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Ryan Adams
Album review by Rudy K. on 2015-09-22

A daydream dressed like a nightmare.
Album review by John Lennon b.h.w. on 2015-09-20

no one cares no one listens screaming words that you fake hearing
Album review by SowingSeason on 2015-09-19

Don't be a casualty, cut the cord.
Golden Void
Album review by Raul Stanciu on 2015-09-18

From sunny beaches to ethereal forests...
Album review by Will Robinson on 2015-09-17

A torrential downpour of glorious piano and guitar.
Album review by Davey Boy on 2015-09-16

True to frustrating form… Too bad, so sad.
Album review by Thompson D. Gerhart on 2015-09-15

Tesseract risk nothing with an effort that neither impresses nor disappoints.
Album review by Aziz on 2015-09-15

The King back.
Album review by Voivod on 2015-09-13

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.
Operation: Mindcrime
Album review by Trey Spencer on 2015-09-12

The Key sounds like Geoff Tate finally cares again. It's no throwback to the glory days, but it's his best modern output.
The Dear Hunter
Album review by Thompson D. Gerhart on 2015-09-11

There's that subtle smile that did me in.
Iron Maiden
Album review by Irving Tan on 2015-09-08

The beast still has your number.
Album review by Raul Stanciu on 2015-09-06

The constant exploration pays off
Album review by Hernan M. Campbell on 2015-09-03

While his sound is not unique enough to be dubbed distinctly his own, Hud Dreems serves as a testament to this up-and-coming DJ’s keen ear for both chill vibes and funky (yet cerebral) beats.
Uncle Acid and The Deadbeats
Album review by Raul Stanciu on 2015-09-02

Uncle Dull and The Slowbeats
Album review by Jonny Hunter on 2015-08-31

Space cowboy!
Beach House
Album review by Rudy K. on 2015-08-28

We all float down here.
Album review by Elijah K. on 2015-08-25

Myrkur is the musician that black metal needs, even if the same can't be said of M.
Master Musicians of Bukkake
Album review by Raul Stanciu on 2015-08-23

3 in 1: new material, remix of the original and a complementary addition to it.
Suis La Lune
Album review by Jacob Royal on 2015-08-19

Emotional hellfire
Album review by Elijah K. on 2015-08-17

An album by a band who studied more Cannibal Corpse t-shirt designs than actual music.
Act of Defiance
Album review by Thompson D. Gerhart on 2015-08-17

A meaty thrash-meets-metalcore romp for Chris Broderick's new supergroup.
Album review by Irving Tan on 2015-08-16

Ghost (SWE)
Album review by Jom on 2015-08-15

Oscillating between '70s and '80s AOR and pop-progressive flair, Ghost continue to carve their genre-bending niche with their strongest album to date.
Cattle Decapitation
Album review by Elijah K. on 2015-08-12

Monolith of Inhumanity pt. 2 should please Cattle Decapitation purists and fans of technical death metal alike.
Frank Turner
Album review by Dan H. on 2015-08-11

Sing along, remember to be happy.

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