else. Album is ridiculous and I'm in love.
    February 14 12:09 PM
  • ramon. This is beautiful stuff dude. Damn. Gonna wade in it a little longer before making an appraisal but this is a stellar find. Toes the line lyrically between upfront and gorgeously creative.
    February 3 03:15 AM
  • tyman128 VxV is amazing man. Although it is earlier, it reminds me a lot of Wovenwar and their style... or Wovenwar sounds like them is a better explanation. Regardless, I really like it, gotta check out their other stuff soon.
    January 23 07:02 PM
  • tyman128 dang, WatG actually takes me back. ?Relief? came out when I was like 12, and it consistently came on Pandora stations I would listen to, and I dug them. I forgot to get their name down and explore them, thanks for the name refresh haha
    January 23 05:13 AM
  • tyman128 I?ve been meaning to get into them for a while, I?ll check them out today
    January 23 03:05 AM
  • tyman128 Dude, you are amazing with that list. My Epic has become of my favorite bands and Yet and Behold are now a few of my favorite albums ever
    January 22 03:00 PM
  • BenThatsMyJamin Hey man, just wanted to say thanks for the great discussion. Always here if you have any prayer requests or wanna talk God/music
    January 19 12:00 AM
  • tyman128 no doubt, may be dropping a 5 on this thing, it?s just too good hahacan?t wait to check out the other stuff on the list, but I have school so that?s gonna be hindered sadly
    January 17 04:00 AM
  • tyman128 I can not believe I?ve never listened to My Epic before, Behold has been on repeat since yesterdsy
    January 17 03:47 AM
  • neekafat Thanks dude! And yeah, glad I spun it (:
    December 15 05:48 AM
  • neekafat My Cram List writeup for Vansire is done!
    December 15 12:55 AM
  • DoofDoof Nice you dig the Paddy Hanna dude
    December 12 08:32 AM
  • SowingSeason I actually had that on my radar and then totally forgot to check it out. Thanks for the reminder!
    December 11 04:37 PM
  • SowingSeason I know, he's been brilliant so far as a solo artist. Working on my review now.
    November 30 10:36 PM
  • Atari nice to see you jumping on some underrated songwriters :)
    November 28 11:17 PM
  • ramon. you owe it to yourself to jam what is possibly my favourite indie folk record of all time from an absolutely beautiful man of god my dude
    November 27 10:56 AM
  • ramon. dude you write for jfh whaaaaaaaaaaaat
    November 27 10:52 AM
  • tyman128 I?ll meed to check that out for sure man. And Kutless, I loved it when they had that rock tinge, but I can?t bring myself to listen to their later stuff
    November 17 10:01 AM
  • tyman128 ah okay, I only liked their first few albums, but I?ve never been intrigued by them since sadly. Way too many CCM bands have fallen like them for me
    November 17 09:34 AM
  • tyman128 hey man, you gonna give that new Casting Crowns a review on Jesus Freak? I?m actually surprised they had an album out, I had no clue they were still making music haha
    November 17 08:57 AM
  • zakalwe Yes dude! It?s swept me up in its chilled miserablism. An album of the year
    November 6 01:27 PM
  • Flugmorph being an anime fan in this day and age truely is something special
    November 3 07:35 AM
  • Flugmorph i saw, i nutted, i commented
    November 3 07:18 AM
  • Flugmorph sweet, hit me up when youre done
    November 2 01:26 PM
  • Flugmorph yeah do it fam ill be your first contact
    November 2 01:22 PM
  • Flugmorph ayyyyyy sure gotem. do u have a mal?
    November 2 08:36 AM
  • Flugmorph ok then... how about... silent planet really suuuuucks hehehehe :3
    November 2 07:40 AM
  • Flugmorph 02 more like not even as good as ichigo ayyyyyyyy
    November 2 07:30 AM
  • tyman128 that?s awesome man! I?ll check it out in a bit
    October 23 02:55 AM
  • letsgofishing Hey man, don't know if I ever gave you a shout out in the threads, but just wanted to thank you for always showing excitement for my mwY writeups. I've said it to others, but people like you is what made the effort worth it. Cheers.
    October 21 02:10 PM
  • tyman128 got a review up for tobymac now
    October 15 06:29 PM
  • tyman128 thanks, that means a lot, been trying my hardest to keep progressing with writing. and heck, it?s helped me with my essays in English this year haha
    October 14 08:41 AM
  • tyman128 dang, gotta check these out, thanks for the recs
    October 14 08:39 AM
  • tyman128 for sure man, keep up the great reviews. I?m gonna start doing some more CCM up here because why not? It?s music that I still love so why not review it for other people to see
    October 14 08:35 AM
  • tyman128 well dang, I?ll need to check that out a few great recs from Christian Rock this year if you haven?t heard:Zahna - Red for WarSeventh Day Slumber - Found (well this is 2017 haha)Relentless Flood - Escape the Fall
    October 14 08:33 AM
  • tyman128 dude, no way, I?ve actually read some of your reviews without noticing it, love your reviews up there
    October 14 08:30 AM
  • tyman128 nice to see a fellow Christian here haha... I?ve kept up with a few this year, but give me some recs as they come along. Do you mainly stick to CCM or do you enjoy some Christian Rock with the mix? because I?ve got some great unknown Christian Rock because that?s what I look for
    October 14 08:20 AM
  • tyman128 why don?t you give a shot at some reviewing of those albums?
    October 14 08:07 AM
  • tyman128 yea same here, for nostalgia reasons and because I still hold onto listening to mostly Christian music still, I?ll still keep up with new releases. And I agree hard, ?The Elements? was pretty solid, by far his best since Portable Sounds. I?ll have a review up for it sometime this week for sure
    October 14 07:37 AM
  • tyman128 dude, I just gotta say I find it funny when I plan on going to review a CCM album that I expect no one to have taken notice of, and you just happen to a already have rating upon release with the exact same rating opinion as me haha
    October 14 07:25 AM
  • SowingSeason ooh, thanks dude. I do love YC. will check.
    September 25 05:42 PM
  • Slex From A Late Night Train is one of my favorite songs ever, good picks
    September 25 12:37 PM
  • Slex Hats is such a tremendous and underrated album my friend I love you
    September 22 01:27 PM
  • Slex You're in for a hell of a treat then bud
    September 7 01:30 AM
  • Slex Honestly, it does take a few listens to really sink in, it's a LOT to take in
    September 6 02:33 PM
  • onionbubs i?d definitely go good mourning next. it?s my personal fav at least. if you liked iitc you?ll love it
    August 31 12:32 AM
  • Atari nice, yeah I could tell they were Christian. cheers for the rec!
    August 22 03:30 PM

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