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  • JesperL this is p cool, you may enjoy too:
    April 27 09:13 AM
  • JesperL alive in wild paint was neat but my god their wikipedia page is the shortest, saddest thing i've ever read lol. will try and collect some more stuff and eventually make that list hope you dig grids
    March 31 07:22 PM
  • JesperL never heard alive in wild paint either, will get on em! poorly timed great bands is honestly a pretty nice list idea hmm
    March 29 08:48 PM
  • JesperL jammed some stomacher today, band is crazy good indeed. feels like one of those great-band-poor-timing kinda things where they probably would've had way more success had they released music 10 years earlier and/or later lol :[
    March 29 11:40 AM
  • JesperL can't say i've ever heard of them! looks promising, will dig into their music once i've caught up with all the good new stuff from today. shall report back
    March 26 11:53 AM
  • JesperL 'numb' is a beauty from that one, goddamn
    March 24 01:07 PM
  • JesperL twin drugs was nice! think it'd benefit from some thiccer production/beefier guitars but the songs are there for sure. i don't recall having an iris conversation tho haha
    March 23 06:26 PM
  • JesperL hell yeah! it's insane how they dropped that absolutely perfect ep out of nowhere and then just dipped
    March 22 03:20 PM
  • JesperL you're in for a treat! it's also on spotify if u use that but here's the yt link:
    March 22 08:19 AM
  • JesperL have you ever jammed that stella luna ep? i just remembered it existed and oh man it's still gorgeous
    March 20 01:22 PM
  • kevbogz song's a ripper and a half
    March 11 09:51 PM
  • kevbogz
    March 11 09:32 AM
  • kevbogz bro FINALLY someone listens to a ****ing rec of mine
    February 26 07:01 PM
  • JesperL i just came across it the other day actually, bangs so hard (and is way too short lol)! hope they put out a full length like right this second
    February 10 08:05 AM
  • JesperL dude i'm absolutely in love w this song, think you might dig too:
    January 9 11:57 AM
  • Minushuman24 m/
    December 22 06:58 AM
  • Cygnatti nice username bro
    October 15 04:10 AM
  • bloc Bro our names are basically mirrors of each other
    October 13 04:47 PM
  • JefferyBigglestein BASED!!! Welcome aboard mate.
    August 14 01:16 PM
  • SandwichBubble Will do, all I could find so far was an archive of the bandcamp page though. Kind of bums me out when bands wipe their stuff from existence like that.
    July 7 06:05 AM
  • SandwichBubble Worth a shot, thank you anyway though. | It was a few months ago, but you rec'd me Iris for my user rec list back in April. Pretty good band, thanks again.
    July 7 05:03 AM
  • SandwichBubble Do you still have a copy of this? | They delet3d it off their bandcamp.
    July 6 10:49 PM
  • DivergentThinking Hey man, are you still in VA? I was gonna ask if you wanted to hang out sometime soon
    February 24 06:51 AM
  • SteakByrnes cold! how you doin bb good to hear from you :]
    December 10 06:01 PM
  • SteakByrnes ily imy hyd wyd
    November 28 06:54 PM
  • Drifter Hey
    November 19 04:21 PM
  • onionbubs goddamn would you still be in love man
    November 1 02:02 AM
  • ZombieToyDuck yeah man, good stuff I dig it so far!
    October 9 02:28 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck Jamming Tidal Arms finalllyyyy
    October 9 02:00 PM
  • Drifter I'm listening to new Cursive now. Pretty awesome. It def sounds in between Ugly Organ and Happy Hollow. Even his voice sounds straight Happy Hollow and I love that album so I like it.
    October 7 03:37 PM
  • Drifter You heard the new Cursive?? I'm hyped for it but not really in the mood for the genre recently so I haven't checked yet. I've monitored their social media for years and it finally comes and i don't feel like checking! Ahhhhh!! Apparently it's really fkn good so that's cool
    October 6 03:47 PM
  • Veldin Ah! Thank you, I knew I recognized her but I couldn't place it. I kept thinking she was a dbz or dragon quest character, but I forgot he did the art for Chrono Trigger.
    October 2 03:19 AM
  • Veldin Who's that Toriyama character in your avatar?
