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  • BallsToTheWall Y?all on bandcamp?
    November 2 04:24 AM
  • BallsToTheWall What?s your band dude?
    November 1 04:10 PM
  • Archelirion we used to use dubtrack but that has since gone under sadly, and as far as I'm aware there's no active rooms on at the moment, which is pretty ass
    October 2 11:03 PM
  • Jmal00
    August 8 01:41 PM
  • romulanrancor Hello American fellow ???
    August 6 01:47 AM
  • davezillaMP3 is the person you talking about one of the people who dropped out of the band right after the EP?
    August 3 09:56 PM
  • davezillaMP3 it is all good, i went through with hearing it anyways, thanks for your submission!
    August 3 07:37 PM
  • Snake. american pleasure club, all of their old ratings and reviews got moved there
    August 2 01:12 PM
  • Snake. TS got a name change
    August 2 01:09 PM
  • romulanrancor gorguts?? more like deez nuts hahaha comedy time epic
    December 21 10:03 PM
  • Kaiwaz discooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooord
    June 29 01:07 AM
  • Bedex Best avatar
    June 27 02:47 PM
  • Kaiwaz
    June 27 12:13 AM
  • Kaiwaz you still have my discord? drop in man
    June 26 11:50 PM
  • Kaiwaz whats up dude? been a while eh?
    June 26 11:44 PM
  • Tyler. what did i do lol
    April 8 04:28 AM
  • SandwichBubble SunItchRubble
    March 29 05:25 AM
  • DarkSideOfLucca Ahaha I'm doing Child's Play next, but I'll add Tremors to the list lol
    February 7 04:01 AM
  • BenThatsMyJamin Dude help the stupidity over on the AJFA remaster news article thread is giving me a migraine
    September 16 10:18 PM
  • Avagantamos lmao great prof pic!
    September 4 04:22 AM
  • Valzentia Four months later and I have successfully recovered from the BOTDF travesty
    August 5 11:14 PM
  • Kaiwaz Hey man, you've always seemed like a pretty cool dude on here, just wanted to see if you want to come join the discord server we're in. I think you'll like it. Let me know!
    July 31 10:03 PM
  • Aicaicem Thanks for responding! I actually did separate the paragraphs, I just copy\pasted from a text program, then didn't pay attention when Sputnik changed it. XDI will do my best to work on the other things, thank you. :)
    July 8 03:15 PM
  • Aicaicem Hey, thanks for commenting on my Kublai Khan review! That was only my third music review, so could you please tell me my grammar and formatting mistakes?
    July 5 07:45 AM
  • Allergist ur gay
    June 26 09:09 PM
  • Doctuses true, it IS art after all.
    June 26 04:13 PM
  • Doctuses Hey bro you should review Johnny Rebel's For Segregationists Only i'll support your endeavor
    June 19 11:21 PM
  • Snake. that new tesseract album is good if you want to be fast asleep the whole trip
    May 25 03:49 PM
  • Aiwaz I own all Alejandro Jodorowsky films. I have the boxed set. Holy Mountain, El Topo, Fando E Lis, Santa Sangre. Although, Santa Sangre didn't come with the Jodorowsky box set, I bought it separately and it is really goddamn good. I used to have an avatar here from that film. Aiwaz is pertaining to Aleister Crowley. Google it, I discovered all of this from the band Tool. Please mention in that thread that the person you thought I was, wasn't me. lol
    May 13 05:36 AM
  • Aiwaz You know who Aiwass/Aiwaz is right? It's not some random name I made up. I actually tried Aiwass on this site and it was taken. So I went with the other spelling. No dude, that's not me at all man. I can go on and on and on about the movie Gravity and how much of a piece of s*** it is. It is still to this day my worst movie of all time.
    May 13 05:17 AM
  • Aiwaz WHAT THE ****! LMFAO DUDE I AM LOSING MY s*** RIGHT NOW! HAHAHAHAH NAW MAN THAT IS NOT ME! I joined in 2005, here's mine bro. I hope you like my review on Gravity. It was one of my favorites.
    May 13 05:14 AM
  • Aiwaz lol no, want to see my IMDb reviews?
    May 13 05:05 AM
  • Aiwaz I haven't done a review on that site since 2008 and it surely wasn't this name. Thought you were one of the cool ones on here, maybe I was wrong.
    May 13 04:59 AM
  • Aiwaz umm what?
    May 13 04:52 AM
  • Aiwaz What website do you know me from?
    May 13 04:45 AM
  • BlackMalachite Added you my dude.
