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John Bence
Album review by Jonny Hunter on 2015-02-22

Nicolas Jaar's new find has some bright ideas, but could have done a lot more with them.
Falling in Reverse
Album review by John Lennon b.h.w. on 2015-02-22

Now all the critics wanna hit it + shit-can how we did it...
The Sky Life
Album review by Jared Ponton on 2015-02-20

Is it just enough to be used? No, no, use me well.
Alien Ant Farm
Album review by Jom on 2015-02-20

Even though I don't know you, I feel like I owe you.
36 Crazyfists
Album review by Dan H. on 2015-02-19

Brutal, bleak and honest, 36 Crazyfists return sounding as good as ever.
Hawk Eyes
Album review by Greg Fisher on 2015-02-19

Leeds riff masters unveil their most accessible collection of songs to date.
Public Service Broadcasting
Album review by Jonny Hunter on 2015-02-18

Break through the atmosphere of cynicism and there is a whole album to explore.
Album review by Magnus Altkula on 2015-02-16

Traditional enough, diverse enough, contemplative enough
Aux Field
Album review by Matt P. on 2015-02-16

Somewhere out of time.
Lights & Motion
Album review by Jared Ponton on 2015-02-15

99 cent store post-rock, plus tax
Kyoto Protocol
Album review by Irving Tan on 2015-02-15

I've got a right to chase a dream.
Black Rivers
Album review by SowingSeason on 2015-02-15

A curiously imaginative take on mainstream indie-pop.
William Ryan Fritch
Album review by Jonny Hunter on 2015-02-14

Aesthetically fascinating but not quite perfect, Revisionist is nevertheless a satisfying close to Fritch's colossal project.
The Do
Album review by SowingSeason on 2015-02-13

Eclectic, unique, and captivating to its very core.
Colour Haze
Album review by Raul Stanciu on 2015-02-13

So comfortable they lost their mojo
The Dreaming
Album review by Trey Spencer on 2015-02-11

Stabbing Westward's songwriting nucleus reunite to Rise Again.
Father John Misty
Album review by Rudy K. on 2015-02-11

I've said awful things, such awful things.
Mastery (USA-CA)
Album review by Elijah Andrew on 2015-02-10

In an attempt at....something...Mastery has only managed to present itself as a jester in the guise of a philosopher.
Andrew Bird
Album review by SowingSeason on 2015-02-09

Transport yourself…
Album review by Kyle Ward on 2015-02-07

The frontlines of aggression
Album review by Jared Ponton on 2015-02-04

Nothing says love like epic, snarling angst
I, The Lion
Album review by Davey Boy on 2015-02-04

Come for the music… Slowly get used to the vocals.
Album review by Matt P. on 2015-02-02

Meditative ambient exotica
Album review by Voivod on 2015-01-31

Badass old school death metal, wrapped around a war-themed lyrical concept.
Butch Walker
Album review by Jom on 2015-01-30

Take what scares you the most and turn it into something real.
The Dodos
Album review by Rudy K. on 2015-01-30

Reignite the light.

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