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Leaves' Eyes
Album review on 2018-07-22

Whose eyes now?
Wild Pink
Album review on 2018-07-22

Humbly majestic and free-flowing
Album review on 2018-07-22

It's just the season on your back.
Album review on 2018-07-21

Ambitious power metal that is not recommended to cynics.
Album review on 2018-07-20

Beautifully adrift
Album review on 2018-07-16

Subverting expectations to bring you closer to emotional reality: pain and beauty are one in the same.
Liam Singer
Album review on 2018-07-14

poignant and cosmically-reaching
Dirty Projectors
Album review on 2018-07-13

Laughing in flowers of sun
Spanish Love Songs
Album review on 2018-07-07

Like walking backwards, these wasted years
We The Kings
Album review on 2018-07-07

Oh, how the extremely average have fallen.
Album review on 2018-07-05

There, there.
Wild Moccasins
Album review on 2018-07-02

Your summer rush of indie-pop has just arrived.
Album review on 2018-07-02

Silver Eye is an engrossing, synthesizer-heavy concoction of the duo’s previous work distilled into a pure element only they could create.
Florence and the Machine
Album review on 2018-07-02

Don't judge this album by its cover or its singles. Florence Welch has crafted quite the grower; a subtly beautiful piece that opens up a new door for the future of the band.
Let's Eat Grandma
Album review on 2018-06-29

Toeing the line between fervent experimentation and enjoyable song craft...effortlessly.
Imperial Triumphant
Album review on 2018-06-29

Ever triumphant.
Nine Inch Nails
Album review on 2018-06-25

year of the witch
Pusha T
Album review on 2018-06-25

How do you respond?
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever
Album review on 2018-06-23

Keeping guitar rock on life support.
Yawning Man
Album review on 2018-06-20

The return of the desert rock gods…
DJ Healer
Album review on 2018-06-18

A Quick One Before the Dormant Sun Rises
Progenie Terrestre Pura
Album review on 2018-06-15

Not Progenie Terrestre Pura's masterwork, but a surprisingly involving and intriguing piece of sci-fi black metal nonetheless.
Tomb Mold
Album review on 2018-06-14

Rotted hymnals of death.
Jean Grae/Quelle Chris
Album review on 2018-06-11

Everything’s Fine, as an album title and as a constantly reiterated mantra, is supposed to be ironic. Irony, here, is a rhetorical strategy that allows one to nominally invoke a concept while conveying its oppos
Owl City
Album review on 2018-06-10

This sure is an album.
Natalie Hemby
Album review on 2018-06-10

The finer things in life are worn

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