    May 9 04:16 PM
  • BlackMalachite Do you have a Facebook? Basically it depends on the vocal samples I'm gonna ask you to send me.
    May 9 05:36 AM
  • BlackMalachite You're interested in voicing a character on the Black Malachite album?
    May 8 04:41 PM
  • Kaiwaz It's goin, how's you doin
    April 18 08:49 PM
  • Valzentia Yes...but I am recovering nicely.
    April 14 06:29 PM
  • Allergist KONSTRIKT OR DIE is...whoa
    April 14 06:41 AM
  • Frippertronics Everyone's gotta live through it once again.
    April 9 07:26 PM
  • parksungjoon whats ur old acc's name btw
    April 2 09:04 PM
  • evilford Thanks man. Same to u
    March 28 01:40 AM
  • evilford it's aight how you been dude? haven't seen you around in a while...I've been sparse myself tho so that may not be right
    March 15 03:43 AM
  • TheSonomaDude haha thanks man
    February 25 08:46 AM
  • pjorn aye, sup
    November 27 07:59 PM
  • ZombieToyDuck need your next recs bud for the competition
    November 15 05:47 PM
  • Frippertronics it's too late for such warnings
    November 15 02:57 PM
  • Frippertronics yooooooooooooo please make the cult videos public man for the memes
    November 14 03:55 AM
  • Prancer just wanted to let you know round 3 is up if you're still interested
    October 7 10:55 PM
  • Prancer you still doing the worst rec contest?
    October 7 09:35 PM
  • Bloon Its got the same style haha
    September 16 04:19 PM
  • Bloon yo is your forum pic from the Gregory Horror Show?
    September 16 04:36 AM
  • SinkTrap Mudvayne is not nu-metal.
    September 8 09:17 PM
  • SinkTrap I'm not supposed to be funny. I am right. You are trolling. This is embarrassing.
    September 8 09:15 PM
  • SinkTrap Regarding your recent change to the Mudvayne page -- stop vandalizing. Mudvayne is a progressive metal band, not a nu-metal band. They sound nothing like Mushroomhead, Slipknot or Korn.
    August 23 08:49 PM
  • BlackMalachite Yeah man, this site can honestly be infectious at times. I'm just glad that I'm taking the steps necessary to help with my mental health.
    July 27 10:22 PM
  • romulanrancor pls bro need meem
    July 24 12:09 AM
  • romulanrancor swuirt me a realy phat meme
    October 7 12:57 AM
  • romulanrancor teach me meme
    September 23 07:15 PM
  • romulanrancor PLEESE DOO
    July 17 02:51 PM
  • TVC15
    July 16 07:01 PM
  • evilford yup. I see flug just copy pasted that in a bunch of peoples' shoutboxes lol
    July 16 04:25 AM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist :/ Damn at this point everything I do on this site is wrong lol. Well at least nice ratings dude, agreed those 2 are their best.
    July 14 11:09 PM
  • AngryLittleAlchemist Dude oh my god you're 5ing of Ride the Lightning and especially your quote for And Justice For All is perfect. High five man!
    July 14 10:58 PM
  • Flugmorph 10k comments biiiiiiiiiiitch. gimme dem internet points GIMME GIMME GIMME
    July 11 11:38 PM
  • romulanrancor b0ss _d75d64d53253d50856027bbd2c02e7f3.jpg
    May 26 01:34 PM
  • CalculatingInfinity buck dick
    April 16 01:14 AM
  • xxm I love your Korn review.
    April 13 08:28 PM
  • yeah am now
    March 20 04:01 PM
  • Fluttertrank thx m8, they are from my area. they rule
    March 18 04:04 AM
  • CaliggyJack Thanks for participating in that thread. It turned to s*** fast but I learned a few things from it. Anyways Id it but just wanted to thank you, took a lot of guts to admit that stuff.
    March 8 05:52 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender Chugs. Chugs everywhere.
    March 5 01:07 AM
  • SachikoM late to the party.
    February 9 11:08 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Happy late birthday man.
    January 16 02:42 PM
  • romulanrancor HAGGARDY FLUGEN SHLARGEN!!
    January 15 03:49 PM
  • oisincoleman64 Yeah, no problem, just tell me what to change it to when you know
    January 11 11:02 PM
  • romulanrancor was asleep bro
    January 8 04:03 PM
  • Anthemic *gags*
    January 8 04:32 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender I'd love to review it eventually. I'm in the middle of writing a review for Reign in Blood atm but I haven't got around to finishing it because of family and holidays and stuff. I'll probably finish it by this weekend or next. But yeah man, I'd love to review it once it comes out. What kind of band is it, and what's the band called?