    October 1 08:05 AM
  • Divaman Oh well. I'm hoping next time they come around, they'll be playing bigger or better venues.
    September 19 04:07 AM
  • Divaman So how was Tigers Jaw? Were you able to hear Brianna?
    September 18 07:58 PM
  • SowingSeason Name Your Price:
    August 14 12:32 AM
  • ZombieToyDuck yeah I feel that, I do the night shift UPS job at like 3am tonight til my second job at 9 which ends at 6 so yeah it pretty much sucks haha
    July 26 08:13 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck gettin' back to the work life you know how it is haha the sleep schedule transition is gunna suckkkkk
    July 26 06:14 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck yoooooooo what's up dude?
    July 26 05:16 PM
  • Zeuzo Yeah install discord and come to us man!
    July 15 07:00 PM
  • Sabrutin I see. Personally I thought that Serenity was trying too hard to be dark and I miss the more colourful writing of Paradigm a lot. I notice that my Korn opinions differ a lot from the consensus; I've explored the discography in the last year after getting talked into checking only the s/t. I honestly dug the vast majority of it!
    July 15 06:10 PM
  • Kaiwaz Hey coldy. By request from Zeuzo, we would like to know if you would join our discord server. You are always welcome if you want to come chit-chat.
    July 14 10:05 PM
  • Sabrutin Hey, since you seem a big Korn fan, what do you hate about Paradigm Shift? Some days I actually think it may be my 2nd favorite after the debut as a whole. I explained all my reasons in my sound-off, I'd be curious to hear your view
    July 14 05:32 PM
  • Drifter Never knew you liked halo. Nice
    July 11 08:56 PM
  • SherlockChris9021 Which is on the list.
    July 10 03:22 PM
  • SherlockChris9021 Oh, I just realised that I also done one on Exile In Guyville by Liz Phair.
    July 10 03:22 PM
  • SherlockChris9021 But I will take that comment in my heart, so I decided to review MOST of them after I completed the upcoming series, since I actually reviewed Souvlaki as my first review. Thanks for the advice, mate!
    July 10 03:17 PM
  • SherlockChris9021 Hey, I just saw your message in the my list of my favourite alternative albums that is released in 1993. Just let you know that I will not review the albums in the list after the completion of the Emo classic series, I will instead focus on more recent releases and an upcoming series.
    July 10 03:15 PM
  • BlackMalachite Sony Acid Pro, and Reaper
    July 6 05:47 AM
  • ZombieToyDuck oh I misread haha it's cool man nothing to be sorry about, but yeah uprooting for that move is kind of a lot so I don't blame ya.
    July 3 02:33 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck yo dude, I'm convinced we'd get along suppppper well in person did I catch wind amongst the convos that you were gunna be moving to PA?
    July 3 02:26 PM
  • Zeuzo lol why did they interview you like 3 times thenscum****s
    June 25 05:50 PM
  • Zeuzo how you doin my boyo did you get the job
    June 24 12:39 PM
  • botb Man, you ever read through some of these threads, type a long response, and then just it and be bummed
    June 11 03:48 PM
  • Gyromania Bless you
    June 6 11:14 PM
  • hesperus i was just about to post an angry, way-too-long comment that HIRS thread, but i thought my time would be better spend telling you how much i appreciate you having my back. sometimes being queer on sputnik kinda sucks, but it's nice to know there are users who make it suck less
    June 6 10:07 PM
  • botb Yeah it makes the weirdo ?****in sjw?s ruin everything!!!!? internet dweebs come out in full force
    June 4 02:00 PM
  • botb This guy gets it
    June 4 01:45 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck anddddd gave it a 4.5 because it crushes
    May 30 02:08 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck dude that nodachi rec has me sold only 30 seconds in holy hell
    May 29 05:51 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck you used my name as a verb :'(
    May 22 07:50 PM
  • SandwichBubble
    May 8 06:23 PM
  • SteakByrnes Why watch football when I can watch rugby
    April 27 01:27 AM
  • SteakByrnes Good thing I don't like football so I can hear Kurt's sweet soothing vox :]
    April 27 01:15 AM
  • SteakByrnes Royal Coda
    April 27 12:41 AM
  • Zeuzo Make a discord cvnt
    April 25 07:27 PM
  • Zeuzo Workin buddy
    April 25 07:24 PM
  • Drifter
    April 25 07:05 PM
  • Zeuzo like almost everything this band does
    April 23 04:57 PM
  • Zeuzo yeah it sucks a huge d
    April 23 04:56 PM
  • Gyromania Word. Also that thread was a s*** show and I was spurred on by some dicks tbh but i don't condone rape
    April 19 01:15 PM
  • Gyromania But zeuzo asked you so politely =[
    April 19 01:12 PM
  • Gyromania Yeah man, report me, buddy.
