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March 15th, 2006 | 9 replies

Release Date: 2002 | Tracklist

Maladroit, clumsy in French or a town in Michigan" Both possibilities seem completely irrelevant to the actual album and I doubt there are any hidden messages..... The album in itself is very raw (especially for Weezer) as most Weezer fans long for more of the clean pop punk classics from blue or Pinkerton. It's time to let go of the past and view this album for what it is. Pure and hard rock.

1)American Gigolo - probably the heaviest track on the album, with heavily distorted agressive and progressive guitar riffs. Cuomo blurts out the verse in monotone which isn't unusual, yet I feel Cuomo needs to use his impressive range to his advantage. Another upside to the song is Wilson's heavy drumming. The drums sound similar to those used on Metallica's St. Anger (yeah I know it was crap) which fit well with Cuomo's and Bell's guitars, creating a raw garage band sound. Lyrically - this song isn't too impressive with the lyrics 'keep on' repeated over and over again as a sort of pre-chorus. Overall though, a good opener for the album 3.5/5

2)Dope Nose - I love this song, from the simple pop punk guitars to the synthesized drum fills. The lyrics are humourous and quite definitely drug-orientated. 'Fag of the year who could beat up your man'. Cuomo delivers an impressive guitar solo towards the end of the track. Take note that Rivers has seemed to abandon his solo writing technique of following the lyric pattern, which was used so excessively on Green. The shortness of the song lets it down but otherwise an ace track. 4/5

3) Keep Fishin'- Reggae style guitars with distortion, what more could you ask for" Although this song was recorded for radio play, It can still be heavily respected for it's uncanny originality and grooviness.Also we hear Scott's bass playing ability to an extent on this track, using catchy progressions and licks. A good choice for a single. 4/5

4) Take Control - This song feels uneasy and rushed during the writing stages. It feels like it could break at any moment, but no. The same hammer-on/pull-off riff used throughout the track with Wilson bashing out the drums like a maniac on the intro and chorus. The solo is in it's place but since the rest of the track isn't impressive the quick easy-to-listen Weezer solos that we're all used to gets dragged away and replaced by a small man bashing a sitar agains a saucpan.2/5

5) Death and Destruction - Very far away from the title, a beautifully soft melodic masterpiece. Rivers holds his notes to perfection, especially the line 'So i learn to turn and look the other way'. This is definitely one of the finer points of the album. 4.5/5

6) Slob - Like most Weezer songs, everyone can relate to this track lyrically. The song is well structured, as the pre-chorus is in a major key but as it reaches the prechorus it sinks to the relative minor and gently merges back into the chorus very well. The solo is a mid-tempo pentatonic, (highly expected from Cuomo) which is short and sweet and fits the song very well. An awesome song to keep you listening after the first 5 tracks. 5/5

7) Burndt Jamb - Similar to Keep Fishin' in the style of guitar, as once again a reggae chord pattern is used. The lyrics are original and hard to pick at and the break to rhe chorus is amazing. The verse/chorus/verse structure makes the song seem to change mood very often. Another great track 4.5/5

8) Space Rock - Not many people like this song, I remember seeing another review say it's the worst on the album, I strongly disagree. It is short, sweet and upbeat, the lyrics are original yet odd and the tune is catchy. Simple effective material. 3.5/5

9) Slave - In my opinion this song sounds like it should be on Make Believe, as It concentrates more on the lyrical side of music. The lyrics are very pessimistic, in the style of Pinkerton but this just adds to the emotional side of the song. Well worth a listen if you're into the softer Make Believe material.

10) Fall Together - This song is very strong all the way through. It starts with Wilson playing a funk beat, followed by a short bluesy guitar riff. The song merges together well with Cuomo's laid back vocals proving an effective melody over the guitars. The guitar fills are frequent and catchy, but the solo is definitely the greatest part of the song. Its fast, fairly complex and dishes out some amounts of agression. This song is a pure blues rocker. 5/5

11) Possibilities - Weezer return to Blue Album style with "Possibilities". Very upbeat with simple riffs and beats. Cuomo's lyrics are quite poor and don't seem to be going anywhere on this track. Easy to listen to, but also easy to pick at. 3/5

12) Love Explosion - great use of rythm and lead counter melodies in this song. Very optimistic lyrics similar to Green B-side "Teenage Victory Song". The drums remain simple 8-beat progressions and Brian uses scales very effectively over the top of Cuomo's Barchords. Another must hear 4.5/5

13) December - A very sad song with the words 'only love' repeated many a time. It sounds like it could be an alternative closure to 1996's Pinkerton - leaving a beautiful yet eerie feeling once finished listening. A dark masterpiece. 5/5

14) Living Without You - this song stands out as a great punk/rock effort with a memorable chorus and rythm filled verses. 'And if you want to try, to speak to me again - I'll be your best of friends' A great way to hit the listener in the face as the last piece of new material on the album. 4/5

15) Island in the Sun - I'm choosing not to review this track as I don't believe it belongs on this album.

There you have it, a rough guide to Weezer's Maladroit - definitely the bands heaviest album. if you ask me they do what they do very well. All 14 new tracks reviewed. As it stands it is my 3rd favourite weezer album behind Blue and Pink. Squeeze the Weez!
Overall score - 4/5

P.S this is my first review so please tell me it's ***e in a nice way, cheers ;D

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Two-Headed Boy
March 15th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Eh review. You describe the songs well, but you really didn't say anything new or needed.

edit: weez the juice is better :p

edit 2:

It's time to let go of the past

No it's not, considering the past is so much better. This Message Edited On 03.15.06

March 18th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Cheers, There wasn't anything new, I just wanted people to see the album from a different perception -but yeah you're right about the letting go of the past dealy

Two-Headed Boy
March 19th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Ah, you've got a heart of gold. I'll vote!

September 10th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0

Woah someone commented on my first review! ghetto.

There's two extra tracks because I have the English limited edition c.d.

September 10th 2006


Album Rating: 4.0


September 10th 2006




Joindate has little to do with n00bship. it's how much you've accomplished, nto how long you've been here.

In other news I wasn't fond of this review.

September 10th 2006


Who? Oh yeah the band that did Buddy Holly. Thought these guys would of been dropped by now, hardly ranking uo the sales. Bunch of losers

The Jungler
September 10th 2006


What are you talking about? They had two huge hits this year...

September 10th 2006


When? and what? Did they get the people that hit them?

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