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April 29th, 2006 | 49 replies

Release Date: 1992 | Tracklist

Body Count are a fusion of metal, rock, rap and hardcore. The brain behind the band is the rapper Ice-T. While he is a rapper, this is his rock record. The music isnít that strong but Ice-T tries to put a strong message into each song and even the fillers. Each filler is about 5-10 seconds and it is a message in the form of a news bulletin. Some examples include ďThis weekend, 17 youths killed in gang homicide, now sports.Ē and ďOur statistic, at this moment there is more black males in prison than in college.Ē All the band is black and Ice-Tís lyrics are what make up for it. A lot are quite shallow but he does have some good opinions. The majority of the lyrics is about race, one song is about Ice-T killing his mother for telling him to not trust white people and one song is even about killing cops for holding up black people (more on this in a minute).

The sad thing is that this album never got any attention at all but one song on the album caused out-burst. Cop Killer is about killing cops because as the story tells, Ice-T was held up by a cop because he was black. This caused riots in America and the PMRC went crazy trying to ban the track. The track actually ended up becoming a true story in America until the PMRC won the fight and the track was banned. This is quite sad because this is one of the best songs on the album and while the lyrics are quite controversial, it is true in many ways. A lot of the lyrics are quite divisive, KKK Bitch is about Ice-T getting naughty with a white girl. Smoked Pork is a 46 second filler and it follows Cop Killer in a way. It is quite creepy for something so true. The Winner Loses is about drug addiction and the album just goes into each other.

Okay, Body Count arenít great musicians, the guitarist barely goes out of basic power-chords. The drummer never goes out a basic beat and the bassist isnít anything to smile about. It is a fun listen and theyíre great if you donít take them too seriously. The band stands for what no other rock/metal band does, they take a stand for black people. It is quite fresh to see these days. After this album the band just fell apart. This was released on a major label and because of the Cop Killer incident, they got dropped. They then signed to an independent label and released Born Dead which failed compared to this album. Half the band have passed away with one committing suicide and one dying from a disease. The irony of the whole thing is that Ice-T plays a cop in one show.

Favourites include Cop Killer, Mommaís Gotta Die Tonight, The Winner Loses and Body Countís In The House. While Cop Killer is very explicit, itís still a great starting off with a bit of spoken word by Ice-T and then this full on punk song with machine gun sounds throughout the song giving it certain imagery. Itís an entertaining song even though itís pretty simple. If Cop Killer has a big imagery going on then Mommaís Gotta Die Tonight is itís big brother. It has the same guitar riff throughout the song and the whole lyrics is based on Ice-Tís mother telling him not to trust any other race. ďShe said, donít trust white people, donít trust white people. Theyíre no good, theyíre no good. Theyíre just gonna rip you off, theyíre just gonna rip you off.Ē says Ice-T and the song has an amazing climax. Ending with Ice-T stabbing his mother with a kitchen knife and setting her on fire. Ice-T screams, ďBurn bitch! Burn bitch, burn you racist bitch!!!Ē Ice-T then puts the parts of his motherís body into bags and sent it to other countries.

The Winner Loses is a ballad starting off with a simple acoustic pattern and Ice-T actually sings heart out in the song. The song speaks of a friend Ice-T had that was wasting his life away because of cocaine. The chorus is repeated a lot but itís chorus is pulled off well. The song has a cool guitar solo and it sets an emotional atmosphere. The guitar solo lasts for ages and the chorus sings ďYou want to get high as the sky, youíre kissing your life goodbye, you think itís a game that you play but the winners lose all some day.Ē The song ends with the chorus over acoustic guitar, itís a great song. Freedom of Speech is a more rap song than a rock song and is simply attacking the PMRC (for those who donít know, the PMRC is an organisation ran by Tipper Gore in censoring music with a parental advisory sticker) and it features Jello Biafra.

If you are easily offended then please donít listen to this but if you want a rock/metal record with a heavy rap influence then this is right up your street. There is 7 filler songs on this but they at least serve a purpose on the album and the songs donít really have a lot of substance. This is a fun listen for a while but it isnít something you could put as your favourite album. Itís okay to listen to this if youíre white but if you are coloured then this could certainly relate to you. In many ways the lyrics could relate to the hardcore bands of the 80s. Body Count come from poor areas and they donít have a lot of money so that could relate to the hardcore bands.

Cathedral says, ďFun listen but nothing to get excited aboutĒ

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April 29th 2006


if anyone wants some of this then my AIM is cathedralftw.

April 29th 2006


The very first sentence killed any interest I may have had in this band. Good review anyway.

April 29th 2006


Haha, I would have expected a comment like that from you :p

April 29th 2006


" All the band is black and Ice-Tís lyrics are what make up for it. "

I like the unintentional racism in that line.

April 29th 2006


I've read about this band...

Eh, not my cup of tea.

April 29th 2006


I like the unintentional racism in that line.

haha, I look like an idiot right now...

June 6th 2006


Nice review :D

It's made me want to see them at Reading Festival for sure now. Is this album you're gonna upload for the mailing list?

June 6th 2006


It's made me want to see them at Reading Festival for sure now. Is this album you're gonna upload for the mailing list?

June 11th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

What day are they at reading?? I wanna get this record, also, whats Ice Ts best solo record, Ive ignored him for too long.

June 12th 2006


Album Rating: 1.0

Hahaha!!!! I remember this album coming out! Possibly the worst attempt at metal I've ever heard. "Ernie C - take these mothafukers to South Central!" cue awful guitar solo!

For those interested in earlier (and better) rap/metal fusion check out the Judgement Night soundtrack. Featuring the likes of Biohazard/Onyx, Faith No More/Boo-Yaa Tribe etc.

September 24th 2006


Album Rating: 3.5

This isn't a rap metal album. Ice-T doesn't rap once. Strated work on a ''Murder 4 Hire'' review.

October 14th 2007


[quote="Jondur"]Possibly the worst attempt at metal I've ever heard.[/quote]

FUCK YOU!This Message Edited On 02.12.08

February 14th 2008


I always like listening to Cop Killer...I can't stop listening to it atm, it made me listen to some of thisThis Message Edited On 02.14.08

June 16th 2010


this album is a killer

deserves higher rating

Digging: OutKast - Aquemini

June 16th 2010


black metal

June 16th 2010


Album Rating: 4.0

Yeah. Deserves more than a 3 rating. I love this album and remember begging my parents to allow me to have it. They actually did too and I still have the same copy which hard to find.

'There goes the Neighborhood' is the Jam.

June 16th 2010


Album Rating: 3.0

Nah. Just a 3. But it is still awesomeness, though.

October 24th 2010



Digging: Ultravox - Vienna

January 1st 2011


Album Rating: 3.0

There goes the neighborhood!

Digging: Hey Mercedes - Everynight Fireworks

August 27th 2011


Album Rating: 1.0

This band is beyond words. And not in the good way.

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