    April 19 01:07 PM
  • Zeuzo that gyromania **** has a problem with me for no reason, reported his comment with an alt and it'sd so nvm. how can i block someone from commenting on my lists?
    April 19 12:49 PM
  • Zeuzo do me a favour buddy and report that kiddo
    April 19 10:56 AM
  • BigHans True that. I was on an island.
    April 17 08:48 PM
  • BigHans Were you one of the ones I called a pussy? If so, I'll apologize. Bad day, sore subject, I obviously come from a different time and place.
    April 17 08:17 PM
  • guitarded_chuck i doubt ill get banned ive been here too long ive got s***posting privileges to an extent lol
    April 17 07:19 PM
  • guitarded_chuck thanks bro and we had a thing but its over ive always liked ya we can move past
    April 17 07:18 PM
  • Zeuzo where u at cvnt
    April 15 06:13 PM
  • Zeuzo Ily bby
    April 14 05:42 PM
  • Zeuzo Get triggered bby
    April 14 12:32 PM
  • Zeuzo
    April 14 12:31 PM
  • Zeuzo Nice, that's my 2nd fav
    April 12 12:49 PM
  • GmemberKills I posted in the tread, but here is the link anyway can find all their releases for sale pretty cheap
    April 12 01:18 AM
  • Zeuzo Hey bruh what's your fav Deftones?
    April 11 09:01 PM
  • MarsKid What do you contribute to the album by the way, you didn't say
    April 10 03:05 AM
  • MarsKid That sucks. Any singles/albums to check?
    April 8 02:17 PM
  • Zeuzo Yeah we lookin slicc boi
    April 8 04:56 AM
  • Zeuzo hey bro check this out haha
    April 7 09:19 PM
  • MarsKid Yo man, if you've got stuff you're involved in that I can jam, I'd always be up to support
    April 5 11:50 PM
  • TheSpirit nice dig :]
    April 3 04:05 PM
  • dimsim3478 hey thanks for your support! its nice to know that what im saying is resonating with you in some way
    March 5 01:59 PM
  • DinosaurJones Yeah man, I don't see how you can claim to be a compassionate, forward thinking person without thinking of the ramifications of things like that. Telling people to "just move on" or "just get over it" is helpful about 2% of the time.
    March 2 06:07 PM
  • Drifter Wtf you joined in September?? Did you have another account before this?
    March 2 05:56 PM
  • DinosaurJones I was referring to the holier than thou attitude people have when they act all "LOL WORDS DON'T AFFECT ME" without any sort of consideration for others.
    March 2 05:50 PM
  • TheWrenKing just droppin by to say yr my fav new user i've seen rattlin round here recently. stay ?ebsi
    February 19 05:05 PM
  • botb Oh I don?t think we ever actually formerly met but I totally know who you are- but I won?t throw your name on here haha. That?s cool, like I said small world.
    February 7 07:48 PM
  • botb Yeah that?s me! Never thought I?d find someone on this website that knew me before here and not the other way around haha. I remember everyone?s face in fixtures but I?m god awful with names, what did you do
    February 7 07:11 PM
  • botb That?s the one! Nah I?m Dan, josh is the guy they got to play drums after me. But you?re totally on the right wavelength
    February 7 06:37 PM
  • botb We played a lot of shows with since 1913 when I was playing drums for beneath the surface for a while. Also totally remember we are bears. That?s wild.
