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Release Date: 2003 | Tracklist

Alright. I just bought this album about two weeks ago and I think it is pretty good. Thus, the 4/5 rating. I have been listening to this alot in that past two weeks but, unfortunately, i do not know alot about the background of the band. So now onto the review.


This song is a good starter and comes out with a keyboard or a tweaked guitar with this spacy riff. Spacy""" Oh well. This is one of the more tamed songs on the album and doesn't go off into screams and other things of that nature. All though Karen O does have a small scream part. Not much though. This song has a nice, steady bridge to it also. All around good song.

Date With the Night

Well, this is an odd song to be the least bit discriptive. Karen is talking about having a date with the night. You just go thinking about that for a while now, she also uses her high pitched and rather girly (at times) voice very well here. This song could be based around a date and the happenings on it. I don't know, you'll have to judge it for yourself.


Starting off with Karen O counting the song off, this evolves into a nice track, with excellent guitar by, Nick Zimmer. Then there is a part in the song where the band goes kind of crazy when karen says "please, please, please, please" (i believe that's what I'm hearing) Karen O is basically talking about a past boyfriend or even a current one.


This is rather a freak out song, with Karen O using her girly voice to the max with her candy coated verses. There is one baffling part. The one section in the song that Karen says something like "you make we wanna whoo ooo ooo ose". I personally have no idea what she is saying. Then, towards the end of the song, Karen goes all out in this frantic race screaming "TICK" over and over.

Black Tounge

A ver solid track. In the chorus when Karen O sings "boy, you just a stupid b***h and girl you just a no good d**k" is cool but sort of switched around wouldn't you think" But, that's the hook for me. There is also some solid guitar work as well as drums.


A ridiculously catchy guitar intro starts out this song. This song does seem underwritten and mabey not given a chance to grow, with the lyrics anyway. Drums fills, oh they are great whenever they happen through out this album. If you go out and buy this cd and listen to this song, you'll understand why I think it is underwritten.

Cold Light

This is a great showcase of how, if you think Karen O's lyrics through, she can be secretively dirty in these words. But, this is a catchy song none the less. In this song, Karen says "we're like a sister and a brother". That is mind-boggling to me. I have yet to figure this out.

No No No

Great drumming in this song by the great Brian Chase. Followed by excellent guitars as usuall. In this song, the words "I hurry when im home" is, yet again, a stumper. In some of these songs, there is a bass. or something that sounds like it to me. And yet, the band doesn't have a bassist to the best of my knowledge. Also, another band that does this and has confused me untill the end of time, is the White Stripes. One of the weirdest outros to a song that I've heard, this seems to me Pink Floyd-ish or even (at times) Coheed and Cambria sounding things.


Mine, and many other people's favorite on the album. But, I hate to go with the flow but, to be honest, this and the other two songs that follow are the best on the album. This is definately one of the more chilled-out or laid back songs. If anyone plays in a band and is reading this, this song feels like the moment when you're kinda burnt out from playing and just decide to play a mellow song, I love that feeling. Also, this is just an overall great song. I love it, and i know you will too. One more thing, this is one of the songs that has the bass part in it""""" Baffling.... sorry to drag this on, but i have to say this. The guitar in this song is exceptional.

Y Control

One more of the laid back songs. Maps, Y control, and Modern Romance are the laid-backs. (that's what I like to call them) Good song, nice guitar and it doesn't get old after alot of listening. One more showcase of Zinner and Chase on their instruments. Karen O comes and delivers a nice and very proffesional performance on this, and you can see the band evolving and maturing in these last 3 songs.

Modern Romance

The last of the 3 laid backs. This is a very simple but incredibly catchy song. with a tamborine or bells being shook in the background and the drumming and voice and guitar all come together to fit in nicely. This had to be not the best recording job there ever was because you can here Brian's snares rattling in the background.

* the instrument work
* the last three songs
* most of karen o's lyrics
* the energy you feel in the first part of the album

*some of the songs seemed thrown together and crude or, unrefiened if you will.
*to some people, the sexuality of some of the songs might get to be a little much

and that is Fever To Tell by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

mitch benson

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