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Album review on 2018-03-23

A deep breath of submission has begun.
Eno, Moebius and Roedelius
Album review on 2018-03-22

After the Heat is an absorbing work of art spanning an impressive spectrum of quirky electronic experiments, classical piano, and peaceful ambiance.
Album review on 2018-03-21

Give up.
Typhonian Highlife
Album review on 2018-03-20

How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love [To] Bomb
Album review on 2018-03-19

Within the niche of a niche, Sojourner find their home.
Alva Noto
Album review on 2018-03-19

Everything is chrome in the future!
Press Club
Album review on 2018-03-16

dePressed Club
Mount Eerie
Album review on 2018-03-16

But now I notice ravens instead.
Album review on 2018-03-12

Album review on 2018-03-12

Twisted and fun like always...
Album review on 2018-03-12

David Byrne
Album review on 2018-03-12

Is it the truth or merely a description?
Moose Blood
Album review on 2018-03-12

We get it, you smoke
The Republic of Wolves
Album review on 2018-03-12

A thrilling, fully-immersive indie-rock album...and a triumphant return to everything that this band does best.
Album review on 2018-03-09

swathes of loneliness
Album review on 2018-03-09

An understated triumph.
Album review on 2018-03-08

The cover reflects your reaction after listening to this album...
Album review on 2018-03-08

Flensburg und das BKA, Haben unsere Daten da.
Iannis Xenakis
Album review on 2018-03-07

We're meteorites.
Album review on 2018-03-04

A glimpse of the world Moby envisioned, but this time after the apocalypse...
One Step From the Edge
Album review on 2018-03-03

Titus Andronicus
Album review on 2018-03-03

a less perfect union
Bon Iver
Album review on 2018-03-02

An album about, and for, isolation.
Runaway Brother
Album review on 2018-03-02

Traversing past the ordinary
Morton Feldman
Album review on 2018-03-01

Morton Feldman’s 1983 String Quartet No. 2 is the culmination of his artistic practice. Peeling away from the aleatoric musical notation which defined his early 1950s work and opting for the conventional perform
Alela Diane
Album review on 2018-02-25

A grower if there ever was one, Cusp is a personal display of life’s most fragile moments.

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