    February 7 06:15 PM
  • botb Yeah that?s the last time I talked to him was at a twin drugs show, my boy alex plays drums for them. I was in a handful of really bad metalcore bands back then, the most locally hyped one being Boris Wheatley unfortunately
    February 7 06:02 PM
  • botb NO s***! Blake mentioned something to me about releasing some unreleased fixtures s*** a couple months ago. Small world, totally remember playing a show or two with you guys
    February 7 05:43 PM
  • botb Yo what band were you in in Richmond
    February 7 02:26 PM
  • Drifter Paintball is too edgy to not be identified on another acct lol
    January 31 03:50 PM
  • Drifter He was way cooler when he just lurked/hardly interacted in the community. But thanks bro (:
    January 31 03:46 PM
  • Drifter Lol **** paintball tbh
    January 31 03:45 PM
  • Drifter You said it in zombie's shoutbox (im a convo stalker sometimes)
    January 31 03:42 PM
  • Drifter Am I one of the "edgy kids and ignorant, oblivious teenagers?"
    January 31 03:28 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck eh 33 ain't that old man I feel like I'll be at that age in no time cause the years just go quicker and quicker anymore haha
    January 19 04:23 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck yeah some people are real snobby here and theres a ton of young teenagers and stuff so I guess it's to be expected haha I know you're bit older right? I'm 26 and I feel theres a tonnn of people younger than me here haha
    January 19 03:53 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck yeah man I mean there's some s***ty people from time to time but loads of good people that made me really appreciate joining
    January 19 03:41 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck oh s*** so you been lurkin' for a long time haha I'd been lurking for about 4 or 5 years myself joined almost a year ago finally
    January 19 03:31 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck You're fairly new to these parts am I right?
    January 19 03:28 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck you like good music friend I do not believe I have officially been acquainted with you so cheers to you good sir!
    January 19 03:22 PM
  • chuedl Hey I'm new here. Made an account because I am desperately looking for someone who has a physical copy of "Not waving, drowning" from Listener. Do you have one?
    January 16 03:31 PM
  • botb Oh that?s sick, had no idea!
    January 12 11:48 AM
  • botb are you from around va? I?ve known joe for over 10 years and met Laura when they first started dating soooo 6-7ish? Haha
    January 11 07:23 PM
  • Tunaboy45 same here, I was a lurker for quite a while- it seems that's how most people start off
    January 5 01:19 PM
  • Tunaboy45 haha you find out who the sh*tposters and edgelords are pretty quickly, kind of weird to think it'll be coming up 5 years since I made this account
    January 4 07:47 PM
  • Tunaboy45 Best new user 2017 btw
    January 3 05:34 PM
  • Drifter Idk if I'm just dumb or something but what's the song from jawbox that you wanted? I can't find a t/t for "For Your Own Special Sweetheart"
    December 22 09:37 PM
  • SandwichBubble "Can someone put up the "Clara" album and "Pick Up The Phone" EP?" |
    December 18 01:53 AM
  • neekafat Aw c:
    November 16 09:15 PM
  • neekafat killin' huh? Killin' who?
    November 16 06:51 PM
  • neekafat sup bud
    November 16 06:01 PM
  • neekafat where did you come from/where did you go
    November 16 04:59 PM
  • sixdegrees fair enough, as you were
    November 16 04:57 PM
  • sixdegrees are you a torts alt?
    November 16 04:32 PM
  • neekafat I actually prefer it haha! Much stranger and more visceral imo
    October 26 03:45 PM
  • neekafat It's so good dudeee
    October 26 03:35 PM
  • neekafat Glad to see another SFIJ 4.5
    October 26 03:22 PM
  • TheCharmingMan I might catch the anniversary tour on the 21st Nov. but I've already got tix for Mom Jeans. and TWIABP so I'll have to call in some favors to afford it lol. Pianos kick so much ass though.
    October 18 06:15 PM
  • neekafat Yeah lists are a great way to get going too, I've been meaning to get into mewithoutyou actually!
    October 6 04:58 PM
  • neekafat Good av btw
    October 6 01:14 PM
  • neekafat Maybe try working your way up to one with some sound offs!
    October 6 01:03 PM
    October 5 10:23 PM
  • neekafat You've been here a month and you already have way more rates than me y u do dis
    October 4 06:15 PM

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