    January 8 02:01 AM
  • romulanrancor Sweet, Is it gonna be on the interwebs at some point?
    January 1 10:37 PM
  • romulanrancor what's this man?
    January 1 08:14 PM
  • romulanrancor ...what?
    December 29 06:45 PM
  • romulanrancor where dem maiden reviews bro?
    December 28 06:13 PM
  • Snake. name the tornado in my photo and i'll stop bullying for a month
    December 27 11:53 PM
  • Astral Abortis Weregoat is better but neither are that good to begin with
    December 21 05:39 AM
  • Snake. important
    December 18 08:04 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Wow, Sputnik is in the presence of a true legend, I think I might have to logout because I can't take his overwhelming presence. I'm not worthy to be on the same site as the Great Sowders.
    December 18 02:44 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender That guy with the account name Sowders, is he the one from CoTE?
    December 17 12:42 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Lmfao is that the legit real Sowders?
    December 16 09:57 PM
  • romulanrancor OI U M8, DUB?
    December 13 04:39 AM
  • sixdegrees ok
    December 10 02:25 AM
  • Sowders **** you nigger
    November 30 11:03 PM
  • romulanrancor lol it's on fb
    November 21 06:35 PM
  • romulanrancor yo where you gone
    November 21 01:05 AM
  • romulanrancor dude come jam sometime, been too long
    November 20 11:52 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Haha, that's great. Sonoma, what would you say is your favorite album? You seem to have a pretty good taste.
    November 20 01:51 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender How's Sonoma doing today?
    November 19 03:18 AM
  • Spacesh1p Thanks man, what makes you say that?You're pretty astounding too.
    November 17 08:54 PM
  • KILL u wish
    October 27 12:30 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Lmao.
    October 20 10:20 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Lol, what no, I was just pointing out how your sound-off said it would be a 5/5 if not for those two songs, but you gave it a 5/5 anyway, haha.
    October 20 06:12 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender "This album is one of my personal favorites. If it weren't for the artsy filler tracks like "Reflection" and "Disposition" then this would be a solid 5/5." Rating: 5/5
    October 20 05:53 PM
  • romulanrancor Iron Maiden: Wasted Years, Infinite Dreams, The Number Of The Beast, ProwlerBlack Metal: Darkthrone - In The Shadow Of The Horns, Burzum - War, Gorgoroth - Sorg, Ulver - Hymn 1: Of Wolf and Fear. There you go bro.
    October 16 05:09 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender ...ugh...
    October 4 12:41 PM
  • romulanrancor \\m/ \\m/
    October 3 06:12 PM
  • romulanrancor You've listened to Powerslave? O_o
    October 3 06:08 PM
  • DoctorDoom Hey, man. Saw your depression list. Reach out if you ever need someone to converse with!
    October 2 12:00 PM
  • SachikoM Not much. What you up to?
    October 2 04:46 AM
  • SachikoM sup bruh.
    October 2 04:27 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts k ill leave u and ur buttbud alone dude but u should get ur buddy off the internet for one and not making lists like that for 2 and ftr i dont think ive ever even had a conversation with you before so im not sure why u have such a chip on your shoulder at me whats the beef big chief
    September 29 03:38 AM
  • Lord(e)Po)))ts ask me again nicely instead of being a **** and i probably would oblige tbh
    September 29 03:28 AM
  • Sevengill aight cool, just shoot me an email if you'd like.
    September 29 01:01 AM
  • Sevengill Hey Sonoma, you still interested in doing some vox?
    September 28 03:05 AM
  • FlyheadMetal we found oqre
    September 27 11:23 PM
  • FlyheadMetal oqre thanks you for reviewing my album!September 27 06:52 PM ? Remove
    September 27 10:56 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Kk, thanks. Everyone in my area where I live only listens to hip-hop though, (not just friends, neighbors too), and when I get serious about music and ask them what kind of instruments can they play they tell me they can either rap fast or they can make rap beats on their computer. :I
    September 26 05:32 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Hell yeah man, agreed. Can you give me tips on starting a metal band? Like I'm serious I'm not trying to be stupid.
    September 26 05:20 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender Death or Slayer?
    September 26 11:53 AM
  • romulanrancor haha stop, you said they were terrible
    September 24 06:44 PM
  • romulanrancor
    September 24 06:31 PM
  • FlyheadMetal yah he reported it. he is being a bully
    September 23 11:28 PM
  • romulanrancor yep :D
    September 17 04:31 AM
  • romulanrancor plug?
