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July 1st, 2006 | 11 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Yeah, Kurt was a sell-out, couldnít play guitar, and canít sing blah blah blah. Let me just say this before I get on to this, even though Kurt wasnít an amazing singer or guitarist, he was a decent songwriter and that is Nirvanaís high point. All the songs are catchy and fun to listen to, thatís why it appeals to every teenager out there. But still, this album is my favourite, taking a bit of shine from Nevermind and the rawness of In Utero; you can tell what this album is like. Itís not even a studio album, more of a b-sides collection and wow, what a collection. The album contains b-sides, BBC sessions, demo recordings, outtakes and things that was never before available. This is great album and is fun to listen to all the way through. You can really see where Nirvana came from with this album. Released a year after the phenomenal Nevermind, this album was very different from the lush production and fuzzy atmosphere that album had.

This is raw and strips down to Kurtís deepest feelings. I know about him not being a good guitarist or singer but he showed a lot of emotion in his performance and had great stage presence, I like the guy, he wrote great songs. Nothing legendary but just great songs from this album. Here we have Incesticide, a cracker of an album. It brings out a true grunge atmosphere with a bunch of highlights. A few tracks that intrigued me were Mollyís Lips and Son of a Gun which were Vaselines songs (my aunt knew that band, old Glasgow band from around here). These songs have great vocals from Kurt, not in that he actual sings but it fits the songs. Mollyís Lips is a simple punk song with two chords throughout. Son of a Gun is really catchy and I canít help but sing along with it when it comes on. Fans of Nevermind will also notice that Polly is on here, but itís not the clean, slow song that was put on Nevermind, this version is fast and punk. I like this version better as the original Polly is quite boring. This album is very raw with not much studio work has been put on them. Maybe on Kurtís vocals (he always expressed himself through his voice in concert, which means he shouts a lot of lyrics out and such) but I donít think the studio changed a lot of the album.

The album has quite a good opener, Dive starts off with a smooth, groovy bass line and then proceeds into a slow, winding verse. The chorus consists of Kurt singing, ďDive, dive, dive in me!Ē I quite like the song but it does get stale after a while. Fans of Nirvana will probably have heard Sliver even if they donít have the album. It is probably the most popular song off this. The song is very simple in structure (verse, chorus, verse, chorus) and isnít that difficult to learn. Overall, an effective song but it is slightly overrated. Stain is quite the grunge song and is Kurtís cry of hating himself (which is shown in a lot of Nirvanaís songs). ďAnd he never bleeds and he never f*cks and he never leaves cause heís got bad luckĒ and lyrics like that infest the chorus. I really like this song and it smoothes out so well. It is one of my favourites on the album. Downer could probably be seen as filler but golly, what filler! The verses are just bass playing and Kurt almost talking. The chorus is very punk like and quite catchy. This one is on Bleach but Iím not sure why itís on here. Oh well, just another chance for us to hear this brilliant song. Hairspray Queen is probably the weirdest song on here, Kurt uses a lot of noise like he does on In Utero. Kurtís vocals are very awkward, he sings very high and out of key just to be artistic. I dig the song and the vocals do add to it. The song is a bit repetitive and is quite long for an Nirvana song. If it were count down by a minute then this song would be perfect. Big Long Now could be taken off a Melvins album (one of Kurtís favourite bands). It is very slow and drowsy like, Kurt shows a lot of emotion in this song. I love the chorus, really brings out Kurtís feelings. It may not be the Nirvana we all know but is sure an amazing song. Aneurysm is my favourite Nirvana song and itís a perfect close to the album. It starts out with some strummed power chords from Kurt and goes into this noise thing. The verses are very simple but the chorus is something you canít resist. I love it when Kurt sings, ďshe keeps it pumping straight to my heartĒ.

Kurt may not be the best musician in the world; heíd rather keep to his power chords. But I canít complain, it sounds good so why care about technicality" It sounds good and his tone is very smooth. Krist is a lanky bassist, who has some great bass lines and he is sometimes the driving force behind a song (for an example, try Downer or Hairspray Queen). Heís a good bassist and shines a lot on the album. I do believe Chad Channing and Dave Grohl both share drum duties in some of the songs. Dave didnít join the band till Nevermind and some of the songs were made before that album so itís mostly Chad Channing and some other people on the drums. The drums were of a very high standard, lots of nice beats and fills here and there. I donít have that high expectations of this band but the drums did surpass them totally. I recommend this for fans of the grunge scene, alternative rock and punk. I donít recommend this to people who think they are too cool for a mainstream band as Nirvana are actually quite good when you take the time to listen to them. This album surpassed my expectations, it wonít change the world but if youíre looking for a fun punk album to relax to then this gets my biggest recommendations.

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July 1st 2006


This review turned out better than I thought it would. I wanted this to be short but I guess I just got a little out of control. Please keep the bashing to a minimum, I know a lot of people on the site hate Nirvana but don't be immature about it.

And wow, there has been quite a lot of Nirvana reviews today.

July 1st 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

Yeah, I agree with Neoteric. About everything. Just kidding, I expected a good one.This Message Edited On 07.01.06

July 1st 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This is a good B-sides album. Good review

July 1st 2006


Nirvana is the best!

July 1st 2006


Album Rating: 2.5

No, not really. Pretty far from it.

July 1st 2006


Nirvana are a little overated but still a good band.
I like this album best out of all of the nirvana albums, mainly cos' the tracks havnt been killed by the radio.

July 1st 2006


Album Rating: 3.0

This is probably my second favorite Nirvana album behind In Utero. Good work on the review.

Mister Mop
September 6th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

the only thing i was disagree with is the original polly being boring.....i actually prefer the original.

thats just my opinion though.....great review

September 6th 2006


Good review. I still like nirvanna despite the fact that im not in jr high anymore, and while i think that Nirvana was most certainly overrated, and to blame for the onslaught of crap to come out the following 6 years. There music is charming, and personal. This has become my favorite album as a "Grown up" though if you asked me 12 years ago i would have said In Utero.

May 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

I didn't really like the review. You've done reviews a trillion times better.

Big Long Now and Aero Zeppelin are my favorites off of this.

I'm so embarassed that the lyircs in Aero Zeppelin used to confuse me.

would have said In Utero.

That's because adults are dumb! In Utero is by far their best, you pile of brown bacteria!This Message Edited On 05.12.07

May 13th 2007


Album Rating: 3.5

Good album, nice review. Opening track is a beauty.

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