    September 17 04:29 AM
  • romulanrancor les go rite now m8
    September 13 10:44 PM
  • romulanrancor Glad to see you checked out "Dead As Dreams" man, great great album m/
    September 13 10:11 PM
  • TheMagicalBlender XD I love your Death profile pics.
    September 12 12:56 AM
  • romulanrancor MUDDA****IN LIAR!
    August 25 11:47 AM
  • rocketsfall sowders documentary when?
    August 25 07:30 AM
  • romulanrancor plug?
    August 23 09:51 PM
  • romulanrancor Oh no problem bro, Glad to hear you've moved into college. How is it? I'm moving into uni on the 5th :D
    August 23 12:19 PM
  • GhettoHmbrglr You serious about the maudlin show? Because i was
    August 23 03:25 AM
  • romulanrancor wassup man?
    August 23 01:32 AM
  • Gameofmetal lol sounds fun, im still short a roommate, kinda hoping it stays that way tbh
    August 23 01:11 AM
  • Gameofmetal oh yeah? how'd yours go
    August 23 12:17 AM
  • TheMagicalBlender m/ m/ m/ m/ m/ m/ m/ The greatest thrash band since Genesis.
    August 22 01:29 PM
  • romulanrancor plug you mug xD
    August 21 11:35 PM
  • Sabrutin Check the review for Didier Squiban - Molene, mine's pretty easy to spot I'd say.
    August 20 05:07 PM
  • Sabrutin I have a real friend on this site too haha, though he's not really a forum guy.
    August 20 03:57 PM
  • Judio! Ah ok. That sucks that Gavin's mom put you in this situation, hopefully it'll blow over soon cuz I'm definitely anxious to see the rest of documentary.
    August 20 12:52 AM
  • romulanrancor Khroniik album
    August 19 06:16 PM
  • Judio! Damn dude, I'm bummed that you made the Join the Cult videos private. What's your bandmate's mom trying to sue you for?
    August 19 05:02 PM
  • romulanrancor No problem dude, happy to help a bro out :D
    August 14 08:46 PM
  • BMDrummer since you like sput user music
    August 14 03:43 AM
  • FirstStrikeIsDeadly lol @ ur profile pic [3]
    August 14 02:30 AM
  • evilford lol @ ur profile pic [2]
    August 10 06:07 PM
  • Judio! Oh ****! Watching now.
    August 9 09:57 PM
  • Negator lol @ ur profile pic
    August 9 09:07 PM
  • JokineAugustus I wish the snuggle was advertised like that m/
    August 9 06:34 PM
  • romulanrancor hahaha that dp
    August 8 12:18 AM
  • romulanrancor get yo ass pluggin
    August 4 09:07 PM
  • romulanrancor Oh sweet, have a good time man
    August 3 10:31 PM
  • romulanrancor Dude, That's sick. I need to see them one of these days. If you're about come and jam with me and Anthemic. We have some Slayer going right now m/
    August 3 10:21 PM
    August 3 08:45 PM
  • Snake. well yea
    August 3 05:57 PM
  • Snake. ok
    August 3 05:53 PM
  • Snake.
    August 3 05:47 PM
  • romulanrancor HAHAHA OMG! I can't believe you actually got him to change his profile picture to Ian Bernardo xD
    July 18 10:18 PM
  • Sowders So you are Todds friend?
    May 12 12:01 AM
  • FlyheadMetal haha no way, eunuch is like an ovdeath alt lol but yah i know him he got mad at me for liking cryptopsy or something idk lol
    April 16 12:30 AM
  • Linx Thanks for the positive comment! Its greatly appreciated :)
    March 25 01:33 AM
  • JohnTheSavage cool
    January 19 02:18 AM
  • JohnTheSavage Hey man when's Master of Puppets coming? I want to see what you'll say about it.
    January 18 04:47 AM
  • BMDrummer where in the **** did you find that sahara album lol
    January 14 02:16 AM
  • Snake. really all you have to do it use the same password, and use different emails but with connections to your default email addresses. it's really not that difficult, i'm done it multiple times before. also, all of your information when creating a new email address and account is private, not broadcasted, so you're free to lie pretty much all you want.
    January 13 11:04 PM
  • FlyheadMetal Sonomadude, ignore snakedilah and danielito19, they are just butthurt about what you said about pop punk. You are hilarious and your review ****in rule man.
    January 11 07:08 AM
  • Titan haha that was pretty funny
    January 9 02:55 PM
  • danielito19 v
    January 5 08:58 PM
  • Snake. stop trying to be funny
    January 3 04:05 PM

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